Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 23

Published: 3 Dec 15

The Dragons of Keanna

Copyright © By Jandar Tyr

Out of the Dark Depths

Far off in the city of Zagar the people were all in a panic running crazy in the streets. There was no safe place here anymore That bastard Polan had done so much damage here and killed so many people, no one knew what to do. There wasn't much food, the strong were killing and stealing from the weak, it was total chaos in Zagar. And on top of all that, there's this damn darkness that won't go away. Everyone knew somehow it was something Polan did. His revenge. People were doing things to try and bring back the sun. Kalin Ka, a priest of an old god named Maz found his way to the outskirts of town. He had a special mission tonight. He and his god were going to bring back the sun. Kalin carried his bag of magic to a place miles away from town where no one would interrupt him. In an old sacred place he knew of, there was an altar made of bone, human and animal. No one came here anymore, for not many worshipped Maz or any of the old gods any more, and that angered them. Kalin thought it was the old gods that had made Polan so powerful and ruthless. This he knew because of the whispers he heard at night.

Late in the night, Kalin, studying in his tower alone would hear the voice of his god Maz, telling him how mad he was and how to help him get back in power. He also told him he could give him the power to defeat Polan. That pleased Kalin. His wife had died from the poisons of the necromancer, so he would do anything he could to bring him down.

Kalin stood at the altar and set up the things he needed. He laid out his circle made of salt and set up his candles and the fire. He had brought with him a goat to sacrifice and different things to burn or present to his god. He took out the sacrificial blade and put it on the table. All was ready. All he had to do was wait until the midnight hour, say his incantation and make his sacrifice, then Maz would grant him his favor. The only problem was, no moon. How was he going to know when it was midnight? He could only guess, what could it hurt?


He heard ringing through the night. He raised his hands and began his call to Maz.


The winds began to pick up and blow. Lightning flashed through the dark sky. Kalin reached into his bag and pulled out a hand full of Grain. He tossed them into the fire. The fire blazed up.


The wind blew harder. He reached into the bag and pulled out a small bird. He broke its neck and tossed it on the fire. Again it blazed up.


The flames grew higher as lightning struck the ground near the altar. This was all working. Kalin reached in his bag. This time he pulled out some sea salt and threw it into the fire. Fire flashed higher and this time the color of the flame changed to a deep red.


Kalin looked at the goat and reached for the knife. He walked over and in one swipe he cut the goat's throat. Blood spurted all over as he picked it up and threw it on the fire.


Lightning flashed and crashed to the ground all around Kalin. From the air he heard loud laughter. It wasn't the sound of Maz's laughter he heard. It was a woman. Something was wrong. Maz should be here thanking him for his freedom. Kalin looked to the side were all the lightning had struck the ground. There he saw a pit and a faint transparent image of an old crone rising from the ground.


Kalin turned and fled away from the altar. He knew who that had been rising, and fear filled his soul. Polan was a saint compared to what just rose for the ground.

"MUERTE !!!!"

Kalin knew he had made a big mistake. He'd been tricked. His magic was no match for her. Even in her weakened state like she is, he couldn't beat her. But he knew who could, and he had to get to them fast. He had to get to a place called Settlement.

Darkness filled the sky as dust and dirt rained down on a devastated land. There was absolutely no life here anymore, just a rocky landscape. No plants or animals had survived the blast. Nothing lived here now for miles around. Eight figures stood in the center of the ruined lands surveying what use to be the homes of their brothers and sister dragons. Some cried, most just stared out in shock unable to believe what had happened. And what exactly had happened? A large ball of shadow energy had dropped down from the sky and hit the mountain and brought it down with a tremendous explosion. Polan, the shadow dragon was responsible for all this and so much more.

"How could this have happened?" Jayce said his wings fidgeting nervously on his back.

"How could we have lost so many?"

"We underestimated Polan's evil." Blink told him. "He corrupted my egg and made Shadoe into something we have to destroy. And we will. I promise you that, we will."

"Yes we will." Rage and Jandar stood there in grief over the dragons they lost today.

"What do you want to do?" Ono asked. He and Shayn stood with Jandar and Rage.

"Dreik. Can you do something?" Jandar asked sadly. "We can't leave them like this."

"Yes I can." Dreik stepped up. He looked out over all the rubble spread out across the landscape. He raised his hands and began to concentrate. Rocks and dirt rose up into the air and began to mold together. Around him everybody watched as he molded and sculpted what was left of the mountain into shape. This was a big job and sweat rolled off his brow as he worked. Soon a shape could be seen beginning to grow out of the dust cloud. At last he was done. He stepped back. Dreik walked back to Jandar and Rage and turned back to face what he'd done. He raised his hands and slowly lowered them and settled the dust. Where an empty devastated plateau was a few minutes ago, now stood a dragons head for all to see.

" There's a gas vein out of the mouth. Ignite it please Rage."

Rage stepped forward and sent a stream of flame out. From the mouth a jet of fire began to issue.

"That will always burn as a memorial to our brothers and sisters."

"You did a great job." Shayn told Dreik. Everyone agreed and clapped him on the back.

" Let's go end this." Rage said. "We can't allow him to kill anyone else."

Back in Maricora, Polan strode up to give orders to the troops still in his service. There weren't many, but there was enough to finish off the dragons. Darkness still covered the world and as long as it did, Polan could draw power from it. He felt strong, strong enough to win the upcoming battle. Taren was the first one he came to. He stood there with Terror at his side sharpening his blades. When Polan walked up, Taren put away his swords and bowed.

"How can I serve you?" Taren asked.

"By killing as many of them as you can." Polan told him. "I will be waiting back in the old cemetery absorbing darkness. Soon this darkness will be permanent and I will have all the power I want. I expect you and the rest to give me your all in this battle or I will take your souls now. You understand?"

"I hear and obey." Taren answered." If any of them try to run, kill them."

The dark man turned and walked back to the cemetery. Taren turned and walked out to the Black armors gathered there. They were all gathered around a large piece of meat roasting on the fire. He looked around and realized they all were here. No one was on watch. Anger filled Taren, the dragons could walk in to camp any second and no one would be ready. Taren stormed over to the fire and kicked the meat over into the fire. Ash and sparks flew up into everyone's face as they all jumped back.

"Is this how you protect your master?" He screamed. "The enemy could be here any second and no one's watching for them!! All of you, get your asses ready and on watch! I don't care if you eat or not!! MOVE!!"

Everyone grabbed their things and ran and took their places in a watch position. All of them knew what Polan would have done had he caught them. He would have showed no mercy. This could be a long night.

High in the sky three parties of dragons made their way to Maricora. Ariel, Toric, Blaze and Ono were to be the first in. Ariel summoned storm clouds to move in slowly to cover their approach. Toric rode on her back and Ono rode with Blaze. They stayed high until there was enough to make sure they couldn't be seen. Beside Ariel flew Toric's Manticores.

[Is everyone ready?] Ono sent. [We go now.]

Dropping down they flew into Maricora silently. The guards noticed nothing until they were just about on them. Ono jumped from Blaze's back shifting into man-wolf form. Two guards came at him with swords raised, ready to cut him down. Ono went low and slashed one's legs out from under him. As the other tried to bring his sword down, Ono ripped his stomach open and kept moving. Off to the left, Blaze had been surrounded by three men. One man ran in and tried to bury his sword in the dragon's chest. As he came close enough, Blaze swung his wing out and batted the men into the air. He landed on his head and broke his neck. The other two men rushed in and were caught in blaze's flames as he blasted out at them.

Ono ran forward at another group of men. He leaped high over their heads slashing down and decapitated two of them before his feet hit the ground. Ariel roared and reared up on her hind legs. She called lightning down and struck three men dead. Two others tried to attack her. Coming back down and crouching low, she blew out hurricane force winds and blew them back, crashing them into an old dilapidated building. Toric sent out bolt after bolt of mystic energy while his Manticores ripped apart anyone that came near him. Toric refused to leave Ariel's side, he had to keep a watch on her back.

Grabbing a man and throwing him into a group, Ono howled out his rage. He knew every dragon that died in that cave. When he was sick, they spoke to him and kept him from drifting into death. He would make all these men pay for the horrors. All the people they killed and tortured for their black hearted master. A man came up behind Ono and raised his sword to stab him in the back. Blaze sent out a fireball and roasted him before he could strike. Ono waved and launched himself at another group. Having cleared the front gate of men, it was time for the next stage to come in.

[SHAYN, BLINK IT'S CLEAR] Ono sent out to them.

Out of the sky, three more dragons descended. Shayn, Blink and Syren. It was time for phase two of their plan. The three dragons landed and moved off to the side out of the fighting. On the ground, Denner's army rushed into join the battle. Everywhere you looked, Black armors were now being engaged by the dragons' forces.

Over on the side Shayn, Blink and Syren prepared to begin their task. Clearing Polan's shadow.

[You two do your job, I'll keep a watch.] Syren said. Her wings vibrated so fast a loud hum rose over the entire battle ground. Shayn took Blink's hand and they began to concentrate as a bright glow started to cover them. It grew brighter and brighter as the two strained their power. Three men charged at them, two with arrows notched. They fired. Syren opened her mouth and screamed, causing a barrier of sound to form around them. No sword or arrow could get through the sonic barrier no matter how much they beat on it. As time passed, the glow around Shayn and Blink grew until they couldn't hold it any longer. They released it and sent it into the air. Like Polan's ball of energy, it went straight up into the dark sky passing through the clouds and spreading out. In an explosion of light, all of a sudden the darkness began to clear. They had done it. The darkness was fading, daylight came shining back on the world. Blink and Shayn collapsed in exhaustion. All the battling stopped for a minute and everyone looked up to see the light. But soon the battling began again. The sun shining in the sky told Taren things were going badly. He knew Polan would be furious. It was time for him to join the battle. He jumped on Terrors back and pulled his swords.

"Come Terror. Time for us to kill."

[We will kill many.] Terror said as he took to the sky. They flew out to join the battle. Taren spotted the dragons fighting. He saw Shayn and Blink getting to their feet. He started to charge down on them when a dart hit him in the shoulder. It was one of Graym's feather darts. Taren looked up and saw Graym, Pelic and Jayce coming in at him. Taren turned Terror to charge at them.

"You can't stop my master!" Taren yelled at them. "This will be our world."

"We don't care about your master." Pelic said, his cloak flowing out. "We do care about you. You hurt a good friend of ours."

"That damned golden dragon?" Taren laughed. "You mean he lived?"

"He lived." Jayce pulled Salvation. "Too bad you won't."

Jayce dived at Taren swinging his blade. Taren countered and blocked. Back and forth they fought both looking for an opening on the other's defenses, neither finding one. Fighting fiercely Taren looked for more room to maneuver. Pelic and his soul freezing cloak to the left, and Graym and his sword to the right. He didn't see anyway out but down. Graym flexed his wings and sent darts flying at Taren and Terror. Terror dropped for the ground. Once on the ground, Taren jumped from Terrors back. He and Jayce circled each other looking for the right opening, eyes locked together. Rushing forward, Taren swung down with both swords aiming for Jayce's head. Jayce blocked and spun quickly and hacked at the sword in Taren's left hand. Salvation snapped Taren's black blade in two. He jumped back and looked at the hilt in his hand. Taren was shocked. Elven magic had made his sword completely unbreakable. The shining sword Jayce held must be made of more powerful magic. Reaching behind him into his pouch, Taren pulled out a hand full of powder. He threw it into Jayce's face then charged him. Jayce batted his wings and blew it back in Taren's face. The powder blinded him. In his forward motion he ran himself right onto Jayce's blade. It buried itself deep in his chest.

"Arrrgghhhhhhh!!!" He screamed as he fall off the sword and to the ground. With his eyes open and a surprised look on his face, Taren lay dying. Jayce grabbed the front of his armor and pulled him up to face him.

"You lose." He said then dropped him dead to the ground.

All the time Jayce and Taren battled, Terror fought the two other shadows. Rearing up he lashed out with kicks aimed to kill. In his hand Graym held Retribution. Each time he hit Terror, a burning scar appeared on his back. Smoke issued from Terrors nostrils as he fought. His back was covered with smoking scars. In pain, Terror took to the sky. He tried diving down to attack them, but it didn't work. These foes could follow no matter where he went. From high in the sky Terror saw Taren die. He screamed out his rage and he flew at Jayce. Jayce leaped into the sky and called out for Graym's help. Knowing light will always destroy the darkness, Graym called for his sunbirds. They came from everywhere. Hundreds, thousands, millions of them came out and swarmed Terror. He screamed trying to get away, but he couldn't escape from them. They tore the demon horse to pieces as the others watched. That was the end of Taren and his demon mount Terror.

When Taren fell, all fighting stopped. The Black armors had had enough. They all dropped their weapons and gave up. Ono and the rest of the army rounded up all the rest of Polan's forces and made them all drop their weapons. It was over for them.


A bolt of shadow energy came from nowhere and struck the unarmed men killing them all. Polan walked out of the cemetery. The look on his face was absolutely terrifying. His eyes bulged with anger and rage and shadow energy radiated from him.

"You all think you've won don't you. You think I'm just going to go away and disappear. That's not going to happen."

He reached out and sent a bolt of dark energy at Ono. Moving with all the speed he could, Shayn cast a shield around him. The bolt struck it and was deflected away. Shayn and Blink walked over and stood by Ono.

"You won't hurt another person." Shayn said.

"Won't I?" Polan laughed.

"NO YOU WON'T!!" A voice boomed out. Polan looked all around and saw Rage fly in and land. He roared as he shifted back to human form. Seconds later in a flash of light, Jandar appeared. He walked over and stood with Rage.

"The all-powerful Dragons are here to put me in my place." Polan mocked them. "I have more power than any of you."

"But you don't have more power then all of us together." Jandar called his staff and raised it over his head high in the air.

"Now, everybody!"

He whispered a spell to collect power from the clan. Each dragon called forth their power and sent it on to Jandar. Streams of power in each of their colors streaked out to the staff and was absorbed there. Polan saw this happening and shifted to Shadoe and rushed out and grabbed Rage.

[Now I have you.] Shadoe sent to his mind. [You and your clan will pay for all your interference in my plans.]

Using his shadow abilities he made himself grow to gigantic size. He was five times the size of the largest dragon and Rage struggled in his grasp. Pointing his staff at Rage, Jandar sent all the clan power to him. As he absorbed it, his eyes flashed every color of all the dragons of the clan. All the dragons took off to find a safe place to watch the two giants battle. Jandar stayed close, he refused to leave Rage alone.

[This ends now!!]

With extraordinary strength, Rage forced Shadoe's claw open and shifted to dragon as he dropped. Using Shine's ability to grow, Rage grew himself to Shadoe's size and launched himself at him. He drove his head into Shadoe's chest and knocked him back and off his feet. Shadoe crashed to the ground and rolled over his house and the rest of the buildings in the dead city. Before the black dragon could recover, Rage grabbed him by the leg and slammed him into the side of the mountain. Shadoe climbed to his feet and roared in anger. He rushed at Rage and blasted him with his black flame. Rage laughed at him.

[That won't work, I have the power of Blink.]

Rage pointed at Shadoe and sent a blast of Shayn's white dragon energy at him. It struck him in the chest and seared him.


Shadoe was blasted to the ground. He looked down at his chest to find he was all blistered. Shadoe climbed to his feet. He was hurt. The dragons had never hurt him before. He needed to get away. For once he was scared. He spread his wings and took to the sky.

[Oh no. You won't get away.] Rage sent another blast that hit Shadoe in the wing and burned the membrane away. He fell back to earth with a tremendous sound. Weakened by the blast, Shadoe began to shrink back to his normal size. He tried to get up, Rage blasted his other wing. Shadoe screamed out. His wings were gone.

[It's over, monster.]

Shadoe struggled to get up, shifting back to Polan. He looked up into Rages eyes.

"Not yet it isn't."

Polan started mumbling a spell as he stared at Rage. A look of shock came over his face as Rage clutched his head. Jandar saw the look on his face and ran over. Polan's mumbling became louder as blood began to run for Rage's nose and ears.

"STOP!!" Jandar yelled at him franticly.

Rage fell to his knees and Jandar grabbed him. Rage started to shake all over. Jandar let him go. He summoned his staff and ran over to Polan.

"I SAID STOP, DAMN YOU!!!" Jandar raised his staff and plunged the end with the Salvation stone into Polan's heart. He screamed as smoke began to bellow from his chest and he began to burn from the inside.

"Everybody get away!!" Ono screamed.

Ono ran forward and grabbed his brother and dived to the ground. The magic force building inside of Polan made his body expand until he exploded with a dark shadow blast. When the smoke cleared, Jandar jumped up and ran back to Rage. He grabbed him and cradled him in his arm. All the rest of them gathered around their king.

"Rage!!" He wiped sweat from his brow then kissed him. "Wake up, please wake up!!"

Slowly he opened his eyes and looked up at Jandar. Jandar smiled down at him, his tears falling on Rage in his arms.

"I hope I never have to do that again." Rage said. Everybody laughed in relief.

"Let's go home." Shayn said. "I need a nap. And you need a bath."

Shayn looked at Ono covered in blood from the battle. Jandar picked Rage up and carried Rage over to Blaze and put him on his back then climbed on and held him.

"It's over Tomar." Rage said. "You can go back to your family now."

[I am with my family.] He sent back to his king. They all took off for home and some rest.

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