Castle Roland

The Great Skype Hunt

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 6

Published: 16 Jun 16

The Great Skype Hunt

Copyright © 2016
by Jandar Tyr

With Sky on his back between Ranjer and Mera, Quynn headed back home. They had found five out of six ingredients and their only hope to find the last one, was at home. Someone there had to know what a Skype was. Between Cutter's library and Jandar's, their had to be a clue there.

As they flew over New Keanna, they saw the city was all decorated for the holiday. All the kids were dressed up to celebrate. There were Jack-O-Lanterns and scarecrows and all the usual decorations set up. But they didn't have time for that. They had to get to the library and figure out what that last ingredient was.

As they landed and made they way to the Manor with Sky leaning against Quynn as he helped him along. Their friends hurried out to greet them. As they reached the garden, Shayn and Ono stepped out of the manor.

"How did you do?" Shayn asked. "Did you get everything?"

"All but one." Ranjer said. Mera held out her bag to show him what they had collected.

Shayn took it and looked through it checking its contents.

"What about the last one?" He asked them.

"Who is your friend Quynn?" Ono asked. "Is he alright?"

"This is Sky Petrus." Quynn introduced them. "He's a Snow Phoenix from Pollex. There's a long story which we'll tell you later, Right now we have to find a Skype."

"A Skype?" Sky looked at Quynn with bright eyes. "Quynn, there's something I should tell you."

"What is it?" Quynn asked worried. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." He said with a smile." I just wanted to tell you my nick name is Skype. Sky PEtrus. Everyone calls me Skype."

Ranjer, Mera and Quynn looked at him in shock. Sky was actually two of the ingredients they needed. Then had everything they needed to bring Master Jeikor's soul back to his body.

"And more." Said a voice from behind them. They all turned to see Master Jeikor coming out of the garden to greet them.


"Surprise!!" He smiled.

"You mean all this was for nothing?" Ranjer said confused.

"No." Shayn said "I think you learned a lot didn't you Ranjer? Professor Insa told us how you used lessons you learned in almost every quest you went on. In Maron's Hollow you used what you learned in cryptozoology to defeat the Hobgoblins,"

"And in Aquilona." Master Jeikor said. "You remembered that Arrowroot would make you invisible and saved Durlan Dylani from the Scaqi. Had you not been there, Aquilona and the Scaqi might have gone to war. I can't tell you how proud we are of you three."

"That's right." Ono congratulated them. "This proves you're ready to graduate and you were paying attention in class. All the of you. You are now fully tested and you pass every course. Congratulations and Happy Halloween!"

"And I think I found the best gift of all." Quynn said as he put his arms around Sky. "I found my future, my destiny."

The End.

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