Castle Roland


by Joe Writer Man


Chapter 3

Published: 8 Apr 14


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Tuesday, October 17, 2012, Continued

Centennial LogoLuke groaned when my leg got caught up in the covers and then kicked him when they came loose. His hand reached around and grabbed my arm. Luke, very sleepily asked, "Whatcha doing?"

"Sorry. Go back to sleep." I replied while moving away, rolling onto my back away from his warmth. I didn't want him to get any wrong ideas. I don't even really know why I cuddled into him in the first place; 'I was asleep wasn't I?' The thing is he didn't let go of my arm until he firmly squeezed it, and then got up. I heard him padding in the direction of the restroom, and then the light in there turned on, causing my eyes to squint closed for a moment.

Lying on the nice soft bed, with my head resting on the nice soft pillow, I opened my eyes and looked up to the ceiling and just stared at it. I thought to myself, 'This has got to be a dream', but movement close by caught my attention. I turned toward the light to see Luke standing there intently observing me. He had a slight smile on his face. Our eyes didn't part. I felt the fear that had been dogging me slowly, but not completely, slip aside.

To break the silence, to let him know that I'm still me, I said, "Come on to bed, You Dork."

He giggled, and then turned around and flipped off the bathroom light switch. He came back to bed, though didn't get in on his side of it, instead he put his knee into the mattress right by my hip. In one fell swoop, he catapulted his body onto mine and began tickling me unmercifully, which immediately put me into action to do the same. Arms, legs, torsos, heads and those things that designate us male were going in, out, here, there and everywhere, until I pushed him off with all of my strength; the strength that remained because I was laughing so hard, as was he. Our cries of laughter soon got the best of us and we quieted down a little bit, leaving only occasional giggles. Then he did something that put him very vulnerable, so vulnerable in fact that I couldn't resist. He leaned over the side of the bed to get the covers that had been tossed off. His bare butt was nearly in my face. I couldn't resist – my hand reached up and smacked it, which he jumped away from it, causing him to start falling off of the bed. Without hesitation, I reached over and grabbed his hips to keep him from falling to the floor on his face. He lost his balance and was on the way down when I jerked him back up, causing his lower regions to land on my chest… and I did not let go. This overwhelming urge to hug him, to kiss them nearly overtook over my body, mind and almost my soul, too.

I felt any of my built up and well practiced reserves utterly failing. At the very last second, when my hands wanted to move down his belly – I helped him back onto the bed, and then turned over onto my side facing away. I just couldn't go there, I couldn't do that, please take these feelings I have inside of me away. Luke leaned down over the bed, got the covers and pulled them up and over us. After rearranging himself, he came in close to my face and whispered, "Jordan? Are you okay?"

I couldn't speak. I couldn't do anything other than to just lay there motionless, only exerting my lungs to breath. I covered my face with my hands when he took hold of my shoulder and attempted to roll me onto my back. When he wormed his arm between my chest and upper arm, I pulled my arms up and away. Luke took in a deep breath, curled next to my body, my back. His words, "Jordan, don't be afraid of me. I think we're more alike than different," resonated within me, sending my mind into think mode. Soon, his deep rhythmical breathing took over.

Knowing I would not go back to sleep, yet not wanting to disturb him, I laid there for another hour before I just had to get up and take a walk. I used to go walking around the beaches at night when I couldn't sleep, usually after a really bad argument with 'her'. Although the room was pretty much completely dark, I could see that it was either getting light or was already light outside, through the curtains.

With the decision made to get up, even though I really didn't want to get up, and not wanting to wake him, I did get up, padded into the restroom, used the facilities, rummaged through our clothes in the bathroom, found a pair of pants and shoes, haphazardly put them on, and then returned to find Luke soundly sleeping.

Boldly, brazenly, unable to stop myself, I leaned down to kiss whatever body part was available. My lips touched his shoulder. I wanted to hold them there, but at the same time didn't want to wake him so I walked away, tripped over a backpack, landing on the floor on all fours. I am such a klutz.

Luke didn't move. Quietly, I stole out of our room, gently closed the door behind me, and headed down the hallway toward the living area of the house. Katy's door was shut so I walked by and went on out to the kitchen where I grabbed a glass from the cabinet, filled it with water, slammed it down, poured another one, slammed it down too, and then got another and took it outside after making sure there were no alarms above or below or to either side of the door. I sat on the porch and looked all around at the tall trees, long grass; feeling the breeze blowing through my hair, across my face, chest, belly and arms. I didn't see Dog anywhere, not even under the porch where I figured she'd go to in order to get out of the already hot heat. I saw a thermometer hanging on the side of the barn, but couldn't read it as it was too small, or I needed glasses which was a very real possibility since things off in the distance were usually fuzzy, but not too much so, though not enough to complain about.

I drank down the rest of the water and sat the glass on the porch, out of the way of the door in case it was opened, and then walked to the barn to see what temperature it was. The thermometer read ninety two degrees. I heard movement very close by, so I quickly swiveled around to see who or what made that noise. Dog was sitting on her haunches, no further than one foot away, staring into my eyes. Her tongue was hanging out and she was panting noticeably.

"Hey buddy. I didn't even hear you."

Dog just tilted her head, like 'What the hell are you talking about? This is my property.' She sat there, unmoving, so I walked to her, sat down in the luscious grass and put my arm around her neck. Just as I was leaning up to whisper "I love you" in her ear, she turned, causing our noses to touch. Without forewarning or anything, I got thoroughly licked about the face. Her doggie breath was atrocious, but she was insistent. Soon we were wrestling around on the ground just like when we arrived on her turf. No, she wasn't being mean. I wasn't afraid of her, not at all.

I guess she got tired, because the next thing I knew is that she pushed me to the ground and plopped the upper half of her body upon my chest and belly, and then began licking the sweat away from my neck, chest and belly. I pulled her back and away when she tried to stick her snout down inside the gap between my skin and jeans. She didn't resist, thankfully. She turned her head so that our eyes met. I petted her head, ran my hands through her hair, and feeling safe and secure, my eyes closed, but my mind would not turn off, no matter how hard I tried.

I came out of that dazed state when she moved her head up my belly and rested it on my chest, just below my chin. I turned just enough to look into her eyes. Hers were so kind and gentle, and relaxing. She's strong, very strong. I'd sure hate to get on her bad side.

The words, my words coming deeply from my heart came pouring out. I told her about our trip so far, how we dodged the cops, how nice Dale was to us, and my gratitude that Katy would be taking us as far as she could before we'd do the rest of the journey on our own. Dog made a low growling noise when I told her about the idiot at that truck stop. When I patted her head and told her we got out of that situation okay, she licked my chin once then twice, and settled back down, though her eyes never left mine.

I took in a deep breath. My body gave a slight shudder as I said, in no more than a whisper, "I don't know what to do. Can you keep a secret?" To make sure she understood, I scratched that area behind her ear and the top of her head. Sensing her loyalty, very quietly, just above a whisper, I told her what my problem is, "I love Luke in a way that I'm not supposed to. Sure he's my brother, kind of, it's a strange situation that I don't understand, really… but it's more than us just being brothers… I mean… well, I love him. Isn't it wrong for two guys, I mean isn't it wrong for ME to love him. It's wrong, wrong, wrong… but I can't help what I'm feeling."

Feeling myself on the brink of tears, I rolled onto my side. Dog rearranged herself so that she was lying right next to me with her jowls resting on my arm, all the while looking into my eyes, and, strange as it may seem, she wanted me to continue… I could just see it in her eyes. "We slept naked. I've never done that before, ever. No, we, I mean 'I' didn't do anything… well I kissed his shoulder. Oh my God, I wanted to touch him… you know where I should never touch a guy… it's like I wanted to make him feel good… I know he's stressed out… geezus… fuck… The worst part of the whole sleeping naked thing is that I liked it. And I want to do it again. God, I want to do it again, but only with Luke. How the fuck do you tell someone that you want to sleep naked with them… and… and… well, you don't know what it's like trying to sleep next to your friend with a hardon, do you? God, that's embarrassing…"

Dog took a deep breath, got up and then like a bolt of lightning tore out behind the barn, and within a second, no longer, returned and plopped a Frisbee down in front of my eyes, ran away, with her eyes never leaving mine. What's a guy to do?

Play Frisbee.

And play Frisbee we did. We played and played some more – until she was panting like crazy and I was sweating like a total pig.

Knowing she was just as thirsty as me, I ran to the porch where and looked all around for her water bowl. It was nowhere in sight, so I grabbed my glass with the intention of going back into the house to fetch a bowl for her to drink from, but before I could go, she grabbed my wrist and urged me to go with her. She took us around to the side of the barn that you can't see from the porch. There was her bowl, empty, completely empty. There was a water spigot close by, so, after the water got cool, I filled her water dish, and before it was even filled to capacity, she was slurping the water out like crazy. When the bowl was filled, despite her slopping it everywhere, I filled my glass and drank it down in a single breath.

When we'd both had our fill, she walked over to the tree and squatted. I went to the other side, looked all around to see if anybody was around to see me do the unthinkable. Seeing there was nobody around, I fished out my flesh…" That's another thing I've never done before – peeing out in the wide open spaces.

Dog went to the next tree, plopped down, closed her eyes and was out like a light. I zipped up, went to her and plopped down too, and fell asleep in the luscious green grass carpet, all the while listening to birds do their bird things, the crickets do their cricket things, and the grasshoppers do their grasshopper things… and with Dog breathing in my ear.

Luke's Point of View

Sleeping on my stomach is not something I normally do. This bed is super soft, comfortable and warm, but not hot, it's just right. The nursery rhyme 'The Three Little Bears'… no, wait, that's about porridge. I chuckled… how absurd that I would think of something like this. "Jordan… hey Jordan, are you awake?"

No answer. Without opening my eyes, or even being fully awake, I moved my arm around to see where he was… no Jordan. My consciousness picked up on the fact that my left hand was wrapped around that which designates me male. Hmmm… pleasant… Squeezing it a couple of times brought great pleasure and need, so I wiggled my hips into the mattress to see just how interested it might be. Very interested was its answer. Knowing that I was alone, I rolled over onto my back, pulled the pillow over my head and began taking care of those little matters to the point of successful conclusion.

Barely conscious, I heard something in the room. I dismissed it as just the house settling. I'd long ago learned that houses have personalities of their very own, so I wasn't concerned. With my needs met, I dropped my hand off and away, simply enjoying the after feelings without a care in the world. Gone were the anxieties and worries. I'm not even concerned about Jordan, remembering that back in Florida, he would often wander the beaches just enjoying his time alone. In my mind, I could see him strolling along at a leisurely pace, his hair blowing from the wind, and smiling. A warm sensation overspread me when I thought of his smile, and even chuckled at hearing him tell one of his lame jokes, or doing something silly as he often does. And, oh my God, he makes me laugh.

With a mother like he has, or had, his laughing and cutting up really surprised me. I know that I would really have a problem with being treated like she did him. But somehow he usually came out of it unscathed, except for the times when she'd goad him into an angry state, like she did just before we left. I knew that our decision to leave was the right one, when he raised his arm to strike her. At the same time though, she would have deserved it, but I hate violence, and I hate hearing people talk mean stuff to people.

But… enough of that thinking.

While quietly lying there, just thinking, lazily rolling my testicles that were growing, running my fingers through those few downy soft, sparse smattering of evidence that I was maturing, a clear and convincing thought passed through my mind, 'I'm going to talk to Jordan about what I'm feeling about him'. I love him. I don't think he'll hate me for telling him that I do love him. It's not right though, but then again maybe saying those words would put his heart to rest. He was so upset earlier this morning when we went to bed. I want to just hold him and do something when he gets like that. Yeah, sure, he laughs and makes me laugh, but he's got something deep down inside that he's hiding, or is afraid of. We're best friends. We shared blood. Yes, today I'm going to share with him what I'm feeling. I took in a deep breath, exhaled, took in another deep one then tossed off the pillow covering my face. I looked down, smiled at seeing further evidence of my growing up years, well maybe only months, okay, well only for a few weeks… but still.

I rolled onto my side, moving into the spot where Jordan had slept, and smelled his aroma. I ran my hand over where he'd slept all the while wishing he was still there lying next to me. I'd show him my thoughts and feelings. As dad had said, "Actions speak louder than words."

'Dad, you sure told me how much actions mean, and how they can sure hurt sometimes.' I thought, whispering to myself.

Before those thoughts of how badly he'd hurt me took over, I returned to my side of the bed. When those thoughts didn't stop, despite trying to make them go away, I got out of bed and walked into the restroom, took care of business and put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and my tennis shoes. I'm going to go find Jordan and tell him what I'm thinking and feeling.

Before leaving the house, out in the kitchen, I ran a glass of water and drank it down. I'd noticed Katy's door was closed, so I remained just as quiet as I possibly could; definitely not wanting to awaken her. I have no idea how she is in the mornings, and really don't want to find out.

I walked to the door leading outside, put my hand on the knob, and looked out the window toward the barn. My heart went pitter patter at seeing him lying in the grass with his arm draped across Dog. I wish I had a camera. In the absence of one, the sight of him lying out there would no doubt be indelibly etched in my memory.

All the while smiling, I set the glass down on the table, walked back to the door, opened it and then went outside, heading toward man and beast. Dog raised her head, looking in my direction. Her tail started wagging uncontrollably, and then she bounded up and came running toward me. Her momentum didn't stop just because I was standing still. She body slammed me to the ground and began licking my face in earnest. Jordan laughed his head off at seeing me being mauled nearly to death; playfully of course. He came over, pulled Dog off of me, and then sat down next to my side and looked into my eyes. His were so sleepy, like he'd just gotten woke up out of a deep restful sleep.

With the sun shining brightly, his eyes sparkled. They were so clear. He smiled radiantly, patted my back and then tenderly squeezed my neck. For a second, I couldn't look at him, feeling those feelings that, not five minutes ago said that I'd share them with him. I sat up, turned my body toward his, and had this overwhelming desire to show him exactly what I was feeling rather than to just say the words, but he spoke, "Let's go exploring. There's a creek close by. I heard the water running this morning, before all the birds and crickets drowned it out. I don't think it's too far from here. Let's go in and tell Katy."

"Her door's closed. But yeah, let's go. We don't have to be gone very long. You know how I am around water." I said as he reached over. I didn't know what he was going to do, but relaxed when he used his fingers, like a squeegee, to wipe the perspiration off of my forehead and nose. With his hand so close, I so wanted to reach out and kiss his fingers, but… but we need to talk first. I have to know that he won't get mad at me, or get disgusted; or worse yet, disown me. I don't think he will, but I just don't know for sure.

I got up to my feet, reached my hand down and helped Jordan get up. I didn't want to let go. I don't think Jordan did either, but he ran over to the Frisbee and tossed it high into the air. Dog tore out, jumped high off the ground beneath its trajectory and caught it with her mouth. She returned, urged me to take it, so I did and threw it way high up in the air. She jumped up again and got it on its way down. That was enough for her. She tore off to the opposite side of the barn. Jordan said, "She went after a drink of water. Come on, let's go."

My shirt was already wringing wet with sweat, so I took it off and stuck its tail into my waist in back and off we went, heading toward the tree-line behind the house. Dog caught up to us, and then we walked into the canopy of trees, having found a trail to walk on. The trail led right down to the water's edge that was maybe half a mile away from the house. Dog immediately jumped in and began playing and splashing to her heart's content.

Now Jordan and I had never been skinny dipping, except for the first night on our journey. That had been a hella lot of fun, so after taking a look all around, checking for anybody who might be in the vicinity, even knowing there wouldn't be, I grinned, kicked off my shoes, and then in one fell swoop stood in front of Jordan naked to my skin. He chuckled, and then looked all around one more time before he reached for the zipper on his jeans. Meanwhile, I tore out and did a flying leap into the water, went under and came up to see Jordan running toward me. He, too, did a flying leap, went under and came up beside me, and then blew a mouthful of water into my face. The war was on.

"No more, I give, you win." I shouted at seeing him walking through the water toward the bank. He'd already done this several times before, so I knew that he was going to take off running into the water and attack me. Okay, well, so I'd done it to him, too.

Dog had brought her Frisbee. Jordan picked it up and tossed it up high. Dog came splashing through the water at break-neck speed, sending splashing water all across my face. Dog missed that toss. It landed about three feet in front and to the side of her.

I turned around to say something to Jordan, however his lower back was clearing the waterline. I could not drag my eyes away from his deer-like form, his skin shining, his muscles rippling, and his well defined and formed butt cheeks, and that where God had split him in half. The sight of him was totally mesmerizing. Do you call that being placed into a spell? Is what I was feeling an attraction, or is it a lust? I'd heard about lust in Sunday School, but they'd never defined what it was. Whatever it was, I had this feeling that it was wrong. As his knees cleared the water, memories of my dream came rushing back very nearly overtaking me. Sensing that I was looking at him, he turned around to face me. He smiled and urged me to get out of the water, to join him. He sat down on the bank, stretched out his arm and used his index finger, inviting me to join him.

For a brief second I looked up to the heavens, through the light wispy broken clouds. Although nervous, a sense of peace and tranquility washed over my being. With that feeling very much in place, I walked up the incline to where Jordan was sitting, and sat down. His arm rested on my knee. He looked into my eyes for a brief moment, and then looked away, then down and stared at the ground. Not looking up, his words, "I was about ready to come get you. Are you okay?" touched my heart strings.

I took in a deep breath, reached over and put my hand on his jaw and very gently turned his face to me, "Jordan, there's something I have to tell you. This morning while lying in bed I got to thinking. I realized how afraid I am about some things, one of them concerns you."

Jordan's eyes popped open, "Me? You're afraid of me, but why?"

"No, I'm not afraid OF you. I think I understand why you're afraid, though. Okay, here's what's going on: I love you. I mean I love you more than a brother or a best friend. I don't know how a brother feels about his brother… I've never had one… neither have you. Do you feel this way?"

"I'm afraid, Luke. I'm so afraid." Jordan shrugged, but he made no move to get away when I held his chin firmer to keep him in the conversation. He was trying to do what he always does when faced with a challenge of a personal kind. Anything anybody says about him causes him to turn away, to dismiss his value. My heart feels for him. I had love; the kind of love that is both receiving and giving… until the very last moment when Dad walked away during the middle of the night a little over fourteen months ago.

There go those thoughts again.

"Jordan, I L-O-V-E you. I don't understand all of this, why I'm feeling like I do. I just do. I can't stop the feelings. I've tried. I'm so afraid of what you would say… or do if I told you how I really am, and what I'm thinking and feeling."

Jordan's jaw relaxed. His eyes softened. His breathing quickened. And I felt a bit lightheaded, like maybe my world was spinning, or something.

In many ways, in most ways Jordan is the stronger one of us. He's usually so sure of himself when it comes to things we do and say… he's the leader, I guess you could say. Right now though, I am seeing so much doubt, confusion, worry, anxiety, and even loneliness passing through his eyes; kind of like he wanted to do or say something, but those inner demons were holding him back from expressing himself and his inner being. I moved my hand to his shoulder and turned him to me. Without saying another word, I leaned in and touched his lips with mine, tentatively, with much less energy than I had built up inside. It's like I want to attack him, in a good way; to let him know that I really do love him, even though I'm not sure what real committed love – is – now.

His eyes filled with tears, but he didn't move, nor did he attempt to shove me away, as I was afraid he would do. Feeling even more brazen and bold, I leaned in and touched his lips with mine once again. This time I didn't stop. When he didn't respond, my fears, renewed once again, took me to that place where I seriously doubted that what I was doing was the right thing… I pulled away not feeling like I'd done the right thing, but then his tightly sealed lips relaxed, and then adding fire to chemistry, his hand went behind my head and pulled me in, and he returned my kiss – to make it ours. We separated just enough to look in our eyes at a comfortable distance. Knowing no other feeling and not knowing what else to say or do… I just smiled at knowing he felt the same way. Finally, we knew. There would be no further hiding for us, not now, not ever. I just felt it deep within my bones.

Giddy with excitement, we joined once again, just to make sure our minds weren't playing games on us, and once again, the tremendous feelings of love, companionship, mainly love, moved through our bodies… I could feel Jordan relaxing. I felt his heart beating in my chest, his breathing filling my lungs, his hungry belly rumbling in my tummy, his eyes seeing through mine, mine seeing through his, and lastly our actual physical feelings.

Lying down, we turned to one another, wrapped our arms around our shoulders and used our fingers to trail up and down, from our necks to the very lowest part of our bodies we could reach. As one, as enmeshed as any two people can possibly get, we came together and completely enjoyed a complete spiritual experience as our bodies responded accordingly, sending shards of pleasure and need as neither of us had ever experienced alone, individually.

Consciousness was slow to return. When it did begin to return, we realized that I was lying atop Jordan with my arms around him, holding him like he's never been held before. I also realized I'd never been held like he was holding me. Feeling that I was too heavy on him, I started to get up, but he cupped my lower cheeks, teasing us into submission, yet once again. This second time is more about coupling; gone is the urgency. Settling into the natural rhythm our bodies seem to know instinctively, Jordan would push up while I pushed down, if ever so slightly. The friction was great; it was almost too much to take, yet we were too far gone to stop. All of a sudden, Jordan grabbed my lower cheeks hard and thrust himself into my most private of places, sending me into orbit, stronger than the first time. At the same time, although there was nothing we could do about it, the sounds of twigs being rustled only slightly interrupted our interlude… at that juncture, I was just too far gone to even care, thinking it was Dog. Nevertheless, recovery was quick, and then everything came to front and center, and horror too, when we looked to our side to see a boy standing near the creek observing our every move. Jordan and I parted, however it was already too late, and we knew it was. Seeing that he was seen, he tore out through the woods and disappeared from sight, holding his front as he ran.

Knowing that we didn't know that boy from anywhere, that we didn't live here, and would likely never see him again, I was able to allay Jordan's fear and shame of us being seen during our very delicate moments. I wondered how long he had been watching us.

Ravaged by hunger pains that could no longer be ignored, we quickly dressed and headed our way toward Katy's house, after using my shirt to dry strategic places. I didn't bother to put it on, tucking it between my back and jeans. The sweat was rolling off of us profusely. I wanted no more than to take a shower and eat some food, and a lot of food at that.

Arriving at the tree-line break, we observed two cars parked next to Katy's house. Jordan let go of my hand. I hadn't even realized we'd been holding hands as we'd made our way through the woods. I loved him even more for that. Jordan said, "I didn't know she was going to have company, did you?"

"Nope. Let's just go to our room, take a shower and get presentable. Come on." As we passed through the clearing, the smell of bar-b-q nearly tore our stomachs from our bodies. The hunger pangs intensified. My throat became dry like it was lined with parchment paper. I looked to Jordan, smiled and together we shouted, "FOOD!" Then tore out for the house as if there would be no tomorrow. I was convinced there would be no tomorrow if we didn't eat some of that good smelling meat surely cooking on a grill on the other side of the house where the deck was located. Thinking everybody would be gathered back there, I opened the door to go inside the kitchen. Looking inside the kitchen area, I was correct; nobody appeared to be in that area of the house, so we padded back to the room that was ours to use while staying with Katy.

Jordan sat down to use the facilities. I went on into the shower to get the temperature to a comfortable level. I was just putting shampoo into my hair when he joined me. Without warning, invitation or anything else, but wearing his beautiful smile he took the bottle out of my hand. "Let me."

Although I have distant memories of being bathed by my parents, it has not been done since then, not even when on the rare occasions Jordan and I showered together at his home in Florida. His touch, while firm was gentle. Not only did he wash my hair, his hands expertly used a washcloth to bath the rest of my body, until there was nothing left to wash but that area just south of the border. His expression asked if he should continue. When I took his hand and the bar of soap and put it there… to the area he questioned, my words, strange as they seemed came flowing out unabated, "Jordan, there's one thing now that has changed. You do not ever have to ask permission to touch me in any way. We're together. We will be together. I love you." Previously, he's never touched me 'there', other than while sleeping together, in any meaningful way, and even then it was accidental. It's hard to describe the feelings of being bathed, loved and cared for. Using only his fingers and the bar of soap, I became clean in every way.

To show him my love, with every possible ounce of care and love, I washed him, too, standing from behind him. Also, I hesitated when it came to his most private areas. In his own way, not with words, permission was granted willingly, easily and readily. He accepted his emotions a little differently than I had, though, quite surprisingly, and even shocking to an extent. I was standing with my back to the wall while administering my love and caring ministrations. He was purring like a kitten, though he's certainly no pussy cat at all. In one fell swoop, he closed the distance between us, and then when I was up against the wall, he continued closing us together, and then, oh my God, my thing separated his area down south of the border… and it didn't stop there… he kept pushing, pushing, pushing… until… until… Oh My God… until he was completely impaled… Immediately my body violently shuddered… until it stopped on its own accord. My body, weak and trembling slithered down the wall until it was seated. But I sat only for a minute. When he joined me, seeing that he was desperately needy, through a little trial and error, and with some serious discomfort, at first, I became the impalee… until he could no longer impale.

Jordan's Point of View

In the aftermath of our coupling, we lay there, not moving away in any way, kissing and saying over and over again about how our experience was not only gratifying but how loving it was as well.

But then everything crashing to a halt when our moments were shattered at hearing the toilet flushing in the bathroom. Our heads and bodies jerked away from one another in a very terrible way, and then, slipping and sliding on the slick floor, stood, and our attentions guided toward the entrance way, exit way to/ from the shower room where we were standing in a state quite ready and willing to make love again. My heart sank at seeing 'that' boy, the same boy who had seen us coupling in a different way down at the creek. Not only was he present, but his state of arousal was readily apparent. "So we meet again." His words, the expression on his face clearly stated his embarrassment for the same reasons. Quickly, without another word, he turned on his heels and disappeared from sight, just as he'd done before in the woods.

Somehow, even somewhat terrorized at being found once again, I felt an inner strength coming from within me, I put my arm around Luke's shoulders and led us into the bathroom, grabbed a large soft towel from the linen cabinet and proceeded to dry him off. I then dried me off while he grabbed our clothes which were put on without delay. I had saved the jeans he gave me, for last. They had holes everywhere, including having most of the butt threadbare. But they were the best I had, that were clean. "We're not here for a fashion show, let's go." Luke said happily, seemingly over the situation we had been in with the other boy.

Seeing that the door was closed, we kissed then made our way to the kitchen. Katy, oh my God, naked was standing at the kitchen counter fixing a relish tray. She looked our way, smiling warmly. "We have company. They're good friends of mine. They're anxious to meet you. There is one thing that I forgot to tell you: we're naturists. You guys are way overdressed, please go change. Dinner will be ready in about half an hour. Go ahead."

"Uhm, Ma'am…" I didn't know what else to say. My face was heating up. Luke continued, "What Jordan's trying to say is that we don't run around, you know, uhm… naked in front of people… can't we at least wear…?"

"It's okay, Boys. You two will be the odd ones out if you don't fall in with the crowd. Nobody's going to make fun of you or make jokes at your expense. I'm sure you don't have anything different hiding behind those zippers. Trust me… it took me a while to feel comfortable, but once I did… well… go on, get those clothes off, you'll have fun."

"But…" I croaked, not knowing what people would say, do or think if Luke or I popped – wood.

"So… it happens. If it does, Just cover with a towel… and that reminds me… grab towels. Proper etiquette includes sitting on towels for obvious reasons. If the problem persists, and you still feel uncomfortable – feel free to come inside, or run it off… you be the judge of what you do or do not do… the only real rule we have around here is 'no touch'."

"No touch?" I asked, wondering if what I heard was actually what she said.

"No touch means nothing sexual."

Katy walked over and stood in front of us, "As far as being comfortable… as you can see, my body is no trophy… need I say more?"

How do you properly, without insulting a person, acknowledge that the observation they just made about their personal attributes – is true?

The answer is 'you can't' so instead of saying something stupid, you just nod and remain quiet. At least this seems to be the right thing to do. Katy continued, "If you don't believe me, just go outside and see for yourselves. Nobody's going to bite you. Now hurry up. I'm just about finished here. I'd like to introduce you."

We took off for our bedroom. When there, I closed the door and looked into Luke's searching eyes, hoping there was some way out of this situation – a way that included being clothed.

His answer totally surprised me: first off came his shirt, and then his pants, and then his underwear… I thought he was going to remove his socks, but he left them on. And then he stood up, showing me everything he had, well except one not so little item, which thankfully was pretty much patiently at rest. Grinning, he pointed to his feet, "See, I'm not totally naked!"

Without waiting another moment, and without asking permission, he lifted my shirt high above my head, took it off and tossed it onto the bed, and then reached for my zipper but I took over from there. And I grabbed a pair of socks from his pack, not wanting to be 'totally' naked in front of people that we didn't even know.

We walked to the closed door, looking into each other's eyes debating whether or not we really wanted to do 'this'. Luke answered the question by grabbing hold of the door knob and turning it. But then I remembered Katy's instructions to grab towels. Neither of us, thankfully, were in a position where the towels were needed to cover certain assets, so we flung them around our necks.

With great trepidation, worry and concern, slowly we made our way to the kitchen where Katy was just finishing up the tray. Upon seeing us, she let out a loud wolf-whistle. I don't know about Luke, but I was mortified and embarrassed to the maximum. She chuckled, handed the platter to Luke and told him to take it to the table just outside the sliding glass door. She then got into the refrigerator, grabbed two 2 liter bottles of Pepsi and handed them to me, "Go. I'll be out in a minute."

I looked to Luke, searching for a sign that he was just as nervous as me. Yes he was. But he handled his emotions better than I did. His expression was to wiggle his eyebrows, smile, and then walk to the door, and then not so patiently waited for me to open it.

I took in a deep breath, looked down to make sure my thing wasn't the first noticeable attribute, and then foraged on seeing that it wasn't.

There was no way to hide anything outside, since the sun was up and very, very bright.

As Katy had said, everybody was undressed, adults and people at or near our ages, too.

Seeing everybody walking and/or sitting around made the nervous jitters abate, somewhat. Though I was still quite nervous at showing everybody everything that I have, I just got on with it. The boys and girls checked me out. I saw them checking Luke out, too. And then they all walked over and began introducing themselves.

I scooted some side dishes on the table aside. Luke sat the plate on the table, made sure it wasn't going to fall off because the table was nearly full. I opened a cooler sitting next to the table and dropped the bottles of pop into it, and moved the ice around so that the bottles were immersed, and closed its lid.

Standing up, I nearly bumped into a girl's breasts. I mean when I turned around, well there they were, up close and personal like. In fact, had I fully stood up, I would have run right into them. As it was, I turned my face away from them, thinking that only one set of fleshy mounds interested me, and those belonged to Luke standing right next to her giving me a nice view of them. Oh no, I felt a slight twitch down south of the border. I bumped into Luke so that I could fully stand, and then just hoped for the best, that 'it' would not make its appearance.

"Hi, I'm Amanda. We're glad you made it. Katy's said some really good things about you guys. We're setting up volleyball, come on, you can be on our team." If the girl was somebody that I could or would be interested in, which I am not, she's pretty. Her flowing blond hair was silky and hung low on her neck. She smiled warmly, and then took a sweeping glance from my eyes on down toward my feet. Had I not already been undressed, then her eyes would have definitely taken off my clothes right then and there.

Luke saved the day by bumping my arm. I turned to him just in time to see another hand reach out. I raised my hand to greet another guy not too much older than Luke and I. "Hi, my name's Charles. It's nice to finally meet you. Katy's said some wonderful things about you. Anyway, we're glad you're here."

"Yeah, it's nice to meet you, too. Oh, I'm Jordan." Charles then took a slow sweep of my body with his eyes. God, why is it that everybody is checking me out. He continued, "This is my girlfriend." He put his arms around her shoulders, and her hand slid down his back… all the way down. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out where she went, and stopped. The problem with that mental vision, and with Luke standing so close and touching my shoulder, is that I felt myself growing and there was nothing that I could do about it, other than to rearrange the large towel so that little issue was put aside. I really had nothing to worry about though because when I finally looked down to make sure my issue was covered, I saw Charles' organ. It wasn't 'all the way' standing up, but it was close to it. Quickly, I raised my eyes up, only to meet his piercing green eyes. Even quicker, I turned to Luke. Ever the jokester – he wiggled his eyebrows. His thing was standing out about halfway, and he didn't seem concerned.

A girl, older than us, but not as old as Charles, came walking up the stairs to the deck where everything was being cooked and prepared, walked over to us. "Hi. I'm Patricia but everybody calls me Rhonda. I answer to just about anything, so feel free." She laughed and then walked into the house.

Two other girls, apparently sisters because they looked so much alike, even though one of them was taller and more well-endowed than the other motioned for us to come to them. So we did. Feeling much more comfortable with being 'naturist', I walked up to the younger girl, stuck out my hand, "I'm Jordan." Luke told her his name. The girl was very obviously interested. Basically, if Luke wasn't already naked, she would have surely undressed him right then and there on the spot. Slowly, her eyes traveled up his fine form until they were looking into each other's eyes. Luke, meanwhile, clearly disinterested, turned his head toward the other girl standing beside her, stuck out his hand and introduced himself to her.

The girl, the taller girl, said, "I'm Stephanie. This is my younger sister Jennifer." Jennifer, tearing her eyes away from my own attributes, which had popped out from the side of the towel, nodded appreciatingly, but thankfully didn't say anything, not until her sister lifted her head, saying, "Don't be rude. These guys can't help being drop dead gorgeous."

Thankfully attentions turned to Katy as she came out through the sliding glass door with yet another plate of food. We pushed some things aside so that she could set them down on the table, which was nearly overflowing with all sorts of delicious looking and smelling food.

Charles meanwhile returned from the grill area with a plate of cooked hamburgers, hotdogs and steaks. There was nowhere left to put them, so he set them down on the cooler. Then he surprised the holy hell out of me: he took hold of the towel loosely covering my attributes and put it up around my neck. "Don't worry. It happens."

I looked down, and then returned my eyes to his, not taking any longer than a New York split second to do so. I shrugged my shoulders and turned to Luke who was talking to Katy.

Katy then bellowed, "Eric, Stan come up here. There's somebody you need to meet."

Playing catch, they both looked and then came running, stopping right in front of me. They both appeared to be approximately the same age, though the black boy was a good two or three inches taller. When the white boy turned around, my blood turned to icy slush – mystery boy – the one and only voyeur… or is that boyeur?

Mystery boy grabbed a towel from a stack sitting on the bottom step and immediately covered his all too obvious erection, even though he didn't seem too concerned about his state of affairs. I turned to Katy. She had a stern expression on her face, and she was looking right at mystery boy. Luke snickered, put his arm around my shoulders and introduced himself since nobody else made the effort to do so.

The white boy, mysterious boy, once he had a towel wrapped around his midsection, apologetically said, "I'm Stan. It's nice to meet you. Uhm, well, I've gotta go. See ya later… oh, come play baseball with us."

Stan looked as nervous as I felt. He turned to leave, but Katy said, "Dinner is ready." Then without another word said, or warning, or premonition, she jerked the towel away from Stan's midsection and held it up, and after a delay, laid the towel across his shoulders. Even though Stan is very tanned, all over, the fierce shade of red was quite evident. His eyes went sad. And they went distant for a moment or two. He knelt down, bowed, and then stood back up, turned to me and said, "I'm sorry." Then he apologized to Luke. He looked back to Katy. She smiled.

Luke furrowed his eyebrows and squinted his eyes, for just a few seconds. When Katy turned her attentions elsewhere, I looked down just to make double sure my gland had receded. I thought it had, I just had to make sure. Luke's was soft, too.

Eric walked over, patted Stan's back, looked to Luke, "Hey, I'm Eric. Wanna play some baseball? Maybe we could get a team together. You look like a baseball player." He then reached for Luke's biceps and squeezed them firmly. Luke looked at him like he was fucking nuts. Katy's attention turned back to us… she smacked Eric's hand away.

Then, he too, knelt down, bowed, and then slowly stood up and apologized to Luke, "I'm sorry. Please accept my apologies for touching you without permission." He bowed to Luke then stood back up, straight.

Luke replied, "It's okay. Maybe we can play after dinner. I'm starved. And the food is driving me crazy."

Katy walked away, leaving Stan, Eric, Luke and I standing there wondering what to do next. Stan broke the silence, "You guys go dish up. Just leave some for us, please." I looked to Stan. He had a reserved smile on his face, then gestured with his hand for us to go ahead.

The girls were dishing up, so my mind wandered, thinking baseball's not my thing. I'm not good at it. I stopped even trying the summer before Luke arrived. And my failure was just one more thing that got Mom going. Her words of putting me down were endless, and she made a point to attend every little league game that I tried to play, despite the coaches telling her to basically shut the fuck up.

She did shut the fuck up – on the sidelines, but always, on the way home and then afterwards for as long as she could, her insulting words cut my heart strings into frazzled ribbons, until I just stopped playing after telling the coach I was just going to sit on the bench to observe until I got better. I think he felt sorry for me, but I quit, or I refused to go to anymore games.

"Jordan!" A voice called out to me. I blinked. Stan was standing by my side, jiggling my arm, "Go ahead, get something to eat. I'm fasting today. We'll play ball when you guys get done eating."

"Okay, I guess. I think I'm going to play volleyball. I'm not good at baseball… no way." I replied and stepped up into the food line. When I turned around to make sure he was in line… he was gone, just like that.

To say that I was hungry would be a gross understatement. I loaded my plate up with two hotdogs, a hamburger with a bun, some kind of baked beans, chips and salsa, and then stuck a hotdog in my mouth, turned to Luke and smiled. He rolled his eyes up and pushed me aside so that he could fill his plate. I grabbed us Cokes from the cooler after Charles saw what I was trying to do. "Thanks."

Luke and I took off out into the yard where the girls, Eric and Stan were sitting. I offered Stan one of my hotdogs but he declined.



Hungry tummy no more.

When Luke was finished eating, I gathered up our used paper plates, got up and was about to take them to the big trash can sitting over by a fenced in area, but Stan stopped me. He took the refuse and started walking toward the can. I joined him. He said, "I won't say anything, don't worry. I shouldn't have been watching… uhm, can you just forget it."

"Stan, we're not going to say anything… it was just weird though. Can I tell you something, in private? It might help…" I said thoughtfully, wondering if Luke would approve of me disclosing our personal stuff… I pretty much answered my own question by remembering he was there, too.

Stan replied, "I will keep whatever you say to myself." I lifted the lid on the trash receptacle and he threw the refuse inside. I dropped the lid. He looked into my eyes, and waited.

"Stan, what you saw is exactly what you saw… I'm sorry you had to see us. And, yes, I'm sorry that we were seen… that's not something we've ever done before."

"You do not need to tell me of your sins. I was like you and Luke, but, for the most part, I've been converted to Christianity. I am afraid that I've spilled my seed twice today, once on the ground. For this I must do penance, for it is wrong to waste our seed in self-pleasure. It is not my place to judge you and your, Luke, however do not let any of the elders know of your condition. You would be held accountable. Come, let's play volleyball."

"I don't know about that sin stuff. All I know for sure is that I love Luke, and he loves me. We're together. We didn't plan on doing what happened…"

"You are possessed with a…" Stan started to say, but Katy called from the porch, "Jordan, please come up here. I want to talk to you." "I'll be right there." I yelled over the laughter coming from the volleyball court. I looked over toward them, and, well, the net had fallen, and he was untangling the string from his… nevermind… ouch. But he was laughing hysterically.

Arriving on the porch, Katy put her arm around my shoulders and led me into the house.

"Stan's pretty reserved, but he's okay. It just takes him a while to warm up to people. Once you're his friend, then you're his friend for life," continuing after a brief pause to put a finishing touch on the relish tray, "You okay?"

I shrugged my shoulders. Answering, "Yeah, I guess. I'm just not used to this. But yeah, I'm okay. And I like Stan, he's good people, I can just tell."

"Child, that boy has a lot to learn. He has many lessons to learn. But about you… I see that he is befriending you. I must say that he doesn't ordinarily talk much to other people… anyway, are you feeling more comfortable?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I'm okay. Luke is too. I guess we were worried about, you know… well, nobody's said anything, so yeah, we're okay."

"Good. Now, go on out and have fun. I'll be serving dessert after while." Katy said, then dismissed me with a pat on my lower back, just above my globes.

Luke and I were on opposite sides of the net. Man he's competitive, but I'm pretty danged good at volleyball. Our team scored resounding victories twice in a row. With one excuse after another, the other team finally admitted we'd won fair and square, and that there were no hard feelings.

Just as we were pulling up the stakes, Katy called out to say that dessert was being served.

We kids found places on the deck to sit after taking bowls of pudding. Before we bit in though, Katy announced that it was time to say Grace, since it had been missed at dinner time. She then put me on the spot, "Jordan, would you honor us by saying thanksgivings to our Lord Jesus Christ, Savior of this sick and demented world."

"Whoa, me?"

Katy nodded. I looked around. Everybody, including Luke, had their heads bowed. I'd never said Grace. I didn't even believe in it. Luke, sitting beside me, looked up into my eyes. I shook my head. He took over, "God, thank you for this bounty before us. Thank you for our new friends. Bless our bodies, minds and spirits of your love. Amen."

The dessert looked like cookies and had a yellow creamy substance covering them. Curiously, I stuck the tip of my index finger into the concoction and tasted it. Holy shit that's good. I reached for the spoon inside the bowl and took a tentative bite. While I had thought the solid substance was cookies, they were actually mounds of soft bread, "What's this? It's really good."

Katy, smiling, replied, "That's called bread pudding. This batch is vanilla flavored. Other flavors like butterscotch and lemon are also good."

Luke offered, "My Mom used to make this every now and again. This is really, really good. Thanks!"

"Yeah, thanks, Katy." I replied between bites. And so the litany went thanking Katy for what I later learned was her favorite dessert to serve to guests. Once everyone had paid their respects for a wonderful meal, Charles announced a need for what he called a tribunal.

Luke turned, looked into my eyes, then to Charles, "We had tribunals when I was in Scouts. Are you talking about something like that?"

"Well, kind of. We share about our day. Ours is different in that we read Scripture, confess our sins, are given penance, and then we carry it out, whatever is decided by the adults. Katy is our Matriarch. Tomorrow Uncle Fred will be visiting. He's our Patriarch and Supreme Disciple. As you will learn, He is to be revered, obeyed and respected, no matter what. His direction is Just and Right."

A chorus of "Amen's" was said by one and all, except for Luke. I swallowed not knowing what the heck Charles was talking about. Luke had this incredulous expression across pass his face. He spoke, "So… we honor and venerate human flesh over our Master, Jesus Christ? Is this what you're saying?"

The deck became totally and completely quiet. Everybody set their bowls down; the females except for Katy got up, grabbed utensils, plates, bowls, and used napkins… and went into the house, closing the door behind them.

To Charles, Katy instructed, "Prepare for tribunal. Our newest guests have much to learn."

Stan got up, walked to Katy, knelt down before her, leaned over, kissed his Matriarch's feet, looked back up to her. With tears flowing freely from his eyes, "Matriarch, I have sinned. I beseech you to punish me severely, according to your will."

"So be it. Assist Charles. Prepare yourself." Katy ordered, her smile cleanly wiped off her face.

"As you wish, my Matriarch." The boy, kneeling prostrate, responded.

The boy, clearly disturbed, walked to Charles, knelt down, kissed Charles' feet, and then left the deck, walked toward the barn, and disappeared from sight.

Luke's eyebrows furrowed with grave concern, a concern that I've never seen in him, clearly written across his beautiful face; his eyes narrowed to barely slits. He stood, walked to Katy, "What is this about? Human flesh is not to be revered and sanctified. He who presides over us all determines who sins and who does not; the Bible says so." I stood, not knowing what I was standing for other than to support Luke, the person I love the most, now and always.

"Oh child but you don't understand. Certain individuals on this earth are designated Holy Ones. I am but a lowly servant, our Patriarch and Master Disciple is The One. His word is Ultimate and Final. His word is not to be disputed."

"And False Gods are our downfall. It says so in the Bible. The One, the Patriarch of all mankind is our father and healer Jesus Christ. Walk in His ways sayeth the Lord." Luke recited. I had no idea that he was versed in such matters. He'd never even so much as thought about casting judgment, and he made no mention nor did he act as some of the zealots that I've heard about. I had no clue. Sensing Luke's anger level rising, I put my hand on his upper back, patted and caressed it lovingly, and then leaned near to his ear, whispering, "Luke, don't. We haven't done anything wrong… I love you. In the morning, we'll leave and find our way."

Eric, the quiet one, walked to me, took hold of my wrist, pulled it, but not harshly, away from Luke's back. With authority, the boy turned Luke around to face me, to stop looking into Katy's eyes with disdain, then while looking at me then Luke then back to me, "I am a fornicator, a masturbator, a wretched soul with lust filled thoughts that consume my every thought and action. My Matriarch and especially, The One, The Patriarch Supreme have been greatly helping me to overcome these sins. Come. We shall help you, too. Matriarch, I must be punished, for I have sinned greatly today. I must atone for the sins of my flesh."

"So be it. Your confession is accepted, although I need to know the exact nature of your sins, what caused you to go wayward so that the temptations can be eliminated."

"Thank you. I am honored." The boy said very quietly, bowed toward her, and then turned to me then to Luke, nodded and then took off toward the barn, disappearing from sight.

To Luke then me, Katy said, "You will be escorted to the tribunal. Come with me."

I don't know why it is, but the last twenty five miles are always the hardest and longest. I was deeply anticipating seeing my wife Regina, our seventeen year old son Bradley and, of course our dog Skip, a golden lab that I had picked up as a stray three years ago while out on the road in New Mexico. The dog had come to me in a truck stop. At that time, Skip was consumed horribly with mange, flees and severe emaciation. I had about four feet of empty cargo hold so I put him back there, found a vet, got him treated, headed home after delivering that particular load; he's been here ever since, and has flourished, and is very much loved, and is definitely learning to love.

When I talked to Bradley last night, he asked for and received permission for Melissa to stay with us as her parents had plans to go visit relatives. She's a good girl and has had a very positive influence on our son. Bradley is a good young man, though somewhat juvenile, impulsive and at times – moody, not in a bad way… he was just hard to predict sometimes.

When Regina and I met in high school, the same school that Bradley is now going to and where Jeremy graduated from… we were the same way in every regard… kind, respectful, loving even though we hadn't even realized what love was or could be… even if it bit us in the ass – we would not have, could not have recognized it. I chuckled as I turned the big cab onto our street. We live about halfway down on the left side. As anticipated, they love me and knew that I'd be tired as all hell, so they left the cars parked on the side of the street, permitting me full access to the driveway.

Several years ago we installed an external lighting system to light up the entire yard using one of two methods. The first method was for the lights to kick in based on motion sensors. The other method will turn on the lights at set times. We used only the motion sensors. Mind you this system largely ignores the usual motions such as when people walk up and down the sidewalk, trees swaying, dogs running through the neighborhood, etc., except when people get really close to the house, such as when they approach any of the doors, windows, or whathaveyou. The lights came on when I drove the cab into the driveway. The lights were bright. At first they hurt the ole eyes.

What I did not realize, and could not have anticipated, is that my son Bradley had awakened and rushed through the house and out the door. After retrieving my satchel from behind the console, I opened the drivers' side door to be greeted by him standing below, wearing nothing but his underwear and a smile. My heart rate soared with love as he reached up and grabbed the bag. I made my way down and pulled him into my arms, "Hey Son."

"Hey Dad. I'm glad you're home safe and sound. We were worried about you. There's a really big storm system not too far away. I was thinking that maybe you had to drive through it."

"No, I didn't know anything about a storm. Everything went smoothly. I made good time. And, Oh Mister Sleepy Head, just why are you awake at this time in the night, and just why are you running around outside… in… well, with nothing much on?"

"I'm excited, I guess."

"You guess?"

The boy grinned and laughed, "Yeah, okay, I'm a lot excited. Come on, I'll fix you something to eat. I'll clean your truck out later on this morning."

"It can wait, Son. I don't have to get back on the road until a couple of days after our vacation ends. But thanks anyway. Don't go to a lot of trouble about breakfast… I'm dog tired."

I knew those words were useless. Bradley, for being a young guy, is a really good cook. He's been known to prepare a big breakfast for us on Sunday mornings. The one time I inquired as to why he did that… his answer was direct and to the point, "Because I can."

He's a lot like me – a man of few words.

As he walked away, I couldn't help but to notice how he's growing up. I was pleased to know that his emotional growth was becoming more and more in time with his physical maturation. He's what is called a 'late bloomer', meaning the normal hormonal growth spurts were and still are slower than the average boy his age. I had been too, for that matter. I hadn't begun shaving on any regular basis until I was in my late teens… my son was falling in my same footsteps.

As I entered the house, Bradley was already in the kitchen pulling this, that and whatever he needed from the refrigerator and cupboards. I went on into the room I share with Regina. She was just getting up from bed. Her eyes went wide open at seeing me. Immediately, we gravitated toward one another… and showed each other just how much we missed our partner in and for life. I told her that Bradley was making breakfast. She suggested that I lie down to relax and unwind… I knew better than to do that, knowing that I would soon be asleep and dead to the world.

I felt like a new man after taking a hot shower. Though I was bone weary tired, I managed to enjoy a wonderful breakfast. As is the case, his mother cleaned up while Bradley insisted on taking care of my truck. I went to bed. Regina joined me, and well… let's just say that I was welcomed home with showers of matrimonial sparks and fire.

Dad's truck was relatively clean and orderly, despite his being gone for almost two weeks this time. Normally, his trips are no longer than a week. I got busy with the Pine Sol, Armor-All and elbow grease and soon had the front cleaned and spiffy. I'd noticed that Dad was much more clean and orderly since he went independent. Much to my amusement, he said that he took better care of it since it was his. Much to my dismay, he said the same thing when I'd approached him about his buying me a car to get around in. He told me that I'd take care of my own vehicle more than if they were to acquire one. Although I didn't like that, and argued a bit, I came to realize what he said was more than likely – true. Even though I've accepted his words, I still give him hints every now and again that I'd sure appreciate his generosity… but he's held steadfast, as I knew he would.

Dad has a really, really nice sleeper in the truck. He's got probably one of the most comfortable mattresses in the world. I made my way back there, looked around the little room after turning on the interior light, got busy stripping off the sheets, tossed them up into the cab to take them into the house later when I was finished.

I was a bit surprised to see lots of snack food wrappers in the trash can. Despite Dad being on the road a lot, he's good about not eating a whole bunch of junk food along the way. And then, I was very, very surprised to see a pair of threadbare shredded underwear scrunched into the bottom of the trash can. They weren't very large. I looked at the waistband to see their size. Another surprise was seeing that they were a boy's size fourteen. Not only was there the underwear, there was also a t-shirt, a men's small. It had definitely been worn what with the odor emanating from it. And lying beside the trash can was a sock.

Knowing my Dad as well as I do; I just knew there was a logical explanation as to why clothes belonging to a boy was in his truck, so I tossed them up with the sheets and finished cleaning.

Mom does not like me doing laundry. I tend to make a one-stop shopping expedition out of loading the washing machine, but she was nowhere to be seen when I walked into the house, into the laundry room and started it with everything taken from the sleeper area of Dad's truck, including those clothes that obviously did not belong to him. I gave them no more thought, went back to my room, and closed the door hoping to get some more sleep now that he was home. I stripped to the skin, reached into the drawer of the bedside table, retrieved a pair of Melissa's underwear and got busy taking care of my personal needs and wants.

I didn't get a whole lot of sleep. Regina, bless her heart, was busily loading suitcases, toiletry kits, this, that and everything… I was sure that she'd probably take the kitchen sink, but only if it fit, or in the event it didn't go in halfway easily, we'd take off to the department store to get something that would.

Finally, at about 3:15pm, I gave it up, got up, used the facilities, got dressed, exited our room, and walked down the hall toward Bradley's room. His door was closed. As always, since he was a very small boy, we just simply honored his innate need for privacy. I knocked lightly, thinking he would be up and about. But he didn't respond, so I knocked harder. "I'll be out in a minute, Dad."

"We've got about an hour before it's time to go. We're going to stop by the burger joint. The flight will be long, almost eight hours."

When he didn't answer, I walked away. Regina was in the kitchen; she looked mighty fine. She'd put on a Hawaiian printed blouse, did her hair up all nice and pretty, was wearing a pair of black slacks and matching tennis shoes. She smiled, walked over, kissed me hungrily, started to get me excited then she walked away to finish up what she was doing. "Oh honey, would you change over the washing to the dryer. Bradley loaded up the laundry this morning, so there's no telling what's in there. Do not reach your hands inside… you just never know… And, oh yeah, there is one dog that we need to drop off at the vet on our way to the airport… speaking of, he's been barking and raising holy hell since you got home but didn't take the time to see."

"Okay, Babe." The laundry room was just off the kitchen. I walked in, opened the lid, peered inside before sticking my arms in there to make sure no monster or dragon would come up and out to grab me. I had to chuckle. There was no such creature there or anywhere else that I could see. I pulled out the wad of sheets, leaned over to put them into the dryer. In the process, I saw a red shirt fall to the floor. I reached down. Immediately realizing the shirt had belonged to Jordan, I smiled knowing that they were off on their adventure, safe and sound, and hopefully on the way to making their dreams come true. So I tossed the shirt inside, and then noticed that a rag was lying on the floor. They were surely Jordan's. I picked them up, and laughed out loud at realizing they were probably the pair of underwear Luke had held out the cab window for all to see, giving us all a good belly laugh. Lord knows those boys need to laugh a whole lot more, that they needed things to laugh about in their lives.

I went ahead and switched on the dryer, thinking we needed to get a move on it so that we weren't late for boarding our flight. While doing that, I shared with Regina the story behind why I was laughing. She, too, found the story amusing.

As I was carrying our luggage and whatnot to the car, I thought about needing a Freightliner trailer to lug all our stuff to the airport, and surely our baggage charges would cost more than anything else, but I didn't complain, even to myself. One thing about Regina is that she's always prepared, and I'd learned long ago to not question her preparations – for anything!

Next, without delay, I headed out the back door. Skip was ready to play. Thank goodness for no recent rain. After his initial onslaught of exuberance waned just a bit, I settled into a chair on the deck. Regina, as she always does, brought me a cup of coffee with a trace of sugar and some dairy creamer, having learned that straight black coffee created a troubling case of the 'Heartburn', with a Capital H.

After drinking it down, with Skip lying at my feet, I got up and walked toward the door leading into the house. Bradley, wearing only a pair of skimpy white briefs and a smile stood at the ready for some dad-son time. As usual I grabbed him, carried him further into the interior of the house, chided his choice of dress or lack thereof… but was quickly subdued at seeing Melissa sitting and talking with Regina at the kitchen table, watching us, me and Bradley, having our father-son bonding moments. And of course her comment was: "NO roughhousing in the house. You guys take it outside!"

I found it odd that Bradley was running around in next to nothing, but then Regina quelled my concerns, "It's okay, Dale." That's all she needed to say. You see, I was more concerned about her response than anything else, and I was concerned about Bradley's lack of modesty… especially in front of Melissa, but then again I wasn't all that concerned because he'd never been bashful, often times having to be told to get something on.

When I let go of him, and with a word of 'parental encouragement', he took off for his room and closed the door behind him.

Melissa stood. We closed the distance and hugged. As were we, she was excited to be going somewhere other than across town. The poor girl hadn't been out of Woodward, our home city in Oklahoma.

When Regina and Melissa took off for the back of our house to finish getting ready and put together, I sat down at the kitchen table, pulled out my cell phone to call Katy.

She didn't pick up, so I left a message for her to give me a shout later on.

The airline charged us $80.00 just for the luggage alone.


Editor's Notes:

This is a very interesting chapter. It looks as though Luke and Jordan have finally decided to tell each other their real feelings. Now they no longer have to be afraid of the way they feel toward the other.

I am a bit concerned about the situation with Katy and her people. Something definitely seems wrong, there. I wouldn't call this a Cliffhanger, but it does smack of one, in some ways. Let's hope things will turn out okay.

Darryl AKA The Radiorancher

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Well, this chapter started off with all kinds of surprises and I was very happy to see Luke and Jordan finally admit their feeling for each other. Now, why was that kid in the restroom while they were taking a shower? There had to be other bathrooms in the house? Interesting. Then he admitted his sin's to Katy. I am with Darryl, what the heck was that all about. Luke at least has a good head on his shoulders and knows his bible. He definitely is not going to be forced into any religion but, they may force it on him and Jordan!!

It was nice to see Dale again, so now I am wondering what part of this story he is really going to play. I thought we had heard the last of him, but I guess not. Darn, I need to get to the next chapter so we can all figure out what on earth is going on!!!

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