Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 3

Published: 13 Aug 15

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

"Remember we are stronger and faster than they are. Let me take the biggest if they start anything," said Zander calmly as he peered into Zane's emerald orbs. "You can get through this."

They turned and watched the three aggressors climb the hill; Zander smirked as he noticed their ragged breathing. The steep climb was going to make them even easier to take down. He stepped away and slightly forward of Zane's position giving them each room to work.

The loudmouth leader stepped up to Zander and started poking him in the chest as he gasped out, "I'm . . . gonna . . . kick . . . your ass. . . . Then . . . I'm gonna . . . fuck your . . . boyfriend. "

Zander had heard enough; he turned his back to Zane and shoved the guy about five feet. Zander had taken about three steps when the guy charged. Zander sidestepped the rush and punched him in the ribs with an audible popping sound.

During this the other big guy tried to grab Zane by the shoulders but Zane was no longer there. This was a tactic he was used to for Donnie had tried it many times. With his increased speed Zane wasn't just beside the guy but all the way behind him. Using his foot Zane sent the oaf sprawling in the fall leaves but didn't follow up. Zane had never fought past this point; he usually took off running.

He turned toward the skinny guy who took a step back not wanting to get involved. Skinny guy's eyes got big just before Zane was knocked to the ground by the boy he had bested earlier. Caught by surprise Zane laid there while the lout sat on his back and tried pulling his arms off. Zane was strong enough to resist having his shoulders popped out of joint but had no leverage to push the big lug away.

"Zander! Help!"

Looking at Zane's predicament Zander growled and quit playing around. When he was charged again Zander put everything he had into a punch directly on the larger boy's chin. The guy's head snapped back and he crumpled to the ground out cold.

Howling with rage Zander rushed to Zane's aid, grabbed the big lummox by the shirt and flung him against the nearest tree ending his will to fight. Zander scowled at the third boy as he helped Zane to his feet.

The petrified lad held his hands up in front of his body with palms out. "D-d-don't h-hurt me, p-please. Th-they m-m-made me c-come wi-with 'em." He stuttered badly until he paused and took a huge breath then let it out slowly. "They beat me if'n I don't do wat they say."

With those words he raised the tail of the sweatshirt to his chin. His frail-looking body was covered in bruises from deep purple fresh ones to older ones turned yellow as they faded with time.

Zander continued to scowl as Zane stepped up to the youth and gently ran his fingers over the bruises. He turned with tears in his eyes to speak to Zander when the boy's stomach rumbled with hunger.

Zane's face went blank for a couple of seconds then he sprinted in the direction they had just come from. "Wait there, Zander," floated back faintly as he disappeared in the woods.

Zane returned almost as quick as he left carrying the elk carcass and plopped it down on the ground. He then ordered Zander to find rocks to build a fire pit and Luke (the skinny boy had told Zander his name while Zane was gone) to pick up sticks to build a fire.

Meanwhile Zane rummaged in the pocket of his backpack until he found his little pocketknife and started cutting the elk. First, he skinned a good portion of the elk, cut the skin into strips and made some cords. When Zander returned with some rocks Zane had him tie up the other two boys with the cords before they regained consciousness. Next he cut strips of meat off the carcass and laid them out on a section of the hide.

After enough rocks and sticks were gathered the boys built a fire pit and stacked the wood inside with dead leaves underneath as kindling. Zane again went rummaging through his pack finally emerging with the small lighter he used to make a fire in his cave during the winter. He tossed it to Zander saying, "Here, light the fire."

Zane then took his knife, found a sturdy three foot stick and carved a point on one end. He took three strips of the meat, hung them on the stick and held it out to Luke. "Take this and hold them over the fire until they're cooked. Let me know when you want more."

The blond vampire returned to the meat and proceeded to make thinner strips. After he had made several he arranged them on the rocks around the fire. Soon they started to sizzle from the heat.

Zander watched all this with awe wondering how Zane knew to do all this. He had learned how to do much of this from Rinaldo but he hadn't had time to teach Zane. Sure. Zane probably knew about fire building from staying in the cave so much. But the rest?

'Could Zane be picking it up from my mind?' Wondered Zander as he sat by the fire watching Zane and Luke occasionally checking on the other two as well. 'Rinaldo had hinted that there was an old Romani spell that allowed mind reading but I never learned it,' thought Zander. Another thought tried to make its way into Zander's head; something about green . . . But Luke interrupted his reverie.

"Don't neither of you two want some?" Luke asked as he roasted his third stick of elk meat.

Zane's head jerked up with a panicked look on his face but Zander replied casually, "Naw man. You go ahead; we ate earlier."

About thirty minutes later Luke dropped the roasting stick, burped, giggled and said, "Thanks guys! I ain't eaten that good in ages."

The entire time that Luke had been eating Zane was cutting, cooking and stacking what essentially was elk jerky onto another section of elk hide. When Luke finished eating Zane wrapped up the jerky and tied it with cord then wrapped up some of the raw meat and tied it off too. He stood, walked to Luke and thrust the two packages at him.

"Here you go. Some for the road. Hope you have someplace to keep the meat so it won't go bad."

"Wat about them there?" Luke queried nodding toward the two trussed up like pigs. "Wat ya gonna do wit' 'em?"

"Don't worry about them. We're going to get them lost then point them to the nearest town. If you're lucky they won't find their way back to where you are. But just in case we'll warn them to leave you alone or we'll be back." Zander grinned as patted Luke on the back letting him know it was time he left.

Zane leaned on Zander as they watched Luke walk away. Once he was at the bottom of the hill Zane looked up at Zander's beautiful face and asked, "What ARE we going to do with them?"

"We are going to carry them away from here then we're gonna have a little snack. Hold on!" Zander said before Zane could utter a word. "We ain't gonna drain them. Just do a partial. It will leave them weak and disoriented so hopefully they won't get back to where Luke is. But we are going to wait until they are fully awake to do it so they will know they don't want to cross us by bothering Luke."

The shorter boy grinned at his friend. "Being a vampire could be a lot of fun."

Zander returned the grin and put his arm over Zane's shoulders. "There is one little draw back for you that I'm not sure you have thought of. You're not going to get any bigger now"

"Yeah, I thought about it but you know; it ain't so bad. I kinda like how we fit together," and with that Zane wrapped his arm around the taller vamp's waist, tucked his shoulder into his armpit and laid his head on Zander's shoulder.

"Yeah! I'd have to agree with you; this is nice but we need to get going. If you'll grab that one I'll take the leader."

The two vampires hoisted the hoodlums over their shoulders and set off in the opposite direction than Luke took. After an hour of quick paced walking they set the boys down and began slapping them on the face to wake them.

The gray shirted leader jerked upright and began making murderous threats. The blue shirted boy settled for scowling back forth from one to the other.

The two vampires looked at each other and laughed then they bared their fangs and turned towards the two captives. The baleful looks and string of threatening words changed to those of fright and whimpers for help and mercy.

The two Z's opted for the traditional approached and bit into their victims necks. After a couple of minutes of drinking Zander pulled off his meal and dropped the passed out bully to the ground. He turned to Zane and had to forcefully stop him from draining the guy dry; It was his first taste of human blood and he loved it.

Zander had to hold Zane still for several minutes while the wild look on his face slowly faded away and reason returned.

"How do you manage to not jump every person you come across? I don't think I can ever enter a town or city again," exclaimed Zane as he sank to his knees.

"It will get easier with time and practice and you have me to help you," answered Zander.

"Did you have anyone to help you when you first became a vampire?"

"Yeah, I was lucky enough to run across an old Romani man who had dealt with vampires before. He's also the one who taught me vampire magic. Which we need to discuss soon; you were able to do more than the little I showed you." Zander took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "But right now we need to take care of these two. Grab yours and follow me."

The teenage vampires carried the two hapless boys farther into the woods, woke them again, told them to leave Luke alone or else and freed them from the cords. To make sure the idiots didn't try a stupid move Zander and Zane sprinted away. In less than a minute they were out of sight.

Soon the flight turned into a full out race and several miles were covered before Zane finally relented and let Zander catch up. He still had his outstanding speed and it was enhanced greatly by vampire strength. He was laughing with joy as he turned and grabbed Zander in huge bear hug when he arrived.

Zane's exuberance caused him to lose his balance but as they fell Zander took control and landed on his back with Zane on top of him. During the racing and the hugging both boys had sprung hard-ons. The way they landed caused them to rub against one another. It didn't take long for the teens to purposefully rub together while making out and moaning, Zane held Zander's face as he attacked his mouth with lips and tongue; Zander had just as tight a grip on Zane's firm ripe melons and was using it to increase the friction as they humped. Ten minutes later each boy grunted and growled as their climaxes hit at the same time causing them to tighten their grips and their bodies to stiffen as hard as their cocks until they were spent.

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