Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna
Book II

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 13

Published: 17 Mar 16

The Dragons of Keanna - Book II

by Jandar Tyr

Things change before you know it

Bronson travelled all night and most of the morning through Yadessa until he and Athene were at the shores of Lake Zlenka. Athene looked around, she had never been here before. The area was beautiful. A crystal clear lake the size of a small sea with a city sized island in the center. This is where her father ruled from. She could feel his presence. She looked at Bronson hoping he might change his mind and release her. He smiled and pushed her toward the shore. There would be no sympathy from him. All he thought of her was the reward he would receive. Ahead of her she saw a dock at the lake edge. But there was no boat. She didn't even see docking lines to tie up a boat. She looked at him with her hands on her hips.

"Well." She said. "How do we cross, traitor?"

Anger flared in Bronson's face. He drew back his hand to strike her.

"Go on." She said with a dare. "Hit me. But I guarantee I won't be powerless for long. And I will see you dead one day."

"Not if the master's plans come true." Bronson laughed.

"He can make all the plans he wants." She said facing him proudly. "But in the end, he's a coward relying on others to give him power. My father's a parasite. That's all."

"Be that as it may, he's waiting for us." Bronson walked out to the edge of the lake. He turned back to Athene. "Soon a bridge will appear. It will go from here to the island. You walk from here. He'll be waiting on the other end. Your time is pretty much up."

"My friends will find me, and if they don't. They'll avenge me. You can be sure of that."

In her mind she cried out to Jandar and Pelic to come help her. She didn't want to cross the lake. She knew what was in store for her. Uncle Arturus told her all about her mother and her sacrifice for her. Athene prayed for help. But she was afraid they would be too late.

In Prafa, a hooded man knocked on the door of the blacksmith and waited for an answer. In time Luther Kress opened the door to see who it was.

"Aiya." Arturus said. "Can an old friend enter?"

Luther reached out and grasped the hand of his old friend and shook.

"You are always welcome here." He smiled." Hurry, get in here before someone sees you."

Arturus walked in and pulled off his cloak. He handed it to Luther as he was being ushered in.

"She's here?" He asked anxiously.

"Yes, her and her companion." Luther pointed to the back of the house. "I've fed them and kept them safe like you asked."

"Thank you Luther." Arturus put his hand on his shoulder. "Tell me old friend. How safe is Prafa these days? There were not many on the streets."

"Most people here are still loyal to King Valkar." He said. "But Balthazar has made many spies all over Yadessa. He's done it through some kind of magic. They can't help turning people in. He has some kind of power over certain people."

"Are there a lot of them?" He asked." What are you thinking old friend?"

Luther showed him the way to the back of the house and out to his shop. There Angela and Sting waited for them. When she saw him, she jumped up and ran and threw her arms around him.

"Arturus, I'm so glad to see you." Tears ran down her face as she hugged him.

Arturus held her to his shoulder. He never wanted to let her go. After all these years he was still deeply in love with her. Angela was one of the reasons he and his brother didn't get along. Arturus hated the way his brother had treated his family. After they married, Balthazar treated his wife with contempt. He ignored her and used her for his own means. All the while Arturus watched and worshipped his brother's wife. But he would never dare let anyone know how he felt. He would at any time listen to her, or help her with anything she needed. During her first pregnancy, he tried to stay away. Hoping Balthazar would change and love her like she should be. But when she called, he wasn't surprised at what she told him, or what he wanted to do. Power was the only thing Balthazar could ever really love. Now maybe he could have the chance to be with the one he loved. Maybe things could be different.

"How are you Angela?" He asked. "I searched for you for years. Valkar and I. We were both so worried. But we couldn't find a trace of Balthazar anywhere. Where did he take you?"

He looked at her white hair and the lines in her face. Effects of Balthazar's loving treatment no doubt. He held her at arm's length taking in the sweet smell of her essence.

"I don't know." She said. "He moved us around a lot and kept me sedated with magic and herbs. I know we were in the south during my second pregnancy. It was always so hot and there were smells, magnolias. For a time it was all I could smell."

"I will get us some tea so we can talk." Luther turned and headed back to the house. Arturus sat down next to Angela. Sting stood and towered over them. He took a step toward Arturus to protect Angela. Arturus jumped back frightened out of his chair.

"No!" Angela called out. She got up and put a hand on Sting's chest. "He's our friend. Calm down Sting."

Angela turned back to Arturus as he got back to his feet. He looked at Sting's large frame and stingers. Angela had said she wasn't alone. But what was this?

"He's one of Balthazar's projects." She said. "He was one of my guards. This is his punishment for letting me escape." Arturus walked around Angela and stood in front of Sting. He bowed to him.

"I'm sorry for what my brother did to you." He said. "If I can help fix this, I will."

[Good friend.]

Seconds later Luther came back with a tray with a teapot and cups. He sat it down and served them all before taking a seat.

"So tell us Arturus." Luther asked. "What is going on? How is our King?"

"Valkar is fighting hard to regain Yadessa from our enemies." He told them. "We all know Balthazar ousted him from his throne, but that's not all that happened. There is another who is behind his power."

"It's that goddess of his, isn't it?" Angela asked. "Evil bitch!"

"I'm not sure." He said. "We think her name is Muerte. She's something from an ancient time, called back by accident. Remember the week of darkness? That was cause by a necromantic dragon called Polan Dressak. In his last bid for power, he cast shadow over the world hoping to absorb power from it to defeat his enemies the Dragons of Keanna Mountain. But they prevailed and destroyed him. What happened was an ally of ours tried to banish the shadows only he released her instead from her underworld prison. Now she means to make the world her own. She wants us all vampirized and under her rule.

"Eventually we'd all become cannibals. No one would be safe anywhere. We have to stop this from happening."

"We all agree." Arturus said. "First we have to take back Yadessa. Balthazar must be stopped."

"And put down." Angela stood and stepped up to Arturus. "I need to know where my children are. Where are they?"

"Tanis is safe on a mission. He's nothing like his father. He saw through him eventually. Athene…"

"Yes?" Angela grabbed his arm. "Where is she? Tell me!!"

"She's on her way to Balthazar." He said. "She's been captured."

Angela fell to her knees and sobbed. She knew what he would do to her if he got her.

"Angela." Arturus took her by the shoulders. "There are many people out looking for her. They will storm the castle if they have to, to get her free. Valkar is with them. Trust us, we'll free her."

Running at full speed Cheshire followed Bronson's trail through Yadessa. He had come across many of Balthazar's nightwalkers on his way and made quick work of them. All that was in his mind was getting the others to Athene and saving her. Overhead following as fast as they could was Pelic, Graym and Jayce. Graym and Jayce's wings were beating hard to keep up. They couldn't believe Cheshire's speed and endurance. He was like a streak of lightning he moved so fast. From up high they could see the castle ahead of them. They guessed that was where he was going.

"We have to hurry!!." Pelic called to the others as he pushed harder for more speed.

Standing on the shore, Bronson watched as the bridge formed to take them to the Castle. Piece by piece from the castle it formed. Athene grew more frightened as the end came nearer. She knew what was at the end. Death for her. Bronson pushed her closer to where the bridge would touch the shore. Suddenly they heard a mighty roar come from behind them. Athene turned back to the forest. She knew it was Cheshire coming for her. The others would be with him. She tried to break free from him and run to the forest. Bronson pulled her on to the bridge as it touched the shore. He needed help if he was going to deliver her.

[My lord, I'm on the bridge. I have her but I'm being followed.]

[Get her across. I will send you help.] Balthazar sent back. Bronson grabbed Athene and started galloping across the bridge. It wouldn't take him long to cross.

Moving like lightning Cheshire bore down. He was almost to the lake and could now smell Athene's fear. He roared again and jumped from the forest edge onto the sands of the shore. The bridge was right in front of him. Smoke rose from Cheshire's feet he was moving so fast. In seconds he was half way across. He could see Bronson now. He lowered his head and leaped for the end of the bridge. Bronson jumped off and landed on the other side just as Cheshire hit the end of the bridge and swung his fore claw at him. Athene tumbled off his back and fell to the ground. Cheshire roared again as he moved between Bronson and Athene. He had him now. Nothing was going to stop Cheshire from ripping him to pieces. Bronson backed up slowly as Cheshire advanced. Suddenly arrows zipped past Bronson and hit the ground all around Athene and Cheshire. Running out of the gates of the castle came Balthazar and his guards, all armed for battle. Quickly they surrounded Athene and Cheshire, all of them with swords drawn. She pulled Cheshire to her as he roared and tried to get at Bronson.

"Greetings little one!" Balthazar spread out his arms. "I'm so glad we could meet at last."

"The pleasure is all yours." Athene said.

"Yes it is. I've been searching for you for years." He walked a little closer. Cheshire growled at him. "Nice pet you have there."

Balthazar smiled and signaled two men to kill Cheshire with spears. They came in slowly. Athene let Cheshire go. They began to circle him ready to thrust their spears out to kill him. Cheshire whipped around and stabbed one guard with his tail. The man fell to the ground filled with Cheshire's toxic poison. The other thought this was his opening and charged the dragoncat. Cheshire grabbed the spear and snapped it then grabbed the man and pulled him down. One swipe of his claws ripped him open.

"Impressive!!" Balthazar clapped. "There's a lot I can do with him. Take them!!"

Balthazar turned and headed back towards the castle gates.

"Kovar, you and your brother use your magic to subdue them. I want them alive."

With that he walked back into the castle leaving them to capture Athene and Cheshire. Two pale men in the clothes of nobles stepped out and bowed to their leader as he left. Then they turned back to Athene and Cheshire.

"Our master wishes you to come with us." Kovar called out to her. "This is not a request, it's an order,"

"I don't take orders from him or you." Athene said.

"Neither do we!!"

From the sky, three figures came flying down. Two with great wings and one with a large billowing cloak. They landed right in front of Athene and Cheshire, between them and Balthazar's men.

"PELIC!!" Athene yelled as she hugged him.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"I can't use my magic." She told him. "The amulet on the centaur prevents it."

Bronson stepped out to confront the five they would soon battle. From his neck, hung a chain with a crystal bauble on it. That must be what she was talking about.

"This is better than our master could have expected." Bronson said. "We got all of you instead of just her. This is perfect."

"You think we're going to give ourselves over to you?" Graym called out. "You have to know better."

"I think you better, or Kovar and Ivor will let go." Bronson folded his arms across his chest. "Besides, you're going to spend all your time protecting the lady. That will make it much easier for us."

"You must be the dumbest centaur to ever live." Pelic said. "Look at us, do we look powerless?"

Pelic smiled and spoke two words with his hand extended.


Sparks began to shoot out of the amulet as it began to glow. Bronson grabbed it from around his neck and threw it on the ground. Brighter and brighter the glow became until there was a loud pop and it was gone. Quickly Athene threw her hands up and made a few quick gestures in the air. With a surprised look, Bronson began to rise into the air until he was more than thirty feet off the ground. The battle was on.

"I warned you what would happen if I got my powers back, didn't I?" Athene said as she took him higher and higher with her magic. Bronson struggled to get back to the ground. He kicked and pulled at the forces holding him up. But it was no use, he was in her power.

"Good bye Bronson." She called to him." You're not important anymore and you will never be a king."

With that she released her spell, and he fell screaming to the ground and she never thought of him again. Turning around she saw the others were engaged in battle. Cheshire slashed at the guards, leaping from one to the other. Their swords bouncing off his armored hide. Ivor and Kovar were sending their blast at Pelic. He held his cloak open and absorbed the blast and sent them back at them. From the air, Graym sent his wing darts raining down on Balthazar's guards while Jayce pulled Salvation and waded in. He slashed left then right killing guards as he moved in. What a weapon he held. The blades blue glow brightened as it destroyed the guards opposing it. A guard grabbed Athene from behind, she shifted to her mist form and floated away while the guard tried to grab her.

All around, Balthazar's guards were falling. From the ramparts he watched. His minions were getting beat again. This would not do. He bellowed for more guards to join the battle. Ivor raised his hand and shot a blast to knock Graym from the sky. Quickly Pelic leaped up and blocked the blast. He then opened his cloak and sent his shadow beast out to attack. Shadow beast began to pour out from his cloak and attack the guards that still fought. They screamed in pain as the Shadows ripped into them. Jayce opened his wings and leaped into the sky as the gates of the castle opened and guards began running to attack.

"Time we go!!"

Pelic came down and grabbed Athene. She wrapped her arms around him as he took off after Jayce. Graym came down and grabbed Cheshire.

"Goodbye father!!" She called down to him. "We'll be seeing you soon!!"

"After them!!" Balthazar screamed. "Kovar, Ivor, Bring her back!!"

Ivor and Kovar took off running after the Shadows leaving the guards still trying to fight the Shadow beast unsuccessfully. As they ran their forms began to shift. Large bat like wings grew from their backs and talons on their hands. Their height became almost three times the size of a man. They became monstrous, all imbued with the power of their goddess. With a mighty thrust of their wings they took to the air chasing after the Shadows. Flying in the lead Jayce looked back and saw them.

"Pelic!" Jayce called. "Keep going. Get Athene to safety. Graym and I will take care of them."

[Not without us.] They heard in their minds.

To the left out of the clouds streaked a lightning flash. It was Ariel with Toric on her back.

[Where have you two been?] Graym asked.

[We'll tell you later.] Toric sent. [Right now, let's get rid of these things.]

[We're with you!] Jayce flipped up and turned in flight. He pulled Salvation and poured on the speed. Ariel roared and sent a blast of wind at the brothers to batter them from the sky. The wind filled their wings and pushed them back. Kovar sent a blast at them. Graym held up Retribution and split the blast down the center deflecting it safely away. Ivor came in with his talons out raking at Ariel's side. Pulling in her wings she dived as Toric sent a bolt of energy at Ivor. It hit him in the chest and he shrieked in pain and dived after Ariel. Holding on to her tightly, Toric let loose more balls of energy behind them, hoping for a hit. Ducking and dodging Ivor tried to avoid them but couldn't. Hit after hit crashed into him blinding him with extreme pain. Opening her wings she soared back up into the sky with Ivor coming up behind.

[Hold on tight. Toric.] She told him. [And when I tell you, let out a blast.]

[At what?] He asked.

[Into the air!] She sent.

Picking up speed, Ariel began to lead Ivor into a circle. Faster and faster she flew until a vortex began to form. Higher and higher it grew until she had a tornado of massive proportion.


Toric let out a powerful blast. It spun all through the vortex, and with the added speed and electrical energy, caught Ivor in its power. Electrical energy and the power of Toric's blast, ripped through Ivor burning him and tearing him apart. With a final scream he was blasted and torn apart by the vortex. Streaking straight up Ariel flew out of the vortex and then calmed the air and dissipated the tornado.

[That was fantastic!!] Toric sent to Ariel.

[What about the others?] She asked.

[They're behind us. Hurry we may be able to help.]

With their swords drawn, Jayce and Graym set about battling Kovar. Like master swordsmen they fought, their swords against his claws. Graym drew back his wings and sent hundreds of razor sharp wing darts at Kovar's wings. Wave after wave of darts shredded the membranes of his wings and Kovar began to fall. He crashed to the ground with a loud noise. But he got up ready to fight on. Blast after blast he sent at Jayce and Graym. With their swords they batted the blasts away as they came down to land. On the ground they faced Kovar. He let out a great howl and they charged. Raising his arms, he swung at Graym for a death strike, Graym dove between Kovar's legs as Jayce sank Salvation deep into his back. The energy of Salvation burned and began to tear him apart. Pulling Salvation from Kovar's back, they backed away from him as Salvation's power exploded and tore Kovar apart. Jayce looked over at Graym as Ariel flew down and landed.

"Let's get out of here before something else shows up." Ariel told them with a smile.

"Pelic should have taken Athene back to the cottage. We'll meet you there." Jayce launched himself into the sky with Graym close behind.

"Come on beautiful breeze, Let's go." Together they were off and flying next to Jayce and Graym back to the cottage.

High in the tower of her Joranian castle Muerte relaxed. She had taken the Dragon's back with her to a set of caves deep in the forest and told them she would return once she learned what her enemies were up to. Her mission was clear to her. She had to find the spells that would make her rule permanent. She wasn't convinced that idiot Balthazar could be trusted with the task she left him. She had noticed the nightwalkers overwhelming the lands and knew he was carrying out that job. The taste of the people's fear was clear in the air, and that pleased her. Now she and her dragons had to finish the task and make sure no one could stand in her way. She knew the Dragon's were still out there fighting her. That had to end. She knew there were spells she could use that might bring them under her control. She just had to find the rest of Ganon's book and the world was hers.

Muerte rose from her couch and descended the stairs that led to the courtyard. On her way out she met Dolon, the son of the Baron that once ruled here in Jorania. She had a use for him this day. He looked at her and went to the floor on his knees.

"Come with me." She said. "I have need of your hands."

"Yes Mistress."

He fell in behind her as she continued down and out of the castle. Like her obedient slave he would follow her anywhere she wanted no matter what the danger. It was time to get moving. She had an idea where she could find the bindings for the spell book. That would make her spells much stronger, maybe permanent. She draped her dragon disguise around her and called her new clan.

[Brothers, you are needed.]

In their cave the three dragons stirred. Their heads came up and they shook off the sleep.

[We come Sister.]

One by one they emerged from the cave and took to the air for the short flight to the castle. The closer they came, the stronger her influence on them became. Soon they would be totally under her power and unable to deny her anything she asked. That pleased her. The more power she, got the better. From the sky they came. One red, one topaz and the other blue. Together they settled before her and bowed.

[We are here to serve you.] Fiero's redhead rose up to stare at her. [What can we do for you?]

[There is something I want you to retrieve for me.] She said. [It's very special. You will need this one to handle it.]

She pushed Dolon forward. He fell to his knees quivering in fear of the dragons.

"You will go with Fiero and lead him to this place." She touched his forehead and a vision of their destination was implanted in his memory.

"There you will find what I seek. Bring it back to me."

"What is it I'm looking for?" He asked. "What do I seek?"

"You will know it when you find it." She turned to walk back to the castle then stopped and looked at them.

"Do not fail me." She said and sent to the dragons. [None of you.]

Struggling through the knee deep stagnant waters of the swamp, Eheren, Kalin and Tanis searched for their prize. They were looking for another section of Ganon's book. Kalin had felt the nearness of the spells and bought them here. In front of them swam a twenty foot alligator protecting them from the front. Eheren was last in line, ready to shift protecting the rear. Insects buzzed and bit at them from everywhere. At least they bit Tanis and Kalin. Eheren didn't have that problem, his energy abilities kept them off him as they walked. With a smack at his neck, Tanis turned to Eheren.

"Can't you extend whatever you're doing to keep the bugs off to include us?" he held out his hand and showed him the huge mosquito he had killed.

"No." He said. "Sorry my energy field keeps them off me. I'm being careful not to let any energy go, or I could hurt you all. Kalin, how much further?"

Kalin held out his hand to reorient himself. He had a strange look on his face.

[Something wrong?] Denner asked as he snapped up a large catfish and chomped it down.

"Yes. It seems like there's two directions." Kalin told them. "North and north west."

"Which one's closest?" Tanis asked.

"They're both the same distance." He said. "Should we split up?"

Tanis swung at another mosquito and missed.


"I don't like the idea of splitting up." Eheren frowned. "We could search for hours without finding anything without you. They don't show on my magic sight at all."

"I can make them reveal themselves for a time." Kalin told them. "But we better get there fast."

"Denner, you take Kalin and go north west." Kalin nodded at his suggestion. "Tanis and I will go north. Keep your eyes open. I think there's more in this swamp then mosquitos and alligators."

[You feel something here?] Denner asked. His reptilian eyes flashed as the light of the sun glinted off them.

"Yes." Eheren said. "Don't let Kalin leave your side for any reason. Even to piss."

"I'm not powerless you know." Kalin argued. "I can protect myself."

"Just stay close."

[Climb on my back and were off.] Denner told him. Kalin mounted himself on Denners scaly back and Denner swam off to the north.

"We go that way." Tanis pointed. Not far off.

Dolon and the dragons were on a search of their own. It seems they were after the same prize. There's was a quiet quest. The dragons minds were so entrapped by Muerte, that there wasn't much room for their own thoughts. In human form they splashed through the swamp. Bug bites didn't bother them. They were like zombies pointed at an objective. Nothing would stop them. Deep in Fiero's mind he screamed for release. He and his brothers knew what was happening to them, but they were powerless to stop it. Muerte now had total control over them.

"Move this way." Dolon told him." I see the place we seek."

All Fiero saw were trees reaching out of the water, logs and moss everywhere. The swamp had a musty rotting smell but there was another smell. It was a Dragon smell. Fiero ignored it. There wasn't anything he could do anyway. Maybe he should try calling out to the Dragon. But then he didn't want Muerte to even find the memory in his mind. So he cast it out of his mind. In Dolon''s mind Muerte had placed a picture of the place they were to go. He saw what she wanted them to bring back clearly. They were here for some magic pages she wanted and he had known better than to ask his mistress what they were. His job was to bring them back, and that was what he would do. He knew where they walked looked like the right direction. His vampire senses told him they were not alone. Off in the distance, he could hear splashed. He didn't know what it was. It could just be some swamp animal, or it could be someone after the same thing as he was. He thought he would find out soon, for they were close, very close to what they were after.

Splashing through the swamp, Tanis saw a faint glow ahead of them. It was coming from a shadow area not far in front of them. Could that be what they were looking for?

"Eheren." He called. "Look there!"

Eheren peered into the area he had pointed out. There was a glow.

"This must be it." Eheren said. "Come on."

Together they moved forward toward the shadow. It was dark now and the light had faded away. Suddenly a burst of flame cut them off from the side. Eheren grabbed Tanis and pulled him out of the way just in time. They looked to their left and there stood a tall man in red leathers and a nightwalker. Eheren knew the tall man was a dragon. He had no doubt. But where did he come from?

"Kill them!!" The nightwalker yelled.

The tall man began to shift to dragon form and roared.

"Can you take him?" Eheren asked as he shifted.

"There's not a nightwalker alive, or undead, I can't take. My father had me trained well." Tanis grinned at him. His fangs and talons grew. His eyes glowed yellow, his body mass swelled as he grew stronger. He was ready for battle. The red dragon shot a blast of flame at them and leaped into the air. Eheren followed dodging the blast and shooting out his own bolt of lightning striking a tree and blowing it to pieces. Fiero flew high and sent his flame behind him to burn Eheren, but being an energy dragon, the flame bounced off his wing. Like a mindless beast, Fiero spun in the air and came back it Eheren. With seconds to dodge, Eheren turned on his side and swung out his tail which caught Fiero on the back. He was almost knocked out of the air but recovered in time to sail over the tops of the trees.

Below Tanis stood ready for the nightwalkers attack. Dolon launched himself at Tanis. With a massive arm, Tanis batted him aside. Dolon crashed into a tree and fell back into the water. Tanis smiled and waved him forward. Using the shadows, Dolon disappeared from Tanis's sight for a second. Moving with the speed of his kind, Tanis sent a number of punches into the air and connected with each knocking Dolon back. Dolon was no match for Tanis. Tanis had trained for years in his style of fighting. He was use to all of his abilities and knew how to use them. Dolon was a new nightwalker. It would take him centuries to become as good a fighter as Tanis, if he lived that long. Which was very doubtful Tanis thought. Dolon got up on one knee and wiped the blood from his face. He knew he couldn't win this fight. His only chance was to make a grab for the pages and escape. He looked to his left to where they were and made a dash for them. Dolon reached the spot where they were buried and pushed his hands deep into the water and pulled them out. Quickly he tossed them into the air and called Fiero. One page fell back separate and landed in the water.

"Take them back to our mistress!" When he looked back to Tanis he saw the hand coming out of his chest. Tanis was standing there gripping his dead heart. That was the last thing he saw. Overhead Fiero swooped down and caught the scroll and winged his wing up and away. Eheren gave chase, but Fiero was too fast. He couldn't catch him. He returned to Tanis and shifted back to human.

"Damn, he got away with it." Tanis said.

"It's alright." Eheren said. "He didn't get this."

He walked over and picked up the page. It was very old but Eheren could read it. He looked up at Tanis and smiled.

"What is it?"

"It's the spell that will free the Baron." He said. "We found it at last."

"Then we're done?" Tanis asked.

"No." He said. "Not until all of the book is found. Who knows what spells are in that book. Come on, let's find Denner and Kalin."

To the north west, Denner swam quickly following Kalin's direction. It wasn't too long before they found an island. Denner swam up and onto the shores where Kalin climbed off. Shifting back to human, Denner stretched, he'd been an alligator for hours. He was glad to stand again on two feet.

"Which way?" He asked.

"Over there." Kalin pointed. "Follow me."

With Kalin in the lead, Denner followed him. This island was strange. It wasn't swamp like. It was more like a forest in the middle of a swamp. The smells here were even different. Denner noticed that the minute they left the water, the air smelled more dry, earthy. This forest seemed peaceful. Together they walked deeper into the forest. They saw many small animals scurry around as they came closer. A silver fox came walking out from behind a bush. It stopped and looked up at them. It stood right in there path. Denner frowned and looked over to Kalin.

"What's this?" He asked.

"I don't know." The fox turned and started walking ahead of them, then stopped and looked back.

"Why do I get the feeling it wants us to follow it." Denner asked. Kalin shrugged his agreement.

"Maybe we should." He said and followed the fox.

"Let's try something."

They followed the fox as it trotted along then they stopped. The fox stopped and waited.

"I guess that answers our question. It is leading us, but to where?" Denner asked.

"Well, it's heading in the direction we need to go, so we go on."

Following the fox they walked about a mile further on then came to a small field. It was beautiful. Like an oasis in the middle of a desert. There the fox stopped and looked up at them. It moved aside as if to tell them to go on. In the middle of the field sat a young girl dressed in peasant clothes. She looked at them and smiled.

"Aiya." She said.

Denner and Kalin walked into the field as she got up from her seated position. This was weird. What was a young girl doing here so many miles from the closest town or village?

"Aiya." Denner smiled at her. "Are you all alone here?"

"Yes." She said. "I am where I was hidden."

"Hidden?" Kalin said. "By who?"

"By my master." She said. "And now you have found me, as I knew you would, Kalin Ka. Now you are the master."

Astonished they both were takin back. Who is she and how could she know Kalin's name? Or that he would find her. This was very confusing.

"Who are you?" Kalin asked. "And how do you know me?"

"I know you like I knew your father before you, and your grandfather before him." She said. "I am Texa and I was made to hold all of Ganon's dreams and spells. I am the binding to all of his spells and enchantments. Accessible only to you. Ganon made me to only give my knowledge to an ancestor of his. But it was said that my spells were too powerful, that they were removed from me and hidden. Some were afraid I might be used for evil. That can't happen. That is why I was hidden."

"We have been looking for you and your spells. It seems someone evil has found some of them." Kalin told her." I am here to help to stop the horrors being done with your magic."

"I am saddened this has happened. If you promise to use me as Ganon wished, I can help you." Texa told them. "I can locate all the spells that are missing, and for some, I can reverse their magic. If that is your wish. I can help you get them back."

"Will you come with us." Kalin asked holding out his hand.

"As you wish Master." Texa said. "I will be with you as a tattoo. Just call me and I will answer."

[Eheren, we found what we were looking for.] Denner sent. [And you're not going to believe this.]

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