Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 18

Published: 25 Feb 16

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015, 2016 by Jeikor

At 10 am Sunday morning Zane and Zander were just outside the door to the dojang waiting on their new friends Shayn and Gavin to arrive. The two human teens were going to show the Z's around the town. For different reasons neither Zane nor Zander had ever had friends to hang out with and they were nervous as well as excited.

A few minutes later the humans arrived and the foursome set out for a day of exploring and adventure in the city.

"What kind of places would you like to visit?" asked Shayn as they meandered down the street.

The Z's looked at each other before Zane spoke up.

"Are there any good parks nearby? We always like to visit the parks in any city or town we go to."

"Yeah, there's a really good one not far from here," exclaimed Gavin excitedly. "It's our favorite place to go! There's a really secluded spot . . ."

"Grrr . . hmn!" Shayn cleared his throat noisily to interrupt Gavin who turned beet red.

The two teens were near to tears and an awkward silence hung in the air until the vampires held up their clasped hands.

"We kinda figured you guys were closer than just best friends," said Zander gently. "So are we."

Relief became clearly visible on the boys faces as the meaning of the held hands and Zander's quiet assertion sunk in. Both noisily let loose the breaths they hadn't realized they were holding and the color returned to their faces.

"Why don't you show us this park and the secluded spot and we can talk it out," suggested Zane with a kind smile.

Smiling in relief Shayn agreed, "Okay, follow us. It's not too far."

The four friends took off again through the city. As they hustled towards the park Shayn and Gavin occasionally glanced back at the Z's to find that they were still holding hands. The two looked at each other a couple of times before they gave barely perceptible nods and reached for each other's hand.

By the time they reached the park Shayn and Gavin's grins were almost as wide as their hearts were light from getting to be themselves and finally publicly acknowledging what they meant to each other.

"Here it is!" announced Shayn gesturing with his free hand.

The park had an arched entrance with a short fence on either side. The entrance was just for show as the fence only went about four feet out from each side of the arch. They could see plenty of green grass, a few trails, a small playground crawling with young children and off in the distance a ball field. To the right a trail went down toward some water mostly surrounded by trees so they couldn't tell if it was a stream or river or a pond or lake.

It was this trail Gavin indicated as he spoke, "Come on! Our favorite spot is down this way near the creek."

The four friends realigned as they walked down the trail. Gavin and Zander walked with each other in front while Shayn and Zane followed behind. The humans pointed out different features along the way sometimes spotting some wildlife such as; birds, squirrels, one rabbit and even a shy groundhog just before it disappeared into the brush.

Before long Gavin left the trail walking towards the sound of the creek that was hidden by thick bushes. When he reached the bushes he felt along until he found what he was looking for and pulled back the branches revealing a hidden clearing.

The Z's followed Shayn into the hideaway and Gavin came last making sure the branches went back into place to hide the entrance. It was roomy enough for four teens yet still cosey. They started out sitting cross-legged in a circle with knees touching.

"This is nice," commented Zander looking around.

"Yeah, it is," added Zane also craning his neck to take it all in. "How'd you ever find it?"

"That would be me and my clumsiness," confessed Shayn.

"You don't seem clumsy when you're doing Tae Kwon Do," Zane interrupted.

"This was before I started taking Tae Kwon Do. I hadn't really met Gavin yet either. Anyway, I've always liked coming to this park to get away. One time a couple of older teens followed me and were teasing me. I took off running through here and when I looked back I tripped, fell and rolled under the bushes right into this clearing."

"Were you hurt?" asked Zander.

"No, thank goodness. But I was kinda stunned," chuckled Shayn remembering. "Which was lucky for me because they couldn't find me and finally left. I partly found and partly made the current opening and came here often."

"After we became friends and were close to being boyfriends Shayn brought me here," Gavin joined in. "It was actually in here that we finally admitted how we felt about one another."

The two smiled fondly at the other and clasped hands again. Shayn brought Gavin's hand to his lips and kissed it before remembering they weren't alone and blushed bright red. He needn't have worried for when he glanced at their friends they had their arms around each other leaning their heads together. Their eyes were moist with unshed tears from witnessing the tender moment between their new best friends.

The friends spent all morning talking about what it was like for them being gay and sharing how they met and when they became boyfriends and a little about what they had done together so far. When the humans had to get home for lunch the four had become as close as brothers and made plans to meet again in a few weeks.

Back at the dojang the vamps decided to go down to their private training hall and workout for awhile. They ran through the forms they had learned and practiced on the blocks, kicks and hand techniques they knew so far. They were still at it when they heard Master Kwan call them.

When they reached the kitchen Kwan had steaming cups ready for them on the table. They sat at the table and began to sip their drinks. After a few minutes Kwan 'spoke' to the Z's asking about their day.

'How was your time with Shayn and Gavin?' He inquired. 'Did you enjoy yourselves?'

'Yes, we did, Master Kwan,' answered Zane as Zander nodded his agreement.

'Good! Good! You're friendship has doing wonders for them in just two weeks,' praised Kwan then warned. 'Be careful traveling around the city. I know of at least two Rogues that I have been tracking inside the city limits.'

'Yes, master,' Zander replied this time. 'Although we weren't really in the city much today. We went to a park and sat in a hidden place and talked.'

'I would guess you plan to meet them another time and you might not always be hidden. I have decided to accelerate your training.'

'Yes, master.' 'Yes, sir.'

They all finished their tea mixture and Zane collected the cups to wash them out then he and Zander headed upstairs to their room.

Once in their room they stripped down to their underwear, laid out clothes for Monday and then composed themselves for their nightly meditations.

The training continued at a faster pace which pushed the Z's physical limits once again leaving them too exhausted to do much more than cuddle during their free time. Which wasn't really a bad thing as they became even closer than they already were.

The Romani magic teachings began to increase also. Master Kwan taught them how to safely commune mentally with one another that Monday and the vampire teens found that it assisted in the restoration of some of their mental energy which helped tremendously.

Shayn and Gavin continued to teach them new forms each Friday and the four friends tried to plan another Sunday get together but Shayn and Gavin's families had plans. It was an entire month later before both boys had a free Sunday. The foursome made plans to visit a local science museum, have lunch then hang out at the park.

When the planned Sunday finally arrived Zane, Zander, Shayn and Gavin were excited and chattering away as they walked through the city to the museum. They arrived in pretty good time and were really stoked when they learned that entry was free to anyone under eighteen.

Almost two hours later the four teens had thoroughly explored every single exhibit in the museum and some of them more than once. Now the humans complained of hunger and the vampires played along to keep suspicions at bay.

The museum's courtyard had a half dozen picnic tables scattered around it. The youths picked one at random and Shayn and Gavin began pulling food, drinks and paperware out of the backpacks they had carried all day. The two had insisted on providing the lunch this trip since it was their city and they were the hosts.

Zane and Zander ate lightly making sure the growing teens had as much as they wanted. When everyone was sated they threw away the trash and packed up what was savable and headed to the park.

In a good mood still the friends chatted away as they walked paying no attention to their surroundings or to any other people along the way. Therefore they were not aware that they had picked up a tail of two strangers.

They were just at the entrance to the park when Gavin tripped over a shoelace that had come untied.

"Dang! I almost ate pavement!" He exclaimed after regaining his footing. He bent down to retie the shoe.

Shayn and Zane had been walking in front of the other two and stopped to turn around when they heard Gavin's outburst. This brought Zane's awareness back into focus and he soon noticed the two scraggly strangers who were still peering intently at them from under noticeably new baseball caps.

Sending out a tiny tendril of thought to check them out Zane confirmed what he had dreaded to learn. They were Rogues! He sent a warning to Zander and tried to contact Kwan but wasn't sure if he got through. The Rogues chose that instance to launch their attack!

The blitzing vampires created a dilemma among the teens. The Z's knowing this was an attack of Rogue vampires tried to set up in front of their human friends. Shayn and Gavin thought it was just an ordinary mugging so having taken martial arts longer tried to protect their new friends.

Luckily, the confusion caused the Rogues to miss all four in the first headlong rush. Soon there were two groups of two teens against one Rogue facing off in the entrance to the park. Zane and Shayn made one pair and were successfully keeping their attacker off balance and away from them. Zander and Gavin were the other pair and weren't having as much success against the Rogue they were facing.

Zane and Shayn were able to coordinate their attacks and defenses thanks to Zane's ability to peek into Shayn's mind. Zane made his moves to match and complement what Shayn did keeping the Rogue busy chasing after first one then the other. After a couple of minutes Zane found the opening he needed. The Rogue's attention was on Shayn and had dropped his guard leaving his neck vulnerable. Zane stepped in executing an almost perfect knife hand while adding an improvised energy blast to the inside of the Rogue's neck which crushed the trachea and severed all the blood vessels. The Rogue could recover but it wouldn't be any time soon.

Zander and Gavin got in each other's way as often as they helped one another. Zander wasn't used to using his Romani abilities so wasn't listening to Gavin's thoughts to know how to best help him. Their attacks were purely physical and Gavin being human was not faring well and had already acquired a few bruises. Gavin was left facing the Rogue alone when Zander took a blow meant for Gavin that knocked him off his feet.

With his opponent out of commission Shayn turned in time to watch in horror as Gavin launched a flying sidekick at the Rogue that was caught. The Rogue lifted Gavin up laughing maniacally and threw him against the iron fence. Gavin struck with a sickening thud and collapsed unmoving to the pavement.

The Rogue decided that wasn't enough. He broke a post off the fence and advanced on Gavin's motionless body.

Zane tried in vain to hold Shayn back but he shook himself loose and ran towards the menacing Rogue.

The evil vampire turned to look at Shayn, laughed even harder then walked up to Gavin and lifted the post over his head ready to impale Gavin's broken body.

Just as the Rogue started down with the post Shayn screamed and pushed out with his hand.

"NO!!" was heard over the entire park as Shayn was sure his best friend and boyfriend was about to die if he hadn't already.

When Shayn flung out his hand in a pushing motion he had unwittingly tapped into the same energy the Z's used when they did Romani magic. The Rogue was thrown ten feet away landing on his back.

Master Kwan arrived just as he rose to his feet and quickly ended his existence with a single swipe with a katana removing his head. Kwan dragged the other Rogue over piling him on top of the beheaded one then concentrating intensely he uttered a spell and the bodies disappeared.

Shayn had collapsed next to Gavin and was crying uncontrollably. Zander wasn't doing any better blaming himself for what happened and Zane stood there in shock not knowing which one to comfort.

Master Kwan walked up to Zane, put his arm over his shoulder and guided him to where the others were gathered. This helped bring Zane back to his senses.

"You know what to do, Zane," Kwan actually spoke out loud. "Give him the choice. They have earned it."

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