Castle Roland

Chapter 26

Published: 1 May 14

Angels POV (Continued)

Dr. Phil had you all on live TV. Peter said seriously.

Nah, you are shitting me. It wouldnt ever happen. Allen said smiling at Peter then added Well, Jim does do a lot of audiovisual work do you think ah shit. Nah. They are soo seriously fuckin with us Angel.

We shit you not. Turn on the TV and see for yourself since they have been replaying it over and over again. Peter added seriously.

Nic-at-Night has us all live on TV. Turn the channel Peter. They were doing a piece on the young teen male sexuality and well, lets just leave it at that. David said seriously while walking into our room.

Jeremy, after stepping into our room, said, Jerry Springers showing it tomorrow. They were going to break in today, but they had some flipped out bitch screaming at her husband and couldnt get rid of her.

Hey boys, what are ya all doing? I was going to watch a golf game but breaking news about gay teen sex interrupted it. The piece included on-site live footage that sure looks like our place here and in particular the view sure looked like your room, and in particular I thought for sure that it was your butt in the air pounding on Angel. Jim deadpanned looking directly at me.

I started cracking up uncontrollably then Allen said to me, Dork.

Everybody but Jim was rolling all over the place laughing our asses off.

Feeling left out Jim said What?

That began a whole new round of laughter.

Boys! Jim said then turned around and walked out of our room.

As we lost control once again from laughter, David ripped a big juicy fart which ran Jeremy and Peter out of the room screaming for their lives.

As Allen began getting out of our bed, now that we had a mediocre of privacy, he too ripped a seriously juicy fart. The fart was bad, bad, bad and so bad that now I jumped up and out of bed then ran into the bathroom and jumped into the shower.

He soon joined me then playfully swatted me hard on my ass that definitely stung. Not to be outdone, I smacked him back which catapulted us into a full-fledged case of grab ass. It was all done in fun, of course, and broke the worry and somber from over the past few days. It was just what we needed.

Later that evening, Jim informed us all that Allen and I would, of course, be included in the trip to Disneyland. He apologetically said that not making those changes had just been an oversight and was not intentional because of all the stuff that has happened since we joined the family

Allen and I were in bed early since it had been a very busy day and we went right to sleep.

Dads POV

After the boys had headed off to their rooms for bedtime, I went into the TV room, turned on the late night news then settled down with my laptop and began the finish up tasks before we went on vacation, pretty mundane such as finishing up the reports for the board of directors, approving payroll, that kind of stuff.

This is Angela Pointer, KXZZ TV News with breaking news.

Police have responded to a call from the south shore about a young male found unresponsive. The police indicate he has no identification and that he appears to be a white teenage male with black hair, a very thin build weighing maybe 130 pounds. EMS has transported the patient to University Hospital with life threatening injuries. If your child is missing, or if you have any information to provide, please contact the Maui police via 911. We will provide updates as information becomes available. Now back to your regularly scheduled news. This is Angela Pointer signing off.

After watching the boring weather reports, I turned the TV off, made sure all windows and doors were secure then set the security system for night time, then headed off to bed myself.

Back to the Story

The mood in our home was dramatically lightened after dad officially told Angel, Allen and the rest of us that they would be going to Disneyland with us.

After the family meeting was over, we took off for the pool and spent an hour or so just horsing around and having fun then got out and allowed the still warm evening air to largely dry us off. Once we were dried off as much as possible from natural means, we finished by passing around a towel then went into the house where we had a large bowl of homemade ice cream dad had brought out of the basement freezer that had been awaiting our consumption for some time. Angel, of course, had sugar free ice cream that had been bought especially for him earlier this week.

Exceptionally tired from our exertions, Peter and I traipsed off to bed after making deposits to the sewer system and taking a quick shower.

Feeling somewhat revived, we equally & completely participated in our Essence then fell off peacefully & soundly to sleep.

–>>> Very early on Friday morning (July 17. 2009)

(From the darkness came a childs voice softly singing ->

[Im sailing away Set open an open course for the virgin sea Cause Ive got to be free Free to face the life thats ahead of me])

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Peter screamed from the depths of his being, from his essence, waking me up terrified.

Peter. Peter. Baby. Wake up. I plead while reaching for our bedside table lamp then turning it on.

Oh God, Peter please stop fighting me. Im right here baby. Please wake up. Its just a bad dream. I said while taking him into my arms.


Peter WAKE UP. Its just a bad dream, baby.

Peter then woke up. He had tears running from his eyes. Not only that but he was totally terrorized, he screamed, They are after me, David. Help me. They have me now.

DAVID. OPEN UP THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW! Dad yelled loudly from outside of our room, knocking loudly.

THE KEY, DAD. HURRY! Oh baby, youre safe. Wake up baby. Its all over. I said while tightly pulling a now awakening, squirming, crying and sobbing Peter in to my arms.

Sssshhhh now, Peter. Were safe. Dad is coming in. Youre safe now. Shush.

The lock on our door jiggled then dad came into our room, saw Peter then joined us in bed. He pulled Peter into his strong arms and held him firmly. He said, Peter, Im here. Youre safe. Everythings okay. You just had a bad dream.

Daddy they got us. Theyre here. I told you! Peter sobbed.

No baby, they dont have anybody. Youre safe. Were safe. Dad said softly as Peter started to try and get away from him, as he started to try and get away from me.

Peter, Im not letting you go. I love you so much. Were okay. I cried softly.

Peter, the alarm systems on. Everything is in working order. There are no intruders. Were all safe. Nobodys harming us. Dad said firmly.

Angel and Allen entered. Immediately, after seeing Peters state, they knelt down on the floor next to our bed and began rubbing Peters arms and legs tenderly.

What happened? Angel asked softly, clearly worried at Peter being so upset.

Daddy, they got me. I told you they would. Peter said after sitting bolt upright, wiping the tears out of his eyes, determined as anybody could be. I have never before seen such raw intensity as it was in our room at that very moment in history. I shuddered with the intensity of Peters words. They sliced cleanly through my soul as if those words were a scalpel.

Jeremy then walked into our room. Immediately, after seeing Peters plight, he got on the bed then sat down where he squirmed so that he could hold Peter in his arms from the back. Gently, he pulled Peter into his arms then said Peter. Weve got your back, brother. Nobodys going to hurt you. If anybody tries well, theyll have to go through me, dad, and all of us, do you hear me?

No, Jeremy, you dont understand. Theyve already got us. If felt it. I know it. Peter said bolting upright out of Jeremys arms. He started to get up but dad took him into his arms instead. Peter then looked at me, David, theyve got us. Theres nothing that can be done. Daddy, I told you they would get us.

Dad replied, No Peter. They do not have us. They dont have you. They dont have anyone here. Who is they?

Im sorry. Its too late. Peter said then slumped into my arms like a rag doll. I kissed him as dad checked to make sure he was okay.

Hes asleep. Lets everybody go get in my bed. Well sleep together so that were close to Peter. If he has another bad dream, well be there for him. Go get some underwear on. David, get Peter a pair well put them on for him.

Everybody separated to do as dad said to do while dad gathered Peter up and carried him into his room then laid him down on the bed. When I arrived, dad helped me to get a pair of underwear over Peters legs and torso. When Jeremy, Allen and Angel arrived, we sandwiched Peter between us. Just before I fell into a fitful sleep, I reached over and kissed Peter on his lips. He didnt respond though his lip quivered just a tiny bit, I thought.

At 5:30am, I jumped awake startled and afraid as if some malevolent monster creature had pervaded the room and grabbed me up. Peter began fighting my arms around him. It was during his terror that I felt his stream flowing. Quickly, I jiggled him awake then grabbed hold of his dick and squeezed. He jumped at the contact. Quickly, he bounded out of bed and went to dads bedroom. I got up, woke everybody then said, Dad, Peter had an accident. Come on everybody, wake up.

Dad quickly went into his bathroom and shut the door.

As soon as dad shut the door, we tore down the bed and replaced its wetness with dryness then went to our own bathrooms and did what we needed to do. Once finished with our personal ministrations, we met downstairs in the kitchen and began breakfast preparations. None of us spoke unless we just had to everything was accomplished in an eerily silent.

Dads POV

Peter was sitting on the potty when I arrived. He looked up. The boy was haunted. He was scared like Ive never seen any other boy scared.

When youre finished, jump in the shower with me so we can straighten this out, okay?

Peter nodded. I disrobed then entered the shower then got the temperature just right just as Peter stepped in. He said apologetically, Dad, Im really sorry about everything. Youve got to believe me. I felt pain in my chest and guts like Ive never felt pain before. I know its true.

Peter, right now youre safe. Im going to believe you. Ill look deeper into some things. Well find them, trust me. Oh son, theyll have hell to pay, trust me they will.

I know you will dad, but it has already happened. My soul hurts. I cant make it stop. Ive had it before but I dont know how to explain it. Its like its fuzzy or something.

Okay, I know how that feels. Ive felt it before too. My souls aching right along with yours. Peter, theres something that I do that helps it to go away. It doesnt always last forever, but it does help, so I keep doing it. Lets get our shower taken then well try it out.

Without waiting or asking, Peter looked into my eyes then handed me the bottle of shampoo, bent his head under the water then waited. Taking my cue, I washed his hair and back while he washed the rest of his body. We were both done at the same time I paid a little extra attention to him all the while feeling the tension leaving his neck and back muscles. He rinsed off then after wiping the water from his eyes, he looked at me intently then whispered, I love you dad. Thanks. He then got out of the shower, closed the door. I quickly washed up after regaining my composure because it crumpled the second I heard my bathroom door close. I vowed with every fiber of my being to get the motherfucker who hurt my kid.

When I got out and dried off, I wrapped a towel around my midsection then went into my bedroom. Peter was sitting naked and chilled on the edge my bed. I reached in my drawer then extracted two pair of boxer shorts and t-shirts. I tossed a pair to him then put my own on.

Once we were altogether, clothes wise, I reached for him, we hugged then I said softly, Lets kneel down for a couple of minutes. I dont know if you believe in a Spirit of the Universe, do you?

Ive been to church a couple times. Theres a place down the beach a few miles from here I didnt keep going though. Other stuff kept coming up. I know something made the ocean and the beautiful sunsets we have here do you mean like that?

I nodded then we knelt down. I got behind him then wrapped my arms around his bony shoulders then began saying very softly, Dear Father, please hear the words we speak. We ask for peace. We ask for strength. We ask that we be kept safe. We ask for your blessings. We ask that you replace our darkness and pain with light and love, comfort, peace and strength, guidance in what we are supposed to do next because we dont know what it is. Thank you very much for allowing us to trust you at this time. Jim.

My names Peter Blake though you might know me as Peter Scott Jamison. I dont know if you keep track of that stuff uhm, Ive never talked to you before so if I screw this up err, uhm, Ive done some really bad stuff Im sorry, if youre listening. I, uhm, need to ask you a favor; can I ask for something, is that right? Okay, uhm, please keep my family safe Im trying to be good now, okay, please? I hope I do the right things. Uhm, okay, I think Im done. Can I talk to you again sometime? Oh yeah, I forgot uhm, well, I hear stuff on TV about gay being bad I hope you dont hate me because Im in love with David I love him with all my heart and soul please dont be mad at me I wont be able to stop loving him. Okay, Im done now. Thanks.

Peter turned his head around and looked into my eyes. He asked, Is that okay? I dont know what to say

I was speechless. All I could think of doing was to pull him into my arms, and then silently I said to my deceased wife, Honey, I need your love and any help you can give me to bring peace and tranquility to Peters heart and soul. I love you. I always will. I always have.>

With those heartfelt words felt then spoken, I felt a beam of light return to my being, to my essence and to my consciousness.

Peter looked up at me then smiled at me with those chocolate brown eyes and said Dad?

Mmm hmm.

I feel okay now. Peter said grinning then added I smell bacon.

I should have known, me too, come on. Oh yeah, God, dont let anything come between a boy and his food. Thank you.

Peter grinned then chuckled and said Yeah, thanks.

Hand in hand, we walked downstairs with hunger in our tummies and by the time we arrived, breakfast was ready to be served.

When the rest of the table faltered at digging in, Peter, while wearing his mischievous smile said Come on guys, were all hungry and the food is just getting cold sitting there. Dad and I kind of talked with somebody I dont know, who Ive never met before, but who sure feels like a friend.

Without another word, Peter dug into the stack of pancakes, grabbed hold of a healthy handful of bacon then began chowing down as everyone looked at him like he was some kind of eating machine, or something. We all took our share then we had an enjoyable and more lighthearted meal. Pretty soon the conversation became spontaneous and easy going though I could tell that there was still tension in the air, but at least it was no longer palpable, it was no longer holding us down.

As soon as breakfast was completed, Jeremy went upstairs to get dressed for work then left shortly after but not before giving and receiving hugs all around.

Since breakfast was served to us, Peter and I stayed behind and began the cleanup chores while the others went outside to go swimming for their morning laps.

Pretty soon though, Angel returned and helped us to complete the tasks in reparation for his previous transgressions.

When the cleanup was completed, which did not take too long since there were three of us, I went upstairs and got dressed then came downstairs and gave and received a thorough and complete hug fest.

I should be home by 12:30. You guys start getting yourselves packed and ready for our trip tomorrow since we will be leaving very early. Our flight is at 7:00am so well need to leave the house no later than 5:30. I love you guys. Have some fun.

Arriving at work, I sat at my desk then decided the best avenue to pursue. I called Rick, our Chief Investigator, and Fuji, our Chief of Intelligence into a meeting. I then called our companys in-house travel agent and asked Barbara to sit in on our meeting.

When everyone arrived, I opened the meeting by saying to Barbara, Theres been a change of plans. Barbara, please cancel our commercial flight and hotel accommodations. Reschedule them using our jet and then please book secure residence for our family of 6.

Sure thing, Jim, Ill get them done. Just give me a couple of hours. Ill send you the final itinerary.

Thank you Barbara. I appreciate all effort you give to these last minute changes to plans. I said warmly.

When she didnt immediately get up, I said to her, Thats all. Rick and Fuji need to take care of some other business. Thank you.

Barbara nodded warmly then got up and left my office. Fuji got up from his seat then walked to the office door, made sure it was securely shut then locked it.

Because the conversation was top secret, Ill only write about what wasnt deemed classified.

I said, Im resurrecting Operation Freedom as of this very moment. Rick, once again, please interview each and every child extracted. I have reason to believe that there are still children being hurt and harmed. Further, I have reason to believe that not all children have been found. Call in our forensic psychologist. Have him interview the children, one by one, look for missing pieces; look for new pieces of the puzzle. Be nice, be gentle; dont scare those kids anymore than they already are scared.

Sure thing, Jim, this wont be a problem. Most, but not all of the kids have been reunited with their families; others have been placed with families who care about them so this may take some time. I believe one or two of the children were placed in New York. Ill take care of it personally. Consider it done.

I nodded then added, Be thorough. Leave no stone unturned. But be gentle. Those kids have suffered enough.

Fuji, listen to me very carefully.

Fuji, interrogate those motherfuckers who harmed those children. Do not be nice. Do not be soft. Scare the hell out of them. And finally, shred that bitch who called Peter her son. Shred that Bo character. Shred all to hell that bastard named Harley Jamison, Peters so called uncle. Leave nothing untouched. Flip them. Fuck em up. Twist and turn them. Use whatever means. Dont hold back. There are deep pockets find their funding source, shake the trees as though theyd never been shook before.

Rick, go through the missing children files at HPD. I want you to also interview the kids on the beaches. I want to know everything about them.

Rick replied, Ill do that. Im going to pull Verna and Robbie in on this operation. Theyre good with kids.

I smiled knowingly. Not even HPD; not even the FBI know what those two did, or how they did it for another operation we completed a couple of years prior to initiating our investigation into the current porn ring.

With Rick and Fuji in my office I then called the Federal and State prosecutors and asked them to reject and/or revoke any offers for the defendants to plead out. They had already rejected most pleadings however not all. They then said it was important for Peter to provide them with sworn statements I gently pushed back by saying Peter was very frail and fragile at the time then relayed the previous nights experience. Fuji and Rick, both, looked as though they were going to start chewing on my desk however they restrained themselves, somehow.

I then called Richard Wright, our family attorney. I briefly briefed him on the latest developments. He replied, The defense will be ruthless. Theyll attempt to bite off Peters head and then feed it back to him one bite at a time. Theyll do everything they can do to discredit him. Theyll shift blame to him. Theyll say his actions were voluntary since hes an older child. In other words, theyll try to tear him down in any way they can. But theyll have to be very careful because if they go overboard then theyll lose the jury. Theres a very fine line that they dont want to cross.

I know Richard. Its just fucking wrong.

Yes, its fucking wrong. Its wrong how victims are victimized yet again on the stand. Like I said though, there is a very fine line before the jury turns on the defense. Its sweet to see but it doesnt happen 100% of the time. Jim?

Yes, Richard.

I believe Peter has an inner strength not yet tapped. Hes developing and growing despite those motherfuckers, and that cunt mother of his. Did you know that shes spewing filth about her sons being gay actually, she doesnt use the word gay at all. Id rather not repeat her exact words. The jail matrons are actually sick of her shit. Theyre prepared to voluntarily testify against her so we might be able to get this moved more quickly to Federal Courts under Hate Crime Statutes.

That may be true, Richard, but then you havent seen him broken and bleeding emotionally. He puts on a brave and strong front yet hes a hurting little boy. Hes scared shitless. He doesnt deserve any of this but youre right he does have an inner strength not yet tapped. I see it. You see it. Now if we can get him to see it.

Jim, he feels safe breaking and bleeding with you and your family. That says a lot. Hes going to be okay. I feel it.

Richard, back from where I come from, this whole matter would never have made it to trial. The perps wouldnt have made it to trial. Actually, its doubtful that they would have ever made it to the point of being arrested.


Yep. Dont.

Im not doing anything stupid, Richard. Our guys will be interviewing them again. Perfectly legal, but lets say that they will be turned upside down and shaken from their toe nails.

Were not having this conversation, correct?

What in the world are you talking about Richard?

Thats what I thought. I must be dreaming again.

I giggled, Richard, I pay you a lot of money to dream, okay?

Richard chuckled, Yes sir, thank you sir for my mostly pleasant dreams. My wife appreciates them too.

Anything else I need to be aware of? I asked.

Jim, just keep my dreams legal, okay?

Always. Well be out of town for a few days. I can be reached on the satellite phone. Ill make sure you get one this afternoon.

Okay, Jim, well talk to you later.

Thanks Richard, for everything. Oh, one more thing well need you to run interference between us and the government they could possibly see us as a conflict of interest.

Yes. Thats appropriate. Ill be glad to. So that we have an agreement, Ill have my secretary draw up a contract for you and I to sign. Of course, there is the matter of consideration a thousand hour minimum at $250.00 per hour. Well require a $50,000.00 up front retainer.

I understand. Moneys no object when it comes to my family. Consider our agreement a contract then. Ill issue a check as soon as we get off the telephone. Ill have it couriered this afternoon.

Very well then we have a contract. My secretary will contact you regarding Peters initial official visit. We are agreed that Peter is my client, and that whatever he says is covered under the Veil.

Understood and agreed. Youre his advocate. Youll look out for his legal interests. Dont let them crucify him, Richard, please.

Count on it.

Oh Jim?


I am a hell of a chess player. Ill teach Peter everything he needs to know. Does he know how to play?

No, I dont think so. Why?

Then hell learn. Hes a very bright young man and will pick it up quickly. He might even teach me a trick or two.

I chuckled.

Jim. Im serious.

I know you are.

Back to the story

After swimming our laps, Allen and I got out of the water then sat in the chaise lounges at the table next to the pool and idle chit chatted about everything but nothing in particular until Peter, Angel and dad came outside.

Dad said he was going into the office and that he would be back around 12:30. He reminded us to get our packing for the trip finished up because wed be leaving very early the next morning. After giving him our reassurances he left with instructions to let nobody in our home, and that we were to go no place away from home.

Peter came over to me then sat down next to my side and after he gave me his smile followed by some tongue dance kissing he dove into the pool and swam a few laps. When he was finished he came over and sat back down but before he sat down, he made sure that I got wet again by shaking his head good causing the water droplets to cascade onto anyone in the near vicinity. Seeing that I was the only one close by, I got the brunt of them.

All in good nature, Peter helped me to the side of the pool then we dove in and played around for a while having a great amount of fun. Allen and Angel joined in on some major grab ass, dunking and we even played water basketball for a while until we were sufficiently worn out but not exhausted.

Once we were finished with the pool for a while, we dried off then went inside to our rooms and began our trip preparations with excitement. Peter and I picked our clothes that we planned to wear on our trip for each other.

Once that was finished, we closed the door for some alone time and spent it lying down on the bed and holding each other and being together and quiet for the most part except for sharing about our excitement we held towards the trip.

As the time neared when dad was supposed to be home, we got into a bit of a tongue wrestle looking for each others tonsils, and when we found that they were not there, we repositioned ourselves then slowly but completely jacked each other off. It was not the most spectacular pinnacle of passion consummated, yet it was at the same time.

When we went downstairs a short time later, dad was just coming in from the garage. His smiles were infectious. He pulled us into him and hugged us tightly then said he had some information that we would like to hear. I went to get Allen and Angel. When I went out there to get them, it clearly appeared that they were into some minor hanky panky themselves. So I left and went back into the house and told Dad and Peter that they were tied up for a little bit. We all chuckled.

After giving them adequate time for release I went back outside and found that they were swimming towards the stairs which lead out of the water then said Come on in you horndogs, dad has some news to share with us. Weve been waiting for you guys, so hurry it along already, will ya. Ha haa.

When we were all seated in the TV room dad said Okay, well I have been very busy this morning but I wanted to let you know a little bit about what we are doing.

Everybody nodded then dad continued Peter, I assure you that everything that can be done is being done to keep us safe. I will not go into details, though you do need to know that your brothers and I will not be the only ones watching your back.

Okay dad. Thanks. I already feel safer after we had our talk this morning, if you know what I mean. Peter said cautiously.

Dad nodded warmly then said softly Peter. I have a question to ask you.

Whats that dad? You can ask me anything anytime.

Peter, I really cannot go into many details other than to say we have launched another investigation into all of those children who were abused. Would you still be willing to testify in court against your mother and her boyfriends, and your uncle Harlan?

Of course, you have told me that I did nothing wrong. I believe you. I believe David. I believe Allen. I believe Angel. And I believe Jeremy. Jeremy was too young to testify, but Im not. I will testify if that is what is needed.

Peter then looked down to the floor and got this blank stare on his face and in his eyes. For a brief moment it was like the light was on but nobody was home yet he had the hint of a smile on his beautiful face. Ill let him share what he heard.

Peters POV

(From the darkness came a childs voice softly singing -> [

On board, I'm the captain So climb aboard We'll search for tomorrow on every shore And I'll try, oh Lord, I'll try to carry on])


Authors notes:

Okay, this chapter had some very difficult moments when I wrote it. Between writing it and performing all of the edits, more than one Kleenex were required, more than one or two dabs of it were required to keep my keyboard clear of the cascades of tears flowing freely from my eyes.

Initially, I wrote this chapter to stop when Peters eyes went blank after he replied to Dads inquiry as to whether or not he would agree to testify at trial but after thinking about it for a number of days I better like how it ends up.

Another note is that up to his point David has written this story first person. Well, that is not going to work any longer. With that said, from here on out and until the end, Peter will be telling the story because it is only he who can do the rest of it justice because it now is his story.

Finally, my sincerest of thanks to the group Styx who wrote and sang the song Come Sail Away which, at certain points in my life, kept me going and, moreover, they gave me hope to continue on.

Okay, with my comma and period basket filled to the brim, I shall continue. Stay tuned as life gets very interesting for Peter and his entire family.

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