Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna
Book II

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 1

Published: 17 Dec 15

The Dragons of Keanna - Book II

by Jandar Tyr

The Darkness Awakens

Deep in the underworld lived many different beings. Some there by choice, some in a prison of the own making. All of them evil in their own way. There are many different types of evil that can cause you to be imprisoned down there. Murder, rape, conquest, deception, crimes against people, crimes against the different gods. It all depended on who's hell you're in and why you're there. Some hells are all fire and brimstone where you can burn in hell. In some, as in the hell of your own making, it's not a physical pain. It can be so much more. As in the hell where you're buried to your neck in shit and refuse, or the hell where birds pick at your liver all day and it grows back at night. Many gods have great imaginations and come up with very interesting punishments. To roll a boulder up a hill and never make it to the top, only to have it roll over you and start again. Oceanus, the ex-sea god. He defied Delacus by taking a certain princess as his wife and she died in the sea. As punishment, Delacus trapped him in a desert hell to wander until he found the ocean. Or Helion the war god, destined to fight for all eternity and always lose. These are places no man or god would wish to be in. But what of the others? What of the hells of the older gods? Gods these days no one's even heard of. Some of them are still imprisoned in the private hells to never be free. Then again, maybe some will break free.

Down in a secret place, hidden from prying eyes, there are places humanity has no idea exist anymore, with prisoners that include men and gods. Men who have done terrible things like sacking cities and putting the people to the sword. And the gods that have caused men to do these things. In one such prison resided a certain goddess. A horrible one, she would rather do all her horrors herself than to have men act for her. Nothing and no one could stand in her way. All she really cared about was the god trapped in there with her. How she got there she could no longer remember. All she could think about after so much time was him. How she loved him, even though he was the one keeping her there. In their prison; still she worshiped him. But in all the eons they stayed in their prison, still she had ambitions. Still her thirst to control a world she hadn't seen in many millennia burned like the fires of hell. Hot and fierce, and she knew there was a way out for them both. She remembered a certain creature she liked to play with. A creature called man.

In a civilization far more advanced than now, in a time eons ago. Gods still ruled the heavens and the earth. Man had built tall buildings and beautiful cities. There were roads and machines all brought to them by their gods. Powered by their gods. They had put ideas into man's heads. Medicine and ways to build. Farming techniques. Even machines that moved them from place to place. The only place that was restricted was the skies. The gods wouldn't abide men in the air. Not even on the tops of mountains. That was there domain. Man built wonderful shrines to their gods of marble, jade and other precious metals and stones. Statues of marbles that were so beautiful they brought men to tears. Their gods, The most powerful beings on the planet. Life and death was there providence. Some gods were happy to sit back and watch as man developed, not really caring where man was heading, but glad to assist. Some gods wanted to rule over man. Never really happy with any of man's decisions, so sure there's were better. As gods they were more powerful yes, but better? That was still to be discovered. Some gods were vain to the point of killing people for being more beautiful or more handsome then they were.

Tolcantia, a rather large continent in the southern Lauric ocean. It was one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Warm tropical lands, no carnivorous animals, plenty of water and peaceful people. This was the perfect place for her the beautiful goddess thought as she descended down to just outside the city. The city of Ellyisia. She was dressed in a golden gown as fits a goddess of her statue. Bronze tanned and beautiful red locks covered her head. She had grey eyes today with long lashes. She looked on her new city and was happy. Time to go in and claim her place here. With her head up she walked boldly through the gates. There were many people in the streets and the market. Everyone turned to look at her. All the women were envious and all the men wanted her. She knew what effect she had on people. This wasn't her first time among these beasts. She'd taken many other cities simply by walking in and taking what she wanted. She'd do it again. As she walked through her city taking account of what she knew was hers by her godly right. A man walked up to her smiling. He was dressed in the garb of a noble but he had a bad smile.

"What a beauty." He said as he put his hands around her waist. "Come, I will make you my princess."

"HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME!!" Her eyes flashed red as her anger exploded on him. She grabbed the front of his expensive tunic and pushed him away. He fell to the floor dead a crumbling skeleton in rich clothing. Everyone on the streets ran screaming. They didn't know who or what she was. Some thought her a sorceress, some thought her a god. They were right. She walked off laughing at the beast.

Further on, she saw the palace of the king. That would be the place to go. Surely he would recognize what she was. His palace was meager. Small by her standards, then these were only men. When you live with the gods, how could a human dwelling suit you? Minutes later, she found herself in the audience room of the king. Everyone stared at her. It made her uncomfortable. They were sitting in her presence. These people were really beginning to anger her. She walked to the front of the room as everyone watched. All along the walls nobles talked and whispered in low tones. She stopped before the throne and looked up at the king. He casually looked at her.

"Who is this person before me?"

He looked to his chief adviser at his side.

"Sire she came in and demanded we show her in to see you,"

"You have you audience," The king said. "What do you want?"

"Your total and complete submission to me." She said folding her arms.

"Who are you?" The king asked.

"Your new god." She said. "You should be on your knees."

Laughter rang out from everyone in the room. She looked around. Men and woman were pointing at her. She had had enough.

"We worship no false gods." The king stood to dismiss her. "Begone from my sight vile woman. Guards take her away!!"

Four guards rushed out from the sides and grabbed her by the arms. Suddenly they all turned grayish in color and fell to the floor. As everyone watched them wither and turn to dust, her laughter rang out through the room. The king looked at her in horror. A witch he thought.

"I'll give you one more chance." She said. "Bring me a glass of wine now."

"GET OUT YOU WITCH!!" Shouted the king. "Archers, I want archers in here now!!"

She raised her hands and the room was suddenly filled with freezing cold winds. She turned and pointed to a group of nobles behind her and lightning struck them from her hand.

"You dare treat me with such disrespect!!"

Thunder and lightning crashed all over the palace. Walls were blasted out. People were struck trying to run from her anger. They all knew that she was no false god now, but it was too late. The king and his staff tried to run and get away. But there was no escaping her wrath. Freezing rain pelted the town's people as they ran for cover. Up in the clouds her image could be seen laughing and throwing lightning at people running.


A bolt crashed into the towers of the palace and sent them down to crash into the throne room. Her anger tore through the city. Markets and docks were destroyed by earthquakes. Homes burned as she raged.


The seas boiled as she tossed everything around. She slammed her fist into the ground again and again until the continent began to break up. Boats tried to get away but to no avail. With a strong blast of her breath, she sent them all to the bottom of the ocean. She raged on and on, finally she balled her fist up and slammed them down into the mountains. Boulders and debris went flying everywhere. The continent cracked in many places and the ocean began to run in and drown everything. Tolcantia fragmented and in one last blow, she sent it down to sink into the Lauric ocean.

High in the mountains, in the palace he shared with his beautiful mate, Vitale sat and pondered his set of circumstances. He looked around and realized he was home in his own palace. How did he get here? And where was Muerte? Vitale stood and walked to the door and bathed in the light and power of the sun. It felt so good to be free again. But how? His mind was a total blank. He knew who he was and that he had been in exile with Muerte for eons. He even remembered why. He had trapped her there himself to stop her evil ambitions to overthrow his father the high god.

He had come into his immortal life the fifth of eight brothers and sisters. His mother was Saila, the goddess of the sky. His sire was the high god Rimnar, the god of eternity. He was the most powerful god of the realm and sits on the high seat in his sky palace called Fortis. From there he ruled over all in their realm. He gave his children and a few others power over different aspects of his realm. The sea he gave to bold Sazar, his oldest son. He controlled the waves and all the sea creatures. The harvest he gave to the motherly Rhee. She like Vitale loved man and worked hard to feed the world. Love was the province of the youngest of Rimnar's children handsome Atol. The strongest of his daughters Serina became the goddess of war. Then there was Muerte, beautiful power mad Muerte the death goddess. So feared was she that she was denied the control of the underworld. It was once foretold that if she ever took control of the underworld, she would have the power to kill the gods. That could never happen. So the underworld was given to Nester, brother of Rimnar. Day and night were given to the twins Alee and Alea, never together but always following each other. Last of all Jax the trickster. The god of justice and celebration, always looking for a party. They had control but Rimnar watched over all. Vitale was given rule over life. He nurtured all life. He protected life and created new life. All life was precious to Vitale, mortals especially. They were his favorite. He loved watching and interacting with them. Unlike many, he treated them with respect. He rarely let them know who or what he was. It was much easier to let them think he was mortal when among them..

As he sat there in thought, A loud scream and pain lanced through his head. Something had just happened. He could feel it. Millions of people had just died. Vitale had no idea what had happened, but he would find out. He reached out and followed the trail of pain back to its source. It seemed to be coming from Tolcantia. What could have happened there he wondered? Down through the mountains and across the sea his consciences traveled to the place where Tolcantia should have been. But there was nothing there. The whole continent was gone. Vitale sent his probe to the center of where Tolcantia was and radiated out in a circular pattern looking for any evidence of what had happened. There, at the bottom of the Lauric he found the remains of the continent. All those people dead. This was horrible. He had to find out what happened here. Vitale concentrated on the ruins and he was drawn to Ellyisia, this was where it started. He felt something familiar here. His eyes jerked open in surprise. Muerte had been here. He could feel his mate's essence everywhere. This was it. She had just killed millions of people. For what? Had they upset her? Vitale loved her with all he was, but she had to be stopped. He couldn't let this happen again, ever.

Land to land, from mountain to shore. Vitale searched for Muerte. He had Jax and Rhee out searching, too. Vitale found many places she had been to. All those places were bleak and depressing, like all happiness had been taken from the people. These were Muerte's countries, filled with her worshippers. He knew worship wasn't what she was after. She wanted control, control over everything she saw, and he had known for centuries that he had let her do this to them. He felt sick, because that made him just as guilty as she was. Well it ends today; no more. He would give these people their lives back no matter what he had to do. Vitale moved across the eastern land looking for his mate. He was dressed all in tans and browns, natural colors. Vitale was of medium height and he had a very strong physic with brown eyes and a very handsome face. His light brown hair moved in the wind when he heard someone calling him.


He looked back and saw a red haired young man coming up behind him. It was his youngest brother, Jax, in his long red coat. Vitale saw a clearing up ahead. He sat down and waited for him.

"Have you found her?" He asked.

"Yes." Jax told him. "She's at it again. She caused a hurricane and flattened a village on a coast up north."

"Why can't she just let people die naturally?" Vitale threw his hands up.

"You know why." Jax said. "Father wouldn't give her the underworld. So now she wants to take it."

"And I have to stop her." He said. "But how? Her spells are more powerful than mine. Battling is not something I'm good at?"

"Brother, I'm not as powerful as she is, but I know a spell or two." Jax tried to reassure him. "And I'll always help you."

"Jax." He put his hand on his shoulder. "I don't want you involved. I don't know what she'll do. I love her and I know she won't hurt me, but she loses control and I just don't know."

"What can she do?" He sat down next to Vitale. "I'm a god."

"We have no idea what she can do. But she can make you suffer. Promise me you won't fight her."

"Maybe I can help you trap her again or something." Jax argued.

"STAY OUT OF IT!" He snapped, He stopped for a second. "I think I have an idea but I'll need help."

"Whatever you want, I'll do."

"Not from you. GO HOME!!"

Vitale swung his hand and with a spell, he sent his brother home. He can't help me, but I know who can. Spinning around and round Vitale became a whirlwind and moved to the west. He knew just where to go.

In a cave on a desolate island to the west. There was an entrance to a place no one ever returns from, where only the dead go. Vitale passed many spirits waiting their turn to get in. Some happy to enter, some being dragged by force.

This was the underworld, where no matter who you are; sooner or later this is where you end up. This place was ruled by his father's brother, Nestor. Muerte was the goddess of death, but he was lord of the underworld. Rimnar hoped his mad daughter would lose her hunger for power, but it didn't look like she would. The more she killed the worse she got. Vitale walked into the cave passing everyone in the long line that went out the entrance to the cave. In the front, at a table, sat a spirit checking names. From there he decided where you would go. Left and your soul would be tormented for however long your sentence was decided to be. To the right and you head into the heavenly areas to your reward. Without looking up, the spirit dressed in gray noble garb asked.

"Name and cause of death?"

"God of life and I'm not dead" Vitale crossed his arms. "Where's Lord Nestor? I need to see him now."

The spirit looked up and saw who he was talking to. He jumped up out of his chair, surprised to see Vitale standing there.

"Forgive me." He jumped when he realized who stood in front of him. "My job is long and tedious, and I don't always pay attention to who's in front of me."

"Maybe you should." Vitale told him. "Even in death, there are still things to learn.”

"I'm not the one who passes judgment." The spirit told him. "Even if they're innocent, there's nothing I can do but send them on their way."

"Tell me where Nestor is and you can get back to work."

"Of course." The spirit bowed. "My Lord is with his wife in the palace. She can only be here during certain hours."

"I know all about my sisters station in life." Vitale told him. "I'll be on my own."

It didn't take him long to find the palace. He knew it would be in the heavenly area. Beautiful marble columns, perfect statues, shining fountains. Theirs was the most magnificent palace of all, fit for the lord of the underworld and his queen, the goddess of the night. He found Nestor and Alea sitting in the garden talking, when they saw him they stood. Alea smiled, but Nester didn't, he knew what upset him. He was there to deal with it.

"Welcome God of life," Nester reached out and hugged him. "What brings you to my home?"

"I think you know, Uncle. My wife just sent you a lot of business, it isn't right. It's time we do something about our problem."

"Yes." Nestor said. He pointed Vitale to a seat. "She's gone too far sinking Tolcantia. If she keeps this up, Rimnar will get involved, and your father won't be pleasant I assure you."

Alea walked over and sat down with her husband.

"What can we do? She asked. "Muerte is a force, and a powerful one."

"We have to bind her powers." Nestor told them, "I knew a binding spell that will strip her powers, but she's going to have to be exiled down here to a hell of her own."

"Not without me she won't." Vitale stood up to confront his uncle.

"You love her that much?" He asked as he sat back in his chair.

"Yes. I do."

"You'll sentence yourself, too?" Nestor asked.

"How can I not be with her?" He asked. "Who else can hold her here? Life must stay with death."

"As you wish." He said. "Then you can be her jailer. I will give you the spell and you can confine her."

In the late evening light, Muerte sat in a field outside of her mountain palace and watched her handsome blond haired brother Alee in his golden armor end his journey across the sky. She was angry. She was a god, but her godhood wasn't fair. Her father had denied her the most important aspect of her godhood. The ruling of her own domain. The underworld should be hers, not that weak Nestor's. She was the goddess of death not him. He had no idea how that realm should be run. Not with mercy, but with a firm demanding hand. She was the one sending him all the souls, It was her causing all the disasters and plagues. Why should he be the one reaping the rewards and prestige of that position? It should be her.

She got up and rose into the sky totally blind with anger. Maybe if she went to father and demanded he place her in the role of mistress to the underworld, he would listen this time. Or maybe she wanted more. Maybe the underworld wasn't enough, maybe she and Vitale could rule it all. He would back her and do as she asked, as long as she let him pity humans. But that would mean she would have to dispose of mother and father. Why not? He wouldn't grant her wishes. It was time she took what she wanted. To fight them she would need something more powerful than the magic she knew. Something like the spells of Gannon.

Gannon's spell book was created to overcome a branch of gods that tried to overthrow the gods in power. Those gods were brothers to Rimnar and Nestor. If she could find the hidden temple and get the book, she could master the gods. Then, not even her father could stand in her way. That's what she would do,

"Sister!!" She heard a call. "Watch out!!"

At was Alee. In deep thought she had almost flown into him and caused him to fall from the sky.

"What's the matter with you Muerte?" He shouted at her. "Don't you know what happens if I fall? The sun falls, too."

"Don't yell at me, Alee." She called to him. "Just because father favored you and give you the sun, doesn't make you all important."

"More important than you death hag."

He turned and went on his way. He was done and it was time for Alea to take her place in the sky.

"What did you call me?" She screamed. Muerte reached out and sent a bolt of energy at him. It struck him as his feet touched the ground; Alee fell forward on his face with a scream of pain. Muerte landed and walked around Alee lying on the ground. She knelt beside him and grabbed his hair and pulled him up.

"I could cast a spell on you that would cause you unbelievable pain." She said. "I could cause you to never walk again. How dare you speak to me like that! If you weren't my brother, I'd make your suffering eternal. You'll all learn to show me some respect soon. I'll make you all bow before me."

With that said, she turned and became a raven and flew off into the darkened sky.

Seeing the whole thing from the sky, a beautiful red cardinal dropped down and became Jax. He ran to his brother and pulled him up into his arms.

"Alee, Alee!!" He reached for him and turned him over cradling him.

"I can't move Jax." He spoke weakly. "Get Vitale. Get help!!"

"I will." Jax picked Alee up and carried him into Vitale's home. He laid him on a divan trying to make him more comfortable and wiped his brow.

[Vitale!! you must come home now.]

[Why?] He answered. [Is Muerte hurt?]

[No, someone else. Hurry!!]

It only took Vitale a few minutes to get back from the underground.

"What happened to him?" Vitale asked kneeling to examine Alee. Jax had removed his armor. He sat Alee up and showed him the scar on his back. Vitale could tell he was in pain from the look on his face.

"You know who did this!" Jax was upset. "It was her. Now she's attacking us. We have to stop her, now!!"

"Calm down, Jax."

Vitale reached over and placed his hand on the scar. He sent healing power into Alee's back causing the pain to stop. Alee relaxed and fell into a deep sleep.

"He will be well now."

Vitale stood and led Jax outside to sit under the night sky. They could see Alea up there in here flight. Jax wondered what she would think about was.

"She didn't hurt him."

"Yes she did!" Jax said angry. "She just didn't permanently hurt him although she meant to. Will he be well in the morning for his flight?"

"The sun will rise." Vitale assured him.

Vitale and Jax sat on a dais in his garden. Things with Muerte were getting bad. He loved her so much but was afraid of what she might do next. His plans would have to go forward. Sadly she wasn't leaving him much choice.

Alea rode the skies shining her light over the entire night world. She was thinking about Muerte and all that was going on with her. Alea was worried about what would happen when they brought her to the underworld. Would she do as Vitale said? Or would she fight them? She was worried about her mate. She didn't want him to get involved, but since he was the only one that could hold her, he didn't have a choice. She just hoped his spell would work on her.

Suddenly pain lanced through her back. Alea cried out but kept her course. She looked around and saw nothing. She reached around and felt the back of her silver armor. Nothing had or could penetrate it she thought. Then it wasn't her pain she was feeling. It must be Alee. He must be hurt. This has to be the work of only one person. Muerte. She's the only one mad enough to threaten another god. She had to check on him, but she couldn't stop her journey across the night sky. So she called out to Jax to check on him. Streaking up to meet her, Jax rode cross legged beside her.

"Yes Sister?"

"Something happened to Alee." She told him. "I want you to go find him. Make sure he is well."

Jax didn't know how to tell her what had happened. But he knew he had to. He couldn't hide anything from her.

"Alee is well." He said. "He was attacked by Muerte. He sleeps now. Vitale healed him."

Her anger showed on her face. Storm clouds began to surround them as they flew darkening the lands below.

"I will make that bitch pay for what she has done this day."

Thunder crashed through the clouds causing a deafening noise.

"Vitale says he will punish her Sister." Jax tried to calm her.

"No!!" She stormed. "He has to fly the skies soon. What if he can't?"

[I am fine, Alea.] She heard. [I will fly. Worry not.]

Tears streaked her face as she cried for her brother. Rain began to fall, lithely covered the land below.

[Rest dear brother.] She told him. [I won't worry.]

"See? He's fine." Jax said." She did little harm."

"No brother. She did a lot of harm." Alea felt the pain her brother was in. She knew for him to fly, he would need assistance.

"Jax, you must fly with him in the morning. He will need your support."

"What are you going to do?" He asked.

"Watch and see."


"Alea!!" Jax called out. "What have you done?"

"She wants to be a monster." Alea said. "Now she's a monster."

From a high hill in Yadessa, Muerte watched Alea in her silver armor cross the sky guiding the moon on its way. Alea was another god she would have to deal with in her quest to become God Queen. She knew she was to be feared. As the night goddess she had dark powers that could threaten her. But once she had the spell book, none of them would matter. As she walked the hill a strange feeling fell upon her. She felt weak suddenly. And something else. She wasn't sure what it was. A craving? Walking began to tire her. What was going on? Up ahead she saw a lake. Maybe a drink would help. Slowly she made her way there. Each step became a labor for her but she kept moving until she fell at the banks of the water. With the moon high and bright, she stuck her hand in to get a drink. Scooping up a drink she looked at her hands. They were old and wizened. What is this? She looked at her reflection and saw an old crone with straggly gray hair staring back at her.

"WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME?" She screamed.

Her beauty was gone. In its place she saw the ancient hag she had become.

"How could this be?" She screamed out. "Who has done this to me?"

[Now you see yourself as your really are, sister.] She heard. [A monster that lives on others' blood.]

"ALEA? You did this?"

[Yes, you have gone too far, hag. You have killed millions for your own pleasure. Now you will do it to keep your beauty and to stop the pain and hunger from making you any more insane than you already are. You are now a monster and on you I have placed a blood curse. All you feed on will become like you, ageless creatures of the night. One day your descendants will find peace, because of a good soul, but not you. Go forth and feed, death goddess.]

"NOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Muerte cried out. "This won't stop me. You hear me!! Nothing will stop me!!"

Muerte climbed to her feet and looked around. There was a walled town with a small castle beyond the lake and she could smell something in the air. The smell made her stronger for some reason. Whatever it was, it was calling to her. She gathered her strength and began to walk toward the town. Most of the houses were dark but the smell was everywhere. Suddenly she knew what it was. It was the blood of all the mortals here. It filled and gave her the strength she needed. Someone was going to die for her tonight. Slowly she made her way through the quiet town. Not a soul seemed to be awake. Muerte thought she would have to enter one of the homes when she heard a horse trotting through the gates. She covered herself with darkness and waited. Coming towards her she saw two soldiers and a man dressed in noble garb. Muerte smiled. Nobility, all the better. She stepped out in front of them and covered them all with her darkness. The horses fell dead from her dark spell and collapsed to the ground. Men scrambled to get to their feet to protect their lord.

"What magic is this?" The Baron asked. "To me my men!!"

Swords were drawn as they gathered around him. Muerte dropped her spell and stood before them. As the darkness clear they saw her smiling at them.

"Kill the witch!!" He ordered.

Charging at her the soldiers raised the swords to strike. Muerte pointed at the men and sent a bolt of energy at them. They fell into a deep sleep clutching their hearts leaving their Lord alone. Frighten by what he'd just witnessed, the Baron started to back away from her in fear. He knew his day had come.

"Be proud my lord. You're the first. And there will be many more" She said. "Tonight you will feed a God. Come to me now!!"

Try as he might to run, his legs would not obey his commands. Instead he walked right into her embrace. He felt joy as she sank her teeth into his neck and fed. As the blood began to flow into her, she could feel his vitality filling her body and her beauty returning. She never felt anything so good. This was no curse she thought, but a gift. She would have to remember to thank Alea. After feeding, Muerte picked up her victims and took them with her into the castle. She felt a need for rest and it wouldn't do to have them discovered in the middle of town. Once in the castle, she searched for a place where she and her food wouldn't be disturbed. The lord's own quarters would be the best place for them for now. No one would bother them once he wakes and gives the orders. She still wasn't sure what the limitations of the curse were, so she had to be careful. Muerte decided this would be a good source for her. They would be staying there, just for a day or two. Then on to her next move. Her revenge.

Hours later, the baron woke up. His eyes burned from all the pain of the change. His thirst raged in him as he sat up. He looked around and saw the Lady sitting in his chair. She smiled at him. He wanted to get up and drive a sword through her chest. But he couldn't.

"Welcome Baron." She said. "How do you feel?"

"Hungry." He got to his feet and walked to her.

"You are now mine. You will do all I tell you or I will show you what a god can do."

"I will obey." He told her.

"You better." She rose up out of her chair and stepped behind it. There she had the two guards. One she had been feeding from, the other she kept for him. She dragged him out and tossed him at his feet,

"Feed now."

He was horrified by the idea. But the smell of his blood was so intense. He couldn't help himself. He grabbed the man and tore the front of his shirt away. He could see the veins in his neck throbbing. His mouth watered as he pulled him to his mouth and bit into him. The sweet blood ran down his throat. It filled him with life and energy. It was the most exquisite feeling. He drained him and dropped him to the floor.

"Very good, Baron." She said. "We will be spending time together. There's something I'm looking for the spell book of Ganon. Have you heard of it?"

"Yes." He told her. "It's hidden I believe in many different places, the underworld being one. Fearing these spells, the gods wanted to be sure the book was never put together whole again. So a part of it was sent to hell where Nestor could watch over it. That's the safest place for it isn't it? No one returns from there, so it will never be discovered there."

Muerte got out of her chair and walked down to Baron Valkar. He thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and the most horrid and evil. She reached over and touched his face. It was cold as death. She liked that.

"What makes you so sure it's in the underworld? And, do you know where any more of it is?"

"My people know about the old gods. We have many scholars here that study them still. I even have an extensive library with works on that subject. I can show you some of them."

"Yes, you do that." She told him. "I want you to make this land mine. All the people, make them like us. Vampires. And get me the information on Ganon. The underworld awaits."

Vitale sat in his and Muerte's home and worried about his mate. She hadn't been home in days and he had no idea where she was. Jax had told him what Alea had done. He understood her anger, Muerte's done some horrible things and he had a feeling she had more in mind. He had to reach her and get her to where his plan could be implemented. Vitale sent probe after probe to find her with no luck. Now all he could do was call out and hope she would respond.


He waited for her to answer. Nothing.


[I HEAR YOU VITALE.] She answered. Her answer had a cold feel to it. The curse had changed something in her. But she was still his mate and he loved her.




Vitale wanted to see her. To be sure she was alright.


He could feel her anger building. Her emotions were becoming so transparent to him. Maybe this could work to his advantage. If she can pick up his thoughts, maybe he can get her where he wanted her. He filled his mind with pictures of the underworld. How Nestor has been riding with Alea. He thought about a meeting he was to have with Nestor. He had to be careful what he thought of, what he sent to her.

[WHERE CAN I MEET YOU?] She asked.

[AT HOME. I WILL SEE YOU SOON.] And the cold feeling was gone. He hoped she didn't see through his deception.

From a tower standing tall in Yadessa, Muerte watched Alea who was getting close to the end of her flight. A curse for a curse she thought.


Muerte laughed as she watched her move toward the horizon.

"You curse me, I curse you." She called to her. "I hope you like your curse sister."

Behind her in the entrance to the tower hid the lord of the castle. She didn't know he had followed her up there. He had heard her curse. He vowed to remember it. Maybe one day it would be useful.

The end of her flight was insight and Alea was happy to go home and be with Nestor. She watched as the moon fell behind the horizon. Up ahead she saw the place she usually hung her armor. It was time to land. Alea tried to descend to land and found she couldn't. She didn't understand what was wrong. She called out to her mate.


Suddenly she heard laughter ringing through the air. It was Muerte. She had taken her revenge on her.

[I hope you like your curse sister. You will ride the skies forever!! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!]

Seconds later she disappeared into nothing as her brother Alee watched in horror. At the moment there wasn't anything he could do about it except call out to Nestor. He had to begin his journey. So he took off into the sky with the sun.







Nestor left his palace and made his way to the world up above. Alee was flying east to west. He launched himself into the sky to meet him. He had to find his wife. He would look everywhere he had to. But he would find her. For Muerte, getting into the underworld would be tricky. She would have to get pass the sentries and the spirit at the gate. There's also Nestor's guards. They would be out checking the different punishments Nestor he'd imposed, and there were millions of souls being tormented. She would have to find Gannon and somehow force him to tell her where the book was. She had no idea, how long Nestor would be gone. She had to act fast. Maybe she could get Vitale to help. She left Yadessa and made her way to the Ilse of the underworld. There she called to her mate.


It didn't take him long to answer her. In a flash he appeared beside her. Vitale smiled and took her in his arms into a long kiss. He noticed she felt so cold to his touch.

"I have missed you so." She told him.

"As have I love." He looked around and noticed where he was. All the dead trees, the stagnant lake with skeletal remains at the shore.

"What are we doing here?" He asked.

With her arms still around his neck she told him her plans, and asked if he would aid her.

"I will always be by your side."

She had no idea of what he planned for them today. Tonight, he had to succeed or so many would suffer.

"Vitale." Muerte held his hand. "After tonight. We will be the dominate deity's. Life and death. All will answer to our call as it should be."

"What about father and the rest?" He asked.

"They will either bow to us or take their place in a prison I will make for them." Muerte looked up into his eyes. She knew how much he loved her. She knew he would follow her no matter what. For what was Life without Death? They would always be together. That was what they were.

"Will you follow?" She asked

"Where are we going Love?"

He had to agree to do as she pleased in order for his plan to work. He knew where they were going. That was exactly where he wanted to go.

"Into the underworld." She told him. "There's something I need to find."

"I follow." Vitale told her. "I have been visiting Nestor. They will allow me in. You should disguise yourself as a mist until we pass the gatekeepers."

"Very well." In a blink she dissolved herself down into a thin mist and swirled herself around him. None could detect her. Vitale walked down the path and made his way in, past all of Nestor's guards. This all had been planned out so she didn't suspect anything. At the gate sat the same spirit that stopped him the last time he came down.

"Welcome Lord of life." He stood to greet him. "My master is not here. But he issued orders that you are always welcome. You may wait in his palace."

"Thank you Gannon." Vitale walked on into the path that leads into the heavenly side of the underworld.

"That is the one I seek here." She whispered in his ear." He has the book that will make my plans come together."

"He is?" Vitale spoke softly. "I can get him to come to me when I call. We need to find a place where we can question him. I know a place. A hell he won't be able to escape from. Follow me."

Together they took off with Muerte clinging close to his body. They had to leave the sweet side and enter hell. There they found fire and brimstone. There were murky lakes with hell creatures in it. Vitale hated being here seeing all these souls being tormented. This was no place for the god of life to be, but she should feel right at home. Below them he saw a large palace. This was the place he was looking for. He had placed spells on all the walls and doors. Every inch of the place had been spelled. Once in, there was no one out for either of them.

"There!" He told her. "That's the perfect place. Once I get Gannon here. You can make him tell you everything you want to know."

They dropped down to the front and walked up the marble stairs to enter.

"After you love." He bowed to her as she moved past him and into his trap. Vitale followed her in. Once in, they both felt the doors and windows slam shut. Muerte turned to him.

"What have you done!!!" She screamed.

"I bind you my love of all your powers. Never again will you take the life of another. Together we will live out eternity while the world is safe. The gods have decreed that you must be imprisoned, so I am here with you. Together forever, forever imprisoned."

"No my love!! No!!"

She ran to the doors and tried her spells to no avail. They were imprisoned. Jax watched and listened to her screams. He knew one day she would be free. He knew he, Vitale and others would have to fight her for the world. He would be waiting for that day. Far, far in the future.

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