Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 4

Published: 20 Aug 15

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

Even though it was true that vampires didn't need to sleep or even rest really as long as they had a good supply of blood to drink, laying back to bask in the glow of their first sexual encounter was heavenly for Zane and Zander. They lay side by side with their fingertips entwined staring at the fall sky reliving every sensual moment.

Finally coming back to earth they both sat up and said, "E-e-w-w!!" at the same time. Zane and Zander realized they had cold, sticky underwear and none to change into. Zander didn't get a chance to retrieve his stash from its hiding place and Zane had only packed the one pair which replaced the ones Donnie and friends had shredded.

"Let's go. . ."

". . . commando!"

Zander had started the sentence but Zane finished it. This reminded Zander of the talk they needed to have. Zane was picking up Romani powers without even using the spells Rinaldo had taught to Zander.

While Zander worried over how to broach the subject the teen vamps stripped out of their clothes, wiped off with the soaked undies, discarded them and pulled their jeans back on.

"What now?" queried Zane as he fiddled with his pants. He never did like going commando.

"Well, I had planned on keeping you out of towns for a bit longer and we really need to have a serious talk, soon. But we both need more clothes. Thankfully, I kept most of my money on me and not with my stash of clothes. We need to find a thrift store or a Walmart or Target."

"What if I go after somebody while we're in town? Zane worried about giving them away.

"You won't!" Zander reassured his blond, emerald eyed boyfriend. "You're full with elk blood topped off with human from those creeps. Trust me to take care of you."

"Okay! Cause I do trust you, Zander!" With that Zane wrapped his arm around the taller vamp's waist and leaned on him.

Zander threw his arm over Zane's shoulder, gave a squeeze then led him through the woods toward the next town. After walking for half an hour they came across a two lane road that cut through the forest.

Zander looked left and right, back and forth, trying to decide which way they should go. Zane finally pointed to the right and said, "That way is best. It's away from our old town."

Zane missed the strange look he got from Zander before he was pulled to the right and they took off down the road. After walking for over an hour the two boys finally began to see some signs of civilization. Another twenty minutes found them passing a Pattyville city limits sign. Zander could remember a time when the signs were bigger and said 'Welcome to' whatever town or city it was. He sighed and continued on.

Luckily this seemed to be the main thoroughfare through Pattyville because in ten more minutes of walking they came to a small thrift store. Inside they were fortunate to find a couple pairs of jeans and three shirts each in their sizes. However the small shop did not carry underwear.

Another thirty minutes of searching turned up a Dollar General; the teens decided that would have to do. It didn't take long with the lack of selection for the boys to come out with a six-pack of colored boxer briefs a piece.

While looking for a store they had seen a sign for a park. They traveled back to the sign and followed the directions to the park. There they changed clothes in the small restroom and stuffed the rest of their clothes into Zane's backpack. Having nothing else to do the teen vampires started exploring the park.

Walking along the winding trail they came to a section that passed through a wooded area of the park. Zander heard voices and pointed in the direction the sound came from. Zane's and Zander's sharp vampire eyes spotted four older teens and one younger teen or preteen. The younger boy was being half carried and half dragged by two of the older boys deeper into the trees at the urging of the biggest of the four bullies.

Before Zander realized it Zane took off toward the group picking up speed as he went. Zander followed as fast as he could but knew from the earlier race that he had no hope of catching Zane before he reached the group.

The green eyed, blond vamp took a page out of his friend's book and never slowed down before ramming into the bully on the right. The tormentor was hit so hard that it slammed him into the fourth teen knocking them both out cold. Then Zane turned toward the bully still holding the younger boy completely ignoring the leader.

Zander got there just as the big guy started to grab Zane by the hair from behind. He caught the guy's hand just before it closed on his distracted lover's blond locks and squeezed. The bully's high-pitched scream bothered his cohort more than it did Zane whose emerald eyes bore holes into his opponent.

"Let him go, NOW!" Zane spoke in a low even tone until the last word which boomed through the woods.

The startled teen dropped the victim's arm and backed away. He then ran to the two on the ground who were just rousing and helped them off the ground to leave. Zander released the last bully's ruined hand and allowed him to hurry after his buddies.

Their intended victim had collapsed to his knees trembling and sobbing quietly. "Please, don't hurt me." He whispered so low that only his vampire enhanced hearing allowed Zane to hear the heartbreaking plea.

The tender-hearted teen squatted down in front of the distraught boy, caressed his cheek and gently raised his face up. Looking the boy in the eye Zane said quietly, "You're safe now. We won't let anyone hurt you. I'm Zane and that's my friend Zander. What's your name?"

Searching the gentle, green eyes in front him the teen sniffled a couple of times then answered. "I-I'm Matthew. Th-Thank you for saving me. H-How did just two of you beat them?"

Zander came to Zane's rescue again. "Zane used to be bullied too and he hates bullies. It gives him a little extra oomph as you could see and I've had martial arts training. Besides most bullies are afraid of people who will fight back."

He held both hands out one to Matthew and one to Zane. When they both had taken hold Zander pulled them to their feet and checked Matthew to make sure he wasn't hurt. Certain that Matthew was only shaken up not physically injured Zander turned to Zane with his hands on his hips and stared.

"I know, I know. I need to think first and to plan with you but I knew you'd come through." Zane almost whined. "I could feel you followi . . ."

Zane stopped when he realized what he was saying. He had felt Zander and knew right where he was and when he would get there. But how? He was scared and it showed on his face.

Before Zander could react to the frightened look on his boyfriend's face Matthew interrupted.

"There's somethin' I need to tell you'ns. It's about why those guys were after me and you might want to take off once you know." Matthew paused to take a deep breath before continuing. "I uh, I think I might be . . . uh . . . gay." He took a step back ready to flee if necessary.

Neither of the vampires even looked his direction. Zane was about to have a meltdown from fear and Zander recognized the panic in his face. Stepping close Zander wrapped his arms around Zane, pulled him in for a hug and held him tight until he heard Zane's breathing return to normal. Then he pushed Zane back far enough to look into his eyes. Zane gave a weak smile, reached for the taller teen's face and pulled it down for a kiss.

Zane turned toward a wide-eyed Matthew, grinned and said, "So are we."

A sigh of relief relaxed Matthew's body and he smiled for the first time since they had met. "The few friends I have call me Matt. I think, I mean I hope we're friends."

"Yes, Matt, we're friends!" Zander stated clearly as he and Zane each grabbed a shoulder and pulled the youngster into a three-way hug.

While escorting Matt to his house they learned that he was fourteen, was just beginning puberty, had been bumped up a grade and lived with his dad who had to work long hours. Zane started to freak a little at how similar their lives were but calmed down when he heard that Matt's mom had died rather than left them. The best part was when Matt told them his dad didn't drink and he knew about Matt's struggle with his orientation.

When they were within sight of their new friend's house Zane and Zander could see an older, larger version of Matt standing on the top step searching the sidewalk. Matt got excited when he spotted his 38 year old dad with black hair and deep blue eyes just like his.

"Come on, guys! You can meet my dad!" Matt started hurrying, getting faster as he got closer to the house.

"Dad! Dad! Come meet my new friends!"

When Matt's dad, Brad Knight, heard and saw his son he rushed down the steps from the front porch and caught him as Matt launched himself into the man's strong arms. After a bear hug and kiss on the forehead Brad set Matt down and greeted the two teens coming through the yard.

"Hey, guys! I'm Brad!" He held out his hand to the boys as they approached.

"Zane!" "Zander!"

Each of them offered their hand as they told their names and each was quickly pulled into a hug before being released.

"Someone told me that bunch of hooligans had grabbed Matt. I was just trying to decide which way to start looking. His coming home excited and unharmed and introducing you as friends means you got him away from them somehow. Thank you so much! He's all I've got!"

"Glad we could help!" Zander started to say more but was interrupted by Zane.

"So, you know those teens?" Zane asked with an intensity Zander had yet to see from the diminutive vampire.

Matt answered the question, "Yeah, everybody knows 'em. Just nobody does anything about 'em."

"Anyway, let's not worry about them now. You boys come on in and eat with us. Visit a bit." Brad ushered them all up the steps and into the house.

"Okay," agreed Zane so quickly that his boyfriend wondered what was up but couldn't ask right then. It just added to the growing pile that needed to be dealt with.

Inside the house Brad directed the three teenagers to the den for video games or whatever while he fixed supper. Zane checked with Zander with a look not sure how to answer when Brad asked what they liked.

"Oh, it doesn't matter we'll eat 'bout anything that don't eat us first." Zander said with a chuckle.

Zane relaxed and almost laughed out loud with that answer when he thought about what they were and what they normally would 'eat.'

The three got along great, played lots of games and generally got to know more about one another with just a few secrets kept by the two 'Z's as Matt referred to them. Supper was just as good. Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and a salad interspersed with interesting conversation.

It was during the meal that Brad brought up Matt's orientation and was relieved to find that not only did they have no problem with his liking guys but that they were the same and a couple. Afterwards they all cleaned up the kitchen and the 'Z's got ready to leave.

"Why don't you spend the night here and start fresh in the morning?" Brad asked the shocked boys.

They tried to refuse and act like they had parents waiting on them but Brad had seen through it.

"I don't care why you are traveling with no parents. I'm not goin' to pry and I certainly won't call the cops." Brad assured them. "You're good kids that rescued my son when you didn't have to. Stay tonight, get a good, hot shower, sleep in a real bed and start out again tomorrow with a good breakfast in those too skinny bellies. I know Matt would like it."

Brad left no more reasons for them not to stay and this time it was Zander who didn't know how to react. No one had treated him this well in the 400 years since leaving Rinaldo.

Zane came to his rescue this time. He dropped his heavy pack then hugged first Brad then Matt.

"Thank you! Matt is so lucky to have a dad like you!"

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