Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 13

Published: 3 Dec 15

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

The Z's were traveling so well that Zane had to make up reasons to stop or slow them down so they would arrive at their destination on the right day for the surprise he planned for Zander. He constantly said he had to retie his shoes or adjust his backpack or he got thirsty. Sometimes to extend the stop he would make out with his hot, brown-haired, chocolate eyed boyfriend for several minutes but would never let them get to the point of no return. He wanted Zander ready, willing and very able when they finally reached the city and he could spring his surprise on Zander.

At what would be their last stop to rest before entering the city Zane slipped away to a nearby town to buy the supplies for his surprise that he hadn't been able to order online. It took him some time to find the kind of store he needed and even longer to get up the nerve to buy what he wanted. He returned just as Zander was packing away the blanket.

"Where have you been?" Zander asked as he zipped up his backpack.

"Just wandering around. I was kinda restless." Zane replied adjusting his backpack.

"Okay. You ready to hit the trail?"

"I sure am," Zane stepped close to Zander, lifted himself up on his toes and kissed his boyfriend on the lips.

Everything was working out just right. At top speed they wouldn't get there too soon and even at their slowest they wouldn't arrive too late. Now all Zane had to do was figure out how to get Zander to wait while he finished the last few details before revealing his surprise.

The two teenage vampires set off at a pace that was about ninety percent of their top speed. The pace was encouraging to Zane and Zander both as it meant Zander was getting back to full health. Zander would be glad to feel one hundred percent again but Zane had another reason for wanting his chocolate-eyed lover at top performance. His surprise depended on it.

The Z's arrived in the city about five thirty in the evening. Zane found a bench near a coffee shop and sat Zander down then took out his laptop and began a quick search for directions. He was glad the search didn't take long because he noticed the laptop was nearly out of power and needed to be charged. With the information he needed obtained Zane was ready to go finalize the preparations.

"Hey, Zander! Why don't you just sit here and rest a bit. I've got to check on something then we can search for Keiko or whatever his name is now. Okay?" Zane leaned over Zander peering intently in his face.

"Sure! No problem." Zander smiled as he lifted up and kissed his boyfriend lightly on the tip of his nose.

Zander watched with a smile on his face shaking his head as Zane disappeared around the corner. He knew the blonde vampire he loved was up to something but he trusted Zane completely. Still curiosity almost made him try to follow Zane to see what he was up to. He decided it wasn't worth the effort; he would let Zane reveal it in his own time.

Nervously Zane looked at the entrance to the Magnolia Hotel trying to screw up his courage to enter and finish setting up the surprise. Deep breath in, hold it, blow it out. With a determined look on his face Zane headed inside to the registration desk, confirmed his identity, got the key card to his room and went up to examine it.

The room was perfect and Zane added the finishing touches then took the supplies he had picked up in the last town out of his backpack. He looked around the room trying to decide where to put them finally settling on the drawer of the bedside table where they would be close but out of sight when Zander entered.

With one last look at his handiwork Zane shrugged his backpack onto his shoulders and headed back to get Zander making sure he had the key before closing the door.

"Hey, cutie! I'm back! Let's go!" Zane excitedly announced as he approached the bench.

"Okay but don't let my boyfriend find out I snuck off with you." Zander turned and caught Zane's hand before he could connect with the smack to the head. Next he jerked the blondie off balance, caught him around the waist, hoisted him off his feet and kissed him soundly on the lips.

The hot, passionate kiss was about to turn into a make-out session right on the sidewalk until Zane finally remembered the surprise he had waiting. The tightness in his pants making it urgent that they stop and move to the room waiting for them. Now!

Pushing them apart Zane breathlessly exclaimed, "We need to go now! I have a surprise for you and we can continue this when we get there!"

The excited vampire grabbed his partner by the hand and pulled him through the city at as fast a pace as he dared. Zander followed willingly grinning over his green-eyed beauty's excitement.

"Where are we going, hotstuff?"

"C'mon, you'll see when we get there!" Zane weaved his way through the pedestrian traffic still pulling Zander by the hand as he answered.

"Did you find Keiko already? How would you know it's him? You haven't met him yet." Zander asked trying to get a clue about what Zane was planning.

"No. Nothing like that. Just come with me. This is for pure enjoyment. Then we can get down to the business that brought us here," Zane replied trying to hurry even more.

"Okay! Okay! Lead on!" Zander said while attempting to sneak a peek into Zane's mind only to find it totally blocked.

It was Zane's turn to grin. He knew Zander would try to find out and had been ready for it. This was a surprise and he wasn't giving anything away before hand.

Zander remained quiet for the rest of the journey through the city until Zane stopped them in front of the Magnolia Hotel. "Why did we stop?"

Zane turned to face his taller boyfriend taking hold of Zander's other hand. He looked Zander over, reached up and smoothed the dead leaf colored hair then nodded in approval.

"Trust me? Please?" begged Zane as he stared into Zander's chocolate eyes.

"I trust you with my life, love." Zander caressed the blonde locks as he returned the stare unwavering.

Suddenly Zander found himself in a bone-crushing hug after a couple of moments Zane released his stunned lover, took his hand and led him inside.

"Come with me. I have a surprise waiting for you," Zane remarked as they made their way to the elevator.

Once on the elevator alone Zander smiled warmly at Zane and stated, "I knew you were up to something. Can't wait for my surprise."

Zane returned the smile and the two rode the rest of the way in a comfortable, companionable silence. Even the ding of the elevator reaching their floor couldn't break the peacefulness they were experiencing.

When the doors opened Zane led the way down the hall to their room stopping outside it to give Zander some last minute instructions.

"Close your eyes and don't open them until I tell you, okay?" Zane practically whispered as he peered into Zander's face to see him comply.

"Anything you want." Zander answered just as softly.

Emerald eyes shining with emotion Zane unlocked and opened the door, carefully moved Zander inside and to the side so he could close the door. He slipped the 'Do Not Disturb' sign over the knob before it latched and turned to stand beside his boyfriend. He slid his arm around the taller vampire's waist and felt an arm settle on his shoulders.

Sighing with contentment Zane enjoyed a moment of closeness with the person who was more important to him than his own life. Giving a little squeeze to the body beside him Zane spoke.

"Okay, Zander, you can open your eyes now."

There was complete silence as the chocolate eyes scanned the details of the room Zander found himself in. He was in awe of the trouble Zane had gone to in making this surprise. It was unbelievably romantic.

The sight was illuminated only by the glow from the many different candles lit around the room. In the center against the wall was a huge king size bed with satin sheets and covers in an emerald green that almost matched his lover's magnificent eyes. The floor was strewn not with rose petals but leaves in fall colors with most being the same brown as his own shoulder length hair and the room smelled like the deep forest in autumn. In a word, it was perfect.

With tears welling in his eyes Zander turned to Zane and pulled him close in the tightest hug possible. Then he started kissing the beautiful boy in front of him. First on his forehead, next his cute nose, then on each smooth cheek and finally he got to Zane's mouth. This kiss started light and affectionate but soon was pressed harder and became more passionate as their tongues explored and battled inside the two hotties' mouths. When they eventually broke off the kiss each was pitching a tent worthy of an entire boy scout troop.

Zane put his hands on the taller teen's chest and pushed back gently breaking the hold Zander had on his waist. Then he slid his hands down to the bottom of Zander's shirt slipping them under it and raised his hands up pushing the shirt as he went. As he removed the shirt completely the blonde vampire attacked the brunette's sensitive nipples with his mouth and tongue alternating between licking, sucking and lightly nibbling on first one then the other.

Kissing his way down the smooth, taut torso before him Zane also began undoing Zander's pants. After spending a little time lathing his partner's belly button the emerald-eyed teen pushed the pants to his ankles, removed Zander's shoes and pulled the jeans away.

Standing up he took Zander by the hand, led him into the large, luxurious bathroom and ran water into the oversized jacuzzi tub. He then stripped his own clothes off before removing Zander's olive green boxer briefs. When the tub was ready Zane pulled his willing boyfriend into the tub, settled him on one end then sat between his legs and leaned back against him.

Awakening from the haze of all Zane had done for and to him so far, Zander pulled the smaller boy tighter against him then let his fingers lightly run over the muscular chest and abs. The place was filled with the sound of Zane's excited moaning as the taller teen played his body like a familiar, fine instrument.

The moaning teen let his hands roam up and down the thin, hard legs beside him occasionally reaching behind him to fondle the rock hard cock and tight ball sack trapped against his back. After a few minutes Zane leaned back turning his head so he could kiss Zander along his jaw and cheek. It wasn't long before the brown-eyed boy turned his head to create a lip-lock with the hot guy in front of him. The Z's made out and continued to caress their chosen body parts until Zane felt his partner getting close again.

He stood, pulled Zander to his feet and exited the tub. Grabbing two huge, fluffy towels from the rack he wrapped one around his waist and used the other to dry Zander from head to toe. Then he dried himself with the towel from around his waist and led Zander to the bed.

"Lay on your back," the blondie whispered low as he climbed onto the bed after Zander.

Having climbed on from the bottom Zane pulled Zander's legs together, kissed both feet then straddling his legs crawled forward and kissed both knees. Zane crawled forward again and kissed Zander on each hip completely ignoring the rock hard, pulsing rod in the center.

Continuing up his lover's body Zane kissed and tongued Zander's belly button then did the same for each nipple and the hollow of his neck. When he reached Zander's lips with his, Zane lowered his whole body onto the teen below him and began an intense make-out session. With the difference in heights and the way Zane lowered himself Zander's piece of hot steel rubbed in the crevice between Zane's bubble-butt globes as he ground his own iron hard cock against his boyfriend's abs.

After ten minutes of kissing, grinding and moaning Zane was beside himself with need. He wanted to be filled by his lover now. Reaching into the drawer in the bedside table Zane ran his hand over the small dildo he had bought to get himself ready but discarded it for the tube of lube instead. He was too far gone for the dildo.

Zane sat up on his knees as he popped the top of the lube. First he pushed a generous amount in and on his pucker before covering his hand with lube and running it up and down Zander's stiff prick. Tossing the tube aside Zane raised up and positioned the throbbing cock against his hole.

Staring into the love of his life's chocolate colored eyes Zane began to lower himself. Zander smiled gently as his beautiful partner struggled to impale himself on the hot cock and caressed Zane's hips and body softly. Zane grimaced when the tip penetrated his love canal and Zander moved his hands to smooth back the blonde locks and then caressed his love's cheeks with his palms.

With a few deep breaths and the loving attention of his boyfriend Zane finally relaxed enough to slowly sink down until he felt the silky, brown pubes on his fully stuffed ass. Zander rubbed his back and arms as Zane took a couple of minutes to get used to the full feeling in his backside.

Leaning on Zander's shoulders Zane began to slide up and down the slick pole of his true love. They gazed lovingly at one another for several minutes as their coupling progressed. Overcome with emotion for the precious gift he was given Zander pulled the smaller teen's head down and kissed him passionately. They continued kissing and caressing each other until Zander began to thrust upward as Zane came down. The added sensation set Zane's climax in motion and he had never experienced such a massive one before. His orgasm caused his ass muscles to clench around Zander's thrusting cock causing him to come more violently than ever before as well.

Exhausted and satisfied Zane collapsed onto his equally tired and content partner whose deflated cock slipped out of the well-worn hole. Zander hugged his lover close and rubbed his back as they came down from their sexual high. Their first experience with the ultimate intimate act was all they had hoped for and more.

They lay snuggled together caressing and kissing and just enjoying being together until morning arrived. Finally they had to get up, checkout of the hotel and search the city for their new trainer and teacher.

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