Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 20

Published: 31 Mar 16

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015, 2016 by Jeikor

Zane brought Zander and Gavin with him when he returned to Shayn in the kitchen. All four sat around the table while Zane and Zander explained about being a vampire, answered their questions and told the promised story about when Zander turned Zane.

Laughing Shayn agreed that he would not have liked for Zander do the same to turn Gavin. That was his to take care of! All four chuckled about that and went on talking together enjoying one another's company.

When Kwan got back he found them still sitting around the kitchen table shooting the breeze. Before he was two steps into the room Zane jumped up and started a cup of tea for him. Kwan sat at the table and listened to the four teen vampires chatting until Zane placed the cup in front of him. He took a good sip set the cup back down, looked at the faces surrounding him and began.

"I took care of the Rogues and found a part of a letter in the pocket of the taller one's jeans. It was from their trainer. It is a female mage but it appears she is self-taught. However, she is growing stronger and making her Rogues stronger."

Kwan then looked directly at Shayn and Gavin. "You two need to be extra careful traveling around the city. I don't know if they were in contact with her during the fight. Zane and Zander, I don't want you to leave here without Shayn and Gavin with you; at least for a while."

The old Korean vampire held up his hand causing Zane to bite off the complaint he was about to make. Zander simply answered, "Yes, master."

"Zane, this is temporary. In the mean time when Shayn and Gavin come for their lessons I want you and Zander to take them down to the other dojang. They will help you with Tae Kwon Do and you will teach them Romani magic. Tomorrow when they arrive come into my office. I will show you another entrance to the secret dojang."

He was interrupted this time with three "Yes, sirs" and one "Yes, master."

"For now get the new vampires more blood then they need to head home," finished Master Kwan as he rose and left the kitchen.

From then on the four teenage vampires met on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Shayn and Gavin taught the Z's more Tae Kwon Do and the Z's taught them how to do Romani magic. Working together so much the friends became ever closer and still liked to meet occasionally on Sundays for fun and to explore the city or enjoy a visit to the park. Master Kwan continued to meet with Zane and Zander on Saturdays for advanced work on magic and in combining it with the physical fighting.

This was about the extent of their schedules for the next two years. They did have one slight run-in with a single Rogue but she was quickly dispatched and had no information that was helpful. At the end of the two years Shayn and Gavin graduated from high school and 'moved' away for college.

In reality they moved in with Zane and Zander at Master Kwan's dojang and home. An added mattress was all that was needed since none of them actually slept in a bed. The two couples took turns using the room for some intimacy with their partners with an occasional double makeout session happening. They never mixed partners and both couples were too shy to have sex with the other couple in the room.

Also during those two years Zane and Zander received their high school diplomas from an online school. In the fall all four teen vampires enrolled in online college classes and began working towards a degree. Both Zane and Gavin opted for degrees in Ancient History with Gavin concentrating on Celtic history per his heritage and Zane on Eastern Europe. In particular Zane narrowed his field of study even more by focusing on the Romani tribes. Zander was interested in plants and their uses in medicine and magic. He studied botany through the online college but also studied the ancient art of apothecaries through other online sources like the Ancestral Apothecary School. Shayn's area of study was more modern than the other three as he was interested in computers and enrolled in Information Technology courses.

Three years after Shayn and Gavin had joined them at Kwan's the four friends only had a semester's worth or less of classes needed to finish their undergraduate degrees. To celebrate the end of the spring semester Zane, Zander, Shayn and Gavin headed to the their favorite hideaway in the park. They spent a lazy day relaxing in the shade, sharing about the classes they just completed, comparing grades and making out with their boyfriends.

Little did they know that their pleasant day was about to be ruined. As they exited the clearing they saw two Rogue vampires attacking a young lady by the stream that meandered through the park. Checking that the coast was clear Zander gave a nod to Zane and Shayn who each released a blast at one of the Rogues knocking them away from the woman who collapsed to the ground.

The four raced over to where the young lady lay. Zander and Gavin finished off the Rogues who were just getting up by ripping their heads from their bodies. Zane and Shayn checked the victim who was unconscious but alive.

Gavin and Zander moved the bodies and heads into the clearing and began searching their pockets for information. What little they found only confirmed what they already knew; someone, probably the female mentioned earlier, was using Romani powers to turn vampires to Rogues. These two were probably searching for Zane who still gave off a huge power vibe and got distracted by the prospect of an easy meal.

In the meantime Zane and Shayn carried the unconscious woman to an area where there would be more traffic soon. They stayed out of sight but close enough to keep watch on the lady until an older couple out for a early evening stroll found her and called 911.

Shayn and Zane joined Zander and Gavin in the clearing learning what they had found on the bodies. Working together the four vampires burned the bodies with magic until they were nothing but ash. Then they used a wind spell to disperse the ashes all across the park.

They hurried back to the dojang and reported the incident to Master Kwan. He nodded his acceptance of the incident and how they handled it. The four young vampires were proving to be all he had hoped they would become and worked very well together.

In fact it was getting harder and harder for Kwan to hold them off whenever he took the four of them on during training. They were starting to act and react in a fight as one entity with Zane able to connect them together effortlessly now. Soon Kwan would have to start sending Shayn and Gavin out to patrol on their own.

With only one semester left until graduation the teens decided to take the summer off and concentrate on training. Kwan sent them out on increasingly longer and further away patrols. This netted them a few lone half-Rogues, vampires who hang around and try to emulate true Rogues. They did run across one group of five but only three were true Rogues. Still it was a tough fight that tested the boys' abilities to the max.

In the fall the four friends enrolled in the last classes they need to earn their college diplomas. By the semester's end all had graduated with bachelor degrees with honors. Zane and Gavin were encouraged by their online advisors to continue college by working on a master's degree and they both agreed. Shayn also decided to work toward a new degree. His current degree had concentrated mainly on the software aspect of computers; he now planned to pursue a degree working with the hardware. Zander wasn't studying online anymore; instead he used the knowledge learned from his degree and the other studies to start actually working with herbs and other plants under the direction of Master Kwan.

In the following spring Master Kwan split the four boys into two pairs for patrols usually keeping the couples together but not always. This had many rewards and consequences for the training vampires. They had to be more alert because there was only two of them to face whatever they came across. It also caused them to have to think ahead and plan before attacking since they no longer had the strength of numbers.

When Shayn and Zane were paired together they had to use their brawn as well as their magic instead of relying on Zander and Gavin. This reversely meant Zander and Gavin had to use magic more often thus strengthening them. All four grew to be better planners and fighters with this plan.

There were some consequences as well such as sometimes having to let some get away because they weren't capable of taking so many on at once. They also came out of some altercations more banged up than they used to now that there were only two on patrol at a time.

The teens grew better and stronger both physically and in magic use during this time. Gavin and Zane also finished their masters in a few semesters. Shayn took another semester or two to get his second degree. Zander almost poisoned Zane by accident when Zane grabbed a glass filled with a red liquid and started to drink it. Zander stopped him just in time. All learned to check before they drank anything after that.

In the summer of the next year the four friends were enjoying a rare day off traipsing through the city. They came across a specialty herbal medicine shop that Zander just had to visit. The other three waited outside chatting and people watching when a commotion started in the store.

Rushing in they found Zander locked in a battle with another vampire and the store owner lay unmoving on the floor behind the counter. Just as Zander was gaining the upper hand two more vampires came through the door from behind the counter and joined the attack against him.

Zane wasted no time in jumping to Zander's aid and soon a full out war was on between the Z's and the three vampires that soon revealed themselves as Rogues. The fight started as a purely physical altercation with the Z's starting to gain control because of the Tae Kwan Do training. Shayn and Gavin stayed out of it since Zane and Zander seemed to be able to handle the three combatants.

That was about to change in more ways than one. One of the vampire foes nearly had his chest caved in by a side kick from Zander that slid him back to the wall. In retaliation he started to send a wall of force at Zander. Ever on the alert for magic use Zane intercepted the wall before it could reach Zander and countered with a small, compact energy burst directly to the Rogue's forehead putting him out cold.

While this was happening the Z's didn't notice the addition of three more vampires out of the backroom. Shayn had been ready in case more showed up but one was able to fling Zane across the room before he and Gavin got there. Shayn sent his thoughts back to check on Zane finding that he would be fine but was majorly pissed.

Gavin entered the fray with a ferocious growl and in a short time had crushed the larynx of one of the new Rogues and broken the arm of another. Shayn, like Zane, preferred to mix magic with the physical and took down one Rogue with an energy blast enhanced punch to his mid-section.

Meanwhile, Zander practically took apart the original Rogue he encountered upon entering the little shop. After learning that they were Rogues and not regular vampires Zander mixed a little magic with his Tae Kwan Do also. By the time the Rogue slumped to the floor he had a busted nose, three broken ribs, a dislocated right shoulder and could barely put any weight on his left leg.

There were now only two of the six Rogues still standing and one of them had a broken arm but they had no intentions of giving up or stopping. The one Rogue used his good arm to seemingly pull a short sword out of thin air and attempted to take Gavin's head. Gavin was not in a position to dodge or even block the blow in time.

Shayn screamed in rage and flung himself in front of Gavin pushing him backwards. Luckily this caused the stroke to miss catching either of them at the neck but Shayn received a long, deep slash across his back. Gavin caught him as he collapsed into his boyfriend's arms.

With an evil grin the Rogue advanced on Gavin intent on beheading the one who broke his arm. Zane was now back on his feet and witnessing the slice to his friend's back was enraged even more. He leapt forward blasting the Rogue who attacked him with enough force to send him through the wall into the back room. With his other hand he teleported an umbrella out of the stand at the door and used it to block the next strike the Rogue made at Gavin.

Zane let his momentum from the leap carry him into the Rogue knocking him back. Moving at his top speed Zane then kicked down on his knee causing him to drop to the floor. The Rogue tried swiping at Zane with his sword but was unsuccessful. Zane caught the hand with the sword, pulled the arm straight then broke it at the elbow with his other hand.

Unable to use either hand now the Rogue lunged at Zane trying to bite him with fangs extended. Zane was too quick for him, sidestepping the lunge and driving his fist into the Rogue's back hard enough that the other's could hear vertebrae snapping.

All the Rogues were down for the count but being vampires they would eventually heal. Zander took the sword that had landed on the floor when Zane broke the sword owner's arm and began beheading the unconscious Rogue vampires. When he returned to where Zane was standing over the last Rogue they were surprised to find he was still alert.

Zander started to swing the sword at his neck anyway when Zane stopped him.

"Wait! Let's see if we can learn anything from him," Zane said turning the vampire over. "Who sent you? What are you after?"

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