Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 11

Published: 8 Oct 15

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

Zane rushed to Zander's side in a panic thinking it was all over.

The remaining conscious thug started laughing and taunting Zane. "We got your boyfriend, queerboy. Opened him right up. Spilled his blood all over the place. Ha!"

At the word blood Zane turned toward the goon with an icy stare causing him to pause and gulp noticeably. Zane grinned evilly as he approached with fangs bared. He hoped the twins had already fled but if not it couldn't be helped. He had remembered a remedy for Zander's wounds but Zane needed a fresh feed to do it. Checking the now silent hoodlum's aura Zane saw that it was more than sufficiently dark for his purpose, sank his fangs deep into his bicep and drank all he could hold.

Slowly and carefully to not cause anymore damage Zane removed the knife from Zander's stomach and used it to make a small cut on his forearm. Pulling open Zander's mouth Zane held his arm over it as blood trickled out of the cut and down the unconscious vampire's throat. After five minutes Zane licked the blood off his arm and allowed the wound to close.

Inspecting the cuts closely the blonde vampire could see the bleeding had stopped but the sores weren't closing up. Zane desperately racked his memory for more Romani lore that might help his boyfriend to heal.

While he was lost in thought Zane felt a light tapping on his shoulder. He looked up and into the deepest blue eyes he had ever seen. They belonged to the male twin that he and Zander had just saved from the trio of knife-wielding fiends.

"W-w-will my b-blood h-help?" he asked holding out his arm to Zane. He bit on his lip as he waited obviously scared to death but determined to help the ones who saved him and his sister.

The compassionate, grateful, green-eyed teen started to decline the offer when he was hit with a single, short memory from one of his sessions with Grayson. It was a fact known by only a few and forgotten by most of them. The blood of a human freely offered was more powerful even than a vampire's blood.

Zane rose to his knees facing the young boy and grasped his shoulders looking directly into those penetrating blue eyes. "Are you sure?"

Nodding the boy answered, "W-what d-do I n-need to d-do?"

Zane cleaned the knife blade he had used on himself and showed it to the lad. "I will make a small cut on your hand below the thumb. I won't lie; it will hurt so tell me if you want to stop." The child shook his head. "Okay, then you only have to hold your hand over his mouth and let some of your blood drop in. It won't take much then I'll bandage it for you. Ready?"

"Larry, no!" The girl spoke for the first time but she wouldn't come any closer.

Larry just looked at her and turned back to Zane. Taking a deep breath he gave Zane his hand and said, "I'm ready."

Zane smiled warmly at the brave boy and made a quick cut as small as he dared. Then he released Larry's hand for it had to be totally his choice. The lad grimaced a moment but gamely stepped toward Zander and held his bleeding hand over the vamp's mouth letting quite a few drops go. Finally he drew back and Zane used strips of the cleanest clothes he could rip apart to wrap and tie up the wound.

With tears in his eyes Zane hugged the boy briefly and thanked him then let him join his sister. They took off running for home.

Now Zane turned his attention back to Zander and the sores on his body. Looking closely once again Zane observed that the cuts had began to close but still didn't heal all the way. At least there was some improvement thought Zane; maybe Grayson will know more.

Picking up his comatose boyfriend Zane trudged with a heavy heart toward Marko and Grayson's house. Luckily this particular park was on the same side of the city as their house so it didn't take long to arrive in Grayson's neighborhood. With his attention solely on getting help for his injured friend and lover Zane ignored the stares of the few people who happened to be out as he came by. One showed particular interest as he watched the pair travel down the street and into the driveway of Marko's house.

Zane rang the doorbell and waited for the door to open too tired and distracted to cause it to open or to mentally call to those inside. While it was only a couple of minutes it seemed an eternity to Zane before the door finally opened.

Grayson gasped as he moved aside allowing Zane to carry Zander into the house and laying him on the couch. He quickly caught Grayson up to speed on what had transpired and the measures he had taken. Collapsing next to the couch Zane asked if Grayson knew of anything else that could be done.

Nothing came to his mind right off the bat but Grayson had an old, handwritten book of Romani lore in his bedroom. Marko came out of his room as Grayson passed down the hall.

"Did I hear the doorbell, Dad?"

"Yes, you did." Grayson answered then filled Marko in on the situation with Zane and Zander.

Marko hurried to the living room and scooped Zane from the floor and held him in a tight hug for a few minutes. When he felt the smaller teen vampire shudder and take a deep breath Marko released him. The now fifteen year old Marko stood over Zane at six feet but he still respected and looked up to the guy who had taught him so much. He hated seeing Zander motionless and Zane hurting so bad but didn't know what he could do except console his friend.

Grayson sat down with his book just as the doorbell rang again. The three looked at each other with worry. Not many people ever came to visit and for it to come so soon after the Z's arrival was too coincidental for comfort.

Marko cautiously open the door a sliver; before he could register who it was his friend, Leo, pushed his way into the house. Leo stopped short when he saw Zane standing protectively in front of Zander.

"So, it is true!" Leo looked like he was about to go into shock.

"Of course it is. We told you." Nine year old Larry shoved past his brother followed by his twin, Laura. He went right up to Zane while his brother's eyes bugged out and Laura stopped next to Leo. Quietly he asked, "Is he not any better?"

Before Zane could reply Leo blurted out, "Marko, do you know what they are?"

"What do you mean?" Marko asked being cautious in case Leo didn't really know.

"W-e-l-l. According to the twins they're vampires. They saw that little one drink one of the gangster's blood then drop blood from his arm into the other one's mouth." Leo pointed to each as he talked about them. "Larry said he even dropped some of his blood in the hurt one's mouth."

"Yeah. See." Larry held up his hand which now had a small bandaid on it where the cut had been made.

Marko and Grayson looked at each other unsure what to say but it was Zane who stepped forward right beside Larry.

"Yes, Leo, Zander and I are vampires but you don't have to worry," Zane spoke as he placed his arm over Larry's shoulder. "We're not going to hurt anyone here. Trust your brother."

Leo's body jerked when Zane placed his arm around his little brother wanting to jump the smaller teen. However, his mind managed to take in the fact that not only did Larry not react to the contact but he actually leaned into the teen vampire. Then to his further surprise Laura walked over and stood beside Larry.

"Leo. They saved us and his friend got hurt bad doing it." Laura quietly stated looking into Leo's eyes.

Zane stepped back as Leo knelt in front of the twins and wrapped them both into a huge hug. "Okay, I trust you two if not them yet."

The tall teenager stood up and held out his hand to Zane. "Thank you for taking care of my brother and sister. I have a question though. Aren't vampires suppose to heal quick?"

Shaking Leo's hand Zane answered, "You're welcome. And yes . . . usually we do heal quickly. But Zander received a lot of very bad injuries and we were do to feed soon so our energy wasn't at it's best. I don't understand why he hasn't healed all the way. I've done everything I know to do and Grayson is searching an old book for more answers."

"Would it help if I gave him my blood? Larry said his helped a little."

"Thank you but no. That only works once and before you offer young one. No, more of your blood won't help either." Grayson answered from the chair where he had been poring over the contents of the ancient tome in his possession.

Rising from the chair and stretching and walking over to the others Grayson continued, "I must ask the three of you, Leo, Larry, Laura, to keep this a secret. Both for our safety and for yours. There are some vampires out there who would kill you to keep you quiet. These two are not like that. I have known Zane for the past five years and Zander for much longer. I also am a vampire. I adopted Marko after I arrived too late to save his parents. Zane and Zander have done nothing except help kids who are bullied."

"We understand, sir. We wouldn't do anything to cause Marko problems. I wouldn't still be in school without Marko's help." Leo answered while Larry and Laura nodded their agreement.

"We should be getting back home now. I hope he recovers." Leo shook Zane's hand again and fist bumped Marko on his way to the door.

Larry hugged Zane and also fist bumped Marko. Laura stood still a second in thought. Zane held out his arms in case she was wanting to hug but instead she turned to Zander and gently kissed him on the forehead and whispered, "Thank you."

"You're welcome," was whispered back in a rough voice.

Everyone's mouth dropped as they looked at Zander blinking his eyes trying to get them to focus. Zane fell to his knees sobbing as he took Zander's hand in his. The others heaved a huge sigh of relief that the wounded vampire seemed to be recovering at last.

"Of course!" Grayson smacked himself on the forehead. "Twins! Larry offered his blood but Laura had to overcome her fear as well!"

Larry came and took his twin sister by the hand to leave but she paused beside Zane and kissed him on the cheek then left with her brothers.

It was still several days before Zander's cuts completely closed up and even then he tired easily. In the meantime Grayson and Zane researched the old Romani book thoroughly finding several new spells and bits of knowledge. Grayson had forgotten about acquiring the handwritten notes from a long ago Romani mage until the Z's needed help.

One of the new spells was helpful in figuring out why it was so difficult for Zander to heal from his injuries. Grayson used it to scan Zander's abdomen. The knife had penetrated his stomach when he was stabbed then it sliced through the liver and the gall bladder when he fell on it. The extensive amount of internal damage caused by the knife was the reason it took so long to heal.

With Grayson and Zane spending so much time together in research and study Marko began to help Zander build up his strength with exercise. They started out walking and now had graduated to jogging as Zander grew stronger. The change in the usual pairings was nice and allowed Marko and Zander to bond and for Grayson and Zane to grow closer too.

One night after Marko had eaten Grayson sat them all down in the living room for a serious talk about their future.

"Zander, I know he is your boyfriend and you love him and you want to protect him. But you can't always. Zane needs to know how to fight; physically fight. You've coddled him way too long as I have Marko. I plan to start next week with him. Marko is nearly full grown now and ready."

"I know, Grayson. I kept putting it off because he was doing so well especially with his magic and because we enjoyed being near the two of you. I know who I need to take him to. As soon as I am strong enough we will leave. It is a long journey to where I last knew him to be."

"Zander, you don't mean to take Zane to HIM, do you?" asked Grayson with disbelief.

"Yes, HE is the best choice. Especially to learn to mix the physical with the magical. If a war is brewing as you seem to think, how can I take Zane to anyone else?"

"Is this guy tough?" queried Zane after listening to plans being made about himself without being consulted.

"The toughest we've ever met." Grayson replied still looking at Zander. "At least let me get him started before you leave."

"That's probably a smart idea," agreed Zander.

"I can take it. After what my dad and Donnie put me through I can take whatever this guy throws at me." Zane declared with his jaw stuck forward and arms crossed over his chest.

By the time Zander was recuperated enough to travel Zane was no longer so sure of his brave statement. Two weeks of training with Grayson and Marko had been torturous and this other guy whose name no one would say was supposed to be worse. Zane, however, kept his doubts to himself, did as he was instructed and pretended it was kid's play.

The night of their departure arrived long before any of the quartet was ready for it. After shedding many tears and sharing many hugs the Z's were on their way to a new city and new adventures.

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