Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 16

Published: 15 Oct 15

The Dragons of Keanna

Copyright © By Jandar Tyr

Plans and Reunions

Back at Settlement everyone gathered at Rage Manor, Jandar and Rage's home. Mortimer had been brought in to represent the lake people of Mythioes. Azeal was staying with them, too, Valkar had sent him to represent the vampires. He had to stay in Yadessa in case the war reached their country. Drake had come in with Tof, Ranjer, and Tressandra. Sharone and her Aggar were still in Tir Na taking care of things in their absence. This was to be an important meeting so all involved were here. Even the council of Winterhaven was represented. Polan had moved his forces so far that more than this continent was at risk. The world was in danger. Black Armors could be found on Islands to the east and as far north as the Ice Kingdoms of Kensor. Word had been sent to Settlement of the fate of some of the Ice cities being overrun. Following Rage's orders, the council of Winterhaven had sent fairies and pixies to watch Polans advance. They wanted to know what was going on all the time. Any and all information was passed on to Settlement. The Elven city of Eventide had been taken by Polan's people. Cutters father and two brothers were killed in the assault. The rest of his family and the people that made it out were here. Jaipor, the dwarven city was abandoned as the Black Armors moved in to the area. Dwarfs made great warriors. They were welcome and eager to help in the war. The whole world was at risk now. No one else seemed to have much of a chance against Polan and his power. Armies were falling every day. His pox infected whole countries. So many dead and dying. It was time to move against him. First free Maveta, then the rest of the world.

Azeal sat on a bench in the courtyard of Rage Manor deep in thought, His evil mother was on his mind. He wanted so much to revenge Rejeks death. He loved his brothers so much. Now Rejek was dead and he hardly ever saw Ranjer. He missed them so much.


He heard. He turned and King Drake was coming toward him. Azeal stood to meet him. drake smiled.

"What's wrong, young one?" He asked.

"I miss my family." Azeal said looking down. "Mother destroyed us."

"Come with me." Drake guided him by the shoulder into the manor." You know you still have family. Valkar, Me, Jandar and..."

" Zeal!!!"

Ranjer ran down the hall and jumped into his arms. The brothers hugged, Azeal looked up at Drake.

"Thank You for bringing my brother to me." Azeal said with tears in his eyes.

"You know you're welcome in our house to see him whenever you want?" Drake knelt down and sat with them.

"Yes, I do." He said. "Why did Valkar send Ranjer away?"

"Valkar is a very wise man." Drake told him. "He wanted the same thing Rejek wanted. Peace between us. He knew that with Ranjer with us. We'd fall in love with him, and we have. Also, Ranjer can help bring our people together, and that's important. And Ranjer needs someone to look after him constantly."

"But Azeal." He asked. "What do you want?"

Azeal thought for a minute. There was only one thing he wanted right now. Azeal looked up at Drake.

"I want her dead." He said. " And I want to be the one to kill her."

Everybody gathered in the courtyard of the Manor at Rage and Jandar's request. There were Dragons and werewolves, vampires and mages. Anyone from any place threatened by the war was here. Jandar and Rage stepped from the house and stood before the crowd. They looked over the people gathered there. Their families were here ready to fight for them. Ono and Shayn, Denner and Nautica, Gaia stood with Cutter, Ariel, and Cheshire. All looking to them for hope. Jandar stepped out in front.

"Rage and I want to welcome you all to our Settlement and our home. Those of you that have nowhere to go because of this damn war are welcome to stay as long as you need. All we ask is that you work hard and help anyone that needs it. But you should know the war may come here. Polan knows we're his enemy and will try and take this place, too, if he can. But we will fight him with all we have."

Cheers went up through the crowd as Jandar spoke. Rage looked out over the crowd. There are so many people here now. What started as a small hide away, was now a small town. There was no hiding anymore. As Jandar said, Polan will eventually come here. The only way to stop him was to go to him. After this meeting, Rage knew what he had to do. It was time to take this war back to Polan.

"So we want everyone to enjoy the Gathering. There's food for everyone." Jandar said with a smile. "Rage needs to speak to some of you. Those he's contacted, please stay behind. We hope you all have a wonderful day."

People began to drift away off to the food tables. Kids ran and played as grownups talked and ate. Jandar looked out pleased at what he saw. Others moved over to Rage to hear what he had to say.

"It's time we try and end all this fighting." Rage said. "We have to stop Polan now before he can get any more power. I've called you all here for just that reason. Our homes have been destroyed. Some of us have lost family to that monster. Soon he'll be unstoppable, then there will be nowhere to hide."

"But what do we do?" Mortimer asked.

"We free the lands he's taken then destroy him." Drake said. " I'm with Rage and my son. I know what a tyrant's like, and I won't let my people live under one."

"I agree." Janos of Kensor stepped up. "His men have destroyed many of our ice cities and now we're being hunted by snowmen for food. Kensor is almost a dead land now. He won't live there so he doesn't want anyone there."

"The vampires will not accept him as our ruler." Azeal told everyone. "We've had evil in our past and we won't ever go back to that life again."

"Neither will the Werewolves." Drake said.

"How about the Elves and Dwarves." Rage asked.

Gaia and Cutter stepped up with an older dwarf and a young elf.

"This is my father." Gaia said.

"I'm Grek." The proud Dwarf said. "This Polan fella doesn't want us dwarves around. He's tearing apart our communities and taking our mines for his own. Our warriors are yours. We stand wit cha."

Cutter and Ariel stood with their brother as he spoke.

"Eventide is gone." Evindal said. "So are my brother and my father. He sent Dark Elves against us and we weren't prepared for war. He's moving on all the elven cities. Our magic and swords are with you, too."

"So are the Centaurs." Came a call from the back. A tall centaur walked through the crowd towards the front. Everyone looked at him. He was tall and handsome. He held himself as if he were a king, and he was. As he came closer to the steps he smiled up at Jandar.

"Braddoc?" Jandar rushed down to meet him. He gripped his forearm then hugged him.

"It's been so long." He said. "So glad to see you."

"As am I, my friend." The Centaur said.

"What brings you here?" Jandar asked. Braddoc looked at him with a grim look. At that moment he knew why he was here.

"This war has reached my home. My plains are no longer safe for my people." He told him.

"I've lost many warriors to these Black armored devils. I've come to join you. My bow, and my warriors."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Jandar said. "But we're glad to have you here."

"I have another surprise for you."

Braddoc moved to the side and behind him stood a beautiful woman dressed in black. She had long dark hair and pale features. Jandar knew her the moment he saw her.


He grabbed her in a hug and swung her around.

"I'm so happy to see you!!" He said as he put her down. "Rage, Ono, Jayce, come quick!!"

The three men ran quickly to Jandar, thinking he was in trouble. As Jayce and Ono saw them they broke into a run to hug them both. Ono jumped on Braddoc's back and hugged him. The centaur had saved him once in the past. He had carried him to safety from imprisonment. Jayce hugged Athene, he was eager to hear of JP and his family.

"I'm glad to see you all too." She said laughing. "You all look so well."

Rage walked up and took Athene's hand. He kissed it to welcome her..

"Rage, this is Athene." Jandar said. "One of the most powerful friends I could ever have. And Braddoc, chieftain of the High Plains Centaurs. He and his warriors are excellent fighters."

"I'm glad to meet you all." Rage said. "And we're glad to have you here, Please accept our home and hospitality."

"We both thank you, your majesty." Braddoc shook his hand. "We are at your command. With us we brought many people. Centaurs, fairies, witches, and other beings, all come to join in your fight and to free their homes."

"We welcome you all." He said. "Now that our new guests are welcomed, let's get back to it. Our first job will be to free the country of Maveta. Polan's throne is kept there. We have to free the people and make sure he never returns. This job I'm giving to Jandar, Shayn, Lady Athene, Cutter and Jayce. Take anyone one else you may need. Jandar, I need to see you."

Rage and Jandar walked up the front steps in into the house. Rage took his hand and led him into their study.

"Love." He said. "There's something I need you to do."

"Anything." Jandar said.

"You know how this all started." Rage said. "Polan has something very important to my brothers and sisters back in the cave."

Rage took the pendant from around his neck. It was almost totally red.

"When this is completely red." He said. "There will be no way to save them. They will all die. I need you to bring back the Dragonspirit, now. I can trust only you to do this. You know how important they are to me."

"Of course I will." Jandar told him.

"Good." Rage pulled him into his arms and they kissed.

"Hurry, Love." He whispered in his ear. " There's not much time. Take the pendant. it will lead you to the Spirit."

"I'll be back, soon." Jandar turned and left.

In the early morning light Athene drifted into Maveta. It was her job to find out the location of all the Black armors. She had been drifting all over the city and countryside searching them out. One by one she found them all. Some were at or near the castle. Some in houses they took from people. She found some doing things to people that upset her. This was one of the reasons she had joined the fight. Seeing people in this situation made her want to do things she normally would never do. Two men had taken two young girls for their pleasure. One a blond in a grey dress, the other had dark hair. Both very pretty and scared knowing exactly what they were going to do. They were keeping them tied up and gagged in a barn. Athene took her normal form and walked to the barn doors. What was going on inside had to stop and she had the power to stop it. With a sweeping of her hand, the doors flew open. She stood there with her hands on her hips. Inside she saw two men, one older with a beard. They both wore black armors, and part of Polan's army. The other was much younger. He was blond with a sad face. When Athene opened the door, they were getting out of the armor getting ready the rape the girls. She startled them when she entered.

"Who the hell are you?" One bearded man asked, drawing his sword.

"Grab her!!" The other said.

"Please do." She said as both men rushed at her.

Athene raised her hands and pointed at them. From the ground vines grew suddenly grabbing them by the legs. Then more grabbed their arms. The two men struggled against them.

"She's a witch!!" One shouted.

"You noticed!!" She walked over to them suspended off the ground.

"Not all young girls are defenseless." She smacked one man's face. "Then again, I'm not so young anymore."

Athene walked over to the girls and untied them. They threw off their bindingss and thanked her.

"What are you going to do to them?" One of the girls asked.

"Kill them I hope."

The blond walked over and kicked one of them.

"Go home, ladies. Athene told them. "I'll take care of them. Don't worry. They'll never bother you again."

Athene looked at both men trying to get loose. The vines tightened on them as they struggled. The girls ran out to go home. Raising her hand, with a gesture she pulled the door closed.

"Where's Polan?"

She asked walking over to face them. Both men looked at her in surprise, their faces twisted in pain.

"We don't know!!"The older man screamed.

"I think you do." She said. "Now, these vines will get tighter and tighter until you tell me. Your lives are in your hands now."

Slowly the vines tightened. The two men became crazy as they tried to get out of the trap, but nothing they did made it any looser.

"I'll tell you!!" The younger man screamed.

Athene snapped her fingers and the vines loosened a little to let them breath.

"Well?" She said.

""He's in Troja!!! He's going to conquer them next."

"Thank you, gentlemen." Athene walked over to the barn door. "What you were about to do to those girls was totally unthinkable."

"How about I show you what it's like to be raped again and again."

Both men's eyes opened wide. The horror of what they thought was about to happen filled their minds. Both men again tried to get loose, but to no avail.

"I'm going to make you female." She said. "But you're going to be dogs. Bitches in heat all the time. But there's going to be no pleasure for you two, only pain."









The vines came loose and the two fell to the floor. Quickly they got up as a tail appeared between their legs. They both howled as they ran out of the barn and the change took place. Athene could hear them barking as they ran off.

All around Maveta quietly Black armors began to vanish. Very few people noticed them gone or cared that they were gone. Nobody said a word when they saw one of them walking along then they'd vanish. Jayce, Athene, and Jandar magically took each Black Armor quietly. From the house, to the fields they took them. None of them even had a chance to run to the castle and warn anyone. The castle was different. There was no way to make people there vanish. Jandar an Athene stood at corners of the building and began to weave their spell. Quietly as the castle woke, the Black Armors slowly drifted out in a daze. One by one Jandar or Athene cast a spell on each one and sent them to the island. As with all the others, they were all taken to Mythioes where Rage waited for them. He and Denner and all the Gargoyles and some of Braddoc's people there to form a temporary prison to hold them. Rage had also brought in a few of the mage's from Winterhaven. Their task was to make the island invisible. No messages in or out. Polan would not be able to find them. Not even with one of his shards. As Jandar and Athene took out the Black Armors, Jayce flew around the city. Patrolling the skies looking for any of Polan's Shadows or any other things in the sky. He felt really strange flying up here today. He didn't know why, maybe it was what they had planned for today. Then he saw the bright orbs flying over Maveta. He wondered what they were. He'd never see anything like them up here before. He followed them but couldn't catch them. He got close, but they stayed out of reach. Something strange was going on, and it had nothing to do with Polan. The sky was beautiful and clear as Jayce flew. The feeling he was getting wasn't a bad one, Just that something was about to happen and Jayce wasn't sure how he felt about it. Well, whatever it was, he'd have to deal with it when it happened. No one else seemed to be coming out of the castle. The rest seemed to be under the spell and sleeping. This was Jandar's chance to go in and search.

"Athene," He said. "Stay here and watch for anything strange. I have something to retrieve before they all wake up."

"I could check and make sure it's safe." She said.

"No." Jandar thanked her. "I can take care of anything left in there. Besides, Shayn will be here soon. He may need your help."

"I'll wait, then." She said.

Athene sat down and folded her legs in a lotus position and meditated as Jandar walked to the castle. Once inside he probed the rooms for Polan's essence. That would be the room he most used, his sanctum. Once found, Jandar made his way to the study he looked around. There were all kinds of old furniture in there. Lots of magical items and personal things of Polan's. This has to be where he has it hidden. Jandar walked in and looked around. Also in this room Polan had his lab for his magical experiments and all his lore. Jandar cast a spell to place all that lore in the same place he keeps his staff. it may come in handy to learn things about Polan. There has to be a weakness in him, something they can use to kill him. We all know he's vulnerable to light. His shadow powers won't work against the brightness. But what else? He knew they had a little time to figure that out. Right now, he had to find the Dragon spirit. It had to be in this room somewhere. Jandar sent out his probe for Rage. The spirit has Rage's essence in it. Probing for him would be the best way to find it. Jandar placed his hand on his temple and then cast out. Rage was in his mind and his heart. He knew he could find him here. Jandar touched his chest then his temple then reached out to touch Rage's spirit. His probe went out to scan the room. It wandered around then fixed on a spot near the desk. Jandar went over and sat at the desk. He pondered the area where the probe waited. There may be some kind of trap here he knew, but time for the dragons was running out. He had to get the spirit now.

Jandar reached in the void to retrieve the spirit when suddenly there was a loud roar. Jandar fell back out of the chair as a gross rotting hand came from the void. On the floor, he watched the rest of the dead thing emerge from the void. It was a man like creature with long claws and a rotting body held together by magic sneering at him as it closed on him. Jandar jumped to his feet and summoned his staff. Quickly he blocked the slash the rotting thing made at him and sent out a gust of wind to push it back. Roaring out its anger, the dead thing climbed to its feet and made for Jandar. He looked around for room to fight, then sent another gust of wind at the creature. It held its ground and kept trying to advance. Jandar released the wind and the thing rushed past him reaching out to grab him. Jandar tried to step aside but the thing got him by the arm. Its burning touch made him scream out in pain. Jandar hit it with his staff which sent electrical energy through its body as it let him go. The dead thing turned only stunned by the charge. Elemental magic wasn't working, Jandar had to try something else. He didn't have time for spells, it would be on him before he could cast any. The thing shambled toward him, claws ready to rip him to pieces. Jandar reached out with his magic and grabbed it. He slammed it into a wall then sent it up to hit the ceiling and let it drop.This was a strong thing. It was climbing to its feet already. Jandar tried to crush it, to break its legs and disable it. It didn't work, it kept coming at him. He backed up and fell as it launched itself at him. Its touch burned so much. Jandar felt its hands burning his throat as it tried to strangle him.

"JANDAR!!!!" Athene screamed. "Wildfire. Push it away now!!"

"Of course!!" He thought. "Wildfire will burn anything until there's nothing left. Even magic."

He grabbed it with his magic and with a burst of strength pushed it at the wall. It fell against the wall and tried to get up.

"Now!!" She screamed and sent a burst of Wildfire at the creature. Jandar sat up and sent a stronger blast. The dead thing moaned as the fire covered it and it burned. As powerful as it was, all it could do was thrash about, but nothing could put out this fire. Soon all that was left was a pile of ash on the floor. Athene rushed to his side as Jandar tried to get up.

"Are you alright?" She asked helping him up.

"Yes." He said. "I'll be fine."

"What was that?" She grabbed his arm and pulled him up on his feet.

"A guardian creature of Polan's." He said. "It was protecting some hidden things Polan didn't want anyone to find."

He walked over to the desk and sat down. He reached into the void and pulled out the Dragon spirit.

"What is that?" She asked." Freedom." He said. " It's my love's freedom."

Winging their way across Maveta, Shayn and Ono prepared to take care of their part in freeing Maveta. Polan had sworn he had taken the poison from the country. But he really had only cleaned the city. People outside of the city still suffered from his plague. It was Shayn's job to rid Maveta of this blight, and Ono's to protect him. A job Ono would do if it killed him.

"Land out here." Ono told him. Nodding his head Gabriel the White dragon swooped down to land. He set himself down and Ono climbed off his back. In a flash of light he took Shayn's form and sat down.

"So what do we do now?" Ono asked as he stood behind Shayn.

"I'm going to try and cleanse the land. You have to just watch and make sure no one attacks."

"Shayn." Ono said. "I don't think there's anyone left to attack us."

Shayn smiled at him. He loved Ono, he knew that in his heart.

"Are you so sure?" Shayn asked. "So sure that you could leave me here alone?"

"I'd never leave you." Ono said as he hugged him from behind. "What do you have to do?" Ono asked.

"It's not going to be easy." Shayn told him. "My powers are mainly to heal. I can heal people or animals. I absorb poisons as you know and make a cure for them. Now I'm going to try and heal Maveta. I don't know if I can do this. it's a big job."

"I have faith in you." Ono said smiling and kissing Shayn's cheek.

I know you do." He said. "They all do. I just don't know if I can do this."

"All we want is for you to try." Ono stepped back. "We know you're going to do your best."

Shayn closed his eyes and breathed in and out. He centered himself and reached in to gather his strength. Seconds later he began to glow with a strange light. Ono watched his love with wonder as his magic started to spread out from him. It was working. He was clearing the poison from the land. All around Shayn grass was beginning to turn green again. Then behind him, Ono heard something. It was a dragging noise, like someone was pulling something along the ground. Ono looked around. He saw men lurching toward him. Toward Shayn. He looked closer at them. His eyes opened in shock. More of Polan's dead things were coming toward them. This was it. He had to defend Shayn while he worked. Ono lifted his head and howled to the skies. The change in him began. His arms and legs grew longer and white and grey fur covered him. His wolf head grew fangs and his claws lengthened. Ono now stood taller than all the dead men coming toward him. He howled again his readiness for battle. Many of Polan's dead came at him as he slashed at them. He ripped dead men to pieces as he passed among them. Ono was fast on his feet. He had to totally destroy them or they would get up and keep coming. Leaping from one to another he fought on. But there were too many for him. He needed help.


High in the skies Jayce heard Ono's call for help. He pulled into a dive and went to his little brother's aid. As he approached he saw the dead men trying to bring Ono down and the orbs floating over them. What the hell are they? His anger flared in him as he drew his sword and swung down at their heads as he passed over them.

"I'm here." Jayce said as he landed beside Ono fighting at his side.

[We have to protect Shayn.] He told Jayce.

"Nothing will touch him." Jayce said. "Or you. That I swear on my life."

Together they battled the dead. Both of them slashing and hacking till nothing was left to challenge them. All around them were scattered body parts still moving, still trying to reach them. Jayce kicked an arm struggling to reach Shayn. Minutes later Jandar and Athene came out to join them. Shayn still worked to clear the poison, sweat pouring off his trembling body.

"Jandar." Ono said. "This is too much for him."

"I know, brother." He said. "I know how to help him."

Jandar placed the Dragonspirit in Shayn's lap. Suddenly all stress drained from his face and the power flashed out into the land. Shayn's eyes flew open.


Shayn came out of the trance he was in. Ono ran over to him and hugged him.

"I couldn't cleanse the whole country." He cried. "It was too much."

"It's OK." Ono told him. "We didn't think you would. You cleaned out most of it. Maveta is free now."

"Not yet it isn't." Jandar said. "It won't be free until Polan can't come back here. That's our next job."

"How do we do that?" Shayn asked. "Cleansing the land won't keep him out. How do we banish him from here? And what the hell happened here?"

He noticed the body pieces all around.

"This is what we protected you from." Ono told him. "They're what Polan left behind. They're in all the lands he takes."

"We put something here that he can't stand to be near." Jayce said. "Or something poisonous to him."

"Like what?" Ono asked. He helped Shayn to his feet.

"I don't know." Jandar said. "But Rage might."

Shayn handed the Dragonspirit to Jandar. He wasn't sure what it was, but he could feel the dragon power in it. He could feel Rage was part of whatever it was. He also knew it had helped him clean Maveta.

"What is this?" He asked.

"It's a part of every dragon in Rage's clan. It's the Dragonspirit of his clan. All his brothers and sisters. You saw them when we were in the cave curing Ono." Jandar told them. "You guys are going to have to make one, too, someday after this is over."

"And what about you and Jayce and Ono?" Shayn asked. "Your part of our clan, too."

"It's only for dragons, Shayn." Jandar smiled.

[Your wrong their love.] He heard Rage in his head. [The three of you are part of our clan. Whatever we do, you're part of it.]

[I have the spirit back] Jandar told him. [You can free your clan, now.]

[I'm on my way.] Rage told him. [Thank you.]

Way up in the sky a red streak flashed through the air toward Maveta. Getting to the Dragonspirit was the only thing Rage could think of. He had left Mythioes in the hands of Denner. He knew he would take good care of everything there. His gargoyles made great guards, but soon he would have to figure out what to do with the Black Armors they held there. Now it was time to free his clan. With his mind set on Maveta, Rage didn't see Terror closing in on him from behind. Terror dived for Rages back. His razor sharp hooves aimed for the middle of his back.


Rage banked to the left as Terror missed him in his pass. Rage looked over and sent a blast of intense flame at Terror and Taren. Terror turned to confront Rage as Rage swung his wing up and batted him back away. Taren was knocked off Terror's back and fell toward the ground fast. Recovering quickly Terror dived to catch Taren as he fell. He swooped in under him and caught him in the air.

I'm going to warn you once.] Rage sent to him. [Tell your master, he's done. We're going to end his reign of terror. And if you come near any of my family again.]

Rage blew out a blast of Wildfire that would have incinerated them both into ash.

[I'll make you both burn to ashes. And if you doubt I can do it, try me!]

With that he sent another blast at them. They barely got out of the way in time. But they got the idea.


Taren knew he had no chance against Rage. His anger was up and he was in no mood to deal with them. So Taren urged Terror away before Rage changed his mind.


[Yes?] He answered.

[Thank you father.] He sent. [They might have killed me.]

[I wouldn't allow that to happen.] He sent to his son. [I knew he was up to something, so I followed him. I better get back to Pelic now.]

[Tell Graym, Maveta is free. All's left is to make sure Polan never comes back. We'll find a way to keep him out.]

[ Jayce is the answer.] Shine called as his presence faded away.

[What father? How?]

But there was no answer, he was gone. Flapping his wings furiously Rage continued on to Maveta. What did he mean by that? How could Jayce be the answer? Jayce was one of the bravest men he knew and he had saved many of their lives. But Rage had no idea how he could be the answer. Guess we'll have to find out.

Back in Maveta, everyone had just cleared out the last of the dead things. Human and animal, Polan's necromancy was just another poison that he had infected the country with. They gathered all the body parts and made a pile. Jandar was about to send his fire at the pile when Rage flew in. He set down and shifted to his human form and went and hugged Jandar.

"You're all safe." He said.

"I'm so glad." Jandar smiled up at him, in his hands he held the Dragonspirit. He was glad to have gotten it for Rage.

"This is yours." He handed it to Rage. The second he touched it a red glow came over him.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" He moaned as the power flooded into him. Jandar looked down as he felt warmth spreading on his chest.

" What's happening?" Jandar asked.

He looked at his hands as power spread into him. Visions of dragons flashed in his mind He looked at Ono and saw he was going through the same strange experience.

"You've been gifted." Rage told them. "Both of you. You're now in our clan. All my brothers and sisters wanted to thank you for saving them. They're still sleeping, but they're no longer being threatened by death. Polan can't hurt them anymore."

"Were honored to help." Ono said. He looked at Shayn and took his hand. "I have all the thanks I need right here."

Shayn smiled at him.

"So do I." Jandar told Rage. "We have all we need."

"I know, Love." Rage said. "But there's one more gift. Both of you now have a dragon form. A limited one, but you're dragons now."

They both looked at Rage in shock, neither understanding how this could happen to them.

"We're all magical beings, and my clan's been watching." Rage told them. "They know how hard you both have fought and suffered during all this. This is their way of thanking and honoring you. Jayce, being an angel, we can't do the same for you. But no dragon in his right mind except Polan will ever harm you. You may not be able to became a dragon, but you have dragon in you."

"I don't know what to say." Jayce said. "Thank you, we're honored to be a part of your clan."

"Jandar and Ono." He said. "Your dragon forms will reveal themselves in time."

"That's fine with us." Jandar said. "Right now, we have Polan to deal with. How do we keep him out of here?"

Over Jandar's head again Jayce saw the orbs. He looked over to Rage and nudged him.

" What's that?" He asked.

He pointed over Jandar's head.

"What?" Rage asked. Then he looked up, still he saw nothing, but Jayce did. There were like ten or fifteen bright orbs up there just sailing around over Jandar's head. He saw nothing, he and Rage had a puzzled look on their faces.

"You don't see them?" Jayce asked. "None of you?"

All of them looked at each other. None of them saw anything.

"Are you alright?" Ono asked with a worried look.

"Wait." Shayn said. "I want to try something."

He walked over and took Jayce's hand, He closed his eyes then looked up over Jandar's head. There they were floating around him. Darting back and forth around them all.

"Jayce." He said. "Little orbs of light circling our heads?"

"You see them?" Jayce said with relief.

He was beginning to doubt himself. Suddenly they flew off, only one was left circling Jayce.

"I think they want you to follow them." Shayn said.


"Only you see them." Jandar said. "Go, I don't think it's Polan's doing. Just keep in contact with us."

The last orb took off into the sky with Jayce right behind it. They flew up into the air and deep in the clouds. The Orb moved fast, but not too fast for Jayce. He flapped harder to catch up with multicolored light. Seconds later, Jayce noticed there was a lot more than the one he was following. There were twenty or thirty now buzzing in and out of the clouds. He reached out to touch one and Jayce heard something strange. It was a voice calling him. The orb he was reaching for expanded. It became brighter till it blinded him for a moment. When he opened his eyes there was a beautiful woman in front of him with wings.

"Welcome, Brother." She said with a smile. "We've been waiting for you."

Jayce looked at her in wonder. He supposed she was an angel like him, but you never know. She could be anything or anybody. A frown appeared on her face as they hung in the air barely flapping their wings.

"I shouldn't be surprised you doubt me." She said. "Lots of strange things have happened to you and your friends."

At that moment he realized he wasn't using his wings anymore, but he wasn't falling.

"Relax." She told him. "I'm holding us here. We're both light orbs now. It's easier for us."

"So you're an angel?" He said.

"Yes, just like you." She said. "I know. You want to know why."

"Yes." He said. "I do."

"Things are happening down there that we can't get involved in. But you can." She explained. "There's evil down there and you and your friends are your world's only hope."

"But you have the power to stop Polan." Jayce said. "Why don't you?"

"We are." She said as the orbs continued to rush by them.

"How?" He asked.

"Through you and your brothers." She answered. "All of you are very important to the future of this world. Your fight will be great and long."

"Then we will win?" He said with a smile.

"Only the High Father knows the answer to that." She said. "All I know is that some will come, and some will go. And that Polan is not the end. There will be others that will threaten your peace. I'm now going to ask you to speak for your brothers. Will you all accept this fate? Will you and the others fight for this world?"

"Can I ask them?" Jayce asked her.

"Do you really need to?" Her hair shined in the bright sun. He could see the sparkling in her eyes." Their answer is in your heart."

Jayce thought about Jandar and Rage. What would they say to this? What would Ono and Shayn and all the others think? He knew the answer. There was only one possible answer.

"Yes. We will." He said.

"From this day on, Maveta will be safe from Polan Dressak." She said. "Settlement, too, shall be shielded. But heed my words. Keep your defenses up always. Danger can come from inside. Give this to Jandar. It's very important. With this, he will be able to create a spell that will clean Polan's influence from any city or country"

With that, she handed Jayce a glowing stone. He had no idea what exactly it was she had given him. Maybe Jandar would know. He looked up as the angel began to fade back into an orb and began to drift off.

"Wait!!" Jayce called. "Who are you? What is this?"

"I'm Blessa, and that is Salvation" He heard as she faded away.

Jayce spread his wings and gave off a brilliant shine. He felt so happy in his heart. Maveta was free!! They had kept their promise. He flipped back and began his trip back to the others to tell them what happened and all about the promise he made.

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