Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 5

Published: 27 Aug 15

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

It felt fantastic to lay in a soft, clean bed even though they didn't need to sleep. Zane had another activity in mind and turned toward his brown haired boyfriend to start making out. But Zander thought now would be the best time to talk about what was happening with Zane and his new abilities.

Zander put a finger over Zane's lips then kissed him on the nose because he was just too cute not to kiss at least once.

"We need to talk and now is a good time. We won't be interrupted for a while."

"Is this because I acted without checking with you, Zander?"

"Partly, but mostly it is about abilities you seem to have without using the spells I was taught was needed to have them. Do you remember me telling about the old man who helped me and taught me about auras?"

Zane nodded quietly and waited for Zander to continue.

"His name was Rinaldo and he taught me much more than that. He was a very gifted user of Romani magic. I had forgotten a lot of what he taught me but being with you is starting to bring it back. Especially since you keep showing some of the abilities without knowing the spells."

"Like knowing how to dress that elk and use the hide. Had you ever done that before? I learned that long ago. I think you picked it up from my mind. And then knowing which way to go on the road and knowing where I was and when I would be there to help in that last fight."

Zane interrupted then with another revelation. "I know who those four boys are and where we can find them. I got it from Matt and his dad's minds when I asked if they knew them. We can stop them from doing more. If their auras are dark we can stop them permanently."

"See! That's what I'm trying to talk about! I had to learn spells to do this stuff and you just do it. How?" Zander questioned knowing Zane couldn't have an answer. "There's been another memory trying to come to me but I can't seem to get it."

Just then Zane's eyes met Zander's and they looked deep into one another's souls. The memory started pushing on Zander's consciousness again. He almost remembered!

It was not to be . . . yet. A groan and whimper from Matt's room grabbed the Z's attention and the memory was gone.

Quickly but quietly they rushed into Matt's room and found him still asleep but twisting about caught in a nightmare. The teens looked at each other and nodded then each climbed into bed on either side of Matt. They closed around Matt until he quieted down. By the time Brad arrived he found Matt sleeping soundly surrounded by his new friends.

Brad returned to his own room with misty eyes wondering how to convince those two wanderers to stay. Today wasn't the first time Matt had been grabbed by bullies; he had barely gotten away before being raped last time. That was when the nightmares started. This was the first time Matt had ever gone back to sleep afterwards.

Once Zane and Zander could tell that Matt and Brad were both sound asleep again they slipped out of the house. Communicating soundlessly again they headed down the street at a jog.

"Where are we headed first?" asked Zander as soon as they were out of sight of Matt's house.

"The big guy's house. The one that was bossing the others. His name is Rod. If he's taken care of the others should be easier to deal with," replied Zane as he turned to the left.

Five houses on the right Zane stopped in front of a large, two-story house painted pale blue. "This is it. He's in the basement; I can feel him!"

"Okay, how do we get in?" Zander decided to accept Zane's abilities for now and use them to keep Matt safe after they left.

"There's a door around back," answered Zane. "And it isn't locked!"

The vampires snuck to the basement door and Zane started to ease it open. Zander put a hand on his shoulder and whispered, "Is he alone?"

Zane paused a moment in concentration then grinned evilly. "No, he isn't. The second guy, Parker, is with him. This is perfect! We can take these two tonight and the other two in the morning. They're brothers by the way."

The vamp teens entered the basement quietly and peered into the room where Rod and Parker were sitting watching an old vampire movie, 'The Lost Boys.' Even better they were facing away from the entrance.

Both boys switched to view the auras of the bullies and joyfully noted they were sufficiently dark purple. As they prepared to pounce the Z's noticed vials and needles on the table in front of the couch. Zane and Zander looked at each other, nodded and grabbed the victims by their heads.

After drinking enough of their blood to knock the teen bullies out they gave the bullies an overdose from the vials on the table and left.

When Brad came to wake Matt the Z's once again had him wrapped between them. They started to get up when Matt grabbed them around their necks and said, "Five more minutes, please?"

Brad left the room laughing. The Z's wrapped Matt between them for a few minutes then woke him up completely with a full onslaught of tickle torture. They didn't let up until Matt yelled, "I gotta pee!" and dashed for the bathroom.

When he came back Matt showed his new friends where they could shower and got towels from the linen closet for them. In the guest room after their shower Zane and Zander found that at some time Brad had gotten their clothes and washed and dried everything. Zander shook his head in amazement that someone they had just met would do so much for them but Zane wept silently thinking of the differences between his dad and Matt's.

Brad had also given them an old backpack of his that was still in good shape so they could share the load. With their clothes packed and two breakfast sandwiches a piece the boys headed out with Matt. They intended on finding the last two boys by walking Matt to school.

At the school one of Matt's friends spotted him but hesitated when he saw the two strangers with him. Matt had caught sight of him as well and motioned him over.

"Hey, Trevor! I want you to meet my new friends, the Z's. This is Zane and Zander." Matt indicated which was which as he spoke. "Guys, this is my best friend, Trevor."

The boys greeted one another. Trevor was a bit hesitant until Matt told how the Z's had saved him from Rod and his goons.

"Thanks, guys! I told your dad I saw them take you but that's all I could do." Trevor stated with embarrassment.

"Hey! That's more than anyone else did, Trevor!" Matt said forcefully. "Don't sell yourself short. You did what you could; probably the only thing that would've got me any help."

"Matt's right, dude. You were a good friend for at least trying," added Zander while giving Trevor's shoulder a friendly squeeze. Zane nodded his agreement and held out his hand for a fist bump.

"Did I hear you all say that Rod grabbed you yesterday and these guys saved you?" a red-headed girl butted into their conversation. "Have you heard what's being passed around the school?"

The boys just shook their heads as the girl continued with hardly a pause for breath.

"Rod and Parker were found dead in Rod's basement. Apparently they overdosed. Those two brothers . . . oh I can never remember their names."

"Jordan." "Scottie." Matt and Trevor supplied the names while Zander covered Zane's mouth to keep him from blurting out information he wasn't supposed to know.

"Anyway, they found them when they went to meet them before school. I heard they were pretty shook up." The redhead shuddered but kept on talking. "I can't imagine what's like to walk in and find your friends dead like that. Can you?"

Finally finished she walked off to grab another student and started over again.

Zane and Zander looked at each other wondering if they would be able to get to the brothers after all. They might have to hang around Pattyville even longer. No way was Zane leaving without making sure Matt would be safe from another attack.

As they waited more kids started coming to talk to Matt and get introduced to the Z's. Matt wondered if it was because people had heard about him and Rod or if it was because of the Z's. Of course Matt didn't know the two Z's were vampires and therefore attracted attention automatically unless they were trying not to. Zander had done that at Zane's school so the other students would leave him alone while he kept watch over his now boyfriend.

Some also were interested in what happened between Matt and Rod's gang. Many thought there was more to the story than was being told and kept pestering Matt about it until Zane and Zander gave little growls under their breath. Most moved on then but a few just hung around chatting with Matt and Trevor who had stayed right by Matt throughout the inquisition.

The bell rang to begin school just as the brothers, Jordan and Scottie, arrived on school grounds. Zane and Zander had a decision to make: go to class with Matt, wait until school was over, or forget it and leave.

Matt turned toward them to say goodbye before going to class and found the Z's huddled in a whispered conference. The older teens broke apart and announced, "We're going to class with you."

Trevor's mouth dropped almost to the ground in shock but Matt was all smiles as he wrapped an arm around each vampire in appreciation.

The foursome swung by the office and to get permission for the Z's to shadow Matt during his classes. They told the assistant principal that they had just moved to town and were usually home schooled but their parents always let them choose whenever they moved. They went on to tell how they had met Matt and his dad so wanted to see if they might prefer going to the same school as their new friend or friends now that they had met Trevor. They hit the assistant principal with every bit of vampire charm they could muster and of course got his approval.

The first half of the day went by quickly with the Z's remaining unobtrusive, participating only when asked by the teacher. The morning classes were English, biology, and French and now it was lunchtime.

The teen vamps had the sandwiches that Brad had made for them so they said they were set and found a table while Matt and Trevor went through the line. While waiting on their friends Zane noticed two boys that had to be brothers sitting at a corner table alone with no food. He asked Matt about them when he arrived with his tray.

"Those are the Orrlin twins, Greg and Grant. They live outside of town and don't have much. They have to go without lunch most of the time. They got picked on by Rod and his group more than me."

Zane looked at Zander who nodded and handed one of his sandwiches to him. Zane walked to the twins' table and offered them the sandwiches. The pair tried to refuse but Zane insisted then he could be seen pointing back at Zander and their new friends as he talked.

Soon the three were sitting down with the others and introductions were made. The twins were in the same grade as Matt and Trevor and the four freshmen found that they had much in common. Zane leaned back as they quickly became good friends and smiled at Zander. If the vampires couldn't get to Jordan and Scottie then at least they will have surrounded Matt with more friends to look out for him.

The afternoon classes went by quickly as well with algebra, STEM and P.E. Although Zane did end up sitting out most of P.E. because he had trouble holding back on his vamp powers. He pretended to pull a muscle and sat on the bleachers watching. That was when he discovered that Scottie was the same age as Matt; he was in one of the other groups playing soccer.

When school let out the Z's said bye to Matt and Trevor and walked off with the twins who happened to be going the same direction as Jordan and Scottie. They said bye to Greg and Grant when the bully brothers turned through some woods. Quickly and quietly they followed the last two of Matt's abductors through the woods. It soon became evident that they had doubled back and now were tailing Matt.

Before Zane and Zander caught up to them the brothers stepped in front of Matt blocking his way home.

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