Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 17

Published: 22 Oct 15

The Dragons of Keanna

Copyright © By Jandar Tyr

Dragons are Free

In the mountains of Keanna, deep in the back of a great cave. Gird heard a call from his King. Rage was home at last. Gird rose up and flew to the entrance to meet him, He and the rest of the clan knew Rage and Jandar had retrieved the Dragon spirit. There slumber was almost over. It was time to get up and be about the world again. As Gird approached the entrance he saw Rage and Jandar coming down the cavern.

"Welcome home, my king." Gird bowed before them. "All is well out in the world, I hope."

"I think its time for you to go out and see for yourself again." Rage told him.

"My job is here." He said. " Protecting your home."

Rage raised the Dragonspirit to show Gird. He looked on it, glad to see it back.

"You got it back!!" Gird smiled. "Does this mean Polan's dead?"

"Unfortunately, no." Jandar said as they walked back through the ranks of dragons all around them. Rage had missed his brothers and sisters. Now he could wake them from their sleep. "I'm afraid he's still out there causing trouble." Jandar said.

"We need to do something about him. You could help, Gird."

"How?" He asked.

"You could help back in Settlement. There are many ways you can help." Rage told him. The three of them had found Rage's old place in the cave. This is where the spirit hung before it was stolen. Rage shifted to his Red Dragon form. He held the spirit in his fore claw. Raising himself up he placed it in its place on the wall.

[Brothers and Sisters. The time has come for you to wake and walk with us. Let the sleep pass from you. Let your limbs stretch out and move. LET ME HEAR YOU ROAR!!!]

The sound of movement came from everywhere. Wings stretched out, heads raised, legs and forearms reached out. Then a great roar was heard vibrating through the cave.


As Jandar looked around, he watched all the dragons come awake. He felt no fear. He was a part of their clan and could hear them in his head. Each one of them greeted him. They all knew who he was and what he'd done for them. They knew how much Rage loved him and they all accepted him. A large brown dragon with many legs stepped up to him. He was a great beast, the biggest Jandar has ever seen. He walked on a row of six legs and he had no wings. his massive head had two large horns. Jandar looked at him, in awe of his apparent strength.

[I am Thunder. Rages brother. To respect you I will take my human form so we can talk eye to eye.]

In a flash he became a dark brown man. He noticed his nakedness and conjured leathers on himself. Thunder reached out and gripped Jandar's hand.

"I want to thank you for all you've done for us." He smiled. "We are all grateful to you and the others."

"We're glad to have helped." Jandar said to him. Others walked over, all now in human form. Thunder insisted on introducing them. "Let me introduce our new brother Jandar Tyr. He's a Master Mage and our savior." Thunder thumped him on the back.

" This is Banshee. Dragon of sound. And Icicle, the frost dragon. Over here we have Chimera. He has control over any and all animals, even insects. And my dark brother here, Blink. The dragon of darkness."

Jandar shook hands with all of them. Lastly Blink. He saw sorrow in Blink's eyes. Guilt. Jandar wondered why. Blink had been asleep in this cave. What could he be guilty of?

"I hear your thoughts. Jandar." He said. "All my brothers and sisters know why I feel guilt. As a new brother I will tell you."

"Phft." Thunder said. "Nothing he did is your fault."

"Shadoe is my egg." Blink told him with his head down.

"Thunder is right." Jandar said. "Your egg was corrupted by a horrible man. He's to blame, not you. You didn't give him the egg, he stole it from you."

"I produced that abomination. "Blink said still not convinced. "I'm responsible for him."

"We are all responsible." Banshee said as she joined them. "Not just you. This is a clan. We take care of our problems ourselves."

"Then help us destroy him." Rage said. He came over and hugged them all one by one. Blink stopped him.

"Blink," He said. " Your abilities rival Shadoe's. You can be a big help to destroy him. Come with us."

"Yes, Blink." Icicle said. "We could go with them and help. I'm tired of being in this cave. We could all go."

"Yes you could." Jandar told them. "You're all welcome in our home."

"I must talk to you, Thunder." Rage said taking him aside. They walked into the hatchery. There were a few dragons in there checking on the eggs. They were all there.

"I have to leave this cave for good." Rage told him.

"Why?" Thunder asked. "You're our king. We follow you."

"Yes, I know. But I want you to lead here, now. " Rage said. "I've tuned the spirit to you. I have to teach the young ones and then there's Polan and a promise we made to defend this world. I can't put that promise on you and the rest. It's not fair."

"Any promises you've made, include all dragon, you know that." Thunder said. " We are all family. We stand together."

Rage placed his hand on Thunder's shoulder. Thunder was the brother he had always been closest to. He wanted him at his side, But he was needed here in the cave protecting them.

"You will always be my brother, now I want you to lead here." He looked into Thunder's eyes." Will you do this for me?"

"Of course, brother." Thunder hugged Rage. "We will always be your clan and answer your call."

"I hope so." Rage laughed.

"So many of them will want to go with you." Thunder said as they walked back.

"I know. They can come." Rage said. But I want this part of the clan to continue, here."

"We will honor your wishes." Thunder and Rage stepped up to the rest of the dragons.

"Everyone listen." Rage called out. "I am splitting our clan in two. This will make us stronger in our fight against the evils of the world we have promised to protect. Thunder will be leader here from this day on. I expect you all to show him the love, respect and loyalty you have shown me. Any of you that wish to come to Settlement are welcome to join us. The rest will follow Thunder and stay here. Gird is coming with me. Any one else?"

"We're coming with you." Blink, Icicle and Banshee stepped up to Rage. "Shadoe must be stopped. I have to do this."

"We have to do this." Banshee called out. Blink looked at his brothers. They gave him the stone face. He wanted to argue with them, but he knew he couldn't win. They were right. Shadoe was all their problem.

"You're right. We have to do this." Blink said. "Together."

"Yes." Jandar said. "Together."

"Come, brothers." Rage held out his hands. "Your new brothers are waiting to meet you. Gird, come on home."

"Yes, my King." Gird followed Rage and the rest to the entrance. There, each dragon shifted one by one. Icicle first. He was a slim white dragon with a frosty mustache and goatee. No horns on his head, instead he had more frosty hair. His breath came out in a frost cloud as he breathed. He walked to the edge of the cliff, spread his wings and launched himself skyward. Next came Banshee. She was blue in color. She had shell like hidden ears and whiskers on her snout. Her eyes blazed with a blue glow and she had very powerful wings. Rage told Jandar that her scream or call could shatter boulders and the vibrations from her wings also caused a hum at times that could rise to a scream. Jandar could hear the hum as she took to the sky. Then Blink walked over to them. He looked like Shadoe. This caused Jandar to jump.

"Wait, Blink." Jandar called. "Love. I'm going to ride with him if you don't mind. I have a small gift for him."

Rage looked at Jandar in wonder. What gift?

"He looks so much like Shadoe, people will mistake him for Polan. I have to do something for his safety." Jandar kissed Rage and climbed on Blink's back. Off the cliff and up into the sky they flew.

Sailing through the day skies Blink flew following Banshee, Icicle and Gird in the lead. The wind under his wings felt wonderful. His long sleep made him appreciate being in the air again. He couldn't wait until the night came and he could fly in the cool darkness. His element.

[I heard what you told Rage.] He sent to him. [Shadoe resembles me?]

"Yes." Jandar said. "So much so that it will be dangerous for you. Many people in Settlement and all the lands for many days flight wish to see him dead.

[Including you and Rage. Again I apologize for what he's done.]

"Blink." Jandar said. " I know the guilt you feel. Family history, wars, things done in the past. Polan corrupted Shadoe and made him evil, not you. From what Rage has told me, being a shadow dragon isn't easy. Merging can be very dangerous for your kind."

[That is true. Our kings are very careful when they let one of us merge. He has to be absolutely sure of the human we merge with. His heart must be good. Or they could both be in killed in the merging. This necromancer's dark magic is what saved him. His strong personality.]

"Then you agree." Jandar said. "This isn't your fault."

[No.] Blink sent. [It's not my fault. But how can you help me?]

"See that lake? Land there." Jandar pointed to a small clear lake. Blink told the rest of the dragons to go on. He'd catch up. Rage insisted on joining them. The two dragons landed on the bank of the lake. Jandar climbed down and asked Blink to lower his head. Then he whispered something and covered Blinks right eye and the area around it.

"Look it your reflection." He said. Blink looked at his reflection in the lake. There was a silver spot covering his eye. Now he looked nothing like Shadoe. He liked the look, it made him more unique.

[Will this be on my face when I shift?] Blink touched his face.

"Shift and find out." Rage told him. Blink turned his large body around and shifted to human. Then he looked at himself in the water's reflection. He was dressed in leather pants as all the dragons were. Blink had short dark hair and a handsome face. A dark long sleeved tunic covered his chest. He saw nothing on his face. No silver around his eye. Though there were a lot of silver streaks like Drake's in his hair. Blink hadn't seen his human form in ages, He'd almost forgotten what he looked like. It was good to walk on two feet again.

"But will it show when I'm in shadow?" He asked.

"That depends on you." Jandar said. "You can make the silver spot show if you want, or hide it. You control what people see of you in darkness. There's one more thing."

"What's that?" Blink asked . He had a worried look on his face. This would be the bad news he thought. Jandar saw that look and laughed. Rage had told him Blink was the kind that worried about everything. He would just have to learn to trust him in time.

"I know of your weakness to bright light." He told him. "The spot will shield you now. In the sun, or if there's a sudden flash, the spot will dim your vision so the light won't expose you in the darkness or blind you. Now, if you concentrate you can also cause a bright flash to emanate from the spot. This can surprise Shadoe and give you an advantage. He won't expect it."

"How does it work" Blink asked. "Will it work in this form?"

"Just like projecting your darkness. Only think light."

Blink reached in for his darkness abilities and felt something different there, too. He triggered it and sent out a flash of intense light. Jandar and Rage had covered there eyes expecting that he might want to try his new trick.

"You know." Blink said with a huge smile. "Now my name really fits. Please don't tell anyone of this. What they don't know no one can reveal."

"As you wish." Rage said. He'd never seen his brother so pleased. He knew Blink liked his gift. Blink needed a reason to feel better, His guilt was eating at him and they all wanted to free him from those feelings.

"Thank you both for this." He said.

"Let's get on to Settlement." Rage said. " There are people waiting for us. They both shifted to dragon form. Jandar climbed on Rage's back and they took off for home.

Out in the forest outside of Settlement a figure walked deep in the forest. Dressed in a hooded cloak to hide their identity. The figure moved silently, there were people out in the forest gathering and the hooded one didn't want to be recognized. The hooded man had lot to lose if caught out here. Secrecy was of the most importance. Further on down the path there was a cave where a meet was to be. No one was around so the hooded one ran for the cave and ducked in. Looking around in the dark, the hooded one smelled something foul. Something must have crawled in and died. By the entrance were six old torches. The hooded one used a flint and lit one. Then there was a noise. Quickly turning to find a dark elf standing there with some kind of demon horse, the hooded one jumped.

"I'm here to bring you to Master Dressek." He smiled that dark smile of his. "What's your name?"

"Call me Po."

"Taren." The elf said. " Why does he want to see you?"

"Isn't that our business?" Po said. Po crossed his arms in front of him. Both of these beings could kill Po in seconds. But they were more afraid of Polan. That fear would keep Po safe for now.

"Shall we go?"Po asked. "It's dark now."


[Maybe later.] Taren sent as he led Terror out of the cave. Terror could have killed Po with one kick, an accident. Taren heard his thought.

[Don't!!] He warned Terror.


Taren climbed on Terror's back and pulled Po on behind him.

"Hold on to me, or you will fall." Taren warned him. "Terror won't catch you if you do. You really won't want him to. He bites, then swallows."

Po gripped Taren's side as Terror ran off sparks flying then took to the skies. Po hoped none of the dragons would see them. Their sense of smell would identify who Po really was.

Polan sat in a house far off in the field and looked at a map showing how much of the world he had taken. More than three quarters of the world had his mark on it. And he planned to take it all. No one, not even those damned Dragons could stop him. As he stared at the map, a spot opened up in his lands. Polan frowned. That's not possible. How could a whole country suddenly fall from his grasp? He stood and took a closer look. It was MAVETA!!! Maveta is free? How can this be? How can that country of all be free? He left Black Armours there, and his dead. In a rage, he threw the table at the guard. It hit the man and knocked him down. Polan stormed over and grabbed him up.


Polan shook him as his poison filled his body. The guard tried to free himself, but Polan was too strong.


The guard's life drained away seconds later. Polan tossed him aside and went to the door of the house. He grabbed it and ripped it off the frame.

"Where's my Shadows!!! He screamed. "Get them here, now!!!"

He shifted to Shadoe and stalked back to the house. Shadow roared. He took a swing and bashed in the side. It didn't take him long to tear down the house. None of the people in the camp came near him as he ripped it apart. They knew not to get near him when he raged. When he was done he turned and took off into the air. The city he was invading now was surrounded by a wall. Shadoe flew over the wall and city guards ran out to meet him. Armed with swords and spears they attacked him. Shadoe tore into them , ripping apart men and throwing them aside. He roared and sent his horrid breath into the crowd. Anyone it touched shriveled and aged until there was nothing left but a dry husk of a corpse. Flexing his arms Shadoe strode through the dead men into the city. He stopped and shifted back it Polan. He looked back at the dead guards.

"Rise you warriors. Rise and come be my slaves. This city is mine. No one here will live to the morning. Rise you all!!"

Piece by piece the bodies all pulled themselves back together and stumbled in to serve their new master. These guards of this city now attacked their own city. Men, women, and children died that night as Polan smoldered and watched. Soon no one but his men were alive here. Polan collected the souls of the dead one by one. Maveta was his next target. He was going back to reclaim the country, and when he was done. Maveta too, would be home for only the dead. My dead.

Out of the sky, Terror flew down and landed outside Polan's new dead city. All around they saw stumbling corpses. Polan had made good on his pledge. He had killed everyone in the city. Po and Taren walked around looking for Polan. They found him in a tent they had set up for him, contemplating the map. Maveta was like a shining beacon standing out. Polan was still fuming.

"Where are the rest of the Shadows?" He asked.

His eyes came up to Taren. His anger was like a cloud of hate filling the tent. Taren and Po could feel it. The dark elf that feared nothing, felt fear today.

"I don't know where they are." Taren answered.

"I wanted them here within the hour. You're the hunter. Hunt them down. NOW!!"

"Yes, Master." Taren said backing out. He turned and ran out of the tent.

"If you want to wear that silly cloak, be my guest." Polan said. "You're here because you claim to be able to get what I want. Can You?"

Po walked into the tent and sat down in a chair. Polan noticed a calm look on his face like he didn't fear him. Polan smiled. Everyone fears me. This peasant will learn fear today. Polan walked to his chair and sat down. He exhaled in Po's direction.

"Well?" He said.

"Yes." Po said. "I can get them all."

Suddenly he coughed and wiped his mouth. Polan smiled at him. His poison was in.

"I just have one problem." Po said. "How do I get them to you?"

"You could just open the door and let me in." Polan spread his hands then clasped them together.

"Even if I did. You couldn't get into Settlement." Po told him. "There's some powerful magic protecting their home."

"More powerful than me??" Polan pushed back his chair and stood. His eyes smoldered red. Polan was getting taller, his face began to grow dark. Shadoe was emerging. Scales could be seen on his hands. Po got up from his chair.

"I can get the items. I just can't get them to you." Po told Polan. "If you give me a way to get back and forth with them, I can get them to you."

The dark tinge slowly faded as Polan's temper subsided. Polan knew this was the only way he would get the talismans away from Settlement. He still wanted to invade the dragon's city, but Maveta came first. A spell was needed here, let's see.








"You get the talismans and then get out of the city." Polan told him. "Say my name twice and you will be brought to me five times. I will reward you. As a matter of fact, I have started your reward. You should start feeling the change in a few days. I have given you a great reward. Don't disappoint me."

Po bowed to Polan. At last, Po would have power equal to Denner and the dragons. They would pay for ignoring Po. They would all pay, with their lives.

"Thank you, my Lord!!" Po said. "If I can get them all at once, i will."

"Back to the place Taren found you." He waved his hand at Po and he disappeared. "Soon I'll have the talismans and you will have the gift of being my eternal dead slave.

"HA! HA! HA! HA!"

[WHY IS HE SO ANGRY?] Terror asked as they searched for the others.

"Something is wrong." Taren told him. "We have to find the others. He commands we bring them."


"Take us there." Taren told his demon horse.

Terror turned and sped for Velusia's island. it wasn't a far flight so they were there in seconds. Terror landed outside of her castle. An old dilapidated place crumbling and falling down.

"Stay with me, Terror." They made their way in to the castle checking everywhere they could as they walked around.


"When will she learn?" Taren whispered the words to again summon the shadow beasts to him. Low growls began to emanate from the shadows as they gathered. Many came to him, they crowded all around Taren and Terror ready to do as he commanded.


Suddenly her vampires attacked. They came from everywhere, there were hordes of them.

"KILL!!" Taren told them.

Fast as lightning the shadow beasts launched themselves at the vampires covering them and ripping them apart. They had no chance against them, they couldn't even touch them to fight back.

"Velusia!!" He called. " Come out now! Don't make me use the spells to bind you!!"

Her cloud appeared and moved toward Taren. He took a step back as she closed of him.

"You are mine now, Taren!" He heard.

Quickly she covered him and and tried to feed on him. Taren crossed his arms and smiled.

"Don't you think Polan would protect us from your treachery?" He said,

"Bind her!!"

Two shadows jumped on her from his side and wrapped themselves around her. they squeezed until she screamed and took her vampire form.

"I've had it with you." He said as he walked around her. "Take her to the Master."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO " She screamed.

The shadows picked her up and took off. Carrying her back to Polan.

"Now we have to find Pelic and Graym."

Taren called shadow beasts and told them to find the other Shadows. The shadows all took off into the dark shadows to search. Taren and Terror walked out of the castle over the dead vampires, where he mounted up. Terror spread his wings and took off into the air. Where they were going, neither of them knew.

Up on a hill overlooking a small house. Graym watched as three children played in the sun. This was the first time in months that the children were well enough to play, or even come outside. All the poison was gone from their bodies, gone from Maveta. This made Graym smile. He watched his family laugh and play. His wife came out to call the children in to lunch. The look on her face almost made him cry. He loved them all so much, he'd sacrificed himself for them and the rest of the people in Maveta. What was he to do now?

"Go home to your family." Pelic said as he floated down to his friend.

"Like this?" He stretched out his wings. " Let them see me like this? I would scare them to death."

"Tell me, Graym." Pelic asked. "What did you tell your family before you left? Do they even know what you've done for them?"

"I didn't have a chance to tell them anything." Graym looked back to the house. "Polan didn't give me any warning. You were there. You had no warning either."

"Don't you think they deserve to know what happened to their father, her husband?"

Pelic put his hand on Graym’s shoulder.

"That family's gone crazy wondering what happened to you. Give them and yourself the peace you all deserve."

"How can I go near them like this?"

Graym turned from the house. Tears filled his eyes as he turned to get away. Pelic turned him back to face him.

"Graym." He said. "I can't take away what Polan did, but I can make it so when you want, you'll look like your normal self."

Graym looked at him in surprise, his eyes told Pelic that he wanted to go home. He wanted to go back to his family.

"Do it." He said. "Please!!"





As Pelic finished, Graym's face and features began to desolve until they became a complete blur. Then in a blink, he became Graym's old self again. With his fingers he touched his face. He felt for his wings. He couldn't find them.

"They're still there. Magic just hides them." Pelic smiled. "When you need them, just use the power. it'll be there."

Graym grabbed Pelic and hugged him. He was going home to see his family.

"Thank you, Pelic!! Thank you so much!!"

Graym's smile was overwhelming.

"Go home, Kiss your family." Pelic told him. "Cause this is far from over."

All through Polans lands, heads poked out of shadowed places. The shadow beast searched everywhere for Pelic and Graym. Islands , mountains, in villages and cities. They stuck the heads out of the shadows of trees in forests, out of cold places up north. They even searched the prison island of Mythioes where all the Black Armours of Maveta were being kept. But they're not what they were searching for so they moved on. Taren hadn't given them any orders on what to report except Pelic and Graym. So the island will go unnoticed for now. Soon they came upon Maveta. That sleepy country that Polan grabbed first. Being this close,the shadows could feel their prey near. Soon as the stepped into Maveta, pain racked their bodies.Whimpering the shadow beasts made their way into the country to search. Maveta was a big country and it took them a while to find their way to Graym's village. Slowly the three beasts moved into the village. It was a bright day so the beasts keep to the shadows. Not that it mattered, people saw them coming. Memories of Polan's horrors still fresh in their minds , they grabbed their children and ran to hide again. Sniffing the air looking for the smell of Shadow power they moved further into the village. Screams could be heard through the streets. Still waiting up on the hill, Pelic heard them. This town was suppose to be free of Polan's corruption and he wanted it to stay that way. Stepping out from under the tree Pelic took to the air to find out what was going on here. He sailed invisibly over the town peering, watching as people ran into their homes. Pelic looked ahead to see three dark spots slowly crawling forward. He could tell they were in pain as they collapsed. He landed in front of them and watched as they looked at him and howled. He knew they had been found. He and Graym had to leave. They couldn't allow any of this to come back here again. Pelic whispered a spell that made him look normal again and went to find Graym. He had bad news for him. His reunion was over it seemed.

The night was dark as silent wings flapped their way through the night. These were dark wings that belonged to an evil thing that had no use for anyone but to use them for his own ends. The dark dragon of shadow and hate was on his way to find out what happened in Maveta. How had he lost the country. His first prize. Not even the dragons had the power to take anything from him. His anger grew even stronger as he pondered the lost. There was nothing there he cared about, but what was his, was his. And no one takes anything from him.Far below Shadoe could see the sleeping villages that marked the border of Maveta. Everything seemed quiet down there. He planned to change all that tonight. Pulling in his wings Shadoe flown down to land. Not a soul was there to challenge. This would be easy. Shadoe walked proudly toward Maveta. His wings were out and he was ready to kill. Beyond the treeline was the border of Maveta. Shadoe tried to take the step into Maveta and he was violently knocked back ten feet on his back.

[What is this?]

Shadoe got back on his feet and approached the barrier. He reached out to touch it and felt burning pain in his fore claw. He pulled back his claw and shook it.

[What magic is this?] He thought. Maybe his breath could weaken it. He drew in his breath and let out the black flame. It blew a long stream out, but it encountered nothing. Shadoe roared his anger, his head thrown back. He balled his claws into fists and beat them against the barrier. The pain didn't matter his rage had taken over.


He kept beating on the invisible wall but it wouldn't give an inch for him. No matter what he did, Shadoe couldn't get into Maveta. Spreading his wings, he took off. He would fly over the barrier. But again, he ran into it. It seemed it was all around the country. He had one last option, shadow. Down on the ground he saw the shadow of a tree. Maybe this was his way in. Flying down, he flew into the shadow and looked for an exit into Maveta. What he found was the barrier, bright and glowing in shadow. He slammed into it trying to get through. But again, he was repelled by it. The barrier knocked him back and out of shadow. Climbing to his feet Shadoe turned to look to the houses outside of the barrier. They would do for now. He walked to the small village. People were running from their homes. Shadoe blew out his breath and caught a family trying to escape. They didn't make it. Shadoe caught them in their tracks and turned them into ancient corpses lying on the ground. Tearing down the house he moved on to the next house. This one he ripped apart before anyone could get out. Stepping over their bodies Shadoe moved on. When he was done he had destroyed another village. But he was still enraged. He stood in the middle of the village and gathered their souls to him and roared.

Back in the city of Tuesdale, Shadoe slipped out of shadow and shifted back to Polan. His night was far from done. He planned to gather his forces and move his army out. The rest of the world was waiting to fall to him and he was eager to get on with it. As he walked through Tuesdale, his aides ran up to him and bowed.

"Master." One of the dark elves said. "Someone waits for you."

"Who?" He asked.

"The shadow beast carried in a woman. They holds her for you."

The elf got up and followed him as he moved quickly through the city.

"Show me where she is." Polan told him."

"Yes master." Hoping to please his master, the elf ran in front of Polan to show him the way. Polan reached out and grabbed the elf by the shoulder. He pulled him in to face him. His eyes glowing red and his terrible breath filling him up.

"Don't you know better then to walk before me?" Polan shouted. The elf breathed in the poison of Polan's fumes. Screaming out he died as he was tossed aside.

"Your turn." He told the next elf. "Show me."

"This way." He pointed. Polan walked on in the direction the elf pointed to his tent. There on the floor he found Velusia still being held by the shadow beasts. he moved to his chair and sat down.

"Release her." He said. "And go."

Velusia fell from there hold as they let go of her. She sat up and looked at Polan. She could tell he was in one bad mood. She stayed on the floor afraid to stand before him.

"Where is Graym and Pelic?" He asked.

"I don't know." She said. "Hell I hope."

"No." He said. "This is hell. My favorite place."

He walked to her and tilted her head up to him. As always, his touch burned.

"Don't you ever hide or make me hunt for you again." He said. "Now listen. Find them and bring me a dragon. I want to know how they freed Maveta. I want it back, Now get out of here."

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