Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 7

Published: 10 Sept 15

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

"Wow, guys! That was hot to watch!"

The Z's jumped to their feet facing the intruding voice to find a youngster with hair the color of flames and silvery grey eyes on a wiry 5 foot frame. He was grinning ear to ear until he saw the look on Zander's face. Then his eyes grew to twice their size and his face registered shock as he looked from Zander to Zane and back again.

Zander started towards the boy but was restrained by Zane who was staring into the youth's unusual eyes.

"He knows! Zander! He knows what we are!" exclaimed Zane finally breaking eye contact.

"Yes, I know you're vampires but I don't feel threatened. At least not since you calmed him down." He said pointing at Zander. "My name's Drew."

Drew stepped forward holding out his hand. "I'm sorry for perving on you but I'm gay and I just couldn't make myself look away. Sorry!"

"I'm Zane and this is my boyfriend, Zander." The blonde vamp stepped forward and shook hands with Drew then turned to Zander.

"Yeah! Right! Good to meet you, Drew." Zander shook hands too. "Sorry for reacting badly. It's just . . ."

Zane jumped to Zander's aid. "You have to know; he's over four hundred years old. Still kinda prudish." Zane winked at Drew then jumped as the brown haired teen smacked his shoulder.

This caused Drew to giggle and completely diffused the tension from earlier. This started Zane giggling then Zander joined in. Soon the three boys were out right laughing until Drew stopped suddenly and groaned.

The teens just noticed the bicycle laying at the redhead's feet. One wheel was a bit warped and the frame had a dent or two.

"Are you okay?" Zander was quickly by Drew's side checking him for injuries. There seemed a few bruises and scrapes but he couldn't find anything that looked serious.

"Yeah! Just had a little mishap on the trail. That's why I was walking this way. It's the shortest way to my house."

"We'll help you get home okay," said Zane picking the bike up with one hand. He figured since Drew already knew there was no reason to hide what they could do.

"You might want to put your clothes on first." Drew started giggling again. Both teens blushed and hurriedly dressed. Zane picked the wrecked bike back up and they were ready to go.

The Z's walked to Drew's house with him between them talking the whole way. By the time they arrived outside his house they had made another new friend.

Looking at the empty driveway Drew exclaimed, "Oh, man! Mom's not home! I didn't take my key with me."

Just then the door from the next house slammed with a bang and the words from the teen jock coming from it were almost as loud.

"There you are!"

Zane and Zander came alert and moved slightly in front of Drew thinking he was going to be attacked.

"How am I supposed to watch you if you ain't here?" Just then the teen noticed the busted bike. "Are you okay, Drew?" He stopped right in front of Drew ignoring Zane and Zander in his concern.

"I'm fine, Karl. Just a few scrapes and bumps but my bike . . ." Drew trailed off as he began to slump to the ground.

Karl quickly pushed through the Z's and caught Drew before he landed. He lifted the boy up and cradled him in his strong arms like Drew was a very small child. Karl let the breath he didn't realize he was holding out in relief when Drew stirred and became aware again.

Drew felt safe and content in Karl's arms until he became aware of something else stirring. He tried to get down frantically but Karl wouldn't budge. Although when he realized why his neighbor wanted down so badly Karl did bulge in a certain area. Karl had always thought Drew was cute and after hitting puberty he knew Drew was who he wanted.

Drew was quietly crying now sure that Karl could see his boner and would hate him and never watch him again. He had always admired his older neighbor but the past year those feelings changed and grew stronger. Now it was going to end.

Karl shushed him then looked right at his boner and whispered, "Don't worry about it. I've got one too." Then he tenderly kissed Drew's forehead and carried him into the house and laid Drew down on his bed.

Meanwhile the Z's had watched the whole thing unfold. Zander knew from experience that the way Karl held Drew meant he thought of the redhead as more than just a young neighbor that he watched sometimes. Of course with their emotions so strong Zane had picked up the complete picture. They smiled at each other, clasped hands and started to followed the two into the house.

The two vamps received a jolt and were knocked back a couple of feet when they tried to step through the door. They looked at each other with shock.

"I didn't think that was real about entering a house." Zane exclaimed shaking his head to clear it.

"It's never happened to me before," returned Zander also trying to regain his composure.

At the same time the Z's tried to enter Drew also received a jolt causing Karl more worry.

"Sorry, Karl, that was my fault. You need to invite my friends in. They can't . . uh . .won't come in without being invited."

Karl turned to leave then stopped. "Wait! You said can't. What's go . . ."

Drew interrupted, "Do you trust me, Karl?"

"Well, yeah! Of course! But . . ."

"Just invite them in! P-L-E-A-S-E!"

"Okay! Okay! I'll invite them in!"

Karl walked out of his bedroom, into the kitchen, opened the storm door and motioned the teens to enter saying, "Please won't you come in?"

Zane and Zander slowly, carefully put a foot across the threshold. When they didn't get knocked for a loop they sighed with relief and came on in the house. Following Karl to his bedroom they found Drew lying there with a sheepish grin on his face.

"Sorry, guys! I forgot I set a barrier on Karl's house. There's an even stronger one on my house set by my mom." Drew began his explanation. Looking at Karl he continued. "You know I can do certain things, Karl. And you two know I saw the truth of your beings. My mom and I do Celtic magic."

"What I can do apparently is like some Romani magic that Zander learned from an old guy four hundred years ago when he was first turned. Except he learned spells to do it and I just do it. Like being able to read your emotions and your minds when you're not guarded. I can't read yours right now."

"I know; I put up a barrier. I can do a lot of mental things without spells but other stuff I have to use the spells from mom's book."

"I hate to interrupt this engaging intellectual exchange." Karl stated with a fake snooty accent then continued in his normal voice. "But you said, 'the truth of their beings' like they aren't human or something. What does that mean?"

Drew looked at Zane who looked at Zander who turned to Karl and popped his fangs out. Karl nearly fell over his desk chair trying to back away from the teen suddenly turned vampire next to him.

"Sorry to do it that way, dude, But would you have believed me if I just said it?" Zander retracted his fangs.

"Are you one too?" Karl asked looking at Zane worriedly.

Before he could answer Drew cut in, "Yes, he is. They're not gonna hurt us. Trust me on this?"

"Okay," Karl said as he sidled over and sat on his bed next to Drew who had sat up while talking with Zane.

"Drew's right. He can tell through his gift like we could tell through ours that we could trust you with our secret." Zane explained then cocked his head to the side and looked at them through his other sight and gasped audibly.

"What?" asked all three at the same time.

"Zander, look for their auras!"

Zander looked through his other sight and like Zane gasped out loud.

"What?" now asked just the two on the bed.

"Your destinies are intertwined. Sitting together like that there is only one large aura around you both and it is almost totally green," said Zane.

"And that is a good thing and one reason we trust the two of you," added Zander.

Zane continued to look at the two on the bed when his sight shifted and he saw even more.

"Oh my!" He exclaimed. "Karl strengthens your magic! Try seeing into my mind now."

Drew concentrated on Zane's kind face and emerald eyes. His eyes flew wide open then his face turned almost as red as his hair. Zane chuckled at Drew's reaction. The memory he held for Drew to read was of what Karl was thinking when he saw the redhead's boner earlier. Now Drew knew how much Karl cared for him.

Drew turned to face Karl and looked into his eyes. "You . . . you're gay! An . . and that's what you feel for me?"

Karl looked down. "Yes, I'm sorry, Drew. But I-I c-can't help how I feel. I'll stay away from . . ."

That was as much as he could say because Drew tackled him to the bed and kissed him hard right on the lips. "I'm gay, too! And I love you, too! This is the best day ever!"

What about those two? What will they think?" Karl was worried again.

Drew looked right into his ice blue eyes and sent a memory. Karl blushed and popped his second boner of the evening.

"You guys a couple too, huh?" Karl couldn't quite bring himself to look them in the eye after what Drew showed him.

Zane chuckled softly as he lifted Karl's chin. "Yes, we are."

Zander patted the teen's shoulder saying, "Don't worry about seeing that. We're not bothered---now. But we do need to get moving. We've got a lot of ground to cover and even more to discuss."

Zane rolled his eyes, said bye to their new friends, took hold of Zander's hand and walked out of the house pulling his boyfriend along with him.

Soon the two were streaking down the road at top speed thankful for the dark that hid them from prying eyes. Just before a car popped over the hill they were racing up Zane grabbed Zander by the waist and jumped sideways into the woods.

Zane landed off balance and rolled his right ankle with Zander's weight coming down on it too. Had he been a normal human the ankle probably would have broken but even with vampire strength it was severely sprained. There would be no more running tonight.

The two untangled and sat there a minute not saying anything as Zane breathed deeply waiting for the pain to recede at least a little.

"Whew! That hurts!" exclaimed Zane still drawing deep, slow breaths. "Give me a couple minutes and I should be able to walk on it enough to get us away from the road."

"How did you know just when that car would appear?" asked Zander leaning back on his hands as they waited.

"I was listening and watching that's all." Zane kept his eyes on his ankle that he was very lightly rubbing.

Zander remained silent but concentrated on Zane making sure to keep his skepticism at the front of his mind.

"Okay! Okay!" Zane finally gave in. "I listened and watched with ALL my senses including the extra ones. It's getting easier to do." Zane paused a moment shifting his butt on the hard ground. "I think you're doing for me what Karl does for Drew's magic."

"What!? How?" Zander sat up straight as he sputtered out his questions.

"Help me up." Zane requested as he struggled to stand. Zander was quick to help his injured boyfriend.

"I'll explain it when we reach a place to settle in for the night while I finish healing. Then I think we need to hunt. I'm getting thirsty again."

The boys slowly made their way through the woods until they found a place they could get comfortable. Zander took the blanket out and spread it on the ground then arranged their packs to lean on. Next he helped Zane down to the ground and placed a rolled up pair of jeans under his right foot and ankle.

Sitting down next to his boyfriend Zander ordered, "Okay, now! Spill it! What did you mean?"

"Just that ever since you said you were remembering what Rinaldo taught you I have been able to do more and do it better." Zane paused in thought for a moment.

"You said better not stronger?" Zander kind of asked looking at Zane quizzically.

"Yeah! Maybe you don't do for me exactly what Karl does for Drew," Zane began. "Karl amplifies Drew's power. I don't need that instead you help guide and teach without even trying."

"So you're picking spells and such out of my brain?"

"Yeah but I think it's more than that. I think it's like a loop; the more I do the more you remember and the more you remember the more I know how to do."

"Okay. I can see that but how . . ."

Suddenly Zane looked ready to cry as he interrupted. "That's what I don't know and can't figure out. How was I able to start doing it in the first place."

Zander moved over and wrapped his arms around his emerald eyed boyfriend. "We'll figure it out- together. Probably has to do with that memory that just won't come to me."

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