Castle Roland

Zarin Testa and the Andrake Academy

by Jandar Tyr

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Chapter 5

Published: 19 Sep 16

Zarin Testa and the Andrake Academy

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Dark Attacks

Azeal and Tanis sat in the study of Jandar and Rage in the manor in New Keanna. Rage was out searching overseas for Shayn and Ono. Both Azeal and Tanis had volunteered to help, but their parents instead wanted them in school in Winterhaven. Now here they were back in the dragon's home.

"What the hell is going on in Winterhaven?" Jandar asked. "I keep hearing about people being attacked on their enchanted roads. Isn't anyone out there patrolling?

"Insa is aware of the problem." Azeal said. "But he's got more important issues at the moment."

"Like?" Jandar looked up at them. There was something in his eyes Azeal thought. It must be worry about Ono and Shayn. Not to mention his father Drake and his unstable mind.

"Like six missing students for one." Tanis came and sat next to Azeal. "Then there's the power struggle going on."

"What do you mean?" Jandar asked.

"Do you know Tayor Larin?" Azeal asked.

"I've heard of him." Jandar said sitting back in his chair. "Nasty dark mage. We thought he was in league with Polan during his reign. What's he got to do with this?"

"He's the one trying to overthrow the council." Azeal said. "We also think he has something to do with the missing students. We think they have something he wants."

"What's that? Missing students?" Now Jandar was curious. He didn't like the thought of anyone snatching the children from their classrooms.

"A magical item that steals one's magic and their mind." Tanis told him. "Tayor plans to take the council that way. Once he owns their magic and wills, he'll disband the council and declare himself king."

Jandar thought for a moment. "I don't like that. Winterhaven is too close to New Keanna and that sounds like Polan's plan to me. How can I help?"

Azeal smiled and looked to Tanis. With Jandar's help, something could be done.

"We were thinking that one of us would join Tayor in order to gain his trust and learn his plans." Azeal explained.

"Go on." Jandar said listening. He folded his arms and hoped this plan wasn't going where he thought it was

"We thought that if we had something we could show him to prove our loyalty." Tanis continued. " We might be able to gain his trust."

"I think I know where this is going." Jandar held up his hand stopping them. "You're thinking of using the dragon talismans, am I right?"

"Yes." Azeal said looking at Tanis a little a surprised. "It won't be for long, and we can keep them safe I assure you."

"You both know I trust you like my own son's." Jandar looked at them. "As I would trust Ono and Shayn. So I'll give you the same answer I'd give them. Not a chance!!"

Azeal and Tanis looked at him in shock. They expected he would go along with their plan and agree with them.

"Have you any idea how powerful each of those items are?" Jandar stood from his desk, they could see his anger rising. "The Frostbelt could cover Winterhaven and New Keanna in snow deeper and faster then what Kearn did in Bravosa. The Firestaff has the power of a volcano. The Brace of Terra can move mountains and can you imagine what the Stomcatcher's dagger can do? There is no way I'd allow a dark mage like Tayor Larin even near any of the talismans. Think again."

"What of Pelic's cloak?" Tanis asked quietly.

Jandar looked at him in surprise. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You would put one of us in Tayor's hands?" He asked. "I don't know as much as I should about his cloak, but I do know it can never be separated from Pelic without him dying. You would chance that?"

"Uncle." Azeal said. "What happens if Tayor wins and takes over Winterhaven? He'll have all the magic of Winterhaven at his disposal. How much power would that be? Think about it."

Jandar knew that would be bad. Winterhaven is the most magical place on Keanna next too New Keanna itself or a few other places he hoped Tayor never thought of. They would have to call Aramis, Alea, and all the rest of the gods for help against Tayor if he gained all the power of Winterhaven. Something had to be done. But the talismans weren't the answer. Neither of the boys had the power to protect them if he turned it over to them. Tayor would just kill them and take it from them.

"Let me think on this a bit." Jandar said. "In the meanwhile. I want you both to help find these missing students. Do you know who they are?"

"No, but we could ask Insa." Tanis sat uncomfortably.

"I'll ask him." Jandar sat back at his desk. "Both of you go have something to eat. I'll call you after I talk to him. Tanis, stay a moment."

Azeal looked at Tanis as he walked to the door and left. He was worried about what Jandar might say to him. He might be angry because of his suggestion.

"Tanis, I'm not mad at you at all." Jandar smiled. "I just wanted to ask how things have been going since all that mess with your father ended. How's your Mother and sister?"

"Athene's in Prafa helping rebuild the city." He said. "Uncle Arturus is there too. Last I was there; things were moving along pretty good."

"And your Mother?"

"Well we don't see her much." He said. "But she talks to us in our minds all the time. I know she's watching, I can feel her all the time."

Jandar stood and walked to the front of his desk and sat next to him. Tanis always felt comfortable in Jandar's presence. After his suggestion he was a bit uncomfortable, but that passed.

"I've spoken with her too." He said. "She wants me to let you know you have a home if you want and for Rage and I to became your guardians. I told her I would talk to you about it. How do you feel about that?"

"Really?" He asked. "You want me here? What about Azeal?"

"When you're not in school of course we do." He smiled. "And Azeal already has his own room here. He knows he's welcome. What do you say?"

"I'd like that." He smiled at Jandar.

"Then talk to Rose and she'll give you a room in the family wing." Jandar stood and hugged Tanis. "Welcome to the Manor."

" Thank you." Tanis smiled. For him this would be the first real home he had ever had. Being under his father's finger had always kept him on the move from place to place. Jandar watched as he left and actually worried about him. He knew the talisman idea couldn't work. But there were other ways to gather information. Ways that wouldn't put Tanis or Azeal in harm's way.

[ Cutter. ] He sent out. [ I have a job for you. ]

As evening began to creep in and the sun slide away, Gorak, Zark and Skang slipped quietly in the villa. The basement of the house was to be their destination. Each one armed with a collar Gorak had fashioned from strips of leather they had ripped from there garments. All day long Gorak have carved the symbols he remembered from the walls of the cells. After finished he had tried one on and tried cast a spell with no results. His magic wouldn't work. That meant the collars worked. Pleased with his work, he gave one to each of the other Orcs telling them to be careful not to scratch any of the symbols away.

Once inside, they scented the air to find out where the occupants were. One they found on the upper floor, two other scents were coming from below. Gorak decided to head for the basement first. Quietly they made their way to the rear of the villa and the stairs that went down. It was dark down there, but that was no problem for Orc eyes. They didn't need much light. As they moved, the scents became stronger. From their scents, Gorak could tell they were young, and males. He smiled, he could also tell they had magic and that one of them had been trying to use his to escape.

On the bottom landing there was a door that led into the cell area. Skang pushed it open and they barged in. One human stood clutching the bars. Surprise lit his face as he saw them enter.

"Orcs!!" Trip warned Rese backing away. With a quick gesture, Gorak sent a stun bolt at him knocking him out and to the floor. The other boy jumped to his feet as he heard Trip yell. Gorak walked to his cell raising his hand.

"No, no, nooo!!" Rese backed up holding his hands in front of his face trying to shield himself. Gorak sent another stun bolt to knock him out. Another gesture opened the cells and Skang and Zark went in and put the collars on them and dragged them out.

"What about the other one upstairs?" Skang asked after tying their hands.

"Leave him." Gorak said. "These two are enough."

"Are you crazy!! Zark angrily got in his face. "We're hungry. We could eat that one!"

"Then go and get him." Gorak's hands began to glow to show he was still their leader. "But you will not hurt him. We take them all, and one of you fetch the wolves. We can eat them. "

Gorak cast a levitation spell to move their prisoner out of the dungeon area.

"Meet me in front of the villa with the others. And hurry your asses up!!" As he left, the two boys floated out behind him.

Skang looked at Zark. "I'm gonna kill him as soon as we're back in Ardia."

Zark nodded his agreement and headed upstairs to capture Craven.

Up in the study, Craven heard the screams of Trip and Rese. He grabbed his sword from his pack and ran for the entrance down to the cells where he had left the boys. For the first time since he broke Tabor's spell on him, Craven felt fear. If anything happened to either of them, he knew it was all his fault. Reaching the door that led him down, Craven called a spell to cover his sword in a bright green flame and swung open the door. Before him stood the ugliest Orc he had ever seen holding a mace in his hand. Growling it swung for Craven's head, missing and smashing the door. Craven leaped back holding out his glowing blade. The Orc charged at him swinging his mace at him. Craven countered with his sword blocking his blows as they came and moving back. Thinking fast, Craven sent power pulsing through his sword at his enemy. In a flash of green, the pulse power erupted from the sword knocking the Orc back into an old chest against the wall. Craven took off passing the Orc and ran into the basement and down the stairs

"TRIP!!!" He shouted.

Pushing back the hood from his head frantically looking around, he saw the cells were empty. Trip and the other boy were gone. From behind him he heard the Orc coming down the stairs howling like a beast enraged. Craven stood and waited for the Orc to enter the room with a spell on his lips. With his mace raised the Orc entered. Craven let loose his spell silently. As it hit the Orc it froze in its charge. He walked to the Orc noticing the collar on its belt.

"Where are they?" He asked.

Sweat ran from the Orcs brow as he struggled to get loose. But the spell held him tight.

"You have two choices. You can stay silent and I'll torture you until you tell me. Or I can turn you over to the City Guards and they can do it. Then I guess they'll do what they did with the rest of the Black Armors they caught. That's send you to Mythioes and the gargoyles where you get eaten."

Zark's eyes lit in defiance. He knew gargoyles could eat you alive piece by piece. What he didn't know was that the dragons had set Gird there to protect all the prisoners. They had built a compound and they were all safe serving their sentences.

"Well?" Craven asked raising his hand to the Orcs face as it began to glow and give off heat. "What's it to be? I might free you once I get them back if you help."

"You swear you'll free me?" Zark asked.

"You swear you won't betray me?" Craven answered.

"I swear." Zark nodded. "And I know where they're going."

Craven snatched the collar from the Orcs belt and looked at it. He'd seen these symbols before. He looked back to the cells and saw the exact same symbols. He smiled at Zark.

"This was meant for me wasn't it?" He waved it in his face.


"There's a mage in your group, right?" He asked. "And how many are there?"

"Yes, Gorak." Zark answered. "And there's five of us. We've been hiding here since the downfall of Polan the Necromancer."

[ I can help you change that collar so he will be obedient. ] Micah told his grandson. [ But we must hurry. We don't want them to get to far ahead of us. ]

[ Grandfather. ] Craven said in him mind. [ Zarin and the others are on their way, I'm sure. I think I should wait for their help. ]

[ Craven. ] Asked his grand sire. [ Are you sure? ]

[ I'd love to go in there and rescue Trip and the other boy. ] He said. [ But I can't battle Orcs on my own. No matter how many there are. I'll need help and Zarin and his friends are my only hope. Besides, this one knows where they're going. If Zarin agrees, we can catch them. ]

[ I'm very proud of you son. ] Micah sent. [ Now scratch out those symbols. These are the symbols you need. Etch them in, put it on him and let us go find some help. ]

[ I don't think he'll be needing the collar. ] Craven tossed it aside. "Will we?"

" We're not going to get home tonight." Dack asked Zarin looking exhausted. " Are we?"

"I don't think so. It's getting pretty late." He turned to Reno. "We better find somewhere to stay for the night."

Reno nodded his agreement then called to Thalia to come back to them. Zarin and Dack walked over to him and took the packs off their back.

"Trip's scent is close, but faint." He said. "What do you want to do? Go on or stop for the night?"

"How close do you think we are?" Zarin asked. Thalia flew into land and shifted back.

"Less than a mile." She told them. "There's a house with lights just ahead. I think he's in there."

"Then we go on." Zarin picked up the packs and handed Dack his. "We'll go together. We'll all shift. Dack, you have a form to use?"

"I practiced a leopard in class." He nodded his head. "I can do it."

"OK. I have an eagle form." Zarin shouldered his pack. "Thalia and I will fly, You two come by ground. Dack, stay close to Reno. Everybody ready?"

Zarin watched as one by one they shifted into their new forms. Thalia into a raven that hopped into the air and took off. Reno took his full wolven form and howled. Next Dack concentrated and shifted to a sleek black panther, he growled and went over to stand with Reno. Last of all Zarin. As his eyes flashed gold, he spread his arm and shifted into a large golden eagle that shrieked his approval and launched himself into the air.

[ Let's go! ]

Flying high over the forest Zarin looked ahead to see the house Thalia had been talking about. It was a rundown villa someone had abandoned long ago. He could see Thalia circling the house waiting for him. Below he saw Reno and Dack running at top speed through the trees, jumping over logs and bushes towards the villa. It took Zarin less than a minute to join Thalia. They found a place to land on a window ledge and looked in. There they saw Craven in a chair with his hands in his lap. Over in the corner Zarin saw what looked to be an Orc just sitting there. Reno was right. It was Craven that took Trip. Zarin's anger began to build. He leaped back into the air and circled the house gathering speed then crashed through the window with Thalia following him. As he hit the floor, Zarin began his change back. He rushed over to Craven and grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up to face him.

"YOU TOOK TRIP!" He yelled holding him close to his still feathered face, his eyes burning with anger. "WHERE IS HE?!"


"Yes!" He hit him in his face. Craven crashed to the floor and lay there. "How could you Craven. You used to be our friend."

Seconds later they heard the door downstairs come crashing in. It was Reno and Dack. They came bounding up the stairs into the room roaring. Craven shuffled back to the wall looking scared. Snarling like the beast he was, Dack moved forward growling at him.

"Stop Dack!" Thalia called to him. "Don't hurt him!"

Zarin looked at Dack. He knew he was angry and the panther in him might have taken too strong a hold on him. He looked at Craven. He knew Craven could defend himself, but he wasn't. Why wasn't he?

[ Because he's been under Tabor's spell and he thinks he's to blame for what has happened. ] Zarin heard in his head. [ Help my grandson please! ]

Without thinking Zarin leaped in front of Craven to protect him.

"Dack!" He yelled. "Shift back now!!"

But Dack kept coming, growling and snarling. Thalia moved quickly in with Zarin.

"Little brother." She said tears in her eyes. "Will you hurt me too?"

As Dack raised his paw with extended claws he looked at Zarin and stopped. He had control of the leopard again. He stepped back and shifted to himself and fell to the floor. He sat and looked up at the others with the eyes of a cat, green and glowing.

"That was intense!" Dack said. "Is everyone alright?"

Reno walked over to Craven and pulled him from the floor. "Where is he?"

"The Orcs took them." Craven looked into Reno's eyes. "I'm sorry, it's all my fault."

Reno raised his fist to hit him. Quickly stepping over, Zarin grabbed his friends arm.

"Wait." he said. "I think there's more to this than Craven."

"What do you mean?" He just said. "It's all his fault. What more is there?"

"Craven. I heard a voice saying something about Tabor." Reno released him. "Is it true? He had a spell on you?"

Craven looked at Zarin in shock. Could he have heard grandfather? It's not possible.

[ Yes, it is. ] Micah said to Craven and Zarin. [ I can talk to all of them. To whoever I want. ]

"Who was that?" Reno spun on his heels looking for whoever spoke. Dack stood there with surprise on his face.

"This place is haunted? " Dack said.

"No, I am." Craven sat back in his chair. "That's my Great, great, great, great, great, grandfather your hearing. He's always with me. And yes that fucking Tabor had me spelled to follow him. I didn't know, I thought it was all me. But with grandfather's help and seeing what I was doing to Trip, I finally broke the spell."

"I knew something was wrong with you." Dack said. "You changed so fast. It just wasn't like you."

"What about Trip?" Thalia asked. "You said the Orcs took him?"

"Yes." Craven turned to Zark in the corner. "He can lead us to them."

"Us?" Reno said.

"Yes, I have to help save him." Craven walked over to Reno. "I was under Tabor's spell, but it was still me doing those things. Please Reno, Let me help."

"How?" Reno asked still angry and untrusting. "How are you going to help?"

Craven pointed to the Orc in the corner. "You all think Orcs are savage and honor less, but they're not. He's given me his word and I trust him. He knows where they're going. We can catch them."

Reno looked at Craven and the Orc. He didn't want his help. But he had to find Trip and if this was the only way. He would definitely use him.

"I don't trust you like Dack does." he said. "But if Dack and Zarin feel you deserve a chance, I'll give you that chance. Zarin?"

"He use to be a good friend." Zarin said. "I'll trust him again. Tomorrow we start after them first thing in the morning. Reno, can you hunt us up something to eat?"

"Sure." He said. "I'll be right back with food."

After leaving Jandar's study, Tanis found Rose and she showed him to his new room next to Azeal's. He looked around at the huge lavish bed and all the things Rose had put into his room. There was a bureau and a chest at the end of his bed for private things. He had a desk for writing and comfortable chairs. One side of the room there was a fire place that he was told burned as long as he wanted with a double sized couch for napping. Opposite the door there was a balcony. Tanis walked over opened the door and stepped out into the night air. Everything in New Keanna was at peace now. He watched as the guards patrolled the city keeping them all safe. Tanis looked out in to the night thinking about what had happened earlier. Jandar had denied them use of the talismans, and for good reason. They were far too powerful to be allowed out of there safe place. If Tayor got his hands on any of them, he would be far to powerful and dangerous. But Insa needed their help. Tanis didn't like Azeal's idea. He didn't want to get close to Tayor. Having served one dictator was enough for him. But he didn't see much choice. If that was what he had to do to help, he would do it.

[ There's other ways my grandson. ]

Tanis looked up to the half-moon in the sky. He smiled as he felt his grandmothers touch.

"Evening Grandmother." he called into the night.

[ Why so sad? ] Alea asked.

"I'm trying to help a friend in need." He explained. "But I can't think of a way we can help."

[ The best way you can help in Winterhaven is to be there when he needs you most. ]

Tanis looked up to the moon and his grandmother. "Winterhaven? How did you know?"

[ Tanis. ] She sent. [ I'll always be watching you and Athene. ]

" Can you help us?"

[ You don't need help. ] He heard. [ But you should get back. Insa will need you there soon, both of you. ]

"But Jandar asked us to wait." Tanis stood and paced along his balcony. "He wants to help."

[ Jandar's time to help will come. ] She told him. [ But now its your time. Get Azeal and get back to Winterhaven by morning. Trust me Tanis, go. ]

Tanis stopped and thought about it. He knew his grandmother had the ability of far sight. Obviously she was trying to tell him something. He turned and grabbed his coat and left his room.

[ Azeal, we're leaving! Meet me out front now! ]

[ What's the hurry. ] Azeal sent. [ I'm tired. ]

[ And it's about to get worse. ] Tanis told him as he rushed through the halls. [ We have to get back to Winterhaven. I think there's trouble. ]

The family wing of the Manor was on the upper most floors. Tanis hurried down the stairs moving two at a time. As he ran he called out to Jandar.

[ Jandar, we have to get back. Insa is in trouble! ]

[ Do you want any help? ] He answered. [ I could send Blaze or the Shadoes with you. ]

[ No. ] Tanis told him. [ This is for Azeal and I to do. ]

[ OK young one. But If you need help. Blink can be there in seconds. Just call me. Fly quickly. ]

[ We will uncle. ] Tanis reached the bottom as Azeal in his hawk form flew over his head.

"Time to go, brother!" Tanis opened the door and ran out with Azeal following. Concentrating on his change, Tanis launched himself in the sky shifting to a falcon. With a squawk the two vampires were back on their way to Winterhaven, flying high and as fast as they could.

With his cane now attuned to him, Tayor sat for a moment thinking about what he had to do this night. He knew adding the spells to the cane would take him the rest of the night and not leave him any time for sleep. He hoped he would be done and strong enough for the first test he had scheduled in the morning. Councilor Begaise would be here bright and early. He would be a perfect test for his new weapon. But there was something else he wanted done tonight. His thoughts turned to his enemy, Insa, that damned smoke dragon. He wanted him destroyed and out of his way. Tayor knew Insa would most likely be immune to the canes magic so a more physical touch would be needed. At this time of night, He would probably be asleep in his lair above the council chambers. Tayor had studied his enemy and knew of their dream state and the control they had over their dreams. Insa would be aware of his surroundings while dreaming. The only chance Tayor would have is if he could distract him in his dreams so his men could slip in and slay the dragon. He would have to weave a very powerful dream for him. Something so real he wouldn't even notice his surroundings.

Tayor reached up and pulled the cord to call Yoron his aide. Minutes later Yoron knocked at the door.


Yoron, a tall man dressed in leather trousers and boots and a black peasant shirt entered. At his side he wore a long sword and dagger. His long dark hair was tied back with a strand of leather. His face scared from previous battles, he walked up to Tayor and bowed.

"What is your wish Master?"

Tayor Larin gave Yoron a grim look. "There's something I want you to do tonight."

Streaking through the darkness, Tanis and Azeal saw the lights of Winterhaven not far in front of them.

[ We're almost there! ] Tanis sent. [ I see Winterhaven there ahead. ]

[ Good. ] Azeal sent flying closer. [ The council building is there in the center. Head for those windows high up. That would be Insa's balcony. ]

As they made their descent, a voice rang out in their minds. It was Jandar. [ Tanis, Azeal. Somethings not right here. ]

[ What is it uncle? ]

[ I've been in Rage's dreams enough to know my way into a dragon's dream. ] Jandar sounded worried. [ I can't get into Insa's dream. I should be able to with no problem but something is blocking me. ]

[ What? ] Azeal asked.

[ There's only one thing that could block me. ] he told them. [ Magic. Someone's put a dream weaving on him. Get in there fast! ]

[ We're going in now! ]

The city government building for Winterhaven was a tall, majestic building in the center of the city. It had three tall towers used as prison cells for the more important prisoners and some of the most important members had offices. The council room was located in the center of the lower areas. Tanis and Azeal flew around the tower and sighted the windows of the council chambers. There they came down to land. As vampires, both Azeal and Tanis had very acute hearing, smell and vision. That didn't change when shifted to other forms. They could hear the sounds of the sleeping dragon; his heavy breathing rang through the chamber. Being a dragon, Insa never thought he need a home of his own. Even though he had two wards to care for, he lived on a balcony high above the council chambers while Reno and Trip stayed in the dormitories that housed the children that came from afar.

Slipping through the window, Tanis and Azeal flew up to Insa's balcony. There they found him sound asleep in his dragon form. Insa was a very large gray smoke colored dragon. his wings were folded to his back and his great head lay on his fore paws issuing lite wisps of smoke.

The two vampires shifted back to their normal form and walked close to the dragon.

"He seems alright." Tanis turned to Azeal.

"Alright?" Azeal said. "Far from it. We shouldn't be able to get this close to a sleeping dragon. Dragons are totally aware of their surroundings. Even in their sleep. Jandar's right. There's some kind of spell on him."

"You know how to break it?" Azeal asked.

"No, I have no idea."

"Wait! I have one." Azeal stepped up to Insa's large smoky snout and bent over.

"What are you doing?"

"Something Jandar taught me." he said. "Now be quiet and ready to move quickly. If he wakes, I don't know what his reaction will be."

Reaching over, Azeal put his hand over Insa's snout. He was looking for the spot Jandar showed him for waking sleeping beings. Right between the eyes. Azeal pressed down there then jumped back. Nothing, it didn't work.

"Now what?" Tanis asked.

"Now you die!!" A voice came from behind them. As Azeal turned, Tanis dived over Insa's snout and rolled to his feet. Charging at them they saw Four men. Three armed with raised swords, one with a bow coming at them. Azeal pulled Justice from its scabbard and countered the first man. The clang of their swords echoed through the chamber as Azeal pushed him back with vampire's strength. Jumping over the sleeping dragon two men came at Tanis. He smiled and swiftly ducked the first swing with ease and kicked out at the man's knee braking it. As the man fell howling in pain, Tanis jumped into the air and came down in front of the second attacker.

"You thought you were coming to kill a sleeping dragon, didn't you?"

The man looked at Tanis. He pulled a dagger from his belt and got into a fighting stance.

"Seems we got more than we hoped for." He said as the ducked and an arrow came flying at Tanis to hit him in his shoulder spinning him around.

"No!" Azeal screamed as his opponent made to gut him. As his anger flared Justice began to give off a blue glow and Azeal began to move with a blurring speed at his attacker. Slicing left then right and then slashing up, Justice cut the man down in pieces. Now the only one left was the bowman. He pulled an arrow from his quiver and took aim at Azeal. Tanis stood smiling and pulled the arrow from his shoulder.

"You sure you want to do this?" Tanis said. "I can be at your throat before you let go of the string. Or you can get the hell out of Winterhaven cause if I see you again ever. I will kill you. Decide now."

Sweat ran from the man's forehead as he held Azeal in his sights. He thought he could kill one of them before the other got him. He knew if he left, Youron would find him and torture him to death because they failed. He pulled the string back a bit more to fire when suddenly Tanis was standing in his face snapping the arrow in two.

"Too late." With three quick blows, Tanis hammered into his chest killing him. The bowman fell silently at their feet spilling his arrows everywhere.

"I'm glad that's over." Tanis kicked the body aside and went over to Azeal.

"It's not over." Azeal said. "I think there a lot more to come."

Deep in his dream Insa flew over the countryside looking for Zarin and the rest of his students. He knew he was dreaming, but sometimes he could learn things in his dreams. But it didn't seem like that would be the case tonight. As he flew he felt something strange come over him. He was being spelled. Spelled to stay asleep. That meant someone was going to attack his body. He turned in the air and flew as fast as he could back to Winterhaven. As he approached the city his eyes saw something strange. All around the wall he saw a glow that completely covered the city. Insa didn't know what it was but he had a feeling that it was meant for him. As he came closer, pain began to radiate through his body. It became more intense the closer he got. Soon the pain was so bad he had to turn away. As the pain dwindled Insa began to panic. He had to get back to his body to wake or it would die and his spirit would wander for eternity. Insa knew he only had one hope, only one place to go. New Keanna. If he could get Jandar, Eheren, or Cutters attention, he would have a chance. And he had to get back or the kids and the city had no chance against Tayor. He knew that was who had done this to him. He had begun his bid to be king. King of the Magical City of Winterhaven.

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