Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 19

Published: 10 Mar 16

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015, 2016 by Jeikor

Zane nodded with tears streaming down his face, "Yes, sir." He understood what Master Kwan meant. There was only one way to save Gavin; the same method Zander used to save him several years ago.

"Not here though. It would be best to do this at the dojang," Kwan instructed.

"How will we get Gavin there?" questioned Zane with a confused look on his face.

"You can do it," announced Kwan. "You have used this spell once before when the need was great. You know how to tap into Zander's mind for the strength necessary. You will also have to rely upon help from Shayn. He has demonstrated an aptitude for the magic today."

Zane looked confused again then it dawned on him what Kwan was referring to. He had teleported Zander and himself once to avoid being caught by police. But that had nearly drained him to take two people a few yards. How was he going to get four people back to the dojang without killing himself?

He had tapped into Zander back then and he could do that again. Were they that much stronger now? They had improved since learning from Master Kwan but . . . Wait! Master Kwan said to rely upon Shayn too. Maybe it would work!

But first Shayn had to choose.

Gently Zane took hold of Shayn's arm and raised him to his feet. Then looking directly into Shayn's tear glistening eyes Zane carefully explained, "Shayn, Gavin can be saved but you have to make the choice for him and make a choice for yourself."

Zane motioned for Shayn to remain silent not to answer yet. "You need to listen to all the facts before you decide."

Shayn nodded his agreement so Zane continued.

"The two guys we fought were not human; they were vampires," again Zane had to stop Shayn from speaking. "Listen carefully and trust me. Zander and I can prove the truth of what I'm about to tell you."

Shayn looked over to Zander who nodded to let him know Zane told the truth.

"There are vampires in this world and those two were vampires. Very bad vampires that we call Rogues," continued Zane then he was interrupted as Shayn snuck in a quick question.

"You mean there are GOOD vampires?!"

"Yes, Shayn, there are," answered Zane trying to get on with his story. "If you will listen without interrupting again I'll explain it all but we need to hurry. For Gavin."

Shayn shuddered then quietly nodded for his friend to continue.

"There are good vampires, too, who help people. Forget what you've learned from books and movies about vampires. They can be out in daylight, garlic may give some of them indigestion if they eat it but they are not repulsed by it and not all of them are looking to drain humans of their blood. With me so far?"

Shayn nodded again.

"Good! Vampires are stronger and faster than humans, live longer and heal faster. That is how we can save Gavin. He would become a vampire. You have to choose whether to have him turned or letting him most likely die. Since you and he are a couple you can choose to be turned also. That way the two of you can be together always." Zane paused to let that sink in.

"One more thing," he added. "In a few years you would have to leave your friends and families before they noticed you were no longer aging. Now about the proof. Don't be scared but watch my face and Zander's."

Zane allowed his fangs to grow and show through his lips as did Zander.

The human teen's eyes grew three sizes and he trembled violently but held his ground. These were his friends and wouldn't hurt him he repeated to himself endlessly it seemed.

Finally, he found his voice, "Does Master Kwan know?"

Chuckling Zander entered the conversation, "Yes, Master Kwan knows because HE is a vampire too."

The trembling had stopped but the eyes grew another size and Shayn's chin almost hit the ground. "No way!"

"I know this is a lot to take in," started Zane impatiently. "And it is an awfully important decision to have to make but you don't have a lot of time."

That realization sobered Shayn's countenance and he stared down at his boyfriend deep in thought. After what seemed an eternity to Zane and Zander Shayn raised his head and nodded, "Do it!"

"Okay, but not here," agreed the small blonde vampire. "I have to take you to our room at the dojang."

"Can Gavin be moved without killing him?" asked Zander with Shayn wondering the same thing.

"He won't exactly be moved in a way," Zane started explaining. "This is the hard part for me and I need both of you to help."

Both of the other boys looked at him in confusion.

Turning toward Zander, Zane asked, "You remember when we almost got caught by the police in that alley?"

The brown haired teen nodded, "Yeah?"

"Master Kwan says I can do that with all of us if I tap into all our strength. So I need you and Shayn to touch Gavin and each hold one of my hands."

The other two complied then looked to Zane for further instructions.

"Zander, you and I will join together like we do for meditation time. Then Shayn keep your mind open so we can enter it and I will have use of all our energies to transport us across town."

All the teens began quietly relaxing with deep breathing to ready their minds for the jump from the park to the dojang. It only took the Z's about half a minute to be joined and together they gently probed Shayn's mind.

They were amazed at how open Shayn was when they approached his inner thoughts. When he committed to something Shayn was all in and he had spent enough time with Zane and Zander to trust them.

Zane had not uttered a spell when he did it last time but Kwan had left the words in his head to help him concentrate. As he practiced the words in his mind the spell showed him how much energy would be required to complete the teleportation. It was a HUGE amount that would leave all three very weak.

Assessing his own inner strength then the energy of the other two the little Romani vampire determined how much he needed to keep aside to remain conscious. Then he took just the amount he needed from the other two so that he could complete the spell and they would be able to function normally. The last thing he did before releasing the spell was to wall off Shayn and Zander so they couldn't interfere with his plan.

With one last deep, calming breath Zane whispered the words to the spell and infused it with the energies he had gathered. He felt the energy draining from him then everything went black.

Zane started to panic thinking he had misjudged the amount of energy necessary. Then it started getting lighter until his and Zander's room in the dojang came into focus and his knees gave way.

Zander caught his exhausted boyfriend and eased him down to the bed next to where Shayn was tending to a still unconscious but breathing Gavin.

Before Zander could rip into Zane for expending too much of his own energy instead of letting them share more of the load Kwan appeared in the room with a tall, plastic tumbler filled with blood.

'Do not berate Zane for his choice,' Kwan thought calmly as he helped Zane drink from the cup. 'You and Shayn are now able to do what is needed for Gavin. If he had not taken the brunt of the drain none of you would be able to function right now.'

Kwan smiled as he handed the cup to a much stronger Zane to finish himself. 'He is becoming what I had hoped for. Now, Zander, you must turn Gavin before he gets too weak. Shayn can be turned later; there is no rush for him.'

"Be strong," Kwan spoke to Shayn. "All will be made well." Then he walked out of the room.

Zander turned his attention to Shayn and Gavin trying to decide how to go about this.

"I don't think the way I did Zane would be appropriate this time," he mused kneeling next to Shayn.

The recovering blonde vampire giggled, "No, I don't think Shayn would like that!"

"What?!" A bewildered Shayn asked looking from one to the other.

"We'll tell you later; you'll like this story," answered Zander still pondering what to do.

"Why don't you bite his arm or leg? That way it can be passed off as a puncture wound," suggested Zane sitting up. "Marks on the neck are too hard to explain away."

"That'll work," agreed Zander as he prepared to make the bite to turn Gavin to a vampire.

Watching with great interest Shayn wondered, "Will it hurt?"

Zane moved to sit beside his friend wrapping an arm around his shoulders and replied, "I don't know. I was in the same shape as Gavin when Zander turned me. So he probably won't notice because of the amount of pain his body is already facing."

When Zander had finished inserting the venom he answered Shayn's question, "Yes, it will sting quite a bit but at least you won't have to face the thirst. We'll take care of that right away."

"The thirst?"

"Yeah, once the venom has taken hold you'll have an unbelievable craving for blood unless some is available immediately." Zander continued his explanation.

Before more was said a groan emitted from the supine figure on the bed. Everyone turned their attention to Gavin whose eyelids flickered then opened fully. Zander quickly squatted beside him again and placed his arm in Gavin's face.

Instinct took over and he bit deep into Zander's offered arm and began drinking. Gavin stopped suddenly when the realization of what he was doing hit him.

"Oh, gah! I'm so sorry," he apologized. "I don't know what came over me."

"It's okay. It's what's natural for you now," Zane said kindly. "Here drink the rest of this and we'll let Shayn fill you in."

Gavin took the tumbler and drained it without a thought to what was in it. "Thanks!"

The Z's left the two boyfriends alone in the room but remained close in case Gavin hadn't had enough blood yet. In the room Shayn relayed all that had happen from the fight to the present. Gavin was skeptical until Shayn placed Gavin's hand to his mouth and he felt the fangs.

Gavin flopped back onto the bed and ran his hands over his half inch long, deep brown hair sighing noisily. He raised his head back up to look at Shayn and asked, "What about you?"

Shayn smiled warmly, "Don't think you can get rid of me that easily, Gav. They're going to change me too. But they had to work on you first to keep you from dying." Shayn then furled his brow with worry, "I hope you're okay with this I only had a few minutes to decide but I . .I . . couldn't lose you. I love you too much!"

"I won't lie. It'll take some getting used to," replied Gavin sitting up again. "I guess though since Zane and Zander are . . . vampires . . and they're good friends it'll be alright. Especially if you're with me . . . forever?"

"Forever and always," affirmed Shayn as he leaned over to kiss his boyfriend on the lips.

The loving light kiss turned passionate as the two tongue wrestled vying for dominance. Suddenly Gavin pushed Shayn back with a wild look in his golden hazel eyes.

"Go! Quickly," he nearly growled. "I , , , "

The door bursting open with Zane and Zander piling into the room and immediately placing themselves between the two interrupting Gavin. Zane ushered Shayn out of the room and down to the kitchen.

There a startled and flustered Shayn questioned Zane.

"What was that about? Why did he push me away? Did becoming a vampire change his feelings about me?"

Zane pushed his friend into a chair and started making a cup of tea (without blood) for Shayn as he answered, "No, it didn't change his feelings but it did change his appetite. Remember us telling you about the thirst?"

"Yeah. So?" replied Shayn hesitantly.

"He started wanting blood. Your blood." Zane let that sink in then went on, "He could smell that you were human and it set off his thirst. He pushed you away to protect you . . because he loves you."

"Okay," Shayn said with relief as he ran his hand through his short, dirty blonde hair. "When will I get changed?"

"We can do it now. Right here if you're ready," Zane declared looking for any signs of hesitancy.

"Okay," Shayn agreed with no reluctance. "Do I need to do anything . . or . . ?"

"No. Just sit right there and relax," Zane said as he walked around the table. "Do you want something to bite on? According to Zander this will hurt a bit."

"Just let me center and I'll be fine." Shayn put words into action then nodded to Zane to indicate his readiness.

Zane took Shayn's arm, raised it to his mouth and bit into the soft underside of his forearm. Shayn stiffened a little but nothing more as Zane injected the venom and it set to work. About five minutes later Shayn growled and fangs pertruded from his mouth.

Carefully Zane let him bite and drink from his arm stopping him after just a couple of minutes. Shayn sighed in relief from the searing thirst he had then looked at Zane.

"What now?"

"Here drink some of this," replied Zane handing him a glass he pulled from the refrigerator. Then Zane retrieved two more glasses and headed up the stairs to Zander and Gavin.

"I'll be right back and we'll talk. You have a lot to learn."

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