Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 26

Published: 25 Jul 16

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015, 2016 by Jeikor

"That's the same dark hair and olive skin silhouette we've gotten two different times from Rogue vampires! That's the one calling herself Rinaldo's Bane!"

"In that case, you really need to see this book," urged Beldane opening the cover reverently. "There are several spells that could be useful in your travels in here."

The Z's moved to either side of their host so they both could see the book as Beldane turned the pages. Duncan and Thomas got as close as they could wanting to see the book too. Being the smallest, Thomas didn't get near enough to see much.

The group skimmed through several pages of Rinaldo's personal history which would have been interesting if they weren't so intent on finding more spells and more about the prophecy. Further into the book they came across notes on growing and using herbs and on mixing potions. Zander stopped them a few times so he could jot down some notes.

Finally they reached a section with spells. Zane skimmed through the list of spells skipping the ones he already knew and taking note of new spells that might prove useful. An hour passed and they weren't even halfway through the book. A new approach was needed to speed things along; even as fast as Zane and Zander could skim through as vampires, it was going to take all night or more to make it through the book.

Beldane suggested they give him more details about their objectives for this quest. Zane and Zander explained what they were looking for and what they expected to face to complete their mission.

Their host was silent a minute then started flipping pages until he found what he was looking for and pushed the book toward Zane. Zander walked over to stand behind his lover and read over his shoulder. This section was very helpful as it contained many spells that would be useful in a fight. Many of these spells were unknown to the Z's or were applied in a way they had not thought of.

When Beldane noticed Zane trying to memorize some of the incantations, he asked, "Do you have any paper with you?"

Zane responded with a blank look as he was still attempting to learn three different spells at once. Zander quickly came to his aid answering, "Yes, we brought notebooks," and he retrieved a fresh one from his pack.

Beldane interrupted Zane by pulling the book back in front of himself then opened the notebook to the first page.

"Here is a spell I can teach you right now and will save you some time and effort," stated Beldane. "First, choose in your mind the text you are interested in. Next, say this incantation,'man-leika,' as you pass your hand over the text you want continuing over the blank paper you want it copied to."

Beldane noted the spells Zane had been concentrating on and demonstrated the incantation and hand technique copying them to the notebook Zander had provided. Zane studied the spells now in the notebook and was satisfied that they were indeed the ones he wanted.

"Cool," he muttered. "This will help so much in our quest."

It didn't take Zane long to find more spells he thought would be useful and soon had a fourth of the notebook filled with new spells. Zander still stood watching over his boyfriend's shoulder and occasionally pointed out a spell he was interested in and Zane copied it for him.

"Before you fill up your notebook," started Beldane pulling the book away again and flipping pages as he talked. "There is another spell I want to show you that might be helpful. It's a spell for flight. I don't know how it works; I haven't tried it and none of the previous mages have made any mention of it when they had the book. Ah! Here it is!"

Zane and Zander looked where their host was pointing and started reading. Zane skimmed over the entire page and exclaimed, "There are two spells that mention flying! One uses the word, 'blauhs,' and the other uses the word, 'fugls.'"

"I wonder what they mean," said Zander as he watched Zane copy them to the notebook then write a comment in the margin.

"Hmmm," Zane sounded as he looked at the two words then let his mind roam free. As it happened now and again especially after reading the small booklet from the herb store. Zane found the answer came to him unbidden. The going theory was that Rinaldo was somehow supplying him with knowledge.

"This first one means flight and this one means bird," relayed Zane as he pointed at each word in the notebook.

The two vampires quickly scanned the rest of the large volume but found nothing else they deemed useful at this time. Zane closed the book carefully and slid it back to Beldane with a word of thanks.

Beldane offered them a place for the night but the teens were eager to get on their way.

"As vampires we don't need to sleep," explained Zander to their host. "Usually we just meditate for a while, but after Thomas' calming field I feel rested. Zane?"

"I feel the same," agreed Zane but looking at the two boys he added, "There is a spell I can show and teach you so this doesn't happen again."

Zane led the group back to the boys bedroom again and walked to the bed by the open window. Focusing on the window Zane raised his hand holding it flat with the palm facing out and spoke."Wardja waddjus."

"That makes a barrier that no one can get through unless you let them." Zane announced to the small family. "The words mean guard wall. Try to put your hand through the window."

Both boys stuck out their hands and quickly snatched them back after receiving an electrical-like shock.

"I made it where you just got a slight shock, but a real intruder would have been knocked on their ass." Zane chuckled watching the boys rubbing the hand they used to test the spell. He turned back to the window, waved his hand and said.


"I just removed the spell. Now, one of you try it."

Duncan and Thomas looked at each other a moment before Duncan nodded and stepped toward the window. He held his hand out just as Zane had done and uttered the incantation plainly. A slight shimmer passed over the open window.

"Well done!" Zane praised the boy's effort. "Be sure you and Thomas take turns so you both can do it."

Thomas and Duncan nodded their agreement then hugged Zane and Zander good-bye and went to bed. Beldane walked them back to the kitchen but before they could finish packing, he asked. "Can I see the places you said you plan to stop? I studied this subject too and may be able to help save you some time."

Zane reached into his pack and pulled out the notebook where he had listed the colleges he chose to search. "Here you go. We've already been to the first one. It w-a . . ."

"A bust. I went to that one too," interrupted Beldane with a chuckle. He looked down the list and pointed out three more that he said were useless. "These two are good sources," he added pointed once again. "I don't know if they have what you're looking for, but they are authentic."

"Thanks." said Zane as he put away the notepad after marking off the ones Beldane mentioned. "We better get moving."

"Yes." agreed Zander. "Thanks for your help."

"Thank you for saving Thomas." Beldane replied holding the door for them. "Take care."

Zane and Zander exited the house, turned toward the east and took off at a jog. When they had cleared the small town, they accelerated to top speed and covered a lot of miles before it was time to rest.

After their rest, Zane drug out his laptop and pulled up a map app to plot a new course. The first college where they had planned to stop was one that Beldane had said was useless. It was in the southwest corner of Virginia; the others they needed to go to were further north along the eastern seaboard.

When he had their new way charted, Zane packed away the laptop, but not before noticing the date. It was over halfway through October. Nearly Halloween, their favorite holiday.

Two days (or nights) into traveling the revised course Zane came to a sudden stop, tilted his head to the side as if listening for something then changed directions. The change was back to the southeast. After a couple of days traveling Zander realized they were headed towards Zane's hometown.

When he mentioned it, Zane acknowledged that he knew and felt compelled to come this way. Zane further explained that he thought something was about to happen and they needed to be there to stop it.

Zane was of course right and they found some interesting turns of events after that fateful Halloween night eighteen years ago. Zane's dad had died but not before giving him a younger half-brother who was actually now a year older since Zane no longer aged. Also Donnie Briscoe had changed from being a bully, gotten married, had a son of his own named Derek after his brother, adopted Zach who was Zane's half-brother, admitted finally that he was gay, had a boyfriend named Simon and finally asked Simon to marry him.

Oh, yeah, the Z's also saved Derek from a Rogue that was after him in a big gang fight in an abandoned building. (If you are interested in the full story, click the link for this story site: From Trick To Treat 2 or the Community Forums: Story 1: From Trick to Treat 2 by Jeikor - opens a new window or tab)

After visiting for a couple of weeks Zane and Zander headed toward the northeast again and to the next stop on their quest for the full prophecy. They continued to do most of their traveling at night and rested during the day. The further north they got the harder it became to find hidden places to rest during the day because they had entered a more urban area.

The weather got colder as they moved further north and further into November. The cold weather didn't bother Zane and Zander but they were starting to get some stares for still wearing short sleeves. Zane had always wanted to see the capital so they passed through Washington, D. C. While on the mall they stopped at a stand and got sweatshirts to blend in better. Zander's was gray with the Washington Monument on it and Zane's was green with the words Washington, D. C. in different colors.

The sweatshirts made them look like tourists and people paid less attention to them as they took in the sights. They made the rounds of all the monuments and saw the White House and Capitol Building from the outside. When it got dark they found a safe, hidden place, set a guard spell and settled into their meditative positions until just before daylight.

After packing everything away, The Z's headed northward again through the corner of Delaware into southern Pennsylvania. They entered Pennsylvania in the Dutch Country Roads area and stopped for the night in York.

From there they headed northeast passing through Lancaster on the way to Lebanon where they spent the next night. Zane and Zander took off the following morning almost due north stopping that night in Pottsville.

They needed to feed again now and were looking for a place to hide out. Reluctantly, they planned to use the blood Master Kwon had packed for them. The Z's had hoped to save it as long as possible. Luck was on their side on this night as well as on the side of the couple being accosted by two thugs with very dark auras.

Once they made sure the human couple had escaped, Zane and Zander made quick work of mere humans after the fights they had with Rogue vampires. The teen vampires drank their fill feeling full strength return to their bodies. Being savvy vampires the bite marks were left on their biceps underneath their shirt sleeves. The bodies they left in a dark, narrow alley then headed to another section of town to make their resting place for the night.

From Pottsville they skirted the Pocono Mountains and barely made Wilkes-Barre in the Upstate region before darkness descended. They quickly found a place to stay the night and snuggled for a bit before doing their nightly meditations.

"We should reach our destination before today is over," announced Zane in the morning as they prepared to leave.

"What is our destination?" Zander asked as he hefted his pack onto his back.

"Keystone College in La Plume," answered Zane adjusting his own backpack for traveling. "It's a small, private liberal arts college."

"Private? How are you going to get to use the library?"

"The story is, I am writing a book and need to do research there," answered Zane with a grin. "They're under the impression they'll be mentioned in the book."

"Oooh! That's sneaky!"

"Well. Yeah. But I really need to see that book," a subdued Zane replied. "Beldane recommended it highly."

"I'm sorry, Zane. I didn't mean that as a bad thing." Zander quickly closed the gap between them and wrapped his boyfriend in a warm, tight hug.

Zane returned the hug with a sigh then pushed away, "We better get moving."

The direction was northeast from Wilkes-Barre to La Plume and the teens set a fast pace to make up for lost time. About half-way there Zane felt a prickling under his scalp and began searching around them.

"What is it?" Zander wanted to know and started looking around himself.

"I'm not sure," Zane said slowly. "Got a prickly feeling like maybe a warning but I don't know what about."

A few minutes later both teens noticed a lone figure going in roughly the same direction they were. Mere seconds later at the same instant they exclaimed, "A Rogue!"

Both increased their pace and changed direction to intercept the lone vampire while Zane also mumbled a spell that kept them from making any noise. They were within fifteen yards when the Rogue suddenly spun around facing them.

While he recovered from the surprise and gathered his energy to use magic the Z's joined their near hands together and extended the other hand towards their adversary. Before the Rogue could get a single sound past his lips the two lovers shouted as one, "Fon in-tandjan!"

The other vampire burst into flames so powerful from the combined energy that a solitary wail, "N-o-o-o-o-o!" was all that escaped before he was consumed completely.

Zane and Zander shuddered once, looked at each other and set out again at a blistering pace. They were beginning to understand just how much of a race they were really in. They reached La Plume well before nightfall and had time to enter the library before it closed. Then they hid so they could have all night searching for and looking through the book they had come to find.

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