Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 18

Published: 29 Oct 15

The Dragons of Keanna

Copyright © By Jandar Tyr

The Cloak of Shadows.

Up on the hill, Pelic sat and pondered his next move. He had to do something he really didn't want to. He had to take Graym away from the family he'd just reunited with. He knew how much he loved and had missed his family. But shadow beast had come to Maveta, and that means the city's not safe. Pelic knew Polan couldn't get in, but what about Taren and Velusia? If Taren came into Maveta with Terror, they could rip the village to pieces. And if Velusia got in. He didn't even want to think about what she would do. Pelic stood and moved to the house. It was time to get moving. Graym had to know what had happened here.

[WE SHOULD HURRY, PELIC.] Mags said from his shoulder. [THERE'S NOT MUCH TIME.]

Pelic rose up and floated to the door. There he took his old wizard guise and knocked on the door. A beautiful woman answered the door dressed in a pink robe. What a vision she was standing there. Pelic saw why Graym fought so hard to keep Maveta free. He vowed then and there to give him all the help he could.

"I beg your pardon, Lady." He bowed. "But I must see your husband. I am Pelic, a friend and we have trouble on the way."

"I'm Rose." She smiled. "Please come this way."

She ushered him into the parlor.

"Can I offer you something to drink?" She asked.

"Tea if you please." Pelic sat down and folded his hands.

"Graym will be here in a minute."

Rose went into the kitchen to fix the tea. She met and kissed Graym in the doorway as he looked up and saw Pelic. His face went pale and he went in to see why he was here.

"Pelic. I haven't even been home for a whole day." He said. "What's wrong?"

"Shadow beast were in the village." He told him. "You know what that means."

"Yes. It means he's looking for us." Graym frowned. "We have to go before they come looking here."

"No, you can't leave us!" They heard from the door. There Rose stood with a tray of tea and biscuits. The tray trembled in her hands. Tears began to run from her face. Graym turned and went and took the try and put it aside. He took her in his arms.

"Rose." He said. "I have to take care of you all. That's the only reason I go."

" But why?" She ask. "What can you do?"

"I can help keep that monster away from you and the children." He looked into her eyes as she wept. "I don't ever want to see them sick like that again. No matter what I have to do, I'll keep you all safe."

Rose cried into his shoulder and held him tight.

"You promise to come home?" She said.

"I can't make that promise." Graym kissed her forehead.

"I can." Pelic told her. "I'll get him home. Even if I have to die. I'll send him back to you. That's my vow to you. The vow of a wizard. A powerful vow."

"Thank you." She said. "Both of you come back please."

"Kiss them for me my flower." He kissed his wife. "Tell them I love them, not goodbye. Tell them I'll be home soon."

Together they walked to the door. There Rose watched her husband walk off. There she prayed for their safe return.

Pelic and Graym walked silently away and down the hill. Once out of sight Graym flexed his wings and he was back in his shadow form.

"So where do we go?" He asked.

[To the dragons at Settlement.] Mags said. [It's time to join the fight.]

"They will allow us to join them?" Graym asked.


"Yes it is." Pelic waved his hand over his face and his form became pitch black and the cloak flowed in the wind.

"Let's get on with it then." He said.

His cloak opened and he and Graym took to the skies. It took them Many hours to reach Settlement, but soon they were flying over the growing city of Settlement.

[RAGE AND JANDAR AWAIT YOU IN THE MANOR AHEAD.] Mags floated alongside them.

They landed in the center of town and looked around. Pelic had been here when they had just arrived. This was a totally different place. He was amazed at the progress they had made. Last time he had been here, they used tents. Now there were a few homes and shops and a park. The children had a small school being built, there were wizards teaching in the courtyard.

"Welcome back, Pelic!!" Dreik stepped out to greet them. "Your mission I hear was a success."

The dwarf dressed in green leather held out his hand to them. Graym walked over and took his hand.

"I'm honored to be here." He said. "You and your brothers have saved my family from a miserable death. I can't thank you enough."

"It's our duty to do what we can for everybody." Dreik said. " Pelic , You look dazed."

"This city." He said. "There was no city when I was last here. This is wonderful!!!"

"It is isn't it." Dreik smiled. "Come, Rage waits for us."

Dreik took them on a tour of Settlement as he escorted them to the Manor.

[PELIC] Mags called from above their heads.


[Free my body.]

Pelic opened his cloak and reached in. He found Mags' body and carefully pulled it out. He set him down and stepped back. Mags floated down and entered his body as they watched. The cold little dragon's body changed color, from a drab gold to a more vibrant color. His wings fluttered a little, his legs moved. Then breath escaped as he began to breathe. Seconds later he climbed to his feet and stretched his limbs.

[Ahhhh!!! that feels so good!!!] He sent to all of them.

Flexing his wings a few times Mags jumped into the air. Once a day wasn't enough, Mags missed being alive and being with the rest of them.

[Tell Rage I will join you after I take a flight.] With that he flew off over the trees.

"Come on." Dreik said as they walked off toward the Manor.

"Rage." Jandar said as he walked into their study. "We have a problem."

Rage had been studying the maps of the area where Polan's army had last been camped. He put down the map and looked up at the handsome man he called love.

"What is it?" The Red Dragon asked.

"The Firestaff is missing." Jandar told him.

"What??" Rage jumped from his seat. One of the talismans is gone? How can this be?

"We have to find it!!" Rage stepped up to Jandar. "It has to be here somewhere."

"No Love." He said. "Someone took it. I haven't misplaced it or lost it. Someone took it from the vault. One of us took it."

"Well we know it wasn't a dragon." Rage said. "None of us could do this.

"Then who?" Jandar asked. He came over and stood by Rage at his desk.

At the moment the door opened and Dreik came in with Pelic and Graym.

"Were both so glad your both safe!" Rage smiled as he shook their hands. "Welcome to Settlement! How is Maveta?"

"Safe thanks to you." Graym said. "Thank you for all you've done."

"All we've done is free one city and take a step towards freedom from Polan." Rage said as he shook their hands in greeting. "We have the world to free still. And we still need your help. Pelic, you've done a great job. Wheres Mags?"

"He's out flying." Pelic said. " Enjoying has body. He's the one that helped most. We couldn't have done any of this without him."

"Sit, please." Rage told them. "We have another problem now. One of the talismans has been stolen. We have to find it."

"You know what this means?" Pelic said. "Someone here's working for Polan. Working against you."

"You mean us Pelic." Jandar smiled

"That means we have a traitor here." Dreik sat down. "It has to be one of the many exiles that have wandered into Settlement. I can't see it being one of us."

"I'm calling Cutter." Rage said. " He needs to know."

[Cutter?" He sent out.

[Yes Rage?]

[Come to the my office please.]

[I'm on my way.]

"So what can we do to help in Maveta?" Rage asked.

"You've done so much." Graym said. "How can we ask anything else?"

"Nonsense." Rage said as he sat back down. "We're sending supplies and help to Maveta, to help get them back on their feet."

Jandar ushered them to chairs where they could get comfortable. Graym took a backless seat so his wings wouldn't be cramped. He wanted to get to know the two leaders of Settlement and to help them all he could. Settlement seemed nice. He knew Rose and the children would love it here.

"He doesn't want these abilities Polan's given him." Pelic said. "He thinks he's cursed."

"You could do so much good with what he gave you." Jandar said to Graym. "You could help bring him down with the powers he gave you. I think that makes you something special."

"But look at me!" Graym said. "I'm a horror!!"

"You!!" Jandar stood. He spread his arms and howled as the change began. Jandar took his were form. Graym jumped back and knocked over his chair in fright. The sight of Jandar's fangs and claws threw him off and caught him by surprise.

"I am a werewolf mage." Jandar said. "My mate is a dragon. We know vampires and have all kinds of friends people call monsters. But I'll tell you something. What's in your heart and your deeds make you a monster, not what you are."

"Besides." Pelic said. "You don't have to look that way anymore. And I know there's no evil in you."

As they talked there was a knock at the door. Dreik answered the door. It was a tall forest elf dressed in tan leathers.

"Cutter come in and join us." Rage welcomed him as he came and sat at the table. He introduced Pelic and Graym.

"We have a problem." He told Cutter. "One of the talismans is missing. It has to be found."

"I have a few ideas." Cutter told them. "Who knows where they're kept?"

"Almost everyone that's close to us." Jandar said. "We have no secrets here."

"Yes we do." Cutter said. "There are things we don't want Polan to know. Like where we are."

"Nonsense." Rage said. "He can't get in this city."

"No, But his warriors can." Cutter pointed out. "Did you ever think of that? An invading force can get in. And we all know Polan's army is strong. What happens when they're at our gate?"

"We fight." Rage stood up his anger flared. "We have plenty of warriors here, too. We can match his army. And our magic is as strong as his."

"Rage." Jandar said. "We don't use death magic."

"So?" He pounded his fist.

"So death magic corrupts. It takes away all your compassion. Without compassion you care nothing about life. And he can't lose a warrior to death, he just brings them back to fight on. He could even make our dead warriors fight for him" Jandar stepped up to his mate. "Or you or me. That's not us, Rage. It never will be."

"No." He said as he took Jandars hand. "You're right. We'll never be like him. Will we?"

Just as Jandar was about to answer, there was another knock on the door.

"Enter! The door opened and a tall dark figure entered.

"Blink!!" Jandar called out."Come in, join us. This is Graym and Pelic. Friends from Maveta. A country we freed from Shadow."

Blink greeted Graym with a handshake then turned to Pelic. He looked at the dark man in the gray cloak and stopped with his hand held out. The look on Blinks face gave them all a start.

"What is it Brother?" Rage asked.

"Where did you get that cloak?" Blink held up his hand to quiet everyone. Pelic turned from one to the other.

"It's a part of me." He said. "Polan put it on me. It doesn't come off. Why?"

"It was my gran sires." Blink said. Rage caught his breath. None of the others knew what that meant.

"What's that mean?" Jandar asked. Neither Rage or Blink spoke. They just stared at Pelic.


"That cloak belonged to Dusk." Rage told them.

"Who is that?" Jandar demanded.

"All shadow dragon eggs come from another shadow dragon." Blink said. "You and Rage will not create one. Only Shadoe or I can. My sire was Grim. Like me he was a very serious dragon. He kept my egg near him until I hatched so there was no chance of me being corrupted. Then he picked the human for me to merge with. This was my intent all along with Shadow. He warned me of what could happen if the wrong person merged with my egg. Dusk, my grand sire merged with an assassin thief from Winterhaven. One of the best assassins of the time. Death was his job and he did it well. His name was Wyn Touchet. He stole grand sires egg while his sire was being attacked. He lost that battle, that's why Dusk was never taken back. Wyn Touchet merged with Dusk. And then started the worst war in dragon history. The cloak was made by a sorcerer for Wyn to hold his enemies. The same sorcerer that made all of the talismans. He ended up in the cloak until the end of the war when he was freed. Now here it is, on your back."

Pelic was horrified by the thought of what he wore. He wanted it off but that's not going to happen. But what would happen? He'd felt no influence from the cloak, other than the cold that it seemed to radiate. He felt no evil from it.

"Is there any danger from the cloak?" Pelic asked.

"The cloak amplifies what's in your heart. On Dusk, it tortures anyone he put in there. I don't feel that evil in you." Blink told him. "Has anyone ever touched the cloak? Or been in it?""

"I have." Graym said. "I was wrapped in it and Pelic flew off with us in the cloak."

"What did you feel while inside?" Blink asked. He had moved over to sit next to Pelic and examine it. His sire had told him long ago about it, but he'd never thought he'd see it in life.

"It wasn't cold." He said. "I felt fine."

"This is a dragon talisman." Blink told them. "I don't think Polan knew what it was, or he would never have given it to you. Do you know how he got it."

"He conjured it when he made us into this." Graym spread his wings to show them the feathers that lined his arms and his wings. He told them all the things he could do and about the shadow beast. They were impressed.

"And Pelic?" Dreik asked. "What did he do to you?"

"Polan tried to make my heart as dark as his." Pelic told them. "You know he infected me with his poison and took control of me. His intention was to use me and my magic as a pawn to kill as many of you as he could. You saved me from that fate so I will fight against him. Mag and I went to spy on him. Once there, he made me one of his shadows like Graym. He conjured this cloak and bonded it to me. I have control of the shadow beast over all, even Polan. I can fly and become as a ghost and pass through walls. I can move through shadow, but not like Blink and Polan can. I see things in shadow. Things that were imprisoned in the cloak and images that have a connection to me. I also have my cold touch. It can paralyze in seconds and kill if I hold on long enough."

"You both have been changed by Polan." Rage told them "And there's no going back to what you were."

Graym had a stricken look on his face. This is not what he wanted to hear. He wanted them to tell him they could change him back to what he was. A simple farmer. Could he go home like this? would his wife and children run from him?

[Your family will love you no matter how you look.]

He heard in his head. Graym looked up as Shine flew in, back in his small golden dragon form. He dropped down to his shoulder and looked into his eyes.

[No matter what you look like. The people of Maveta will accept you always. You saved them from a horrible death. You sacrificed much for them. Don't hide from them. You have to let them know.]

"Shine is right." Pelic said to his friend. "If I could find peace in Maveta, that's where I want to be."

"You're welcome there." Graym told his friend. "Always."

"So what next?" Dreik asked. " What do we do now?"

"Now we take it to Polan." Rage said. "We give him hell."

High in the skies over settlement, a lone figure flew. His beautiful wings glowing in the sunshine as he absorbed the power of the sun. Jayce was in a wonderful mood, he had reported to the others about the freedom of Maveta, but he hadn't told them the rest yet. He had a lot to talk about. All Blessa had told him. His agreement to become the world's protectors, and the most important news, salvation. At last they could begin giving back the lands to all the people. Jayce smiled at the thought and began to do acrobatics in the sky. He felt so much more powerful now. His meeting with Blessa had freed something inside and he blazed with power. He thought of JP, his love. Salvation would give him the ability to keep him safe. Below him he saw Settlement, he pulled in his wings and dived down heading for Rage Manor. Back beating his wings, Jayce landed and ran into the building.

"Hey!" Ono said as Jayce ran in. Jayce grabbed him swung him around in a hug.

"I've got great news, Lil Bro!!" He said. "Where's Jandar and Rage?"

"In a meeting with Pelic and his friend." He said as Jayce put him down.

"Call Shayn." Jayce said. "Tell him to meet us in the study. Call everyone!!"

"Everyone's on their way." Ono said running behind him.

"Jayce , what's going on?"

"Salvation." He said with a smile.

They ran on and up the stairs. They passed Azeal as they ran.

"What's going on?" He called after them.

"Come on and find out!!"

He fell in line running after them. The Study doors were right in front of them and all the rest of the dragons were coming down the hall. Jayce knocked on the door. Jandar answered. He had heard his brother's call and he had a puzzled look on his face.

"Jayce , we're glad your back." Jandar held the door open as he walked in. Everyone else stood at the door looking in.

"You may as well let them in." Jayce said.

"What I have to tell you concerns everyone."

"Come in, then." Jandar stood back and let them all file in. Soon the large room was full. Everyone was seated at the table. It was a large oak enchanted table. magically, space was added as needed. So a table that sat eight, now could seat twenty.

"First we all want to thank you for what you did in Maveta." Rage said. "This is Graym, he and his family are from Maveta."

Graym stood and looked at Jayce. Jayce was almost the complete opposite of Graym. With white wings to Graym's dark feathers, and Jayce's light features to Graym's darkness. Graym held out his hand to greet Jayce.

"I want to thank you for saving my people." He said.

A warm feeling moved through Graym. It spread out from Jayce as they touched. Graym pulled back his hand in shock. Something was happening to him. He fell to the floor shaking on his hands and knees.

Everyone backed away from him.

"What's going on?" Pelic asked.

"I don't know." Jandar said. "I think he's reacting to Jayce's presence."

"Can we help him?" Pelic reached out to help his friend. Jandar stopped him.

"No! Don't touch him. We don't know what's happening."

Complete darkness overcame Graym . He screamed out in pain as the whole room faded and all the light was pushed out. Then in a sudden flash, the light returned. Everyone rubbed their eyes as their sight returned and looked to see if Graym was alright. Lying on the ground in the place where Graym had been, was a brown winged man. It was Graym. All of Polan's influence had been siphoned from his body. He still retained all his abilities, but he had been touched by salvation and he was healed. He sat up and looked at his hands. He didn't have claws anymore he had normal fingers they could see they were really retractable claws. The black feather darts that lined his arms were gone, in their place he now had brown darts that looked like thorns along his arm.. Grayn reached up to touch his head, he had hair again. Long flowing brown hair. Graym climbed to his feet and looked around. Everyone was staring at him.

"What happened?" He asked. He took a step toward Pelic and fell into his arms. Pelic caught him. He smiled at his friend.

"It's gone!!" Pelic said. "Polan's curse is gone!!"

Jayce stepped up to him and held out his hand. He opened it. In the center of his hand there was a bright glowing stone.

"This is Salvation." He said. "This is the main reason I called you all here. I was given this and told to give it to you, Jandar. I was told it will clean Polan's hate and curse from all the lands he's taken."

Jayce handed it to Jandar. Jandar looked at it in amazement.

"Where did you get this?"Rage asked.

"From the ones that freed Maveta." Jayce told them. "Listen. I had to make a promise for you all." He told them. " I promised that we would all be the protectors of our home. This whole world. I couldn't ask you all. For that, I'm sorry. All I could do was accept this responsibility for all of you, My brothers and sisters. In my heart, I hoped you would all accept and help me in our task. What do you say?"

He looked all around from one to the other. None of them had the look of disappointment on their faces. This pleased Jayce. Rage and Jandar stepped up next to Jayce.

"Is there any doubt in your heart that we would accept?" Rage said."You knew we were with you and always will be, Brother."

"Anyone want to decline?" Jandar asked.

"We're all with you. " Cutter said. "Where do we start?"

"First I take this and make a weapon or spell to clear the poisoned land. Then we begin." Jandar said. "We take this fight to Polan. It's time we hit him back. Blaze. Have you made any progress on the missing talismans?"

"I think I know who took them." Blaze told them. He and Cutter had done a full investigation. Rage walked over and pulled Blaze aside. He wanted to know who was betraying them. This was unacceptable to him.

" Who is it?" He asked.

" I'll tell you when I can prove it." Blaze said. " Rage. I could be wrong, then I'd be accusing an innocent man. I won't do that. But I have this feeling. It's the same feeling I got from Pelic before we took Polan's poison from him."

"Well, what can we do?" Together they walked over to the corner of the room. They didn't want anyone else hearing them. It's not that they didn't trust anyone, they needed to find the one.

"Jandar has the rest of the items right?" Blaze pointed out.

"Yes, and I trust him with everything I am." Rage had a look on his face that couldn't be questioned.

"So do I." Blaze nodded. "I know he's not the one. Whoever it is, will be angry. They will feel like no one pays and attention to them. They'll feel useless. I only get that from a few here."

"What do you suggest?" Rage asked.

"Set them up. We leave the items unprotected and see who comes after them."

"Could it be that easy?" Rage asked him.

"I think Polan's offered something this thief won't be able to resist." Blaze told him.

"This thief's not that smart. He took an item knowing we would discover the theft. He'll come back for more as soon as he gets a chance."

"You talk to Jandar and get this done."Rage told him.

"I want this finished. We can't have a traitor here."

"As you wish." Blaze bowed as Rage turned and walked away. Blaze looked around to find Jandar. His magic was just what was called for here. He found him talking to Ariel, Cutter and Denner. Blaze walked over and greeted them. He pulled him aside to talk.

"Rage just gave me a great idea." Blaze smiled.

"He does that to me a lot. What is it?"

"I can't tell you here." The Red dragon said. "Your private study, meet me there. Ten minutes." "OK." Jandar nodded.

They walked back to the others

"You can help me with this, too." He held up Salvation, It glowed a soft blue in his hand. "Where do you think it came from?"

Cutter reached out to touch it. Jandar pulled back.

"Don't worry, It's safe for me to touch. Believe me, if there was anything to fear, I'd know." Cutter smiled at him.

"Really? We're really going to have to investigate your abilities one day." Jandar told him. "All of you. I think most of you guys haven't really gone into what you can do. Come let's get to my study."

"And you and Ono?"Cutter asked. " Have you found your Dragon forms yet?

"I really haven't even tried." He said as they entered the manor. "But sometimes when Rage and I are together and we get really excited, I feel strange tingling all over."

Cutter burst out laughing and slapped Jandar on the back.

"I don't think that's your dragon." He said. "It might be that other dragon of yours talking from below the waist."

Jandar blushed turning as red as Rage's leather then laughed and pushed Cutter down the hall sending small shocks at his backside.

Darkness had settled in on Settlement. The time was late in the night. Most of the inhabitants were either sleeping or getting ready for the next day. Baking bread, or getting things ready to work in the fields. The Manor was completely silent except for Azeal. He could be found like all nights practicing with his sword or trying to master some magic Jandar or Mags was teaching him. Being a Vampire, he preferred nights to days. Not that it mattered, he could do almost as well during the days. Though he was much stronger at night, and he saw much better. Blink also preferred nights, being a shadow dragon. He found peace and he was calmer at night. Tonight he was flying with his brother Icicle, they weren't on a mission, but they were patrolling the skies to keep their new home safe. One dark speck and one light moving through the sky and the clouds. Both dragons were happy to be out of the cave and into life again after their long sleep. In a hall on the second floor, a lone figure in a dark hood moved quietly through the Manor. Po knew where he was going. Tonight, Po planned to get the rest of the items for Polan. His time here with these dragons was done. He couldn't stand being with them anymore. Going on their stupid missions made no sense. Polan was going to win no matter what they did. The items were in Jandar's study. What a fool Jandar was. A trusting fool. He didn't even see a reason to lock his study. Po guessed he didn't even know anything was missing, yet. This would be easy for him. Just go in and take them and get out. Jandar and Rage had gone out with the rest to Maveta. That damn place they took back from Polan. Once he gets these items, he'll be able to take it back. Po made his way to Jandar's study. He looked around and saw no one near. Po pushed open the door and looked in. There was no one here either. Jandar kept the items in a place in the wall next to one of the many shelves of magic books. Po moved over and opened the panel. There they were!! He reached in and took them out. He could feel their magic. Po smiled. He had them all at last. He couldn't wait to get back to Polan and get his reward. Po stuffed them in a bag and turned for the door. What overconfident fools they were. "Are we really Corrin?" He heard behind him. Quickly he turned and tossed the globe he had prepared in case he was caught. Denner stepped out, caught it and tossed it out the window quickly. As Corrin looked on, he saw Denner, Cutter and Jandar standing there. Denner strode toward him with the angriest look on his face Corrin had ever seen on his friend.

"How could you do this!!!"

He reached out and grabbed the front of his tunic and pulled him toward him. Corrin fought back against him, but Denner was amazingly strong due to his being a changeling. Corrin tried to kick out at him. Denner held him tight.

"You want to fight me? " Denner said as he smacked him across the face.

"I'm so pissed I could kill you. Don't you remember why we joined them? Don't you remember the family you lost to Polan's poison? Your little brother? Your mother and father?"

Denner threw him on the floor.

"Now you're siding with that monster?" Denner pushed chairs out of the way going for Corrin. Corrin scrambled to his feet and threw two quick punches at Denner. He hit him in the stomach and chin. Denner hardly noticed the strikes. Corrin kicked him in the chest and knocked him back.

"Yeah!" He shouted as he backed up. "You got what you wanted. Power, and that Nautica bitch. I got nothing!!"

"Don't you ever call her that again. She was good to you. They all were. You had people that called you family again." Denner screamed at him.

"You did this for power? You think Polan's going to reward you? Who's the fool?"

"I'm no fool." Corrin said. " It's better to be on the side of the power than in its way. Polan will barrow right over you and the dragons."

"You really think so? "Jandar asked.

"YES." Corrin yelled. "You can't win."

Denner raged and turned to a gargoyle, He flexed his claws and wings and headed for Corrin. Corrin backed to the wall and pulled his sword.

"No, Denner!!" Jandar put his hand on Denner's shoulder. "Let him go!"

Denner stopped and looked at Jandar and Cutter. He shifted back to his human form. Denner looked back at Corrin.

"Drop the bag." He yelled.

"He can have it." Cutter said. "Let his master take what he wants. The items won't help him. We're going to destroy him in the end."

Denner looked back at Corrin. walked over to him as Corrin stood at the wall." GO." He said.

"If I ever see you again, I will rip you into pieces and eat them. Do you understand?"

"Come with me, Denner." Corrin pleaded. "Polan can use you. We can fight together again."


Corrin ran for the door quickly, and out of the Manor.

"Why did you let him take them?" Denner asked, "We fought so hard to get them. Polan will became so powerful now."

"Relax." Jandar said. "Those aren't the real items. Polan will be disappointed when he gets them. I'm sorry you lost your friend."

"Yeah I'm sorry too." Denner said. "But he chose his path. And now he might as well be dead."

"He soon will be when Polan realizes the items are fake." Cutter told them. "Did you know he was filled with poison?"

"Everyone that deals with Polan has his poison in them. I had it. Shayn cleaned it out. I'm not surprised Corrin is infected again. It just means he's been in contact with him again. It's his problem now."

"I got them all!!" Corrin thought as he ran down the hall. He couldn't believe Jandar had let him take the talismans, but he had and Corrin was glad. That means Polan would give him the power he wanted so bad. No one would ever threaten him again. If he did this right, he could end up revealing Polan. All he had to do was get Polan to grant him a wish. Corrin knew he could make a wish that would give him what he wanted. Outside the castle, he ran down the street for the gate. Outside he could use the spell Polan had given him to transport himself to Shadow dragon. up ahead he saw Dreik standing in front of the gate. Dreik had also been a friend. He had protected him on the missions they went on together.

"Corrin, Don't do this." The dwarf said. "No matter what Polan told you, he wont keep his word."

"He has to or he won't get these." He held up the bag. "I know he'll do anything to get them. He'll give me all I want."

"Not if he can kill you first." Dreik pleaded with him. "Soon as you give them to him, you're dead. Mark my words. Ask Mags, or Pelic or Graym. They know him better they any of us. I don't want you to die."

"Worry about you and everybody else here." Corrin said as he walked to the gates.

"He's going to come here and turn this place into another city of the dead. You come with me, Dreik. He'll save you too."

"Polan has never and will never save anyone." Dreik stepped over to Corrin. "Look, I know what just happened inside. Denner didn't mean what he said. Give me the bag and let's go back inside."

Corrin looked away from his friend. He wanted to do as he said, but he knew Denner would never trust him again. All he could do was follow his plans and get the power and respect he craved. He had to go on.

"I've said and done too much." Corrin told him sadly as he walked away. "I have to go. Good bye, Dreik."

Corrin walked out beyond the gate and spoke Polan's name twice.



In a flash of dark shadow he disappeared. Dreik knew this was the last time he would see Corrin if he didn't do something right now. Only one person here could help him.


Out of the trees the small golden dragon came flying. He flew around him and landed on his shoulder. His sparkling eyes stared into Dreik's.


"Can you help Corrin? Polan will kill him."

[There's nothing I really can do except watch him die.]

"Then forgot it. He's lost." Dreik walked back to the Manor and went inside.

[I'll follow him.]

In his mountain home, Polan paced back and forth staring at the map with the white area noting a free Maveta. The sight almost drove him to madness. There had to be a way to take it back, but he couldn't get in. He could send troops, but what's the point if he couldn't get in. He could try poisoning the country again, but he had a feeling it wouldn't work. What to do? What to do? Back and forth he paced. Suddenly Polan felt something. Someone was coming to see him. He walked back to his throne and sat down and folded his hands. He knew who it was. That fool Po, or Corrin. He thought he was hiding from him. What a laugh. In a flash of shadow he appeared. Corrin stood there holding the bag of talismans.

"Well. You have them?"

"You have my reward?" Corrin asked.

Polan looked down at him. He stood up and pointed at Corrin. He doubled over in pain grabbing his stomach.

"I have a reward for you." He said. "Pain for the rest of your short life if you don't hand them to me now."

"I have them." Corrin screamed. "But you promised me power!! Take them!! Here!!"

Polan held out his hand and the bag flew up to him. Quickly he ripped open the bag and sorted out what was in it.

"What is this?" He looked at Corrin.

"It's the Dragon talismans!!" Corrin was still laying on the floor writhing in pain. Polan walked over to him and kicked him hard in the back. His eyes flared and glowed black as he began to lose control of his power. Streams of black energy sparked from his eyes. Polan screamed and shifted to Shadoe. Shadoe reached down and grabbed Corrin and lifted him up.


Shadoe roared as Corrin screamed out. Up above, Shine dropped to the window and watched. There was only one thing he could do. Kill Corrin, put him out of his misery. Shine flew to the window and stopped. He looked back and sent a bolt of lightning at Corrin. It struck him and Polan as he flew out the window. He knew the bolt wouldn't hurt Polan, but it would incinerate Corrin. Without a body, Polan couldn’t hurt him. Corrin would suffer no more. It was over for him. Behind him he heard Shadoe roar his anger at the world.

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