Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 14

Published: 21 Dec 15

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

"Thank you for my surprise, Zane," Zander stated as they packed their clothes. "I really enjoyed it but didn't you want to do me?"

"Another time. This was all about you. It was my way of thanking you for all you've done for me and for showing my love for you." Zane replied as he slipped the freshly charged laptop into his backpack and zipped it closed.

"Well, it was really special. I think we should always make this intimacy a special time."

"What did you have in mind?" asked Zane as he joined Zander by the door.

"I want us to only share ourselves like this when we have total privacy and a comfortable bed," answered Zander opening the door and holding it for Zane.

"I like that idea. Let's do it." The shorter vampire stretched up to kiss his lover on the lips as he went out the door.

Smiling Zander closed the door behind them as he exited the room and followed his sexy boyfriend down the hall to the elevator.

After checking out the two stood on the sidewalk outside the hotel looking in each direction.

"Which way should we go?" Zane questioned. "You'll have to lead on this one."

"Okay. Give me a minute," replied Zander still looking every which way. "I'm trying to remember where his place was last time I was here. We can start there."

Zane slipped his hand into Zander's and waited patiently for his other half to find his bearings. The sun finally peeked out from the haze covering the morning sky and Zander's faced brightened with sunlight and the realization of which direction to head.

"Come on! It's this way!" Zander nearly shouted as he pulled Zane by their connected hands.

The Z's weaved their way through the city hand in hand, down the sidewalks and across roads. Every once in a while Zander would have to stop to orientate himself to where they were in the city. Then they would be off again dodging through the other pedestrians.

About noontime Zander halted them on Davis Street, "This block is where his dojang used to be."

"Okay, let's stroll down the street while you try to feel him out with your mind." Zane suggested. "Then we can decide from there if you find him."

"All right, but I want you to guide my body so I can concentrate," the brown haired vampire stipulated as he prepared his mind.

"Not a problem at all," announced Zane pulling Zander's arm over his shoulder then wrapping his around the taller teen's waist.

Thus entwined the two slowly made their way down the street as Zander turned his head this way and that mostly with his eyes closed. He still was not comfortable using the Romani magic he had let slide for so long. About two thirds of the way down the block Zander stopped and looked across the street.

There was a small martial arts school whose window said they taught Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, and Tang Soo Do. When traffic cleared the teen vampires ran across the street connected only by their hands. At the door they paused to screw up their courage before entering to meet the trainer.

It was too early for classes so the building was empty except for an oriental man who looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties. The Z's made their way to where he was standing at a deliberate pace hoping to figure out how to begin by the time they reached him.

The teacher saved them the trouble by starting things himself. "You must be the ones Graemar . . . I mean . . . Grayson told me to expect. I am Kwan Soo, the owner and teacher of this dojang. You," Kwan pointed to Zander, "have been a vampire for a long time but you," this time he pointed to Zane, "barely feel like a vampire."

Kwan chuckled as he reached out with both hands and gently pushed up on the chins that had nearly dropped to the floor in astonishment. The two teens shook themselves then grinned sheepishly at their host.

"Yes, sir. I am Zane. I have been a vampire for just about six years now." He held his hand out.

Kwan ignored the hand instead he gave a slight bow with his head. It took a moment then Zane withdrew his hand and returned the bow.

"I am Alexander, a student of Rinaldo, and I have been turned for more than four hundred years. I currently go by Zander." Having learned from the exchange between Kwan and Zane, Zander bowed to Kwan and received a bow in return.

"Come. Let us go to my living quarters where we can sit, have some refreshment and discuss the rules you will follow if I am to train you." Kwan led the way to the back and up two flights of stairs. He took them to a small kitchen with a square table with four chairs and had them sit down.

After making them tea with a good portion of blood in it Kwan sat down with them and laid his cards on the table.

"If I am to train you there are some rules you will have to agree to. In fact, a Blood Oath is required before I will consent to be your teacher. Do you have a problem with that?"

Both boys shook their heads and sipped the tea,

"Good! Here are the rules. You will obey me without question and address me as Master or Sir while training. You must also show respect to all who come into this dojang. I expect you to always do the best you can. Finally, no fighting for any reason whether against vampires or humans unless given express permission by me. Grayson advised me of your activities while in his area. I will not have that here unless I permit. Understood?"

"Yes, sir." "Yes, master."

"There is one more thing before I administer the Blood Oath so finish your tea and we can begin. "Zander, I know your level by reading you when you searched for me and I know you were taught by Rinaldo himself. However, Zane, you I don't know and haven't been able to get a read on."

With those words Kwan attacked Zane's mind quickly and viciously pushing into the deepest parts of his memories and functions. Zane slumped in his chair when the excruciating pain hit him like a ton of bricks. He couldn't even move a finger.

Seeing his boyfriend nearly collapse Zander moved to help him but found himself pushed back into his seat. Kwan shook his head at Zander.

"Don't interfere!"

At first Zane struggled to remain conscious but soon was able to relieve some of the pain. Now he could feel Kwan pushing his way in further but had no way of stopping the advance. A couple of more minutes passed and Zane leaned his head back and closed his eyes to help him concentrate. He could feel the advance slowing and started to close off parts of his mind to the invader.

Suddenly the pain worsened again and Zane felt pressure against the areas he had closed. He pushed back but still felt like he was going to lose ground again. 'Why? What was the purpose of this attack? I thought he was going to help us.'

As the pain and pressure increased again Zane began to anger. He'd had enough of this and hit the invader hard feeling him slip back. Zane locked off the areas he had just reclaimed. Opening his eyes he saw the helpless look of pain on the most beautiful face in the world to him then he saw the smirk across the table and felt rage boil out.

Emerald eyes glowing Zane let loose a primal scream of pain and despair that turned to exultation and victory. The resulting explosion in his mind and out thrust the invading mind out of his completely and loosed an energy wave that would have flattened the entire block.

Both Zane and Kwan were able to recover from their surprise and absorb the energy before it did more than rattled the dishes and walls. The wild, shocked looks on Kwan and Zander's faces reflected what Zane was feeling and his face matched theirs.

Having been a vampire longer and accustomed to the use of magic forces Kwan recovered first.

"Whew! That was close! I have your level now but I think an explanation is in order. A new vampire shouldn't be so strong."

Zander tried to stifle a giggle and failed earning him a stern look from Kwan.

"I guess I'm not good at these introductions. I probably should have mentioned that I'm a direct line descendant of Rinaldo." Zane apologized with his eyes downcast. "I'm sorry, sir."

"Beginnings are always difficult and uneasy," Kwan Soo said soothingly. "How much Romani magics do you know?"

When Zane hesitated Zander stepped in, "He knows all that Rinaldo taught me and all that Grayson knew. His biggest problem is he doesn't know how to physically fight."

"Now I know how to place the two of you and can design a training program for you," Kwan nodded to himself as he spoke already thinking of what to include. "Are you ready for the Blood Oath?"

"Uh, I guess so, uh . . sir. What exactly is involved?" Zane stutters out his question. Zander just nods not trusting his voice.

"It's a simple, easy ritual where the three of us will mix our blood in a cup. Then the incantation is spoken over it and the terms of the oath are stated by each participant. Finally we each drink from the cup of blood. A warning, this oath is binding and the consequences are dire and permanent."

"W-what are th-the c-c-consequences, M-Master?" Zander found his voice and it was as shaky as he feared.

"A total loss of blood; in other words a vampire's death of turning to dust," Kwan spoke this in a flat voice. The Z's blanched whiter than they already were.

"Don't fret over it! The terms are the same as what you already agreed to in order to be my students." Kwan tried to reassure the teens as he began collecting the needed items from a locked, specially decorated cabinet.

"I will go first, watch then do as I do," instructed Kwan as he set a pewter cup and small silver knife on the table. "Now, clear your minds and center your being." He took a deep breath, held it briefly and slowly let it out.

The Z's followed suit and immediately were calmer and ready to continue.

As he went on with his instructions Kwan picked up the silver knife and put the point to the meaty part of his hand below the thumb.

"Make a one inch cut here then drip the blood into the cup. Watch carefully to see how much. Afterwards lick the cut; vampire saliva will help it heal faster."

He put his words into action then handed the knife to Zander who copied Kwan's actions. Finished he turn to Zane and offered the knife. Reluctantly, he accepted the weapon but just stared at it blankly. He was remembering the pain of the knife cut in that last fight and wasn't sure he could make himself do it.

Zane looked up when he felt Zander's hand on his shoulder, "Center and just make the cut. You can do this." The soft spoken words of encouragement were exactly what Zane needed. He nodded once and did what had to be done.

Kwan took the silver ritual knife from Zane's hand and wiped it clean with a small square of cloth which he then put into the sink and lit on fire with a word. Coming back to the table Kwan took the cup in both hands, held it below his chin and began chanting in a language unknown to the teen vampires. However, in their heads they could hear a translation of the incantation in English.

'From blood to blood to blood this oath we make; to bind together in trust; we forfeit our blood when this oath we break; our body to return to dust.'

When Kwan had finished repeating the incantation three times they all repeated the rules they had agreed on earlier then each drank from the cup until the blood was gone. First Kwan, next Zander and last Zane; the same order in which they had added their blood.

Again Kwan cleaned the blood in the cup with a small square of cloth and burned it in the sink.

"May I ask why you burned the rags you used to clean off the blood, sir?" asked Zane quietly.

"That is the kind of question I DO want you to ask. The answer is- you should never leave vampire blood where someone could take it. It is too powerful especially for those who know deep binding magic." answered Kwan with a smile.

"Now I want you to watch my human classes that will start in a few minutes. Remember to show respect to all. When they are finished you may have thirty minutes free time then you are to meditate until I call for you in the morning."

Kwan headed for the door signaling for them to follow. "I will show your room where you can leave your packs then we go down to the dojang."

"Yes, master." "Yes, sir."

The Z's rose from the table and started their new life.

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