Castle Roland

Chapter 22

Published: 1 May 14

Dads POV (Continued)

Ive not ever used that language in front of my boys before. In fact, I rarely use that word at all. There are simply other words to convey our meanings without being demeaning but Im granting myself an exception. Angels dad was a definite fuckwit if there ever was one.

In any event, Jeremy stood there with his jaw on the floor. David looked at me like I was Martian from outer space, and then he continued pacing the floor, back and forth, back and forth, and back and forth some more. Peter looked at me with hurt in his eyes. Allen pulled Angel into his arms, hugged him tightly then kissed him on his lips tenderly, and then reached for a Kleenex and wiped his lovers eyes of their tears then handed Angel the tissue. Angel then blew his nose, and then looked at me sadly.

Jeremy said, What going on here? Why is everybody why is David pacing? David, stop. When David didnt stop pacing, Jeremy waited for Davids next revolution then put his hands on Davids shoulder, held on firmly until David looked him in the eyes.

David said, You should have heard Angels dad screaming at Angel David attempted to resume pacing but Jeremy held fast then whispered something in Davids ear. David looked at Jeremy then nodded. They both looked at me then Jeremy said, Dad, Im going upstairs and change clothes, Davids going with me.

That said they took off. Jeremy had his arm around Davids shoulders. When David looked at me, I patted his back and told them to come back soon because I needed to make some calls sooner rather than later.

This is my fault. Peter said dejectedly, to no one in particular.

Angel broke away from Allens hold on him. He said to Peter, No way is this your fault. I didnt realize just how much dad was upset about me and Allen being together we never told him that we were a couple much less that Im gay or that Allens gay hell, we didnt even really know we were gay until well, never mind. Anyway, his reaction is not your fault. This is just something Ill have to work out with them.

Peter walked to me then we embraced warmly, he said, Im going upstairs. I need to work this out in my head.

Just he was exiting the TV room, Jeremy and David reappeared

Boys, why dont you all go out to the pool for the time being, Im going to make some phone calls then we need to sit down and talk and figure out what were going to do from here.

Jeremy took charge. Without too much coaxing the boys were soon headed out to the pool. I took the opportunity to go back to my office where I closed the door.

No more than had I arrived in my office when my satellite phone rang. It was Rick.


Operation Breakthrough executed. Rick said.

Very well. I replied.

Sixteen arrests. Two suicides by cop.

Very well, everything is secure here. What is the status of the involved children?

Twenty six are accounted for they were extracted using Operation Safekeeping. Other than a little undernourished they appear okay. Medical will carefully check them over. As soon as they are cleared then well make sure they have a place to sleep tonight. Tomorrow well begin reunification where appropriate, some of the kids were kidnapped from their own backyards. Its a damn shame, Jim.

Okay, make sure the perpetrators are properly welcomed and indoctrinated into their new quarters.

My pleasure sir. Im sure by the time the ordeal is over theyll have wished theyd never been born. Okay, Ive got a lot to do. Ill keep you informed, as always.

Very good. Make a final backup of the evidence, transmit it to the prosecutor, CPS and a local named Ramirez.

Acknowledge Final Backup. Initiate Operation Freedom acknowledged.

Click. Click.

Operation Freedom is the process to search and retain all known hub equipment and Operation Safekeeping is the operation used to ascertain all subjects are safe and sound through whatever means were necessary to accomplish the objective.

My office phone then rang, the caller ID showed the number to be Officer Ramirez at HPDs sex crimes division, Hello.

Officer Ramirez, HPD Sex Crimes Unit. Mr. Blake?

Yes, Jim Blake, I understand youve been very busy today.

Thats an understatement.

Im glad we got a bunch of scumbags off of the streets.

Yeah, me too. Taking those idiots off of the streets is the favorite part of my whole job. The Feds were very happy too. Theyve been trying to close in on them for quite some time, without a whole lot of luck. Hell, Interpol is even on board, as is the Chinese government, the President is impressed. The pres himself wants to personally hand Peter the highest civilian award for bravery and valor.

No shit?

No shit.

Hes in there beating himself up pretty bad, as we speak, for causing displacements and pandemonium in our household.

If I have anything to do with it, local and state commendations are coming also. Hes a good kid, brave. Good stuff he is. I think hed be a great cop.

When all of this blows over, then well have to talk to him about it, but not right now.

What? I was going to put him on the force next week. He laughed.

Ha, okay, we are taking off next Friday for Disneyland. Well be gone for a couple of weeks.

Okay. Im going to call CPS to get Allen put into foster care, so he has somewhere to stay on an emergency basis.

Hold off on that call, if you will. Allen and his significant other, Angel, are close friends with my sons, and well it just seems perfect that that we keep them here for a while until we can get their family situations straightened out. Im going to call Ella next to get things going.

Okay. Ill put that into the report. Those boys unfortunately have a lot of rebuilding to do, I can only imagine how much. Jim, Im confident they will be taken well care of. I was impressed with you, and Im not too impressed with too many people doing the job I do.

Thanks. Well stay in touch.

Definitely, good night.

Good night.

I sat there in my chair for a few minutes to get my wits about me, and to calm down. I realized that at that moment everything that could be done was being done. The wheels of progress move slow yet I was very glad that several people on the other side of the law were being dealt with by their own peers, and that the kids were being taken care of and hopefully returned to their parents, or to someone who actually gives a fuck.

I drained the last of my drink, got up and walked into the kitchen to refill it. Before I poured another one, I checked outside to see what the boys were up to. They were quietly talking amongst themselves hanging on the side of the pool. Peter looked back, as if he had a 6th sense or something our eyes met. He got out of the water, grabbed a towel then came walking toward the door leading into the kitchen. When he arrived at the door, he slung his hair then ran the towel through it briskly. He then covered his midsection and tied the towel closed. I was glad to see that he was relaxing around the house to be comfortable enough to be wearing Peters string bikini swimsuits, at least outside. It was just as well that he covered up with a towel his maleness was very much noticeable but he paid no attention to it when he entered.

He looked at me carefully I knew he was looking for traces of left-over anger which had dissipated.

After closing the door, he regarded me cautiously. I walked to him offered my outstretched arms, and was then greeted by a semi-wet boy hugging me tightly.

Dad, I love you so much. Youre really a good man. I guess theres something I need to tell you. I mean I didnt say anything before because I didnt want to scare anybody

Lets sit down here at the bar Im listening.

After we sat down, Peter laid his hand on my arm, looked me deeply in the eyes then took a ragged breath in and said, Those guys said theyd come back and kill me if I ever told anyone anything about what happened. Im more afraid for you, Jeremy and David.

I debated on telling Peter very much more than what the other boys needed to hear, but I decided to go ahead and go for it, Peter, a lot of bad guys are going down tonight. We were able to extract 26 children safely; none of the kids died during their extractions. Thats about all I can say about it. The process is ongoing. Im hoping, and we are desperately working toward having all the children safe by morning.

I reached over to the monitor, clicked a few buttons, and sent a short cryptic message to Rick advising him that I put our home on high security alert. Okay, our security system is on high alert. Peter, the only places not on camera surveillance are the bedrooms and all bathrooms. The outer perimeter is the streets surrounding us. I promise you that I will do everything in my power to keep us safe. You dont need to worry.

Peter nodded his understanding then said, Okay, thanks. Im not so much worried about me Im more worried about what they will do to get to me though. They were serious, dad. I believed them.

Serious or not, theyve got to get through me to get to you, and Ive got some mighty big guns so to speak to keep them out. Do you understand what Im saying?

Dad, its nothing against you or anybody else here Ive just never really felt safe well, you know I believe you more than I believe them now. Dad?

Uhm hmmm.

Whats going to happen to Allen and Angel? Is CPS going to pick them up, or what?

Okay, thats a question I cant answer right now. I have an idea but I cant say anything until some things get straightened out. Speaking of, Im going to make some more phone calls. Are you guys okay out there? Are you all calm?

Yeah. Allen and Angel are pretty down they dont know where theyre going to sleep tonight. I guess I told them that they could stay here tonight sorry.

They were going to stay here anyway. I dont see those plans changing. Are you okay now? Do you have any more questions you need to ask me?

Dad, why are you doing this for me? I dont understand.

Peter, youre my son. Thats all I need to say. Give me a hug. As long as we never forget to hug then weve got it made, okay?

Yeah, okay. Peter said warmly then scooted off the bar stool. On the way, his wet skin and the vinyl chair collided which let out a huge wet juicy fart like sound. Peter, with his eyes open as wide as saucers exclaimed, Oh shoot that wasnt me dad. Sorry.

Ceremoniously, I pinched my nostrils shut, turned my face up in mock asphyxiation then grunted out a resounding, Ugh, get out of here and take the smell with you yuck.

The smile on Peters face was priceless. With a bounce in his step he took off for outside, dropped his towel to the ground midstride then dove in the pool. Swift and graceful as an arrow he swam across the pool to David and the rest of the boys. He was promptly dunked I grinned knowing they were, at least for a few minutes, relaxing and having fun.

Peters POV

After a major dunk-fest, all in fun of course, David motioned to me that he wanted to get out of the water so I helped him up the stairs, grabbed his crutches then he guided me down to the garden. After we sat down, he looked at me and said, Allen wants to talk to you about what happened. He also wants to talk with you about certain parts of your story, if thats okay. I told him that Id talk to you about it and then its between you and him. Would you be willing to talk to him? I love you with all of my heart. I also want you to know that Allens been a really good friend over the years hes an okay guy but when something bad is happening then he can be a real asshole until its figured out.

From the distance, Angel and Allen got out of the water. They looked over to us then dried off and went in the house. I replied, Yeah, Ill talk to him. Does he want to talk alone, do you know?

I think itll be a good idea but its up to you.

I shrugged my shoulders then got to thinking about what had happened to them, him particularly because like me he didnt feel safe in his own home, and how Angels parents basically told Angel to fuck off, that he was no longer their son everything hit so close to home in my own life I really couldnt refuse.

I looked deeply into Davids, kissed him warmly after seeing nothing but love and commitment in them. A warm feeling overtook my sense of being. Our kiss turned passionate something passed between us David felt it too I dont know what it was other than what we were experiencing felt very, very good.

My hand dropped into his lap. He was majorly disturbed in a certain anatomical appendage. I snickered then took hold of that engorged extension of Davids protoplasm in my hand and purposefully made it even more engorged as we continued to kiss, sucking each others tongues, and looking for each others tonsils. David, meanwhile, took a hold of my prong and returned the gesture soon, very soon, the grass received adequate amounts of fertilizer.

After recovering, we kissed once more, not as passionate but nevertheless very meaningful then we got up and made our way into the house then stopped in at the restroom where we wiped the remnants of our interlude from our thighs, peed, combed our hair out, and brushed our teeth.

We then took off for the TV room. Allen and Angel were sitting on the sofa snuggled up watching a movie. They looked up when David and I entered then motioned for us to sit with them. David sat down, I said, Hey Allen, come on. Lets go fix some drinks. Dads on the phone taking care of some business. If you want to that is.


After getting drink orders we went to the kitchen and began their preparations.



Im sorry.

What for? You dont have anything to be sorry for. I was just a dumb ass. I was ignorant for not even asking you about what it all meant. My stupid wasnt your fault.

Its not your fault, Allen. I mean, I thought it was my fault too. But I never knew they were taking pictures of me, private pictures I mean. I wouldnt have given permission no way.

Neither would I I never, in a million years, would have ever imagined my dad taking those fucking pictures, Peter. Damn him!

Then stop beating yourself up.

I just cant believe he did it though.

I hear ya. And oh, by the way

Allen looked at me as he plunked some ice cubes in a glass.

Uhm, I mean nevermind.


Uhm, well, we saw pictures of each other. I guess I need to show you something, so that you know what really happened I left that part out because Im ashamed.

Allen said nothing. He just looked at me curiously.

Without giving much of any thought about it, I grasped the button to my jeans, took hold of my zipper and then pulled down my shorts. I looked to Allen. While he had a surprised look on his face, he didnt turn away. I then dropped my shorts and underwear to the floor, pushed my soft penis aside then showed him the absence of my right nut.

Wow, how did that happen, Peter?

It got beaten to death. It had to be removed in surgery. I did not tell that part of my story, I mean losing my nut, but thats all I didnt say.

After looking in my eyes, I nodded he reached over and felt the loose skin where my nut should have been. Satisfied, I pulled my shorts back up, zipped them up and then buttoned the button.

Allen then removed the towel from his midsection, turned around then showed me his port wine birth mark that extended from his upper butt crack up into his lower back.

Thats cool, Allen. Does it hurt any? I mean its pretty red and all.

Nope, it doesnt hurt. Its just a pigment disorder. Its been there since I was born. Sometimes, the guys in the shower room give me a hard time about it; they make fun of me for being a freak of nature. Im used to it, their ribbing doesnt bother me anymore.

That said, he wrapped the towel over his midsection, tied it securely then we finished filling the drink orders.

Just as we were about to take them to the TV room, Allen said, Yours is pretty cool too, Peter. I mean your dick works okay doesnt it?

Oh hella yeah. No problem there. I giggled.

Yeah, mine works fine too. Allen said giggling.

Wanna go swimming? Nekkid? I asked.

Fuckin A dude. Lets go get the rest and just do it.

Yeah, dad says it is play time.

Angel is mine. Lookie is fine, but no touchie. Allen giggled.

Same thing here. Im Davids exclusively.

Okay. Lets go. I said cheerfully.

Come on guys, lets go swimming. I said quickly undressing completely. My cock was about half-mast and still growing so I went running through the kitchen, out the door and dove into the pool. Allen was right behind me and finally David brought up the rear (I wish). Jeremy followed and disrobed as well. I noticed that Jeremy was hard as a steel pole, he sure looks fine. No Angel I just figured he stopped in at the bathroom would follow shortly.

We got into a vigorous game of water soccer having fun.

Sometime later, Dad came out, undressed then did a huge cannonball into the center of the pool.

Dads POV

After assuring Peter all was well, he went back into the TV room then I went to my office to make a call to Ella at CPS to see what we could do about Allen and Angels situation.

Jim Blake. May I speak with Ella Right, please? I said to the receptionist.

Just a moment, please. Shes expecting your call. She chuckled.

What? I giggled.


Ella answered the phone, chuckled then said I already know what you are calling about. When?

Damn. I cant get anything past you.

Not usually. Seriously, is Allen okay?

Hes hurt and angry.

How in the world does one tell a kid that his parents have been perving him out on the net in front of millions of fellow perverts, Ella?

Probably just as you did. I know you did it okay. Its never easy.

Yeah. Those boys in the TV room are like a bunch of zombies. Peter is blaming himself. David feels bad because Peter is hurting and well, Angel is hurting for Allen. Hell, David was even pacing not good for him!

David, is he okay now?

I think so, hes stopped pacing and Jeremy is holding on to him, supporting him.

Good. Hes strong. Hell be okay. They all need some play time as a diversion.

Oh okay. Yeah. Theres plenty of time so it does not have to be all done today. Anyway, I assume youll be keeping Allen until we can run his family down?

Thats the plan. Uhm ..

Whos Angel?

Ha, you are fast and observant.

Im on the clock. Ella giggled.

Yeah. Right. That makes sense. Anyway, Angel is Allens significant other, and well lets just say that his parents are a case and a half. They want nothing to do with having a gay son. They were both very vocal and adamant. They told him he was not welcome home and that he will never welcome back home. Im leaving a lot of their passion out.

Okay. Give me his vital info and Ill get on it.

Angel Raphael Morgan. Date of birth: 8/16/1995. I dont have his SSN.

Got it. Allens?

Allen Raymond Morgan. Date of birth: 7/31/1995. SSN is known.

Okay. Got it. Ill need their SSNs before we take this matter to court so if youll get them give me a call later their SSNs are not a show stopper though.

Okay. Will do.

Uhm, Jim. Angel has an outstanding for shop lifting, less than $500.00. He has a failure to appear for his court date also. I have his social. He needs to get those charges cleared. He can be arrested until they are.

Okay, well get it resolved sooner rather than later. Ill call Richard Wright our attorney next.

Sounds good. Its 7 months old. Ella said.

Do you have any problem keeping them here through your investigation, for however long it takes, were in no hurry to get rid of them, theyre a good support for one another.

No problem here, Jim. Angel just needs to get those charges cleared. If hes arrested before disposition is made then itll be up to his parents to bond him out. That would obviously present a serious problem because it sounds like they wouldnt get him out.

Ill call Richard right now so we can get this resolved. Anything else?

Okay. Good. No. Nothing more. You are approved already.

Angels charges can they be resolved in family court?

Yes they can. He is a juvenile.

Great. Thanks. Ill get them straightened out.

Bye Jim. Youve got me busy now.

Haa haa. Bye.

I made the call to our attorney and he collaborated Ellas statement about what would happen if Angel were arrested. He told me that Angel needs to go to the precinct, have him presented, booked, bonded and then hed be released to our custody with CPSs blessings.

Since it was Friday, I decided to go ahead and get this done today. Ella agreed. Richard was ready and would be at the courthouse anyway. Just call him on the phone. He would be there to take care of this snafu.

I heard the boys out playing in the pool. I decided what the fuck, Im gonna join them, have some fun then talk to Angel about his situation.

As I left my office at the back of the house, I walked by the TV room and as I passed it Angel came out and we nearly collided. Whatcha doing, Angel, I was just heading out to the pool, are you ready? I asked.

I just took a dump and was heading out to the pool. Angel said nervously then smiled.

Okay, well Im gonna take a pee and will be right out. I said as I went into the bathroom, took a leak, then on the way out I noticed no smell and the stool had not flushed as I would have expected, not that I keep track of my childrens nor their friends dumping habits. I just found it odd.

As I left, I absent mindedly closed the vanity door on one of the cabinets up and over the toilet, disrobed and went outside to the pool where I did a sizeable cannonball that soaked everyone with a huge tidal wave, even though I am not a huge man, but I am big enough to be able to handle my boys for a good long time to come.

We played vigorously and wore ourselves out before too long. We spent some time just sitting at the edge of the pool talking about nothing serious or hot and heavy.

Angel and David excused themselves and went into the house after saying they needed to use the can.

While they were gone, I advised Allen that he and Angel would be staying with us for as long as was necessary. This readily met with his approval. We did a few more dunks and goofing around until David came out and jumped back into the pool after leaving his crutches at the table.

Wheres Angel? Allen asked.

Oh, hes taking a dump. God is that boy stinky. David said as he playfully mocked a clothespin clinching his nose shut, cracking everyone up with Allen vigorously nodding his head.

I got out of the water and headed for the pool house to retrieve towels so that we could dry off before going into the house. While the boys dried off, I headed on into the house. Angel was coming down the stairs. He was wearing a pair of Peters bright yellow g-string underwear. He looked nervous, like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I said, Where are you going bud?

Back to the pool, I just had to use the bathroom. When I got done, I went and got these out of my bag and put them on.

Oh. Okay. Were getting out of the water anyway. Have you showered yet?

No, I was going back to the pool. Angel said.

In your underwear?

I was going to take them off before getting to the water. Angel said nervously.

Have you had an upset stomach today?

No. Im fine. Angel said, appearing to be a little uneasy with my continued questioning.

Okay. I was just wondering. Taking a dump twice in about 30 minutes well, I was just curious, is all.

Nope, just went once. It was a doosey too. David was with me. Angel said.

Yes. He was pretty dramatic when he returned to the pool, Angel. I said, breaking the tension with a smile.

Go get a shower, get dressed and Ill meet you here in 15 minutes. Weve got some business to take care of.

Whats that? Angel asked clearly in the dark.

Go. I said playfully swatting him on his essentially bare ass cheek.

I went upstairs to my room and took a shower, got dressed then went back downstairs. As requested, Angel was dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a white Polo shirt, and sandals.

I called David, Peter, Jeremy and Allen in. After they dried off, we sat down at the dining room table where I told them that Angel and I were headed into town to take care of some business that had been previously overlooked for whatever reason.

Angel was quite embarrassed, to say the least. I thought he would spontaneously combust right then and there but he maintained nonetheless.

Allen said, I thought your parents got that all straightened. Allen said.

I guess not. I thought theyd got taken care of it too. Angel said bewilderedly and innocently. I knew he was telling the truth from his body language and eye movements.

Okay, Angel, we need to get going. Its getting late. Whats going to happen is youll turn yourself in, get booked and processed after meeting with our attorney, have a brief court appearance then youll be bonded into my custody. Another thing is that youve been placed into my custody, you too Allen, until further actions are determined.

Can we go? Peter asked.

No. Youll stay here. We wont be gone that long. Perhaps you guys will fix dinner and have it ready when we get home. I said.

Can I go? Allen asked.

Not this time, sport. Id prefer you stay here. I said, pulling Allen into a light side armed hug.

Okay. Take care of him then. Allen said wishfully.

After assuring him that Id indeed keep Angels interests at heart they hugged deeply, kissed tenderly and passionately. I thought they were going to do it right there on the spot until I coughed and Jeremy put his hands their shoulders. Immediately, Allens hands came out of Angels pants then he said, Damn man, I love those undies youre wearing, where did you get them? Playfully, Allen pulled the string out from Angels butt for all to see.

Angel quickly took Allens fingers off the string but said nothing. He gave me a sideways glance then eagerly rearranged his pants, for more than one reason.

Peter said, Those look just like mine. David got them for me. Do you guys have an Underwear Palace store up in Oahu?

Allen replied, No. I cant wait for them to open a store though. Their ads are on TV all the time. Can we go to the mall?

David looked at me with a question mark on his face. I raised my eyebrows and slightly shrugged.

David asked seriously, Are those Peters?

Defensively, Angel answered, I didnt think Peter would mind since we share clothes all the time anyway.

Peters a new member of our family and he doesnt know so it would be a good idea to ask first. No biggie. David said then looked at me for my approvals. I nodded.

Oh. Okay. Sorry. Angel said.

Angel, we need to get downtown to get this straightened out. Ill be right back. I said parentally.

In the top drawer of my desk I always keep an envelope titled Emergency Stash Cash for pizza, small errands to the convenience stores and other needs requiring cash. I usually keep $1,500.00 in it. Rarely do we need to replenish it more than two or three times a year. The boys and I keep a running total on a sheet of paper. The last entry made by David a month ago showed an ending balance of $1,240 plus some change. I had planned on taking $1,000 to cover bond fees, fines, etc, but when I opened the envelope there was only $140.00 in it. Where was the rest of the money?

With that in mind, I took the envelope to the kitchen where the boys were then asked, Jeremy, how much was in here when you ordered pizza the other night?

I took about $60.00 out to pay for it, Dad. Jeremy replied then he added, Sorry, I forgot to put it on the sheet.

In my mind, I quickly added up and subtracted the figures okay, there should have been $1,300 and some change

David? I asked.

Nope. I havent needed it. Oh, wait, I took $300 out for our last shopping trip. We spent that and then I used my debit card for the rest. David said.

A quick mental calculation revealed the envelope should have had roughly $1,300 so where was the other $1,160 and some change.

I quickly looked around to each one of the boys only to see if they had something else to say. Allen was nonplused, Jeremy was neutral, David and Peter were looking at me like where was I going with the line of questioning I let it drop for then

Okay, Angel, lets go, its getting late. Ill just stop by the bank so we can pay cash for the bondsman and the fines. I said. All the while I had a very uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach why is that? Angels face registered discomfort, and he avoided eye contact with me.

After giving and receiving hugs, Angel headed to the door to the garage then disappeared. The door to the Escalade then opened and shut.

Whats up dad? Jeremy asked.

I shook my head then after hugging everybody joined Angel.

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