Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna
Book II

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 3

Published: 31 Dec 15

The Dragons of Keanna - Book II

by Jandar Tyr

An Old One Returns

Muerte was content for the moment. She had two parts of the book that would help her transform this world into her own and she could now start her plans. She planned to take control over different magical beings more powerful than her at the moment and use them. She knew there were gods still left. Gods she now could control with the spells she gained from Ganon's book. Muerte know the importance of Ganon's book. It wasn't the words, but the book that made them powerful. Each page had a subject. Holding the book or page one casts the spell and whatever the subject is, the magic makes it happen. Her only obstacle would be her father and his champions. She, as of now had no idea who they were, but they didn't know of her either. So she made for the nearest populated area and found a large house. There she took all the family and servants. The blood ran red that night. She drank from everyone except the children. Them she killed, sparing them the vampire life. Once it was dark she sent anyone that had wakened out for more. She wanted to spread her curse far today, for she had work to be done. Muerte walked out into the night and looked up at Alea.

[It begins now sister. No one will be safe and father can't help them.]


[Father is a joke now. Powerless!! HA! HA! HA! HA!]

Muerte pulled out the pages she had found today. There she began the spell she planned to use many times. This spell was about controlling powerful beings.


Dark magic swirled and coalesced in the air. It looked like a fog of magic to Muerte. Soon an image appeared to her. It was a huge bat. The image was Cressca the Mad god. Her head was filled with information about him. Where to find his disciples, his pyramid.

"You will be first Cressca." She said. "But not the last."

Late at night Jack sat out on the balcony looking up at the moon. He knew Alea was still up there riding along and he wanted to talk tonight.

[Sister, do you know where she is tonight?]

[Yes, we have to stop her before millions die. She took a village tonight. Made monsters of the adults and killed the children.]

[Oh no!!] He sent to her. [We have to put her back in her prison.]

[That won't do.] The moon goddess said. [She will escape again and then where would we be? She must be destroyed.]

[And you think Vitale will let that happen?]

[Will he have a choice?] She asked. [She will make the world suffer if she isn't stopped.]

[He isn't ready yet. Only he has a chance against her and he doesn't even know who she is.]

[Then its time he learn. I will tell him.]

[Father forbids it. You know that.]

[I will send him a dream. I am working under father's commands.] Alea's presence filled his mind. [It's time he learns of her. I won't tell him who she is. Just what she is. A monster that needs to be put down.]

[I don't like it.] Jax told her. [But I will do my part.]

[Take care of him and the others.] She sent. [They are all important.]

[I will. Safe journey sister.]

[Always brother, Always]

Deep in his sleep Aramis saw a beautiful silver light coming toward him. He tried to look away but it was so wonderful he couldn't. Out of the center came a dark haired woman dressed in shining silver armor. She smiled as she walked toward him. He wondered why she looked so familiar to him.

"Greetings Aramis. The world is in trouble and you are one of our champions."

"Who are you?" He asked.

"I am Alea, Goddess of the Moon."

"Me lady? What kind of champion could I be?"

He looked at her in wonder.

"The kind we need." Alea took him by the shoulder and walked with him through a beautiful garden surrounded by clouds. Aramis looked around and saw shining temples everywhere. People dressed in pure white robes laughing and sipping wine from crystal goblets. Alea handed him a glass. It was wonderful. he thought. This place looked familiar, like home and so perfect to him.

"You have been seeing a beautiful woman in your head." Alea told him. "She is a monster seeking to destroy all life. We want you and the dragons to be our champions of life."

"This place makes me feel at home so I will help you." Aramis told her. "But I just met these dragons. How do I convince them to help, that this is all real?"

"Tell the blond winged one, Blessa sent you to them. He will understand."She stood and began to fade from his vision. He didn't understand, but he would do as she asks.

"Be careful brother."

He heard her last words as he woke from the dream. He sat up and looked around. Jack was in bed on the other side of the room snoring away. What a fantastic dream he thought. He looked down and realized he was holding a crystal goblet. The wine in it smelled like heaven. The dream must have been real. He put down the goblet and knew what he had to do. He had to find the winged one. Blaze could help him. He got up and dressed leaving Jack in bed. He would tell him about the dream in the morning. Jack sat up as the door closed. Jax knew this was going to be hard for them all.

"So it begins Vitale." He said. "But how will it end."

The spell led Muerte to a deep crevice outside of a large city called Grish. She descended down into the crevice quietly on a path that twist and turned. There were many caves down here and she could sense life all around her. Muerte dressed in a plan hooded robe, she knew no one would recognize her, and a spell would mask her magic from her intended victim. On she walked. She could feel the presence of someone following her; Muerte masked herself in darkness and waited. Soon a man came creeping along after her. She could tell he meant to capture her and bring her to his master. She reached out and grabbed him and pulled him to her then bit into his throat. His body shook as she feed on him. Drained she dropped him and walked on. Soon he would wake and be one of her vampires. Soon they all would be hers. Further down she could hear chanting. It was Cressca's disciples readying the sacrifices for him. He to liked blood. What he didn't know was that his world would soon be hers to command. Muerte dropped the hood from her face and walked on to meet her victim, This god she planned to put under her spell. Around her she cast a spell that would repel any attack her new subjects might send her way. She walked into a large cavern filled with red robed men and women. All heads turned to look at her. Ahead of her she saw a great stone bat clutching a sacrificial table in its claws. This was his altar. There were many people lined up to the side to be used as the sacrifices to Cressca, all naked as he demanded. In a black robe, his high priest stood there holding the knife he planned to use to send these people to his god.

"Who is this trespasser?" He pointed to her. "Seize her!"

The aisle filled with disciples crowding to get to her. With a wave of her hand, she sent them flying to the side crashing into each other. On down the aisle she came. Her spell keeping them from touching her. Soon she stood at the altar. The high priest pointed at her and sent a bolt of Cressca's arcane energy at her. Muerte caught it in her hand and absorbed it. Then sent her own to strike him in the chest bowling him over dead.

"Cressca." She yelled. "Come to me!!"

High over her head the air began to shimmer. Something began to form in the air. It was a great hideous bat with massive wings flapping in the air.

"Who calls me?" It bellowed down.

"Your new master." She answered as she sent a wave of energy out to push back the crowd away from her.

"I serve no one witch." He blasted her with bolts of crimson energy from his eyes. His bolt struck her and she returned it. Cressca ducked down as he flew through the cavern. She began chanting Ganon's spell as it almost seemed like time stopped. Cressca froze in the air.

"What have you done to me?!!" He screeched at her.

"Quiet. Let the spell take you." Muerte continued chanting. A magic field surrounded Cressca and he came down to the ground with his eyes all glassed over. Muerte watched him struggle against the magic, but it was no use. Gannon's spells were meant to be used against gods. He could fight all he wanted. She had control now. Muerte looked around. His disciples were massing for their next attack. She knew they couldn't hurt her. But they would make a good test for Cressca.

"Stop them." She told him. "Make them bow to me."

Cressca turned to his people and let out a loud screech. They all went down to their knees and covered their ears as they bowed to her. Cressca to bowed, she was pleased. Her power was doubled now. She would turn all of Cressca's people and send them out to make the lands over in her name. Muerte shall rule all!!!

"I am the true Goddess of death and I have a job for you Cressca." Muerte smiled. "You're going to Yadessa to help a vampire."The streets of Valkar's capital city Vasagi, as Rage walked to the palace was quiet and there were few people out. He found that pretty strange. Last time he was here it bustled with people going their way. Rage could feel something was wrong here. Jandar had told him of the war his people had with the vampire so he knew they were a proud warrior people. So where were they? They weren't under the curse that kept them indoors during the day anymore. So what's going on here? Ahead he saw Shadowvyn, Valkar's Castle. There were many around the gate armed and ready to protect the house of Valkar. As he walked up guards all stopped and took notice. Among the house guards he saw Tovar Orsa, one of Valkar's bodyguards and closest advisers. Tovar knew who he was and walked over to the front to get him before one of the guards could do something that would cause conflict between the vampires and dragons.

"Rage." he said. "Come this way. Valkar awaits you."

The guards moved aside and let him pass. Tovar escorted him up to Valkar's study where he found him sitting at his desk. Rage could tell from the worried look on his face that something serious was going on.

"Rage, come in." He said. "You too Tovar."

Together they came in and shut the door. Both men took a seat in front of Valkar.

"What the hell is going on here?" Rage asked.

"Rage, I'm not quite sure." Valkar said folding his arms.

"All I know is that my people have been disappearing. To where, I have no idea."

"How many?" Rage asked.

"Not that many. Fifty, maybe more." He said. "It's not the amount, it's who they are that's the problem."

[Rage, we're here.] Jandar sent to his mate as he and the others arrived at the gates to the city.

"Jandar's here with Azeal and Athene." Rage informed the vampire king. He thought the rest of this conversation should wait until they joined them in the study.

"Tovar, escort them here please."

"Yes Sire."

Tovar stood and shifted to a large crow and flew up and out the window. Rage and Valkar talked about how they finished Polan and the destruction of the dragon cave while they waited. Valkar told him how sorry he was about the deaths of his first clan.

"I have a gift for you." Rage told him. "It's from all of us in New Keanna."

Rage reached in his cloak pocket and took out a small ornate box made of gold. He handed it to Valkar. Valkar looked up at him in surprise. He didn't know what to say to his friend.

"Open it."

Valkar opened the small box and peered in. In the the box there was a gold ring with a beautiful blue gem set in it. Valkar took it out and held it up to the light. In the center of the ring, he could see a small spark of magic. He smiled at Rage as the door opened and Jandar, Azeal, Athene, and Shine the small golden dragon came in with Tovar. The saw the ring in Valkar's hand and his smile.

"Thank you all for this." He said. "I'll treasure it always."

"It's for your protection." Jandar told him. "It's a piece of the Salvation stone. It has many magical properties that will be useful."

"Please, everybody sit." He hugged Azeal and kissed Athene on her cheek." I'm sorry your homecoming is under dire circumstances."

Everyone sat down around his desk as he told them what he had just told Rage.

"So what's important about the missing people?" Rage asked.

"All of them have dark backgrounds in some way or another." Tovar told them.

"What's that mean?" Jandar asked.

"All of them except one have tasted human blood." Valkar turned to Athene. "Your uncle is missing."

"Oh no!! She cried. "And Father?"

"Missing as well." Tovar told her. "He was the first to disappear."

"Valkar." She said. "I have more disturbing news. Baron Valkar's spirit visited me the other night."

Valkar's face flushed of all color. They all could see the fear on his face. Rage and Jandar wondered what was going on. But they had more bad news for him.

"Why would the most evil vampire to ever live contact you?" He asked.

"Because he's afraid of something." She said." Something worse than him. Have you ever heard the name Muerte?"

Valker fell back out of his chair to the floor in shock from hearing the name. Tovar rushed to help his king back to his feet. He pushed him away.


"Valkar what's wrong?" Azeal asked his guardian." Do you know who Muerte Is?"

They all looked at each other. None of them were really sure who she was. But Jandar told them what he knew. She was an ancient vampire resurrected by accident

"No." Valkar said as he sat back down. "She's much more than that. She's the very first vampire to ever live. She's the source of all my people, She bore the curse that caused all the hell my people have lived through. She made us undead, sacrificing all our souls for centuries. One of my ancestors managed to left our curse, but it took so many lives to do it."

"You make her sound like a demon from hell." Rage said.

"No, not quite. She's death. The goddess of death." Valkar told them. "And if she's back, Polan was a joke compared to her."

"I need to know everything you can find on her as fast as you can." Jandar told him. "She is out there somewhere."

"And Baron Valkar?" King Valkar asked.

"Shine can find him." Rage had Shine on his shoulder.

[Yes, I can find him and find out why he's out of his grave.]

"Be careful." Tovar said. "He's not someone to mess with. He's very powerful."

[So am I]

"What about my uncle?" Athene asked Valkar. "What are you doing to find these people?"

Valkar turned to Tovar for answers to that problem. He had put it squarely on him to find the missing.

"Lady Athene." He said. "I have to be very careful in searching for them. They may not want to be found. They may not even be missing. With all the strange things going on, I want to stay close to Valkar. The king must be protected.

"Then let me find them." Azeal said.

"And me." Athene looked over to Azeal. "I can find my uncle, and Azeal can help me. Rage please?"

Rage looked over to Jandar. He knew Jandar wouldn't want Azeal in any danger. But the boy was growing up and after the way he dealt with Velusia, he thought he could handle himself. But to be safe, he wanted one more person on this mission.

"If Valkar agrees I'll let you take on this mission. But I want one more person with you. Denner. He's on his way."

There are places in Yadessa that not many people dare to venture. On an island surrounded by a deep loch exists such a place. It's the original home of the Zlenka line. Many rulers of Yadessa had made the island the seat of their power till Baron Valkar moved his evil in. From there, he spread out and made a whole country of vampires. His was the job to make the world over. But he knew a vampire world would be a dead world where nothing lived very long, so he made his place and ruled there. Now the island was supposed to be vacant, but it wasn't. There were many there, flying in as bats, dark birds or swarms of insects. All called there by a lone vampire. Balthazar Gaelich, a cousin to the king who envied his throne. He gathered all these vampires here to plot against the king.

Balthazar walked in the front gates and made his way past everybody lining the entry way. All of his coven were present and others of his dark order. All with hatred for the king. Everyone followed him into the main ballroom and took a seat set out for them. He walked up to the stage and looked out over everyone he had assembled there. He was a tall grim man with dark piercing eyes. He wore dark robes with a hood to make those he stalked fear him. Balthazar had been banished from his home for his blood lust and his arrogance against the throne. There was a death sentence on him if he were to be caught anywhere in Yadessa. Valkar hated his uncle because of his views on how he thought there home line should be run. He thought they should go back to the old ways. Feeding on humans and turning as many as possible. Trying to make that vampire world there ancient goddess wished for. Things were about to change.

"Thank you all for answering my call. The time has come for us all to begin anew. It is time for Yadessa to rise and become the capital of a new world where we are the hunters and they are our prey. We shall keep them as cattle and breed them for food. The land will run red as we take what we want, as we herd them into blood camps for our children. The only one in our way is Valkar. We must relieve him of his throne and bring back the old days of vampire glory. The blood is the life, our life. And we will live!!!"

Cheers went all around the room as Balthazar finished and stepped down. He called his coven to him. For he had plans and they included everyone there, and Valkar Zlenka.

Darkness covered the palace as hooded figures moved through the city. Like dark shadows they streaked one by one closer. A lone guard stood outside the gates working on one of the palace carriage. He looked up as he thought he heard a noise. Looking around he saw nothing in the darkness. Vampires had the best night vision next to werewolves, so he went back to work. Moving slowly, a hooded one came up behind him and grabbed him. He slammed him into the wall and dropped him behind the carriage. At the gates two guards kept a watch. Neither noticed the carriage man as he fell, and they didn't see the four silently moving towards them ready to throttle them. Both guards talked as they stood watch. All about the happenings of the day. How they worried about their king and all the missing. Where were they? What they didn't know was that they were all around them, stalking everyone in the palace. Making their way to the one they wanted the most, Valkar Zlenka King of the Vampires. Suddenly they both gasped as swords passed through their bodies and they crumpled dead to the ground. Once they had cleared all the gates. Balthazar came in to cast his spells to put the rest of the house to sleep. Once sleep, he planned to kill the house servants then take Valker as a sacrifice to his death goddess.

Deep in their sleep, Jandar and Rage flew in their dragon forms high over the Durmista Mts. The monument below them blew its eternal flame as they passed. Together they coveted and played in the sun. In their dreams was the only time they had to enjoy themselves. In the waking world they had to be serious all the time. Too many people depended on their decisions. Their clan, the people in New Keanna sometimes the world. But this was their chance for fun and laughter. The sun beamed down on them as they landed on a plateau and sat down together. They held hands and moved closer to kiss. Their love was everything. Suddenly they both felt it. Something was wrong in the waking world. They could feel spells being cast at them. They felt evil in the magic.

[You feel that?] Jandar asked.

[Yes.] Rage said. [A sleep spell. Someone's trying to make sure we stay asleep. We're being attacked. Hurry, wake up!]

Together they both jumped up and released each other from there embrace,

"What do you smell?" Jandar asked. He took a few whiffs of the air and frowned.

"There are many people about to enter the castle." Rage told him. "Go wake the others. They may be under that spell. I'll have father come back and meet us. I'm going to find Valkar. This is about him. No one knows we're here."

They both jumped out of bed and hurried to dress and ran from the room. Athene and Azeal were on the next floor up. Jandar ran down the hall to the stairs. There he ran into two strange men coming up. He knew they weren't Valkar's people and he didn't have time for a spell. He howled at them and shifted to his wolf form. The two vampire charged at him, claws ready to rip at him. Jandar ducked the first and grabbed the second and threw him into the wall. His head hit with a loud smack and Jandar grabbed the other man. The man hissed at him, reaching for his throat. Jandar sent energy through his hand into the vampire searing his heart and killing him. He dropped him and ran on up the stairs. As Rage feared they were sleeping deeply. Jandar knew the only way to wake them was to touch them in the middle of the forehead. He reached Azeal's room first. He reached out and touched him in that spot over his nose and his eyes flew open.

"What's going on?" He asked. "What's wrong?"

"We're under attack." Jandar told him. "Get Justice and come on."

Azeal reached over and pulled Justice from its scabbard. The jewel glowed brightly as it grew to a short sword. He turned back to Jandar and he was ready to go. Athene was in the next room down the hall. They left Azeal's room and started down the hall. They didn't make ten feet before six cloaked men came from each side of the hall. Four in front and two behind. Jandar called his staff and shifted to his man wolf form.

"We will protect the king." He said as the magic began to build around him and his eyes glowed with power.

"We have magic on our side to." One vampire said stepping forward. He raised his hand. In it he held a blazing power ball. Jandar's eyes grew wide. The vampire laughter at him. He thought Jandar feared him.

"Say good bye dog!"

His arm raised and he threw it at Jandar. In a quick motion Jandar caught it and smiled. He crushed it in his hand and let the ashes fall to the floor.

[My turn.] Jandar pointed his staff at the group in front of them and sent a bolt of electrical energy at them. They fall to the floor smoke rising from their clothing. The vampires on the other side watched all this happened

[I don't have time for this.] He snapped with a great bark and growl.

The two charged at them. Azeal swung his sword and cut them down in two quick swings. One was stabbed through the heart and the other he decapitated. Azeal was becoming quite the vampire killer whether he liked it or not.

[Come on. Athene is right here.] Jandar opened the door and walked up to Athene in the bed. He watched her breath rise and fall. Then he reached out to touch her in that awake spot. She opened her eyes and jumped up.

"Father, No!!!"

Sweat rolled down her face. Jandar grabbed her by her shoulders as she thrashed about. It only took her seconds to realize where she was and who she was with. Her dreams flooded back into her mind as Jandar helped her off the bed.

"I know what's going on." She said. "It's my father. He's the one attacking Valkar. Him and his damned coven."

"How do you know this?" Azeal asked.

"I saw it all in my dreams." She said. "We have to hurry to Valkar."

Valkar's royal apartment took up the entire top two floors. Rage parted ways with Jandar on the second floor as he kept climbing. As he reached the royal floors, he found a guard lying on the landing. He had succumbed to the spell everyone else was under. Rage stepped over him and tried the door. It was locked. No matter, for him and his dragon strength, a little twist and it was open. All along the corridor, Rage saw Valkar's body guards passed out on the floor. He could hear noise coming from further ahead in the royal suite. He ran on jumping over the sleeping guards and stopped at the door where the sounds were coming from. There he saw Valkar being held by rings of magic. Crimson bands around his arms and chest and his legs. There were many others in the room surrounding him and a tall figure pacing in front of him gloating. Rage thought he better listen in and gain what knowledge he could. He hoped Jandar and the others hurried. He would be needing their help.

"So the bat finally comes down from the rafters." Valkar said to the him.

"Yes, the time has come Valkar." Balthazar grinned. "It's time we go back to being the power we were meant to be."

"You have no idea what we were meant to be." Valkar struggled against the magic holding him.

"You won't break that spell." Balthazar pushed him down to his knees. "It's much stronger than you."

"So what are you going to do?" Valkar asked.

"Take the world." He said. "That's what we were meant to do eons ago. I'm going to finish what the Baron started. Remake this world into a vampire heaven. And our war with the Werewolves will this time end with our victory."

"You mean a hell." Valkar shouted at him. "Can't you see it won't work. You'll doom us all. The people won't follow you. They know what your darkness will bring on them."

Balthazar laughed at his cousin and smacked his face knocking him over.

"The people are mine to command." He said. "My goddess will take care of that. They will do whatever I tell them to do. You don't believe me?"

Balthazar walked over to one of Valkar's guards and touched him between his eyes. The guard woke. He opened his eyes and looked around. He saw Valkar on the floor and tried to go to aid his king.

"STOP!" Balthazar said. The man froze where he stood.

"I am your master now. I want you to prove it by jumping out that window."

A dazed look suddenly appeared in the guard's eyes. He turned and walked to the window and climbed up on the sill.

"STOP HIM!!" Valkar yelled. "Don't make him do this!!"

"To late." Balthazar laughed as the guard threw himself out the window. They all heard him die as he hit the ground crushing and destroying his body. Valkar hung his head. He had known the man and called him friend for years.

"You will pay for that!” Valkar screamed. "Maybe not today, but you will answer for that!”.

As he watched, Jandar and the others came into the hall. Rage signaled them to be quiet. Right on time, Shine appeared at the window in the hallway. Azeal slipped over and opened it for him. The little golden dragon flew in and landed on Rages shoulder. Rage filled him in on what was going on.

[We have to get him out of there.] Rage told them. [Azeal, can't you let him know we're here without the others hearing you?]

[I think so.] Azeal reached out to his father and touched his mind. He told him they were right there and going to get him out of there.

Athene looked into the room and saw the men holding Valkar. She saw her father standing over Valkar and caught her breath. Old memories came flooding back to her. Memories from her uncle of her mother and her father and his cruelty to her. Hatred burned deep in her for him. She knew what he would do to Valkar. He would sacrifice him to his mad goddess. He's been doing this for year. But no more she thought. Not this one.

[Rage,] She said. [If I fill the room with fog, can you grab him and get out the window and get him away?]

[I guess I could.] He said. [What about all of you?]

[Azeal, tell Valkar to stand and be perfectly still. Then Jandar take Azeal out that window and meet us at my old cottage. You remember where it is?]

[Yes.] He said. He and Azeal got up and went to the window. Shine flew out and began to grow. Soon he was big enough for them both to ride. Then he sent his message to Valkar and climbed out the window with Jandar.

[Ok, Rage.] She said. [I'm going to fill this hall with fog then sweep it all into the room. Once it's full you know what to do. Be quick, they won't be distracted for more than a few seconds.]

[I'm ready.] Rage told her. Athene stood and started gathering her fog to her. It became thicker and thicker as she disappeared in the mist. Rage had no trouble seeing through her fog. His dragon vision gave him sight in all conditions. With a sweep of her hand she sent it all into Valkar's chamber and then ran for the window and dived out. Feathers grew as she shifted to her raven form and flew away. With the room full of fog suddenly everyone was completely blinded. Balthazar screamed Athene's name. He knew this was her fog but couldn't find her. Rage at full speed ran in and grabbed Valkar and dived through the window. As they fell he shifted to dragon and carried Valkar away. In the back he could hear Balthazar screaming his rage.

Deep in the Desdain Forest, Athene's cottage sat. No one had been there in a long time, in fact no one could get near it. She had placed many spells on and around the place. If you did find it, walking in the door just might kill you. Out of the sky in a clearing nearby dropped a great golden dragon. He carried two people. Jandar and Azeal climbed down and waited for the rest to arrive. Soon Athene flew in and shifted back to her vampire form as they watched Rage and Valkar fly in.

"Jandar, can you get these bands off him?" Rage asked. Jandar looked at them then spoke a few words and they were gone.

"Thank you." Valkar said. "Thank you all for your help."

"Come this way." Athene called to them. She led them to the cottage. There she passed her hand over a stone set in the door and it opened for them. She sat them all in her parlor and made tea for everyone.

"Father my find this place." She told them. "We can't stay long."

"Then we go back home." Rage said as he got up. "Jandar, I have something to tell you."

He took his mate aside and told him what Balthazar had said about the werewolves.

"I have to warn father. He won't be expecting this."

"Not me." Valkar told them. I'm not going."

"Valkar. You can't stay here." Azeal moved over and sat next to him. It was time to tell him his secret.

"Did you see what he did to Lem?" Valkar asked. "They can do that to almost anyone in Yadessa. They can make them believe whatever they want. Azeal, our people are free now as opposed to the old days when all we did was hunt humans and make wars. No one's hunting us anymore. We can walk in sunlight. We have our souls back. I can't let Balthazar and his death goddess do this to us. I have to stop them."

"Then let me come with you," Azeal said. "I can help you."

Valkar reached over and run his finger along the scar on Azeal's face. The boy's mother had done such horrible things to him. He had missed his ward so much since he'd been with the dragons. Be for his safety, he had to go back with them.

"I can't let you get involved with this." He said.

"I am involved." Azeal told him. "More than you think."

"What do you mean?" Valkar asked. He frowned at him.

"There's something Velusia told me before I killed her." Azeal looked around the room. He knew he had the support of everyone there. They all knew, it was time Valkar knew.

"You and Velusia were to be married once, right?" He asked.

"Yes." He said. "I always loved your mother. All our lives.""Do you know why I want so desperately to fight at your side?”

"Because you're my ward and I'm your guardian.”

"No.” Azeal stood up from his chair and stood in front of Valkar. "I do it because that's what a son should do for his father.”

"What?” Valker looked up at him confused at what he said.

"You're my father." He told him. "Rejek, Ranjer, all three of us. That's why she hated me and my brothers so much. We remind her of you. She said she never wanted you to know this, but you are our father."

"It's true." Jandar told him." And we're all involved here. If you think we're going to let you go off and fight alone you're mistaken."

Valkar looked at Azeal. He had a son? He had two sons. He hugged Azeal to him.

"I didn't know." He said. "I really didn't know."

"You do now." Tears ran down Azeal's face. "We'll help you save Yadessa. All of us."

"How did she do it?" Valkar asked.

"Magic." Jandar told him. "A curse or a incantation on you or herself is all she needed. Then she had one of her father's men claim responsibility for the boys. But I can assure you, it's all true."

"There's one way to prove it." Valkar stepped up to Azeal. He took a ring off his ring finger and held it out.

"This is the family seal of the Zlenka family. Only a prince of the house can wear it." He held it out to Azeal. Azeal reached out and took the ring and slipped it on his finger. The gemstones set in the ring began to glow brightly as it accepted him as a member of the Zlenka family line. Valkar smile as he took his son into his arms."Welcome to the family Prince Azeal.” Now all we have to do is get our kingdom back intact.”

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