Castle Roland


by Joe Writer Man


Chapter 17

Published: 1 Jan 15


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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Centennial Logo_Jordan's Viewpoint_

With our decision made, we turned back to the podium just in time for Marie to say, "I think we've gone over the important pieces. Why don't you go ahead and take a 30 minute break? The snacks have arrived.” She pointed to the door then smiled and dismissed us.

That met everyone's approval.

A cart was brought into the lobby. It had bottles of Coke and Pepsi products, cold juices, and an assortment of fruits, nuts, and varieties of candy bars.

Luke chose an apple juice drink. I chose raspberry.

We milled about with the rest of the family and friends until we were asked to take our seats for the meeting to continue.

When the room quieted, Marie said, "The next agenda item is to get you processed into our systems. Parents or guardians will provide as much information as they know for the children then we'll get height and weight, hair color, etc. Once that information is in the system, the retinal and fingerprint scans are performed and loaded. Are there any questions?"

No questions were entertained. She continued, "Once we have individual information, then we'll match parents and guardians to family units. Once that is finished we'll assign rooms according to preference. Adults must sign off on the arrangements. Room assignments can change, if needed. Finally, family units will have access to one another's rooms, unless otherwise requested by the parent or guardian."

Luke and I were assigned to room 231, adjacent to the fire escape. We were asked if we would be willing to undertake floor Fire Captain training, otherwise we'd be reassigned to another room. We agreed. Dale approved. His room was beneath ours, 131.

Christian was assigned to suite 229 next door to us, making us neighbors.

Once we were processed in, Marie got our attention and said, "All corridors and public areas are monitored by our security system. Your rooms have the capability of being monitored, however it is only performed with cause or request by a parent or guardian. Otherwise your privacy is assured and honored. Public restrooms are monitored, but stalls are not. Each room has a red button that activates emergency interventions in the event of critical illness, injuries, breaches that will put a guest into harms way."

Jared piped up with a question, "About bathrooms – are they monitored for temperature fluctuations?"

"Steam produces a different type of heat than say a paper or electrical fire. Steam does not trigger warning systems. Again, should an emergency rise then there is always the manual activation and critical emergency buttons to use."

Carlin spoke next, "What happens in power failures?"

"That's a really good question. Our systems constantly monitor fluctuations in commercially purchased electricity. Whenever electrical power goes below an established level then generators kick in. These generators make up the difference between the threshold and normal power needs."

After a moment of silence, she asked, "Are there any further questions at this time?"

Robbie inquired, "How about our stuff?"

"Good question. Your belongings will be, within a couple of hours, delivered to the first floor common area. We have no idea of what belongs to who. You will be asked to open your belongings so that our security personnel can determine if there are contraband items such as alcohol, illicit drugs, weapons, or electrical items that are not UL approved."

We turned to John. John asked, "All of my children are certified on handling and safety measures for dischargeable weapons, guns commensurate with their age and or level of proficiency. Are these permitted on the premises?"

I nodded to no one in particular.

Marie looked to Mr. Masters for an answer to John's question. He considered it for a moment before replying, "Weapons will be permitted for anyone age 16 or older. For those younger, the weapons must be stored unloaded in an adult's room, under lock and key. Munitions must be kept separate. This is for your safety, as well for those of us who work here. I'm sure you understand."

Lawrence asked, "Do you have a shooting range on the property?"

"Yes, we do. It is located at the far end of our property. It has its own rules and regulations."

John said, "Thank you. That answers my question."

Mr. Masters sat. Marie continued, "As you know this facility is ‘clothing optional.' Although we want you to be as relaxed and carefree as possible, there are a couple of items to keep in mind. First, clothing is required to be worn in the cafeteria, lobby, and office area. Otherwise, clothing is optional.

Secondly, please use towels to sit upon. This is for hygienic reasons, as you may well understand.

Third, there will be no sexual relations in any public area. This includes but is not limited to public displays of masturbation, intercourse of any kind, slurp kissing and or fondling. Use good judgment… if it belongs within a private area such as your suites then use that judgment.

Are there any further questions before I release you?"

There were no further questions.

"Okay then, how about we meet back up on the lower level commons area in one hour. I'll then give you a tour of the protected facility areas."

Luke and I arrived to our room. I hit the restroom, peed, washed my hands and looked into the mirror to check for zits. Thankfully, there were none. I then walked into the general living room only to find Luke completely naked with his feet high in the air and an inviting smile on his face. He used his index finger to indicate what he wanted me to do, and where…

Twenty minutes later, satiated at least for the time being, we looked around our suite and found it to be cozy, warm and inviting. The walls were painted in warm rich light blue colors. The sofa and matching chairs were cream-white. The carpet was light burgundy, and the curtains were a darker shade. A 36 inch TV was attached to the wall above a large desk located in the corner of the main room. On the desk was a tower computer with two 23 inch screens tethered to it. The computer keyboard was wavy. I studied it carefully, wondering why it was made that way.

Luke playfully smacked the back of my head and said, to answer my question about what that thing was, "It's an ergonomic keyboard. It's supposed to keep the wrists in proper position so that they don't hurt. My mom had one. It's pretty easy to use, once you get used to it."

I nodded my understanding then sat down on a plush office chair and fired up the system. Once again, Luke smacked me up the side of my head. I turned just enough to smack his butt with my open palm. He was holding a towel in his hand. ‘Oh yeah, I forgot.' I mumbled, mostly to myself.

"Come here." Luke said. I looked around. I didn't see him, but the bathroom light was on so I went to see what he wanted.

"Check it out!" He said, his voice filled with wonderment.

A clear glass enclosed shower was in the middle of the spacious room. It would definitely fit four people, although there was only one showerhead.

Beyond that was a Jacuzzi large enough for probably four people to sit side by side, touching one another. We had no plans to have four people soaking with us. The two of us would be just fine, thank you very much.

An opening in the opposite corner along the same wall was an alcove. That's where the toilet was located. It was one of those old-fashioned ones, the kind that had the tank above the toilet with a flexible plastic tube that came down and hooked into the back of the bowl. Intrigued with the setup, we spent probably 10 minutes looking for the flusher handle. Well, it was on the side, closest to the wall, on the top tank. Luke flushed the thing because I hadn't.

Double sinks were located opposite the toilet. I opened the large vanity cabinet to find 8 large soft thick bath towels, an assortment of hand towels and 8 washcloths. The cabinet also included shampoo, conditioner and a hair dryer.

We walked into a small kitchenette located in the next corner to our right. A window allowed in bright sunshine, which had popped out at some point in time, probably during our playtime. It had a woods' view and a small lake, perhaps a pond, way off in the distance. The stove, a small one with four burners and an oven, was glass topped. Inside the oven was a skillet and regular sized sauce pan and soufflé pans. There were several glass glasses along with plastic ones to the right of the small sink. An apartment size refrigerator was located in far a corner. Luke opened it. We were impressed: it had an assortment of both Coke and Pepsi products along with two carafes. One had orange juice, the other apple juice – our favorites. I grabbed a Dew and retrieved one for Luke.

"Pretty fancy, huh?" Luke asked, trailing his hand down my back, resting it on my right globe which sent a slight shiver up and down my back.

"I'll say." I replied, sending my hand up his back from the bottom of his cheek to his neck. Our lips came together. They did a slow sensual dual, but with our ardor somewhat tamed, our playtime didn't go any further.

I liked the suite. I love Luke, however, hands down, and said so.

Feeling frisky, Luke sat down his can of soda pop then applied his freezing cold fingers to the sensitive skin along my sides, causing me to jump and drop the can of sugary fluid onto the floor, spilling it. Even though the 3 second rule was in force and effect, the fluid spilt was enough to cause a mess.

Luke giggled his head off while I walked to a small door that opened into a small pantry that also held a broom and mop. The mess was soon taken care of to our satisfactions.

We located the Red Emergency Button and made mental notes of where it was. We also located the built-in cameras as well as the activator switch, which, thankfully, was in the OFF position. It was far enough away from the light switches to prevent accidental activation.

Luke walked into the bathroom while I tossed our empty cans into the trash basket. I heard the shower running so I sauntered that way and saw Luke entering and adjusting the knobs to get the water to the proper temperature.

Showered and dry we exited our room, walked to Christian's suite, knocked on the door and awaited his answer. His door opened in about a minute. His hair was dripping wet and soap was running down his chest and stomach into his lower south of the border area. "Come on in." He said then returned to the bathroom. As we walked by the doorway leading in, I saw him walk into the shower to complete his bathing. He hollered, "There's juice in the refrigerator."

His room was decorated in light lavenders with deep rich blue wall-to-wall carpeting.

While waiting for Christian to finish bathing, Luke snagged us towels then sat on the sofa. A knock on the door was heard. I walked to the door and opened it. Bradley and Melissa, standing side by side, were waiting. My eyes riveted between her ample naked breasts and her mound covered by dark hairs. I barely registered that Robbie and Carl entered and walked past me. I barely registered anything else until Luke pinched my naked butt. "Sorry." My voice, barely above a whisper, croaked, adolescently. I shook my head to clear away the cobwebs and to focus on something else.

I said, "Sorry, come on in. Christian is in the shower.""The others are getting their stuff. We came to get you."

Luke replied, "Sure, sounds like a plan. Christian should be out just any minute."

Bradley led me into the kitchen over next to the refrigerator. He turned to face me, "Are you okay? You looked like you saw a ghost or something."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Why?"

"I know that you and Luke are a couple, but the way you looked at Melissa…"

I looked out into the living area. Christian walked by the door, looking into the kitchen as he went then passed out of view. Luke was talking to Melissa. Neither was paying any attention to us. I said, after shrugging my shoulders, "Uhmm, well… I don't know exactly why I looked… I don't know how much of our story you know… you've got to promise me to not say anything to anybody."

"You and Luke are going to be my brothers, correct? Correct." Bradley said, nodded his head in approval then continued after I nodded, "Whatever you tell me stays with me, although understand that I have no secrets from Melissa. She's as tight lipped as I am, so you don't need to worry."

Speaking of Melissa, she walked in then joined Bradley. I kept my eyes up above her boobs. Bradley turned to Melissa and said, "Jordan's getting ready to tell me something. I told him that you would likely know and that you are good to keep secrets from others."

Melissa turned to me, "What's going on, Jordan? I can tell something is bothering you, so out with it."

I looked into their eyes and could tell that what they said would be true. "I'm not sure what came over me… sorry, Melissa." I took in a deep breath and once again questioned myself, asking if I really wanted to share what happened at the Retraining Camp with them.

Melissa reached across and put her hand on my shoulder and said, very softly, "If you'd rather tell Bradley, then I'll leave you two alone. I just came in for a juice."

"No, it is okay, I guess. Luke and I were made to have sex with girls. They drugged us." I said, then looked into Melissa's eyes.

She squeezed my shoulder, very lightly then looked to Bradley. His expression quickly changed from curious to one of concern. He and Melissa exchanged eye contact then he offered, "Are you and Luke okay?"

"Yeah, we're fine."

Bradley nodded then turned and walked out of the room, leaving Melissa wondering what that was all about. She offered, "Jordan, he has some things to work out in his mind. I'll try to get you two together later on. You may want to have Luke join us since he's your sweetie." She leant in, kissed my cheek and whispered into my ear, "Bradley had some issues similar to yours… I'm going to leave it at that. It's not my story to tell. He's okay, now."

I nodded.

Christian and Luke entered. Luke asked, "Ready?"

I looked to Melissa, nodded and replied to Luke, "Yeah, I'll be right there."

Luke frowned then stepped beside me and let his hand trail down my back into the valley of darkness. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah. We'll talk about it later. Thanks, Melissa."

She nodded then left the room to join Bradley.

John had pretty much determined which belongings went to whom. He quickly sent us on our way as time to meet with Marie was coming up real soon.

In our room, Luke took hold of my arm and asked, while looking into my eyes, said, "So, what was that all about, oh lover boy?"

I looked over to the clock and noticed it was time to be in the meeting. "I'll tell you on the way. We need to go." On the way down to the adult commons area, I clued Luke into what had happened, and that we were going to make time to talk with Bradley. He agreed.

The first stop on the second floor was the canteen. There was every imaginable candy and snack food. There were also healthy foods such as various fruits and vegetables such as bananas, oranges, apples, kiwi, and papaya. Christian looked them over. He nodded appreciatively. The first floor, assigned to the adults, had a similar canteen.

Sub-level 1 had a fully equipped gym. The Podunk school district I'd attended had nothing more than a few mats, a volleyball (that's right – one), a torn net, and worn out balls, bats and gloves that were basically useless. Marie said that, during the spring and summer season, a martial arts instructor visited twice a week. She'd see if he was willing to come during the winter, when permitted by good weather. Wayne, Matthew, Michael, Stephen, Jared, Lawrence, Aaron, Robbie, Carl, Luke and myself said that we'd be interested. She would make a point to contact him.

They also have a shooting range located on the property. We all, except Wayne, jumped at the opportunity to hone in on our skills. Because Lawrence and Aaron had proven abilities, she was going to speak with the adults to determine their thoughts and obtain their approvals or disapprovals for the rest of us.

Softball, baseball, volleyball and other activities were other options provided to visitors during the spring, summer and fall.

A door on the opposite side of the gym led into a bowling alley. It was fully equipped and operational.

Next, we were led to the end of the corridor. Marie opened two large doors and motioned for us to enter. The smell of chlorine and other chemicals was strong. She had us turn to the right and walk down a corridor. At the end, our eyes feasted on a beautiful nearly Olympic sized swimming pool. Chairs and tables were located around its periphery.

Off to the side was a changing room. Marie was quick to point out, "The pool is not clothing optional. Nudity is the only proper attire. Clothing contains lint and fabric that clogs filters and breeding grounds for bacteria."

Wayne, much to our surprise, pushed through Lawrence and Aaron then did a somersault into the water creating a huge back splash that sprayed Marie with a ton of water. She wasn't pleased, but she wasn't mad either.

Lawrence took it upon himself to address the situation. His body sliced through the water with nary a splash, and approached Wayne. We could hear Lawrence speaking but could not understand what he was saying. Marie pulled a Kleenex from a pocket and wiped dry her glasses.

Eric, wearing only a t-shirt, came to me and pulled my arms around his chest. He looked into my eyes with a sad expression on his face. I gently patted his tummy and whispered into his ear, "Everything's cool. He didn't know about our being grounded."

Eric nodded his understanding then rejoined Michael after kissing my cheek.

Lawrence and Wayne exited the pool. Wayne, with Lawrence carefully observing, stood in front of Marie and genuinely apologized. He then sprinted to the changing room. When he returned he was dried off.

The next stop was the commons area on the second floor. Scattered about were board games of all different types. Three pinball machines were located on the far end of the room. Table tennis and Foosball tables, too. Kewl.

There were 8 sofas lined up back to back. Marie said we could arrange them in any way that we wanted, but the doors had to be unobstructed. Before she left, she said, "I have a surprise for you. Lawrence, it is the least we could do to welcome you here. I know the circumstances are less than ideal. We hope this helps you. Be right back."

Lawrence gave her a puzzled look. Before leaving, she told everyone to turn around and face the chalk boards on a wall next to the entryway from the residential areas. His eyes told us that he couldn't possibly imagine what else this place could offer that would make him any happier.

After everyone was turned around, she took her leave. A couple of minutes later, we heard small wheels rolling on the bare wood floor. As much as we would have liked to turn around to see what was causing those sounds, we didn't, until Marie said, "Okay, you can turn around."Lawrence's eyes popped wide open. He took hold of Aaron's hand and led him to a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful piano. I don't know anything about pianos, but from the expression on his face, he was totally awed. We followed him and stood around the piano. He looked into Marie's eyes. She nodded and smiled, gave him a hand towel to sit on, and said, "Go ahead. Try it out."

He looked inside of the casing. I swear to God that if eyeballs could easily pop out of one's head – his would have hit the ground. He said, "Guys, this is a Fazioli. It's the best piano ever made. They come from Italy. Oh my God." He then accepted the towel, sat down on a really kewl looking seat and for the next 45 minutes entertained us with a variety of songs that he knew by heart. His facial expression was intense. We realized, then, that our brother was in his element. They'd found his passion. They'd touched his heart and soul.

Aaron, awed, too, walked to the side of the piano, took in a deep breath then looked to Lawrence, nodded and said, "This is for my mother."

While I knew that Aaron's voice was crystal clear, I never, ever, never in a billion years expected to hear his voice sing such beauty. When he would go high, each syllable was as clear and distinct as though he was talking. Each low note, and he went way down on the scale, was sung with amazing clarity. His singing voice belied the rather frequent creaking and croaking he was known to have and express.

At the end of the song, both stood and faced their audience, respectfully bowed, and then the room went ballistic with applause. There was too much noise from just us kids. Dale, John, Bea, Steven, Jeremy and Adam walked into the room. John walked to Lawrence while the other adults stayed where they were standing to give Lawrence and John their moment. John's soon-to-be-new-son closed the gap. He was smiling from ear to ear. They hugged tightly, in fact if John wasn't a large man, Lawrence would have, I'm sure, squeezed him half to death. John's eyes were wet. He tightly closed them and relished their moment. Lawrence then pulled away from the embrace. They eyed one another for about two seconds before Aaron went to John and gave and received a similar gesture. Before we broke up to return to our rooms so that we could get dressed for lunch, Lawrence walked to each and every person, hugged them deeply and thanked them for being a part of his life. When he reached me, his eyes filled with tears, as did mine. Without further delay, we hugged deeply, deeply, deeply. We parted and very gently touched our lips together. He then turned to Luke. At the same time, they both burst into tears and hugged so hard that I thought they were going to hurt themselves. But they weren't hurting.

I think, for the first time in my life, I saw and experienced pure joy and love being shared between two people unafraid of expressing their innermost selves.

Although tears were leaking from my eyes, and smiling at the same time, I walked past everyone and headed to my room, scanned in, entered and closed the door behind me. I laid down on my bed, pulled a cover up and over my body, closed my eyes and whispered, "Thank you, God. You know I don't believe in you, but if you created such joy, then all I have to say is thank you."

Topeka, Kansas. Jose's Viewpoint

Why Patriarch was holding me to the bottom of the bathing pool was unclear. Mentally I'd calculated 3 minutes 47 seconds. Every time I'd force myself to break the surface, he'd kick my feet out from under me.When 4 minutes passed, I knew I had to do something because my consciousness was becoming somewhat cloudy.

In the space of two seconds, I recalled how I'd been ‘hazed' at school when I'd tried out for the swim team. The hazing consisted of exactly what Patriarch was doing to me… holding me underwater. I'm not sure if they would have let me drown, but the moment of no return arrived, and ended when I slammed my elbow into the balls of the guy who was actually holding me down. After I broke the surface, someone yelled 4 minutes 27 seconds.

That night, at the dinner table, I'd told my father about the challenge and success. His eyes registered surprise. He patted my shoulder, saying, "El trabajo más duro, hijo mío." ("Work harder, my boy.")

"Padre, yo lo haré como tú dices. Algún día usted estará orgulloso de mí ". ("Father, I will do as you say. Someday you will be proud of me.") I replied then continued eating, all the while worrying about what even an additional 10 seconds would do to my body.

As though Momma was reading my mind, she said to my father, "Domínguez. Su hijo es uno de qué enorgullecerse. Él es mi bebé. Es tan suave, pero muy fuerte. A veces me pregunto acerca de usted ". ( "Dominguez. Your son is one to be proud of. He is my baby boy. He is so gentle, yet very strong. Sometimes I wonder about you.")

My father, angrily replied, "Sus impulsos, su desobediencia trae vergüenza a nuestra familia. Él aprenderá a seguir las enseñanzas de nuestro Señor. Usted es demasiado blando con él. Él quiere, algún día, a condición de que él trabaja muy duro, tal vez sea un hombre ". ("His urges, his disobedience brings shame to our family. He will learn to follow the teachings of our Lord. You are too soft on him. He will, someday, provided he works very hard, maybe be a man.")

Three minutes 57 seconds. My mind was becoming hazy as the seconds passed.

Four minutes 3 seconds.

Four minutes 7 seconds.

Four minutes 10 seconds.

Four minutes 14 seconds.

Four minutes 17 seconds.

Four minutes 19 seconds. "Satan, to you I commend my spirit."

Seeing that they were not going to get through what appeared to be a door that led to an area they had not secured, Ken and Kaydyn quickly exited the house and walked around the building, searching for another way into the lower level of the house.

Rex maintained his position, watching, listening and waiting for someone to open the door. He was prepared to do anything and everything to bring that boy to safety, and that motherfucking Patriarch to justice. His concern and worry rose a notch for each and every moment that passed. As each moment passed, his determination to provide his own brand of justice to that son of a bitch increased exponentially.

Ken, walking around the east side of the house saw a basement window that was not covered by plastic wrap. He quickly dropped to his knees, hoping against all hope to see where the kid was, or if the kid was even down in that level. The sun was too bright though. He dared not descend into the narrow well for fear that he'd make some noise that could prove fatal.

Ken frowned as he leant down as far as he dared, cupped his hand and placed his head against the glass pane which blocked out at least some of the reflection. The room revealed nobody in it, however his heart rate quickened at seeing what appeared to be an examination table with stirrups. The rest of the room could not be adequately seen from his vantage point. But, he did see a window on the north side that appeared to have no plastic covering.

Without delay the man walked around, but was met with a 4 foot tall chain-link fence. Easily the man, using his training and agility, scaled it without making a sound. The window was approximately 8 feet from the corner. He knelt down and was better able to observe. It was, as he expected, just another angle of the room he'd seen from the other side.

Four more windows were on the north side of the house, making a total of five.

The next window viewed into a room with various and sundry gardening tools, and other junk that the owners of a house will collect over time. He wondered why the instruments were not kept in the garage.

The following window revealed a room with a shiny metal table in its center, a black snake-like tube lying on a smaller silver table next to the bigger table. Seeing no movement, the man dropped his head down so that he could get a better look. He saw wires running from the black snake-like object to a small black case with terminals that was plugged into a wall mounted electrical outlet. Right next to the tube was a small plastic container containing something – the lettering was much too small to read. The room was brightly illuminated.

The last window was at the far corner of the building. When he got up from looking into the previous one, he saw Kaydyn approaching. They walked out into the yard to prevent being seen from the inside.

Kaydyn said, "I can't see inside anywhere else."

"This side, weird, is not covered by plastic wrapping. I've seen an empty room, one with junk, nothing and nothing. I haven't checked this one (Ken pointed to the end window). We need the scope."

As the men took off to obtain their special scope used for inconspicuously viewing through peep holes, door jams, windows, etc., they received a transmission from Rex, "All's clear up here. I don't hear anything."

"We're going after the scope. We have one remaining downstairs room to evaluate. If there are people down there then this is where they would be."


A police cruiser turned onto the street that runs parallel to the house. Much to Ken and Kaydyn's dismay, the officer pulled up alongside their vehicle, regarded them very carefully then opened the door and exited.

"What are you two doing here? This area is restricted."

"As it should be." Ken replied, snarkily. Then in a more professional manner, added, "My name is Ken Shaw."

The men turned to Kaydyn. "Kaydyn Shaw."

The officer interrupted, "I must ask you to leave the premises, right now. As you may very well suspect, some crazies want to do damage to the building and its inhabitants."

"I understand. I really cannot get into the specifics, but we are here on official business. We have reason to believe that a child has been taken inside against his will."

"Oh?" The officer, wearing the name tag that reads, ‘Williams', stated curiously.

Ken, thinking very quickly, asked, "Who is your commander. We'd like to talk to him."

"He's a busy man. I need to be able to tell him why you are inquiring."

Ken, for fear of the kid being harmed and anxious to get this mission on its way, replied, "We are going to need you guys. We have every reason to believe a child is in imminent danger. If our superiors are aware of the situation, then your commander will be as well. Time is of the essence."

"Why do you believe a child is in danger? We've received no other credible reports or evidence to support your allegation."

"Look, about an hour ago, he was dropped off by a truck driver. A man identified as Fred Phillips took the child into the home. He was accompanied by a 12 or 13 year old kid who was already in the house. I can't give any further specifics to you."

"Okay then, do you have a search warrant? You can't just go around with half-baked allegations and expect us to respond, now can you?"

"Ordinarily we wouldn't argue. But, in this case I insist that I speak with your commander. There is a whole lot more going on here than you probably know, and we do not have time to get into specifics." Ken stated. His eyes were intense, and if he had daggers in his sockets then the cop would know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that he meant business, and wasn't here to jack with a local.

The officer continued to regard Ken very carefully, looking for any sign of malevolence.

"Okay, if I were to put out the word, what is the description of the alleged victim?"

"Hispanic male. 14 to 15 years old. Thin. Muscular. 120 to 130 pounds. Black hair. Plaid button down shirt. Blue jeans. White tennis shoes."

"You do realize that this country is being overrun by fucking wetbacks. Hell, they're taking our jobs, running massive debts to hospitals for their healthcare…"

"Sir, your commentary… please hold it for another time." Ken said resolutely then turned toward his car.

The cop stopped Ken's forward progress by saying, "Was the kid assaulted?"

Ken replied, "The female driver was assaulted by a large elderly man, positively identified as Fred Phillips."

The cop nodded. "Who sent you?"

"Can't disclose that information other than to say two men in very high places have their eyes glued and ears plastered all over this case." Ken said with clear and convincing irritation in this voice.

"Are you law enforcement? The feds, maybe? And, if so, what jurisdiction are you from? Where's your badge?"

"I cannot disclose that information to you, but will be more than happy to share it with your commander. We're wasting time. The time to fuck around is up. The kid, we believe, is in danger." Kaydyn replied while intently looking into the cops' eyes.

The cop took a step back and said, "I'll call him."

"Do that. Thank you."

The officer got back into his vehicle. Ken stood watch while Kaydyn opened the rear passenger door of the car, retrieved a 9 inch by 12 inch black plastic case, opened it and pulled out a thin shiny black sheathed tube with a clear hard plastic tip, and a battery pack. He flipped a small button on the side of the scope and looked at a small LED light that indicates power transmission is being received.

Williams entered his car. While keeping the two men visualized, he used his department issued cell phone to call headquarters.

Once the phone was answered by a dispatcher, he said, "Commander Charles Stryker, please. This is Officer Daniel Williams, Patrol Division."

"I'm sorry but he is in a meeting with the county commission."

"This is an urgent law enforcement matter. Please interrupt."

"Very well. Just a moment."

"Would you guys hurry it up? I'm hearing movement." Rex said over the ear communication device.

Ken replied, "A local cop has a hardon but we've convinced him to call some nimrod brass monkey, but we're going to need their assistance so it is what it is. Hold your position."

"Commander, this is Patrolman Williams. I'm on scene at Burroughs West. Two men, claiming to be on a mission to save some kid from danger are very insistent with talking to you. Their names are Ken and Kaydyn Shaw."

Stryker's eyebrows arose from recognition. He replied, "They're legit. Stand down, Williams. Move your squad car away so that it is not in sight from any house window. Then hold your position. I'm calling in the SWAT team." Click.

The man went to his office on the second floor, walked around his desk, sat down, picked up the phone receiver, dialed extension 374, "This is Commander Stryker, dispatch SWAT to Burroughs West Baptist Church on Churchill. Probable hostage situation. This is not a drill."


Stryker returned to the conference room filled with bureaucrats working on the budget for fiscal year 2013. "Ladies, gentlemen, excuse me. I have urgent law enforcement matters to attend to. This is why you hired me."

With that said, Stryker walked out of the room. The men and women seated around the conference room looked at one another with contempt as this meeting was all about budgetary cuts for the police department. The commissioner, having a gleam in his eyes, said, "We'll proceed with or without him…"

As Stryker loaded his two service revolvers into holsters attached to both hips, he swore, "I'm going to get you, you son of a bitch." His memory immediately went to his daughter and that no good boyfriend of hers.

Williams exited his car and walked to the two men. "Charles Stryker, our Commander, is calling in SWAT. He is in route to this location as we speak."

Ken and Kaydyn nodded then without any further delay headed for the last basement window, hoping to see and rescue their hostage before the big guns arrived to fuck up the situation.

Dale, seeing Jordan walk toward the residential area of the building, thought for a moment, thinking the boy was going to go use the restroom, get a drink, or perhaps needing a few moments alone to himself, congratulated Lawrence and Aaron on giving a beautiful performance, and that he had no idea they possessed such wonderful and amazing talents.

For now, he decided to leave Jordan to tend to his needs.

Christian, standing off to a side, away from the group, quickly sensed that Jordan's distress level had increased exponentially, this time coupled with sadness, and perhaps a tad bit of despair, sat his drink on a coffee table then walked toward their adjoining rooms. Before disappearing down the hall leading to their room, he looked back to see the congratulatory and awed group with whom he was traveling.

Because Christian is family, he was afforded the privilege of having access to his father's, Luke and Jordan's rooms without encumbrance. Nevertheless, upon arrival at his intended destination, he knocked very lightly as he'd seen others do. Where he grew up, there was no such thing as door locks or other measures to keep people away. Instead, they were open with all of their Elders, brothers and sisters. There was no known shame, such as these children traveling along had in their souls. This was so foreign to him, yet he was attracted to them, for their love, although squelched, was genuine.

Approximately one minute later, with no response, Christian used the scanner to gain entry. Inside, the suite was absolutely quiet. No movement was seen or sensed. Stealthily, the boy walked into the kitchenette area – nobody was present. Then he saw Jordan lying on the bed across the living area. He had a beeline visual on him.

Christian observed Jordan sleeping soundly in the middle of the bed he shared with Luke. He walked to the door and peered in. Jordan's sleep was of the deep and restful variety. He then entered and approached Jordan's face and laid down a very light feather petal kiss on his sleeping brother's forehead then stole away, feeling confident that Jordan was okay for the moment. They could talk later.

He quietly exited the suite and started up the corridor when Dale appeared. Luke was walking beside him. Both looked up to see Christian approaching. Christian, when they were standing in front of one another, offered, "He's sleeping. His body is very tired."

Dale said, "I'll check on him. He's had a hard day. Why don't you guys find something to do?"

Luke, knowing his baby was tired and stressed out, nodded his understanding and approval. Christian put his arm around him and led them to the canteen.

Dale scanned into Jordan's room and paid close attention to the door shutting so that it didn't make any noise. He found the boy sleeping peacefully. He covered Jordan with a blanket, leant down and debated on kissing his cheek but didn't for fear he'd awaken the child.

He returned to his room and went back to bed, thinking of how very fortunate he was for everyone in his life. For the very first time since the catastrophe back home, his last thought wasn't of Regina.

Rex returned to the residence, quietly entered then checked and secured all rooms on the first and second floors. Once again taking care to not make a sound and to position himself so that his shoes could not be seen beneath the door, he put his ear to the door then listened carefully for any sign of movement or distress. He noted pleasant aromas in the air – soap and aromatic salts. He found the aroma odd since most basements have a musty smell to them.

The four men manning the console that captures the pool and all activities, found the length of time Patriarch was holding the child beneath the surface – disturbing. The kid hadn't done anything wrong, according to their estimations. Neither had Jeffrey and Edmond.

Edmond, alarmed because his grandfather was holding Jose underwater for so long, took it upon himself to yank Patriarch's arm away while the same time with his other hand pulled Jose from beneath the water.

Jose's body was largely limp. Quickly, Jeffrey and Edmond carried Jose to the edge of the pool, laid him prone and began compressions to expel the water from his lungs.

The cameras continued to roll, capturing actions and reactions in the room. As Edmond held Jose's head out of the water, and Jeffrey continued to perform back compressions, the cameras captured Patriarch's wide open eyes observing their actions. Not only was he paying attention to that, but, when the cameras panned out they could and did capture him looking directly high up between Jose's legs. They captured a very small drool trail between his lips and chin, and his fully engorged male appendage twitching in time, probably with each heartbeat.

The middle-aged woman, seeing that the boy was coming around in due time, walked to and entered the Green Room. Two of the cameras followed her.

The Green Room contained an examination table with stirrups and leg restraints on the lower end, a tray sitting on another smaller table. The tray contained 10 surgical instruments, another tray with a black snake tube with electrodes and wires attached to a small generator that was plugged into a wall socket.

She prepared several syringes. One was drawn up with curare, a powerful sedative no longer used in medical settings. Another contained Propofol, a powerful anesthetic agent, one that is widely used to anesthetize patients in preparation for surgeries.

Lastly, another was filled with Narcan, a powerful agent used to reverse the effects caused by the other agents.

Turning her attention to the tray of instruments, she snapped on a #15 blade to a scalpel handle.

Patriarch, noting Jose's recovery, picked up the boy and carried him into the Green Room, put him on the padded ‘operating table' then applied restraints to his thighs. Another pair was applied to Jose's ankles.

Because Jose was beginning to thrash his disapprovals and fear, Patriarch's attempts to restrain Jose's wrists were made difficult.

Jose, as his consciousness and survival instincts continued to rapidly progress, decided to relax and stop fighting for he wanted to reserve his strength for a later opportunity to escape, or try to. He noted that while his wrists were restrained, they were not tightly restrained like his legs.

Fully using all of the discipline in his mind, the boy didn't flinch, too much, when Patriarch grabbed hold of and squeezed the thigh muscle high up on the inside of his thigh. He returned his mind to the field where his father taught him the ultimate discipline of remaining still, pushing away his fears into a deep dark place, challenging terror with terror. While the pain emanating through his nervous system was incredible, he maintained. The only outward reaction to the pain was that his closed eyelids twitched and his big toe made little circular motions.

Patriarch then turned to Jose's other leg and performed the same action. Again, Jose's reactions were the same. When Patriarch applied his tactics to both legs, the boy squirmed for he'd met his match. While his training had been intense, his youth belied complete control over his reactions and emotions.When the stimuli was removed, Jose opened his eyes and looked into Patriarch's eyes with pure contempt and hatred. Patriarch smiled deviously and said while taking hold of Jose's penis, running the loose skin through his fingers and rhythmically squeezing and releasing the spongy tissue just beneath the skin causing it to respond exactly as he knew it would. Continuing, "So, you want to be a son that your father will be proud of, is that right?"

"Yes. But, he would not approve of what you are doing."

Patriarch laughed out loud as he continued to stroke with squeezing compressions. The man could feel the penis before him and in his hand expand and contract depending on how much pressure he applied. Despite Jose's valiant efforts to control that which cannot be entirely controlled, he felt his moment arriving.

The evil man felt the responses as well. He did not want to waste the fluids so he released it.

He turned to Cheryl, the middle-aged woman and ordered, "Get a test tube ready and hold it in place."

The middle-aged woman obeyed without question. She held it to the opening of the boy's twitching male organ. The man took hold of Jose's phallic structure and began masturbating in earnest. Jose, refusing to give in, mentally fought the urges that were quickly approaching, but there comes a time when all efforts are futile. Knowing the moment had arrived, he raised his head up to see his life-giving fluids eject into the mouth of the test tube. He refused to give them any sign of pleasure because there was no pleasure. He was just releasing that which he could not control.

Edmond, without touching himself, felt his moment spontaneously arrive. He grabbed a test tube and emptied his life-giving fluids into it.

Patriarch observed the boy's reaction. He smiled. His grandson was doing exactly what he'd taught him to do ever since he was able to eject his life-saving and life giving fluids some 6 to 8 months ago.

The middle-aged woman took both test tubes, walked to an incubator and placed them inside and closed the lid. She looked at Edmond. Her approval was apparent. Edmond smiled. He looked to his grandfather to see him smiling, too.

Patriarch turned to Jeffrey. The middle-aged woman retrieved yet another test tube for her oldest son. Patriarch interrupted, "Jeffrey will inject his life giving fluids in to this boy. First though Jeffrey, prepare The Great Neutralizer. I will teach you its finer qualities."

Edmond, curious, as he had never before seen the apparatus, carefully watched his brother slather the object's tube-like structure with lubricating material.

The middle-aged woman placed the tube back into the tray containing many unused ones.

Turning to Cheryl, the middle-aged woman, Patriarch ordered just above a whisper, "Leave now. Return in one hour.

She looked into her father's eyes with disbelief emanating from her own. "As you wish." The woman stole from the room, returned to the cleansing area then walked to the communications console where the producers, directors, and technical folk sat doing their jobs, monitoring every activity of the Initiation process. She was perplexed that she would not be a part of this experience, for she was, after all, the Matriarch of every facility.

Socrates, a wealthy Greek tycoon, sat in his large office chair observing the latest beautiful boy presented to him for purchase consideration. This boy, he thought and believed deep inside of his heart, would be the salvation of a society filled with hate, doubt, destruction of all that was good, discontent, despair, malnourishment, disease, war, greed… well, greed was good so long as it was reserved for Chosen ones.

But, he wasn't alone. The beautiful blond boy on this earth for 13 years 8 months sitting atop his phallic structure screamed when the man drove it deep within his inner being.

Socrates, his loins spent, tossed the Adonis boy to the floor and said the words no teenage boy ever wants to hear, "Να πάει μαζί σου. Επιτρέψτε μου δεν βλέπεις ποτέ ποτέ ξανά." ("Be gone with you. Let me not ever see you ever again!")

Edmond, searching for his grandfather's approval, deftly pressed a button on the side of the table causing both of Jose's legs to rise and widely spread apart to expose all that Jose has to share. The man smiled his approval.

Jose, while feeling his legs being elevated and spread, wondered what the hell was now being done to him, what did they have in store, what other depravity would he be subjected to? He knew that his father would never approve… then the stakes went higher as he felt his Most Private Place being touched.

Patriarch smiled as he used his fingers to caress the outer edges of this Initiates' recessed back door.

The other boys, Jeffrey and Edmond watched their grandfather's ministrations and saw how that centered little dimple would twitch when touched. The elderly man pointed toward a container of lubrication material. Jeffrey, wondering when his grandfather would permit him to take off, resentfully retrieved the small canister and offered to the man. Patriarch wetted his finger then gave it back to Jeffrey, nodding.

Jeffrey meant the nod to mean that his time was soon approaching. Without delay he dipped his fully elongated flesh into the canister and set the container back on the tray, ignoring his younger brother's extended hand.

The elder Phillips pushed a button on the table that lifted it to the height of the area of his body to put his fully extended flesh on the same plane as his obsessed one's orifice. Without fair warning, the man plunged his middle finger deep into Jose's opening, causing Jose to say loudly, "What the hell are you doing to me? Get out of there!" Jose, very close to a scream, hissed, rebelliously.

Patriarch harshly grabbed hold of Jose's already bruised muscle and squeezed hard enough to cause Jose to whimper. At the same time, the elderly man inserted another then another finger and wrenched them around until the orifice was completely accustomed to a foreign object.

Edmond looked at his grandfather with disbelief clearly emanating from his eyes.

All cameras were now fully operational from all angles and honed in to capture each and every last detail for broadcast to all paid subscribers.

Patriarch grinned as he yanked his digits from Jose's tight place. The man, grinning, looked down into the boy's face and said very softly, "I know things about you that you may not even realize about yourself. Now is the time for you to come unto your own. It's okay. I understand perfectly." Patriarch then positioned Edmond fully extended phallic structure to Jose's back door.

Jose, not knowing what the man was talking about, quickly tensed at feeling something else touching his most private place.

Edmond balked. His dreams for the future included, only, receiving the flesh, not giving into the temptations of what he really wanted to do. He looked at those ripples. He saw that they were tightly brought together. He then looked to Jose. He saw Jose's eyes tightly close and his face grimace as Patriarch pushed him forward into that tightly confined space where he did not want to be.

Without warning Edmond's phallus erupted. His body, weakened from two such experiences in a very short period of time, collapsed into his grandfather's arms. Although concerned for Edmond's well-being, he grinned his devious thoughts and approval. He sat the boy on a chair then turned his attention to Jeffrey and observed the lad lazily rolling his walnuts from side to side, beneath his respectfully designed and sized organ. Jeffrey caught his grandfather's gaze. Both man and boy smiled.

Jose, from his peripheral vision, saw the older boy walk around the table then felt air movement and touches to his thighs. As Jose began to come to realize that wicked things were about to happen, not knowing what, a mental vision of his father's angry face came into full view. Then the vision of his friend, Travis, exiting the school's gym restroom, beaten and battered and bleeding took over his being. However, before he could react or respond he felt something pushing against his backdoor. He forced himself to raise up just enough to see what was being done to him, and by whom.

Patriarch made room for Jeffrey to position his flesh at the Initiate's back door. With purpose, Jeffrey pushed against the tightness. With survival and determination in full force, Jose tightened his canal muscles to epic proportions, keeping the monster outside for the time being. Jeffrey, virginal in every way, beyond his control splattered Jose's private area with his nectars.

Patriarch, pissed beyond belief, pushed Jeffrey aside and posed his member toward the target of his dreams. Jeffrey, in turn, bumped into Edmond. They both fell to the floor, barely missing the tray of instruments and syringes.

"Silly boys." Patriarch uttered, condescendingly, as he reached for, retrieved and held The Great Neutralizer in one hand while he applied the contents of the canister to the 36 inch tube. Once that was completed to his satisfaction, he flipped on a toggle switch located on the back of the black box then pushed a button to set the energy level to +2. He then touched the end to a muscle next to Jose's knee cap causing it to violently twitch.

Jose, meanwhile, feeling the jolt of electricity passing through his largely restrained frame, also felt his arm restraints loosening. He looked up to see Edmond and Jeffrey stealing away and heading outside the room.

Patriarch, seeing the violent reaction from the young boy, adjusted the energy level to +1.5 and applied it to Jose's other knee. The resulting twitch met with his approval.

Jeffrey and Edmond walked past their mother and the film crew and headed for the restroom. At the last possible second, they turned to the right and walked slowly and quietly up the semi-circular staircase.

Rex hearing footsteps, quickly stepped back and stood at the stove with his weapon intently trained up on the door and slightly to the right of it. He whispered, "Movement. You guys cover the outside door."

The boys, once they reached the door at the top of the stairs, turned to one another. Edmond looked into Jeffrey's eyes, and said, seriously, "This has to stop. It's not right."

Jeffrey replied, angrily, "No, it's not right… but I sure didn't see you trying to get away, now did you? Was it good? Huh?"

Rex heard scuffling just behind the door he was guarding as he heard an older boy's voice say, "Okay, Mister Big Man, you go down there and be a hero. I'm outta here."

"Okay, fuck you. You're bigger and older than me, but I've got a bigger set of balls than you'll ever think about having."

Rex whispered into the tiny microphone, "I'm going in. It's now or never."

Then, before he could react to his statement, he heard a rumble, rumble, rumble and tumble, obviously from someone falling down the stairs. Just as he positioned himself to blow away the door lock, the door opened, a young boy exited. Rex, ready for anything, placed the weapon against Edmond's temple. He pulled the boy away from the door covering his mouth and said, very quietly, "Don't fucking move. Even though you are a kid I will blow your head off. Do you understand me?"

Edmond afraid for his life, nodded while innocently peeing the floor.

Ken and Kaydyn, just entering from outside, trained their weapons on the child's heart, but quickly retreated at seeing that Rex had the boy subdued. While Edmond continued peeing from fear and fright, Rex carried him to Ken who, without delay, took the boy outside to awaiting SWAT team members. Before leaving, he asked Edmond, "Where is the hostage?"

"He's in the basement, left side, in the corner. It's called the Green Room. He's going to get hurt. You've got to hurry."

"Are there any guns involved?"

"Yes. My grandfather always wears a .357 on a holster attached to his lower leg. There are also guns below the console. There are four men manning the cameras."

"Where is the console?"


Ken nodded to the SWAT officer. They walked away toward an awaiting ambulance located just outside of the inside perimeter.

Jeffrey, getting himself together after falling down several steps, and after doing a quick spot-check inventory to find he wasn't injured other than for a few sore places, quickly scaled the steps to follow his brother.

Rex and two SWAT team members heard footsteps coming closer to them from the stairway. They quickly repositioned themselves and trained their weapons on the approaching subject.

No sooner had Jeffrey broken the plane of the basement door than a SWAT member and Kaydyn had their hands covering his mouth and then whisked outside and taken to a separate secured cruiser.

Ken shared the little bit of information that he'd gleaned from the young child.

Rex, covered by one SWAT member on each side and followed by 3 members and Ken slowly and quietly descended the stairs to find four men sitting at a console pushing buttons. All four men looked to their left only to see four large handguns trained on their heads and hearts. The men, before the suspects could say ‘shit', were approached.

Two of the men, the sound producer and production manager, quickly reached for panic buttons designed to not only terminate the existing transmission but delete the database of all information. They never had the chance as they were quickly and silently subdued and taken upstairs and out of the building.

The other two, without resistance, were apprehended and taken upstairs and outside.

The middle-aged woman had disappeared into the back bathroom. Quickly, she reached into the medicine cabinet, retrieved a 20 cubic centimeter syringe filled with enough chemicals to quickly take herself out. The door opened just as she inserted the needle. Fast and furiously she injected. She fell dead to the floor before the syringe was halfway empty. The SWAT officer checked her pulse to find it absent. Rather than cause a commotion because the operation was fully engaged, he gave a bare hint of a smile and stood watch over her body.

Two other men took a run for it using a little known staircase in the corner of the basement. They'd taken no more than two footsteps outside when they were body slammed to the ground by waiting SWAT members.

Ken quickly took the lead when they heard a young child moaning, groaning and whimpering close by. As they progressed, he pointed to two doors. Kaydyn and Rex quickly cleared the rooms and then they continued forward, but ramped up when they heard a boy's scream.

Patriarch looked up and around only to see that his grandsons were gone. He silently cursed and swore to all deviancy then took hold of The Great Neutralizer, made sure the current was off. Assured no energy was passing, he dipped the end into the canister of lubrication substance then applied it to Jose's dimple and without encumbrance or resistance inserted it to the 18 inch mark. He reached for the switch, flipped it and relished the moment as Jose's body reacted to the +1.0 setting. The boy's legs quivered as the energy passed into and through him.

Jose, still in control of his faculties, despite the hot searing pain emanating from deep within his bowels, could not help but moan, groan and whimper as Patriarch increased the voltage from +1.0 to +1.5 to +1.75.Despite the muscles of his lower body tightening up, Jose knew in his mind that he had to do something.

Knowing that his life was on the line, the boy jerked his arms free, sat up, and flailed his arms and hands from one direction to another, hoping to find the source of the pain and agony coursing through his being. Patriarch looked up to see what the hell the boy was doing.

Their eyes met. Patriarch saw hatred and rage emanating from the boy's eyes. Jose saw surprise. But he also saw the evil besetting the soul of the wicked man. Never before in all of his 14 years was he prepared for the shards of wickedness passing through his visual senses.

It was do or die time.

Jose quickly looked around. A shiney metal tray lay on a table next to the torture bed.

Just as another pulse of energy was starting to pass through his body he lunged his hand into the tray and grabbed whatever he could get his hands on. One instrument fell to the floor, so he grabbed another one.

Without even knowing what it was, he raised up his head just as the energy level was becoming unbearable, looked into the Patriarch's evil eyes then plunged the object deep into the left eye socket. The man screamed then reached for the black box with the wires trailing from it, ready to put it to full power. But, before he could get there, Jose, now enraged beyond all reasoning and comprehension, slashed the man's throat over and over and over again, sending blood splattering everywhere, including all over himself.

Patriarch then fell to the floor clutching his neck to keep the life-sustaining fluids from leaving his body… but his efforts were in vain. Feeling himself fading from this world, as a last ditch effort, the man reached for and retrieved his .357, unsnapped it, but did not have the strength to actually draw the weapon, much less fire it.

Kaydyn, hearing gurgling and sounds of death coming from the Green Room burst through the doorway with his weapons at the ready. The utter carnage at first glance was intense. He saw the youth lying on the table slashing and slashing and slashing thin air. At the same time, his attention was drawn to an elderly man lying on the floor with blood spurting from his neck. The man's hand was attempting to position the weapon for firing.

Rex stormed into the room, took aim on the man, but stopped when his target dropped to the floor, appearing deceased.

Ken entered. He quickly surveyed the situation. While the man on the floor was still spurting blood from severed arteries in his neck, he knew the suspect would soon die, and was of no immediate threat.

Kaydyn closed the distance and kicked away the weapon.

Rex went to the youngster. As he took hold of the youth's hand to remove the knife, the object fell and landed into the right eye of his captor, sending a geyser of clear fluid about 2 inches into the air.

The men, seeing that the elderly man was no longer a threat, quickly surrounded Jose. Ken, shocked to his core at seeing the black object extruding from Jose's rectum, quickly grabbed hold but was knocked back by the energy emanating from it. Rex, on Jose's left side, seeing what was happening, quickly pulled the plug.

Afraid to hurt the boy any further, Ken very cautiously grasped hold of the object, and finding that it was no longer energized, slowly and gently removed it from this child's rectum, estimating that it had been inserted approximately 20 inches. Its removal released a torrent of bodily fluids. Although the fluids were foul, they flowed directly into the dead man's mouth and what was left of his eyes. Ken had to smile then he fully returned his attention to the boy.

Hearing other footsteps quickly walking down the corridor, Ken yelled, "Secure!"

Ken and Rex then turned their attention to releasing the restraints holding the boy's lower body to the table.

Stryker entered the basement, quickly looked around to see his team standing outside of a door at the other end of the room. He quickly made his way there. He was given access and entered the room to see an adult male body lying on the floor, obviously deceased, with poked out eyeballs, blood all over the place, hot putrid body elimination substances smells, and sight of a boy being comforted by Ken, Kaydyn and Rex.

Meanwhile, with his senses slowly returning, Jose thought of himself as a whimpering little baby boy, incapable of being man enough to stop what had happened to him, and wondering if his father would ever forgive him.

A voice interrupted his train of thought. ""Hey, buddy. My name's Kaydyn, spelled with a K. Are you hurt?"

Jose shook his head in the negative.

"What's your name?"

"Jose Sanchez."

"How old are you, Jose?"


"Is there a way where we can contact your parents? First, though, are your parents responsible for your being in this situation?"

"No. They didn't make me come here. They will be too ashamed of me." Jose said, then reached up and wiped away a blood clot that was slinking its way down his eye from the brow.

Rex, meanwhile, also casting aside all crime scene procedures, rummaged around cabinets searching for towels or washcloths to wipe away the blood spatter from the boy's eyes and face. He finally found one in a small cabinet then approached Jose from his other side and began gently wiping the boy's face while telling him what he was doing, and why. Jose nodded his understanding and approval.

Stryker stepped out of the room and radioed, "The crime scene is in the basement. The scene is secure. Get EMS down here, ASAP. We'll need a coroner for a DB, homicide. Forensics is needed."

Stryker's deputy chief approached. Stryker looked up. The deputy said, "The rest of the house is secure. There is another DB in the bathroom. Looks like a self-inflicted suicide."

Stryker nodded his understanding. The deputy walked up the stairs and out of sight.

As soon as his eyes were wiped clean of the gunk and substances, and after Kaydyn said he could open his eyes, he did so and looked all around. What had the most impact upon the young boy was the amount of blood spattered all over his body, the table, the walls, and even onto the ceiling. He shivered and his muscles quivered.

Ken, seeing the boy going into shock called outside of the room, "We need blankets in here. And get EMS here, too. The boy appears to be going into shock."

He then looked into Kaydyn's eyes. Kayden, afraid the child was hurt due to all of the blood everywhere, said, "Medics are on their way. A lot is going to happen in a very short period of time. Investigators. Photographers. Detectives. Uniformed cops. They will all be here."

Jose's eyes, overwhelmed with the men already in the room and knowing there would be many, many more, filled with tears. His emotions going in all different directions at ninety miles per hour, relaxed when Kaydyn's hand took Jose's in his.

Ken and Stryker approached, "Jose, it's nice to meet you. I just wish it was under different and better circumstances. When you are asked questions, just answer them using the truth."

"I always tell the truth, Sir. I will to my dying day. I have nothing to gain by being dishonest. My father taught me that."

"That's right. I teach my children the same thing." Kaydyn offered then continued, "Sometimes all we have is our good word. Nothing more. Nothing less."

Ken added, "You mention your father, where can we find him?"

Jose shook his head and said, "My father will disown me. I have brought shame to my family. There is no turning back, not now."

Ken asked, "There are times when things work out, Son. I hope this is one of those times. I know if you were my son then I would be very proud of you."

Ken inquired, "Jose, we need to speak to your parents. Would you give me his phone number so that I can?"

"512-222-3333, but there's nothing you can do or say that will change his mind, Sir. My father is a very proud man. He tried to guide me right. But… I failed him."

Stryker, standing just outside of the door, heard Jose's words and the shame in them, entered then kicked the DB's legs apart so that he could make his way between the body and boy. Jose looked to him. Stryker reached up and pushed away a slithering blood clot that was threatening to drop from a tuft of hair draped across Jose's forehead.

"Jose, you didn't fail today. The man that hurt you today is the most filthy, vile and despicable human being to ever walk the streets of this earth. He's hurt many children. We have reason to believe that he's killed many kids, either directly or indirectly. His death is not a bad thing. In my estimation, you are a hero. You stopped him from hurting more children."

Jose shrugged his shoulders. But the expression emanating from his eyes told all 4 men that the boy was listening, and trying to make sense of all that has happened over the past few hours.

Kaydyn said very softly, "I'll speak with your father. There are a few things he needs to get straight in his mind about you. The knowledge can only come from someone outside of the family."

"You'd do that for me?"

"Yes, I will."

The forensics team arrived. Ken said to Jose, "We're going to step just outside the door. Some law enforcement officers are going to take some preliminary pictures of this scene. Once the pictures are taken we're going to get you out of here and to an ambulance where you can be checked out by the professionals. You will not have to move while they do their jobs. Can you be patient for a few more minutes?"

Jose looked into Ken's eyes, searching for truth and or any sign that he should distrust him. Seeing none, he nodded assuring his cooperation.

Forty five pictures were taken in the space of about 10 minutes. Next, the lab technicians entered and swabbed samples from Jose's hair, ears, face, neck, chest, abdomen, private areas, legs and feet.

After forensics completed their preliminary work, two big mean looking female EMS workers arrived and entered the relatively small area. Jose was shocked to hear the very soft feminine voice of one them ask, while the other took his vital signs, "Hello there, Sweet Cheeks. I'm Sarah and will be taking care of you until we get you to the hospital. Are you hurting anywhere in particular?"

Jose shook his head in the negative. But the expression on Jose's face told Sarah something more was going on than he was disclosing. She didn't press for more information. She completed a field examination and didn't find anything seriously wrong like cuts, bruises, broken bones or evidence of impending collapse due to shock or blood loss, which from all outer appearances was – surprising.

"Okay, kiddo, we're going to get you out of here. You'll be going to the hospital. With all of the blood all over you, we need to have a doctor check you out from head to toe. And, I think there is something you don't want to talk to me about. No problem."

The second female medic reached to the floor and picked up a tube that was like one used for colonoscopies. Sarah saw it as well as all of the blood and gunk. Compelled to ask, she inquired, "Jose, was something put into your bottom?"

Jose looked at her with sad eyes. He shrugged his shoulders for she was prying into very deep places that was very personal to him and his perception of being a male. Finally, seeing that Sarah wasn't going to budge until he replied, reluctantly, "I guess so, Ma'am."

Sarah turned to Stryker, "Can we take this with us? The doctors will need to see it."

Stryker shook his head, "No, I'm afraid not. Our labs will analyze this object as part of our investigation."

"Sir, I am well versed with chain of custody proceedings. The doctors need to see this object." Sarah, wearing her plastic gloves, took the object from her partner, and looked at it very carefully. When she saw what looked like scorched residue on the very tip of the object, she became adamant, "From all indications, this object was used on my patient. I must insist on taking this instrument to our doctors to evaluate so that they can properly treat this patient. By the way, Sir, you may not remember me, but I learned chain of custody procedures from a class you taught."

Stryker's stance relaxed. He looked deeply into the paramedic's eyes. Vaguely he remembered her as a student, a top notch student at that, from a few years ago.

"I recall. Just make it available to our team upon request."

Sarah nodded then signed a form one of the forensic experts placed before her. This form would contain the when, where, why and how evidence is passed through investigative channels.

With ease, Sarah picked Jose up by the back of his shoulders and beneath his knees and carried him upstairs. There were two other paramedics waiting. He was wrapped in a blanket so that the whole world didn't have to see his bare body, much to Jose's relief.

Kaydyn and Rex followed behind in their car while Jose was taken by ambulance, Code 1, to Midwest Memorial Hospital in Topeka for evaluation and treatment.

Upon arrival, he was whisked away to a Level 1 trauma bay for fear that he was, given the amount of blood on his body, mortally injured. IVs were started. Cardiac monitors were instituted. A team of attending physicians, residents and interns converged and began evaluating the boy as though he was about to collapse from catastrophic blood loss.

They soon determined that Jose, other than for a tear of his foreskin, was uninjured. The boy, however, because of shame and guilt, did not disclose the true nature of his abuse, even when, after one of the doctors saw two circular red marks at the opening of his anus. The doctor who examined him, inquired as to how they got there.

For the first time in his life, Jose lied by saying they must have come from a serious constipation bout.

The doctor didn't believe Jose. He performed a digital and obtained orifice samples to determine if there was semen present. The quick test method revealed no semen, so the doctor very reluctantly let it go.

Once they were fully convinced that Jose was in no danger, the IVs, monitors and other medical apparatus were removed.

A male nurse led Jose to a shower in the doctor's lounge.

Meanwhile, Stryker, Ken, Kaydyn and Rex were shown to a conference room on the 3rd floor so that they could get their heads together to debrief. Because Kaydyn was the first one into the Green Room and saw, with his own eyes, Jose's actions, he provided the most information.

They came to the conclusion that no charges would be recommended for Jose. The final determination would be up to the prosecuting attorney for Shawnee County.

Where the two detained juveniles came into the picture was an unknown. Stryker's plan was to interview them as soon as possible.

Not only that, a thorough investigation by the cybercrime team would be undertaken.

The middle-aged woman would remain on the scene until such time the coroner released the body from the scene to the morgue for autopsy to determine manner and cause of death.

When Stryker left, Ken, Kaydyn and Rex decided to make the call to Mike Reynolds for a mission report.

But first, they decided to head for the Emergency Room to check on Jose.

The trauma bay where Jose was being evaluated was empty. In fact, it looked like any other time when a patient was not being treated.

Doctors and nurses were scurrying here, there and everywhere while performing their duties. The three men searched each of the exam rooms in an effort to find Jose.

A rogue thought passed through Ken's mind – had the Burroughs clan found Jose despite their diligence to keep the child protected?

Jose, led by the male nurse, entered the restroom in the doctor's lounge. Four physicians were present. At first, their attentions completely turned to the naked child covered in blood and other substances. They relaxed when the male nurse told them Jose had been thoroughly checked out and found to be essentially free of injuries. They went on about their business.

The male nurse urged Jose into the shower while he obtained washcloths, towels, and a pair of scrubs for him to wear afterward.

Without saying a word or providing any other form of acknowledgment, the boy entered the shower stall and turned on the water spigots while the male nurse adjusted the curtain so that his patient's privacy was respected. He gathered the items as well as shampoo and a bar of soap. Jose accepted the shampoo, soap and washcloth, and nodded his understanding about the towels and scrubs. The male nurse departed after saying, "If you need anything, just say so. I'll be just outside doing some paperwork."

Jose nodded then put his head under the shower head and let the water cascade over his body, hoping he didn't have to touch himself in the process. Common sense said that he would indeed have to wash with plenty of soap and water.

With those conflicts running through his adolescent mind, he soaped up a washcloth then began thoroughly scrubbing his body harder and harder and harder and harder and harder. The more he scrubbed the dirt and filth the worse the thoughts that he'd never be clean ‘enough' passed through his mind.

Although he didn't want to touch his private areas, like the rest of his body, he scrubbed harder and harder and harder with hopes that they would forever become cured of their curses.

Unable to endure anymore, simply because his strength was gone, he sat down on the shower floor, leant forward his head, closed his eyes and simply let the water cascade over his head and through his eyes, not caring one way or another about anything.

The male nurse was called away for an emergency patient. Before leaving he looked toward the restroom, and while he was a bit concerned about Jose taking so long, he left without saying anything to him.

Ken, Rex and Kaydyn separated to perform a sweep of the entire area.

Ken took off down the corridor stopping at each door. The search included linen rooms, broom closets, exam rooms – both occupied and unoccupied, visitor conference areas.

Rex took off for the cafeteria, thinking that staff would be providing the boy with a meal.

Kaydyn, meanwhile, took off to look through canteens, nursing stations, receptionist areas, outside the Emergency entrance and exit doors and for about 100 yards either side of the doors.

Way off in the distance he saw media vans from both local and national outlets converged in a corner of a parking lot. They were looking toward the ER. He headed back in when those talking heads began running toward the building. He had no time to deal with the fucking media, nor did he have any desire to even get into that nightmare.

Quickly, Kaydyn headed down a long corridor on the south periphery of the emergency department. He stopped at a pair of locked doors. They required a code sequence to enter, which he did not have. The door on his left opened. A convoy of staff exited pushing along a hospital bed with an elderly patient having tubes going into and coming out of every conceivable orifice on his blanket covered body. As soon as they passed through, Kaydyn, without hesitation walked through it only to find everyone wearing green garb, caps and paper shoe coverings. Some wore either light green paper masks or deep blue paper cups, some not.

A woman sitting in a high-back chair at the scheduling desk looked up to see the military camouflaged man standing before here. "How can I help you?"

"I'm looking for a boy about 14 years old. His name is Jose Sanchez."

Behind her was a large white-board with patient names, ages, assigned physician name, and type of operation. The receptionist, clearly smug and professional stated, "For privacy concerns, we do not disclose whether a patient is or is not in this hospital, nor in this surgical department."

Meanwhile, Kaydyn was paying but little attention to her as he scanned the board. He saw 4 patients aged 13 through 16, but none had Jose's name, or even Spanish surnames. "Thank you."

Kaydyn, undeterred in his mission, turned and started out of the area, but stopped when he saw a group of nurses exiting through a door down the corridor about 50 feet away. He estimated the door could not be seen from the reception desk, so he took off that way. He entered to find several other nurses, in various stages of dress, going about their business of changing. Unconcerned, he looked all around and then headed into the restroom section and carefully searched all cubbyholes, showers, stalls and a door that led into a linen closet. No Jose. But huge resistance from staff.

Assured the boy was not in there, he exited the lounge. Back in the corridor, he checked behind all doors within 25 feet then came upon another lounge appearing area. The door to this one had the male insignia on its facing.

Once again, he scoured the area, now more desperately searching for their subject who appeared to have disappeared. He entered the restroom, looked into each stall – all were open, a linen closet, another small room with soaps of all kinds, shampoos, cleaning supplies, etc.

A shower was running. While he wasn't all that keen about seeing a naked man doing whatever he was doing, he bit the bullet and pulled the curtain aside just enough to peek in just in case it was Jose.

His heart stopped at seeing Jose sitting on the floor with his head bent forward. What most caught his attention were the red and inflamed areas of skin on his chest, belly, legs, and genitals.

Very softly, the man asked Jose when the boy looked up, "Jose. Are you about finished?"

Jose stood, turned around to show Kaydyn his back. His back still had caked blood that trailed down the center. The man took the washcloth and bar of soap and applied them to the trails, then, without asking permission wiped away the blood from the boy's buttocks. Kaydyn said, "Go ahead, rinse off, we need to talk."

When Jose put his head under the shower spray and closed his eyes, Kaydyn noted a piece of skin hanging loosely from Jose's appendage. While it was not dripping blood, it was abundantly clear that the raw area was oozing nearly clear red fluid.

Five minutes passed before Jose stepped out of the spray. He wiped his eyes with his fingers using each as though it was a squeegee. Kaydyn reached in and turned off the spigots then handed Jose a towel.

Jose stepped out. Kaydyn grabbed a clean towel and began drying Jose's hair and upper back while the boy dried the rest of his body. When Jose turned away and bent forward to put on the scrub shirt, Kaydyn noted a very red whelp way down low on Jose's bottom which disappeared into the valley of darkness.

Dried and dressed they exited the restroom and into the main lounge area. Two security personnel were standing against the door leading out of the lounge. Both approached. The man on the left said, "Come with me. I will take you to a conference room to meet up with your party. Normally, this area is secure and off limits to non-hospital personnel, however under the circumstances…"

Kaydyn said, "Thank you. I do not do hospitals unless they are absolutely required."

The men stood aside to permit the security breaches to exit. They then led them to a small examination room in the emergency department. Upon entering, they saw Ken and Rex sitting with anxious expressions on their faces.

"Hey, Buddy." Ken said kindly, reassuringly.

"Hey." Jose replied, very quietly, barely above a whisper.

The security personnel nodded to Kayden then made their exit and closed the door behind them.

Ken approached Jose. Ken asked, "Do you feel better? You sure look better than when you came in here."

"I guess. I'm still filthy dirty. But he came." Jose said, looking at Kaydyn with a mixture of disappointment and shame emanating from his expression.

Kaydyn reached for Jose's chin and lifted it enough to look into his eyes, and said, "I'm sorry, Jose. Your body is clean. There is no more blood to wash away."

Jose shrugged his shoulders.

Ken approached the boy. He held out his arms, hoping Jose would accept a token of caring and consideration. Reluctantly, Jose accepted the hug. Ken whispered, "I've been there done that. The first time it happened, just like you, I scrubbed really hard to try to get the memory out of my mind, but it didn't work. What worked is talking to someone that really cares about what happened. It will work for you, too…"

Kaydyn and Rex exited the small exam room. Kaydyn bumped into a doctor on her way somewhere. He excused himself. She smiled and said, "No problem. I wasn't paying attention."

"Doctor, we have a boy in the exam room. Even though he's had a thorough examination in a trauma bay, I don't think he was completely checked out. It's kind of a long story. And I cannot get into particulars, but we rescued the boy from a very bad situation. Anyway, when he was taking a shower, while trying to scrub away his mental wounds he hurt himself physically. Can you or someone else take a look at him, once again?"

"Of course. Let me check in with the desk. What is the patient's name?"

"Jose Sanchez."

"Okay, I'll be right back." The doctor said. Kaydyn noted the doctor's name tag read, ‘Doctor Elizabeth Gunther. Emergency Department. Trauma Surgery'.

Rex said, "You two have this under wraps. I need to call my boss to give a report. Unless you need me?"

Kaydyn said, "That's fine. Thanks, Rex. We're going to call Mike as soon as we get Jose taken care of."

"What happened to him?"

"He tried to peel off his skin. Plus, he's all bruised up, and he has what appears to be burn marks on his butt."

"Hopefully, someday he'll come to realize that sometimes you have to do bad things to save other people. We know what he's feeling and going through."

Kaydyn said, sadly, "True that. He's a strong kid. I think he'll be okay, given time."

"Okay, I'm out of here. Let me know if there's anything more I can do." Rex said, then took his leave.

Doctor Gunther returned. Kaydyn followed her in.

Jose and Ken pulled apart. Jose's eyes were wet. He quickly wiped away the moisture.

Doctor Gunther immediately saw the redness and puffiness and abraded skin covering Jose's face, neck and upper chest. She immediately recognized self-abuse. Her concern level increased exponentially. "Hi Jose, I'm Doctor Gunther. You're probably tired of doctors and stuff by now, but I want to take a good look at you to see what more we can do to help you through this. Kaydyn told me a little bit about what happened. He's concerned that you may have hurt yourself."

Jose nodded his understanding. Then without prompting or any sign of embarrassment, took off his shirt and then lowered the scrub pants to reveal bruises, abrasions, and the significant injury to his penis.

Doctor Gunther very gently asked Jose to get onto the exam table, which he did without question or hesitation.

The physician commenced to perform a thorough yet gentle examination from head to foot. She noted the avulsion injury to Jose's penis. Though not serious, it would have to be treated by removing the foreskin, sooner rather than later as it was an open wound and would be prone to infection if not cared for.

She had Jose stand on the floor. She then noted the bruises and belt marks on his back, buttocks and upper thighs. She also noted high-level first degree and low level second burn strips between his buttocks; disappearing into Jose's pronounced crevice.

With Jose's permission, she gently parted his globes to observe that his anus had clear and convincing second degree damaged skin. With additional permission, she was permitted to fully examine his most private area. Ken noted the boy remarkably grimaced upon entry of her delicate index finger. He patted Jose's shoulder and offered encouragement the examination would soon be finished.

Doctor Gunther noted blood and flecks of burned skin on her gloved finger. While she frowned, it was not all that noticeable unless it was being looked for. Ken and Kaydyn had long ago learned to read other people's expressions, so they noted the change.

The physician took several tissue swabs then inserted them into test tubes and marked a small white area with Jose's name and location of where the specimen was taken from.

Once Jose was dressed and comfortably sitting on the exam table, she looked into his eyes and said, "Well, Jose, all in all, you are a healthy young man. I am concerned about your penis. You also have injury to your bottom… would you tell me how your bottom was injured?"

"I don't know, Ma'am. Honestly, I don't know." Jose said. His expression and eyes told the complete story that he truly did not understand. This relaxed Doctor Gunther's concern that perhaps, just perhaps, the two men in the room had somehow perpetrated his injuries.

Kaydyn looked into Jose's eyes. Jose gave him unspoken permission to give his explanation as to what might have happened.

Kaydyn, taking the queue, stated, "Doctor, again I cannot go into details about our operation. What I can tell you is my observation. At the time when we found Jose, he had some kind of a black tube inside of his bottom. It also had wires leading to a small black box which was plugged into a wall socket."

"Oh… that sounds like a colonoscope with a coagulation device. Jose, those are medical devices used to examine patients who have possible colon diseases or injury. The wires that go into an electric device are used to obtain biopsies, however they sound very antique. We haven't used those in years and years. Now, what I need to do is examine your colon with a very sophisticated and safe scope. This will determine what injury you have to your colon. You will not feel a thing as we will give you a mild anesthetic. First though, I want Dr. Smyth to take a look at your penis. She's a urologist, a doctor who takes care of urinary system disorders. She is going to remove most of that extra skin on the top of your penis. It's pretty bruised and abraded. Or, in English terms, it is damaged beyond repair. She's a really cool person. I'd have her take care of me and my family in a heartbeat."

Jose looked down into his lap. As if he saw the damage for the very first time, his expression turned to near terror at seeing the macerated tissues and oozing blood. He turned his attention to Doctor Gunther, and nodded his understanding.

Several hours later, after having had his procedures, they, once again, sat in the examination room.

Although Ken and Kaydyn knew the results of the procedures, Jose did not. Doctor Gunther began while Doctor Smyth listened carefully, "There will come a day when you feel clean. Not many boys admit to being abused, especially when it comes to things that affects their manliness needs and desires. You are very brave. I'm very proud of you. While you've been through a lot, more than any 14 year old should be exposed to, I believe you are going to be just fine. Now, I am going to pass on information to you that may very well help your recovery."

Jose, feeling the last effects of the anesthesia wearing off, nodded readily.

Doctor Gunther continued, "First though, your medical conditions. When I performed the colonoscopy, I didn't see cancer or other life-threatening diseases. What I did see however, is that you have quite a few burns in the last 18 inches of your colon. These are basically superficial. They will heal on their own. They will not require any surgery or medicine. You may notice small amounts of blood on tissue paper. This will stop over the next day or two. Do you have any questions?"

"Not really, Ma'am." Jose said, quickly, then he took in a deep breath as his eyes filled with unshed tears. One fell down his cheek which he quickly wiped away with the back of his index finger as though it was a squeegee. Doctor Gunther patted Jose's knee to give him support. He nodded. His expression registered thanksgiving. "Why? My father would never ever in a million years approve of what they did to me. All I want to be is to be a good son to my father."

"Honey, you are a young man who is indeed a good son. If he cannot see what I see then, well, I'm afraid it is his loss, not yours."

Jose, while he shrugged his shoulders, paid rapt interest to her words. Somewhere deep inside of his psyche, he felt that perhaps she was correct. He nodded after a moment or two of quiet contemplation.

She patted his knee once again. Jose cautiously smiled. While it was superficial, Doctor Gunther felt that perhaps her words had a profound effect on his doubts and concerns.

"I agree 100 percent." Doctor Smyth said, assuredly, then continued, "I am a urologist, a doctor who studies the urinary and reproductive systems of men and women, and boys and girls. As you know, your foreskin was partially torn. It was beyond saving so I removed the rest of it. Before you worry, let me just say that your organ will work perfectly. You'll be sore for a few days, but it will be just fine. Lots and lots of men and boys walk around without the skin. It does not affect the ability to achieve erections, nor does it prevent you from experiencing orgasms. You will have no problem with sexual intercourse. Sperm production will be normal."

Jose nodded, with interest displayed in his expression.

Doctor Smyth continued, "While you were under relatively light anesthesia, I applied a very tiny amount of electrical current to the nerves that affect erection. The responses were completely normal. While you will continue to have erections from time to time, just as any male does, you will find that they may very well sting for a few days. This is to be expected. Day by day, you will find the severe sensations rapidly passing. The only thing I do not want you to do with your penis is to have sexual intercourse, otherwise just do whatever is comfortable. Can you think of any questions?"

Jose looked into her eyes. His became filled with unshed tears. His only question was tearing him up inside. The only purpose in his life was to have his parents' approval. He tried doing what he thought was right, but it was no good.

“But, Ma'am. I hear your words. It is wrong of me to… I touch myself. I do it on purpose. My father is very ashamed of me… I don't know what to do.”

Jose quickly wiped his eyes free of what appeared to the doctors to be despair. When he recovered, Doctor Smyth very softly but purposefully added, "Jose, I would be very concerned if you were not having erections and orgasms. There is only so much a boy can do to control his sexual responses. Listen to me: there is no reason to even try to control your urges. You see, way back in the olden days, men and women did not live as long as they do now. So, it was not uncommon to have children very early in their lives, say as young as 13 to 15 years old. If a person lived well into their 40's… they were considered old. Why you ask? Because we didn't have antibiotics, advanced surgical techniques, medicines, and preventative care. Often times a virus could and did wipe out entire families, even communities."

Jose, having heard the same thing in the classroom, nodded understandingly and offered in acknowledgment, "Yes, they taught that to us in school. Still, my father does not believe me when I tell him that I try to stop it from happening. But I always fail. Even when I do not touch it, I wake up…" He looked to Doctor Smyth.

She said, "Wet dreams, also called nocturnal emissions, are normal and natural. They slow down or stop when the male masturbates. Masturbation is simply a method used to control wet underwear and sheets. Some boys have wet dreams even when they masturbate on a regular basis. Each person is a little different, but, in the end, the male body responds the same."

Doctor Gunther, now wearing a mischievous grin and having a glint of orneriness emanating from her eyes, quipped, "That's right. I have a son about your age… every night, let's just say he is very much enjoying his freedoms of being a normal teenage boy."

Jose blushed fiercely. Both doctors grinned widely, as did Ken and Kaydyn. The boy blushed with his color turning bright red even deeper than before those two guys said anything.

Doctor Smyth added something very deep for Jose to consider, "There is a widely accepted study called The Kinsey Studies. This process evaluated, across a very wide population base, sexual behavior of men and women, boys and girls. It concluded that each and every male, at one time or another, perhaps continuously, masturbated. This makes me believe that anyone who says they do not masturbate is a – liar."

Doctor Gunther added, "That goes for girls, too. We are not immune to self-pleasure. Which brings us to another point, an important one at that. "Many Christian, and other religions, too, forbid self-pleasure. But, I've never understood, then, why their God made arms long enough to reach that which brings us pleasure. My opinion is that those religions are afraid of our God given sexuality. It's pretty much pure and simple."

Jose, feeling better with the new and additional information nodded his understanding. Pounds and pounds of guilt and shame released from his heavy heart and soul, thinking that maybe he wasn't so bad after all. But there was one more thing that he felt profound shame, guilt and unacceptance of, "Thank you. I understand better, now. But… my dreams… they are… wicked and depraved. I cannot stop them." In a rush, he continued, "I protect my friends. They are gay. Everybody picks on them. It's terrible. Why can't I be normal? Why does my father get angry when I tell him of their problems, and asked how I can help them?"

Both doctors looked into one another's eyes. Without hesitation, the two woman reached for held hands then leant in and touched their lips together, briefly.

Jose's eyes went wide and wild. "You're gay?"

"Well, we're actually lesbians. We've been together for 18 years and we have 4 beautiful children. Our only son, God bless his pea pickin heart for being the only male in the family, poor boy, is gay. He is normal in every way, simply because he is who he is. And yes, he has had some negative experiences in his lifetime, but it does not stop him from being him. He's more cautious about who and what he shares with other people."

"Really?" Jose asked, curiously.

"Really." Doctor Gunther responded, calmly.

Ken offered, "Jose, you are a fine boy. It makes absolutely no difference to me whether you are gay, straight, bi, or any one or more than one label that people put on people. It's what counts in here pointing to his heart that counts."

Kaydyn added, "The same is true for me. My wife and I observe our 3 year old daughter, and sometimes wonder if her young mind isn't trying to tell us something about her. What we're going to do is to just let her grow up normally, according to her person."

Doctor Smyth tag teamed, "Jose, your father sounds very much like my mother. She could not and did not accept me and Ellen. This made us that much more dedicated to one another."

Doctor Gunther nodded. "Ken is correct. The names people put onto us is just that – their understanding, or misunderstanding as the case may be."

Feeling confident, now, Jose disclosed, "Well, I love my friends. I understand them. But, I am so afraid. My father hates my friends. If I tell him – then he will hate me, and I mean hate me."

"Tell me, Jose. Be perfectly honest with me, "The bruises on your back, butt and legs – did your father do those? Did he punish you?"

Jose took in a deep shuddering breath. This would be his last undisclosed secret: shame, guilt, worry, self-loathing… and fear was being confronted right here and now. He loved his father with all of his heart and being and did not want to disappoint him. He was, all along, convinced that his father was only making him a strong man. If he told him the truth, then he'd be forsaking all that he knew and loved.

"Jose?" Ken said, softly.

Jose looked into Ken's eyes. He was waiting for his answer.

"When he disciplines me… it is for my own good. He is making me a strong man."

"That's all well and good. But, there are many issues with those methods. First, you are a 14 year old boy. You are not yet a man. Secondly, men do not normally fight one another to make their points. Third, there are more effective ways to deal with infractions – we take toys and electronic games away until the child gets the message that their ways are wayward." Doctor Gunther offered. She looked to Doctor Smyth.

"Our oldest daughter is a very strong willed child, although as she gets older, she's calming down and finding that we're more correct than what she originally thought. This happens as children get older."

Doctor Gunther continued, "That's right. She was heading toward a life of drugs and alcohol. This is a parent's worst nightmare." She turned to Jose, "Do you use drugs or drink alcohol?"

"No, Ma'am. I hate them. Two of my friends… I am afraid for them."

"Stay strong for them. You are a very strong child. Maybe you can help them like nobody else can."

"I do. But, my father, he tells me to stay away. He says that Satan is pulling me into hellfire and damnation."

The more that Jose spoke of his father, both Ken and Kaydyn couldn't help but to wonder if the man was involved in the Church's tactics. Both men, silently, vowed to have a ‘talk' with the man to determine answers to their question. Then go from there.

Ken said, "We'll have a talk with your father. I need to better understand him."

Jose's eyes opened wide. His expression turned from being largely okay within himself to fear. He said, "No, you can't do that. He is my father. I will be fine. Maybe if I talk to him about what they did to me, he will understand."

Doctor Smyth sat straight up in her chair. She turned to Jose and said, "From a medical standpoint, after we have talked this afternoon, I cannot let you go back to your parents. Not now."

Ken concurred, "That's right. Until I speak with your father, we're going to keep you with us and our families. Sometimes punishments escalate after an extended time away, like it is your fault for being gone. We'll get you back home, but, first, there has to be an understanding between your father, me and Kaydyn."

Jose looked into Ken's eyes and questioned, "You would do that?"

"Count on it. This is the only way."

Doctor Gunther added, "That is an acceptable alternative for me. The other alternative is to put you into Foster Care. The last resort, and perhaps it would come down to this is – juvenile detention."

"Juvenile is not the place for you, Jose. While I am sure you could defend yourself, you would likely be required to defend yourself all of the time, even when you were asleep… you'd always wonder what they were going to do to you in the future."

Doctor Smyth picked up, "That's right. Believe it or not, there are youngsters who have crossed into that realm of being hardened criminals who have no regard for themselves or others."

"Foster care is your best alternative, Jose…"

"I don't think so. My wife and I are approved foster parents in Nebraska." Ken offered. He continued, "Since my son and I are federal… uhmm… agents… we would likely face no recriminations about taking you there to live with us."

Jose nodded, readily. "May I use the restroom? I will think about it."

Kaydyn looked at Jose with intense interest. He asked himself if he thought Jose might be a flight risk. Although he didn't think so, he didn't know for sure. He said, "I need to go as well. Come on."

The two of them walked out into the corridor, turned left then right then left. The second door on the right was a men's room. They entered and stood side by side as they emptied their bladders. Jose said very softly, "I will go with you. But I am worried. My father has many guns."

Kaydyn's eyes opened with concern. He continued to face forward, not daring to look down to Jose. He didn't want the boy to see his increased concerns.

When finished with draining his can, Jose looked down at his organ and noticed the very fine sutures lining the circumference of his semi-erect organ. It met with his approval, even though it looked very different.

Kaydyn shook himself the correct number of times, then looked down to Jose observing his organ. In every way, the boy looked normal in every way. "She did pretty well, don't you think?"

"I think so, too." Jose replied, then brought the elastic tight and cinched the ties tight so that the scrubs that were loose and several sizes too big, didn't slide down.

They washed their hands in companionable silence then returned to the exam room.

Ken noted that Jose was walking lighter and that his shoulders were not dragging the ground any longer. Kaydyn nodded with agreement, even though his father and he hadn't said a word. The two men had long ago communicated on a very close level since they were, after all, father and son. He announced, "Jose, there is a clothes closet for people who have lost their clothes for one reason or another. Doctor Smyth has offered to take you there to get some street clothes to wear out of here. Are you interested?"

"Yes, Sir. Thank you. These are very big on me."

After providing an antibiotic cream to apply four times per day, Doctors Smyth and Gunther made their exit after offering, and giving and receiving hugs with Jose. They noted Jose's change in demeanor and felt confident that his best interests lay in the two men's care and custody.

A candy striper arrived and entered the room. She turned to Jose. If ever there was love at first sight, even if it was only unilateral, it was there and then. Her eyes went wide open, and subconsciously, though Jose picked up on licked her lips. It didn't go unnoticed – by anyone in the room. The only one who wasn't, uhmm, concerned was Jose.

She said, "I'll take you to the clothes locker and get you in some good clothes. We have a lot. No doubt we will have your sizes."

Jose looked to Ken for approval. He nodded and said, "We'll wait here for you."

The boy and girl walked to a brightly lit room in the Emergency Department then they turned and entered another room. The girl mentally sized up this boy that was stirring every last desire in her young teen body. Fortunately, the clothes rack was well documented with labels of sizes for girls and boys. Using her intuitions as guides, she grabbed a pair of black jeans and a light blue pastel colored button down shirt.

On another rack were pairs of packaged briefs. Jose, while the girl was picking out street clothes for him to wear, snagged a package of 3 pair of white briefs. Seeing that she was busy, he dropped his scrub pants and pulled his shirt over his head, thus exposing himself to a girl, which he had never before done. He tore open the package, retrieved a pair, and just as soon as he put his foot into the leg opening, she turned around then dropped the clothing to the floor, and she stood there gaping at his fine form, complete with a semi-erect male organ, which she had never before seen.

Jose grinned nervously, but continued putting them on until his exposure was covered.

The girl, after realizing this boy before her had no interest whatsoever picked up the shirt and gave it to Jose. He put it on and buttoned the buttons in front, taking care to do it evenly.

The jeans, while a size too small, met Jose's approval. He liked to wear snug pants… they just felt more comfortable. He did not approve of baggy sagging pants. He'd never get caught dead in them.

The girl walked around and assisted Jose with tucking in his shirt. In the process, she pushed the tail deep into Jose's back causing her to run her hands down and across Jose's underwear covered butt cheeks. Jose's eyes went wide open and then before he could do anything, she ran her hands around front and grasped his junk. He reacted by jerking her hands out of his most private places, glared at her and said, much to his surprise, and to hers, too, "What the hell are you? A freaking hoe? Thanks, but no thanks! I'm into guys."

Her facial expression changed from hopeful and wanton to horror. "Sheesh, all of the hot boys are fucking faggots!" She took off and allowed the door to slam shut.

Ken and Kaydyn noticed that, when Jose returned to the exam room, his demeanor had changed from relaxed to tense. The boy sat down and looked at them curiously, expectantly.

Ken asked, "Those look nice on you. What's up?"

"It's not important, Sir."

Kaydyn reiterated, "Jose, my father and I are free to discuss whatever is on our minds. While you are with us… you could say that we have the same expectations of you… we're in this together. Now, what's up?"

Jose regarded the man carefully, then turned his attention to Ken to gauge his reaction and response.

"Oh, nothing really. That girl felt me up. I called her a hoe. No biggie."

Kaydyn chuckled. Ken snorted. Jose glared at each man, but their expressions told him that he may as well give in and not take the incident so seriously. Although not into girls, his mind played a scenario along the lines of if he was attractive to girls, then a boy might find him attractive, too. His friends always told him that he was hot, a girl magnet, of all things. Of course, they didn't know his truth. For that matter, he had only recently faced his own truth.

"Well, guys, I need to make a couple of phone calls. Why don't you go to the cafeteria to get something to eat and drink?" Ken said, winking to Kaydyn.

That met with Jose's approval. Although he didn't know where the cafeteria was located, as most children will do, he took a few steps. When he was just out of earshot, Kaydyn glared at his father, Ken, and said just above a whisper, "Give him my love."

Ken nodded then took off for the car where the satellite phone rested in the center console.

He fought his way through the media vultures requesting comment. Consistently, he replied, "No comment".

After arriving at the vehicle, he entered, closed and locked the door, then reached into the backseat to retrieve the laptop. Once it was set up using the Sat phone for a connection, he used a special database to look up and connect to a targeted phone number in Woodward, Oklahoma.

"Hello." An adult male with a heavy Spanish accent replied.

"Mr. Sanchez?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"Ken Shaw. I've called to talk with you about your son Jose."

Mrs. Sanchez, sitting across the kitchen table from her husband saw his facial expression change from anger and worry to anxious and fearful.

"My son, where is he? Is he okay?" The man asked genuinely.

Ken, sensing the man's concern, relaxed a little bit then replied, "Jose's safe. Right now, he's in Topeka, Kansas with my son Kaydyn and myself. He's been through a lot over the past few hours. I believe he's going to be okay, though."

"My son… I miss him so very much. My wife and I have been so worried."

Mr. Sanchez looked to his wife. She noted a pent up tear in her husband's eye. Hers, unrestrained, began leaking out of her eyes, running down her cheeks and landing on her black blouse. The reason for the black blouse was an expression of grief over the loss of a son. She's cried constantly and consistently after giving away her son to a woman she did not trust, but did trust because she desperately wanted her husband to unconditionally love the child she and he had birthed.

"Mr. Sanchez, I am going to cut to the core of my reason for calling you. The bottom line is to tell you that your son very nearly died today. And he very nearly died to hopefully make himself worthy of your love and care – as he is, not someone you want him to be. He's despondent and feels that he's a failure in your eyes." Ken said, pouring out very controlled anger. It was hard for him to remain civil. It was even more difficult to not slam his fist through the phone to the man who'd nearly killed his own flesh and blood.

Jose's father sat bolt upright in his chair. His first reaction was rage at being talked to in such a manner. He was about to speak his anger, but a sobering thought enveloped his psyche. Since he came home from work the other day, he prayed fervent prayers to the God of his understanding to safely return home his last surviving son. Was this call an answer to his prayers?

A lone tear escaped just before saying, "Yes, I have been very hard on my son. I was wrong in so many ways. He's a gentle boy. He's very much like my wife – a gentle soul. I am blind."

Ken, hearing contriteness in the man's voice, eased up. "Yes, your son is a gentle soul, however he is strong, very strong. Today, Jose did something that very few grown men would have the balls to do. I am sincerely proud of him. Our great country, as distressed as it is, will be proud of him, too… once his story is told."

"I have prayed for this moment. His mother and me – we never gave up hope that he would return home. We will leave this moment to bring him home to us."

Ken relaxed at hearing the thinly veiled plea coming from the man who'd given Jose so much grief. He offered, "Mr. Sanchez, if it is okay, we will bring him to you. He has much to process. My son and I will work with him for a few days.""Why is that? Why can't we come get him? He needs his mother and father, yes?"

"Yes. I need to tell you that he killed a man today."

"Oh, God, no. That can't be true. I never taught him to kill."

"Maybe not, but you taught him to be brave, strong, and to defend himself and others who he believes are good. You taught him to challenge evil. And today he did just that. The man's name your son killed was is Frederick Phillips from Burroughs West Baptist Church. He is the epitome of evil, in my estimation."

"Yes, I have heard of him. And, yes, I am aware of his evilness. But, no… how did my son get involved with him? My wife… she told me that she approved of why he was to leave. I didn't understand…"

Ken, feeling more confident that Mr. Sanchez is genuine replied, "Sir, Mr. Phillips has a network of followers who bring to him supposedly wayward children to learn his brand of religion. The religion is no more than a cult where he is in control. He does despicable things to children making their way in this world. He, according to information that I have, also kills children for unknown reasons… probably kids who do not fully embrace his teachings are his targets."

Mr. Sanchez shook his head in disgust, and sadness that he had driven his son to such extremes. He thought how his son, as the man says, could have died. He wanted to break down, but knew that his son needed a strong father, not one that placed demands and shame onto him.

"I must speak with my son. He needs to know that I love him. Please put him on the telephone."

"Well, I cannot do that right now. My son has taken him to get food into his stomach. But, I will tell him that I've talked to you and that you wish to speak with him. The final decision will be his, although I will encourage him to do so."

"Tell him that I am very sorry, that I did not mean to hurt him."

"That, Sir, is for you to say to him. Mr. Sanchez, there is one more concern that I have. Jose says that you shamed and punished him for standing up to protect his friends at school."

Mr. Sanchez' eyes opened wide. He looked at his wife to see her wiping away tears from her eyes. He'd heard with his own ears that other people saw his son as being brave and forthright with the beliefs that he'd taught him all of the boy's life. But why had Jose stood up to protect his friends who he felt were living in sin and depravity, directly contrary to what his God wanted and needed.

"That's right. I did and will. My son cannot be exposed to such blasphemy."

‘But, Jose has been exposed to the worst possible blasphemy there ever was. I don't know if he realizes it yet, but he has countered evil in this world. As far as I am concerned, your son is a hero. I have seen many wars in my years. I've never seen nor experienced bravery such as your son displayed today. I think you should reevaluate your thoughts and feelings about people who he thinks should be protected. Sometimes, our children have their own truth and sense of what is right and or wrong. He needs to talk to you. He wants to share his truth. But, he's afraid. Remember, Sir, that he is a still a child. He has much to learn. But, some truths are not always acceptable to parents, although truth is truth."

"He and I will talk. He will tell me his truth." Mr. Sanchez said, resolutely.

Ken heard strength in the man's voice. At the same time, he was concerned, very concerned. He felt compelled to add, to drive home his thoughts and feelings, without sharing a truth that only Jose could share, "Mr. Sanchez, your son has a truth to share with you and your wife. As I said, he is afraid. He's afraid that you will reject him. I cannot and will not share his truth with you – this is for him to do. I must ask you to have an open mind, to listen to him, and to realize that his very life may depend upon your acceptance."

The man recalled the incidents at the shooting range. His son was all man. As far as he was concerned Jose had proven himself not once, but twice that day. Then the realization that he'd done nothing but instill terror and fear in his child was almost too much to take, but he recovered and said, quietly, "I understand. We have much to work out."

"I agree. I have to hear you promise that you will never again lay your hands on your son in anger. If you do hurt him again, I will find you."

Jose's father's eyes opened widely. He wasn't used to be challenged in his parenting skills. He replied, "I am not worried nor am I afraid of you. I will not be threatened."

"Oh, but you do not understand, Sir. I am not threatening you. No way. What I give to you is a promise – if I find out that Jose has been hurt and harmed by you, then we will settle our dispute man to man; just you and me. Do you fully understand? If not, then we will make other arrangements for your son's care in an atmosphere where he is loved for who and what he is."

"The bond I have with my son cannot be broken. It will not be broken, do you understand me?"

Ken smiled. He had Mr. Sanchez exactly where he wanted him. "Remember your words. You will have the opportunity to prove to Jose that your words are true, no matter what he says to you. Do we have this understanding?"

"Of course. Truth is truth."

"Very well. Do not forget your words. Words are just words. Love is love. Forever and ever, love is what bonds us together. And our love is brought home by accepting another person's truth; in this case your son's truth must prevail, no matter what. You taught him this, now is the time for you to put your words into action."

Jose's father had no words to counter what the stranger had just said. "I will listen to him. I will pray for strength and guidance from He who presides over all of us."

"My wife and I will make the journey to see our son. We will leave tomorrow morning at first light."

"That is acceptable. I would like for my wife and me to be present when your son shares the truth that he holds near and dear."

They then discussed more detail about where Jose would be, specifically Ken impressed upon the man that Jose would be taken to his house and that they would arrive in Friday's early morning hours.

To be continued

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