Castle Roland


by Joe Writer Man


Chapter 4

Published: 8 Apr 14


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Tuesday, October 17, 2012, Continued

Centennial LogoCharles, standing on the deck near us, waited expectantly, like we were just going to go with him to God only knows where. Gently, I took hold of Jordan's arm so that we could have a few minutes to ourselves to get this whole thing figured out. I didn't feel right. We walked down the stairs, headed toward where they had played volleyball. Upon arriving, I put my arm around Jordan's shoulders. His found his way to my waist. His touch was comforting to me. I was having big problems coming to grips with the garbage that was being spewed. I was constantly on edge. And wondering what would be next. We came together. Just above a whisper, so we wouldn't be heard, I said, "This is just way weird. What's really weird about it is that I was taught from a very young age that there is One and that The One is not a human, rather He is a deity that sits on the right hand of the Father. I was taught that this deity loves us all, but at the same time has rules and regulations to follow… such as not lying to your parents or others, not starting fights, not stealing, not having false gods, and that no human can ever be as good as Jesus. There is a rule about not cussing; not because it's inherently wrong, but because the words can disrespect some person or entity that should be respected. I cuss. You cuss. But we don't do it to hurt each other. Basically what I learned was is to be a good person. My parents and the preachers I came in contact with never led me to believe that I was bad or anything. Quite frankly, Jordan, I'm scared of them now… they're a bunch of fucking nuts."

Jordan shrugged, and then leaned in real close to my ear and whispered, "I'm scared. I'm scared of what the newspapers say… you know about what President Ashwood is doing to the gays, and that our country hates gays…" He shuddered, "He said that God condemns all homosexuals; that they are worthless pieces of sinning trash, that they have no place in society, and he pronounced that they should be locked away, and even killed to rid the world of its sin."

"Bullshit. That's just bullshit."

"That's what it said…"

"I know what it said. I've heard it before. Now, here's the deal. I've been wondering about myself. Hey, I'm no longer wondering… I'm gay, Jordan. I just figured it out. I love you."

"You make saying it sound so easy… ah…"

"It's easy to say because it's true. So talk to me, Jordan. I'm not going to bite you, not right now anyway, maybe later." I turned around, only to see Charles and Katy observing us, "They're watching us. I want to kiss you, but I can't, not right now."

"Fuck it… fuck them all. Luke, I love you. I'm g… g… gay. If loving you like I do is gay, then I'm hopelessly gay." There, Jordan said it. My heart soared. And Jordan grinned, briefly. A tear drop threatened to leak from his right eye, my side. I reached over and wiped it away.

"Jordan, we're under the microscope. They're watching our every move. Until we get out of here, we're brothers, at least to them we are. Remind me later on that we're also boyfriends."

"Boyfriends…" Jordan whispered incredulously, then looked into my eyes, "Boyfriends… forever. God, I want to kiss you so damned bad."

"So, kiss me. I'll bite you later."

Jordan smiled, then, taking me up on my offer, turned around to look up on the deck. They hadn't moved, I found turning around with him. "Later."


Jordan, continuing, "Luke, let's get our shit together and leave. We'll camp down by the creek until first light, and then get the fuck out of here."

"That's the best idea I've heard, other than for kissing you. Let's go. I need to use the can." I said. When we turned around to walk back upon the deck, I patted Jordan's butt as inconspicuously as possible.

Katy glared at me when we reached the top of the stairs and stood in front of her, waiting to pass by so I could use the restroom, the needs of which were growing minute by minute.

"Excuse us, please. I need to use the restroom." I said sincerely, more sincerely than I actually felt, but I've been taught to respect adults.

"There are restrooms inside the Tribunal facility. You can go there." Charles offered. Katy made no effort to move.

Purely by accident, a fart squeaked from my backside. We're talking urgent. Putting on my best 'good little boy' voice, I said, "Katy, Ma'am I'm going to bend over and spread my legs in about two seconds. I can't wait any longer, excuse me."

I was not going to bend over and spread my legs, no way, but I was looking for an escape around her. She stepped aside about half a step. It was just enough to get through. Jordan followed close by. We wasted no time getting to our room, and I wasted no time doing what needed to be done once we got there.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing in here?" I heard Jordan say angrily.

"What's going on, Jordan? Who's there?"

"Luke they're coming…"

"What? Who? Hey, what the hell. Can't you see I'm using the restroom?" My voice clearly told them that I was irritated as all hell. I grabbed a towel from the rack, using it to cover the little bit a hand towel will cover. I tried to stop progress, but it was no use. Jordan and I always gave each other privacy when it came to this… I mean we take leaks together, but not this. I put my head down as far as I could get it. I was between embarrassed and angry, mostly embarrassed.

Jordan, taking command, angrily shouted, "Get out the hell out of here, NOW!" Not waiting for them to reply, he stood between them and me and began physically pushing them out of the alcove. Amanda pushed Jordan aside like he didn't even exist. She and the girls passed him and stood there watching me.

And then, to add insult to injury, Jennifer started spouting, "The Lord our God forbids self pleasuring. Fornication outside of wedlock is depraved and abominable. As Disciples of Christ, we are ordered to stand and observe that you do not sin. It is our duty to keep you from sin."

Anger took hold, but I kept it in check, spouting right back, "Observing a man, not your husband, in his nakedness, lest you be consumed with lustful need and want, is depraved and is an abomination of all that is good, and forever ye shall be banished into the gates of hell for all eternity. Now go. Be away with you, daughters of Satan!"

'Where the hell did that come from?' I thought as they quickly exited the alcove. As I finished up, I had to giggle. Hopefully they didn't hear it. Quickly recovered, I washed my hands. Jordan took my place at the throne (I doubt it is God given, but hey, relieving yourself is a blessing) while I stood watch glaring at those vultures kneeling and praying for our salvation (or theirs, perhaps).

When the toilet flushed, knowing that Jordan was finished, I entered the bedroom area, walked to the backpacks, grabbed the last of our clean clothes and the jeans we'd worn earlier. Amanda, however, blocked my path on the way back into the bathroom. She even grabbed the damn clothing right out of my hand, pissing me off. But before I said anything, Jordan bellowed, "Get your fucking hands off. We're leaving."

When she made no attempt to do so, we grabbed them back out of her hands, and we weren't gentlemen about it. While Jordan stood watch to keep them away, I got dressed. Then I did the same for him. And then, hurriedly we loaded the backpacks with what we could find; the hell with the rest.

During the couple of minutes we needed to get packed up, they had formed a barrier in front of the doorway. Their smug expressions told us the war wasn't yet over. Well, they haven't seen anything yet.

Jordan and I finished at the same time, took turns sitting on the packs to get them zipped up. I helped put his on and he helped me with mine. Together, as a unit, we bashed into them since they had no intention of letting us go quietly – anywhere.

"A woman clingeth to her husband. She is obedient to her husband. Cast away oh daughters of Satan. You will be scourged all the days of your life, and you shall know hard labor! You are sinners! You saw two men, not your husbands – NAKED! Be gone with you!" I shouted, preacher-like like (I hoped and prayed!).

The two younger girls stood aside, but Amanda and Rhonda held steadfast with their arms crossed across their chests, so that these partners in crime amplified their busts, as if to intimidate us.

Dismissing their bullshit, "Are you ready to leave, Jordan?" I asked fully intending to smash through their so called barrier.

Katy, with three boys following, came to the door, looked in on what was going on. "What's going on in here?"

Haughtily, Amanda stated, "We are keeping them from fornicating, Matriarch. We caught them in the act."

"You wicked liar. To hell with you. May your womb be barren for all the days of your life!" My voice boomed as though it was the verbal part of performing an exorcism.

"FORNICATORS. YE BE DAMNED TO HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY, OH SONS OF SATAN!" Jennifer screamed. Then in one fell swoop she ran to me, grabbed my soft penis through my jeans, and was just about to…


She let go, but not before twisting it very firmly. I raised my hand, I was going to knock the ever loving shit out of her right then and there, but Jordan's stopped me just in time. Jordan, oh God, I love him so much, said to Katy, "Any woman who lusts after a man who is not her husband shall perish in the gates of hell you all are talking about… I don't know about all that stuff, but if any of you so much as touch Luke again, there will be HOLY HELL to pay, so help me!"

I took the girl's hand and twisted her wrist back, hoping that that little maneuver caused her more pain than it was causing me, because it hurt, but she did let go.

Katy, angry herself, told Rhonda to take the wayward child and prepare her for Tribunal. Their idea of Tribunal means a whole different thing than what I found in Scouts. With an incredulous expression on her face, she turned to Jordan, lifted her eyebrows, opened her mouth to say something, but I quickly cut her off, "Katy, we're leaving. Thank you for everything. Now, let us pass through, please."

"Suit yourselves. But let me warn you. There are very viscous animals that roam the earth around these parts at night. Snakes. Beavers. Badgers. I've even seen and heard wolverines and wolves. They aren't too far away."

I took in a deep breath; a shiver ran up and down my spine, and I involuntarily shuddered, but for just for a moment. Let me just say, even though we lived in Florida all of my life – I am deathly afraid of snakes. Period. On my tenth birthday, I was going into the bathroom to take a shower. Got undressed, used the can, brushed my teeth and whatever else needed to be done. I pushed the shower curtain open a little bit, stuck my hand in, turned on the water and waited for it to get warm… when it was warm, I opened the back part of the curtain – and there was a fucking snake all coiled up… I had no doubt that it would eat me alive…

Okay, enough about that, for now, Katy moved just enough so that we could get by. As we walked by I said to Katy, "Nice try. What you say is not what Jesus said through the Bible."

She reached out to touch my bare shoulder. I pushed it away. I didn't want her touching me. In the next second, undeterred, her rant continued, "That's why Jesus put us on this earth; to carry His word; to save His children; to keep the young people safe and out of harm's way; and to keep them from going to hell. Save yourselves. Do the right thing. Stay here. Give us a chance. You'll see, and you'll be all the better with the experience. You'll see that this world is a cold cruel place to be, what with all the sin and perversion ready to pounce on two misguided and wayward children."

Charles spoke up when Katy looked at him and nodded, "She's right. Look, I have nothing against you guys. I think you are good people (Katy coughed, but remained silent). I was in your same shoes, off on a journey, an adventure, but I fell on hard times. I had nowhere else to turn. I had nowhere to go. I got sick living off the wild stuff in the woods, and just about died from drinking creek water that looked good to the vision. You see this is what my problem was all along – I had no clear vision from which to see."

Eric continued, after receiving a nod from Katy, who was clearly orchestrating, "I am no longer gay. I only thought I was. I just thought that my thoughts and feelings were normal and natural, when in fact they are all wrong, according to God's Divine Law. I turned my flesh to men and boys alike, offering them everything – and they partook and destroyed my innocence. You, too, will give of your flesh, I just know you will. Let us save you."

Stan, a good three inches taller than me, and a good two inches taller than Jordan, said, after walking to me and standing in front facing me, "I still am consumed by my flesh and that which is not mine to have and to hold. Katy, I sinned today. The sin of fornication and self-pleasure pulled me down into the gates of hell. I knew what I did was wrong, sinful, depraved and wicked. I deserve to give my life for the good of all mankind, and for Jesus, my Savior. In my last day, before our Patriarch and Supreme Disciple, I will give everything I have and hold as dear, knowing what I have done is mortal wrong."

Katy, clearly taken aback by the strength, assuredness, coldness and calculated expression and words that came from this boy, Stan, said very softly, "Death is a very permanent solution. You must suffer your deeds to the Lord your God… it is just and proper… else there is no hope, no opportunity for atonement, for showing the world the correct way to His grace and holiness."

"Oh, I will suffer Matriarch. I will suffer grievously. And then I will die. To show the world what happens when you lose sight of God's eternal love, and give into your worldly despicable actions and thoughts."

"Be it known that taking one's own life is looked down upon by Our Savior Jesus Christ… the scourge and wrath of God is something you will not realize until it is too late… Before you depart, I command you to disclose the nature of your wrongs, to not leave anything untouched, for you see, your disclosure of unsalable goods will help all those around you, and we will witness God's strength and holiness. You will do this during Tribunal when and where we are all gathered."

Continuing, looking directly into my eyes, "You must not miss this. You will learn much. You will gain invaluable insight into this world. And you will know peace like you have never known it before, even in your moments of ill conceived ecstasy, and fantasy. Follow the words of the Lord for your days will be happy, serene, fulfilled and want not need not."

To Jordan, "Bastard child, repent of your sins for the kingdom of God will be thine so sayeth the Lord God Jesus Christ in all of His glory." Katy said while reaching for his forehead.

He stood back, and pushed her hand away, "I ain't no fucking bastard. You don't know the half of it. I had no choice. That motherfucker left me and she who calls me Son of a Bitch long before. He who denies his son has no clue."

Continuing, she said, "You're anger… Redirect your soul anger to that which is right and just, to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Patriarch will set and direct you correctly, so help me. Your choice of words used in the presence of the female, the lower human subspecies, is despicable. Lay prostrate. Kneel. Atone for your sins. DO IT NOW!" Katy commanded. Her voice, saying those words sounded more like a screaming, seething animal than anything else. Jordan jumped further back in surprise and terror. His eyes, once beautiful and crystal clear turned to sand. His body, now shaking, complied with her wishes. He fell to his knees, catapulted his head toward her feet, but I jumped between to try to keep him from doing that; this was a farce, blasphemy even.

Okay, I'd had enough. I got into her face. Passionately, I said, "Thou shall not blaspheme the Lord our God, Jesus Christ, Savior of the World."

Her eyes, wild with fury at being rebuked, quickly softened somewhat. I held my ground, not even glancing aside to the sight of movement in the room. It was a standoff situation. She knew it. And, I knew it. Knowing this was going nowhere, I broke our gaze, took hold of Jordan's shirt and pulled him up and away from her feet; I don't know if he kissed them or not. I just don't want to know.

An involuntary chuckle escaped when he stood up, and looking into my eyes – winked. "Are you ready to go?" Turning to Katy, "A person has to believe that what you say is true before it can affect them. Nice try, though."

The girls stepped aside, permitting our exit with Jordan leading the way. We stopped only to grab an apple apiece before heading outside, down the steps and out into the yard to be on our way. Dog, who we hadn't seen all evening, came running up to us. She was in no mood to play; far from it. Rather she was absolutely insistent that we follow her, so insistent in fact, that she grasped Jordan's wrist area in her mouth, clamped down, causing him to screech, not from pain, but from total surprise that she'd be so aggressive. Jordan's hold on my hand was very nearly crushing.

A strange thought passed through my mind, but it came and went so fast that I hardly recognized anything had ever crossed through. Whatever it was, I felt somewhat comforted, in a way. I can't explain it, not to do it justice anyway. In the very next instant, I heard Jordan's voice say, 'We need to go with Dog.' Quickly, I looked at him. Intense sensations traveled through me at realizing he actually said those words to me, but not out loud.

That's it. Nothing more was heard or sensed, though in the background far, far away I heard a lone wolf cry. Katy's words came back; the ones where she'd told us of the animals in the forest. The hairs on the back of my neck stood straight out; almost feeling like one of those badgers or some other wild beast had placed its fur against my back.

I looked toward those woods with a whole new perspective: fear. Stark raving fear.

I wet myself.

As the warmth descended, a childhood memory, a good memory at that, came flooding through my brain: Mom had always mentioned about being proud that I had been so easy to potty train when I was a little one; that I had just asked Dad to lift me to the bowl where I just let loose, even aiming so as to not spray the back of the toilet. After that, they had put a plastic step stool in place, one that I negotiated even at eighteen months of age.

One of the girls, I can't tell you which one, began laughing hysterically, the rest of them following suit. I heard Katy's voice say something, but her back was turned away, so what she said wasn't clear, but at the same time the laughing stopped. All of them, except for Katy walked toward the open barn door and disappeared inside.

While Dog let go of Jordan's arm, she moved in front of us, sat down on my feet, all the while watching Katy approach. I felt her tail twitch as Katy walked over and stood in front of us. Her demeanor had changed dramatically. Gone were the rough edges, "Please stay tonight. I will make sure everybody leaves you alone. You can take off in the morning at first light. Trust me, the woods hold danger in the night. Dog trusts you. I've never seen her take after anybody like she has you. Take her with you. She will keep you safe."

With that said, she took off for the barn, entered and disappeared from sight, leaving us standing in place, trembling, wondering about the change in her mood.

Dog removed all doubt. She got up and walked halfway to the house, stopped, turned around and just looked at us, and then she woofed very lightly.

A quarter of a world away, on a Boeing 757, Final Descent

The plane made a feather light perfect landing in Honolulu. I barely woke up, but after seeing nothing but darkness for a number of hours, the lights on the runway were bright – and welcome. I nudged Regina to awaken her. She can sleep like a log even under the most trying circumstances and the most difficult situations… that is her coping mechanism. I wish I had that ability. She just says that my ability to stay awake in any given situation or circumstance is to be admired, and that she thinks her ability to sleep kept us somewhat balanced in that regard. I knew though that my time was coming. The time to crash and burn was quickly approaching. Once I get 'tired' then I know I'm really tired and my body will rebel totally and completely until it falls asleep and enjoys a period of continuous rest and relaxation.

I looked across the aisle to see Bradley and Melissa turned into one another; mostly. Bradley's face was resting between Melissa's ample boobs, and his hand was resting down over her… oh my… I had to snicker, in a way, but fatherly instinct took over. I reached over and jostled Bradley's arm hard enough to awaken him. He quickly looked up and over to see me staring at him – in a fatherly like way. Sleepily, he smiled and was quick to remove raise his face and remove his hand, then he gently nudged Melissa awake.

I must admit that I wondered about those two. But Bradley had told me that he wasn't sexually involved with the girl, that they were just good and intimate friends. I don't know. Regina had given into the requests for them sharing their own room. Oh well, Bradley's old enough to be making his own decisions about his sexuality. Melissa seems to have a good head on her shoulders. If they were being sexually active, I sure hope they are using protection. A pregnancy is so not what they need right now. Their lives are just beginning. They need to get to know one another, to learn how to live by themselves before bringing in another little life to take care of. Besides that, Bradley has a bit of a problem with keeping jobs… to the extent where he doesn't even have his own vehicle. He and I have jousted a bit about him wanting his mother and me to buy him his first car – ain't gonna happen. I remember how I was at his age… I bought my own stuff, not because I needed to because I didn't – my parents had lots of money, but they didn't throw it around and we kids weren't rich bratty kids… we made our own way… and have done just fine, and will continue to do just fine, thank you very much.

We were relaxed and relieved to have the eight hour flight behind us. I, for one, was certainly glad to be on the ground, able to move around and get limbered back up after sitting for such a long time. Out in the truck, I really try hard to stop every couple of hours to get out and walk around the rig a few times, just to get the blood flowing around again, and to keep from getting that often fatal Road Hypnosis Syndrome. All too often you hear about a trucker or a car driver with passengers falling asleep at the wheel, causing fatal accidents. The DOT, I suppose, has good rules to run by one book and to be off the road for a certain amount of hours. The trouble with independent trucking is that if you aren't moving you're not making any change. When you have to be across country in a relatively short amount of time, well, a second or even a third set of books is nearly mandatory.

Anyway that's enough about work, already.

Damn, I'm tired. While I was preoccupied thinking, the plane had already taxied to the gate. The forward cabin doors were now open and passengers were disembarking. Just as well that I was about half out of it. We were sitting mid-plane so there were quite a few people up ahead leaving, taking their time, whatever. The point is that we were in Hawaii. I planned to do a lot of resting and relaxing, whereas Regina, bless her heart, had lots of plans for things to go do and see. We'd hit a reasonable middle of the ground solution; we always did, or we gave into compromise! Compromise – a wonderful word!

Welcome to Honolulu International Airport. Aloha. We hope you've enjoyed your flight from Salt Lake City to our wonderful islands. The current temperature is 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The trade winds are blowing between twenty and twenty five miles per hour. The sky is clear. Surf is up just below advisory levels. Honolulu Airlines thanks you for flying with us. Enjoy your stay. If you have any questions just contact one of our airport personnel. Maholo.

The baggage carousel and rental car agency were on the other side of the airport. This gave me a good opportunity to shake the kinks out, wake up, and enjoy the chatter between Regina and the kids, knowing that they were already enjoying the trip and arrival to a tropical paradise. I, too, was happy to be here, to be with my family for an extended period of time… and oh yeah – to enjoy some sun time, lapping of some waves, and some serious time alone with my bride.

As we were walking across the concourse, I don't know why but a sign for The National Center for Exploited and Missing Children caught my attention. My thoughts immediately turned to those two boys, Jordan and Luke, who I'd gotten to know and feel fond towards on my last trip. I wondered how they were doing, if they were making their way, if Katy was on the road with them, and if they were eating her out of house and home like they'd done me, or almost did. I looked at my watch… with the time changes, their time would be just after midnight. Katy often drove at night, so on our way to the baggage area, I punched in speed dial #7 and hit send. The phone immediately went to voice mail. "This is Dale, give me a call… I'm just checking up on you and your pit crew. Talk to ya later. Bye for now."

Rapidly returning from my moments of melancholy, indecision, both fueled by fear, I took hold of Jordan's hand. Together we walked into Katy's house. Immediately, I headed to the back of the house, to the bedroom we shared, stripped to the skin, entered the shower, got the water to temperature and began scrubbing myself, embarrassed at knowing that I'd made a big mistake, and hearing them taunting me and making fun of me…

Everything started ganging up on me. Jordan, still in his underwear, appeared in the doorway. I reached out my hand toward him, needing him. Quickly he stripped those last threads away, walked over and reached out his arms. I could not help myself from grabbing hold of him, wrapping my arms around his strong upper body, pressing our bodies together, because it was then when my fears and embarrassments came flowing full stream out of my body and into his. I started crying, not so much from all that has happened, but because I needed his strength to keep me going, to make those voices in my head telling me that he and I are so wrong, or are wrong according to most all other people, go away. Yet, at the same time, feeling his strength flowing through his body into mine, knowing that we aren't wrong, that what we have is not depraved and wicked started settling in, from the inside to the outside. A sense of renewal began washing over my body, bringing me back from the brink of unbridled fear, unprecedented terror, bewilderment, and almost despair.

I looked all around, walked to the door into the shower area and again looked all around, and then even walked out into our room, fully soaped and dripping all over the place, to make absolutely sure we were alone. I went to the door. It was closed. Much to my chagrin, there is no lock to make absolutely sure that we would continue to be alone, just the two of us. I put my ear to the door and listened carefully for voices or movement. Hearing nothing, I returned to the shower, walked to Jordan, drew his arms around me while I enveloped him in mine. Our responses were urgent and not to be denied. Jordan, facing the door into the shower room, looked there one last time, then closed his eyes and took me with him to that far away planet that we were getting to know and cherish.

Honolulu, Hawaii

The rental car window was immediately adjacent to rental car companies. Regina and I went to the desk while Bradley and Melissa waited for our baggage to arrive off the plane. A large Jeep SUV was awaiting our arrival. Before taking possession, the clerk walked us to the vehicle to inspect it for any damages. Other than a few scratches on the right front bumper, which he made note of, it was just fine. Since our stay was all-inclusive, he was quick to point out that the tank did not have to be full when we returned it.

When we returned to the kids, our baggage was just exiting the carousel. Between Bradley and me we got our stuff, and much to our delight found that it was all there and intact.

Without too much trouble, I found the Nimitz Highway on which we headed south toward Waikiki Beach. Our hotel was lauded as one of the finest on the island. I could not get over how beautifully clear and blue the sky was, how magnificently clean the beaches were, how well the traffic was flowing, and how happy my family was, and because they were happy and contented… so was I.

I kinda thought we were screwed up when the street signs turned into Ala Moana Boulevard, however Bradley insisted that we were on the right road and to keep going straight, or as straight as possible because the road was sort of windy and convoluted, especially since we were getting closer and closer to the tall hotels up on our left. Things turned totally crazy as soon as we exited a grove of trees. The road became straight. The traffic was totally and completely gridlocked, and we were in the far right hand lane as Regina pointed out our hotel; the exit, of course, was in the left lane. With all the vehicle and pedestrian traffic, the best way to describe getting over there in that lane is – cluster. But… the people were friendly and accommodating, and I was a bit insistent on getting over, knowing that in the big rig weaseling into traffic to make a lane change was not all that difficult, usually, but not always. Then at the very last moment I just pulled into the left hand turn lane in front of traffic which earned us some annoyed looks from fellow drivers. The funny thing is that nobody honked their horns; in fact not even a birdie flew as it so commonly does out on the highways back home and elsewhere. I promised that whenever I could and would let someone in who was struggling like we were.

The hotel staff was very, very accommodating, friendly and helpful. Regina, Bradley and Melissa took off while I was getting us checked in and arranged for a hotel staff member, a very young native Hawaiian guy, to take our belongings to our room, which was located on the beach side on the fourteenth floor. Once everything was arranged, I walked over to Regina, informed her that everything was taken care of, and that we could go to our rooms anytime we were ready.

She, of course, ever the planner, had a handful of brochures and was making plans for all these things for us to see and do. I sighed. I wanted nothing other, at that point, than to go to the room and sleep, but I kept my mouth shut and went along with her plans, smiling of course – compromise, of course. I love her with all my heart and soul; she's a good woman.

In any event, with fistfuls of plans and designs to do firmly and indelibly etched in her mind, we were escorted to our rooms. The bell boy expertly and efficiently stowed our bags. I gave him a generous tip. Then, escorted by the bell boy, Bradley and Melissa took off for their room to change into comfortable clothes for a shopping trip with Regina. I groaned when she dug deep into my wallet, but didn't say anything. Satisfied that she had enough, and after putting my wallet back in my pants, said, "You stay here, honey. You need to sleep. The kids and I will be out of your hair until at least lunch time."

"Oh honey, I can go with you. This is our vacation. We need to do this together. I'll be okay."

Regina gave me the look that says, emphatically, "Don't argue with me!" Okay, okay, I do not argue when she gets her mind made up. I learned long ago to just go along with the flow… otherwise life can get a bit 'iffy'.

After kissing very tenderly a number of times, Regina took her leave. I sat down on the bed, looked at the clock: it read 7:41. I did a quick calculation to determine the time back home. With the five hour time difference, including Daylight Savings Time, knowing that Katy most often drives at night, I got my cell phone out, and punched in speed dial #7. On the fifth ring, "Hey you ole fucker… what's up… are you in the land of pineapples yet?"

"Yup. We're here all safe and sound. Where are you?"

"I'm home. We've had a small change in plans. I don't get a load until Friday afternoon. It's going to Boston. So tell me about your trip so far."

"Oh, our flight was fine, the traffic here on the strip is a nightmare, but it's doable. Regina and the kids went to do some stuff… probably shopping if I know my wife."

"You know your wife. Surely, you'll be stripping gears for another year to get it all paid for." Katy laughed. She was pretty well spot on. I groaned knowing how very true her words were.

We talked about this and that for a few moments, and then I asked what was really on my mind, "Are the boys behaving themselves?"

"Oh yeah, they're doing fine. They're settled in with their full tummies. I've got some friends over, so I need to go now." Katy's words were abrupt.

"Can…" I started to say, but she stopped me by disconnecting the call.

I laid the phone on the nightstand, undressed, got into bed, got the pillow comfortable, and then lay there with my eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling. I pushed the twinge of worry out of my head by remembering Jordan's, hesitant at first, then quick warm hug. Luke's hug wasn't hesitant, at all. As I closed my eyes and faded off to sleep, "Take care of them, Katy."

I'm lying awake, unable to sleep, knowing that Luke is scared, and for that matter so am I, and knowing that I don't believe all that horseshit religious stuff, but sense that Luke believes a lot more of it than he lets on; in fact, I know that the bologna being taught is not what it's all about, you know about the world and stuff, how gay people are less than human.

I don't know why… Luke says I'm a good person… but I feel very protective of him. I've always felt this way, especially when it came to him being around Mom. I always got between her and Luke. I have to keep him safe, at whatever cost, no matter what the cost is to me… no matter what, I will always be there, and here for him, until that day that he no longer wants me. I will do everything and anything to keep him happy so that he doesn't think that he has to leave to find someone who will. He was so hurt when his Dad left.

He feels so good lying next to me. With my right arm draped between his chest and arm, I feel him breathe in and out, somewhat peacefully, at least his breathing is deep, regular and rhythmical. He moved just enough to reach up to scratch his nose. He then bent my face toward his, gave me a quick kiss, and fell back to sleep.

I continued to will myself to go to sleep, but it was a lost cause. The events of the evening had me really worried, despite Katy's assurances we'd be safe, that they would leave us alone. The saving grace is Dog lying on the floor sound asleep, or at least she sounds like it by her heavy breathing. I remembered us sleeping by the tree out in the yard. I imagine what she looks like, now. I recall the warm (hot) breeze blowing across my sweaty chest and back, which brought me comfort, at least a little bit.

Luke had insisted upon us sleeping in our clothes, but I was way too hot. Despite taking a shower before bedtime, I was sweating again. The heat and humidity here in Texas seems to be even worse than that in Florida. I leaned over to feel Luke's forehead with my chin. He was sweating, too. I reached on down and touched his lips with mine, being firm.

"Uhm, what?" Luke moaned softly.

"I'm sweating like a pig. I'm going to take off my clothes."

"No, don't." Luke made his point by being firm. "Stay here, okay?"

Quickly thinking, knowing that he has a point, I thought of a way for us to be safe. I kissed his lips, "I've got an idea."

"What's that?" Luke asked, while putting his arm more firmly around my shoulders.

"I learned this a long time ago. I'm going to push a chair up against the door. I'll just wedge it in so that nobody can come in, okay?"

"You think that'll work?"

"Uhm, yeah. The chair by the window looks like it's about the right height. I'm going to try."

With that said, I got up, reached for the light switch for the lamp on the nightstand and flicked it on, casting a blinding light into our eyes. Dog growled slightly then moved when I urged her. I leaned down, petted her behind the ears, which earned me a swipe of her tongue. No matter what we decided, I took off my shirt and laid it next to Dog. She sniffed it, and then laid her head down upon it, and looked into my eyes with her soft brown ones. I petted her again, and then headed over to the two chairs sitting next to the window.

The chair I chose was a heavy one. With great effort I managed to push it to the door, and with greater effort was able to lift the front just enough that the back went down so that it could wedge under the door knob. Assured that it was secure, I walked back to the bed, unzipped Luke's jeans and pulled them off with little resistance from him. He pulled off his t-shirt and tossed it to the side of the bed. I giggled because it landed right on Dog's face. She shook her head to get it off. I got into bed, reached over and turned off the light, skinnied out of my underwear and pulled myself into Luke's side, slid my hand down inside of his… and got him very interested in some stress relieving exercise.

After he'd fallen asleep, with just barely a whisper, my words, the truest words I've ever given to another person in all my life, I said, "I'll keep you safe, Luke. Trust me. I love you. Good night."

Wednesday, October 18, 2012

At some point, after taking Luke on a trip of his lifetime, I'd dozed off. Waking, I rolled over just enough to look at the clock. It read 5:15am. I listened very carefully for any sign of anybody in our dark room. The only thing making any noise is Dog. She's sound asleep. I grinned, remembering how she'd nudged my lower back with her hell of a cold nose while I was taking care of Luke's needs.

Regardless of the time, there was a slight bit of light entering the room through the curtains. Knowing that we needed to leave sooner rather than later, before we had another confrontation, I got up, stepped over Dog and headed into the restroom to tend to the morning rituals. I left the bathroom light on, went to the door, saw that it was still secure, walked over to the windows, spread apart the curtains to see the dim light of early morning. All looked quiet and peaceful. I then walked back to the door, put my ear up against the wall next to it and listened very carefully. I didn't hear anything.

I walked back to the bed. I just about jumped back in, as Luke was lazily playing with those little fuzzy hairs surrounding his maleness. From the little bit of light I saw him looking into my eyes with trepidation and worry. He asked, "Are we okay?"

"Yep. Nobody has bothered us, but it's time we get up. We need to get out of here before they wake up."

Without another word, Luke bounded out of bed and went running into the bathroom. I turned on the bedside table light, which woke Dog up fully. She took a swipe at my dangles with her tongue, and I can swear that she grinned. I was nearly dressed when Luke returned wiping away sleep from his eyes. Dog got him square on by nudging her nose between his legs. I had to restrain myself from laughing my ass off – she was insistent, until Luke jumped onto the bed, away from her. I handed over his clothes which he quickly put on, grinning. I need to see him grin more often. God, I love him so much.

We loaded up the backpacks, helped each other put them on, and then with some muscle, pushed the chair away just enough to open the door and squeeze through it.

The house was dark and quiet, although there was light coming from beneath Katy's bedroom door. Quietly, we stole past it and went into the kitchen. A small light bulb was lit on the overhead combination light and exhaust fan above the stove. While Jordan went to the door, I snagged a couple of apples and stuffed them into the pockets of my jeans. While my hand was down there, I made sure our money was still there. It was.

With relative darkness and quietness all around us, I just about had a stroke when Katy's door opened, and got the fright of my life when she came rapidly walking into the kitchen. She stood in front of me, with her eyes glaring, "Where are you going?"

Luke walked over, put his arm around my shoulder and replied to her, leaving no doubt as to what we were about to do, "We're leaving. We told you last night that we're gone as of this morning." As one we turned away and walked to the door. However, Katy growled angrily, "STOP! I COMMAND YOU!"

When we headed to the door, she banged her heel on the floor, "I said to stop. And I mean for you to stop right now!"

Luke reached for the door knob and turned it. Quickly, we made our way out of the house, but not before I had to wrestle my backpack that had hit the door jam. Without looking back, because her footsteps were rapidly closing in, I pushed Luke on out the door and followed him. Dog, meanwhile, had placed herself between the door and us.

Despite Katy's angry protests, we went down the stairs and out into the yard, heading in the general direction of the barn, because that's the way we needed to go to get into the woods, quickly.

However, our progress was stopped at seeing Charles, Eric and Stan walking toward us. I looked back toward the kitchen door just to make sure Katy wasn't following us. She wasn't there. I wondered where she went, but quickly turned to face the boys when Luke grabbed hold of my shoulder.

They arrived, stood in front of us. Charles said, "We're here to save you from the gates of a fiery death and destruction. Follow us. We will show you The Way, The Only Way to Salvation. Reverend Phillips desperately wants to meet you guys. He'll help tremendously."

At the same time he was spouting his crap, I noticed that Stan was naked, his locks had been shaved away, as were his eyebrows. Unable to stop myself, I looked down to his private area to see that his pubes had been shaved away, too. He said, "My sins have been atoned for. I shall walk in the ways of the Lord, my Savior. I am free of my obsession for the male body. You will too. Follow us."

I had no plans to have my hair cut off anytime soon. 'How does being stripped of one's natural state make one ready to meet their maker?' I silently wondered.

'"You don't. And no, we're not getting our hair cut."' Luke's voice said, or maybe his communication was a feeling. I looked to Luke, not understanding what was going on. His expression told me he was wondering what was going on, too. I shrugged my shoulders, winked, and replied, '"I love you.'

'"This is kind of neat. No, it's really cool."'

Our thoughts, or whatever they were, were interrupted by a car driving up the lane toward the house. It stopped no more than thirty yards away. It was a huge Lincoln Town car. A man got out and went to a backdoor and opened it. Movement behind us caught my attention. Quickly I turned around to see Charles, Eric and Stan entering the barn. '"Why did they do that?"'

'"Don't know. Come on, let's get out of here. This is just too weird."'

"Here, cinch me up." I said to Luke, using my voice.

He did so, then I tightened his. We started walking in the direction of the barn so that we could head down to the creek and follow the trail to wherever it led to. At least it led away from here. We could then regroup and decide which way to go, what to do next.

We looked back over our shoulders to see what was going on with the car and the guy who'd been standing at the back door. Two men, one of them the driver, the other one an elderly man with white hair, were standing straight up and looking our way. The latter reached out his hand and pointed toward us. He said, "Wait. Hold up." He began walking toward us. Once again those hairs on the back of my neck made themselves known, and a shiver went up and down my spine, settling in my lower back.

The man was quick and had a steady gait. Also, Katy, still naked, appeared on the steps. She quickly went back inside, probably from seeing that she had visitors.

The man smiled, then nodded. Then everything changed. All bets were off. My world began crashing all around me, and there was nothing I could do about it. A hand had gone over my face. It was squeezing hard against my jaws, and it covered my mouth and nose, making it impossible to breathe, and I mean impossible. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get away. I desperately needed a breath but could not get one.

Just as I started to fade out, the man's husky voice said, "So, I hear you've been resisting what we have to offer. Just give us a chance. We'll give you life changing ways and support to deal with sin and wretchedness…"

My first awareness was lying on a hard surface, my head facing straight up, and that I was unable to move. As hard as I tried, I could not move. The first word out of my mouth was, "Luke!"

'"I'm here. We're going to be okay. Just listen and do what they say… we'll get out of this.'"

My second awareness was that we were maybe in a small room. The air was hot, heavy and humid… it was stifling. My body was sweating like a pig. I also realized I had my clothes on because they were wringing wet with perspiration, and I felt water trickling down my face and into my ear, causing it to tickle like hell, nearly driving me completely nuts. As hard as I tried to move so that I could wipe the sweat out of my eyes and ears, nothing would move, not even my feet. I took a quick inventory, finding that my wrists were strapped to my thighs by something very soft yet unforgiving. 'Shit, what's happening?' was the last thought before the door opened, footsteps entered, closed the door, and then walked to me. In the near darkness, I could tell that the person was not very tall, but because they didn't say anything, I couldn't tell who it was… until they did say something. Katy's voice, clear as a bell, giggled and said, "Well, well, well… this is a switcheroo isn't it?"

"Let me go."

"Oh, not just yet. We're going to help you… just you wait and see."

"Where am I? What are you doing? You're supposed to be taking us…"

"Oh but we are taking you… you'll see soon enough. Now be quiet."

The door opened. "I'm not going to be quiet… I want to know what the fuck is going on… you're kidnapping us!"

Luke groaned, "Don't worry, we'll get out of here. Katy, why are you doing this to us?

The footsteps were heavy, and kinda sorta shuffled along until the person was standing next to Katy just out of my range of vision. Katy said, to whomever it was, "I hope you are pleased, Our Dear Patriarch."

"Patriarch my ass." I growled.

"Having a bit of a problem, Katy?" A man's deep voice said very evenly, coldly.

"Yes, Our Holiness."

"Let me go, damn it!"

"Oh, I see. Katy, get out of my way", the man roared. The very next thing to fill the room was grunts and groans and muffled screams… and then silence. My heart broke, realizing they belonged to Luke. Utter and complete silence followed… it seemed to last forever… until a few moments later, I heard Luke choking and sobbing and trying to get his breath back.

Tears flew from my eyes. His choking and gasping was tearing me apart. "Let him go. Do whatever you want me to do, just let him go!" I screamed.

"You don't know when to quit." The husky man's voice said into my ear. Continuing, he ordered, "Light. Do it now!"

"Light, what are you talking about? Leave him alone!" I commanded, now totally pissed.

"Yes, Patriarch."

"I told you to shut up. When I say something, you obey, period," the man commanded, putting his hand over my face and pinching my nose tightly closed. I couldn't breathe, no matter what, and the restraints were tightening even more. I tried turning my head side to side, but it was no use. And then, I heard a thump and Luke scream out in extreme pain, and then he started crying loudly.

Just as my world began fading, the man let go of my face though he continued to pinch my nose tightly closed.

"Luke! Luke, are you okay?" I managed to get out of my mouth before fingers tightly clamped onto my voice box, sending shards of pain up into my head. Another set of fingers dug their way deep into my groin, sending white hot shards of pain through my stomach and into my chest, leaving me speechless… pain was coming in all directions… and then it stopped… and then I heard Luke shriek from total and complete agony, and it seemed to go on forever… until it stopped.

The man's deep voice, almost shouting, said into my ear, "When I tell you to be quiet, you be quiet. Do not utter so much as a peep, no matter what."

When the panic of knowing that Luke had been hurt began to ebb, and when I could breathe again, I only nodded, understanding what he said for me to do and not to do. I lay still, whimpering, afraid to do anything. In the background, I heard Luke breathing heavily and whimpering, too. As hard as I tried not to, my eyes filled with tears and cascaded down my cheeks.

The door opened. I heard wheels rolling on the floor, a clank or two, a plug being plugged in, and something, whatever it was, coming close, very close. I took a chance, even though I was afraid that anything I did would be wrong, just like with my Mom, and opened my eyes. There I saw this gigantic metal shaded lamp poised right over my face. It looked like those kind of lights found in an operating room.

"Patriarch, do you wish for me to tape his eyes open?"

"Not yet. Tell me your name, Son."

"Jordan." I answered, clearly.

"Yes, yes, yes. These are fine looking boys. Spunky, too. I like spunky lads. You were saying? Did you have something else to say to me, like maybe another name? Jordan SAY IT NOW, I COMMAND YOU!"

"YOU ARE NOT MY FATHER!" I hissed, struggling, but gave it up since there was nowhere to go. In fact, when I struggled that little bit, the bands on my wrists became even tighter, almost preventing 'any' movement; only my fingers were free.

The man chuckled, continuing, "Ah, but you do not understand. Let me help you to understand. Tweezers. Lights. Camera. Action."

He was opening my pants, and then roughly pushed them down around my knees. Their descent was stopped only by something around my legs. And then my underwear was shredded off of my body. The man took a deep intake of air, and said, "Nice. Very nice indeed." I then felt my glands being fondled, and then squeezed and released and squeezed and released… causing me to do what I didn't want to do, or have happen. "Lights. Two hundred."

"Yes, Patriarch."

At that moment, the most intense pain that I've ever felt in my entire life, even when I'd broken my arm when I was a little kid, was nothing like my eyes getting hit like a ton of bricks, and at the same time, unable to stop myself, I shrieked as shards of pleasure streaked through my loins and up into my belly. But, then that too became painful as he wouldn't stop his motions on my most sensitive skin. And then, pain took over down there, too, right after he said "Tweezers" again. He was plucking those few hairs that I'd only recently grown. One by one. Slowly. Methodically. All I could do was to lay there and take it. The light was killing me. Soon, the brightness, the burning sensations in my eyes overtook all else.

"Yes. Lights off."

At the very same time as the light went off, he asked, "Ah, Jordan. That's a good, a very good Biblical name. Did your mother give you that name?"

"I don't know. I was too little. She didn't use my name very often."

"Oh, that's a shame. Jordan's a beautiful name. Now, you are probably wondering what's going on. Well, very simply, I understand that you have a bit of a problem with who and what you are. We're all Christ's children, Jordan. It's time young people like you are given the proper direction and discipline to grow into mature responsible adults. And that is what we're going to do for you. Our approach amends futures for many children. It is tried and true." Almost in the same breath, he commanded to someone else in the room, "Retrieve Jordan's gift offering of life. Put it with the others. Do it NOW!"

Katy's voice, meek and humble, replied, "Yes, Patriarch. Your demands are my wishes."

I remained quiet. It was the only thing I could think of doing. Even that was wrong. He said, "I asked you a question. You will answer my question!"

I was too busy paying attention to what was going on with my privates. Katy, I guess, she was the only other person in the room, except for me, Luke and asshole, was swiping my dick and puberty area with something cold and hard… she was kind of scraping… she couldn't be… she couldn't be gathering up my sperms, could she? But why? Why was she doing that? All I've heard over the past day is how bad sex is, or should be, and then this man goes off and jerks me off… what the hell?

That thought was interrupted when I felt a cloth or something soft and gentle being ran against my skin on my lower tummy, my penis, testicles, and it even reached down between my legs and forced them apart, and wiped there too… but why? Why was this happening? What did we do?

"GET OUT OF THE WAY, WOMAN!" The man commanded, almost screaming. Almost simultaneously, he grabbed that muscle on the inside of my leg and squeezed without mercy, sending me into a total spasm of pain, and making those restraints even tighter around my arms, legs and midsection. Unable to stop myself, I screamed, "LUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!", and then I completely broke down when he let go, giving myself over to death. But then, I came totally unglued when Luke screamed in agony.

A moment or two, time had no meaning though, passed before he said very close to my ear, "Good, now maybe we can get somewhere. How old are you?"

I didn't answer. I didn't know if he was asking me or Luke.

That all changed when I felt his hand touch that same muscle, I said, "Twelve! I'm twelve! Please, please leave Luke alone… I beg you."

"And how old are you?" I started to answer, but his hand touched my thigh again… Luke spoke up, coughing, "I'm twelve. Ask me anything you want to… please, please, please don't hurt Jordan. He's a good guy, he really is."

"And just how would you know that? Luke, you answer my question this time."

"He's my brother."

To me, he asked, "What is your birthday?"

"January 1, 2000, Sir."

"Ah, a Centennial Baby. What a blessing you brought to the new millennium. This makes you special, very, very special. Tell me son, have you accepted Me as your only True Savior?"

Luke's sickening gurgling in the background, promptly put me into action and answer to his question, "Yes, Sir. But why is this happening? I've tried to be a good boy."

"I will ask the questions. You will answer them."

"Where are your parents?"

"She who calls me son lives in Florida. I don't know my father… I've never met him… and I don't want to."

"Oh, so, you're a bastard then? Oh well, you are a sweet, sweet boy. I've got plans for you. You call your Mother 'she who calls you son'… why is that? Most boys call their Mother 'Mom' or 'Mommy'"

"I don't know." I replied, not knowing what else to say; I don't know why she doesn't love me.

"Why aren't they taking care of you as they are charged by our Lord Jesus Christ?"

"I don't know."

"Why's that?"

"She didn't like me. She doesn't love me."

"That's a pity. You are a fine looking boy, Jordan. You'll do well. I have very good plans ahead for you. Provided you carefully follow directions, you will get to meet some very important people. Would you like to meet them, Jordan?"

"I'm not important to anybody."

"Oh, but you are. After all, my child, not many twelve year old children have the ability to sire. So, that in and of itself makes you very special. And, let's not forget that you're a Centennial Baby."

"Sire, what does that mean?"

"Be quiet. You speak when spoken to. You answer questions when questions are asked. And you shut up at all other times, do you understand?" The man commanded. "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir."

"One last question. Answer it truthfully or I will be forced to make you answer it. Be truthful, now, don't lie to me, because I know exactly when someone does not tell me the truth, I have ways to know."

I didn't answer. I didn't say anything. He hadn't asked a question.

"Are you a fornicator?"

"What's that, Sir?" I asked, not having any clue as to what a fornicator is.

"Oh my, you don't realize that I ask the questions, do you Jordan?" He said angrily, as he moved his hand away from that muscle, moved my balls around, and then he shoved his fingers down between my legs and pushed up, sending a shard of pain into my anus. His fingernails were sharp. Thankfully he stopped and didn't go in. I closed my eyes and willed him away from there. Whimpering, shaking, I replied softly, "Yes, Sir, I do. But I cannot answer your question truthfully, if I do not know what a fornicator is."

Thank God, after pushing against my back door, he moved up and took hold of me again, squeezed hard, released, squeezed hard, released and then squeezed for all it was worth, sending shards of pleasure/pain throughout my lower half. When he let go, and he did let go just as I felt myself getting hard in his hand again, he continued, "Fornication is consensual sex between two people who are not married. It's a fourteenth century word used to describe… let me find a word that fits in today's society, one that you may understand… how about 'fucking'? Have you ever heard of this term before; maybe in the schoolyard?"

"Yes, Sir, I have. To answer your question, I have never fucked."

"Not even with Luke? He's a very good looking boy. He's tight, too. Are you sure?"

"No." Emphatically, I replied.

"No, what?"

"We've never fucked, ever."

"Tell me, answer me, what is your relationship with Luke?"

"He's my brother. I love him."

"Ah, so you are a good brother, in addition to being a new millennium baby and a very nice looking boy. Tell me, why is it that you two look nothing alike? Don't answer. Jordan, listen to me very carefully. Do I have your attention?" He laid his hand on my leg, right next to the muscle in my leg, the one he had nearly sent me off the bed by grabbing.


"That's 'yes, Patriarch'".

"Yes, Patriarch." I said, not wanting to say it, but his hand was traveling the length of my penis, making it hard again, and then he reached his fingers down beneath my balls, pushed them, what little I have, aside, and trailed his finger down into my valley, touching my anus, and he pushed again, this time harder. He was on the brink. I clamped those muscles together. I would not 'go there' easily.

"Good. Good. Do you and Luke have any kind of sexual relations? Remember, I can tell if you are lying. Katy, release his right leg. And get me the truth or dare substance… now Jordan, you will tell me the truth…" His finger wagged deep into the outer ring of my most private place… thinking he was going to enter, I utterly relaxed, and prepared for the worse. Continuing, "I'm sure you are daring me to continue, aren't you? You like this, now don't you?"

"No, sir. I mean 'No Patriarch'".

I heard Katy walk around the table to where she was standing next to my right side. Her hands touched my legs… I flinched… I also felt Patriarch's finger tip press firmer against me; he was right on the verge of entering, and there was nothing I could do, other than to relax… I willed myself to relax, but his fingernail was sharp. Then, just like that, he jerked his finger up and out. It didn't hurt because I'd given myself to him. I sent to Luke, whether he heard it or not… I just had to tell him, '"Luke, I love you. No matter what happens, I love you.'

I heard a jar being opened. Katy and he mumbled a couple of things; I couldn't understand what they were saying; only that they said 'something'. Then, almost simultaneously, I felt the restraints on my legs and hips being released. Katy's voice, distant and cold, said, "Patriarch, his legs were bound together, so they are both released. If you please, I will hold his left one steady and will not permit, with Jordan's assistance, this leg to move."

Patriarch didn't say a word. He didn't need to. The stuff was cold. His finger entered me. I was still totally relaxed… I willed myself to relax. I learned how to do it when Luke and I made love in this way those two times… did we really do that? Yes, we did. '"He's in me, Luke. I'm sorry."'

'"I will kill him. Trust me, Jordan. He will wish he was never born. If it can happen, then he will die slowly. I promise you."'

'"You're not a killer, Luke. You're kind and gentle… don't let him break your spirit. I'm giving myself to him because I want to make love to you again. I want to feel you inside of me. I need you inside of me, Luke. I want your sperms in me. I need your sperms. I need to feel your heat come through and through me."'

'"Is he still in there, Jordan?"'

'"Yeah. Luke, I'm sorry, but I'm in that place where I am thinking of you being inside of me. I love you."'

Luke broke down crying, audibly. Tears were flowing gently down my cheeks, then I willed them to stop. And they did stop. '"Luke… his finger is nothing like your flesh. I can't and won't go there without you."' I willed my penis to deflate. I willed my sphincter to tighten up like it has never before tightened up. Not knowing what the pervert would do if I kicked the shit out of him, I bore down with everything I had hoping he would get a handful.

"Your anus has been speared. Tell me how this happened to a Centennial Baby with a holy Christian name?"

'"Forget about me. Just tell the truth."' The thought passed through my mind, knowing it came from Luke.

'"I can't do that. I love you, Luke. This will be over some day."' Shamefully, guiltily, I responded using only a whisper, "Patriarch, I have used my fingers, sometimes more than one. I'm sorry." Then continued, sharing my deepest darkest secret, one that I'd not even shared with Luke, "I used a cucumber one time, but it hurt me. I never did it again."

"Hmph, Jordan, did your brother, Luke, observe or did he not witness this aberration of your sexual powers?"

Replying with a whisper, so that neither Luke nor Katy would hear me, "No, Patriarch. He doesn't even know."

"What? Your brother doesn't know you fornicated with a cucumber?" The man chuckled, turned to Luke and repeated, with sarcasm dripping from his voice, "You didn't know that your brother likes to fuck, errr… fornicate using cucumbers? What kind of brother is that for not telling you about just an intimate AND SINFUL DEED?" Shards of pain tore through my lower regions as I felt yet another and another finger roughly invade me… there. Feeling yet another finger on my sensitive, stretched place, I screamed from the bottoms of my lungs, "Luke I fucked a cucumber! Oh God, please stop… please… please… please…"

When I felt myself start to fade out, I simply relaxed, giving myself to him, without reservation. My mind relaxed when Luke started, very softly, humming a song that I did not recognize. His 'voice', though, was broken, though he was willing it not to break. I pushed all else out of my mind, at which time, when I was completely and irrevocably lost in Luke I had this overwhelming peace settle into my mind and spirit, and all was well.

I returned to the here and now to vaguely hear the deep man's voice screaming orders, edicts and commands to answer his questions… as I returned from wherever I'd gone, what got to me was that same muscle being twisted and turned yet again… but even it wasn't all that bad… it was like I'd been given a whopping dose of Morphine, or a similar drug that makes one all fucked up, like my Mom had done on occasion. No wonder she did the stuff.

I returned to this world at realizing that someone was wiping my face with a cool wet fabric. The cloth was soft and was being gently applied. Once it got away from my eyes, I chanced an opportunity to open them, to observe who was bringing comfort at a time when no comfort was to be otherwise experienced.

I know that I should have been shocked to see the man tenderly wiping my face, neck and chest, but I wasn't shocked at all. He was warmly smiling as he did the chore. At the same time he was whispering just how much I was loved, about special I was, and that good things would happen – very soon. Although the words he was saying were unbelievable, they were, at the same time, comforting.

After some time, and I cannot tell you how many minutes passed, he asked, "Two last questions? Have you ever had sexual relations with a female?"

Without reservation, truthfully, I replied, "No."

"Do you want to? Answer me."

He sent his finger all the way inside; I felt his other fingers graze my tight and testicles, then he pushed up hard and held it there for a moment before withdrawing all the way out.

I couldn't think of an answer that may appease him, so I just answered, innocently, "I'm not in love with a girl, Patriarch… wouldn't it be wrong if I were to have sex with a girl right now? Wouldn't it just be fucking?"

"Ah, but, young Jordan, I am an ordained minister and I am your Savior. Obey me, for if you do good things will happen. Would you like goodness to prevail, huh, Master Jordan? That's not a question, Katy, release this boy. Do it now."

Katy removed all of the bonds that held me to the table. Patriarch sat me up with my legs dangling over the side of the bed. I got dizzy and felt a wave of nausea threaten to send me into spasms, but with him rubbing my back, the feelings passed over a short period of time. The first thing I did, though, was look to Luke. His eyes were wet, and oh they looked so filled with pain, but even though he'd been hurt, that's not the kind of pain that I saw. I so wanted to go him, take him into my arms, hold him, and then we'd make love, and I would make sure that he felt nothing but pleasure. Tears started running down my face from my desire for him. Quickly, I reached up and wiped them away with the palm of my hand, then wiped the wetness on the sheet covering the hard bed-table thing.

"Katy, go fetch Jennifer and bring her here. Prepare her for ritualistic cleansing. This will please Me, your Salvation and Redeemer."

"Yes, Patriarch." Katy replied dutifully, then took her leave, closing the door as she went out.

I looked into the Patriarch's eyes. He's an old man. His jaws square, his complexion ruddy though years of sun-bake damage, but the worst part of him was his eyes… in them I saw nothing more than unadulterated evil. I shuddered. He stood me up, pointed to a bucket sitting in the corner of the room, and commanded, "Jordan, relieve yourself." I did need to pee, but when he grabbed the bucket and set it between his legs on the floor, I had second thoughts. I didn't need to go that bad. He, however, had other plans. He commanded, "RELIEVE YOURSELF!" He pushed the bucket so that it was between my legs.

"I do not want to disgrace you, Patriarch."

"Relieve yourself. Do it NOW."

I took hold, pointed it down, looked up to the ceiling, closed my eyes tightly, and willed myself to… start my stream. When he put his hand on my leg, right next to that muscle that he liked to squeeze, my stream finally started. Luke sent, '"I love you, Jordan. Just do what he tells you; this will be over soon; we'll be on our way; this will be just a bad memory. Just remember that I love you and am with you all the way."'

'"I love you too, Luke. You're right. You just do whatever he tells you to do… I'll be right here with you all of the way. We aren't going to quit; we're not giving up on our dreams."'

"Turn around. Relieve yourself."

I did so. I wasn't in the least embarrassed… thoughts of his face bearing the brunt of my lower gastric rebellion mitigated all other senses. I sent to Luke, '"If only his mouth was open wide!"' I heard short a muffled giggle, replaced with a cough, come from my Luke.

"Release your brother." Patriarch said right after I'd tossed the last piece of tissue into the bucket, and after he'd inspected me carefully.

My heart soared at the thought of being able to touch and comfort my Luke, and, at the same time, I worried about getting pudgy. I was so nervous, actually, that the sweat that was already coming from my pores increased exponentially, but I walked to the bed and began removing the gauze bandages holding him still. I started with his face and neck. Our eyes met. My Luke is still here. Despite a small bruise over his right eye, he smiled wanly… God, I wanted to kiss him. Quickly, I turned around to see what Patriarch was doing. He was turned toward the door, away from us… almost lightening fast, our faces came together and we gave each other an awkward kiss right next to our lips. Immediately, the rest of the restraints were removed. I sat him up and steadied his wobbliness by holding his back with my hand.

"Undress each other. Do it." Patriarch commanded.

Patriarch had us face each other, and he sat on a chair to watch us. Taking turns we undressed our mate. First the shirt, next shoes, next socks, next… this is where it got really dicey. I willed myself to stay soft… and I was to a certain extent soft, but I wasn't entirely soft… neither was Luke, unless his jeans expanded three or four sizes – in one little place.

Finally, we just looked at each other. Frowning, Luke sat up on the table and I removed his jeans, and then I quickly took mine off and tossed them into the corner where Patriarch told us.

With the thoughts of not knowing what might be next, my dick softened to its normal state of affairs, as did Luke's. We turned toward Patriarch, awaiting his next demand, knowing there would be one.

"You love your brother, don't you, Luke?" Patriarch asked with a smile plastered evilly across his face.

Luke looked into my eyes, and replied, "Yes. I love my brother." He didn't stutter or even hesitate. My chest got tight from the love emanating from every pore in my body… I hoped he felt my love passing through our bond, and this is what I've come to realize what we share. I didn't realize this until just now… my eyes, despite my best attempts to hold them in, began leaking tears. Quickly, I wiped them away, not wanting Patriarch to see them.

"Lay him on the table, Jordan. Luke, permit Jordan to accommodate my demand… it's truth or dare time. Lay on your stomach, Luke."

Luke laid on his stomach. Protectively, I put my hand across his crack, looked into Patriarch's eyes, and dared him to touch Luke… this is the time that I will protect and love my Luke to the death. I swear on my life.

Patriarch walked over, motioned for me to get a jar sitting on a little end table, and then to hand it to him. Which I did. But my hand, even though I had to stretch, never left Luke's butt. I was gearing up for a battle if he thought I would ever not protect my Luke to my dying breath. Patriarch stood up, and then in one fell swoop grabbed my wrist, held it away from Luke's private flesh, and then he violated Luke, doing the same things to Luke that he did to me, only I had to watch him do it. With my other hand, though, I rubbed Luke's lower back and sent to him over and over and over again, '"I love you. We will make love before we go to sleep."'

After he removed his fingers, and after humiliating Luke by making him relieve himself as he had done me, which I tried to turn away from, but Patriarch made me watch, and after I cleaned Luke up, which Patriarch made me do by taking hold of Luke's neck… he led us to a small bathroom that had a shower. The bathroom was too small for Patriarch to be in at the same time we were, so we had a few minutes of private time just by ourselves. The shower was small, too. So small, in fact, that we were touching all the while; so small in fact, that when Luke washed my back I urged him to release his sperms inside of me, all of them, each and every last one of them… I felt clean, finally. And then Luke made the same demand of me. It took all of five minutes.

There were no towels. After shaking the water out of our hair as much as possible, Luke took hold of the doorknob, kissed my lips deeply, which I returned readily, and turned it and opened the door.

There stood Patriarch in the middle, Charles on his right side, Eric and Stan on either side of Charles, Katy to our left, Amanda, Rhonda and Stephanie right by the door we would exit from, had they not been in the way.

Jennifer walked to me. She was totally naked as was Stephanie. She'd had a little bit of makeup put on; her hair was combed and flowing; she was, for a girl – beautiful. She put her hands on my shoulders, then much to my bewilderment, and surprise, reached forward and kissed my lips tenderly and genuinely, and then her tongue slipped between my lips and teeth. I turned, halfway, to Luke… Stephanie was doing the same thing to him. Automatically, instinctively, I put my arm around Luke's waist, and he put his around mine.

Patriarch and Charles closed the distance, reached his arms around the four of us, and then I felt a sting in the middle of my upper back… the last thing that happened was Jennifer's arms going around me, as if they were a pair of vice lock pliers.

And then… blackness, silence.

Until… a scream brought me out of a coma. Vaguely, the voice sounded like my own, but I wasn't paying attention to the words or their inflections, rather I was totally lost in my own world as one pulsation after another was racking every fiber of my being, the pleasure of which I had never ever before experienced, or even thought of experiencing. Vaguely, I sensed a hand over my mouth and nose, but wasn't sure; I wasn't sure of anything other than what was happening to me. My eyes were slammed tightly shut. My body felt like it was in a perpetual state of spasm… and none of this felt, in any way, wrong. I wanted to give into this, whatever this is, completely, and I did so.

Slowly, with my body totally drained, I became aware of clapping and cheers as if a party was going on. Slowly, I became aware that something warm and inviting was lying beneath me. Suddenly, my stupefied awareness became acute. I opened my eyes, only to see a girl with long flowing blond hair – right in my face, we were no further than two to three millimeters apart, and it was then that the hand removed itself from my nose and mouth, slowly, carefully, it urged my face down to touch the girl's face. Instead, my body relaxed totally and completely, went limp, and it was then that I became aware of my penis, and realized it was that which brought the exquisite pleasure state to my mind, body and spirit. But, that feeling of euphoria was short-lived. Suddenly, I felt, or became aware of air flowing across my body. Wondering where that came from or what caused it, I raised my head and looked up.

All around us, people were standing, cheering and clapping. We were in a room, a large room, one that could seat tens of people, lying in a bed in the center. As the seconds flew by, I realized my penis was in a moist, warm place. It was totally enveloped by folds of tissue that were holding me captive, not because I wanted to be held captive, because I didn't, what was holding me was the total and complete, I don't know what to call it… I can't describe it… it's like I was out of my body – pleasure.

With my other senses fast returning, I rolled off of – Jennifer. I looked down to my lower regions, only to find my skin shimmering with wetness, my penis still erect as if nothing had yet happened, my legs were quivering with light feathery spasms that were still giving me pleasure. I looked across to see Jennifer's legs splayed wide open. Juices and fluids were trickling from her most private place. Her eyes were glassy, almost like a zombie, but then she raised her arms toward me. But then reality struck me… I looked all around for Luke, but didn't see him, anywhere. But then again, the room was dark, illuminated only by a series of spot lights honed in on the bed we were lying on.

Finally, my mind returned to a semblance of reality. I took this interlude into sanity to a new level: I got up off of the bed to go search for Luke. I didn't have to look long or hard. A bunch of spectators were standing around in another circle close by. I barged through the people barrier with everything I had, using every muscle to propel myself forward, terrorized at not knowing where my Luke was, or what he was doing… the point being that we weren't together as we'd promised one another, more than once; never truer words were spoken between us. I was having mixed emotions, too. I promised that I'd keep him safe, no matter what, but I failed him. Those mixed thoughts, going between frantic and berating argued between themselves, but frantic was winning out in the overall scheme of things.

Then I heard it. A voice sounding vaguely like Luke's screamed to the point of the sound breaking apart. The room broke loose with thundering clapping, wild hollering, cat calls and wolf whistles. Then the crowd, in a cadence, began chanting, "MORE! MORE! MORE!" It wouldn't stop, they wouldn't shut the fuck up.

Finally, I broke through their last line of defense and stumbled out onto the floor, falling onto my ass and rolling over onto my face. But that didn't stop me. I got up. Luke was hammering a naked girl on the bed. His eyes clearly showed that he wasn't here in this world. Patriarch looked up as he released his hand hold on Luke's nose and mouth, and then he smiled.

I about jumped out of my skin when an arm went around my waist and held me firm. I looked to my right. It was Jennifer standing next to me, looking into my eyes… her eyes were just as terrified as I felt. I put my arm around her, mainly because I needed the stability as my body was enraging to a level I'd never experienced before, not even when Mom had come to me with her tirades, not even when I had my arm drawn back to strike her the morning my Luke and I had taken out for this 'adventure'. I spat on the ground. I was just about to lose it, but then Luke's eyes opened, and a trace of recognition took hold of him. His hips were still grinding, helplessly following his most carnal, innate passions.

I knew the feeling. Recognition took hold as I watched him, as I deeply looked into his eyes, which told me that he wasn't really here, now, in this world. At the same time, I realized he was in no pain, was not hurt, and was relatively safe, at least for the time being. My muscles relaxed – somewhat, even though I was still very upset and angry. As if there was ever a time when I felt close to my Luke, it was right then and there, on that spot; his ecstasy is clearly etched into my brain forever and ever more.

A few minutes later I guess, I cannot tell you how long it took, Luke's body relaxed and rested from at least two climactic experiences. Not giving one shit what people thought of me, or what I might endure at the hands of these sick fucks, I walked to the bed they were lying in, sat down on it, put my hand on Luke's back, and ran my fingers up and down the soft, silky, and profusely sweating skin, just to let him know that I was there for him. After a little while, Luke groaned, fluttered open his eyes, looked all around… until he saw me. His eyes filled with tears, and then he smiled woefully. As had I, he too realized where he was and what state of affairs he was in. As did I, he didn't care who was around, or what they would say, or what they would do, or anything else… using his weak quivering legs, he arranged himself so that I was facing him and he was facing me. It was then and there where I saw the undying sparkle deep down inside of him.

I could not stop myself. I didn't want to stop the inevitable. No, I wanted this more than anything in the whole entire universe, and then it happened. We came together, and very, very, very gently touched our lips together, tentatively at first, but then our own passions rose to a level where we no longer cared about anything or anybody or what was going on around us.

The crowd hushed. Not even a breath of air exchanging was heard in the broad expansive barn as Luke and I sat there on that bed looking into each others' eyes, being totally lost in our moment, going nowhere, but not being pulled apart either. Audibly, Luke whispered, "I love only you, Jordan. What are we going to do now?"

"I know what I want to do. But, I'm afraid of what they will do to you."

Stephanie, coming up from her trance or whatevethefuck they did to us, sat up in bed, looked into our eyes, and then looked over our shoulders. I turned around, Luke did to, to see Jennifer with clear liquids running freely down her thighs from her private place. Unable to stop ourselves, my arm went around Jennifer and urged her to sit with us. Our faces, instinctively, and with abandon, came together as did our lips. Our arms went around each others' shoulders, to hold us steady, to hold us close, and to build a barrier to the renewed hoots and hollers and shouts for MORE MORE MORE.

What they didn't know, or at least I don't think they knew, was that Stephanie and Jennifer pushed our mouths to the side so that they could comfortably kiss, which opened me and Luke to do the same. Sure, we changed up, and Jennifer is a good kisser, a very good kisser at that, but my real desire was my Luke, and only my Luke.

As time would have it, and the fact that there were four very horny bodies on the bed, it was inevitable that we'd take it to the next level, and to the next level we went. I never ever in a billion trillion years could have ever imagined me and Luke doing to girls that which we hadn't even really done to each other, but when it came right down to it… you couldn't, I would imagine, tell who was doing what… what with hair going wild and heads bobbing up and down in a particular honed in place on the human body… the girls both looked deep into my eyes… an awareness was present, an acute awareness at that… they separated their lips from Luke's organ… I became tunnel-visioned and went for it… and took his nectar, all of it, every last drop. They did the same thing for me, and then we did the same for them… and nobody knew the difference, or so we thought.


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