Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna

by Jandar Tyr



Published: 10 Dec 15

The Dragons of Keanna

Copyright © By Jandar Tyr


All over the world people celebrated. The monster was dead. The dragons had done what they promised and killed him. No more poisons, no more wars, no dead walking. The fields can bloom and the people can flourish again.Taggitia was now a free and happy place.

Shayn and Ono had returned to Maveta to make sure everything was in order. He tried to abdicate and leave the country in the hands of the council. But they insisted he keep the title of king. This would always be his home and he would always be welcome there.

Dreik escorted his father and the rest of the dwarves back to his village. He promised to help with all the damage done by Polan and his Black armors. There were a lot of towns and villages that would need their help. Dreik could speed up the crops so they could feed everyone and Ariel could help with the weather, and Cutter could help round up the lost livestock.

Pelic had returned to Winterhaven. He was a totally different Mage then when all this started. No more dark magic for him. He was still a council member in Winterhaven although New Keanna, which was the name they picked for Settlement was now his home. All of Polan's influences were gone from him. Though he still bore the Cloak of Shadows and always will.

Graym flew back home and revealed himself to his family. Fighting Polan wasn't as frightening as that was, but he did it. And he found out how much they loved him. The children couldn't be more proud of him, and boy did they love flying with him. Graym packed them up and took them back to New Keanna.

Blaze also went back to his village accompanied by Shine and explained everything to his family. He had to tell them how he was one of the men that started this war. Thank god they forgave him. The kids loved playing with Shine and his wife was glad to have him back. He packed their house and moved them back to their new home.

Jayce flew back home to Dorlanth and JP. He received a hero's welcome when he arrived. JP hadn't seen Jayce's wings and he was astonished when he showed him. JP didn't care, he loved him and was glad to see him. Unlike the rest, JP couldn't move to New Keanna with Jayce. He had duties as heir to the throne. But it wasn't a long flight, and he promised to visit often.

Ariel and Cutter also went home to Eventide. The tree city had been hit hard and many had been lost including King Tanyl and his two oldest sons Zaoir and Shael. Evindal was now the king and work rebuilding the city had already started. Cutter had made arrangements for Emrel and Adanar to begin classes at the Andrake Academy next season while young Ryel stayed home to help with the repairs in the city.

In New Keanna, celebration filled the street. Some were even packing and going back to rebuild homes that were destroyed in the fighting. At the Manor, Rage and Jandar lay in bed after making love and a long sleep. Jandar lay there watching Rage sleep. All he could think about was how close he had come to losing him. He brushed the hair from his forehead and kissed him. Rage opened his eyes and smiled at him. "Don't worry." He smiled as he pulled him close. "You will never, ever lose me."

Not far out to sea, on a small ship, a lone mage sat deep in meditation. He was on his way to see the Dragon's with terrible news. Death was awake and it was coming to Taggitia.

The End.


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