Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor


Chapter 29

Published: 29 Sep 16

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015, 2016 by Jeikor

"We don't need to be apart," reiterated Zane stubbornly. "We need to be able to think and act as one person. It's how we'll win against the Bane."

"True," agreed Zander matter of factly. "But we need to do it whether we are side by side, in the next room from one another or miles away from each other. We can't learn to do that if we're always together."

"But why do we have to do it now? Can't it wait?"

"No, it can't wait," said Zander with urgency in his voice. "The Bane's Rogues have been catching up to or anticipating us. We have two locations left to check and one of them definitely has the book we need. Do you want to take a chance on which it is and whether we will get there first?"

Zane hesitated a moment thinking over what Zander had said then slowly answered, "No, we can't take that chance. I guess you're right; we'll have to split up. I still don't like it!"

"I'm not thrilled about it either," admitted Zander. "But it's the only thing I can think of that gives us the best chance of reaching Rinaldo's writings first."

"Okay, we agree; it sucks but is necessary," stated Zane firmly. "How do we go about it? The other village is hundreds of miles away in Romania. Whoever goes there isn't going to get there much faster than sticking together and going after we check this village."

"I noticed a picture in a newspaper in the last town we passed through and recognized the area," hedged Zander. "So I checked the area and the area around the village by satellite. Plus that village is near where I lived with Rinaldo."

"So you planned this," accused Zane with a frown.

"Uumm. Not . . really. It's . . just . . uh," stammered Zander afraid he had misstepped.

Zane couldn't hold it any longer and burst out laughing. Now it was Zander's turn to frown at his boyfriend. As Zane tried to curb his chuckling Zander reached out and smacked him in the back of the head then pulled him close and laid a smack on his lover's lips.

" So you think you can make it in two 'port jumps?" asked Zane when they came up for air.

"Yes. Can you reach this village in two days?" replied Zander countering with a question of his own. "If so, we can hit them on the same day."

"I think so," answered Zane with thought. "But, if you are going to make two jumps we need to get you fueled up. What can we find in these mountains?"

"Let's see? This is the Pyrenees so there are red deer," Zander paused a moment before finishing with, "OH yeah, maybe we can find a brown bear! That would be best!"

"Okay! Let's get going then!"

Zane and Zander spent most of that night hunting through the mountains while still moving in the general direction of Andorra. Just over halfway through the night they each had downed a deer but it wasn't enough. They needed several more deer or a bear to ensure Zander had the energy to teleport across Europe.

About two hours before dawn the Z's caught the scent of a bear that was fairly close. Silently they slipped through the trees as quick as they dared without alerting their prey. Thirty minutes later they found it stalking its own prey. The two teens followed it for another fifteen minutes deciding when, where and how to attack.

Zane urged a sneak attack hitting the bear before it knew what was happening. Zander listened, thought about it and then disagreed. The brown bear was a worthy opponent and he felt more strength would be gained from it by challenging it.

Zane considered the wisdom of his friend's words then agreed an honorable kill would net them more power. He hugged the taller vampire, kissed both his cheeks and wished him luck in his battle.

Zander smiled tenderly at the best thing to happen to him in four hundred years and almost changed his mind about separating. Instead, he ran his hand softly down the cheek of the boy in front of him and moved into the clearing alerting the brown bear to his presence.

The startled bear turned and growled at the intruder to his hunt rising onto its hind legs. It towered above Zander who gave an answering growl from deep within his vampire self. He dropped his fangs and let his fingernails become inch long claws matching the weapons the bear had.

The two opponents circled each other for a few minutes growling and looking for an opening. The bear decided it had a definite advantage in size and lunged forward. Zander danced to the side and swiped at the bear with his claws. He managed to graze the bear's shoulder doing not much more than irritating it even more.

The bear and vampire warily circled some more before the bear stood again and stepped towards Zander. It then dropped down trying to smash down on its enemy. Zander ducked under and to the left again raking his claws across the bear's chest this time and gouged deeper.

Blood trickled down the bear's fur as it roared out its pain, fury and frustration. The bear turned as if to start circling then rushed straight at Zander catching him slightly by surprise. The teen dove forward to the right and rolled but still caught a glancing blow to his calf. Being in full vampire mode the cuts quickly started closing and by the time Zander came out of the roll away from the bear they were mere scars.

Deciding not to drag this out any more than he had to, Zander charged the bear when it came rushing at him. Realizing the boy was also charging the bear tried rearing up with the intent to come crashing down on its smaller opponent. This was just what Zander expected and employing his vampire strength caught the bear by its front legs.

He shoved it backwards getting the bear off balance then very suddenly released the leg in his right hand, grasped the other leg with both hands and wrenched as hard as he could. A satisfying (to Zander) pop sounded indicating the bear's shoulder was out of its socket and now useless in the fight.

The bear raised itself up on two legs growling and grunting in pain. Zander didn't pause but continued around behind the bear and jumped onto its back. The struggling bear staggered a couple of steps but maintained its balance.

While the bear tried to shake Zander off its back the teen vampire punched the bear's neck at the base of the head hoping to render it unconscious. However, the thick, brown fur created too much padding for him to be effective. In frustration Zander grabbed the top of the bear's head, flipped over it with a twist and slammed it face first into the ground.

Looking on the ground around the stunned bear, Zander spotted and nabbed a fist-sized rock for just in case. Then he motioned for Zane to join him and sank his fangs in drinking deeply. Along with the deer they had drained earlier there was plenty from the bear for both vampires to get fully charged.

The sated teenage vamps stood, wiped their mouths then came together and hugged tightly. Zander stepped back and began to ready himself to teleport when Zane stopped him.

"Not yet," Zane blurted reaching for his boyfriend. "We need to repack our bags to make sure each of us has what he needs."

"Okay," agreed Zander removing his backpack and setting it on the ground.

"You sit back and relax," ordered Zane as he set his pack next to Zander's. "I'll take care of this."

"Whatever you say, bud," said Zander letting Zane have his way.

Zane emptied out both backpacks then began repacking making sure each had a change or two of clothes. He also, when he had made sure his brunette boyfriend wasn't watching, slipped the last container of blood into Zander's pack. Finally satisfied with the rearrangement of their belongings Zane walked to Zander and pulled him to his feet.

Just one more thing before we go our separate ways," announced the blonde vamp as he dropped to his knees in front of his lover.

He began by rubbing the growing bulge at the front of the jeans then undid the button, pulled the zipper down and slid jeans and boxer briefs to Zander's knees. Looking into his partner's chocolate colored eyes Zane proceeded to show Zander just how much he had come to mean. Upon finishing, Zane held Zander upright until he recovered, fixed his clothing, kissed him thoroughly and turned to grab his backpack.

Zander tried to stop Zane saying, "My turn to do you."

Zane pulled away and said forcefully, "No! This was to remind you of how much I love you. If you want to return the favor then you need to be sure you make it back to me."

The taller teen grabbed Zane roughly, pulled him close into a bear hug and whispered in his ear, "Nothing will keep me from returning to your side. This I promise."

"You'd better." With that Zane headed off in the direction of Andorra and the village he was to visit.

Zander watched his retreating back for a moment or two wondering if they were making a mistake after all. With a huge sigh he donned his backpack then settled on the ground criss-cross applesauce style and cleared his mind preparing for the first of the two 'port jumps.

Firmly fixing the image of the spot in the corner of Germany where he planned to appear in his mind Zander then took a minute to center before speaking the words of the spell.

Tears streaming down his face Zane walked quickly then went into a jog never looking back. He felt Zander leave when he teleported and dropped to his knees for a few minutes of crying and wallowing in self pity. When he was done with it he rose to his feet, wiped his face and set off in a determined jog for the remainder of the night.

Seeing the sky beginning to lighten Zane slowed to a brisk walk looking for a place to rest through the day. After searching for nearly half an hour, Zane began to despair of finding a decent resting place. While trying to decide what to do Zane looked heavenward for guidance and noticed how dense the foliage was.

A perfect solution! The green-eyed vampire climbed high into the closest tree until the ground below was out of sight. Finding a suitable limb Zane settled down to begin his daily meditations but first he thought of Zander wondering if he was successful in his first time teleporting. He was sure nothing had happened to his boyfriend or he would have felt it.

Although his first try at teleporting had been a success, Zander was glad he had chosen to do it in a seated position. He still almost fell over from exhaustion after the huge expenditure of magical energy. The need to feed was strong but stronger still was an urge to open his backpack. Sliding it off his shoulders and dragging it in front of him Zander unzipped the first compartment and found the blood Zane had packed for him.

Misty eyed and lonely, Zander sent heartfelt thanks toward his thoughtful boyfriend as he chugged the whole container without stopping. Not feeling so faint now Zander could think about finding real sustenance to enable him to make the next jump.

While he had 'ported to an isolated spot, it was near enough to a small town for him to find a suitable donor or he could go further into the nearby forest for an animal to drain. From his seated position Zander settled into a slight trance extending his awareness into the surrounding area.

There was very little animal activity close by but an abundance of humans in the town; some whose mindsets were indicative of having the required dark aura. Rising and following the thoughts he found, Zander made his way to the seedy side of the small town.

Wandering aimlessly and apparently unaware through the side streets and alleyways Zander soon attracted the attention of a couple characters up to no good. He enhanced his appearance of vulnerability by hunching down in his hoodie.

He felt one of the men straighten and follow him down the next alley. The other man waited a minute then left in a different direction. A few minutes later Zander turned onto another street in the opposite direction as the second man and watched to see if the first man still followed. He did.

A little further down Zander stopped, propped his foot on a ledge and pretended to fix a shoelace. Actually, he was checking the dirty blonde man's aura and was gratified to see it was very purple and very dark. As he turned away and started walking again Zander smiled to himself in anticipation. Several feet more and Zander cut down an alley he knew to be a dead end.

The man came hurrying into the alley with an evil leer putting his phone back in his pants' pocket. While keeping the look on his face one of apprehension, inwardly Zander was grinning broadly. Not only had the first guy followed into Zander's trap but he called his cohort so Zander's second course would arrive minutes after he finished the first one.

Zander backed into the shadows as the man advanced until they were hid enough for the brunette vampire to lunge at the man. Catching his would-be attacker by surprise Zander soon had him backed into the wall and was draining his blood thirstily.

Just as the man went limp Zander heard a noise at the opening of the alley. Looking that direction he could see the other man that had been standing in the street ogling him as he walked by. Zander quickly turned so that his back was to the wall and went down to his knees holding the drained man.

When the second man got close enough to see, it appeared as though his partner had their victim trapped and was having his way with the teen. The man who was a head taller than the first one and very broad in the shoulders laughed and approached without a word. He was about to pull the man off and take his own turn with the unfortunate lad when Zander pushed the dead man at him and sprang to his feet.

The big man let out an almost girlish squeal when he realized he was holding the dead body of his former partner in crime. Zander jumped onto the man's back and sank his fangs into the area between neck and shoulder drinking deeply. The man panicked, thrashed around and squealed in a high pitched voice. The teen vampire rode the man as he drank in the criminal's life force and followed as the man slowly sank to the ground his life slipping away.

Rising from the now lifeless body Zander heard more noise from outside the alley headed toward him. Full of energy now Zander turned toward the dead end wall, took two steps and leapt over it. In a blur he disappeared into the forest as the sun began to rise. He was well away from the town when he stopped, climbed a tree and spent his day in meditation.

That night Zander made his way down from the tree and found a comfortable spot to sit and prepare for his next teleportation jump. When he was ready Zander spoke the spell and winked out of sight there and appeared on the outskirts of the village that was his destination. A village he had known quite well four hundred years ago. Little had changed except for the more modern materials used for the buildings.

As he stood there contemplating his next move Zander heard deep growling behind him.

Zane roused from his daytime meditations, climbed down a couple of limbs and finding it clear dropped the rest of the way to the ground and took off at a jog that was just short of a full run. He wanted to be at the small village outside of Andorra la Vella well before daylight came again.

About one o'clock in the morning Zane stood outside the village looking on in disbelief. There were guards positioned at varying intervals around the perimeter of the village. The small blonde vampire studied the setup carefully for several minutes.

Using his vampire abilities of speed and silent moving Zane figured he could sneak his way into the village and wait for morning. As he passed between the two visible guards Zane felt his body get sluggish, someone tried to enter his mind and an alarm sounded throughout the village.

Still at full strength in magical energy Zane easily blocked the intrusion to his mind and with a shake threw off the slow motion spell affecting his body. Now he was facing a group of about ten villagers all of whom were well-trained Romani mages.

Zane started to speak explaining why he was there when he felt a magical attack building from the group facing him. He quickly changed to defensive mode and held back the attack with little effort. While the villagers regrouped Zane finally got a chance to speak.

"Stop! This is not what you think," Zane tried to explain before they attacked again.

"You're a vampire trying to sneak into our village," retorted one of the villagers. "And we know what you're after."

"Okay. Yes, I am a vampire but I'm not a Rogue," answered Zane. "I do want to see the Rinaldo tome of magic but not steal it."

"You already have enough power, vampire. Now begone from here."

Zane knew another magical attack was building and readied his mind to counter it when something else impinged on his consciousness. He could feel pain and fear coming from a long distance. It didn't take him long to figure out who it came from.

"Zander!" Zane screamed the name as the villagers attacked once more. Instead of blocking this attack Zane switched tactics. He absorbed the energy of the attack and used it to disappear leaving behind a confused and worried group of villagers.

Appearing where the call of pain and fear came from Zane looked at a scene straight out of an old horror movie. But why not! Vampires were real so it shouldn't be a surprise that these exist too!

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