Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 2

Published: 6 Aug 15

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

"There you are runt! Guess you really are a faggot! Good, I got needs you and your little boyfriend can take care of," snarled Zane's dad as he raised his hand.

Mr. Hill was shocked when his swing was halted halfway there and held in place. He was even more shocked when he saw it was Zane that held his arm easily. He tried to pull free but to no avail.

Finally Zane snapped out of his own shock at his strength and shoved his dad back causing Mr. Hill to stumble slightly.

"Get out of here! I'm not coming home anymore!" Spat Zane at his father. "Don't follow me either! You can make up whatever you want about my disappearance. Just go away!"

Zane turned away with tears in his eyes burying his face in Zander's chest. Zander wrapped his arms around Zane, hugged him gently and turned him toward the path away from the town. He snagged Zane's backpack and his own clothes glancing back to make sure Mr. Hill hadn't come after them.

Zane's dad hadn't moved; he stood staring at the arm he planned to hit Zane with. He snapped out of it and slumped against a tree for support. "Good riddance," he spoke but there was no force in the words.

Zander held on to Zane as they trudged down the trail away from the small town where Zane had spent his whole life. Zane was sad to leave in spite of how bad the last four years had been but now he was with Zander and starting a new life... as a vampire!

Zane stopped suddenly as that realization hit him. He was a vampire! He had actually caught his dad's massive arm in mid swing and pushed him away! Zane had a huge smile on his face as he turned to Zander, picked him up and twirled around with him before laying him in a bed of leaves. Zane lay on top of Zander and attacked his mouth with deep, passionate kisses. Finally satisfied Zane sat up, looked down on Zander and said, "Thank you! Thanks for being my friend, for saving me and most of all for loving me."

Zane jumped to his feet and held his hand out to help Zander up.

"You are very welcome! And thanks for not freaking out on me," Zander replied as he dusted the leaves off his body. "I've spent over a hundred years looking for a . . . a . . . boyfriend? Are we boyfriends, Zane?"

"Do you wanna be?" Zane spoke slowly then tumbled the words out in a rush. "'Cause I do; I want you for my boyfriend. For forever. Please?!" Tears formed in his eyes as he waited for Zander's answer.

Zander looked at Zane blankly; he had never heard a burst of words from Zane like that ever. The blank look lasted until Zander saw the first tear trickle down Zane's forlorn face. Shuddering he grabbed Zane in a hug so fierce he lifted Zane off the ground as he practically shouted, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Zane Grey Hill, I've wanted to be your boyfriend from the moment I first saw those emerald green eyes!"

The boys danced around and around kicking up leaves as they chanted, "Boyfriends! Boyfriends!" Finally Zander brought them to a halt. They needed to get to the next town before Halloween was over because Zane would need a real feeding soon or he would collapse like Zander did his first night. And they needed to get dressed.

"Come on Zane. We need to get moving; it is about ten miles to the next town and you're gonna need to feed soon." Zander handed Zane his backpack, then picked up his clothes and put them on. After Zane was dressed Zander took Zane by the hand. "How do you feel?"

Zane looked down at their clasped hands, "Like I'm in heaven but I am thirsty and starting to get a bit woozy." Zane looked into Zander's face, "I thought vampire's didn't get tired?"

"Ordinarily we don't but you are a brand new vampire and you haven't had a full feeding yet. That shot of vampire's blood you got from me is kinda like getting a double shot of espresso. A real quick high but it don't last long."

"Oh, I see," Zane said as he stumbled over a tree root.

Zander kept him from falling and continued his instructions, "We need to find you an animal to drain or . . . a . . . human." Zander paused and looked at Zane to gauge his reaction.

Zane stopped walking and looked down at the leaves swirling around. "You … we … drink human blood? Doesn't that k ...kill them?"

"Yes," Zander whispered the word. "But I was taught to only drain a human when there was need for the strength it gives. I was also taught to only drain the most evil ones and I was taught some magic to be able to tell which were the worst."

Zane looked up at Zander then; his curiosity getting the better of his repulsion. "Isn't blood blood? What difference if it's animal or human?"

"I don't know why there is a difference but there is. The order goes like this: best and most powerful is vampire blood, next best is human blood, then there are the animals. Again there is a difference with the order being; mammal, fish, bird, and amphibian and reptile being about even."

"So, if we came across an animal out here I could feed on it and I'd be okay?"

"Yes, Zane, and I'm hoping that's what happens. Let's get moving again and quietly. That way there is a better chance of us finding an animal. If we don't find one before we hit town I will explain about picking a human and teach you to read auras. Okay?"

"Okay, Zander. I love you and I trust you." Zane wrapped his arm around Zander's waist and leaned in.

Zander had to catch him quick as Zane started to buckle at the knees. He straightened back up but neither boy let loose of the other. Zander realized he might end up carrying Zane to the next town if nothing presented itself soon.

As they slowly made their way toward the next town Zander kept his ears attuned to the surrounding woods for any sign of an animal large enough to satisfy Zane's growing thirst. After twenty minutes of barely keeping Zane moving Zander finally heard the sound he had been listening for: a large animal grazing.

Zander sat Zane down leaned against a poplar tree and went in search of the animal. He found a male elk about fifty yards away and circled to get downwind of it. He crept as close as he dared without alerting it then dashed forward grabbing and breaking its neck in one swift motion. Carrying the elk back he dumped it almost on top of Zane.

"Here! Enjoy!" Zander said as he plopped down beside Zane.

Zane roused himself up just enough to see what Zander had brought then he flopped over and sank his fangs into the neck of the elk and drank. Zane drank nonstop for almost twenty minutes before he came up for air. He sighed relief, belched loudly and turned to Zander. "I think there is still some left. You probably need a drink too."

"I'll be okay. You need to drink enough to replenish your strength."

"I have, Zander." With those words Zane lifted the elk carcass, stood up and held it out to Zander.

Zander looked up and grinned at the sight of his smallish boyfriend holding the huge elk at arm's length waiting for him to take it.

"Thanks, Zane!" Zander said as he took the carcass from Zane and bit into it finding that there was indeed some blood left. He hadn't wanted to admit it to Zane but he did need to drink; Zander had put off feeding wanting to wait for Halloween when any disappearances of animal or human would have been chalked up to the holiday shenanigans.

When Zander had finished and tossed the elk aside Zane asked, "What now?"

Zander thought a moment then answered, "Well, there are several things we can do. We could continue on into town since you have your strength back, keep going further through the woods to get away from your old home or find a place to settle for the rest of the night and I can explain more about being a vampire. You choose."

Zane started thinking out loud, "We were headed to the town to find me some blood but that's been taken care of. I do want to get away from my old life but I also want to know more about you and being a vampire."

Zane was silent for a few minutes then, "Okay, how about this? We go deeper into the woods until daylight, find a place to stop and you can hold me while you explain about vampires."

"I like that plan," stated Zander as he pulled Zane into a hug and kiss. After a long, very passionate kiss they pulled apart and grinned at each other. Then hand in hand the two boys walked through the woods until morning.

They stopped on top of a hill facing east as the sun peeked over the horizon. They stood there holding hands and watched the colorful glow of the sunrise then leaned towards one another and shared a relatively quick kiss.

"Hey, queer boys, whatcha doin' in our woods? We don't let no one here 'specially not no queers."

Zane and Zander turned around to find three boys about 100 yards away at the bottom of the hill. The boy in front was about 6'1" and kind of pudgy wearing jeans and a well-worn gray sweatshirt. The other two boys were dressed about the same with one to the left in blue almost as big as the first guy and the one to the right was almost as short as Zane, skinny and wore a camouflage sweatshirt about two sizes too big.

Zander and Zane turned and looked down the hill at the newcomers. Zander leaned over and whispered to Zane. "Don't answer them and don't acknowledge them at all. They'll get antsy and yell a few more times before they finally head up the hill. That will give me time to give you your first lesson reading auras."

Zane looked up at the brown haired boy beside him and smiled his understanding without speaking.

Still leaned close Zander continued to whisper instructions. "Close your eyes and concentrate on your vampire being; feel it inside you. Then will it to settle behind your eyes. When you think you have it open your eyes, look at the boys and tell me what you see. Don't get discouraged if nothing happens at first it could take several tries to get it."

"Hey did you faggots hear me? I ast you a question. I 'spect an answer."

The vampires continued to ignore the three at the bottom of the hill as Zane concentrated on following Zander's lesson. After just a few minutes Zane looked down the hill at three belligerent boys and gasped.

"Tell me what you see," Zander whispered with awe. He hadn't expected Zane to get it so quickly.

"The two in front are surrounded by a dark purple cloud with just a hint of green in one spot. The other one, the skinny one, is about half green and half purple. But it keeps changing, sometimes it's more green and sometimes it's more purple. What am I seeing?"

"That's their auras. Purple stands for evil and the more and darker the purple the worse they are. Green is for good and the more and brighter the green the more good they are. And that's how I decide on a human to drain when I need to. I find one with total or almost total dark purple. If we still needed to feed those first two would be drained. But since we don't need it if they leave us alone they're free to go."

"Dis me will ya? I'll learn ya to be respectful to your superiors. We're gonna whip your asses then fuck 'em, ya little pansies," yelled the lead guy again and motioning to his followers headed up the hill.

"And if they don't leave us alone?" asked Zane as he watched the three hooligans struggle up the hill.

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