Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 8

Published: 17 Sept 15

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

Zane couldn't stop fidgeting as they sat there talking and waiting for his ankle to heal.

"What's wrong, Zane?" asked Zander afraid there was more unsettling news coming.

"I can't get comfortable. Those jeans just don't cut it."

Zander pulled his backpack from behind him and used it to replace the jeans under Zane's ankle. Then he leaned his boyfriend forward and slid in behind him with his legs on either side of Zane. When he had gotten himself comfortable leaned against Zane's backpack he pulled the blondie back to rest against his chest.

Zane sighed aloud. "That's much better. Thank you, Zander!" He then grabbed the brunette vamp's arms and wrapped them around himself. "Tell me more about Rinaldo, please"

"Okay" Zander proceeded to tell about life with the Romani mage who was the only father Zander ever knew. He told how he was taught to live as a vampire among humans without giving himself away. Rinaldo not only taught him Romani magic but also how to read and write and to do math. He told about Rinaldo giving him a home with a sense of belonging that he hadn't ever felt before or since. The closest being the night they spent with Matt and Brad. His memories started coming faster and easier and Zander soon realized that Zane was helping them along.

When he started remembering the Romani magic teachings Zander quit speaking and just let the memories flow. Carefully to avoid aggravating Zane's ankle Zander rolled them onto their sides, spooning Zane with his head on the backpack and Zane's on his shoulder. They stayed snuggled together while the memories and conversation ran from mind to mind.

Finally the memory of his last day with Rinaldo came into his head causing Zander to nearly dump poor Zane onto his face when he sat up suddenly.

"Oh my god! I remember! Rinaldo told me to watch out for his descendants! I asked how I would know them and he said to look at his eyes. Your eyes! Zane, you're one of Rinaldo's descendants. No wonder it was so easy for you."

"What?!" was Zane's snappy reply with a very confused look because Zander had broken the connection and he didn't get the last memory.

"Sorry. When I had been with Rinaldo too long he made me leave; the people were coming after me 'cause I hadn't aged. He made me promise to help his descendants whenever I could. I would know the ones to help because they would have the same eyes. The emerald green eyes always meant they had Romani powers. Zane, '''you''' have those eyes. That's why you could do it right away and with no spells. Being turned to a vampire jump started your abilities. So relax and let your ankle heal 'cause you're right we need to feed. And you haven't hunted before." Zander grinned at his boyfriend mischievously.

Zane returned the grin rising to his feet. "We don't have to wait. My ankle is good enough to walk on; we won't be racing around yet though. One of your memories was about centering your body and after I did it the pain was gone from my ankle. Let's hunt!"

The blonde-headed, green-eyed descendant of Rinaldo reached down for the hand of his boyfriend with the chocolate eyes and hair the color of fallen leaves. As they started walking Zane extended his senses searching for a stream knowing from Zander that was the best place to begin. He found one off to their left and headed that direction. He began to scan the area again when Zander pulled him to a stop.

"Drop the mental search. Now sniff the air. What can you smell?" Zander suited his actions to his words.

Zane looked at Zander. "Why?"

"You need to know more than one way to do things."

Zane deliberated a moment. "Okay, I can see the wisdom in that." He closed his eyes and breathed in the night air slow and deep.

"Now tell me with your mouth. What do you smell?"

"Umm, moisture? Is that the stream?"

"Yes. Very good, Zane. What else?"

"Some-thing kinda musky. Almost . . like the elk . . but not quite. What is it?"

Zander concentrated sending Zane his thoughts.

"A deer! . . . Wait! How did you do that? I thought you weren't able to!" Zane almost shouted but Zander quickly shushed him.

"I couldn't with Rinaldo but with you I can. You've opened some of the magic I couldn't do before." 'Now,' Zander sent with his mind, 'let's catch this deer and feed.'

Quiet as a church mouse on Sunday the two vampires approached the deer from the downwind side. Once they had it in sight Zander moved around to where he could flush it towards Zane so he could have his first kill. He made it quick and painless for he was too tenderhearted to allow the animal to suffer. After they had drained their catch they buried the carcass away from the stream so it wouldn't be contaminated by the rotting meat.

Zane led them back to where they had left their packs. They restored everything, threw the backpacks over their shoulders and walked on until morning. When they came to a small clearing filled with still green grasses and bright goldenrod flowers Zander dropped his pack to the ground.

"Let's stop here, my Zaney one."

Zane immediately stiffened and growled, "Don't. Ever. Call. Me. That."

Zander stepped back in shock; he had never seen Zane so tense. He seemed so brittle that the slightest touch would cause him to shatter beyond repair.

"I-I'm s-sorry, Zane. I-I only m-meant it in fun." Zander apologized on the verge of tears. He never wanted to do anything to cause his lover pain.

A couple of minutes later Zane nearly crumpled as he took a shuddering breath. "I know. I just don't want to be called that ever again. I, I can't."

'Okay, Zane. Will you . . . Can you . . tell me about it?"

Silently Zane took the blanket out, spread it on the grass, placed his backpack and sat down in front of it. He didn't lean back on it though. Zander wondered what he should do.

"Come sit behind me, Zander. Hold me like you did last night."

Zander breathed a sigh of relief that Zane wanted to cuddle and he wasted no time getting into position and wrapping his arms around the smaller teen.

"I got your story last night. Now, you need to know mine. I shouldn't have snapped at you but maybe you'll understand when I'm finished."

Zane remained silent for a few minutes relishing having Zander wrapped around him. Finally he took a deep breath and began talking.

"What I have to tell you first will shock you. Donnie Briscoe and I were best friends from kindergarten until we were twelve. We played football together, slept over at each other's houses, our favorite holiday was Halloween. We even planned our costumes together every year. Then when we turned twelve that's when everything went to hell!"

Zane went on to tell about his mom leaving without saying goodbye; just vanishing like she'd never been there. He told about how close he was with Donnie's younger brother, Derek, and how his dad ran over Derek after their ballgame on Halloween. He told about Donnie going off on him in the parking lot then not speaking to him anymore. At least until the taunting and name calling started which soon escalated into rude gestures then into physical threats.

He went on to tell how his dad had starting drinking after his mom left then got worse after Derek's death. His dad started treating him just like Donnie did and the physical abuse started. He continued talking about having no friends because no one would cross Donnie.

Many times Zane had to pause to collect himself and each and every time Zander would kiss him. Sometimes on the top of his head, sometimes on the back of his neck and sometimes on one ear or the other making sure Zane knew he was loved and cared for now.

"Zaney was what Derek always called me. So now I can't. It's too painful still to hear that name. I don't know that I'll ever be comfortable with it again. Sorry."

Zander turned the crying teen around, kissed him on the forehead and hugged him tight. "You have nothing to be sorry for. You are the most amazing person I have ever met. After all you've been through you still have the purest aura I have ever seen. You are so special to me. I will find another nickname to use. That don't matter as long as I can call you mine."

"I am all yours. Forever." Zane wrapped his arms around Zander's waist and laid his head on his chest. "Shouldn't we get moving?"

"Nah! Let's stay like this a bit longer."

By the time the two vampires finally moved it was nearly noon. They packed up, shouldered their backpacks and set off once again. After about an hour and a half of walking they came to a highway which meant civilization or in other words more than the small towns they had been to so far.

Looking at the sun Zander and Zane saw that the highway ran north and south. They looked each direction then at each other. Zander grinned at Zane who returned it and they started laughing.

"Go ahead and pick a direction, Zane. It worked out last time."

"Okay. How about north then? I don't have a 'feeling' this time. But shouldn't we avoid big cities?"

"No, actually we could use finding a bigger city right now. They're the easiest to find work in to earn money. So north it is!"

As they walked along the side of the road Zane started quizzing Zander.

"Why do we need money? We don't have to eat and we don't really feel the cold."

"Even though we don't feel the cold we still need to dress like we do or people get suspicious. Plus we might want other things like books to read or a computer to use. And . . . if we're gonna keep helping people we might need to buy things for them. It's just a good idea to have some money on hand."

"Oh . . . okay, Zander. Uumm, how are we going to feed? There won't be any deer or elk or anything in the city, will there?"

Zander stopped walking, took Zane by the shoulders and looked into his face, "Think about it, Z-man. You know the answer. It's going to be hard for you to accept, I know."

The newly turned teen vampire's emerald eyes grew wide as the realization sank in, "I-I don't know if . . if I can do it, Zander." Zane's voice was soft and trembling.

"Trust me to help you. Remember we only go after the worst, darkest auras we can find. Another reason we need money is sometimes I buy blood from slaughterhouses and other places."

Zane digested this last statement and nodded to Zander. "If you help me I can make it. Let's get moving again."

They turned to head up the highway once more. Zane snaked his arm around the taller boy's waist and sighed with contentment when an arm settled across his shoulders. The two were still clasped onto one another when the outskirts of the city came into view.

Zander stopped them again and turned Zane to face him. "We'd best not be seen walking in on the highway. Especially not wrapped up in one another. We need to sneak in and see how things are first."

He led Zane across a grassy area toward a smaller road going the same direction. "Best we go part way in here then hide out 'til night."

When they reached the fence separating the highway from the smaller road Zander looked around carefully then jumped clearing the fence easily. Once on the other side he looked around again then urged Zane to join him. For a moment Zander thought he was going to have to help Zane over but with a deep breath Zane squatted then sprang. He certainly cleared the fence; in fact he landed ten feet past Zander on his face in the grass.

The experienced vamp ran to check on him and found Zane still face down with his body shaking. Zander rolled him over to find Zane laughing uncontrollably.

"And I was worried whether I could make it." He exclaimed before breaking into another fit of giggles.

"Come on, Z-man! Let's go find a hiding place."

Zander hauled him to his feet and led the way to a row of small, well-kept houses. One was a little ways away from the others and had a small shed in back. Zander thought it would be the perfect place to stay until dark.

Lady Luck seemed to be smiling down on them; the shed was unlocked. They quietly slipped in and settled down to wait. Boredom soon slipped upon them and each got lost in his own thoughts when the door to the shed opened with a slight creak.

"Hey! What're you doing here? Are you runaways? Did you break the law?"

In front of the Z's stood a ten year old boy with curly brown hair and blue eyes. With one hand on the door and the other on his hip the lad didn't seem the least bit afraid of finding two teens hiding in the shed.

"You shouldn't talk to strangers," said Zane.

Yeah, we could be here to hurt you or kidnap you," added Zander.

"My daddy wouldn't like that. He'd come after you."

"Yes, I would."

The boys heard the deep voice before a man with black hair, brown eyes and a very muscled set of shoulders and chest stepped into sight. He stuck his head in the doorway looking over first Zane then turned his attention to Zander.


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