Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 10

Published: 1 Oct 15

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

The Z's made it safely and quietly into the city but for the first three days they had almost no luck finding jobs. They did find a few odd jobs that allowed them to get a fake ID for Zane so he could get a regular job. Zander already had one and since he hadn't aged or been in this city before it was still good.

On the fifth day they both were hired to clean a warehouse on the other side of town. The job was at night so they could hide out and pretend they were attending school. After a couple of days to settle into a routine they made the trip early in the morning back to see Grayson and Marko.

Just before they knocked the door opened revealing Marko with a huge grin on his face.

"Guess what I learned to do," was barely out of his mouth when . . .

The Z's feet touched over the threshold and the next thing they knew they were picking themselves up from the yard. Marko was laid out in the living room groaning as Grayson stooped over to check on him.

"Grayson! We can't get in. Marko set a barrier." yelled Zane. In fact, he couldn't even send any magic into the house either as he had tried to check on Marko that way from the yard.

With one last groan Marko sat up groggily saying, "Come in, please, Zane and Zander." Then he plopped back to the floor exhausted.

Zane and Zander rushed to the door then Zane cautiously stuck one foot over the threshold. Nothing happened so they hurried to Marko's side to see for themselves that he was okay.

"How much power did you put in that barrier, dude?" Zander asked just a bit impressed.

"A lot!" answered Marko sitting up now. "But I thought I had the feedback problem solved."

"No, man, you didn't. I just finished scanning you. You miscalculated and ended up amplifying it instead. See?" Zane showed Marko what he found when he scanned his mind.

"Okay. then what should I've done?"

Zane leaned over placing his head against Marko's and they were gone to the world sharing information back and forth.

Grayson gave them a few minutes before breaking up the mind meld session reminding Marko that he had to finish getting ready for school. The Z's visited with Grayson while Marko readied for school. Then they got a rundown on Marko's classes before seeing him off to school. With Marko gone the Z's visited a few more minutes with Grayson then headed back to the city.

This was more or less the routine for Zane and Zander for several months. They worked at night, hid or went sightseeing during the day and every few days went to visit the Reynolds, Grayson and Marko. After that first visit they tried to come on the weekend so they would have more time with Marko. The four of them shared their knowledge and findings on Romani magic and soon were very close friends.

Although they weren't constantly saving somebody the Z's did have an occasional run-in with a bully or gang. Most of the time it was just a one on one bullying situation and easily handled. Often the victim didn't even hang around long enough to say hello but they did make a few new friends that they checked on from time to time.

One incident involving one of the city's worst gangs almost got them caught by the cops. It was in their second year and they had just gotten off work from a different warehouse at three in the morning. The two teen vampires decided to change jobs every year so it wouldn't be noticed that they never grew or changed in any way. Having wandered around the city for a few hours they came to a neighborhood that was transitioning from a good family area to a violent, gang controlled place.

Zane felt the tension rising around the corner and alerted Zander to the possibility of trouble. The two crept quietly up to the corner and peered down the next street. About halfway down the street they saw a gang of around eight thugs in a semi-circle around a teen boy with milk chocolate skin and a short, tight afro and what was most likely his little sister who was just a touch lighter with hair that hung just past her shoulders in curls. Their clothes were old and worn but clean unlike the thugs whose clothing was mismatched, ripped and hadn't seen a washer in at least a week probably more.

It wasn't looking very good for the two at the moment. That thought was emphasized by the opening of a nearby door revealing a pale preteen boy who turned paler and retreated back inside his apartment. With their enhanced hearing the Z's heard the lock click into place. No help there.

Zane and Zander held a quick whispered conference to plan their strategy. Upon reaching a decision the two walked nonchalantly around the corner heading straight for the showdown as if they had no clue what was about to occur. A hurried check revealed that every member of the group had a deep purple aura with only a hint of green at the best.

Zander bumped into the first thug on the outside of the gang, crushed his windpipe with his fist as he turned and eased him to the ground without a sound. Zane concentrated on the next one and zapped his mind hard enough to cause him to blackout. The smaller vampire flashed to his side catching him and lowered the comatose thug silently.

Unfortunately the intended victims saw them move toward their next targets and unintentionally gave them away to the rest of the gang. The ensuing brawl grabbed the attention of the entire neighborhood and someone alerted the police.

The Z's acquitted themselves well. Zander had taken out two more of the loons and left a third one with a broken wrist. Zane who was still not used to sustained fighting acquired a couple of bruises before resorting to mentally blasting the combatants away from him. The next two who came at him found themselves slammed against the wall one of which never moved again. The other wisely chose to withdraw from the fight.

Now sirens could be heard from both ends of the street and the gang disappeared into one of the buildings but the teen vamps had nowhere to go. They quickly hid in an alleyway between two of the buildings that dead ended after twenty feet. The two could hear cops checking out the prone figures left on the street.

"What are we going to do now?" whispered Zane in Zander's ear.

"I don't know," was the taller vamps whispered reply. "Is there a spell that will help?"

Zane closed his eyes in concentration trying to remember every spell he knew.

"Oh man! Here they come!" Zander could hear footsteps approaching the entrance to the alleyway then he felt Zane wrap his arms around him and tap into his mind.

Expecting to hear shouts and running feet Zander suddenly wobbled. He spread his feet and clutched Zane to keep them from falling over. Opening his eyes Zander found that they were back at the corner they had entered the street from and behind all the cops.

"What!? How!?" He sputtered as he looked at Zane in amazement.

"I-I I'm not s-sure. I-I j-just knew where I w-wanted to b-be. I c-concentrated really hard an-and . . ." Zane couldn't finished his sentence for the exhaustion. He was still holding on to Zander because he wasn't sure he could stand on his own.

Zander supported his boyfriend as best he could but was feeling fatigued himself. Whatever Zane had done had zapped the energy out of both of them. They needed to feed badly and usually did that when they visited the Reynolds to avoid leaving victims lying about. Zander didn't think they could make it there this time and finding the right kind of victim was harder during the day.

As soon as they thought it safe and that they could move the pair made their way into the shadows. Luck was with them again. Thinking he had found easy targets a homeless man who stole for a living accosted the teens after they were out of sight of the street. Even a pair of exhausted vampires was more than a match for a single human whose aura was nearly darker than the gang they had just fought.

Feeling much better the Z's used the knife the mugger had planned to use on them to hide the bite marks. Then they wiped it clean and placed it back in his hand.

After work that night Zane and Zander visited Grayson to tell him what Zane had done and see if he knew of any spells like that. The three friends talked for a couple of hours then since it was Saturday the teens went into Marko's room and laid in bed with him until he awoke. Each performed a centering trance to help recuperate from their recent activities.

Marko was thrilled to have his friends there when he woke up and all enjoyed a good visit before the two teens had to go back to the city.

All returned to normal and they continued with the routine of work and occasional visits with their friends. Zane had also gotten a laptop with a wifi hotspot to continue his education including starting some online college courses. Although they still helped kids with bullies when they could there were no more close calls. That is until their fifth year in the city and this one was worse than all the others.

Zane and Zander had been roaming around the city enjoying the beautiful spring day and goofing off in a small park near the edge of the city. They heard a bloodcurdling scream and took off toward the sound. In no time they found the source of the scream. Twins, a boy and a girl about nine years old, were backed against a tree near some swings by three ruffians wielding knives.

For the first time in ages Zane went rushing into a fight without planning it with Zander beforehand. He immediately put himself between the attackers and the twins. Because of his speed this left Zane facing all three alone as Zander hustled his direction.

Before Zander could get there the thugs attacked Zane. He managed to block the first one's attempt to cut him but missed the next getting sliced across his left shoulder. Having never been cut before Zane was shocked by the pain lancing across his shoulder and would have been stabbed deeply if Zander hadn't arrived just then.

Zander knocked the guy into the first one but forgot about the third attacker as he checked on Zane. Thug three grabbed Zander's chin, yanked his head back and brought the knife to Zander's exposed throat. Zane and Zander froze instantly for a moment. There were only two ways to fully kill a vampire: one was with fire, the other was to separate the head from the body.

Zane's mind was a total blank from fear for his friend and lover and he didn't notice the first two ruffians recover from being knocked down. The one Zane blocked grabbed him from behind and held the knife against his side to make sure he could see what happened to Zander.

The second thug that Zander had run into shoved his knife to the hilt in Zander's stomach while the one holding him made little cuts on his neck and chest. Although in extreme pain this was not the first time for Zander and he lashed out with a foot breaking the guy's leg at the knee. The third guy twisted Zander's head trying to break his neck then sliced across his back before pushing him away.

Zander tripped on the thug with the broken leg and fell driving the knife deeper into his abdomen. The teen vamp screamed from the excruciating pain and rolled over gasping for breath. The third attacker jumped on Zander in an attempt to finish him off. In spite of the brute on the ground holding on to one arm Zander managed to grab his attacker's arm and shove it aside causing him to stab his accomplice in the shoulder.

Released by the ruffian Zander staggered to his feet only to collapse back to his knees as he tried to summon enough strength to keep fighting.

Zander's roar of pain did what even the first thug's pricking Zane's side with the knife couldn't do. It awoke the Romani vampire from his shock induced stupor with a vengeance. His growl of fury shook the trees and caused the gangster holding him to let go and back away. But it was too late!

Swinging his arm back toward the thug Zane's mental blast slammed him into the tree rendering him unconscious. Next he gestured downwards with his fist at the third attacker smashing his face into the ground. Now he started for the already injured one laying on his back.

"Zane" gasped Zander as he passed out and fell onto his side.

"Zander! . . . NO!"

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