Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 23

Published: 13 Jun 16

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015, 2016 by Jeikor

About seven in the morning both couples arrived in the kitchen hand in hand and looking content. The Z's had gathered their stuff to leave and laid the old backpacks they had when they first got there on the table.

'Man! You all leavin' this early?' Gavin asked as he looked over their packs. 'These things have certainly seen better days.'

Zane grinned sheepishly, 'They're all we have.'

'We're leaving early 'cause this one wants to stop at the University here before we head out of town.' Zander pointed at his blonde-headed boyfriend and rolled his eyes.

Just then Kwon entered the kitchen and set two new, matching backpacks on the table next to the Z's old ratty ones. 'Please transfer your belongings to the new packs and dispose of those. You will also find refreshments for later so you won't have to hunt for awhile.'

'Thank you, Master Kwon,' Zane and Zander answered together with slight bows.

'You are most welcome,' returned Kwon with a little bow of his own. 'You will be greatly missed and not just by those two.'

The two rushed opposite ways around the table and wrapped Master Kwon in a fierce hug surprising the ancient vampire for the first time in hundreds of years. He returned their hug as best he could before shooing them on.

The boys went back to their own side of the table and set about putting their things into the new backpacks. When they had finished Zander held up the raggedy old packs and asked.

'How do we dispose of these pieces of junk?'

'Here, let me try something,' said Zane taking one of the empty backpacks. He held the pack stretched between his hands, concentrated his focus then spoke three words, "Kaids fon in-tandjan."

Green-white fire erupted from his hands and in five seconds reduced the backpack to a slight wisp of smoke. Zane watched the fire flowing between his hands for a few seconds.

"Andeis," he uttered quietly and the flames were gone.

When the shock wore off Zander and Shayn each grabbed one of his hands checking for burn marks. They were astonished to find not a sign of anything on his hands. 'How?!'

'Very well done, Zane,' complimented Master Kwon. 'May I try it on the other one?'

Zander handed the other backpack to Kwon without a word still in a daze from what his diminutive boyfriend had accomplished. As he accepted the pack Master Kwon chuckled at the expressions on the faces of the other three boys. Zane had just blown their minds with his unexpected display.

Kwon held the backpack the same as Zane had, his gaze intensified as he formed the words in his mind. Red-white flames quickly consumed the second backpack leaving only the retinal imprint as proof anything occurred.

'Very nicely constructed combination spell,' pronounced Master Kwon with satisfaction. 'The user can influence the color of the flames. Did you choose green on purpose?'

'Thank you, Master Kwon,' Zane bowed deeply as he spoke. 'Yes, it's my favorite color.'

'You most certainly have proved yourself to be Rinaldo's Child. Good luck on your travels, both of you.' With that Kwon withdrew from the room.

Wordlessly Zane and Zander hoisted the backpacks into position, exited the kitchen and went down the stairs to the main dojang. Shayn and Gavin followed silently behind until they all reached the door leaving the building.

Shayn grabbed Zane in a fierce hug as Gavin did the same with Zander. Then they switched partners and hugged the stuffings out of one another again.

'Stay safe,' Shayn sent as the Z's went out the door. Gavin nodded his agreement.

In an unhurried yet steady pace Zane and Zander headed through the city towards the University library. Once there Zane showed the librarian his credentials and gained entrance to the special collections section where the book he needed to see was located.

This University didn't have any books on the subject Zane needed but it did have one very important item: the most comprehensive reference book of where the books Zane needed could be found. After locating the volume in the stacks Zane spent an hour going through the book and his notes from their meeting the night before. He made new notes, crossed out some notes and rewrote others while Zander spent his time pacing the aisles, hovering over Zane, and trying to meditate.

When he finally put the book back where he found it Zander heaved a sigh of relief. Zane grinned as he walked back to the table he was working on and sat down again. Zander groaned. Zane spent another half an hour separating his notes onto two different sheets and putting them in a certain order. Finally, he put his materials back in his pack and kissed Zander on his cheek.

"You're finally finished?" Zander asked to make sure.

"Yes, I am finished and now I know where we need to go and in what order to go."

"Then we can get moving now?"

"Yes, my impatient one," chuckled Zane as he rubbed his boyfriend's arm. "We head west first and I want to find some woods by nightfall."

Back on the street they found their bearings and took off in a general westward direction using the same pace as some of the faster human pedestrians. While it was not apparent in their demeanor Zane and Zander were hyper-aware of their surroundings. They wanted no surprise attacks by Rogues since they no longer had Shayn and Gavin as backup.

By early evening they were leaving the city and entered the suburbs still being vigilant. There was one brief scare but it was only a trio of preteens playing pranks on passers-by. Getting over their fright Zane and Zander gave mock growls then chased the boys around the neighborhood for a few minutes. The boys finally called for a truce and stopped running to bend over gasping for breath.

The Z's pretended to be breathing hard as well though this was nothing compared to what Master Kwon would put them through. The boys straightened up smiling at the two teens. Everybody shared high fives then Zane and Zander went on their way with lighter hearts. They hadn't had such fun since they used to watch over Marco who was now older than they were.

"That was fun," remarked Zane when they were a mile or two down the road.

"Yeah, it was," Zander agreed wistfully. "I miss having a little one around to play with."

The two continued on silently lost in their own thoughts. When they had cleared the suburbs they increased the pace to a run making the miles go by quicker. Just before darkness settled in they finally found the woods Zane wanted.

"Why did you want to reach woods before dark?" asked Zander as Zane led them off the road.

Taking the brown-haired teen by the hand Zane walked deep into the woods until he found a spot large enough to spread out a blanket. It wasn't until he had placed the blanket and they had settled on it that Zane answered Zander's question.

"Before you turned me where did I always go when I wasn't in school?"

"To your cave," Zander started answering then paused as it dawned on him. "In the woods!"

"It's where I always felt safest and calm," explained Zane. "With all that's happening now, I need that feeling whenever I can achieve it."

"Okay, but why did we stop so soon?" Zander queried. "You aren't tired already, are you?"

"No and I don't want us getting tired anymore. Before, all we dealt with were some human bullies. Now we have Rogues coming after us and she is making them stronger each time. I want us to stop each night for some relaxation and meditation time."

Zander wore a shit-eating grin as he asked, "And what about some US time?"

Zane matched his lover's grin and answered, "I didn't think I even needed to say there would be some US time."

Before the boys settled on the blanket Zane took string from his backpack and tied a length between each tree making a circle around them. Next, he stepped into the very center of the area and with great concentration very slowly uttered an incantation.

"Triu weina-triu wardja witan waddjus, triu weina-triu wardja witan waddjus, triu weina-triu wardja witan waddjus."

After the third pronunciation Zander noticed the blurring of a magical barrier extending from the string down to the ground and from the string up. From his seat on the blanket Zander held out his hand for Zane to take. When he did Zander pulled his blonde-headed, green-eyed boyfriend down into a warm hug.

Then Zander stretched out on the blanket on his back pulling Zane with him and running his hands from Zane's neck to his pert bubble butt and back again. Zane lay on top enjoying the feel of his lover's hands caressing his body. A few minutes later he raised his head to stare into the chocolate colored eyes he loved. Then he ran his hands through the longish hair that always reminded him of dead leaves on a forest floor which was one of his favorite things about the woods.

When a few more minutes had passed Zane fidgited a bit before speaking, "I want to lie beside you and look at the trees and what sky is visible."

"Okay, " said Zander as he loosened his grip.

Zane rolled off to his right keeping Zander's left arm wrapped around him and snuggled into the taller teen's side. He let out a sigh and relaxed his body completely.

"You comfy?" Zander asked as he took Zane's right hand in his and tightened his hug with the left.

"Yes, I am. Thanks!" answered Zane contentedly as he leaned and stretched to kiss his boy tenderly on the cheek.

The two lay staring at the forest and sky each lost in their own thoughts. They enjoyed the feeling of their lifemate laying by their side just like they did when Zane was first turned and they became boyfriends.

About an hour or so later Zane announced they should get in some meditation to refresh themselves before it was time to start traveling again. They reluctantly slid apart and assumed their own favorite position for meditating.

During the time the Z's were setting up and getting settled they were being watched from the shadows created by the trees in the twilight and approaching nightfall. Kronid had guessed correctly when he spotted the two teens leaving the city on foot. The smaller one matched the description given by the one calling herself Rinaldo's Bane.

Kronid could care less what she called herself or about her true agenda; he was only interested in the magic she could teach him. And if killing one young vampire was the price of that knowledge he had no problem with it. Kronid had been a student of magic many hundreds of years ago until he had accidentally let his Asian teacher see his true aura. Kronid was born to be a Rogue.

He turned his attention back to the two teenage vampires setting up their resting spot. Kronid was impressed with the smaller blonde vamp's knowledge and use of Romani magic. It was much like what the Bane was teaching him.

The boy was obviously naive and inexperienced in magic usage. Kronid slowly repeated each word used in the spell of protection the young vampire used and smiled to himself. Yes! There it was! The slight mistake in how the spell had been set up.

By including the word tree in his spell the newbie had limited his spell to the height of the trees. That gave Kronid the loophole he needed to get to them without setting off their alarm. He waited and watched to find the best time to act. While they laid on their backs looking up was not the right time. Kronid had existed for hundreds of years so had learned patience.

That patience was rewarded later when the two vampires sat up and prepared themselves for meditating. Kronid waited for them to get deep into their contemplations before moving a single muscle.

He silently crept around their site until he found the tree he was looking for. It was slightly taller than the ones surrounding the Z's resting place. Peering into the branches Kronid found the limb with an unobstructed access from the ground. Taking care to remain totally quiet he flexed his thigh muscles and with a single leap landed lightly on the tree branch he had scoped out twenty feet above the ground.

Pausing to make sure he had not disturbed them, Kronid then proceeded to climb the tree like a natural born monkey. It took next to no time for Kronid climb another fifty feet to a spot that was higher than the tree next to it.

From this vantage point Kronid studied the two vampires below him. He had the element of surprise but it would still be a case of one against two. A plan of attack was needed. Both auras were bright green so there was no chance of turning one against the other. Kronid would have to decide which was more dangerous and take that one out first.

It was a hard decision to make; the taller teen was a much older vampire therefore more powerful although not as old as Kronid, yet the smaller one had a very strong magical presence despite having been a vampire for less than 100 years. There was also something about the style of magic that bugged Kronid but he couldn't place it, Besides, once the child was dead it wouldn't matter anyway.

After weighing the pros and cons of each choice Kronid finally made his decision. He leapt over the treetops and the magical barrier to drop straight down the center of Zane's and Zander's protected area. He landed with a thud facing the vampire he chose to attack first.

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