Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 15

Published: 7 Jan 16

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

After settling their meager belongings in the room Kwan showed them the Z's made their way to the first floor which was the dojang or training room. They wandered around the room for a few minutes looking at all the equipment and the plaques on the wall.

The tinkling of a bell let them know someone had arrived. The two teens turned to the door in time to see two boys about nine years old enter the dojang. Zander started to go back to studying the awards when he heard Zane in his head, 'Master Kwan said to show respect to everyone. He didn't qualify it with an age limit.'

"Good afternoon!" greeted Zane bowing as he had seen Kwan do to them earlier. "Master Kwan will be down soon."

Zander copied his boyfriend's bow adding, "Good afternoon, young sirs!"

Zane and Zander greeted each student and parent as they arrived with bows and polite greetings then sat quietly and observed the class.

This continued for each class through the afternoon and evening with each group getting progressively older. When students their own apparent age arrived some of the boys were less than polite in their return greetings. The first time this happened Zane bristled until he felt a calming hand on the small of his back. Silently he thanked Zander for the reminder with a promise of a better thank you later when they had free time.

During the teenage class Zander quietly tapped Zane's arm and pointed to a far corner of the room where Kwan had gather a small number of students apart from the rest. The blonde vamp wondered why his friend called attention to this select group when it dawned on him. It was all the boys who had been rude to them earlier.

As they watched Master Kwan put an older teen in charge of the group. It soon became apparent that this was a punishment and not a privilege as they were led through harder exercises than the warm-ups done at the beginning of the class.

At the end of the class two of the five teens that had been singled out came over to the Z's, bowed and apologized. The others only gave perfunctionary bows with their heads as they went out. The two who apologized hung around and talked with Zane and Zander while the next class gathered and began. One of the boys phone beeped letting Shayn and Gavin know their ride was waiting on them. The four teens bumped fists and bowed good-bye.

Zane and Zander watched the last two classes of the night which were for adults making sure to show their respect to everyone. Then they helped put away the mats and other equipment that had been used for the classes. When they had finished and all the students were gone Kwan thanked them for their help cleaning up which he had not required.

"You may go to your room now. You have thirty minutes free time then meditate until morning." Kwan reminded them as they all went upstairs to the living quarters.

The Z's continued up the steps to their room. Inside with the door closed Zane jumped onto Zander wrapping his arms around the taller vampire's neck and his legs around his waist. When Zander had regained his balance Zane attacked his lips with a vengeance. The hot passionate liplock lasted a good five minutes and had both teens panting when it was done.

"Now, that was a thank you!" Zander exclaimed remembering what his lover had thought to him downstairs.

"Oh! I haven't even begun to thank you yet," returned Zane with a devilish smile.

He proceeded to run his hands slowly up Zander's smooth body underneath his shirt until the shirt was bunched under the chocolate eyed teen's chin. Zander pulled it the rest of the way off and tossed it aside. While Zane kept busy caressing his lover's body Zander reached over Zane's shoulders and caught the bottom of his shirt in the back pulling it over his head then rubbing his hands over the shorter vampire's silky, muscle-rippled skin.

The two paused only long enough for Zane to finish ridding himself of his shirt. The next several minutes were spent reveling in the feel of each other's bodies and making out. Eventually they did remove shoes and pants but kept on socks and underwear as they fell onto the mattress pad laying in the middle of one wall. Here they continued to rub, caress and play with one another's bodies sometimes making out and sometimes using their mouths on other body parts until their thirty minutes were up.

They rolled apart with a sigh, sat on their knees and leaned together for one last kiss. Then they turned their backs to one another in an attempt to make it easier to concentrate on meditation rather on what they felt for the other.

Zander chose to stay on his knees with his butt resting on his heels and his hands clasped in his lap. Zane, however, opted to sit cross-legged with his hands resting on his knees much like how he would sit with Marco when they first met.

Neither could get their minds off each other at first. Zander thought about how hard it was to refrain from continuing the session they had started particularly when your partner was not just a lover but also your best friend and your soulmate. Zane's thoughts were similar in nature. He was thinking how fortunate he was that Zander had passed through his town and caught sight of him. It was tough being a vampire sometimes but he wouldn't trade the chance to be with his lover, soulmate and the best friend he had ever had for all of time.

The two let out a huge, breathy sigh at exactly the same time then marshalled their thoughts to the task at hand. Each searched deep within themselves exploring their own minds and bodies as they readied themselves for the coming day and the start of training with Kwan.

At six in the morning Kwan called mentally for the Z's letting them know it was time to start and that they were expected to answer mentally as well. The training would exercise mind, body and magical abilities often at the same time.

Kwan met them in the kitchen with a cup of tea laced with blood like he had given them yesterday when they first arrived. This would soon become the normal morning routine.

When they had finished their tea the teens started towards the stairs leading down to the dojang training floor but Kwan stopped them.

'This way,' he projected with his mind and led them to a blank wall next to the refrigerator. Unintelligible chanting by Kwan revealed a door to a stairway leading down into darkness. Kwan led the way down to a training hall much lower than the one on the first floor.

'This is where I train vampires. It can take more punishment than the one above used by humans. Also with it being hidden there's no chance of someone seeing something they shouldn't.'

'Aren't there any lights?' queried Zane.

'No, not necessary,' answered Kwan. 'Close your eyes for about a minute then open them and you'll see why.'

Both Zane and Zander did as he suggested. When they opened their eyes they noticed a slight glow to the ceiling that provided sufficient light for their enhanced vampire eyes.

'Now for your training. We will start with physical conditioning.' Kwan went on to send a series of exercises and stretches to be done then retreated back up the stairs.

The first exercise was 15 minutes of running in place to warm up followed by stretches for the quads, hamstrings, calves and the insides and outsides of their thighs. Next were windmills in both directions and with wide and tight circles to loosen their arms and shoulders. The last exercises before they got truly serious were to loosen their neck muscles. After nodding yes, shaking no and making complete circles in each direction with their heads the Z's were ready for a workout called the 'Meatgrinder.'

It started with three laps jogging around the room then one jumping jack, one pushup, and one situp. Next were three more laps followed by two each of the jumping jacks, pushups and situps. This pattern of laps, jumping jacks, pushups and situps continued adding one each of the last three exercises until they reached ten each of the jumping jacks, pushups and situps. It finished with a final three laps of the room. It felt especially rough to the Z's this first time but they would soon get used to it.

After the Meatgrinder the two were instructed to do some serious stretching especially their leg muscles and their backs. This part wasn't too hard for Zane from his time on the track team; he was used to stretching. Zander, on the other hand, had never done much stretching at all. He was struggling trying to match his stretching to Zane's.

When Zane noticed he stopped and went to help his boyfriend learn how to stretch properly. He taught Zander about stretching until he felt the strain then taking a deep relaxing breath and pushing for just a little more. But he made sure the taller teen didn't go too far and injure himself. He also showed Zander how stretching the muscles on opposite sides in tandem made it easier.

After they were thoroughly stretched Kwan had them sit on the mat in their preferred meditation position. It was now time to exercise their minds. Kwan wanted them to take turns blocking and attempting to invade each others' minds.

Zane was really good at blocking and Zander only made it through a couple of times or so. Zander while fairly decent at attacking was not used to having to block anyone out. If it wasn't for Zane being so tentative in his attacks because he was afraid of hurting his lover Zander would have been invaded every time.

Kwan let this go on for while to see if there was any change but when it kept happening the same way over and over he intervened.

'For the rest of the time I want Zander to only block and Zane you are to attack. Zander build a wall or castle or whatever represents a safe place to you and try to keep it intact around your mind,' Kwan instructed. 'Zane, I want you to attack harder. You must really try to break through. I am monitoring and I will not let you hurt Zander. Now keep this up until I stop you.'

They tried it again. Zander built up a solid stone wall and imagined it surrounding his mind. Zane pushed a little more but was still holding back until Kwan reminded him to go full force. Slowly he increased the pressure he was putting on Zander's mind. Zane circled the wall looking for a weak spot to exploit as he kept the pressure rising. Finally he found one and concentrated on that spot until he felt it give. As soon as it collapsed he stopped pushing.

'That was better from both of you,' projected Kwan from his kitchen. 'I expect you, Zane, to not hold back this time and Zander, you can make repairs to your wall as they become damaged. Go again.'

Zander prepared himself again then nodded to Zane. The battle was started. Zane quickly hit Zander with the same amount of pressure that he had ended with the last try. Zander would have staggered if he had not been sitting on his knees but he adjusted and increased the width of his wall. When Zane became aware of the change he doubled his efforts while looking for a way in. He soon found a spot Zander was having trouble keeping intact and pressed even more until it collapsed inward. Zane found himself facing Kwan who kept Zander from pain just as he'd promised.


The Z's went at it several more times with Zane managing to break through every time but with increasing difficulty and was forced to use greater and greater effort. When they were nearly exhausted Kwan called a halt and invited them to the kitchen.

They rose on shaky legs and had to lean on each other to stay upright. After a couple minutes the two teens were able to slowly walk to the bottom of the stairs where they stopped looking at the steep steps in front of them.

"I don't think I can make it," whispered Zander in his soulmate's ear.

Zane replied with his thoughts, 'You hold one rail, I'll hold the other rail and we can wrap our arms around each other. Together we can make it.' Zane paused to look Zander in the eye. 'Together we can do anything!'

It took quite an effort and a few stumbles but they did manage to climb the stairs to the kitchen where Kwan waved them into seats at the table. He placed cups in front of them.

'Drink this; it will help,' Kwan said indicating the cups. 'I am somewhat pleased with your first efforts but I expect more.'

The teen vampires raised the cups to their lips and drank expecting the same tea with a small amount of blood they had received before. This time the cups held more blood than tea and they felt their strength returning as they drank.

'You have fifteen minutes free time then return to training,' Kwan dismissed them.

They went to their room and fell onto the bedding still too tired to do much knowing they had more training to go before the day was over.

"Just hold me, please," asked Zane as he turned to his side pulling on Zander's arm.

"With pleasure," replied Zander wrapping his boyfriend in his arms and kissing the back of his neck.

The two never stirred until the fifteen minutes were up. Then they stood, kissed lightly on the lips and headed downstairs for a second round of training.

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