Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 27

Published: 11 Aug 16

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015, 2016 by Jeikor

It took Zane and Zander a good hour and a half to find the library section that contained the book about the Romani. It was in a basement room that more closely resembled a castle dungeon than a library in a place of learning. About the only things it was missing were manacles chained to the wall and torches strategically placed to provide lighting.

After another hour they finally located the book they had come for and a couple of others that looked promising. This volume was not near as large as Beldane's had been and Zane managed to speed read through it rather quickly then went back for a closer look at parts he thought would be pertinent to their quest.

This book did mention the prophecy, although it didn't have the actual verses in it. According to this tome, there was another somewhere in Europe that contained the entire prophecy and Rinaldo's thoughts about it. Zane hoped it was in one of the places they planned to visit.

Once he had copied the parts needed into the notebook using Beldane's spell, Zane began reading through the other two books he chose from the shelves. One pertained to Celtic magic including a chapter on spells. Many were similar to the Romani ones the Z's used. The other book was about druids and contained a lot of plant magic. Zane showed the book to Zander who read it from cover to cover and copied some things into a notebook of his own.

It was now seven o'clock in the morning; the library wouldn't open for another hour. The Z's found an out of the way alcove in the basement section and settled in to meditate for a couple of hours or so before leaving.

Near the end of his meditation time Zane felt his name being called but it wasn't Zander's mental voice. He listened closely as the image of a very old man with the greenest eyes Zane had ever seen outside of a mirror came to mind. It dawned on Zane that this must be Rinaldo.

'Yes, sir?' Zane projected towards the image.

'Hide the book with magic.' The image disappeared and Zane was alone with his own thoughts once again.

Zane took the rest of his meditation time to decide how to accomplish the order given by Rinaldo. When he finally had an incantation in mind, he smiled in anticipation of the looks on the faces of any Rogues who came searching.

'Zander! I need you to help me conceal the book. We need to chant these words three times while touching the book with both hands. Huljan aljapro. Airzjan un-sels. Huljan af skohsl.'


Together the two teens walked back into the dungeon-like room, pulled the book out, laid it on a table and chanted the spell thrice. Then they put it back onto its shelf, made their way upstairs, waited until the librarian by the door was distracted and left the building.

The two vampire teens walked at a quick pace until they were out of the city then they increased it to a fast jog. Varying their direction of travel between north and northeast, the Z's headed for the state of New York. When they found places where they could cross through the countryside their pace was a full out run.

Just before nightfall, Zane and Zander crossed the border from Pennsylvania to New York and found themselves a place to recharge. Together they prepared their blanket, set magical wards and settled into position.

"With this traveling and the amount of magic energy we've been using, we're going to need to feed again soon," remarked Zane as he closed his eyes and began clearing his mind.

"I know," answered Zander also preparing his mind for contemplation. "I figure we will encounter more Rogues more frequently. We have to keep our strength as high as possible."

"Tomorrow we will look for suitable victims," Zane added. "If we haven't found any by nighttime we will have to use what Master Kwon gave us."

Nothing more was spoken as they dropped into their meditative states until morning light. As Zander packed their blanket away, Zane pulled out the laptop and checked a couple of websites.

"Where are we headed now?" Zander asked settling his pack.

"Cambridge, Massachusetts," replied Zane as he put away the laptop, secured his backpack and dropped it onto his shoulders.

This morning they went in a east northeast direction toward the New York, Massachusetts border. Zane thought they could reach it before dark if they managed to make good time. They did indeed make good time but they were unsuccessful in locating any humans with a dark enough aura to feed on.

Once in Massachusetts the two started looking for a place to spend the night. Luck came down on their side once again. One of the websites Zane had checked that morning was a newsfeed from the area. There had been a report of two convicted murderers escaping from prison.

The place the Z's thought would make a good hideaway was already occupied. The two burly and disheveled men looked at the slightly built teens with undisguised joy and lust.

"Well, well, well. Lookie here at the lil chickadees that landed right in our laps, Buzz," said the closest man with glee. "At least my lap's where I'm puttin' mine."

"Hot damn! They's lookers too!" the other man nearly shouted. "We's can go at 'em until they's all used up."

If the leers and the words weren't enough to tell Zane and Zander what the men planned, when they skimmed the convicts minds it was plain enough then. Looking at each other, the teens started to back away slowly as if in fear and looking to flee.

This caused the escapees to charge forward to keep from losing their new playmates. It was just what the Z's wanted them to do. Just before the men reached them, they each spun to the side with the men between them. A hard shove caused the convicts to run into and trip over each other.

Before they could rise, the teen vampires made well-placed kicks with their heels directly on the men's spines. With very satisfying crunches each man suffered cracked vertebrae and paralysis. The boys picked them up and roughly dumped them onto their backs before baring their fangs. The escapees eyes widen in surprise, horror and fear as the vampires sank razor sharp teeth into them and drank their fill.

The Z's hid the bodies out of sight and searched for another place to settle for the night. In the morning they continued on to Cambridge in an almost due east direction. Two days of hard traveling saw the teenage vamps arrive in Cambridge just minutes before darkness descended.

When morning came the Z's made their way through the streets of Cambridge until they found their objective. They stood for a minute in front of one of the most prestigious institutions in the United States, Harvard University.

After about an hour of searching they finally found the building they needed, the library. Inside they spent another two hours trying to find the section that contained the book they wanted. When they had started on the ground floor for the fourth time Zander pulled Zane to a halt.

"Why don't we ask a librarian for help," he suggested looking Zane square in the eye. "I'm tired of walking round and round this place with no luck."

"I guess you're right," Zane said reluctantly. "I haven't had this problem at the other places. I always could 'tell' where the book we wanted was. Like it was calling to me."

"This is a larger library than the others; maybe that's the problem," Zander tried reassuring his boyfriend.

"Maybe," agreed Zane as he walked resolutely to the front desk.

"Excuse me," opened Zane to grab the lady's attention. "My partner and I could use some help. Do you know where this book can be found?"

The librarian looked over the paper where Zane had written the name and author of the book. Then she started typing on the computer terminal beside her. After about five minutes the lady stopped and looked at the teens.

"That volume and others of a similar subject are no longer here," she announced matter of factly.

The Z's looked at each other wondering what to do next when the librarian continued.

"All of those books have been moved to Salem. They are now kept at the Salem Witch Museum. You'll have to talk to the curators there."

"Thank you for your help!" Zane uttered in relief.

Outside the library Zane made a beeline for the nearest bench, removed his backpack, took out his laptop and plotted a course from Cambridge to Salem. Satisfied with his new path Zane reversed his actions with the laptop and backpack. Grabbing Zander by the hand he headed out of the city in a northeast direction at a very quick walk.

Once free of the city Zane increased the pace to almost top speed for a pair of healthy vampires.

'Why the rush?' Zander projected as he hustled to keep up.

'Just a feeling. But I'm not gonna ignore any possible warnings at this point,' explained Zane. 'We have no idea how many Rogues the Bane has made and sent out.'


Then Zander and Zane concentrated on covering the distance from Cambridge to Salem as fast as they could. By the time it was getting dark the teen vamps had not quite made it to Salem. They found a safe, out of the way place for the night and resolved to get an early start the next day.

Zander roused out of his thoughts just before dawn and tapped Zane on the shoulder. Silently they broke camp and took off to the northeast again. They arrived in Salem just as the sun peaked over the horizon.

It didn't take long for them to learn where the Salem Witch Museum was located. The first tourist stand they came to had plenty of pamphlets that told all about it. They had gotten their early start but unfortunately the museum didn't open until ten o'clock.

The boys made their way through the town until they found the museum. The architecture was perfect for a museum about witches and witch hunts. Zane and Zander went all the way around the building checking it out and looking to see if there was a way to sneak in.

Thankfully, Zane thought to do a magical scan before they tried anything because there were some powerful guard spells on all the doors and even the windows. Studying the many spells the Z's were surprised to discover that some of them were Romani based spells while others were Celtic, druidic and one that they couldn't puzzle out.

Zane worked on a way to by-pass one of the guard spells on the museum and just as he thought he might know a way Zander tapped on his shoulder. It was finally time for the museum to open to the public.

As the teens walked through the doors after buying their tickets one of the women that worked in the museum took a hard look at the vampire boyfriends. Her shock when she realized what they were alerted Zane. When he heard her sending out a warning Zane wrapped her mind with his and blocked it but he didn't know if he was in time.

That answer came faster than the Z's would have liked as they were loosely surrounded by six more witches that came running out of different parts of the museum. Zander extended a shield around the three of them creating a stalemate. Zane and Zander couldn't escape and the coven couldn't harm them.

During this standoff Zane noticed that while nearly all the clueless humans had cleared the room there were three new additions that showed extreme interest in its outcome. Zane increased the rate of information he was feeding the captured witch from a small trickle to a steady leak.

Her eyes widen as the new knowledge registered on her consciousness. She changed her view of the two teenage vampires and saw the brightly glowing auras of green.

"Impossible!" she proclaimed aloud in disbelief.

This startled everyone in the room giving Zane and Zander time to make a plan of attack especially now that the woman had relaxed her mental attacks. They were sure the three newcomers were Rogue vampires coming after the book kept here.

Those three, two males and one female, had positioned themselves so that each one could grab one of the witches scattered around the room. Zane and Zander had noticed this immediately but the coven of witches seemed completely unaware of the danger three of them were in.

The two teenagers looked at each other and silently discussed their options. They were certain of getting two of the Rogues before they could harm the others but that left one human witch unprotected. In his worry Zane had remained in mental contact with the woman who had first spotted them. She 'heard' everything the two good vampires had thought and relayed it to the rest of the coven. She also sent that the two teens could be trusted and if anyone doubted they should check the auras.

Then she let Zane know that she and her friends would help take out the other three vampires. All they had to do was choose the two the Z's would attack and her group would take the third Rogue. Zane relayed the information to Zander as he got it and they both readily agreed. Targets were chosen and everyone made their mental preparations.

At the last second one of the witches sent a hurried message, 'No Fire!' Everyone acknowledged and then let loose all at once. Zander used a mini energy blast stunning his target but the Rogue was still on her feet. Zane used a shoving motion to accompany his mental blast and slammed the vampire into a brick column with enough force to pulverize most of his bones. He collapsed in a heap.

The coven didn't do nearly as well. Half of them missed the Rogue completely and those who did connect sent a blast that was way too weak. The Rogue recovered quickly and grabbed the witch closest to him and bit down.

Zander advanced on the woman Rogue drawing his knife and changing it to a sword. Before she had completely recovered from his blast Zander removed her head then did the same to the limp lump against the wall.

In a flash Zane closed the distance between him and the Rogue feeding on the witch. He grabbed the vampire by the throat, lifted him off his feet and squeezed. The Rogue dropped the woman almost instantly and tried to free his neck from Zane's vice-like grip. However, as soon as the witch was out of his clutches Zane tossed the vampire across the room toward Zander.

The last Rogue was met by Zander's sword and the fight was over. But not the drama!

Zander turned around to find Zane hunched over the witch sucking at the bite mark and the coven trying to reach him.

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