Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 12

Published: 2 Nov 15

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

From a human viewpoint the Z's were making good time on their travels but from a vampire perspective they were going torturously slow. Zane especially was feeling impatient with their speed as well as anxious about meeting his new trainer. Although he tried to hide it from Zander his boyfriend knew him too well and pushed himself to go faster and farther.

The reverse was also true and Zane could see the pain etched into his lover's face as Zander forced himself to keep going. After another five minutes Zane called for a stop; he found a pleasant spot on a hillside out of sight and spread the blanket for them to rest on.

The brown haired vampire tried to protest and insist he could go for another hour or two. Zane pointedly ignored his bravado, sat down on the blanket and pulled Zander down with him. The emerald-eyed teen vamp settled his boyfriend between his legs and laid his back against his own chest wrapping his arms around Zander. Feeling him finally relax Zane was ready to start the conversation he both needed and dreaded to have.

"It's time for us to be honest with each other, Zander. Yes, I am a bit impatient with our speed but I know you can't match our usual speed yet without a lot of pain. I'm also kind of scared about this person you're taking me to. The training with Grayson was harder than I would admit and I'm worried I won't be able to keep up. I need to know more about him. Please!?"

Zander closed his eyes for a moment then gave a long sigh of resignation. "Okay. First, you're right! My body aches something awful right now and it feels so good to lay here in your arms. Second, I knew you were struggling but I didn't know how to help you without making you feel bad. I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you."

"Stop that! You have nothing to be sorry for! You've done plenty for me. It's my fault you got hurt so bad! I'll put up with whatever I have to so that never happens again. My biggest fear is not so much that I will fail but that I'll disappoint you!" Zane tightened his hold briefly then kissed the top of Zander's leaf-colored head.

Had Zane not had such a tight hold Zander would have sat straight up at that revelation. "Now, you stop! It was not your fault; we both messed up in that fight. Both of us let the use of knives worry and distract us instead of taking care of business. As soon as I am able I'll be joining you in the training. I don't want to hear anymore about it being your fault. Understood?" Zander took one of the hands holding him, raised it to his lips and kissed it softly.

"Yeah, I understand. Thank you, Zander, for everything. Love ya lots!" Basking in the feeling of love Zane sighed softly then got back to business. "Can you tell me about this guy who's going to train us? You and Grayson made him sound awfully scary."

Zander chuckled, "That can't be helped, Zane. He is a little scary. But he is on the side of good and he is fair as well as being very good at what he does. We don't use his name because it changes from time to time. If he is still there he has lived in this city for several decades. The last name I knew for him was Keiko. We will have to find him with magic. He does not hide his mental presence and I know what it feels like. Does that help?"

"Yes, thank you. Now hush; I want to cuddle with my boyfriend while he recuperates."

"Should I leave the two of you alone?" Zander asked with fake seriousness.

"Yes, please. The cuddle might get 'R' or even 'X' rated eventually," giggled Zane in response.

Zander pulled Zane's arms tighter around him, settled back and relaxed in his lover's embrace. Zane leaned over, kissed Zander's cheek and laid back mentally reviewing what he had learned from Grayson about fighting.

About an hour later Zander arose and then pulled Zane up to him wrapping his arms around the blonde haired hottie.

"What about our 'R' or 'X' rated cuddle?" asked Zane with a pout.

"We really ought to travel while I feel up to it. Maybe at our next rest?" answered Zander looking down while he turned Zane's face up. "This will have to hold you 'til then."

The two kissed passionately while rubbing each other's backs. Zander ran his hands over Zane's shoulders, neck and up into the thick, blonde hair. At the same time Zane ran his hands up under Zander's shirt massaging his lower and middle back then down to squeeze his soft but firm butt cheeks. A few minutes later the lovers broke for air.

Zane sighed loudly, "That was nice but I want more at the next rest."

"I promise there will be. I enjoyed that and want more, too. But we need to get going."

The boys gathered up the blanket, put it away, adjusted their backpacks and headed off again. They were making decent time although still not up to their usual standards. Zane resolved to keep a closer eye on his boyfriend and not let him exhaust himself again. Now if he could keep his impatience in check it would make it easier.

Having done a fair bit of thinking to keep his mind off the slower travel speed than he would like Zane decided to do a complete inventory of their supplies when they stopped to let Zander rest. He pulled the blanket out first, spread it and had Zander lay down on one half while he used the other to empty their backpacks and examine their clothing. He also pulled out the two plastic bottles of blood Grayson had sent with them and handed one to Zander.

Zane set about separating the clothing into piles while occasionally sipping from his bottle of blood. There were two piles of jeans since the height difference meant different sizes but everything else they shared. Jeans were still in fair shape and so was underwear since they had just bought new about three months ago. Shirts were a different matter almost all of them were getting threadbare and ratty looking.

They would need replacing. Toothbrushes had also been replaced on a regular basis but it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and get new ones when they stopped to shop so they would have them on hand.

While doing this inventory Zane couldn't help but notice that the blanket, which was the one originally brought with him when he ran out that fateful Halloween night, was getting rather worn through itself. It was sad to think of replacing it; there were a lot of good memories associated with that blanket over the years with Zander. Thinking of those good times took Zane from a sad smile to a horny grin in no time. Soon he was all set for camping with the tent in his pants.

It almost took him less time to put the clothing and other items away than it did to dump them out then Zane quietly eased himself down on top of his unsuspecting boyfriend. As Zane settled his weight Zander opened his eyes receiving a lewd grin and a stiff cock grinding into his crotch. It only took about two seconds for his cock to match Zane's and he wiped the grin off Zane's face with a hard, passion-filled kiss. Zane entwined his hands in Zander's shoulder length brown hair as the pair continued their liplock and Zander ran his hands down the blonde boy's back under his jeans and undies to grasp the rounded asscheeks.

After a few minutes Zander rolled them onto their sides and ran his hands back up Zane's muscled back into the blonde locks that framed his lover's face. Zane went the opposite way caressing Zander's handsome face on his way down his ticklish sides and began undoing the jeans that prevented him from touching the velvety smoothness of Zander's steel rod.

While Zane's hands gave indescribable pleasure to Zander's private area he lifted Zane's shirt over his head and latched onto first one then the other of Zane's sensitive nipples with his mouth. Throwing his head back with sheer delight Zane moaned loudly thankful that they really were in the middle of nowhere this time.

Several minutes later both pulled away not wanting to cum too soon and end the fun. They laid on their backs panting as they let their groins relax so they could start all over again.

"Let's strip!" suggested Zane and soon clothes were strewn all around them.

Zane finished first since his shirt had already been removed by Zander. When his boyfriend was finally free of his clothing Zane pulled him down to lay on top this time. A lengthy make-out session began as their groins rubbed together with ever lessening friction as the precum flowed freely.

Fifteen minutes passed before Zane rolled them to their sides this time and took Zander's joystick in his hand once more. The tongue battle never even slowed down during the move. Zander slid his hand over Zane's cock, caressed his balls briefly then began softly massaging Zane's virgin hole. Both were pleasantly surprised by Zane's response to this new sensation. The resulting groan with their mouths still attached to one another almost caused Zander to erupt.

Zane now rubbed his thumb with light pressure on the very sensitive underside of Zander's cockhead causing him to groan into their ongoing kiss this time. Another five minutes and a slight push on Zane's hole almost entering and the two lovers could hold off no longer. With groans, moans and total body shudders they spewed enough babymakers to soak each others groins thoroughly.

One last gentle kiss then they set about cleaning up, dressing, and getting ready to continue their journey. Zane made Zander take and drink the last bit of blood left in his bottle claiming he was still full.

Zander stared at his amazing boyfriend and quietly said, "Truth."

Zane looked him in the eye, "Okay, but you need it more. Besides it's my turn to take care of you."

Shouldering their backpacks the Z's set off for their destination feeling refreshed in body and spirit. On this segment of the trip Zane had something new to keep his mind occupied. In all their time together Zane and Zander had never had anal sex; the subject never even came up. Hand jobs, blow jobs and frotting had been enough to satisfy their urges in the past. Their love was based on much more than sex and sexual pleasure.

But now Zane couldn't get it out of his mind. He had always thought eventually they would get around to that most intimate of mating but wanted it to be special. New thoughts and plans started fermenting in Zane's overactive brain. A little internet search would be needed at their next rest stop.

They happened upon a small town before either called for a break. It would the best place to replace their worn clothing and buy whatever else they might need. No Walmart was in sight but this town had a K-mart instead.

"We need to stop here for supplies," Zane informed his travel partner. "Most of our shirts are too worn out and so is the blanket. We probably should grab a couple of toothbrushes too. Can you think of anything else?"

"No," Zander smiled warmly at the love of his life. "Sounds like you have it under control."

The Z"s spent the next half hour deciding on shirts to get and what color toothbrush to get. They were about to head to the cash register when Zane remembered one of things he had thought of on the trip.

"What do you think about getting some shorts? Summer is on the way." Zane asked looking over the choices.

Zander paused a moment in thought, "You know, those basketball shorts Jordan and Scottie were wearing looked very comfortable and probably be more practical for our workouts than jeans."

"Yeah, that's for sure. I think that was the worst part of training with Grayson."

Quickly picking out a couple pair each the teens were ready to check out after grabbing a new blanket and be on their way. Outside of town Zane asked Zander how he was doing. Zander replied that the shopping was enough of a break for now. They were glad to be on their way and even gladder to get in and out of a town with no incidents.

When they finally stopped for a rest Zane checked their progress on a map site and found they were over halfway to the new city. He was pleased with the progress as it was much better than he had hoped for.

While Zander rested Zane did a few more searches and used a credit card to make a couple of purchases and a reservation in the city they were headed to. He had a surprise planned for Zander. It would be an 'I love you' and thank you present for the person who saved his life and gave him a reason to keep going each day.

He had just put the laptop away when Zander sat up announcing he was ready to travel again. Zane hopped up, pulled Zander to his feet and kissed him soundly before folding and packing the new blanket they had gotten.

Zander was able to set a faster pace than they had been traveling. In an about face Zane starting thinking of ways to slow them down. It would ruin his plan to get there too soon. But he would worry about that later; for now it felt good to be moving at nearly 'normal' speed.

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