Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 22

Published: 6 Jun 16

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015, 2016 by Jeikor

'Okay, let's go ahead and say the two of you are Rinaldo's Child and Samhain's Son,' started Gavin after reading the piece of prophecy sent by Zane and Zander. 'But what does it all mean?'

'And what's this Bane?' Shayn inquired with confusion, 'It's mentioned at the first of the book, too. Are we fighting Batman's enemies.'

Gavin and Zane laughed out loud at Shayn's last comment while Zander and Master Kwon just looked on with blank stares.

'I don't know of this Batman you mention but as for bane. It has several meanings: a nemesis or enemy, a destroyer, evil, calamity or mishap, ordeal, suffering and many more,' Kwon was in his element in instruction mode. 'Exactly how is it worded at the first of your book, Zander, when it mentions the Bane?'

Zander opened the small book to the first page and read it aloud, "The ancient tome must be found before the Bane. It needs to be in safe keeping. Do not fail."

'This must have come from Rinaldo or one of his close pupils,' sighed Kwon. 'They were always very vague about some things. Can't tell for sure if it refers to a person or a happening.'

'The Bane could be this mysterious woman who keeps creating the Rogues,' suggested Gavin.

'I agree,' Zane chimed in. 'She obviously knows Romani magic and must have studied some of Rinaldo's writings to know even a little of the prophecy.'

'She is already searching for info on the prophecy,' added Shayn in agreement. 'I think we should make our plans on the assumption that she is the Bane. At least until we learn more.'

'You are all correct,' Master Kwon asserted. 'The most likely interpretation of the Bane is a person and she seems the best candidate for now.'

'What do we do?' Zander asked as he carefully put away the aged pages.

'Simple,' Shayn said looking at Gavin.

'We beat her to it,' the two newest vampires in the room said together.

'You are half right,' intervened Master Kwon.

'What?!' said all four of the teens in one voice.

'As it seems this prophecy is about Zane and Zander, they are the ones to track down and save Rinaldo's original text,' Kwon's statement brooked no argument.

'What about us?' Gavin asked anyway.

'You will continue to train here,' Master Kwon announced holding up his hand to forestall any questions. 'However, your focus will shift. I plan to make you Hunters. Dark Hunters.'

'What is that?' asked Shayn apprehensively.

'You will be taught to detect, track, hunt and destroy Rogues.'

'Okay,' agreed Shayn slowly. 'Cool!' Gavin reacted with enthusiasm.

'Once your training is complete you will be helping your friends by disrupting her plans as you take out Rogue vampires,' explained Master Kwon knowing Shayn's reason for reluctance.

'Yes, sir,' Shayn replied with relief that they weren't being left out or kept from aiding their best friends.

Shayn and Gavin headed down to the private dojang to workout and get a jumpstart on their training. Zane and Zander analyzed each and every page and word in the book looking for clues on where to search. Zane also went through the different schools and libraries he used while studying for his master's degree to see which ones had been most helpful.

Two hours later the Z's had a plan of action and decided to join their friends in the gym. Shayn and Gavin were just rising from a rest period and were ready for some action with their buddies. The foursome started by running through every single form they knew to get Zane and Zander warmed up.

When this was finished the teens paired up and began to spar. First, one on one trading partners every little while so that each vampire had gone against each of the others. Next, they battled two on two again trading until every conceivable combination had been used. Last, they had a free-for-all with every man for himself and anything was allowed except for killing and maiming blows. No human would have survived in spite of the fact the four teenage vampires were actually holding back.

Finally, they collapsed in a heap all jumbled on top of each other. They remained like that for about fifteen to twenty minutes while the worst of the scrapes and bruises healed themselves. Untangling themselves the four traipsed up the steps to the kitchen and grabbed drinks for refreshment. After washing their glasses the weary vampires went to their shared room.

Once there the boys shucked their clothes down to their undies and sprawled out on their beds for a few minutes. Shayn and Gavin lay with arms touching from shoulders to wrists and legs from knee to ankle. The Z's lay a little farther apart with hands clasped. What couldn't be seen was the touching and closeness of their minds as they practiced communing as they had been taught by Master Kwon.

With a sigh, Zane rose from the bed reminding them that it was time for meditation. With a hold still on his hand Zane pulled Zander to his feet and into a quick peck on the lips. Shayn emitted a low groan but rose to his feet and turned to help his boyfriend up.

'Do we have to?' Gavin whined as he held his hand up for Shayn to grab.

'Yes,' answered Zane quickly. 'Especially if you want to be a Dark Hunter. The mental and magical have to be just as strong as the physical.'

'Okay! Okay! I'm up!' As he said this, Gavin used the pull from Shayn to propel himself over his lover's head executing a laid-out somersault with a half-twist. He landed just behind Shayn and wrapped him in a fierce hug and kissed the back of his neck.

'Showoff!' Shayn thought with a smile and brought the hand of his favorite person to his lips for kiss.

Zane and Zander shook their heads at the antics with huge grins on their faces before getting serious again. The four vampire, martial and magical arts students settled into their contemplative positions getting comfortable for a long session of deep thinking.

As part of his meditation, Zane again reviewed their plan for finding and retrieving the ancient tome spoken of in Zander's little book. He also repeated the bit of prophecy they had over and over trying to make more sense of it than what they had come up with around the table.

There was only one thing he thought might could be different than they interpreted it but it didn't really change things at this point. He hadn't told anyone but Rinaldo's Child and Samhain's Son could be switched. Zander had been taken in and taught by Rinaldo for many years so a case for his being Rinaldo's Child could be made. Staying with the theme of using their vampire lives, he could be Samhain's Son since he was turned on Halloween night which coincides with Samhain. Plus Halloween always had been his favorite holiday.

After a couple of hours of meditation Shayn reached back to give the lightest touch to Gavin's foot. He had found if he touched Gavin skin to skin he could communicate mind to mind without broadcasting where anyone else could 'hear' them.

'Hey, Gavin?' 'Yeah, Shayn.'

'We should do something special for Zane and Zander before they leave.'

'What did you have in mind?'

'What!? You're not going to ask, why?'

'Dude! I'm the one that would be dead without them.'

'Right! I'm not sure what to do but it needs to let them know how we feel.'

'Shayn, how would you feel about . . you know . . doing that for . .'

'No, we can't. They only do that stuff with each other.'

'Whew! I really don't want to do that with anyone but you. It was all I could think of.'

'I think you might be on the right track though, Gavin.'

'Maybe a massage, then?'

'An erotic massage without actually touching their privates. - - - - Yes, that would work. What d'ya think?'

'Sounds good . . . but . . uh . . Shayn, I don't know what to do.'

'We'll link up and you just follow my lead, okay?'

'Yeah, that'll work.'

'Good! Now let's get back to our meditating.' Shayn broke the physical contact and they returned to their own thoughts.

An hour and a half later Shayn touched Gavin again to let him know it was time to surprise their friends. They rose to their feet and went to stand in front of the Z's. Shayn stopped in front of Zander forcing Gavin to park in front of Zane. Gavin glanced at Shayn questioningly since this was not their usual pairing. Shayn just nodded emphatically and pulled Zander to his feet so Gavin did the same with Zane..

'What's goin' on?' Both of them asked with confusion written on their faces.

'We've got a surprise for you. Come lay down; one on each bed but close enough to touch.' Shayn urged them as he tugged Zander towards the beds.

'I thought you understood that we don't play with others,' replied Zane as he resisted Gavin's pull.

'This isn't about sex. You will keep your shorts on and you won't be touched where they cover,' Shayn explained.

'We just want to make you feel good as thanks for being our friends,' Gavin sent as his eyes pleaded with Zane. 'Then we'll leave the two of you alone while we go to the dojang.'

Zane gave in and went with Gavin who had to have the best puppy-dog look for a supposed tough guy. Zander also allowed himself to be taken to the beds by Shayn. The boyfriends laid down side by side with enough of a gap to interlace their fingers.

Shayn created the connection with Gavin so he could know what Shayn planned and how to do it. Each stretched out beside the friend they had brought to the beds and gently ran fingers down their faces closing their eyes.

With a touch slightly more than a tickle but less than an actual massage the two began at their friends' foreheads. They caressed across the foreheads a couple of times before traveling down the bridge of their noses, then to one cheek making a few circles followed by the other cheek and the same treatment.

Both Zane and Zander's breathing slowed noticeably as they relaxed and enjoyed the attention from the best friends either had ever had.

After the face, their hands trailed from right behind the ear to the front of their necks and repeated on the other side. They swirled around the hollow of the throat a couple of turns, then slid out along the clavicle to the shoulder and down the arm to the elbow. Reversed course and did the same across the other shoulder and arm to the elbow.

From there they drug their fingertips along the line between the muscular pecs and their flat, hard abs. Shayn and Gavin spent a lot of time caressing and massaging the two hunky chests in front of them. To stay true to their word they avoided any special attention to the nipples that were standing at attention anyway.

Now they ran their palms down to the washboard abs reveling in the feel of the rock solid ridges as much as the Z's found pleasure in the feel of the gentle but firm hands rubbing them. In spite of their attempts to keep it nonsexual in nature the sensuousness of their activity caused both sets of teens to chub up.

When they finally tired of the midriffs of their best friends Shayn and Gavin moved to kneel straddling the right leg of their respective friends. Starting at the bottom hem of the boys' boxer briefs they kneaded the thigh muscles before moving lower to give the calves the same consideration. Lastly, they gave the right foot a thorough massage; top, bottom and toes.

They went through the same routine for the left thigh, calf and foot leaving Zane and Zander very relaxed and half aroused. The two teens rose, stepped to the top of the beds and bent down to kiss each of their friends on the cheek. Straightening their backs they spoke a quiet, "Goodbye," and left the room.

'I really enjoyed doing that,' Gavin projected to Shayn as they went down the steps. 'But now I want to give my boyfriend some special attention.'

Shayn took hold of Gavin's hand while returning the sentiment, 'Ditto for me, loverboy!'

Hand in hand they practically flew down the many stairs to the private, hidden dojang covered in cushy mats for some private play time.

Back in the room the Z's were still feeling like melting jello except for one muscle in the center of their bodies. After a minute the two rolled towards each other and enjoyed a long, passionate kiss then pulled back to peer into each other's eyes.

'What did we do to deserve friends like that?' questioned Zane thoughtfully.

'Not sure we do deserve such good friends,' Zander returned. 'But I'm glad we have them.'

'Me, too,' agreed Zane. 'Right now though, I have another friend I want to show how I feel.'

With those words Zane pushed his beautiful boyfriend onto his back, rolled on top of him and proceeded to let Zander know in no uncertain terms just how much he loved the chocolate-eyed teen under him.

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