Castle Roland

Chapter 19

Published: 1 May 14

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When dad took the call, Jeremy, Peter and I went to the pool, stripped down then went swimming. After goofing off for a while, we got out of the water then sat at the table idly chit-chatting about everything, yet nothing of any importance.

Unintentionally, Peter and I dominated the conversation. Jeremy was nodding off so he got up, said goodnight then went in the house with immediate plans to go to bed.

Next, Peter began yawning like crazy, then said, Im going to bed, babe, are you coming?

Ill be up in a few minutes. Im still kinda wide awake. Ill probably swim some laps first. Love you, babe.

Not half as much as I love you. Peter replied sleepily through another yawn. That said, he took off for the house and disappeared in the darkness. The kitchen light went on.

I got down on my butt and worked my way to the pool where I was just about ready to slink in but my phone rang a short ring indicating that a text message had been received.

Quickly, I scooted back to the table, picked up my found. It was Allen.

Allen: U there?

Me: Im here. Hows it a hanging, dude?

Allen: 6

Me: Ha.

Allen: You?

Me: 5

Allen: rotf

Me: Perv

Allen: Whazzup?

Me: dad adopted Peter today yeah!

Allen: Kewl. When ya coming up so I can meet him? How old is he?

Me: Ill check with dad. Maybe we can fly up and spend the day with you.

Allen: Kewl. Let me know when.

Me: Oh, hes 14.

Allen: Same as you then.

Me: Yep.

Allen: How you guys getting along?

Me: Best

Allen: Best?

Me: Yeah, totally best. Were totally best.

Allen: Totally best?

Me: Hows Angel?

Allen: Totally best. Holy shit, you?

Me: $2 bill

Allen: Radical.

Allen: Your brother?

Me: We were bfs first lol

Allen: Whoa

Me: I love him.

Allen: Im kewl. After all I have Angel, lol

Me: Didnt think youd have anything bad to say, ha

Allen: No shit. Rastas dude. Totally. Rastas. Me happy 4 u

Me: Rastas ?

Allen: U guys need to come up and hang. Maybe well come down there.

Me: That might work better

Allen: What?

Me: Here

Me: Peter has some court dates coming up. To finish some of his things up.

Allen: The adoption?

Me: No. His ex-mom, shes a fuckwad

Allen: Sorry to hear that. Is he okay?

Me: Pretty much. A little mental hurting upstairs some understandable

Allen: Yeah. Lotsa hugs for him.

Me: No problem, ha

Allen: Your dad okay with you guys, as a couple?

Me: Totally.

Allen: Jeremy?

Me: Rastas.

Allen: lol

Allen: Really?

Me: Ha. No dipshit. Peters all mine ?

Allen: Friday okay? We come over?

Me: Sounds good. Ill check with dad to make sure.

Allen: Kay. Let me know so I can book.

Me: Yep. Will do. Lemme send you a pic of him.

Me: Get it?

Allen: Yep. Damn dude, hes HOT!

Me: I think so, ha.

Allen: No shit man. Good on ya.

Me: Thx.

Allen: Okay man, gotta scoot. Angels here, and well ohh. Bye ?

Me: Bye hey?

Allen: Yeah ohhhh. Hurry up dude.

Me: Love ya both.

Allen: Love ya too. Hugs.

Me: Bye

Allen: Bye

As soon as we broke the connection, I went back to the pool, swam a few laps until I felt relaxed then got out, dried off, grabbed my crutches then headed into the house.

Peter was in the kitchen finishing with clean up.

What ya doing dude? Why didnt you tell me? Idda been in here helping you.

Its okay, Im done. Are you ready for bed?

Yup. Lets take a shower first.

That said, we headed upstairs, grabbed towels out of the linen cabinet then laid them on the sink. Peter grabbed our tooth brushes. After brushing them thoroughly, I said, Hey love.

Hey David. Peter said smiling. We embraced then within 2 seconds were in a tongue wrestle mania, frantically searching for each others tonsils. As our bodies, particularly our lower front regions, were grinding together, I took a small step back after feeling myself about ready to blow my fountain of youth, and breathlessly said Dude, Im gonna lose it, gotta quit now for a second.

I then sat down on the throne and made a huge deposit to the sewer system then wiped up and flushed.

I got in the shower, turned the water on and got it to temperature while Peter unloaded his own torpedoes.

Quickly we washed up paying very little attention to our cocks since they were primed and at the ready for things to come, things that we longed for and needed desperately. Peter got out of the shower, dried off then reached in to help me out and then dried me off. We took off for our bedroom. Peter closed and locked the door while I took down the covers and got in bed. Not waiting one more single second, I raised my legs up, smiled and pointed toward my nether regions. Hes pretty smart! He lied down on the bed then came up between my legs with his mouth, quickly reaching in to lick my balls, my taint, then immediately jumped his tongue into licking my boy butthole with fervor. He was invading with his tongue my deepest and most private place, which I readily allowed him access to. I felt my pucker spasm a couple of times then pushed down a little bit feeling it relax which readily allowed him access to that which is so private. After becoming fully and completely relaxed, I said, panting, Im ready. Fuck me. And fuck me hard!

Peter wasted no time. He reached into the bedside table, retrieved the bottle of hand lotion, lubed up his fingers well then inserted first one, then two, then three to the hilt.

Fuck me now, Peter! Fuck me like youve never fucked me before.

Needing no further encouragement, Peter lined his penis to my bunghole and then, with a single push, he entered my completely.

Ahhh, you dont know how good you feel. Fuck me hard. Fuck me now! Just do it.

Peter eagerly obliged my request (demand). With minimal supervision (LOL), he began jack hammering me without mercy. He needed no mercy. When hed go in, Id pull his hips in trying to get that steel pole of his even deeper deeper than ever before!

He was rapidly racing toward his climax. Since we are so in-tune with each other, I began rapidly squeezing down my butt tunnel muscles in anticipation that he would fill my caverns with his nectar which would set me off into a massive orgasm but before we could conclude that which we had started, and were certainly racing for, he moaned out in pain then pulled his cock out, stood up and began moving his leg around in circles.

What the fuck dude? Whats wrong? I asked desperately.

A cramp! Son of a bitch! Sorry, David, I really am. Peter said seriously, in pain.

Dont worry about that. Lie down and stretch out. Ill rub the kinks out.

That said, Peter quickly sat down then lied down on his back while I squeezed body lotion all over my hands then applied them to his leg he was holding. He had a huge bulge in that muscle that runs alongside the outside of his hip. Quickly, I began firmly massaging lengthwise from his lower thigh up to and around his hip and cheek.

After about 15 minutes, Peter said, Thats much better. Thanks. Im sorry; I know you were so close.

Dont worry about it, babe. Im fine. Im more concerned with you. I think your leg is relaxing. The lump isnt as big as it was, and your muscles feel much softer. I replied, continuing to massage until the knot was entirely gone, then added, Ill go get a washrag to clean you off with. Be right back.

I went to the bathroom, wet and soaped up a washcloth, returned and lovingly washed Peters limp male organ, hoping it might return to steel state, but it didnt. When I finished washing his cock, I returned to the bathroom where I thoroughly washed my Peter-cock receptacle and got the door to finally close. I returned to the bedroom then rinsed Peters cock with a clean washcloth so as to not leave a soap residue which might chaff him if I didnt remove the soap.

He started to tighten up slightly, so I rubbed some more of the body lotion on his area of tension. Soon, it was relaxed however his boy glands apparently liked my ministrations, and soon it was reaching for more. And more he got until, and during a colossal orgasm that shot his male offerings all over his belly and thighs and my face since I had been alternately jacking and licking his pole of pleasure.

Somewhat recovering, Peter wheezed, Holy fuck. Holy fuckin fuck. Geezus that was freaking awesome! Thanks.

I then got up off of the floor and crawled over him to assume my place in our bed but not before laying my body on top of his and taking his tongue into my mouth in a passionate consummation of our love for each other.

Meanwhile, my own male organ seriously liked the attention being paid to it by our close contact. Peter reached his hand down, took hold of it and began gently jacking me off. I put my hand down there because he was not going fast enough, then I jack hammered myself into a nerve wrenching, gut turning, hip popping, grimacing, colossal, complete and utterly spending rocket to Nirvana. Blast after blast of hot steam emanated from my loins. I lost consciousness, or something, because when I returned to Earth, Peter had me in his arms kissing me tenderly with his hand over mine gently kneading each and every aftershock.

I passed out from exhaustion for the exertions of that round trip travel to and from Nirvana.

When we awoke at 11:30 the following morning, we were spooned together. When I tried to move, we both giggled at realizing our chests and bellies were dried together from the previous nights forage into the wilderness of physical and emotional love.

Mornings to my sweetheart. Hows my favorite person in the whole wide world? I whispered.

Sleepily, he replied, Uhm I bees just fine, I gots to pee badly though, let me up.

Only if I have to. I chuckled in response.

Yeah, lemme up before I make a puddle in our bed, dude. Im serious. Peter said very nearly frantically.

We disentangled then Peter got up and raced to the bathroom. Soon, almost instantaneously, I distinctively heard the tell tale sound of a boy peeing just like a racehorse. I chuckled then made my own way to the bathroom. Before I arrived, he screamed out in pain. Quickly, I willed my crutches to go faster. When I arrived, Peter was lying on the floor writhering in pain and holding his leg, the same leg that had cramped up earlier that night. Quickly, I tossed my crutches aside then got down on the floor so I could hold him in my arms. At the same time, dad and Jeremy arrived. Both of them sat down on the floor. With grave concern in his voice and on his face, dad asked, What happened? Whats the matter?

Hes got a cramp in his leg, a bad one. I said while rubbing his upper thigh with my bare hand hoping against hope to release the tension that was gripping him in its clutches.

Wet a towel as warm as you can stand it, Jeremy. Dad said.

Jeremy took a towel from the cabinet, wet it in the shower with hot water then he handed it to dad with a worried look on his face.

Scoot over a little bit, David, so that I can get in there and put this towel on his leg. Dad said as he laid the hot towel down and nestled it into Peters crotch.

I scooted over to Peters other side, took him in my arms once the towel was in place and said, Im really sorry, Peter. If I wouldnt have

Peter interrupted me and said You wouldnt have what? Hey dude, we were both into it, so stop blaming yourself, besides what were doing was intensely fun, so dont go blaming yourself.

Damn, what were you guys doing? Jeremy snickered.

Uhm, well we changed things up a bit I started to say then Dad interrupted and said Nevermind boys, you dont have to explain anything. Just be careful. Meanwhile I dont think anything is broken. Lets get you up and out of here. How about we take you down to the TV room and plant you there so that you are close to everything and will not have to negotiate the steps like you would if you were up here.

Sounds fine, Dad. Just help me up and I will be able to walk downstairs on my own power. Peter said.

Wait. Give me a minute or two to get myself together so I can help. I said.

David, instead of that, how about you take the towel downstairs and then you can heat it up again. If Peter needs any help, I can help him down, or I can just throw him over my back and act like hes a sack of potatoes. Dad said grinning.

Dad, I have another idea. I said.

Whats that, David? Dad asked.

How about it if Peter and I went to the sauna? The warm water would be good for him; it would loosen him up with the heat and water motions. I could spend some time in there too. I got pretty sore yesterday. I said.

Good idea, David. How about we go downstairs and get some breakfast going, and then after about an hour or so well put you guys in the sauna? Dad said.

Good idea. Peter said as we all heard his tummy grumble from a lack of food. At the sounds his stomach was making, my belly went to town doing the same thing. We all ended up being hungry with all the noise being made. We all chuckled.

Peter did okay going down the stairs with dad and Jeremys help, one on each side, while I carried the wet towel. After heating the towel up with warm-hot water and ringing it out, I put it back onto Peters thigh. His leg was relaxing, so we came to the conclusion that it was just a bad strain and that all would be well. Peter was really enjoying the attention he was receiving, and helping him out made us all feel good as well.

Following a scrumptious breakfast of Eggs Benedict, pancakes, bacon, sausage and orange juice, and the perfunctory one hour wait period, we got up and hit the john where Peter deposited a number of torpedo missiles into the sewer system and I deposited some liquid refreshments into it too.

Dad helped us to the sauna and made sure we got in safe and sound, and that the temperature was right as well as making sure adequate towels were available for when we got out.

Remembering my conversation with Allen last night, I said Dad, if its okay with you, Allen and Angel are coming down on Friday. Theyd like to hang out here for the weekend.

Itll be great to see them again. Its always good to see them. Theyre welcome here anytime, and you already know that. Dad said with mock indignation.

Okay, kewl, Dad. Thanks. Ill call him a little later to let him know.

Whore Allen and Angel? Peter asked inquisitively.

Theyre some friends from Oahu. Jeremy and I met them a few years ago when we were competing. They were on our team. Theyre really kewl. Youll like them, I guarantee. Theyre our age too.

You had a coed team? Peter asked innocently.

I giggled, Allen and Angel have been together for about a year and a half. I dont know which of them no never mind theyre like we are gay.

Oh okay, kewl. Ahhh, uhm

Dad looked at me seriously. Peter, Angel and Allen are together as you and I are. They dont mess around if thats what you are wondering? Anyway, dont worry. Allen did say you look mighty hot after I sent him a picture of you.

You sent him a picture of me? Peter asked incredulously.

Of course. Dont worry so much you had clothes on .

Unable to stop myself, I kissed Peter on his lips then took his hand and led us to the sauna. After we were settled in he put his arm through mine and we held hands. After a little while in the warm water, I reached down to feel his leg and found the muscles to be quite relaxed. Peter had his eyes closed in relaxation of his entire body and had a very peaceful look on his face. God this dude is beautiful.

I couldnt help doing what I did next. I reached my lips over to his and we kissed gently.

Meanwhile, my hand moved toward his middle parts, seemingly on its own volition then my fingers began gently kneading his empty ball sack. He parted his leg a little bit to give me full access to his private area. His boyhood was flaccid, so hoping that would change, I gave it a gentle squeeze then went on over to his left nut and kneaded it around in the depths of his ball sac. Peter then moved his butt out on the bench and spread his legs wider. I ran my fingers down through those few sparse downy soft hairs that separated his nut sac with his butthole. That elicited a contented sigh from him then he slightly twisted toward me causing the side of my palm to brush that which makes him male. After he slightly jumped at the contact, I pulled my hand into a new position away from it.

He opened his eyes slightly, then in a very tender whisper said, Dont quit, David. That feels nice.

With his approvals, I purposely moved my fingers in to cup his cock in my hand. It was so soft and velvety to the touch. Gently, I ran my fingers up its entire length. When I got to the little ridge surrounding his cut penis, I squeezed lightly and felt it begin its slow ascent into erection. As it was becoming erect, I felt his hand gently pass over my thigh and then he gently grasped my nut and felt its entire size as if he were feeling it for the very first time. Then he did the same thing to my other nut. His hands were so delicate and the feeling on me was like a feather was crossing my jewels, yet his ministrations were not ticklish.

Simultaneously our hands moved up to our partners cock and gently squeezed. Soon they were as hard as they could be. We came out of our meditative state just long enough to look at each other and smile.

Peter grasped my dick in a firm hold then started jacking it very slowly. I took his cock firmly into my grasp and returned the favor to him.

We were in no hurry. Instead we were enjoying the loving touches from our partner.

Boys, five more minutes then you need to get out. Dad said from the doorway to the pool area, effectively startling us and causing us to look up.

Peters smile overrode the startling Dads voice caused. Soon my fright left, and I too smiled at my love.

Peter then shook his head no and let go of my now very erect, but not yet raging hard cock. I gave him a firm squeeze then let him go as well.

Since the water was very warm, our cocks regained their tumescent states rather quickly.

A few minutes later, Dad came out and assisted with our extraction from the sauna and placement in the chaise lounges next to the pool where we sat for several hours just soaking up the nice warm sunshine and breeze.

I gotta pee, David. Ill be right back. Do you want your drink refilled?

Yes, please. Thanks. Much appreciated. Do you need some help? I asked.

Nah, Im fine. My leg feels a little sore but its relaxed now. That sauna and the warm sunshine have done their magic. Im okay, really I am. Peter said as he got up and went in the house to do his business and to refresh our drinks.

When Peter returned, he sat the drinks on the table so that we could reach them easily, then sat down onto the chase and scooted up to me while facing the opposite direction. I pulled him into my arms, bringing him into me so that I could hold him tightly then kissed him on the back of his neck lightly. Liking the touch between us, my dick sprang into full glory and pushed eagerly against his lower back just above his crack.

I love you, Peter, so so very much. I whispered into his neck while reaching down with my hands and then played with those little wisps of pubic hair that gently arose from his mound of boy flesh.

Peter giggled then said, Not half as much as I love you.

With that, he spread his legs afar giving me entire access to his entire set of glands. As I looked around his shoulder, I saw his penis begin its twitching ascent into the sunlight until it was resting against that area between his root and belly button. He squirmed around just enough so that my cock was lying between my belly and his back sending jolts of energy throughout my entire body.

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