Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 1

Published: 30 Jul 15

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

It was near the end of August and Zane sat under a tree in the small town's only park finishing his summer reading before school started back. Zane or Zane Grey Hill to give his full name and yes his dad had been a big fan of the Western writer when Zane was born. Now he was more of a fan of Jack Daniels. Zane was hardly the big cowboy his dad had wanted at 5' 7" and 140 pounds but he was still the fastest runner in the school.

His peaceful time of reading was at an end as Donnie and 'friends' headed his way. Zane barely noticed in time to get his book and snack stuffed into his backpack before they arrived. Donnie Briscoe, 6' 2" and 195 pounds, was still the quarterback but only because his dad bought equipment for the team and was the bane of Zane's existence. Donnie went out of his way to taunt and bully Zane.

Zane thankfully got away from the tree he had been leaned against before the could fence him in. When Donnie tried to punch him Zane ducked, pushed one of the big fat asses known as linemen into Donnie and took off.

Zane slowed down when realized the lazy butts didn't come after him but he stilled walked at a brisk pace. He turned back to the front in time to see another boy walking in the opposite direction. In spite of the cap pulled down low on his head Zane caught a glimpse of brown eyes and hair, his favorites.

Zander, as he was going by at this time, gasped when he looked into the eyes of the boy hurrying past. Then he looked with his other sight and stumbled. Zander had never seen an aura so bright and totally green. He wasn't sure which was more captivating or more green: eyes or soul.

Zane trudged into the classroom just before the bell sounded and quickly looked around. Of course there was only one seat left; the one next to the mysterious Zander. No one was even sure what or even ''if'' he had a last name.

Zane didn't really mind sitting with Zander but it seemed everyone was pushing them to be friends because no one wanted to sit near either of them.

Zane had a secret that no one knew and no one was going to know until he was well away from this town. He was gay. And he was beginning to fall for Zander with his deep chocolate brown eyes and shoulder length hair the color of the fall leaves Zane loved to kick around as he walked through the woods..

Zander looked up as Zane sat beside him and gave one of his rare small smiles. Zander was bigger than Zane at 5' 10" and 160 pounds but not by much. Zander had two secrets: one he was gay, that had taken a couple hundred years to figure out and another hundred to come to terms with, two he was a vampire. Zander had been turned when he was 16 and at 416 years old he had spent the last hundred years looking for a mate. The only reason he was back in school now was the emerald eyed Zane. He made sure they had as many classes together as possible so he could watch over Zane.

With so many shared classes Zane and Zander were often paired together for class projects. Usually because they were the only ones left after everyone else had picked their partners. This was perfect to Zander who wanted to be as close to Zane as he could to keep him safe. At first Zane wasn't too sure about working with someone so standoffish and strange. Zander always wore long sleeves and either a ball cap or a hoodie with the hood pulled over his head almost hiding his face. But as time went on he found that Zander was friendly and not so strange at least when they were together at the library. Neither wanted to invite the other to their house; Zane because of his father and Zander because…well, as a vampire he didn't have a house.

The first time they met at the library to work on a project Zander showed up with a Mickey D's bag. The smell of the burger and fries made Zane's mouth water and his empty stomach rumbled. Zander sat down and slid the bag and drink toward Zane.

"Here," he said, "They gave me more than I ordered."

"I can't take your supper." Zane tried to refuse even as his stomach betrayed how hungry he was. There was never much to eat at home, usually lunch at school was the only decent meal he got.

"Go ahead," insisted Zander. "I already ate mine. Don't want it to go to waste."

"Thanks!" Zane gave in and wolfed down the food.

This happened every time they met to work on a project. Zane thought it odd that they always gave Zander a whole meal extra but he didn't think on it too hard because he really appreciated the food.

If he wasn't meeting Zander for a project Zane always hurried home as soon as school let out. He wanted to get in and grab clothes for tomorrow and snacks for his supper and breakfast before his dad got home. If his dad caught him there he always got yelled at and often got smacked around and his mom was no help. She had left before the accident that sent everything spiraling downhill.

It was now mid-October and Zane added a blanket to his backpack and took off. Out the kitchen door, through the backyard and into the woods Zane hurried to the cave he had found and that was where he spent most nights.

Zander watched from the woods as Zane settled in the cave and started on his homework. Zander shook his head at Zane's lack of concern for the presence of any wild animals. Not once in all the times he had stayed in the cave had Zane checked to see if anything lived in it. Zander knew there was nothing to worry about because he had long since taken care of the bear that used to call the cave home and he made sure nothing else took up residence in Zane's cave. But Zane didn't know that Zander watched over him nearly every night that he spent there.

The next morning the first person Zane saw at school was Zander coming down the hall. Again Zane got a small slight smile from Zander when he nodded as they passed each other.

"Hey, faggot!" Donnie Briscoe practically yelled. "You and your weirdo boyfriend got anything planned for Halloween? You better keep a sharp lookout. If I catch you out it'll be a trick for you. Ha, ha, ha!"

Most of the time the bullying wasn't too bad, Zane could fight just well enough to get away after only a punch or two and was fast on his feet. Donnie was too lazy to chase and his cronies were too fat. They were what passed for linemen on the football team.

Zane ignored Donnie and went on to his class. The rest of the day went fine but as he was leaving the school Donnie tried to corner him. Zane was once again too quick for Donnie and took off down the road.

"I'm going to get you on Halloween, faggot! You just watch and see!

Once again Zane rushed through his house grabbing clothes and food before heading to the cave. Zander again stood watch waiting for Zane to drop off asleep before he sat in the front of the cave and did his own homework. This was the routine until the week before Halloween. Donnie was not happy that he had not been able to corner Zane so he followed him home and watched. He almost missed seeing Zane take off through the woods at the back of his house. Donnie was familiar with that trail and started planning a nasty surprise for Zane.

This was the extent of Zane's life right up to Halloween. Then life played a cruel trick on him. His dad was already home when Zane got there and he was already drunk. Zane managed to slip into his bedroom unseen then knocked a book off his bed letting his dad know he was home.

"Thought you could sneak by me didn't ya, you little punk!" His dad's words were a bit slurred by the alcohol. "I think I need to teach you some respect."

"I just didn't want to disturb you is all. I know how hard you work." Zane laid it on thick hoping to appease his dad to know avail.

"Too late for that," said his dad as he raised his hand. It came down on Zane's shoulder as he tried to avoid the strike but there wasn't much room to maneuver. The smacks started coming from both hands and as hard as his dad could hit. Finally he grew tired and walked out.

Zane pulled himself up, grabbed his backpack and limped out of the house toward his sanctuary in the cave. However the tricks weren't done yet. There on the path was Donnie and his crew. Zane was too close by the time he noticed them to get away especially after the beating he had taken from his dad.

After a couple punches to his gut Donnie decided to have a different kind of fun with Zane.

"Strip him!" He directed his buddies.

Meanwhile Zander was getting worried as he watched the path leading to the cave; Zane was never this late getting there unless he ran into trouble. A cool breeze brought a familiar scent to Zander's nose. Blood! He took a couple of deep breaths and realized this scent was very familiar.

It was Zane's blood!

Zander tore off down the path in a blur hoping to get there in time.

Zane struggled against Donnie and his goons as they tried to strip his clothes. This earned him more punches to the abs, ribs and his face until he passed out. The group finally was able to rip his clothes from his limp body.

Donnie pulled the snap apart and started to unzip when he was thrown 10 feet down the path from the impact of Zander running into him. Zander then turned to the others, bared his fangs and growled. They pissed themselves as they tried to get their fat asses away from a suddenly real Halloween monster.

After making sure they left Zander turned to Zane kneeling down to see if he was still alive. Barely breathing and with a weak heartbeat Zane was just hanging on by a thread. Zander tenderly scooped him and his backpack up and as quick as he could without jostling Zane carried him to the cave. Zander lowered him onto the blanket and checked his vitals again. They weren't good.

Zane moaned then and opened his eyes to find Zander hunched over him with his fangs still showing. Zander realized why Zane's eyes got so huge and retracted the fangs but thought it was too late; Zane would be afraid of him now.

"I don't care," whispered Zane, "I still love you!" Zane figured there was no sense denying it now; he wasn't going to last much longer anyway. He could feel the energy escaping his body.

Now it was Zander's time to have widened eyes. The boy he had searched for over a hundred years loved him but he was dying. Zander knew there was a chance to save him but he hadn't tried to turn anyone since his failed attempt 250 years ago. He had to try though. This was Zane. His Zane!

Zander stripped naked then laid down next to Zane in a sixty-nine position. He swallowed all of Zane's beautiful cock and sunk his fangs into the soft skin of Zane's groin. He slowly savored both the blood and the cock before injecting the venom into Zane's body.

He backed off the cock, laid his head on Zane's thigh and waited what seemed like an eternity.

It was actually only about ten minutes when Zane started groaning and shaking as the venom took effect. Before he could give Zane any directions of what to do Zane swallowed his cock sucking on it a bit before he bit into the soft skin around Zander's uncut cock and started sucking blood as well as tonguing his cock.

After a bit Zander pushed Zane off his cock and pulled him to his feet. He held Zane out at arm's length checking him out. Satisfied that Zane would ‘live' Zander looked into his green eyes and muttered, "I love you, too!" Then he pulled Zane in for a fierce hug before attacking his mouth in a passionate kiss which Zane returned in full.

"There you are runt! I guess you are a faggot! Good, I got needs you and your little boyfriend can take care of," snarled Zane's dad as he raised his hand.

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