Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 6

Published: 3 Sept 15

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

Watching Matt tremble as he was confronted by Jordan and Scottie caused Zane's rage to build. He was about to rush the brothers like he did yesterday when he felt a gentle hand on his arm. Zander put a finger to his lips than cupped his ear telling Zane to be quiet and listen. Zane opened his mouth to retort but Zander shook his head and pointed at the three boys.

With a scowl on his face Zane closed his mouth and concentrated on the three teens on the road below them. What he heard shocked him then he wrapped an arm around Zander's waist and hugged his taller boyfriend.

"Matt, relax. We're sorry for what we did." began Jordan who was a year older than Matt and Scottie.

"Yeah," added Scottie, "Rod and Parker used to pick on us, too."

"Rod promised to leave us alone as long as we helped him and Parker pick on you and a few others they thought were gay."

"Jordan and I don't really care about that. Well, as long as you don't hit on us." Scottie continued, "We don't even know if you are."

"Actually, I wouldn't mind at all if you hit on me. That is if you are gay." Jordan stated to everyone's astonishment.

Looking at the faces of Scottie and Matt the Z's couldn't help themselves. They burst out laughing so loudly that it caused all three of the boys to look up into the woods. As they jumped down to join the teens on the road it was Jordan's and Scottie's turn to draw back in fear.

"Relax, dude! We heard the whole thing. We know you're not out to hurt Matt." Zander reassured the boys and held out his fist to bump. Zane also held out his fist to the two brothers.

"Just one thing though," Zane stated seriously, "No more bullying. Not to anyone. Got it?"

"No problem. Right, Scottie?" Jordan replied with a relieved smile.

Scottie still had a shell-shocked look on his face. "What do ya mean you wouldn't mind him hittin' on ya?"

"I mean he's cute, smart and I'd like to get to know him." Jordan answered his brother. "Maybe even date him. If he's interested." Jordan then turned to Matt, "Could we go to your house and talk, please?"

Matt just stood there staring for now he was the one with the shell-shocked face. He couldn't believe Jordan who was a year older, athletic and hot wanted to date him. At least Matt thought Jordan's almost white blonde hair, gray eyes, and oh so kissable lips that turned up on one side when he smiled was hot.

Zane came to Matt's rescue once again by gently closing his mouth and answering, "Yeah, this isn't the place for this talk. Come on to Matt's house." Then he put a hand each on the shoulders of Matt and Jordan and steered them down the road.

Zander did the same for Scottie since he was still having problems comprehending what was happening right in front of his eyes. Jordan was gay!? As he followed behind letting Zander guide him Scottie slowly came to realize that Jordan was no different than before. He was still his big brother whom he looked up to and trusted but he worried what would happen when Mom found out.

By the time they arrived at Matt's house Scottie had come to terms with Jordan being gay and Matt and Jordan were so close together as they talked you would have thought they had been a couple for ages.

Brad came out of the kitchen when he heard the front door followed by Trevor who was worried about Matt. It was now Trevor's turn to have his mouth drop to the floor. Safely inside the house Matt had clasped Jordan's hand to introduce him to his dad.

"What are they doing here?!" Trevor was almost yelling. "They were helping Rod!"

Zane stepped in front of Matt's best friend putting his hands on Trevor's shoulders to calm him. "It's okay. Trust that me and Zander wouldn't let anything happen to Matt."

"Son, what's this all about?" asked Brad taking charge of the situation.

"Well, Dad, Trevor's right. Jordan and his brother, Scottie, were with Rod yesterday when I was grabbed but they were being threatened. Today they followed me home and I thought I was getting jumped again but they just wanted to apologize." Matt got all that out in one breath.

"Okay. What about the threats? What's changed that you can trust them now?" Brad inserted into the pause.

"They found Rod and Parker ODed this morning so they can't hurt anybody anymore. Oh! And Jordan said I was cute." Matt raised their hands up with a grin to show his dad.

"Sir, I will take any punishment you decide to give for yesterday. Just let my brother go, please," begged Jordan with downcast eyes. Then he raised his head and looked Matt's dad in the face as he continued. "I'll do whatever it takes to get to date your son."

"Your apology is enough for me," started Brad but was abruptly interrupted by Zander.

"I disagree and I know just what your and Scottie's punishment will be. You two will protect Matt and Trevor . . . uuhmm and the Orrlin twins too."

"We'll do it!" Scottie answered smiling at his brother and laying his hand on Jordan's shoulder. Jordan smiled back with relief; he knew this meant Scottie accepted him as he was.

Matt's dad invited everyone to stay for dinner. Jordan and Scottie had to clear it with their mother especially since it was just the three of them so Brad called and invited her too. Zander and Zane begged off saying they had to finally get on the road. They felt their work here was done and were quite happy with the results.

Outside the house the two vampires chose their direction of travel and walked off until the house was out of sight. Then they hit the woods and sped as fast as they could to make up some distance.

After an hour and a half Zander pulled Zane to a stop. He was determined to finish the talk they had started last night and surely they would not be interrupted out here in the middle of nowhere.

Zane looked confused for a moment then, "You want to finish our talk, don't you?" Zane grinned at Zander. "Okay, then, talk."

But Zander just stared into the brilliant emerald green eyes of his blonde-headed boyfriend. Zane stared back for a little bit then said, "What? Why do you keep staring at my eyes?"

Zander shook himself and answered, "They're such a bright green almost as bright as your aura. Every time I get to look deep into them I have an almost memory but we get interrupted before the memory gets all the way here. I was trying to get the memory to come. I-I feel it's important for some reason."

"W-e-l-l. Do you want to look some more?" Zane asked with a sly smirk. "I wouldn’t mind looking into your delicious, chocolate brown ones for a while. If we're gonna do this though we should make ourselves comfortable."

With that Zane began pulling the blanket out of his backpack and making a place for them to sit cross-legged across from each other with their knees touching. After several minutes of trying to peer deep into Zane's green orbs Zander cried out in frustration.

"This isn't working!"

The trouble was with their knees touching all Zander could think about was the beautiful boy body across from him and how much he wanted to caress every inch of it. The boy across from him was extremely aware of Zander's body as well as being aware of the thoughts in Zander's head.

The blonde teen pulled his boyfriend over on top of him and proceeded to kiss him hard and passionately. Zander reciprocated matching the rising passion. When Zane had him properly aroused he turned Zander onto his back, unbuttoned his shirt slowly with kisses in between then pushed it back revealing his lover's thin, ripped body.

Zane growled low and throaty as he ravished first one taut nipple then the other until both stood straight and proud. He then licked and kissed his way down Zander's tight stomach reaching his naval where he buried his tongue as Zander writhed in pleasure.

During this Zander's hands had not been idle; he untucked Zane's shirt and ran his hands up and down the boy's smooth back occasionally running just his fingertips lightly over the pale skin. When Zane finally came up for air Zander quickly flipped him over and undid Zane's buttons just as slowly. With Zane's body unveiled for viewing Zander spent a minute or two just gazing at the muscled pecs and ripped abs of his lover.

"Beautiful!" He murmured as his hands began to knead the heavy pecs below him while grinding their groins together. He stopped only briefly when Zane insisted on pushing Zander's shirt the rest of the way off. After a few minutes of bliss Zane shoved Zander's hips off his and began opening his jeans.

"Don't want a repeat of last time, do we?" Zane smiled sweetly at Zander's disappointed face. A huge grin soon replaced the frown when he realized Zane wasn't halting the proceedings just removing more clothes. That was definitely okay with him!

He let Zane push his jeans and underwear down then kicked them off his feet. Straddling Zane's knees Zander undid his jeans, grabbed the waist of the jeans and underwear and when Zane lifted his butt slid them down and off.

The two teens just gazed at their boyfriend's naked body and rock hard cock for a moment. Then the green-eyed beauty lifted up, grabbed chocolate-eyes behind his head and pulled him down to kiss and grind once again. This continued for several minutes as the hot teens moaned out their appreciation of what the other was doing.

This time it was Zander who broke off the wild make-out session. "I want to taste you!" He whispered huskily in Zane's ear making the blonde even hornier.

"Okay!" Zane managed to squeak out between gasps for breath.

As Zander turned the opposite way Zane rolled onto his side. He had read that this was more comfortable for both parties. When Zander was in position Zane immediately swallowed almost his whole cock at once then slowly withdrew keeping a tight seal with his lips until just the head was still in his warm, wet mouth.

This elicited a shudder and low, growling moan from Zander while his eyes rolled back in his head. When he had recovered from the initial sensation Zander then slowly engulfed Zane's hot rod swiping his tongue all around the head and shaft as it disappeared between his lips.

The moaning caused heightened sensations on each vamp's steel pipes which caused even more moaning. It wasn't long before each hot, sweaty teen erupted with volley after volley of sweet juices into the other's hungry mouth and throat.

Spent the lovers fell apart, gasping for breath and started coming down from their sexual high. Finally they sat up and looked at each other with tenderness and love.

Zane spoke first, softly. "I love you, Zander. My sweet Zander."

The brown haired vampire didn't speak instead he reached out and gently ran his hand over Zane's brow, down by his ear and along his jawline ending at his chin. Zander held onto the chin and leaned forward kissing Zane lightly on the lips.

"Wow, guys! That was hot to watch!"

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