Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 17

Published: 4 Feb 16

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015, 2016 by Jeikor

The excitement of an extra thirty minutes free time first thing in the morning showed plainly when the two teen vampires turned from their meditation positions to face one another. They quickly shed what little clothing they had worn during the night and embraced tightly starting a new round of trying to merge their faces as one.

With the extra energy from not having hours of working out the two soulmates soon found themselves so aroused that meer mutual masturbation was not enough. They laid side by side on the bed in opposite directions and began to orally please one another slowly and sensually. When there was only about ten minutes left of their alone time the two increased the speed and intensity of their ministrations until each exploded at the same moment with mind-numbing orgasms.

The lovers had barely regained their breath and composure when Kwan requested their presence in the kitchen. He handed them a cup, bade them drink up then explained the plan for the day.

'For your morning workout I want you to do one of the physical workouts. Either do the Meatgrinder, calisthenics or run through the form for an hour and a half. You may do a mix as long as you are moving for the whole time. After that return to your room, gather any clothes that need washing and strip the bed. Sweep and mop the room and bring the laundry to the kitchen so I can show you where the washer and dryer are.'

Kwan paused as he took their empty cups and rinsed them in the sink before finishing.

'You must do this every Saturday. It is cleaning day. When that is finished you are free until one o'clock which is when you will do mental and magical workouts for two hours. You again are free until five o'clock when I will instruct you. Now, go! Do!'

'Yes, master!' 'Yes, sir!' The Z's answered as they scrambled down the stairs to the private dojang.

'Which do you want to do?' asked Zane on the way down.

'Can we do a mix?' was Zander's reply.

'Okay. How about we start by running through the form a couple of times, then some calisthenics, do the forms a couple more times and if there is any time left we do the Meatgrinder or a shortened version of it depending on how much time we have left?' Zane offered.

'Sounds good to me.' agreed Zander.

The teens got right to work and kept busy the entire time then headed upstairs to do the cleaning. They weren't sure if it was the shortened workout, the mixing things up or that they were toughening up but they weren't as tired as usual.

When all the cleaning was done they went down to the kitchen in search of Kwan but he wasn't there. Instead there were two cups of drink and a note reminding them of their afternoon schedule. They sat at the table and leisurely drank the tea and blood Kwan had left them 'talking' about the week's happenings. Finished with their drinks Zane and Zander rinsed out the cups and went down to the human dojang to finish examining the awards and decorations on the walls.

At 12:45 the two teens decided to head for their own training hall early. First they worked on their mental defenses and attacks. They made themselves comfortable facing away from each other then took turns attacking and defending their minds. Zane was apprehensive about attacking full out since Kwan wasn't there to monitor and Zander was able to fend him off easier because of it.

'You're holding back, aren't you?' accused Zander frowning at his boyfriend after they had been at it for several minutes.

'Uuhhm, yeah. I am. I don't want to take a chance on hurting you and Kwan isn't here to monitor,' admitted Zane reluctantly. 'I'm sorry.'

'It's okay; I understand but we're gonna need to take some chances at some point,' admonished Zander while letting Zane feel his love in return.

'Yeah, I guess so. Can we switch to the energy blasts now?' Zane pleaded. 'Please!'

'Okay but . . a . . how do we get the targets?' Zander asked looking confused.

'Uh . . . I don't know. Master Kwan just kinda flicks his hand at the wall and they appear,' answered Zane with his brows furled in concentration.

The two stared at the wall thinking about how to get the targets when Zander waved his hand at the wall in frustration. To their surprise an image of a target appeared briefly and disappeared.

The teens looked at each other with their mouths hanging open in shock.

'Let's try it together this time,' suggested Zane when he had regained his wits.

'Okay!' agreed Zander.

They joined their thoughts together thinking about targets and in unison flicked a hand at the wall. To their amazement and delight four targets appeared and remained in place. They set about practicing until their required time was finished.

Although it was still two hours until Kwan would come to teach then Zane and Zander chose to wait where they were. They laid down on the mats side by side with the fingers of one hand entwined with the fingers of their soulmate and enjoyed the quiet and closeness.

Without realizing what they were doing the two vampire lovers soon entwined their thoughts as thoroughly as their fingers. When Kwan arrived in the room at five he had to physically shake them to bring the two back to awareness. It took several deep breaths and a moment of centering for them to finally get their bearings.

'You have been communing mind to mind with one another; that is good. But you must learn to not lose yourselves. Ah, well! That is a lesson for another time. Let's start with some stretches.' Kwan led them through a series of stretches far tougher than those they had done so far but when they were over all grogginess was gone and the Z's felt ready to work.

Kwan reviewed the block, punch and kick Shayn and Gavin taught them for the form making sure they were executed correctly. He also gave the teens a few tips for getting maximum power from them as well. He then showed the Z's a few more techniques using their hands; a palm strike, a front knife hand and a back knife hand. He also showed them how to block the different hand techniques the teens were learning. The rest of the time was spent practicing all the moves Zane and Zander had learned and running through the form many, many times.

At the end of the lesson Kwan escorted them to the kitchen, taught them how to make the tea and blood drink then joined them in a cup before they all went to their rooms for the night.

'Tomorrow is Sunday,' stated Kwan as they stood. 'It is a free day. You may do as you please; even explore the city. Just remember your promises.'

In their room the Z's prepared for their nightly routine but spent the first few minutes discussing what to do with the free day. For this first Sunday they chose to stay home but decided to see if they could meet Shayn and Gavin on some Sundays.

Sunday morning Zane and Zander rose from their reflections and descended to the kitchen. Kwan wasn't there so they followed his directions to make themselves a cup of blood tea. He still hadn't shown himself by the time they finished so they rinsed their cups and went back to their room.

Since the teenage lovers didn't have to be anywhere or do anything at any certain time they chose to lay in their bed clothesless. The intent was to go slow and enjoy the sensuousness of skin to skin contact with as much of their bodies as possible. The vampire soulmates rubbed, caressed, tickled softly, kissed, licked all the parts of their partner they could manage while having it returned to them from the other.

Every so often they would pause to just quietly lay together. Sometimes they would be side by side touching from shoulder to toes while holding hands. Sometimes Zane would have his head on Zander's shoulder with his hand resting on Zander's abs and Zander's arm over Zane's shoulder. Other times they would be spooned taking turns as to who was in front and who was in back. And once in a while one would be pulled on top of his boyfriend and get his back rubbed.

After one of the times that Zane was pulled on top of Zander he decided to treat his lover to a massage. Pushing himself up he commanded, 'Turn over, Zander.'

'Why?' queried the taller teen who had been quite comfortable as they were.

'Just do it!' answered the blonde vamp. 'I guarantee you'll like it!'

'Okay,' and Zander turned to lay on his stomach.

Soon he was moaning from the pleasure of strong, firm yet gentle hands kneading the muscles in his neck, shoulders and back. After a solid half hour he was nearly comatose from relaxation. Until Zane moved down to his buttocks then one part of his anatomy was very stiff indeed. But today was not about getting off; It was about showing tender, caring love to the person who was most important to them.

Zane continued the massage going down Zander's thighs and calves before ending with his feet. By then Zander was sure he would just melt right into the mattress from the pleasurable relaxation.

After a couple more muted moans Zander spoke softly, "When my bones and muscles come back I'll return the favor."

Zane chuckled then projected, 'I'm not done yet.'

He carefully rolled the brown haired vampire onto his back and arranged his arms by his side. Then he returned to massaging his boyfriend starting at the shoulders and working his way down the arms. Next he went to the pecs and worked his way down Zander's sides and abs.

Skipping the muscle that was perpendicular to the rest of Zander's body Zane kneaded the front of the thighs and lower legs ending once again with a thorough working over of his lover's feet. Zander was now almost unconscious.

The smaller vampire crawled up his partners inert body and snuggled half on top and half to the side. Zander managed to find the energy to wrap an arm around his boyfriend eliciting a contented sigh. The two stayed in this position until they heard Kwan stirring downstairs that afternoon.

The Z's rose, dressed quickly and went down to see Kwan. He greeted them with cups of tea and blood and bade them sit at the table.

'I have some news. Rogues are on the rise even more than Grayson had first thought. In fact, Marko was attacked again but don't worry. He's fine. The Rogue took on more than he was trained for.'

The teens who had tensed up relaxed again hearing that Marko was okay.

'Between them Grayson and Marko managed to get a little information out of the vampire. Seems the Rogues are being created by a human trained in Romani arts. Possibly even part of Rinaldo's line or from one who had been trained by Rinaldo. The mage is not giving the Rogues much training so far. Maybe afraid to make them more powerful he or she is.'

'You mean it could be a female mage?' asked Zander with surprise.

Zane turned to look at his companion, 'Why does that surprise you?'

'In Rinaldo's time, which Zander is from, a woman would never have been taught magic. Both of you need to be careful when you leave here to explore the town. There could be Rogues coming after you. And Zane you in particular broadcast a magical signal a trained person can pick up. In time I hope to be able to teach you to control it so it's not as noticeable.'

'Okay, we'll be careful. But what about our promise if we are attacked?' Zane wanted to know.

'Yeah, we hope to be able to meet with our new friends on Sundays sometimes,' added Zander.

'Defend yourselves and your friends but try to reach me. If I can get there I want you to get away and let me handle it, understand?'

'Yes, sir.' 'Yes, master.'

'Now, rinse your cups and go enjoy the rest of your Sunday. It's back to work tomorrow.' With that Master Kwan waved them away.

The Z's went down to the hidden dojang and did some light workouts and tried some magical spells that they had done before. At the slow pace they used night came before they knew it and their free day came to a close.

Monday morning and on through the week it was back to business as usual with workouts, magic practice, greeting students and cleaning the dojang after classes were done. On Friday Kwan had Shayn and Gavin teach them a new form and much of their workout time on Saturday was spent practicing it.

After they cleaned their room and spent more time practicing, Master Kwan taught them a new kick during his lesson time with them. The sidekick was equally as hard or easy for each of the boys to learn. Pulling the front of your foot back to strike with the heel made sense to Zane but he had a little difficulty with the pivot. Zander, on the other hand, had no trouble pivoting but didn't coil his leg up before kicking out and therefore was lacking in power.

Kwan made the targets smaller and required them to tighten the blast area of their energy bolts. Thanks to their increased ability to concentrate and focus from the nightly ruminations both soon had qualified successes. Kwan expected them to continue practicing on it to attain full success with this new requirement.

Finally, Sunday was here again and the Z's had plans to meet Shayn and Gavin to see the sights of their new home.

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