Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 16

Published: 28 Jan 16

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015, 2016 by Jeikor

When the Z's reached the kitchen Kwan had another cup of tea and blood mixture waiting for them. He relayed what they were to do for this second round of training as they drank. It consisted of several calisthenic and isometric exercises along with some stretching to build up their strength and flexibility.

It was now twelve noon. Kwan expected them to spend the next two hours cycling through the routine he outlined for them. He was very specific with the number of repetitions and number of sets for each of the exercises on the list. It included more jumping jacks, situps and pushups as well as others like; squats, lunges, burpees, planks and a variety of crunches to go with the situps.

If they managed to get through all the sets of exercises Kwan laid out for them they were told to start back at the beginning until the two hours were completed.

Zane and Zander traipsed down the stairs and got right to work going through the strenuous workout Kwan set for them. They did manage to get all the way through once and were almost halfway through again when the two hours expired.

This time Kwan physically came down to give them their next assignment. He wanted them to work on a basic spell that could be used defensively and offensively. When he showed them what he wanted them to work on they were familiar with the spell but had never used it. It was a mental blast of energy that could be used to block attackers or to blast them back or blast a wall or other obstacle.

With a wave of his hand Kwan caused several targets to appear on the far wall then he allowed them into his mind to show them how it was done. Kwan had each of them try it once to make sure they had it down then left them to practice for the next forty minutes. After that it would be time to get ready for Kwan's human classes to arrive.

Zane being the offspring of Rinaldo took to the task quickly and was soon hitting the targets regularly and rapidly. Zander was not quite as accomplished but by the end of the forty minutes he could hit the target almost every time. It just took him longer to ready and send a blast then it did Zane. Which didn't surprise either of them.

At the end of the time they stumbled up the steps again although they weren't as wiped out as this morning. Reaching the kitchen they were again greeted by Kwan with cups of blood and tea which chased away the fatigue.

With their refreshments finished Kwan took them downstairs to the dojang and showed them how to set up for the classes that started soon. Since they had volunteered to clean up last night Kwan decided to make set up and clean up a part of their jobs while they trained with him.

The students in this afternoon's and night's classes were different then the ones they met last night. The teen class tonight didn't have any rude students but it also didn't have Shayn and Gavin. The Z's had been looking forward to seeing them again. They hadn't had any friends their own 'age' in a long time. Zane suspected they were closer than just friends and had hoped to find out for sure.

With the end of the last adult class the teens cleaned up the equipment and swept the floor before going to their room. During their thirty minutes of free time the lover's made out for a while but were still tired from their training. They ended up just laying together enjoying the closeness with their 'life' partner until time to meditate.

Sitting facing away from each other they found it easier to get their thoughts in order for proper meditating. When Kwan called the next morning they were ready to begin.

Today's activities were exactly the same as yesterday's with close to the same results. They were slightly less exhausted after the morning workout then yesterday and that was encouraging. Again Zander spent more time trying to block Zane than the other way around. This time the results were exactly the same.

More tea and blood to refresh and fifteen minutes spent just being with each other. Then down to the training hall to run through the series of calisthenics, isometrics and stretches for two hours followed by forty minutes of blasting targets. They were pleased to notice less fatigue and more accuracy.

That evening while greeting the incoming students and parents the Z's were pleased to see Shayn and Gavin enter the dojang. The foursome greeted each other with bows and fives on the side with a promise to talk again after the class. Kwan was glad to see the two pairs becoming friends.

When they conversed after class the two vampires learned that most of the students only came two nights a week. It was either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. Friday was an optional day for more relaxed practicing of difficult moves or forms.

A phone beep once again signaled time for the two human teens to go but they said they would try to come on Friday this week. The four went through their good-bye ritual of bows and fist bumps then Shayn and Gavin went out the door and the Z's turned their attention to the class in progress.

Having watched the human classes for three days the pair was beginning to see the purpose of the grueling physical workouts before they got to learn any fighting techniques. As hard as it was for the humans the vampires not only had to be fit enough for the blocks, kicks and punches but the use of magic was draining to their energy as much as the physical activity.

As they put away equipment, swept and tidied the dojang the Z's resolved to push themselves and try harder from now on. Kwan smiled to himself when he heard their thoughts as he was constantly monitoring them. Attitude was extremely important to Kwan and the two teens were proving to be worthy of the chance he was taking on them.

With a bit more energy than last night the teens made quick work of the cleanup and headed to their room for thirty minutes of free time. This time Zander was the one to grab Zane pulling him into a bear hug followed by a serious liplock. The two were panting for breath and ready for camping judging by the tents they were sporting.

Still not up to an all out effort the two did get undressed and lovingly stroked each other off while making out. Each boy orally cleaned his partner causing them to chub up again before the thirty minutes were up. With a very satisfying orgasm achieved the two had less trouble concentrating on the meditation required.

Zander spent the time building and rebuilding his mental walls in hopes of doing better in future battles. Zane drifted back through memories to recall as many spells as possible that could be used in battle. Both used some time to center their bodies in preparation for the next day's physical exertions.

They had arrived on a Monday; now it was Thursday and they followed the same routine of the past few days. During their time greeting the human students that night a few of the teens gave a slightly friendlier greeting in return. The Z's were pleased but still none came to talk with them afterwards like Shayn and Gavin do. They were looking forward to seeing them again on Friday.

With the difference in the human classes between the rest of the week and Friday Zane and Zander wondered if their workouts would change. The answer to that was NO! However, when it came time for them to greet the incoming students Kwan had a surprise for them.

'When Shayn and Gavin arrive I want you to ask them to teach you the first form,' instructed Kwan. 'I will give them permission. It will be good for their confidence.'

'Yes, sir!' 'Yes, master!' They couldn't believe their luck! They would get to learn some actual martial arts and with their new friends!

The teen vampires practically buzzed like a live electrical wire as they greeted the students and waited for the two human teens to arrive. When the two walked through the door the Z's barely managed their normal greeting from all the excitement.

"Master Kwan said we could . . ." began Zander.

"ask you to show us the first form," finished Zane.

Shayn and Gavin stood there shell-shocked for a few seconds then began giggling uncontrollably. The two vampires looked on in confusion until they realized what they had done. They joined the giggling too until Master Kwan cleared his throat loudly nearby.

"Sorry, sir!" was heard from three boys and from the fourth, "Sorry, master!"

"May we really show them the first form, sir?" asked Shayn.

Kwan nodded his assent and waved them toward the mats.

The boys found an unoccupied corner to work in. Shayn and Gavin had the Z's stand in front of them then backed away to give themselves space.

"Watch as we run through it. Then we will take you through it step by step." Shayn instructed as he and Gavin got in place side by side. Gavin just nodded as he got in his starting stance; feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, arms in front of body with elbows slightly bent and hands in fists.

From there the two human teens stepped and turned to the left blocking down with their left arm. This was followed by a right front kick, stepping forward with the right foot and throwing a punch with the right fist.

They pivoted back to the right stepping forward and blocking downward with the right arm. Next a left front kick, step forward and punch with the left fist.

The next pivot brought them to the left to face forward again with a left down block followed by three steps and three punches; right, left, right.

Zane and Zander wondered if they needed to move since the two were right in front of them now. Very quickly they had their answer.

Shayn and Gavin pivoted backwards to their left 270 degrees ending with a left down block followed again by a right front kick, step and right punch. Pivoting back to the right they executed another right down block, left front kick, step and left punch.

They turned to the center again with their backs to the vampires watching with growing respect. Left down block was followed again by three steps and three punches; right, left, right. Finally the pair pivoted backwards to the left and ended by facing forward in their starting position. Then they put right fist in left palm and bowed to the Z's who were impressed with how precise it had been.

Shayn and Gavin had Zane and Zander switch places with them then led them slowly through the form. After they watched the Z's they knew what needed to be worked on and they split up. Shayn worked with Zane and Gavin with Zander.

The two humans worked the rest of the time showing the vampires how to properly do the blocks, kicks and punches. Just before time to leave they had them do the form again and it looked much better. Then the two human teens joined them and they all ran through it together.

When Shayn's phone beeped telling them their ride was ready the good-bye ritual had an addition. After the bow and the fist bump the four stepped back then each pair that had worked together stepped forward into a hug. It may have only been a week but a new friendship had been cemented.

Once the dojang was empty Zane and Zander once again put everything away, swept and this time mopped the floor. Then they went upstairs for their thirty minutes free time of making out and bringing each other to a relaxing climax.

Just before they settled into their meditation time Kwan interrupted with new instructions for Saturday.

'You may have another thirty minutes free time in the morning after I call you. Workouts tomorrow will be shorter and more free time will be allowed. I will tell you when those are tomorrow. Now concentrate and review what you were shown tonight as part of your meditation. Good night.'

'Yes, master.' 'Yes, sir.' The pair responded to Kwan's instructions then settled into position to meditate through the night.

Zane was thrilled to be learning some fighting techniques and spent a great deal of his time reviewing the proper way to block and punch and to execute a proper front kick. It had felt odd to him to point your foot forward while pulling your toes back. Shayn said the ball of your foot should make contact with your target. Zane repeatedly imagined himself doing a front kick exactly right using each foot in turn.

For Zander the kick was a little tricky but he had more problems with the block and punch because he had been shown how before. The way he knew was considered wrong by what Gavin had taught him and he concentrated his time one unlearning his old way and becoming accustomed to this way of punching. As he went through it slowly step by step in his mind Zander came to realize there was much more power in the way Gavin showed him.

Both had to stop and center themselves to keep from being more exhausted by their meditation time than by their workout time.

By the time Kwan called for them Saturday morning they were refreshed and excited about another thirty minutes of time to themselves.

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