Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 19

Published: 5 Nov 15

The Dragons of Keanna

Copyright © By Jandar Tyr

The Cloak of Shadows

Up in the skies over Settlement, two winged figures flew acrobatically. Circles and flips and all kinds of different moves. Graym couldn't possibly be any happier. His curse was lifted and all of Polan's influence's had been removed from his body. He could go home and show himself to his family now. Next to him flew Jayce, a handsome angel. Yes, he was a real angel. Everyone there had assured him of that. Jayce had asked him to fly with him, he wanted to talk to him. Graym was a little in awe of Jayce and wondered what he wanted to talk to him about.

[I can hear you Graym. Up here talking isn't necessary. The dragon's will teach you that.]

[How close will I have to be?]

[We will always hear you if you need us. All you have to do is call. It doesn't matter where you are.]

The sun was shining on Graym and he was glowing with power. Jayce knew why. He realized Graym was becoming an angel. It was obvious once Salvation touched him. Together they flew. Jayce liked Graym, he was good company. Jayce looked ahead of them. He saw strange dark spots coming toward them. Graym saw it, too and pointed at it.

[What is that?] Jayce focused his eyes on the oncoming objects. They were alive. From here he could tell that. He didn't know what they were but he felt they were not friends.

[Graym, we're in for a fight. Get ready.]

With that Jayce pulled his sword. As soon as it hit the air, the sword burst into flames. He looked again. Now they were closer and he could see they were demons of some kind. Something Polan conjured up.

[Rage!! We're being attacked up here by demons. Send help.]

Graym's eyes weren't as good as Jayce's, but what he saw was horrible. They were all a dark green with huge bat like wings keeping them airborne. Scaly skin covered their bodies. They had big red eyes and huge clawed hands with long talons. Those claws looked like they could rip a man to pieces in seconds. Long fangs and teeth filled there slobbering mouths. Each one carried a sword or spear to fight with. Jayce waded in swinging his flaming sword. The first one raised his blade to defend himself but Jayce knocked it aside and drove his blade through its chest. It screamed as the demon caught fire and went crashing to earth. Two more advanced on Jayce. One swung down at his head as the other thrust his spear for his chest. Jayce spun around slashing out and severed the head from the sword holder. It's head flow off and black blood began the spray from its neck. Angling his sword down, Jayce chopped the spear in half. He brought his hand up and sent out a beam of light that burned the eyes from the demon as it reached for him. It screamed out and covered its eyes. Jayce drove his sword into it and it fell burning. There were three demons quickly diving at Graym. He swung out his arm and sent his darts flying at them. The darts were so sharp, they went right through them. The three demons fell. Graym pulled two darts from his arm and held one in each hand. As he waited the darts grew to long sword length. Now he was armed with two of the lightest but strongest sharp blades. More Demons came at him. Graym smiled and began swinging his blades. He slashed through arms and legs. He opened chests as he sliced through the horde. Demon bodies fell from the sky as they fought. Suddenly they heard a roar. Jayce looked and saw Rage, Pelic, Blaze, and a Chimera coming toward them. The chimera had to be Denner. Jayce had heard about Corrin and knew how upset Denner must be. These things were in trouble now. Denner roared and waded into the fight. His claws slashing and the snake tail snapping and biting at everything it touched. As the demons attacked him, Pelic opened his cloak and swallowed them up. With his hand, he grabbed and paralyzed them tossing them to the ground. Blaze and Rage sent gout's of flame out and burned demons out of the sky. Jayce looked around as a demon came up behind him. He grabbed the arm that was trying to grab him and pulled him around. He swung him around and around, swatting demons from the sky. As he released the demon it fell to its death, screaming. Jayce looked over to see Jandar riding Cutter and sending bolts and arcane energies from his staff. Demons were falling everywhere. He looked to the east and saw Graym glowing with power. Now he was sure Graym was a fledgling angel.

Pretty soon the skies were almost clear. Then Jayce heard a loud roar. He looked over and saw a demon grab Jandar off of Cutter's back. He took off to help him. Jandar struggled to free himself as the demon tried to kill him. Suddenly Jandar give off a scream that made Rage almost drop from the sky. Everyone looked over as Jandar began to change. His body lengthened and a tail grew. He became completely silver in color. They all knew his dragon form was finally emerging. Feathered wings sprouted and claws grew. His face took on that of a reptilian wolf. He had a gold chest and gold horns on his head. Again he roared as he ripped apart the demon. Rage flew over to him and they hugged in mid air.

[Love, are you alright?]

[I think so. Rage I'm a dragon!!]

[Yes. I see. I told you it would happen. We'll have to find out what kind of dragon you've become.]

[Later Rage. Now we go home. I need rest.]

[I will follow you.] Rage told his mate. Everybody gathered around them and congratulated Jandar. Jayce flew over and landed on Jandar's back.

[I knew you could do it.]

[Really? I didn't. Ono's next. We'll have to stay with him. It may scare him.]

[Shayn will care for him love.] Rage sent. [Oh and I was right. Graym is an angel. Look at his glow.]

Rage and Jandar looked over at Graym, still he shined.

[Let's go home, everyone.]

As they all came down in the courtyard, Jandar shifted back to his handsome human form. Rage took him in his arms and kissed him deeply.

"Do you know how much I love you?" He said running a finger down his face. Jandar smiled at him and took his hand.

"With my life Red one." He said. Hand in hand they headed for the Manor as Shine came flying out. He came down and perched on Rage's shoulder.

"Father, how's everything?"

[I'm sorry to tell you. Corrin is no more.]

"Polan killed him." Jandar said with remorse.

[No, I killed him. It was either that or torture and then he would have become an undead and Polan would have tortured him for years. None of us wanted that to happen. I had to destroy his body]

"I'm sorry." Rage said. "What he did was stupid, but he doesn't deserve Polan's death. No one does."

"Love, Have you finished work on Salvation?"

They walked up the stairs and into the Manor. There was lots of activity going on in the hall. Azeal was coming down the stairs. He waved to them all.

"No." He said. "I need Jayce, Graym and you"

He pointed at Azeal.

"Me? How can I help?" Azeal wonder what he wanted him for.

"It's how I can help you." Jandar said. "You three meet me in my study. I want to check on Ono and Shayn."

Rage stopped there. Jandar turned with a puzzled look on his face.

"Whats wrong?"

"Let me check on them." Rage said. "You go on to work on Salvation. And stop worrying about them, they're happy."

"OK, I'll go to work. But I'll always worry about all of you. Especially our young ones."

Ten minutes later, Jandar, Jayce, Graym and Azeal stood around a table in Jandar's private study. On the table was a beautifully carved sword that Jandar had been working on. Its hilt was molded into the shape of a golden dragon's neck with the head as the knob with empty holes as the eyes. He had spent days casting spells to make it as strong as he could. Now it was ready to be finished.

"Jayce give me your sword."

Jandar held out his hand. Jayce pulled his blade and passed it over to him.

"I gave you this sword when you first grew your wings. Now we're going to pass it on to Graym as he will need it. First I add a bit of Salvation to it."

In the center of the table sat the Salvation stone. Jandar mumbled a few mystical words and split a small piece off it. His mumbling grew a bit louder as the piece of stone embedded itself in Graym's new blade. The sword burst into blue flame as they watched.

"From this day on, it will be called Retribution. A fine sword. It will never be dull and it will cut through anything." Jandar clapped his hand and a loud thunder like noise echoed through the room.

"Pick up the sword and it will be yours." Jandar smiled. Graym reached out and took the sword. It felt good in his hand, like it belonged there.

"Thank you." Graym said sheathing his new blade..

"Your next Azeal."

"Do I get a sword, too?" He asked.

"Do you want one?" Jandar asked.


"Place your dagger on the table." Azeal took out the dagger his king had given him. This dagger was one of Valkar's royal family heirlooms. It was made hundreds of years ago and held by Valkar's fathers and many male ancestors. It held a large amount of power. Jandar held it and then looked at Azeal.

"This is good." He said. "This dagger holds a bit of the spirit of every vampire that ever held it. It will protect you even if you're incapacitated."

He put the dagger in the center of the table and began his spell. His mumbling grew louder and louder as the dagger began to glow and grow. Soon it was the size of a long sword. Jandar severed another piece of Salvation and centered it in the sword. In a flash the sword rose up off the table and went to Azeal and stood in the air before him.

"Azeal, this is Justice. Justice will protect you and avenge the wrongs you seek to right. It will be a dagger until you need it, then it will become whatever weapon you need most. Take it."

Azeal held out his hand and Justice went to him. He took it in his grasp and it became a dagger again.

"Velusia beware. Your day is coming." Azeal bowed to Jandar. "Thank you brother"

Jayce looked at Jandar. He looked tired. This must be taking a lot out of him. The battle and making of these blades have to be wearing him out.

"Jandar are you OK?" He asked. "We can finish this later."

"No." He said wiping his brow. "We have to finish now."

He put his hands together and bowed his head and started chanting even louder than before. His voice grew to a deafening yell as the sword left on the table began to tremble. A shot of energy shot from the stone and struck Jayce. He rose up into the air and was held there. Then the sword rose up next to him. Jandar kept up his chanting as two bigger pieces of Salvation broke off and slipped into the eye sockets of the sword. Still suspended in the air, Jandar finished his spell.

"Behold Salvation held by Jayce St. James! Never to be parted, always to seek out the helpless to avenge the weak. Brother to all Keanna Dragons!! It has the power of salvation and purity. It will burn through your foes and bring light when you need it."

Jayce lowered to the floor holding the sword up. It flashed brightly as they all watched. Jayce looked at the sword as it hummed in his hand. What a handsome weapon! He sheathed it and turned to Jandar.

"I have one small job left." Jandar told them. He reached out and into the pocket place he keeps his staff and took it out. With a quick spell he embedded another piece onto his staff. He still had other uses for the stone. And it was strange but, the stone didn't seem any smaller.

"So much for a day's work in magic." Jandar said as he passed out in exhaustion. Quickly Jayce jumped and caught him.

"I'll take him to his room to rest." He said holding Jandar in his arms. They all left the study.

[Rage!] Jayce called.


[Jandar collapsed.]

[Is he all right? I'm on my way now!!]

[He's had a long day with his change and all. I think he's just tired. But Shayn can tell you if anything's wrong.]

[I'll bring them with me.] He said.

Jayce carried Jandar up to his and Rage's room and set him on the bed. As he put him down Jandar woke.

"Rest brother. Rage is on his way." Jayce took off Jandar's shoes as the door opened and the three walked in. Rage went straight to Jandar's side to make sure he was alright.

"I'm fine." Jandar said. "I'm just tired."

"We'll see. Shayn?"

Shayn stepped up to the bed and placed his hand on Jandar's forehead. He concentrated and let his magic check him out.

"You've been very busy today." He said. Then suddenly his eyes shot open. "You found your dragon form!! That's great!!"

Ono stepped up to his big brother and knelt at his side.

"Really? Did you?"

"Yes, I did." He told him.

"How is he?" Rage asked.

"Just tired. He'll be fine."

"I finished with Jayce and the others. There are now three swords that will banish Polan's influences from the land. These are very important blades. Protect them." Jandar told them.

"But I want all of us to wear a piece of the stone. I'll bond them to you after I get some rest."

"Then everyone out." Rage said. "It's time he sleeps."

"Before you go." Jandar said. "Ono and Shayn, will you both run with me tomorrow? You too, Rage."

"Of course we will." Ono smiled. "We haven't done that in a long time."

"Good, we'll see you in the morning."

As Jandar and Rage stepped from the Manor. Almost everyone was waiting outside. All of them smiling. Jandar looked at Rage.

"So much for a quiet run with the boys." Rage laughed.

They walked down to meet everyone.

"What are you all doing here." Jandar asked.

"I'm going for a swim with Denner." Nautica told him." We're taking Mortimer with us. He wants to show us some caves he found."

"I'm taking Dreik into Winterhaven." Ariel said. Dreik smiled.

"And I'm going with them." Cutter said.

"No you're not!" She said sternly. "Dreik is a perfect gentleman and we can protect ourselves. So you stay here and protect Settlement."

Cutter laughed as they walked off. He knew better than to follow them. Seven would give him hell if he did. Pelic and Graym were talking as they walked up to Jandar and Rage.

"I want you two to stay with Cutter. We can't all leave Settlement." Rage told them. "You can give Athene a hand with the centaurs, too."

"As you wish your highness." Pelic said "Besides, Mags wants to show me something."

"I'll stay here, too, I guess." Azeal said.

"No you won't." Jandar patted him on the back. "You can change to a wolf right?"

"Yeah, and a raven."

"Fine. You're coming with us."

"What about us?" Shayn asked." Rage and I can't change to wolves."

"Yes we can." Rage said.


"Oh so young." Rage lifted Shayn up and spun around." I'm a King Dragon. With all kinds of mystic powers like Jandar. If I want to become a wolf. I can, and I can make you one, too. Besides, didn't you learn to transform yourself in school? I heard you were their best student. Were they wrong?"

Shayn looked over to Ono. He was laughing.

"Well?" Ono said. "Can you?"

"I haven't done anything like that since school. But yes I can."

"I'm gonna have to start making you practice more." Jandar told him."Go ahead and let's see what you can do."









As they watched, Shayn shimmered and becomes a white wolf.

"I knew you could do it." Jandar told him. "Now you, Rage.

Rage rubbed his hands together and went down on all fours. He closed his eyes and roared. He began to shift to a red wolf.

[How's that?]

"A red wolf with fire in his eyes." Jandar smiled.


"My turn." Azeal said.

He spread his arms and get down and became a black wolf with amazing green eyes.

"What a handsome wolf you make Azeal!

"You two look great as wolves." Ono told them. "Come on!"

Jandar and Ono took off running into the forest shifting easily as they ran. Ono and Shayn kept to the front with Azeal right behind them catching and passing them at times. All five of them had a great time running and being creatures of nature. The forest was so alive with smells and things to hunt. They chased rabbits and squirrels and played tag. What a great day it was. Azeal stepped up to Jandar.

[Thank You.] He sent.

[For what?]

[ Adding me.] Azeal licked his face.

[Azeal. We're your family now. Of course we'd add you. Why do you think I made Justice for you? So nothing would hurt you? Cause Valkar, Rage and I want to keep you safe. We know you're going to go after your mother. We just don't want you to go alone. Families fight together. Look up in the sky. Over those trees. What do you see?]

Azeal looked up over the trees. He saw something flying around. He recognized what it was.

[It's Jayce.]

[Yes ,watching over us. Even though he knows we're perfectly capable of defending ourselves. That's what families do for each other.]

[I've never really had anyone care for me accept Valkar since Rejek died. He was the only one that cared about me and Ranjer. My mother and grandfather treated us like we were a bother.]

Azeal lay down to think about what he had heard. Jandar sat facing him. He wanted to show Azeal that he was safe here with them and that they wanted him to stay. He hoped Ono and Shayn would be an example as to how he would fit in. Jandar had had a long talk with Valkar and he agreed Azeal should be here with them. As much as Valkar wanted him to stay. Azeal needed a family to care for him. Just as Jandar was about to speak he heard a scream. It was Shayn. Jandar and Azeal jumped and ran out to see what was going on. As they came over the ridge the saw Shayn and Rage in nets and a man in black chanting a spell and they vanished. Jandar recognized the man. It was someone that couldn't possibly be here. Jandar and Azeal shifted back to human form and ran out into the clearing. They found Ono there laid out. Jandar grabbed him to make sure he was alright. He was just knocked out.

"Who was that man? What did he do to them?" Azeal asked worried. Jandar was frantic. He sent out a call in his mind to Jayce. In a flash he was there.

"What happened?" He asked.

"I saw someone that couldn't be here." Jandar had a strange look in his eyes. " I took care of him already, He can't be here again!!"

"Who?" Jayce asked.

"The Collector!!"

Jayce almost fell back. He remembered the Collector. He also remembered what happened to him and how it affected Jandar.

"Jandar, Rage will be able to free them." Jayce said.

"Not if he keeps them knocked out or kills them!!" Jandar hugged Ono to himself.

"I'll call Cutter, he can find him."

"Jayce, this time he's dead." Jandar looked him dead in the eyes. "He came after my family again. I punished him before, but I can't play this game again and again. If he hurts either one of them in any way, he's going to pray for Polan's mercy because I won't be very merciful. Azeal, I want you to stay here and watch Ono. When he wakes, come find us. He'll be about to pick up the trail. Jayce, let's go."

A little later Cutter and Cheshire met them in the clearing. Cheshire kept jumping around in an agitated manner, really trying to get loose and moving.

"Cutter, what's with him?" Jayce asked.

"He's psyche. He knows Shayn's missing and I think he has a trail."

"Let him loose then." Jandar urged him. "If he finds Shayn I'll take over."

No one there wanted to argue with Jandar. He wanted blood right now and they couldn't blame him. With Cheshire free, he took off into the forest. Jandar shifted and followed with Jayce and Cutter in the air. They wanted to call in more help but Jandar forbad it.

"This will be over and done with." Jandar told them. "I don't want us to become some crazed bunch of vigilantes roaming around. But we promised to help and protect the people, that's what we're going to do."

Through the forest Jandar followed Cheshire. Every now and then he stopped to check a scent then took off again Jayce and Cutter followed watching from above. Finally Cheshire must have found the scent he was looking for, his ears went up and he took off with a determined look. Jandar stayed right on his heels as he ran. Soon they came to a large wall that surrounded a beautiful palace. Cheshire jumped the wall and ran in. Jayce and Cutter came down and landed next to Jandar.

"Cutter, What do you feel from the inside?"

Cutter closed his eyes and reached out with his fear senses. If there was anyone inside the compound with any kind of stress or fear, he would feel it. Room to room he searched and felt nothing. He couldn't even feel Rage, and he should be able to locate his King, unless.

"Nothing." He said. "I feel nothing."

"What do you mean nothing?" Jandar asked. "Is Rage there?"

"I don't know." Cutter told him. The worried look told Jandar all he needed to know. Jandar summoned his staff. He was going in to find Rage now.

"Jandar." Jayce asked. "What do you want us to do?"

"Stay here." He said. "Keep your eyes open. If I need you, I'll call."

"Oh no." Jayce shook his head. "There's no way I'm gonna let you go in there alone. Rage would kill me and so would Ono. You go in, I go in."

"We go in together." Cutter said. Both of them stared at Jandar. He knew there was no fighting them, they would follow no matter what he said.

"Ok." He said. "Jayce you come in from the north. Use your pin and come in invisible. Cutter you shield yourself from being seen too. I want you to find Shayn. I don't know if they're together. Get him out of there and back to Ono. Then come back and find us if we haven't contacted you."

"As you wish." Jayce said nodding.

"And what are you going to do?"

Jandar looked at them with anger in his eyes.

"I'm taking the direct route."

Jandar spoke a simple spell and rose up and over the wall. Cheshire came running out. He jumped the wall and ran up beside Jandar and licked his hand. He ran his hand along his back petting him.

"Go find Rage." He said. Cheshire took off into the palace with Jandar floating behind him. Room to room they searched. They found nothing and no one. Cheshire turned a corner and headed up a set of stairs. On the next landing his ears perked up, he found something. Cheshire quickly ran into a room ahead and roared. Jandar summoned a bolt of fire and followed Cheshire into the room. There he saw Rage lying in a bed passed out. Jandar rushed to his side to make sure he was alright. He found him breathing regularly, Jandar sighed with relief.

"I wouldn't hurt them."

Jandar spun around, ready to send the bolt of fire at the Collector. There he found a young man about twenty years of age standing there. He was dressed in gray pants and black coat with a white shirt. He had dark hair and pleasant eyes, unlike the other Collector. Jandar looked into his eyes and knew he was a Collector. He had the same look only much younger.

"Who are you and why have you kidnapped my family."

"My name is Toric Norstin." He said. "The other Collectors were my father and uncle. I know what they did and how they were punished. I'm not here for revenge or to battle you or your family. I'm here to ask for your help."

"So you take my family?" Jandar said. At that second Jayce appeared next to Jandar, his sword out. Toric bowed before them, his head down. Jayce could strike it from his neck if he wanted, but waited.

"Forgive me, Sir, but I am desperate." Toric told them. "He has my Mother and sister. I don't know what to do."

"Who has them?" Jandar asked him.

"A dark man called Polan." Toric went and sat in a chair next to the bed and sobbed.

"We know him." Jayce put away his sword. "Tell us what happened."

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