Castle Roland

From Trick to Treat Book 1

by Jeikor



Published: 23 Jul 15

From Trick To Treat
Copyright © 2015 by Jeikor

Alexander awoke with a start feeling a sharp pain in his left arm. It sounded like a battle raging outside. He stuck his head out of the shed he slept in to see what in the world was going on; someone grabbed him and pulled him out and nearly down. In a panic he took off running with the others who had been streaking by. He had no idea why they were all running. Little by little, step by step he outdistanced the others and soon was running alone through the woods completely and utterly lost.

Slowing to a walk Alexander wandered aimlessly still panicking from being jerked from his little hut until he spotted a small fire burning in a clearing. He ambled toward it barely able to put one foot in front of the other. Just as he reached the outer glow of the warm campfire Alexander collapsed in a heap.

Rinaldo had sat by the fire watching the 16 year old brown headed boy wander closer and closer to his campsite. When Alexander reached the light of the fire Rinaldo realized right away what his problem was. He had seen it many times before. The boy had been turned by a vampire and left on his own; he needed blood badly.

As a Romani Rinaldo was well-versed in the mystic arts of his people and could protect himself from a young vampire. He had done it before and had befriended them before too. It often paid off eventually.

Rinaldo lifted Alexander's upper body and stuck his cut arm under the boy's nose. This awoke the vampire in him and he sank his fangs into Rinaldo's arm. When it was enough to revive him Rinaldo spoke a brief verse and Alexander released his arm.

Alexander was horrified when he realized what he had just done. Backing away from Rinaldo he tripped over the log the Romani had been sitting on.

"Easy, young one," spoke Rinaldo in a calming voice. "You still need to rest and take it easy. It is quite a shock when you first realize you've been turned. I can help you learn to handle the change and teach you to find sustenance without harming humans."

Alexander nodded numbly before falling back, curling into a ball on his side and crying himself to sleep. When he awoke Rinaldo was sitting by him on the log staring into the fire.

"I'm thirsty again, sir. Can…will you…help me?" Alexander pleaded.

Rinaldo nodded and pointed to the sheep tied to a nearby tree. "You may drink as much from it as you want. If it dies it does not matter I plan to use it for my food anyway."

Alexander stumbled over to the sheep, bared his fangs and attacked its neck with abandon. Ten minutes later the sheep collapsed and Alexander straightened up his thirst satisfied. Walking back to Rinaldo he spoke, "Teach me, please."

Rinaldo nodded again, motioned for Alexander to sit and began explaining about being a vampire.

Alexander stayed several years with Rinaldo learning not only about vampires but also the lore of the Romani. Alexander learned much of the magic of the Romani and was quite accomplished at reading auras of good and evil.

Green auras stood for good, the brighter the better. Purple was for evil and pure evil was so dark as to be almost black. Most people had a mixture of green and purple but there were a few who were either all green or all purple.

Whenever he needed to drink human blood Alexander was told to look for one with an all or almost all purple aura to feed on.

Finally Alexander had been with Rinaldo too long. People started noticing that he hadn't aged since arriving. It was time for him to move on.

Actually it was too late, someone had aroused the local villagers against him. They were on the way to Rinaldo's camp. Rinaldo packed him a few things he would need while Alexander fed on a cow.

When he finished Rinaldo handed him the pack with some last bit of advice.

"Run fast and don't look back no matter what. Keep an eye out for my descendants through the years and help them when you can. One of them will one day battle a great evil and will need your help."

"How will I know if they are descended from you?" asked Alexander.

"Look at my eyes. You will know them by the green eyes. Now run!" and he pushed Alexander into the night.

"Go Zane! That's the way!" boomed Zane Grey Hill's dad.

"Run, Zaney, run," screamed eight year old Derek, the brother of Zane's best friend. Derek idolized Zane mostly because he treated Derek like a person and not like he was a nuisance which was how most of his brother's friends treated him.

Zane was the running back on the twelve year old football team. Currently he was streaking down the sideline toward the end zone with the defense helplessly in pursuit.

Heading back to the sideline after scoring yet another touchdown Zane was high-fived by his best friend and quarterback, Donnie Briscoe.

They planned on getting together after the game to go trick-or-treating and to a Halloween party. Halloween had been their favorite holiday for several years. They enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be monsters and heroes.

At the end of the game Zane's dad staggered to the parking lot and got in his truck. He always picked Zane up near the field. Drunk again as he often was ever since Zane's mom had left them six months ago, he didn't see Derek run behind the F-250.

Zane and Donnie were walking together discussing their plans for the night when they heard a loud thump and a scream that was suddenly cut off. They raced through the lot reaching the truck in time to see Zane's dad getting out. Derek was half underneath the truck not moving.

Zane ran ahead when he spotted Derek. He dropped to his knees at Derek's feet pleading, "Come on, Derek, get up. Please get up!" He pulled Derek out from under the truck crying for him to wake up. But it was no use; Derek was gone.

During all this Donnie just stood there in shock with no emotion showing on his face. He jerked away from Mr. Hill when he tried to put his hand on Donnie's shoulder. Donnie looked down at Zane crying over Derek and rage filled his heart and face.

"Get away from my brother. Stay away from us." Donnie hissed venomously.

Zane looked up in shock. "What!?" "Why?"

"You heard me, faggot. Get away and stay away. You can figure out why." Donnie stated loudly and with flat tones. Then he shoved Zane back.

Donnie had always thought it strange that Zane paid so much attention to Derek after all he was four years younger. None of his other friends did. In fact Donnie didn't spend as much time with Derek as Zane did and Derek was always right next to or on top of Zane. It wasn't right; Zane was supposed to be his friend!

Zane jumped up, looked at Donnie with grief and hurt then took off running.

Things were never the same again, in fact they got worse. Zane's dad drank even more and sometimes he beat Zane until Zane stopped coming home while his dad was there.

Things with Donnie got worse as well. His former best friend first avoided Zane, then started taunting him and finally when they were fifteen Donnie physically attacked him for the first time. After that Zane learned to keep a sharp lookout for Donnie and his 'new friends.'

But through it all Zane never struck back at either his dad or Donnie. He knew Derek's death had hit them all hard. Zane often cried himself to sleep on the nights it got too painful. And Halloween which used to be Zane's favorite day became a nightmare.

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