Castle Roland

Life on the Farm

by Joe Writer Man

In Progress

Chapter 15

Published: 8 Apr 14

Dan and I went for a ride the following evening. As before, we rode the periphery of the property, looking for fence that was broken, misaligned, or gone. He told me that even though the town was small, and that people pretty much knew everyone else, there were still thieves and vandals who had no regard for other people's belongings.

I thought he was speaking to me. I said, "I had to steal. Nobody at home gave a flying …"

"Watch your mouth, James. Once in a while is okay, I suppose, but you have a pretty good handle on the English language, so I expect you to find more appropriate words to describe situations. Give it a try. Besides, I'm not talking about your thievery for survival… thought we had that straightened out?"

I thought long and carefully… I rarely come up with a better word than 'fuck', so, I simply continued without the use of adjectives, "I wouldn't have done it, I mean I wouldn't have stealed."

"Yeah, I know, James. You don't strike me as the kind of kid who would take that which doesn't belong to you, unless you absolutely had to. I don't see you as a bad kid. You've got a good heart… that's what really counts. We can't go around hurting and harming other people, or ourselves."

Seeing a section of loose fence got my attention, "Look, there's some fence that's not tied up very good."

We dismounted, tied the horses' reins to a post then walked to the section I was talking about. Dan jiggled and wiggled the fence. He said that while the fence wasn't in danger of letting out the animals, it did warrant tightening up. So it was a chore put on the list to do the following day. He thanked me for seeing something that he hadn't. He ruffled my hair then showed me how to mount up. That pulled those muscles in my leg to the point where they hurt. He sensed it. He put his huge hand on my butt, pushed me on up, then he mounted. No more fences were found broken or loose.

On the way back to the barn, he took us by the pasture where Blackie hung out. We stood still and waited for him to come to us. Dan said that the horse would not be so nervous, if permitted to come in his own time. About 20 minutes later, or so, Blackie did come to us. Once again, he permitted me to touch and talk to him without getting spooked and running off, or hurting and harming us.

"Can I get down? I want to pet him."

"Oh, I don't know about that… he probably weighs 10 times your weight. He could squash you like a bug, in a New York second, and there wouldn't be anything I could do about it… but then again… he's never acted like this before…"

Dan lifted me up and out of the saddle then I slid down. Blackie nuzzled my face, neck and chest… spreading buckets of slobber all the while. But he was calm. He'd snort every once in a while, as I'd scratch his face and swat away the flies.

I looked into Dan's eyes. Assuredly I said, "He won't hurt me."

"I don't think so. This is against my better judgment." Dan said. He reached into the saddle bag, retrieved a training halter, attempted to put it on the horse, however, Blackie rebuked his efforts. The horse would turn his head away every time.

Dan took hold of the horses' mane then handed me the halter and told me how to put it on. I had to snicker when he permitted me to put it on without a qualm in the world. We then led Blackie around a wide periphery… okay, I led him around while Dan walked with me, close to me, with one hand on my shoulders.

"Have you ever ridden a horse before you got here?"

"No. This is my first time. I'm not afraid of him. He won't hurt me. I know things about people, and, well, I guess I know things about horses, too. I don't know; I can just feel he's okay. Can I ride him?"

Without another word, Dan slowly, carefully, and gently pushed me up on its bare back. He then handed me the reins, but he kept a hand on them, too. We walked around for about 30 minutes, or so. The horse never once gave any inkling that it was going to run off, which was what Dan was afraid of. He said as much.

It was getting dark, so I dismounted, got the halter off without too much difficulty then we took off for the barn. Eric was sitting on the fence, watching us ride up. He smiled big. While Dan was taking off the saddle and bridle, Eric patted my back, "I don't believe it. But I saw you up on that damn horse. You've got balls. Come on, let's help Dad."

Somehow the chicken coop didn't seem all that bad.

Adam called Friday morning. He told me that Tony, Seth, and he were bringing up the motor home rig because we were going to take off for Dallas to attend a photography convention. I really didn't want to go, and said so, but, he told me that Seth was really looking forward to being with me, and so were they, for that matter. Truthfully, I wanted to be with them, too.

Vera had gone into the kitchen to begin lunch preparations. Usually on Fridays, she went all out. She cooked and baked all morning. With her cooking, I never went hungry. I'd gained weight in the few days that I'd been there at their house, eating their food. Vera said I was gaining weight because I had stability, was doing hard work, wasn't snacking on junk food, and eating healthily.

I said to Adam, "Hold on a minute. I'll be right back."

I walked into the kitchen, the forbidden zone >ha ha<. She said, "What's up, Young Man? You have something on your mind."

"Uhm, yeah, I do. Uhm, Adam, well, him, Tony and Seth want to go to Dallas for a photography convention… they want me to go with them, and, well, I kinda want to go with them… but, I like it here, too, a lot. What should I do?"

I'd never before asked anybody what I should do about anything. The words were kind of shocking, well, maybe not shocking, but they surprised me.

But then my emotions started playing games with me… quickly I reached up to my face and brushed away a tear.

Vera put down the ladle, reached out her arms. Without hesitation, I went into them. She patted my back, and urged me into her bosom. I wrapped my arms around her.

I wanted to go with Adam and be with Seth, yet, again, I wanted to stay on the farm with them.

After a few minutes of 'quiet time', Vera said, "Follow your heart, Child. Your mind will follow. It works every time. If you want to go… we'll be here when you're ready to come back. If you want my opinion…"

I looked into her eyes, nodded. She continued, "I think, maybe, Seth wants to be with you… he probably doesn't know what to think with you being here, you know, away from him. Maybe he's feeling left out… I don't know him, but he seems like a good, kind and sensitive kid. Good friends are hard to come by."

"Yeah, he's the first friend I ever had. Since we met… he's always just been there. Uhm, okay, then I think I need to go."

"Honey, I think you've made the right decision. I think Seth is lost… your friendship… I see it being much more than a friendship, so talk to him. Communication is so very important in a relationship. You can come back here any time. I'm pretty sure I speak for my family when I say that you're growing on us. Is Adam still on the phone?"

"Oh shoot, yeah. Okay. Thank you." I said, squeezed tight then returned to the phone and told Adam I'd like to go. He said that they were on their way and would arrive around noon-time.

They arrived right as Vera began dishing up plates of food. Of course, I was out of my chair in a heartbeat, ran to the porch, and then on out to the rig. Seth was out first. We jumped into each others' arms, and nearly squeezed the life out of ourselves, but it was all good.

After dinner, I took Seth up to 'my' room, showed him around, and packed a bag to take on the trip. He said that Adam had loaded up enough clothes for me to wear, and that he'd helped to pack me up, too. As soon as we got things all ready and everything, we stood in the middle of my room, looked deep into each others' eyes; I said, "I'm sorry if me being away hurts you. I'd never hurt you in a million years. There's something here for me, though. I feel okay, you know right down here >I pointed to my heart<."

"I know the feeling. Don't feel bad. I left a couple of friends behind when I moved in with Tony… uhm, James, I love you."

I squeezed harder, as if that were possible because we were already mashing together, "I love you, too, even though I don't really know what love is… all I know about it is that it's starting to feel pretty good… I never knew…"

"Me neither… I say go for it." Seth said, and then searched for my lips… but he didn't have to search very long or hard since mine were searching for his, too.

When we parted, something caught my attention… I turned my head toward the door… Eric was standing there watching us. His face registered a bit of surprise, yet, he was halfway smiling, too. He walked on. I heard the bathroom door close. We went downstairs.

Seth said to his dad, Tony, "James is coming with us." To Vera he said, "Thanks for taking good care of him. I appreciate your care and concern for him. I really do."

"Well, honey, thank you. We try. He's a good boy. While he's gone, you take good care of him for us, will you?"

"Oh yes, Ma'am. No problem." Seth said, then put his arm around my shoulders. Mine went around his waist.

Vera smiled, then turned to her husband who'd just walked through the door from outside. After the men shook hands and greeted on another, Dan said, "So, you're leaving already?"

"Uhm, yes, Sir… for a few days… I hope I can come back, can I?"

"Absolutely. I thought we had that straightened out. You're welcome here any any time, all the time, too."

"Well, yes, Sir, I'd really like that… I just wanted to make sure…"

"You don't have to ask permission to come home, James. This home and this family is available at any time of the day or night… you run on now. Have a good time. Behave yourself, and, James, just be yourself. Now, it's nap time for me. Be sure to catch Kevin on your way out… he's been asking about ya."

With that Dan entered the living room, headed for 'his' easy chair, sat down, pushed the back back, put his cap across the bridge of his nose – and that was it from him. From past experience, I knew he'd snore in a deep breath within a minute or two … he didn't disappoint me.

Adam said, "Go find your little buddy. We need to be hitting the road, Jack."

"Jack what, who?" I asked clearly perplexed. I looked to Seth… he was just as clueless.

Adam grinned, "Got ya. It's about time."

"Very funny…"

"Okay, Boys, do you have everything? We need to be hitting the road. Mrs. Richardson, thank you for everything you've done, I know James appreciates your kindness, and taking care of him… he's an armload, at times."

"Yeah, and he charges, too."

Adam belly laughed, and then, much to my surprise, he quickly took a step toward me, reached out his arms and scooped me up, throwing me over his shoulder. He let me down after I told him that I was broke.

I said to Seth, "I'll be right back, forgot something." I wanted to kiss his luscious lips, but refrained.

I took off upstairs, turned right, relieved what needed relieving, wiped and used the washcloth to clean that area well, then reached into the medicine cabinet, retrieved the medicine, and inserted an applicator full. At the same time, I realized there would be no Seth visiting 'there' anytime soon… it was just too sore… I couldn't ignore it, wishing the tenderness away wasn't even an option.

By the time all that was taken care of, everybody had gone outside.

I wasn't prepared for what I saw next: Kevin was nestled in Seth's arms. The boy was happily chattering away. Seth, of course, was paying rapt attention to the 'my second shadow'. I took in a deep breath. It was then that I realized how good a dad Seth would be someday. But he's gay. Even though… he'd be a good dad, I just knew he would. And his son would be a beautiful little boy. He'd make pretty daughters, too, no doubt.

I picked up my bag, took it to the doorway, and stood there one minute longer just to etch that memory into permanency, to remember years later.

The adults were standing by the coach, talking. I sat down on the porch, wrapped my arms around Kevin and kissed his cheek… he never missed a beat telling Seth something very important… (something about frogs :-).

We were about an hour away from the farm when Seth needed to stop at the next convenience store to 'drain'. About 20 minutes later, just after getting on the interstate, we stopped at one of those turnpike quick stop places where they charge way too much for gasoline, and way, way too much for a friggin candy bar.

Soon we were back on the road again, counting oncoming cars, and singing "Row row your boat…"

That song gets old, but it's fun when you replace boat with whatever comes to mind… say … chickens, cows, hitchhikers, an occasional deer way off in the distance… whatever… just thought I'd throw that in here for the heck of it.

After the fun and games 'wore off', we rode along in silence, just looking out at countryside as it passed by… my mind started wandering off, wondering what Luke and Eric were up to. Looking at the console clock, seeing that it was getting on about 5:30, I knew they likely would be heading to the house for dinner.

Seth took my hand into his. I looked up. He was smiling a toothy grin, and he began licking his lips… I knew the look on his face. I twitched my south of the border muscles to see just how sore they were. There was no way… but… I'd make a way. The itch, despite the tenderness, was incessant.

I firmly grabbed hold of his hand, and led us to the back of the bus, so to speak. Seth entered the boudoir, I closed the curtains and said, with my head sticking in, "I expect you to be naked when I get back… I shall return… very shortly."

I quickly closed the curtain, and stood there for a moment wondering how I was going to make it happen. I took a deep breath, entered the teenie tiny cubicle called a bathroom, pulled the curtain closed, sat down, and then expelled the remaining medicine. I wiped the slurpy white creaming crap the best I could, then I used a soapy washcloth to make me down there – pleasant for a roaming tongue, at least.

When I returned to Seth, he was lying on his back, and in his hand was the tube of medicine. The look on his face was totally serious … and very concerned.

I entered and sat on the bed, looking at him, waiting for him to say something, first. All he did was flip the tube through his fingers. His eyes never leaving mine.

"I want you inside of me, Seth. I'll be okay, I promise."

I reached over to kiss his luscious lips. He accepted, and returned the gesture. I scooted up on the bed so that we were lying face to face. I wrapped my free leg up and over his hip and said, "Seth… I need to tell you something…"

Seth quickly kissed my lips, snuck in a swipe from his tongue, and then waited… though, every once in a while during the time when I was trying to formulate my words – he would kiss one eye then the other then my cheek… and then he went to my neck… Just as I would start to say something… he'd kiss my lips, essentially shutting me up. Finally, I just gave up trying to say anything, and enjoyed being loved by him.

One thing led to another… within 10 minutes, slowly, one piece at a time… I lay naked… just by the way he was looking at me with an intensity I'd never known him to have… he, too, got undressed, pushing away my attempts to assist him.

Soon, he, too was naked.

I reached down for his tool to bring it up into the world so that it could be counted… and… but he swatted my hand away, without saying a word.

I tried to push him away when he finished lapping my adolescent testicles and started heading down into the forbidden zone. Not only was it sore as all hell, but I was afraid that… but… he didn't invade that space, instead his tongue lapped at those mum sized petals – left, right, up, down, up my butt crack next to the bed… then my dick… oh God, he engulfed it… but then quickly dismounted when my body began tensing up… in overload.

He then scooted up across my body until his lips were on mine, fully and completely. He nearly strangled me with his tongue invading my oral orifice… did I complain? Hell no!

And, my man was ready… I was ready… I needed him… I wanted him… more than anything… but whenever I'd tense up he'd roll over off me.

The last time that happened, I reached up, retrieved the tube of stuff, took off the cap, and headed down to take care of business… but he grabbed the tube and sat it on the shelf. He then reached into the cabinet, retrieved the lube we'd used a number of times, squeezed a generous supply into his fingers and then began rubbing his hole.

By then I was crazed with lust… in one fell swoop, I was lying atop his soft yet firm back and buns – fully embedded in his deep dark canal. But, I wasn't very far inside, in fact, there were a number of times when I'd have to reinsert it because I wasn't long enough.

I said, "Turn over… so we can kiss…"

I thought he was going to, but, all he did was pull the pillow down under his stomach, thus causing his globes to spread… thus enabling me to fully bury my 4.5 inches, to the pubes, inside, not between those flesh buns.

And so it was. Heaven.

He didn't complain, not one bit did he complain, when I used my 'other' orifice to fully and completely pleasure his needy body, soul and mind.

We curled up and fell asleep, but were awakened sometime later by the rig swaying and bouncing around. Seth, suddenly wide awake, took full advantage of the rough roads… and so did I.

The final straw was when Tony ran over a large tree stump or a rock or something big and shifted the rig sideways, causing Seth and I to fall onto the bed in a heap. We traded some spit, then quickly got up and tossed on pairs of loose shorts and made our appearance known… albeit disheveled. Seth quickly slid off into the tiny makeshift restroom and closed the curtain.

I wished there would have been room for both of us – to wit: my belly and legs were coated with semi-dry lube and Seth's fluids… I'm sure I was quite the sight.

Tony disembarked to set the rig for the night. Adam walked to me, "Are you okay? I hope you used your better judgment…"

"No problem, Adam. Seriously…" I snickered, "I'm all better now."

"It sure sounded like it."


Adam whipped up some hotdogs, topped with fried bacon, melted cheese, ketchup, mustard and onions. I had two. Seth had 3.

After eating, Seth and I then headed to the restrooms with towels, washcloths, shampoo, and a soap bar so that we could shower away all evidence of our forages into serious love makings.

Upon entering the public restroom, we heard some whining going on in one of the shower stalls… two voices to be precise. Those voices didn't sound like they came from someone, or some people, very old. At the same time, Seth and I looked each other and clucked our tongues, knowing all too well what was going on 'in there'.

Because those stalls were short and narrow, too, we undressed at the sinks, and made our way into one of the cubicles. While I inserted an applicator syringe filled with yucky stuff, Seth got the water just right. When I entered, he proceeded to wash me from head to toe, including that which designates me male. My little guy was largely disinterested, for some reason.

Seth's little guy was definitely 'interested'… then it was disinterested… wonder why that was… :-)

In any event, moving forward, those two guys were sitting just outside the restroom when we exited the shower room.

Each looked up, smiled and urged us to sit with them.

"We were worried." The younger dude said. Because it was totally pitch black dark, it was hard to check them out very well.

I replied, "No need. Meet Seth. I'm James. You could say we are together, right Seth."

"Yup, you could definitely say that we're together. So where are you guys from?"

"We're from New Orleans… on our way to San Diego. The folks want to check out the nudist beaches. I don't know about that…"

The other boy said, "You'll love it. Besides, I keep telling you to put your clothes on when we're out on the bayou at night, back home… do you ever listen to me? No." Then he chuckled as the younger playfully punched him in the gut.

The younger boy said, "That's different… we do it at night."

The slightly older boy snickered, "We do it during the day, too."

"Yeah… definitely…" The boy said quietly…. which set off a chain reaction of giggles from all concerned.

I said, "We've gone walking along the gulf-coast without a care in the world. Naked is good. And sex on the beach is really good, huh, Seth?"

Seth kissed my cheek but didn't verbally reply.

The other boys said they needed to get back to their tent. So they took off, as did we.

The convention was pretty neat. Adam and I were surprised as all hell that his pictures of me won 2nd place. Do you know the picture that took tops? It was the one where I was sitting in Adam's car, stripping off my clothes to put on that bikini he'd bought for me. He said the judges couldn't get past that shit eating grin on my face, and my youthful innocence that came out with the sun shining brightly as a backdrop. Some people, after the ceremonies were over and done with, came up to Adam and were willing to pay big bucks for me to model for them. Without hesitation, without a qualm he politely declined their offers.

Do you know who won first place?


He was sitting out on the lake in the pontoon boat, naked as the day he'd been born, though the picture was only suggestive, it, nevertheless, captured a beautiful moment. I only knew he was naked because I knew his body inside and out, pun intended, and knew what to look for. He said the picture had been taken about 6 months before we'd met.

I was so happy for him. He and Tony did accept a contract, so long as Adam was the photographer. Of all things, the most lucrative offer was to model baseball uniforms. The contract wasn't exclusive so they took another contract from Speedo. The executive took me and Seth back to the rig, measured him for the proper size, which was a funny experience because Seth was making all sorts of wicked looking facial expressions – trying to not spring wood… success!

The convention ended Saturday afternoon. Seth and I really started working on Tony to take us to the beach, once again. He said no about 30 times, then on the 31st, gave in. They both needed to be back on Tuesday, so we headed out, southbound and down.

That time of the year, early summer, was tourist season, which meant there were many vacationers out and about – wearing swimsuits. God, those fucking boardie suits should be outlawed!

Nevertheless, much to Tony and Adam's admonishments, Seth and I would strip down and then go running into the surf, and then go way out and jump waves, having a really good time. It seemed that several other people, including people our ages, and even adults joined in. The shore patrol wasn't all that happy about turning that area into a nudist beach. Warnings were given. Warnings were largely ignored. They gave up, but said they'd say something, and enforce the 'rules' if people started complaining, or if he saw anything even remotely sexual going on. A couple of people did complain, but no other people voiced their concerns, so those two people were pretty much left on their own.

Throughout the day on Sunday, most all of the people and campers left to go back to their homes, or to continue their vacations elsewhere.

Late in the afternoon, a new camper arrived. The van was huge. It had windows on all sides. Of course, being nosy both Seth and I looked inside. There were two people riding in back, and their parents, of course, were riding up front.

Neither Seth nor I had a stitch of clothes on, so we went into our rig, tossed on a pair of loose fitting shorts, and made our way to greet the new people. Everybody had been friendly, and I was totally relaxed, as was Seth, so we basically knew no strangers.

The parents, kind of uptight and nervous at our aggression (or whatever you want to call our exuberance toward meeting them), relaxed when we joined in helping them to get set up.

The boys looked to be twins, but they weren't twins after all. The older boy's name was James (good name, by the way!). The younger boy's name was Bobby. James was 14. Bobby was 12. They were from upstate New York. This was their first trip to an ocean down south where it was warm enough to actually go swimming. They related how the waters of the northeast was always cold, even in the midst of summer.

Their mother, I didn't catch her name, announced that their dinner would be ready in an hour or so. She invited us to eat with them when the time came for it to be served.

Then she shooed her boys into the rig to get changed into swim suits, to grab the sunblock, and fetch towels. Dutifully, the boys did just as she ordered. Yes, her voice insinuated 'orders'… but she wasn't mean… I sensed no malevolence about her.

The older boy, James, exited. He was wearing white boardies. His skin was pearly white… obviously it hadn't seen much sunshine at all.

The younger boy, Bobby, next exited.

I was surprised… he was hairy, and I mean hairy – all over… he had flowing dark hair on his chest, on his belly, on his sides, on his shoulders, down his back, up and down his belly. His arms, previously covered by a long sleeved shirt, and his legs, previously covered by white jeans… were covered with hair, too… the amazing thing was that the hair appeared downy soft, not course and rough.

Bobby, looking away from his mother who was putting gobs of sunscreen on his back, shoulders, and belly, noticing that I was noticing, said, "I've got a condition called hypertrichosis, or excess body hair." He looked to his mother, then back to me, and continued, "I'm pretty nervous about it… I get quite a bit of trouble back home… you see, I'm only 12… or I will be 12 tomorrow, anyway."

His mother turned her attentions to James. He was smooth skinned… from what I could see, he had no body hair, pits included. Like his brother, James was light skinned, but not albino like. They'd just had no exposure to the skin.

Their mother offered to cover me with the lotion, too, but I politely declined since I was already acclimated to the sun and had a nice dark tan – all inclusive… except that she didn't know the full extent of my tan, and I wasn't about to clue her in by dropping down or off my shorts…

The boys came with us to our site. Seth introduced them to Adam and Tony. Then we took off down the beach a ways looking for shells so that they would have something to take home from their trip down south. Bobby found a really kewl pearl white shell that wasn't broken in any way… it was perfect. He offered it to me, but I declined, then he said, "I want you to have it. You and Seth are treating me like real people… I don't get treated like it very often."

James spoke up, "Yeah, people are generally dorks. They make stupid remarks, and even make fun of him… it's sickening. So, yeah, thanks for treating my little brother like a person, please take it."

Bobby reached his arm out offering me his prize. I took it, looked at Seth… the look in his eyes confirmed my feelings. I smiled, handed the shell to Seth, then dropped my shorts to the sand, thus exposing my entire self to some guys we'd just met, but they were two people we really liked.

Seth handed me the shell back, and then he did the same. Both of us were naked as the day we'd been born.

James asked me what the scar was for… I told him I'd fucked up my hip, but didn't say how it happened, and they didn't ask. That satisfied his curiosity.

I then handed Bobby the shell. Bobby put down his hand, until I said, "Here, this is yours. You didn't make fun of us for stripping… this is how we've swam since we got here. This is our second time on this beach… and well, it's kind of grown on us. Besides, nobody's around, and even the Shore Patrol hasn't given us a hard time. They just don't want us doing sex stuff… you know… in public."

James said, "There aren't any girls around here, right Bobby?"

Bobby looked deep into my eyes. In them, I saw fear and uncertainty, like he wanted to say something but didn't know how, or what to tell. I know things about people… I could sense that he had something to say… but was afraid.

Changing the subject, somewhat, he asked, "Don't you get… you know… a…"

"Yeah, sometimes. When that happens we simply go out into the surf, or wrap a towel around our midsections, or go into the rig.. and you know… take matters into our hands… jack off… or…" Seth offered.

Bobby's eyes lit up… sheepishly he asked, "Or…"

Unafraid, because I saw nothing in them to fear, I took Seth's hand in mine and said, "Or we take care of each other… we're friends… I love Seth. And, we're together."

Seth put his arm around my shoulders, "Yup…" Then he leaned down. Somewhat hesitatingly, I reached up. Our lips touched, but just for a second or two, not knowing their reactions we didn't want to push the envelope so far that they might get uncomfortable, or worse… get angry.

But, they weren't angry.

Without a second thought, Bobby laid the shell on the sand, reached inside his swim suit, fiddled with the string until it came loose, then looking at his brother – dropped his suit to the sand, landing on top of the shell. He stepped out of the last remaining leg opening. Immediately, he boned up fully and completely… I'd say he was 4.0 to 4.5 inches long, kind of skinny but not overly so.

Timidly, he lowered the towel to cover his erection. I said, "We get them all the time… we're out here by ourselves; nobody's around, so don't worry about it, okay. Come on, let's go swimming."

Seth, Bobby and I took off out into the surf. I looked back… I giggled… James was running toward us at full speed ahead… naked… he, too, was fully fully boned. His was probably a good 4.5 to 5.0 inches long, and though it was relatively thin, it was more full than his little brother's.

We had a blast jumping waves, dunking, and doing other water related things. Eventually, though, we tired out and headed for shore where we sat out to dry off before heading back to our camp sites.

Nervously, Bobby started looking all around us… up the beach, down the beach, behind us… not wanting to ask him what he was looking for, knowing what he was looking for, I stood up, turned down the beach and began peeing in the air. Soon, there were 4 streams flying through the air… luckily, smartly, we were pointed downwind. Both Bobby and James thought that was the funniest thing they'd ever done… poor boys… so sheltered…

Bobby asked sheepishly, "Uhm, do you relieve your bowels here, too?"

"Uhm, we haven't… yet… whatever…" I replied. I looked to Seth. He shrugged his shoulders. I continued, "Come on, we can go out in the surf…"

The four of us, naked, entered their camp site. Their mother looked up. Her eyes widened… I could see from whom Bobby got his eyes. She smiled and returned to her tasks like nothing had ever happened. Meekly, Bobby commented, "You're not mad?"

"Honey, I'm just happy to see that you are comfortable with yourself. I love you, you know… you and your brother have nothing to be ashamed of." To Seth she said, "Thank you guys for bringing my boy out of his shell… he's been pretty ashamed of something he has no control over…"

She walked to her youngest son, patted his back, then kissed the top of his head. She then turned to James, "And you, Mr. Prude. You've nothing to be ashamed of either. For the rest of our vacation here, I expect to see no clothes." With that said, she quickly grasped the back of her swim suit, unlatched the snap, then pulled the fabric away, thus fully exposing her ample breasts. But wait, that wasn't all… next, her shorts came off.

"MOM!!!!!!" James exclaimed.

His mom replied, "What?"

Seth and I cracked up. Then we lost it when their Dad exited the van – naked.

All four of us walked over to see what Adam and Tony were up to. Tony was busily basting a hunk of meat on the grill… damn, it looked good, whatever it was. Tony, seeing me eying him and the meat said, "This is a pork loin roast… hand me the green bottle, please."

We made introductions. Adam exited the rig, walked over, and we again told them about James and Bobby.

Knowing that Bobby had something he needed to say, but was afraid to say, I said, "Hey Bobby, you forgot your shell… let's go get it so you can show your parents."

"Oh shoot… okay… do you think somebody took it?"

"Not likely… it's not like it's crowded with people, you know." I said, grinning.

He grinned, rolled his eyes up, and bopped his head with his hand.

We took off after Seth and James said they were going to stay in camp.

When we got out of earshot, I said, "I think your hair is pretty kewl. It's who you are, okay. Fuck the idiots who say what they say… they're just fucking ignorant. You're kewl people… ya know."

"I feel better, now. You didn't make fun of me. Back home, I wear long sleeved shirts… I don't even own a pair of shorts or a swimming suit… so… thank you. Maybe I'll get some."

"Yeah, go ahead, you'll look good in them."

"Okay, I will. Thanks." Bobby said, then tentatively put his arm around mine.

We walked about a mile down the beach, maybe more, maybe less, who was keeping track anyway… we weren't. By that time… we had our arms around each others' waists, just walking along, talking about nothing yet talking about everything… he's smart, and despite his worries about his hairy body, he's fun, too. I hoped he was having as much fun as I was.

After walking another mile or so, we came upon a deserted and dilapidated shack used by life guards to keep an eye on swimmers and surfers, and to render assistance when necessary. Bobby ran to the stairs. I walked. I was getting tired… err… my legs were getting tired. He stood there waiting for me, and he was smiling, too.

We decided what the heck anyway… the stairs looked sturdy, as did the floor looking from underneath.

I looked at him. He looked at me.

Two minutes later we were up the stairs checking the place out. There was a wooden counter top covered by Formica, standing on top of a sturdy looking frame. The place also had a sink that had seen better days; it was all dirty and grungy. The windows were long gone, though a couple of little shards of glass remained in one corner of one of the frames.

"We could build a fort here!" Bobby said happily.

I grinned, "We already have a fort, dufus."

I turned to open a closet door, however, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him flinch, his eyes dashed to the floor, then he looked up and gave a forced lop sided smile. The look in his eyes told that I said the wrong thing…

"Bobby, I didn't mean that the way it came out… I don't mean that you're a dufus… I like you. You're a Kewl Dude. If ever there was a dufus, it would be me… come on, let's check it out."

"What makes you a Dufus? I don't think you are… you're okay. You're my friend." Bobby said seriously as a heart attack.

"You're my friend, too, Bobby. I don't have many friends… I have to warn you…"

"Warn me about what? That you're an ax murderer? Nah. You're crazy, Dude. But you're not a Dufus with a capital D… maybe a little 'd'." Bobby said, then he broke out in an ear to ear grin that lit up his face. We locked eyes for a moment or two. Neither of us moved, other than to blink – a natural reflex, of course.

Without breaking our gaze, we both took one step forward, and continued to search deep within the person standing in front of us.

Bobby said, "I feel funny… not funny funny… I don't know… I've never felt this way… maybe we should go now…"

"Uhm, I'm no Doctor Phil or anything… do you feel bad? I could go get help… might take me a while… here, let me feel your forehead." I said tenderly… I was beginning to worry… I didn't want him to get sick or anything… it would take me hours to get back to camp…

He leaned his head forward. I reached up with both of my hands and placed them on either side of his forehead. His skin felt warm. His hair, the hair on his head, despite having a serious case of being matted down due to the sand and salt, was soft.

Unable to stop myself… I permitted my hands, no, they did it on their own, them to trail down over his face… I was curious, and I felt myself rising to the occasion, too. I felt his cheeks… I was curious to know if he was shaving, or not. He didn't. His face was soft.

I went full hard when he reached his hands up and touched my face…

I cleared my throat, swallowed deeply, and said lamely, "I was just checking to see if you have to shave…" I then used my thumbs to feel the top of his upper lip… it was smooth and soft.

Our eyes never wavered… I got lost in them, totally and completely, losing track of all else in that room… the only stimulus was his eyes blinking every now and again.

Without a word said, my hands, working on autopilot, began moving down his jawline, onto his neck, and then they spread out over his shoulders. With curiosity on full alert, I ran my hands down his soft back… the hair wasn't bristly, instead it was soft – like little feathers. I stopped my travels downward when I reached the place where his butt cheeks started going outward.

He thought for a brief moment, then smiled. His hands made the same travel down my neck, shoulders, upper back, mid back, lower back, past my hip bones, and he went a step further… he actually cupped my butt cheeks, one in each hand.

Then the look on his face changed drastically. Quickly, he pulled his hands out and away. Thinking that he was nervous, I stepped forward so close that his little hairs on his belly were tickling my skin… they, too, were soft and feather like. Without hesitation, I lowered my hands on down and cupped his cheeks, then pulled him into my body… he didn't resist… in fact… he melted into our embrace, wrapping his arms around me firmly, and letting his hands, once again grasp that where God split me in half. His cheek was next to mine… as if we were on autopilot, or something, I can't describe it actually, our faces turned in such a way that our lips touched.

And touch they did.
We didn't stop them.
We helped them along.
Soon, our lips were mashed together.
Wanting everything.
Having everything.
Being brazen… I touched his teeth with my tongue, asking permission to enter.
When he didn't immediately respond, I used my tongue to bathe his gums thoroughly and completely.
And then he relented… but only when I retracted my tongue back into my mouth.
Then my tongue went to find his.
And found, I did.
He took in a deep breath, a really, really deep breath.
In a haze…
Lost completely…
I lost all control.
As did he.
Vaguely, from somewhere far away… I felt liquid running down my legs… like a river…
Then reality.
With him in my arms.
With me in his arms.
With the tips of my fingers deeply embedded within the recess of his most private place.
As his were in the same place, on me.
Our lips found one another… though our contact wasn't urgent, not like before, the touch was still filled with passion… I'd never felt that way before, ever, with anyone.

I took a deep shuddering breath, pecked his lips, then moved my hands up to the small of his back and rested them there, all the while keeping us close together.

"Wowsers, James. You sure know how to get to a guy." Bobby giggled, as he slowly came down off that far away planet way beyond the Sun.

Saying, as seriously as I could, I just got honest with him, "You, too, Bobby… you made me feel like I've never felt before… ever… and I mean ever."

"This answers my question, James."

"What's that?" I asked wonderingly.

"Oh nothing…"


"What?" Bobby giggled into my neck, then he bit me (playfully).

That earned him another deep passionate kiss… and I didn't stop with his lips… nope. I wanted to feel and see 'all' of his sweet soft hair, and especially that wand sticking straight up and out from those silky, down hairs all around his penis… but his penis got in the way, so I had to move it just right so that I could get to that area between his balls and thigh. Bobby took in a deep breath and I began bathing his testicles with my tongue… his sperms, which had ejected, were tasty. Unlike Seth's, Bobby's was sweet and only slightly salty… I was addicted. Totally. Obsessed, even.

And I itched.

In the worst possible way.

Meanwhile, Bobby had begun licking my chest using his lips to narrow a tunnel so that his tongue could do its work. He urged me to stand straight up, which I did… whatever he commanded for me to do was what I was going to do… he trailed down my smooth hairless torso, until he reached my dick. He looked at it carefully, deliberately, and then, without hesitation, engulfed it. Soon, his lips were brushing those little stubbly pubic hairs growing back out after having been shaved off in preparation for the operation on my hip.

I felt myself being drawn back to Nirvana… but I wasn't ready yet. He sensed it, too, so he pulled off and began tongue washing my balls, and even that area between my hole and the back of my sack.

"Lay down. On your back." My new friend, Bobby commanded. And, yes, it was a command that came out of his young mouth.

Not knowing exactly what he had in mind, I complied. No sooner had I laid down than he assumed a 69 position, perfectly, as if he'd orchestrated it a million times.

Meanwhile, his maleness was staring at me, and I was staring at it, too. But not for long. My lips went around that respectable elongation, and I sucked it down like I'd never sucked a dick before. I felt his thighs tighten up, like he was about to blow a cork. Meanwhile, he was licking that area between my hole and balls again, more toward my hole than anywhere else.

"Get up." I said while pushing his penis from my mouth, careful not to graze his soft skin with my teeth.

He got up, then stood there looking at me like he'd done something wrong. I said, "Help me raise my legs… I want you inside of me. Just spit on your fingers and rub it on my hole… I'll relax, don't worry."

"It'll hurt you… I don't want to…"

"No, Bobby, it won't hurt me, trust me."

"You want me inside of you? It'll hurt…"

"Bobby… just go slow, then. Trust me, you won't hurt me."

And he didn't.

And he took me like he wanted it, though it took some time for him to relax… but I helped his relaxation by using my tongue every which way but loose.

We climbed down the stairs, then took off out into the surf to relieve pent up lower gastric contents. When asked if he was sore or not, he assured me that he was just fine.

Back at camp, before we parted, he took me around the front of their camper rig, pulled me into a deep kiss, and said, "Thank you. I feel okay inside, now. I'm really okay." With one more kiss, we parted.

The following day, we walked down the beach again but didn't have sex, and we didn't go back to the shack. But Seth and I did go down there to the shack.

When we were there, I told him about what Bobby and I had done, that it just came naturally, just like it did with us.

I coined that shack "The Love Shack".

(James here. The last I heard from Bobby, during a cam session, he showed me his boyfriend – from the waist up. They were happy. His folks were okay with his orientation, as I figured they would be.)

I got pretty pissed off when he said they were thinking of shaving off all his hair so that he would be 'smooth'. I told him, in no uncertain terms, that he was just fine the way he was. His boyfriend agreed wholeheartedly. I told him I'd figure a way to get up there to kick his ass if he went ahead and did it. (I meant it, too!).

We got to Adam's place at about 5am the next morning. Seth and I took a long hot shower before he and his dad needed to leave for their home in Oklahoma City.

I shared my feelings with him, while it was just us, alone, without outside interference of adults and others. He understood my needs to be with my probably 'new' family because he'd been there done that. I told him, emphatically, he'd definitely need to come see me, my horse, and these new people who actually liked me for who and what I was. He told me, in no uncertain terms, that I'd have to come see him; that his dad would come get me, and hog tie me, if necessary. Hmm, I kinda liked the idea of being tied up by Seth, and his having his way with me.

Adam had to meet with the contract company late Wednesday afternoon to iron out some details. He offered to take me but I chose to stay at his place. I don't know why, but I needed some alone time. He gave me $20.00 to go out and eat, or I could fix up something simple to eat.

As soon as he took off, I took off on my bicycle and headed into town. I ate at the Mickey D's, then took off for the park where I'd spent so much time when I had been alone in the world. I sat down next to the water. Once again, and I don't know where it came from because everything was going so 'right' I started crying happy and contented tears. I noticed that the anger, feelings of worthlessness, hatred, and being so fucking alone in the world were largely gone.

The flood of emotions passed on and out of my system. Afterward, I felt invigorated, relaxed, and a bit tired, but it was a good tired. The sound of breaking twigs and leaves being rustled on the ground brought me the rest of the way out of my emotional upheaval. I turned around. The sun was in my eyes so I couldn't see clearly. I had to avoid looking so closely to the sun so I turned away, stood up, brushed my pants off, and put my hand in the way to block the glare from the sun.

"Well, hello, James." A kind voice, a voice that I recognized as belonging to Ben, the construction worker, said.

"Oh, hey Ben. How are you?"

"I'm good. The question is how you are?"

"It's all good… I've got a family and friends who give a fuck… sorry… I've got a horse, too!" I gushed with excitement, and freedom to say what was really on my mind.

"Oh wow… that's kewl, son. So, where have you been? I haven't seen you in ages."

I walked up the slight incline and stood in front of him, "Well, a lot has happened. I don't live here anymore. I moved in with a really good friend. A couple of weeks ago I met a family who wants to adopt me, I think… they like me… they say I can come back whenever I want to. I think I want to stay there, too."

"That's good to hear, James. I was really, really worried about you, just so you know. So… what brings you here? Does your new family live here?"

"Oh no, they live 2 or 3 hours north and west of here. I just spent the weekend with my friends. We went to Texas… to the beach. What have you been up to? Are you finished at the school?"

"Oh, I've been working hard and heavy. And, no, the school isn't yet finished. We've got a couple more weeks of work left to do… but we're getting there. Texas… I've been there a few times… never made it to the beach, though. My son wants to go to a beach before he grows up… maybe we'll go this summer… I've got some time off coming as soon as this job is finished. So… what brings you here, James?"

"Oh, I've got some time to kill so I rode my bike over here just to spend some time alone… you know… to think."

"Yeah, I know how that is… a guy just has to have his time alone every now and again. Well, I won't bother you anymore. I like to stop here before going home… it's kind of my quiet time, too."

"That's okay; I was just getting ready to go… uhm, Ben… thank you." I said sincerely.

"Oh, I don't know that I did anything… but you're welcome. You've been crying… is everything okay?"

"Yeah, everything's fine. I think that's why I cried." I said hopefully, hoping that he'd understand. "And, I wanted to thank you for saving my life, twice."

He nodded warmly then turned to walk back up the hill. I said, "Ben, I mean it – thank you. Nobody gave a fuck about me. My parents – they hated my guts. I just about died, but I thought of your kindness… it reminded me that not everybody is bad."

I walked to him then put my arms around his midsection and pulled in firmly. Slowly, he put his arms around my shoulders and returned the hug.

"You just about died… but how? You looked healthy then and you look healthy now…"

"Can we sit at the picnic table? If you have time, that is…"

I told him about what had happened, and why I'd spent so much time at the lake, that it was just to get away, and have time to myself to regroup and energize for the next onslaught.

I showed him the scar where I'd been operated on.

We talked for about an hour. It was time for us to part and get on with our lives. I drew him into another hug and thanked him, again.

I'd still not been by the house so I took off in that direction. I arrived within 20 minutes. The yard was all grown up, filled with weeds and trash. I rode up the driveway, with all sorts of bad memories coming up into my mind… how dad had chased me… how he'd caught me across the street. I looked at that spot… it was almost too much to remember all at once. When I stopped just outside the kitchen door, I saw that it was open… the screen door had been torn off, the glass on the big heavy door was broken… and it was standing wide open.

The memories… they all came flooding back like molten hot lava racing down a hillside. I turned and fell off my bike as the first wave of nausea overtook my body. I could not stop. It would not stop. Heave after heave racked my body. I thought I was going to explode into a million pieces, one vomit after another. When the worst of it passed, I laid my head down on the pavement… I wanted to cry, but couldn't. I wanted to scream, but couldn't. The tears, the sobs, they wouldn't come out. I only wanted to scream, but, no matter how hard I tried, it wouldn't come out. All I could do was to lay there, not say anything, hiccup every now and again, and then the memories of the basement came flooding… once again, I started retching my guts up, but there wasn't anything left.

Sometime later, it was dark, I 'came to'. I was lying totally still… my face and hair were matted. I wondered what the fuck happened, then remembered, then the memories came flooding back, again. They wouldn't stop. I couldn't stop them. I felt a massive explosion about to erupt. Somehow, with some last remaining strength, I was able to roll onto my side and get my pants down just as a spew of sewer gas and contents exploded onto the driveway, and wherever else…. Zapped entirely of all strength, I dropped down my head once again, and off into darkness I went.

I awoke sometime later… it was still dark.

From somewhere, I felt light breezes blowing where they normally do not blow… feebly, I reached down, only to find myself naked from the waist down. I thought I probably should cover up… but, before I could do that, darkness settled in, once again.

The birds, the ones I'd cussed when I'd lived there, awakened me, or brought me 'to', sometime later. Briefly, I chanced an opportunity to open my eyes, and then looked up. The sky was clear. The sun was just coming up over the top of the neighbor's house. The Winfield family. They were quite elderly. They'd always kept to themselves. We'd had only casual and occasional interactions with them, though they would wave when we exited the house, or were out in the yard working.

I heard voices… they were coming from behind me… and they were off in the distance, a short ways. Mr. Winfield's voice was recognized… I'd know his voice anywhere… I always remembered him as being a kind man. Sometimes, in the spring, when I was mowing the yard, his wife would stop me by reaching a sugar coated strawberry, from their garden, into my mouth.

Mr. Winfield, himself, had built a nice porch patio like thing where they sat every morning and enjoyed their coffee.

That was it. They were out on their patio.

My head was pounding like a jackhammer had hit it, no less than 5 times. Whenever I'd try to lift the weight holding only a bit of brain, the world would start spinning like a top. A wave of nausea would flow up to my throat, then stop. I'd lay back down. The world would stop spinning.

Once again feeling 'that' breeze, I stopped doing everything to take inventory:
My head hurt.
My hip hurt.
My butt hole was on fire.
My shoulder hurt.
I raised up my hand to run through my hair – matted… some dry… some damp… some wet.
My face – the same.
My butt was fully exposed. Naked.
Jeans – around my ankles. My underwear were, likely, there, too.

I opened my eyes – really wide.
I was lying on my side, my face was resting on the pavement. Seeing what I was lying in got me into motion.

I actually managed to sit up without falling over.
I looked down.
I had to laugh.
Amidst all the pain, muck and everything … my dick was pointing up. It was even pulsing.


"James, is that you?"

Mrs. Winfield.

"Oh, my, it is you. Oh, James, honey… >much louder< Chester, get some towels. Hurry! It's James!"

"WHAT? !!!!!!! JAMES? I'll be right there!"

Mrs. Winfield, crying, asked, "James… I thought you were okay… the police were here dozens of times.. oh, honey, we were looking for you. I'm so sorry…"

I looked into her eyes… drops of water were freely flowing from her eyes and down her cheeks, running off her chin. She shuddered violently as she took off her shawl and used it to wipe my face, and then despite all the sick and retch, she pulled me into her bosom.

Soon, her husband, Mr. Winfield, arrived. He quickly wiped my neck and chest free of the muck, then without a qualm in the world wrapped a towel around my waist, to cover up my privates, which had, by then, calmed down – thankfully.

Both of them, with a little help from me, stood me up. Mr. Winfield then quickly covered my nakedness with another towel. "Can you walk? Do you need us to call you an ambulance… Verna we need to call the police… James, they told us to call them if we ever saw you here again… because you do not live in this filth infested house, and you never should have… I'm sorry, James, I'm just beside myself… please forgive me."

I never knew they cared so much. Everything started coming out of my head again… when I looked up onto that porch… the one that I'd run off of… fell down… ran across the street… it was too much.

Sensing what was about to happen, they held me up as I leaned over and violently dry-retched my guts up… at the same time, I nearly died when my lower end blew a geyser… there was nothing I could do to stop it. All Mr. Winfield said, "Just let it out, Son… it'll pass pretty soon. We'll take you in and get you cleaned up."

I said, "No cops. Call Adam… he'll come get me. I know he will. Please, no cops… I'll go to juvie. I can't go there."

"You rest your mind, Child. Come on, we'll help you to our house. We'll figure out what to do from there."

Before we took off, I worked my jeans and underwear off from around my ankles. We left them behind. I was covered by the towels … I don't know why I thought it was important that I was covered…

They had a small bathroom just inside the back kitchen door. Mrs. Winfield gathered up soap, shampoo, washcloths and fresh clean towels.

When I finally felt clean, I turned off the water. A dark burgundy bathrobe was lying across the toilet seat. Before putting it on, I reached into the cabinet beneath the sink, grabbed the bottle of bathroom cleaner and got busy cleaning out the shower and the floor where I'd tracked in remnants of the worst night of my entire life.

Mrs. Winfield was sitting at the kitchen table. She looked up and smiled, "You look like you're feeling much better. Come sit. I'm going to make you up some toast and orange juice. Gotta get something in that stomach of yours. I know my grandsons, who are about your age, have bottomless pits. Come, sit."

"Uhm, Ma'am, thank you… but I don't want to trouble you…"

"Sit." She said using a very mean voice… yet, she didn't mean – mean… she winked, then came to me and led me to the table, pushed on my shoulder to sit, and then said, "I knew you'd see it my way… do you want grape or strawberry jelly on your toast?"

When I didn't immediately answer, she gave me 'the look' again. I replied, "Grape. No butter, please. Thank you."

She looked through the open screen door. Her eyes lingered one too many seconds. I turned around, and just about shit a brick. A policewoman and a policeman were standing on the patio with Mr. Winfield, talking.

Mrs. Winfield, seeing that I saw them said seriously, "They're here to help you. You're not going to jail… I made damn sure of it before I let them on the property. Your friend Adam is on the way. Now, eat up." She said while putting a plate of toast in front of me to consume.

When I put my head down, ready to start bawling, she walked over and put her hands on my shoulders, tenderly, protectively, and said, "You have nothing to worry about, James. Eat up before it gets cold. It'll settle your tummy. By the way, those cops know better than to come in MY house, uninvited."

"But, I'll have to go out there sometime…"

"Yes, you will. Not right now, though. Oh, you kids…" Mrs. Winfield said parentally. Without missing another beat she picked up a slice of toast and put it to my mouth, and then gave me 'the look', that to me me clearly and convincingly said I wasn't to challenge her authority… one more time.

While I was eating, she got busy straightening the robe collar, pulling it so that it covered my chest. The robe was way too big to worry about any of my bits being exposed… I don't know why I was concerned about it… I mean… shit… she'd seen and held me in… well… you know…

She made two more pieces of toast after I'd devoured the first two. Once the flavor hit my tongue… I was starved out of my mind. All the while, she 'suggested' that I take a moment between bites – to breathe. The orange juice was wonderful. She twice refilled the glass. After the food and shower… I was actually beginning to feel human again.

I got up with the dishes in my hand. I was going to take them to the sink… but, she would have no part of that. She took them and dropped them into the sink, herself, then took my elbow in her hand and led me outside to the patio where the cops and Mr. Winfield were waiting.

The policewoman walked to me, "Are you James Talley?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"We were called by Mr. Winfield. Why don't we go out to the squad car… I have a few questions to ask you before we can release you."

"You're not going to arrest me, or take me to juvenile?"

"Not unless you want us to."

"Oh no, Ma'am… if I can make a phone call, I'll be out of your hair."

"Not just yet we can't. I need to get some information."

"Uhm, my clothes… this robe?"

"You're just fine. In fact, from what we've heard… you are definitely just fine… come on, the sooner we get business taken care of, the sooner we can get you on your way."

I looked to Mr. Winfield. He said, "I'm a retired policeman. You're okay, James. Just go with the lady officer, she's one of the good ones."

I looked to Officer Ann. She smiled.

I'd been had. And, I'd been had – bad.

Everybody chuckled, except for me. I saw no humor… not much anyway.

Officer Ann basically wanted to make absolutely sure that I was safe, that I wouldn't be beaten, or severely punished for straying away. I explained to her that I'd just left yesterday to ride my bike around town while Adam was away at the office, that I had no intention to run away, and that I got really, really sick and couldn't get back home.

She told me that Adam had reported me missing the previous evening, and that they, the cops, had been searching for me high and low, but had relaxed when Mr. Winfield called them and let them know I was safe with them.

The officer then started asking some very pointed questions. They always did.

She wanted to know if I'd been beaten, mugged, robbed, touched by strangers… and if I'd beaten, mugged, robbed or touched someone against their will. While talking, telling her basically 'no' to all questions, she was busily entering the report into the computer terminal hanging from the dashboard of the patrol car.

"Is there anything else you need to tell us, Mr. Talley?"

That surprised me… she actually called me a Mister with respect… that was weird.

"Uhm, well, I've got one question…." Without waiting for her to respond, I said, "Can I call Adam to come get me? Please?"

She smiled then pointed toward the passenger side window. Quickly, I turned toward it. Adam was standing there looking in.

I never moved so fast in my entire life… within scant seconds I was smashing my robe clad body against his body, holding on for dear life, tears flowing freely down my cheeks out of my eyes.

From somewhere, I heard Adam ask the officer if they needed me for anything else, or was I free to go… she replied that everything was in order, and that I was free to go.

I wiped my eyes, then turned to face her directly. I don't know where it came from… "Where were you when I needed you guys?"

Her eyes went soft. Gone was the 'official' look… she looked just like Vera did when she was about to say something profound, "We're sorry, James. We're sorry we failed in your time of need."

I nodded, realizing I just needed to hear her words. It seemed to make me feel better… not that I demanded them to say anything like that… I just needed to hear her, see her kind words… and she meant them, too. I could tell. I know things about people. I've never been wrong.

Adam took the loose fabric and wiped my eyes free of the wetness that continued to build.

I suppose what I did next broke all the rules… but… I walked to her and said, "Thank you. I think I'm okay now… uhm… can I…" Without waiting for an answer, I reached in and pulled her close to me, needing that hug, knowing they'd done the best they could do.

She returned the hug, and said softly, "James, I have a son your age, in fact his birthday is one day different than yours. You have it good, now. It's not going to be the same…" She said pointing to the old house. "We're going to board it up. The city has already been called to get the job done. James, you have nothing left to prove here, so I want you to live your life to the fullest. Your dreams can come true. Reach for the stars. Work hard in school.. an education is so vitally important in today's world… you're smart and intelligent… just be who you are… you're good enough, you know."

"I'll try. Uhm… thank you, Ma'am. I'm going to be living on a farm… I may not want to leave, though. I love it there. I think they love me. They are treating me like I've never been treated before. It's a little scary… but I like being with them."

"I'm a farm girl, too. I was raised up not too far from where you're living. We know the family from eons ago… they're good people."

"Yeah. They are that, for sure."

"Okay, James, we've gotta hit the streets. We'll see you in a couple of months. Meanwhile take care of what you have… it may only come once in a lifetime."

"In a couple of months?" I asked, clearly in the dark.

Adam put his arms around my chest and allowed his hands to go down to my rib cage. He said, "We'll talk about it later… on the way home…"

I looked away, not knowing what to think… why in two months? What did I do? Did I do anything? Were they telling me the complete truth about everything?

Old doubts began creeping into my mind, even though I hadn't felt them… you know, I hadn't had any doubts about them… had I been wrong in my thinking, in my feeling? What was up with that?

But, I did as Adam told me. I walked toward the Porsche, opened the door, got in, looked down into the seat, seeing only the robe and my bare leg. I adjusted the robe so that it covered that skin, adjusted my nuts so that they weren't scrunched between my legs.

Adam entered, fired the powerful engine up, eased it into Reverse, and backed out of the driveway. He then put it into Drive and slowly headed down the street, away from the house.

Then I remembered that I forgot something, "Adam turn around… I've forgot to thank Mr. and Mrs. Winfield…"

Once we got back on the road, Adam asked, the gravity in the tone of his voice was palpable, "Why were you there? What were you thinking of?"

When I didn't immediately answer, he reached across the seat, took my chin in his hand and turned me to face him, "I'm sorry. I don't even know why I was there… maybe… I don't know…"

I jerked my face away, fiddled with the robe rope through my fingers, and stared down into my lap, not knowing what else to say, knowing nothing I could say would change the situation.

Adam said, "I was worried sick about you. I thought you'd run away. As hard as it was for me, I kept my word that I'd call the police… I didn't know where you were, James."

"I'm not running away, damn it. I told you I wouldn't run away, and I didn't! Why the fuck doesn't anybody believe ME! Fuck." I spat, angrily. I was losing control… and I knew it.

And Adam knew it, too.

I mean what the fuck… I was trying to get things together… and no-fucking-anybody fucking believed me… I guess I wasn't acting right, or talking right, or doing right, or thinking right…

"Then why were you there? Your bicycle… it's still there…"

With that said, without saying another word, he pulled over to the side of the road slamming on the brakes, skidded to a stop, and then when traffic cleared, gave the engines something to groan about. Within minutes were pulling up in front of the Winfields. He said, "Stay here, I'll be right back."

"I'm not going anywhere…"

Quickly, he returned with my bike, put it on the rack, secured it, and then we were on our way, again.

"Why did you go to that house? I told you to not go there… there are too many memories for you, James." Adam said gravely. His voice was harsh, sharp, and very much to the point..

I balled up my fists. I struck out and hit the padded dashboard as hard as I could. Instant rage. I turned to him, and screaming from the top of my lungs, shouted, "I WENT TO THE MOTHERFUCKING HOUSE TO FUCKING GET OVER THAT FUCKING SHIT SO I COULD FUCKING GET ON WITH MY FUCKING LIFE. DON'T YOU FUCKING SEE FUCKING THAT? DON'T YOU? PULL OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Without waiting for him to come to a complete stop, I opened the door, leaned out and ..
"Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh alphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh alphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh alphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! BROCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKK… oh god help me… bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkk. I didn't run away… bwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkk… fuck… I didn't run away…"

Adam jumped out after stopping, raced around the vehicle and caught my shoulders just as I was leaning over to fall out onto the pavement. And then I started shivering uncontrollably – despite the heat of the day and having on a thick winter-time robe.

One at a time, Adam urged me to just take in deep breaths and exhale slowly, that I was going to live, and he would continue to stay with me no matter what.

When my stomach felt stable 'enough', I sat up straight, put my legs inside the vehicle, and waited to see if another upheaval would rear its ugly head. It didn't.

Adam asked, "Are you okay to go home, now?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry, Adam. I didn't run away. Why don't you people believe me?"

Adam closed the door, checked for an open space so that he could go past the car and get in. When he got in, he turned to me and said, "Okay. We've got some talking to do. I have several questions to ask you… not about you running away, or getting lost, this isn't making any sense… we'll talk when we get home."

Thankfully, other than for a tail tip of the robe, it was just fine. When we got home, I went to my room, put on a sweat-shirt and pair of long pants. After peeing and putting a dose of medicine in, I wandered into the kitchen where Adam was sitting at the table. He motioned for me to sit by his side.

Very softly, deliberately, Adam said, "I had to ask. Are you feeling better?"

I leaned forward, rested my head on the table, and nodded.

He put his hand on my back and rubbed up and down my spine. He said, "You're tight. Why don't you tell me what happened… from the beginning."

"I just went for a bike ride. I needed to get out of here for a little while. It was a nice day… how did the photo-shoot go?"

"Nice dodge there, funny boy. Out with it."

"I stopped at the park… you know… the one close to my old house… the house of horrors… anyway, I met a friend there, we talked for an hour or so. He needed to go home to his son… we hugged, then he was gone. I'm thirsty." I said then got up, went to the sink, ran a glass of water, tipped it up to take a big swig, but Adam stopped me.

He said, "Sip it… don't swallow it all down… the whole thing all at once will upset your stomach again. Come on over here, sit down, let's talk."

"Can't… I'm starved."

"Are you sure?"

I turned toward him and said incredulously, "Yeah, I'm hungry."

"You're not sick?"

"No. I'm hungry."

"There's crackers in the pantry… plain ones. Grab yourself a few of them. Let's just take it easy, James. We'll see how you do, and if you do okay, then we'll feed your bottomless pit."

I smacked my butt with my hand and did as he said for me to do.

"Smart ass."

"Yep, better than being a dumb ass…"

Adam snickered, but didn't reply… instead he got up and retrieved applebutter from the fridge and put a thin layer on each of the crackers while I looked on. The intensity in his eyes told me that he was thinking long and hard about something on his mind.

After we sat down, Adam said, "James, there's nothing wrong with you, not really. It sounds like, to me, that you had what is called a PTS 'episode'… it's Post Traumatic Stress. Sometimes it happens when we start to remember bad stuff. Our minds are capable of taking only so much before something breaks. One of the symptoms is throwing up… violently, as you did on our way here… Another is anger and rage. Depression, too. Sleeping gets jacked up."

Adam wrapped his hand around my forehead, then let go. He continued, "You don't feel feverish. You're hungry… which is something that would not happen if you had a flu bug… you're going to be okay, buddy. Now that you know what that house causes you to do… I hope you'll stay away from there… You do not have to go see anything. You do not have to prove anything to anybody, even yourself. Those memories are inside of you. Over time, it's going to get better. They won't paralyze you like they once did… I have a psychiatrist friend who can help."

"I don't want to talk about it anymore. I just want to get on with my life."

Adam put his hand on my arm and said, "The attacks will get worse if you don't know how to deal with them… they'll start running your life… and they will hold you back. They also can cause you serious problems with the law, your new family, and you may even hurt someone… the anger inside of us has to go somewhere… another thing is that your health could suffer… all that stress inside is not good for us."

"Okay." I replied, not truly knowing if he was right or wrong.

I had this thing against head bangers, though. I don't know why, or what caused my feelings toward them…

"It's early enough that he might have an appointment available to see you today. I'll call his office. Meanwhile… James… I want you to go take a hot bath. Just soak for half an hour. Turn on the jets. I'll look around and try to find some bubble bath… heh, I don't know if I have any… anyway, here's what I want you to do… I want you to masturbate in the tub… relax, have some fun, enjoy yourself. Too bad Seth isn't here…"

"Adammmmmmmmmmmmm… stop it!"

He snickered, then left the room.

I cleaned the cracker crumbs off the table, put the glass in the dishwasher, used the dish cloth and wiped down the counters and where we had been sitting. Comfortable that things were tidied up, I headed back to the main bathroom where the Jacuzzi was located, stripped to the skin, got the water running, sat on the closed toilet lid for a moment, then got up, closed the door, got into the tub, and had my way with that which designates me male. It wasn't the most profound experience in the world…

When the water got to the intakes, I turned on the jets to let them do their thing.

A few minutes later, Adam stuck his head in the door and said that he couldn't find any bubble bath beads… which was okay, I guess, I'd never taken a bubble bath before anyway… so it was no loss.

I don't know how much later it was, but Adam entered the bathroom with a big fluffy towel in his hands. Without a qualm in the world, I stood and enjoyed him drying me off, and running his strong hands through my hair, massaging my scalp.

The bath had warmed me up, too. No longer was I shaking and feeling cold. Adam shooed me off to my room to get dressed, saying that we had company coming for dinner. I asked him who was coming. He replied the doctor friend of his was going to pay us a social visit.

I made it to my room. I plopped down on the bed, pulled my knees up into my chest, and that was it. I didn't even realize I was so tired.

Sometime later, I was awakened by the bed dipping. I opened my eyes to see Adam sitting on the edge just looking at me with a very caring and concerned expression on his face. I yawned deep, and then stretched out wide and far, then I wrapped my arms around his torso and pulled myself up on his lap. He put his strong arms around my chest and hugged me tight. We sat there like that for a while, just being quiet, listening to each other breathe. I was in a position to listen to his heartbeat, too. The rhythm was regular and it sounded strong. Once in a while it would skip a beat, but would then return to normal, whatever normal means.

After one more squeeze, he stood me on the floor, and once again mentioned that I should probably get dressed in at least shorts and a t-shirt, and to please put on some underwear.

Later, at 5:30, the sound of the door bell echoed through Adam's spacious crib… I can't remember ever having heard it before… it was a door bell for Pete's sake. I went to answer it while Adam walked behind me.

A tall man, he must have been 7 feet tall, at least, stood waiting to be invited in. He and Adam exchanged greetings, then Adam introduced me, and then he introduced me to Dr. Williams, his good friend and psychiatrist. I shook his hand, and sized him up. He seemed okay.

He made easy conversation, and he actually listened to the few words I had to say, like I was important, or something. I liked him.

Adam put dinner in the oven, then we all went to the deck and sat down and talked about this and that… nothing earth shattering… nothing worth writing home about. The cool thing was that they were including me in. I didn't feel alone and left out.

"If you guys will excuse me, I'm going to baste the meat and do some other things that need to be done before we can eat."

With that, Adam got up. I said, "Do you need some help?"

Adam looked at me. He winked, then took off into the kitchen, closing the door behind him. We always leave that door open, even at night, to let air blow through the house to keep it fairly cool and comfortable. Sometimes, in the evening, when the sun was boring through the west windows and onto the deck, we'd often close up the house and turn on the air conditioning. Neither of us really liked sleeping all sweaty and shit. The windows closed and the drapes were pulled together to keep the sun away and at bay.

I looked to Dr. Williams. I'd been taught that adults talk first, and then if there was any room for the kid to speak, then they would say it was okay. I didn't know him. But I felt comfortable with him. We sat there in companionable silence for an indeterminate period of time.

Somehow, I gathered he was waiting for me to say something, but when I didn't, we continued to sit there looking at each other. Finally, unable to take the silence any longer, I said, "I guess Adam told you about all that happened last night and today?"

"Yes, he did tell me his side of the equation. Really, James, Adam and I only spoke on the phone for maybe 10 minutes. He told me that you got really, really sick, that you were out all night – but you hadn't ran away… you were just out on a bike ride… and that… please tell me what you were doing just before you got sick."

"Well, I guess… I went for a bike ride after Adam left. He said I could… >Dr. Williams nodded<. I went to the lake and goofed off, just chilling out. My friend Ben stopped by the lake on his way home from work… like he always does… we talked for a while, and then he left saying he needed to get home to his son… I don't know if he's married… I never asked…"

"Ben's a good friend of yours?"

"Yup. He saved my life two times. I have this thing about getting hit by cars…"

Dr. Williams' eyes opened wider… he already had big eyes… they were friendly eyes… but he was concerned, too.

"Yeah… I broke my hip… but it wasn't really all that bad… I could still get around… it just slowed me down."

"You didn't go to the hospital?"

"Nope. Well, I did later. And had an operation on it. They fixed me up as good as new."

"That's good. I'm baffled… you got hit by two cars?"

"Well, not exactly… the first time I did, kinda… it wasn't a direct hit… I mean he didn't run me over or anything like that. The second time, Ben saved my life by pushing me out of the way… I just got skinned up on my knee and elbow."

"He does sound like a good friend. Did he get hurt?"

"No. I'm glad."

"Yes, I'm glad, too." Dr. Williams said, then got quiet again.

"Uhm, well, after he left, I went back to the place where I'd grown up… and, well, I got sick… I puked and stuff most of the night."

"Were you alone, James?"


"Was anybody able to help you?"

"Not till this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Winfield… they helped. They let me take a shower and get cleaned up… I was a mess. I didn't know he was a retired cop. Anyway, the cops were there when I got cleaned up and dressed… Mr. Winfield's robe… the cops were good to me. I didn't get arrested or anything."

"That's good. You seem like a fine young man. Juvenile hall is a dreadful place to be… now… I understand people have given you a hard time while you're growing up?"

I looked to the deck floor… I didn't want to talk about it, and, in no uncertain terms, said so.

Dr. Williams said, "Unless you want to talk about it, I'm not going to ask you to tell me all about everything… I think I can help you deal with what you are trying to deal with… there are some things to look out for… changes you might feel inside your body right before you get sick."

"What's that? I got sick all of a sudden."

"Likely, James, your body was telling you that something wasn't okay for quite a while before you actually got sick. I would venture to guess that your body began signaling your mind at about the time you decided to go to the house where you grew up… you just didn't recognize the signs. Recognizing the signs is something I can help you with today, right now, if you're interested."

"Yeah, okay, I don't want to get sick like that again… that's for sure."

"James, something that will help me a lot to help you correctly, is me knowing a general idea of what's bothering you… don't worry, you don't have to tell me that part of your story, although, someday you might… here's what I would like to do with you… but only if I have your permission. I will get Adam's permission, too. In fact, you can invite Adam to be with us if you would like for him to be here."

"What are you going to do, Doctor?"

"Have you ever heard of hypnosis?"

"Yeah, I've heard of it… I don't know… I don't want to go back there… I'm scared."

"I understand. The kind of hypnosis I propose to perform will leave you with no conscious memories of what we talk about… hypnosis gives your psyche time to decompress… or in other words… your subconscious will be able to tell me more details… let me assure you that you will be safe. You will remember nothing. I will be, or both Adam and I will both be here for you at all times. If you'd like, Adam can hold you in his arms… would you feel comfortable with him holding you?"

"I won't remember anything?"

"No. You will be in a twilight state. You'll be awake and talking… your subconscious will be speaking. If you get too upset then I can bring you back to consciousness very quickly. You will not remember any of our session."

"Like now?"

"No. You'll remember us speaking… you won't lose any memory that you have today… or tomorrow… I really think this will be good for you… I highly recommend us going forward."

I got up and walked into the house. Adam was busy fixing a salad. I said, "He wants to put me into hypnosis… what do you think?"

"Only if I can be with you. Dinner is going to be about 15 minutes… why don't you go wash up, then you can set the table…"

Dinner, hamburger steaks, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, a tossed green salad, squash freshly baked with a hint of cinnamon and garlic – was absolutely wonderful! I ate like I hadn't eaten in two days. Adam kept looking at me, wondering how I could eat like I was after being so violently ill. Dr. Williams said that being sick like I had been was transient, and was often followed by normal eating habits, almost immediately.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Dr. Williams and Adam retired to the deck. I went to the bathroom, took a dump, put inside a dose of medicine, cleaned up, then took off to be with them. I wasn't nervous about going under hypnosis… Adam would be there at all times, as would Dr. Williams, as would the crickets, birds, locusts screaming their brains out, or however they make the noise they make.

Adam and I decided I'd sit with him on the loveseat. When were comfortable, Dr. Williams pulled his chair over in front of us, asked me to look straight into his eyes…

"Well, when are you going to start?" I asked Dr. Williams, who was still seated in front of Adam and me.

He smiled, and then looked at his watch, and then looked back up – to Adam.

Adam said, "You, Sir, were a champ. You're going to be okay."

"You mean it's over? I went into the trance like thing?"

I looked all around… the sun was nearly set. The birds, crickets, locusts and all the other critters were quiet… do they sleep, too?

"Wow. I don't feel any differently… did you go really deep into me? What did I tell you? Was I nasty?"

Dr. Williams got my attention by looking at me very carefully… different than he had earlier, and said, "James, you are a very brave boy. You have so much love inside of you. And contrary to your thinking, you are very loveable, and you deserve to be loved. This is my conclusion, Young Man. Oh my, it's after 9pm… I must go, now, but, before I go, here is my business card. Call me any time of the day or night. Do you remember what I said to do if you get into an uncomfortable situation like you got into last night?"

I thought for a moment, and then said, "I need to keep track of my breathing. I also need to feel my muscles… if they get tight or if my stomach gets tied up, then I need to leave and do something else until those feelings go away… if they get really bad, then get an adult like Adam, Dan or Vera… the main thing is that I don't have to do it all alone, anymore. Wow, where did that come from? I don't remember us talking about this…"

Dr. Williams smiled, "When we talked earlier, I told you that you'd remember none of the bad stuff. Do you remember what we talked about? You shared quite a bit of yourself… who you really are, and what you're made of."

I tried thinking… I tried remembering… something… anything… my face felt cold on one side… I remembered lying on that cold basement floor…

I felt my shoulders tightening up. My teeth were clenching… "I'm feeling… weird… my chest… my jaws… can I go for a walk?"

Adam said, "I'd rather you go for a swim. I'll be right out…"

"Adam, I'm scared. What if it happens again?"

"James, what are you thinking of?"

"The basement floor… I'm cold. I'm scared."

Adam said, "I'd be scared, too. And I'd be cold, too." And then, instead of sitting apart, he urged up and into his lap. He rubbed my back, then supported my weight by holding my butt with his hands. He gently rocked me in his arms. And, I felt safe again. The tenseness slowly dissipated from my body. And, I felt like a baby being held that way. But, I didn't fight the feelings of being safe and protected.

Once I'd told Dr. Williams that I was okay, again, he took his leave. I was just tired, so very tired.

I vaguely remember Adam walking alongside me on the way to the bathroom to pee and undress to the skin, then to my bedroom. He urged me into bed, then covered me up as I was chilled to the bone again, and stayed until I fell off to sleep.

I awakened the following afternoon… I couldn't believe it… the clock read 1:30pm… and I needed to pee something fierce… so I got out of bed, padded into the restroom, took care of that bit of business, and … shook it 176 too many times… (I really didn't count :-)

After tossing on a pair of bright yellow bikini's, I made my way to the kitchen to get something to eat. I knew that Adam had work to do that day, in fact he was in Tulsa for a shoot, and would not be home until really late.

I was already bored.

I tried calling Seth, but his phone immediately went to voice mail… I loved hearing his voice… so I called 3 more times.

Next, I called the farm… no answer. They do not have an answering machine, so I couldn't leave a message.

Out of ideas, I went into the garage, thinking that I may fix up the old end table that Adam's mother had given to him just before she passed away. It was dirty, filthy, scratched and had cobwebs hanging from its legs.

Adam had hinted a time or two that he'd like to have it all cleaned up and refurnished, thinking that it would look nice on one side of the fireplace in the main living room.

It really wasn't in all that bad of shape. It cleaned it up very well with water and with a touch of mild dish soap. I'd opened the main garage door and the little one in back to permit lots of breeze to blow through, so the surface dried quickly enough.

Sandpapering was next. There were many different kinds to chose from. I used the fine grade, which smoothed the surface very nicely. I was working on it, not paying any attention anything else… I mean… the driveway is long and curvy, and besides that there are trees and bushes all over the place.

What got my attention was hearing a vehicle driving into the property. I looked down and noted that I was still wearing only those bikini briefs, so I ran into the house, grabbed a pair of jeans and put them on, and went back to the garage.

Randy, the pool dude, had arrived to do his four times a week job of cleaning and sanitizing the pool. I'd never really met him up close and personal… he and Adam had done their business out on either the deck or around the pool. Randy seemed kind of aloof most of the time.


He always wore short shorts, much shorter than most dudes wear out in public. I'd always found him fascinating… oh, don't get me wrong… he's a nice enough guy, he just seems like he's preoccupied most all of the time… and I bet we hadn't said more than 10 words in total in all the times we'd seen each other.

Adam had all the chemicals, nets, vacuums and everything else needed to clean the pool. He just didn't do it, unless he had to. And he didn't want me doing it.

I walked outside to greet the dude. He'd just driven up and put his old truck in a slanted slot right by the garage door. "Hey Randy, what's up, Dude?"

"Oh hey… nutten much. What are you up to?"

"I've been working on refinishing a table of Adam's… other than that, not much. You do realize we've been talking more than we ever have…?"

"Oh… yeah… I guess we've always been busy. Anyway, I need to get to work. It was nice to finally talk to ya…"

"Okay, I'll be around back in a little while. I'm gonna put a coat of stain on it. It'll have to dry before putting any more on it."

"Sounds like a plan. See ya."

"See ya."

He then took off his shirt and flung it through the open window. He couldn't be too much older than Seth. He was maybe 5′ 2" or 3", maybe 130 pounds, muscular but not muscle-bound, tanned very nicely, had golden brown hair that shone brightly in the sunlight of the evening sun, and he wore a smile that was out of this world…

When he disappeared around back, I put that coat of stain on the table and closed the garage door to keep dust and bugs from sticking on the sticky surface. With that finished, I cleaned my hands with turpentine, then soap and water at the faucet in the kitchen.

Looking out the door, I saw Randy busily skimming the surface with the net. I debated about going out there, but only for a second or two. Staying in the house – lost, so I went back to my room, dropped my jeans and underwear to the floor, put on a loose fitting Speedo, then went outside and sat down in a chaise lounge chair to watch him work.

I noticed that he kept looking at me, and that his eyes were mainly on my lower half… I found that quite odd… until I looked down when he wasn't looking – and saw that all that I have down there was hanging out through the leg opening. Sensing that he was looking at me again, I raised my head and saw that he was indeed looking at me.

He nodded nervously, then dropped off his outside shorts, leaving him only wearing a bright red – thong. Smooth, like a well seasoned diver, he dove in and soon was on the bottom, cleaning the filters.

I dove in shallow, then descended like an eel until I was across from him. I smiled, then did something very uncharacteristic – even for me. I reached down to the thin fabric half-assedly covering my junk and pulled everything out to be on full display – for him, and for him only.

His eyes went wide open, several bubbles escaped his nose and mouth, and then he pushed off the bottom to surface, probably in need of air. I needed some air, too, so I surfaced right next to him.

"Dude, what are you doing? I could get fired, you know… or worse… you're a little kid for Christ sake."

"I just thought you were interested. I'm interested if you're interested. Adam's out of town until late tonight."

"That doesn't matter… you're still a kid… what are you? Ten or eleven years old?"

"I'm older than you think… never mind." I said then went under water, dove down, and then worked off my swimming suit, grabbed hold of it, surfaced, and held it up high. His eyes got bigger. He looked all around, especially toward the gates and the doors to the house.

I said, "We're alone. You worry too much." I grinned, and then went underwater again, swam right in front of his tented out area… then quickly took hold of the hem and worked them down over his assets, butt, thighs, calves and off his feet. He wasn't resisting, not one bit.

I needed air, and I needed it badly… I'd wanted to do something to get him interested. When I surfaced I handed him his shorts. He grabbed them… hesitated for a second or two… before tossing them to the pool deck. And so we spent the next however long just goofing off skinny dipping, saying little in the process.

He said something about needing to go, that he had things to do elsewhere, that he didn't want to get caught playing around with a much younger boy.

Before he left the pool, I dove underwater, then came up, but not before slinking up his legs, thighs, and when I reached his jutted out organ… well, I sucked it in and kept working on it until I absolutely and totally had to come up for air.

His eyes were somewhat glassy appearing… which I found a bit odd. We walked to the edge. I said, "I'll suck you off… you don't have to do it to me… besides those shorts will never fit you like 'that'!" I then pointed down to his elongation standing straight out at a 90 degree angle from his belly, and touching his tummy. Slowly, I grasped his maleness, jerked it a time or two, and then watched him get out of the water and sit down on the edge. He scooted to the very edge. I put my arms around his lower back and pulled him in the rest of the way, sucking down as much of his penis that I could.

He was starting to tighten up, but I really didn't want him to pop quite so fast. At my urging, he lifted his legs up, thus exposing everything he had. I found it odd that he had no hair on his nuts, around his asshole, or any points between. Whether he did or didn't … mattered not to me… so I dove in, bathed his nuts (they were already wet… so what), and then took a tentative swipe or two across his hole… he said something about 'not there', but I couldn't hear him clearly… selective hearing, I guess! He liked it… obviously… as he made no effort to get away from the invasion of his most private of places.

I knew he was a goner when his hole tightened around my tongue. I thought surely he'd taken hold of his pole, though when I looked up, as his orgasm waned, he was holding his face. I lowered his legs so that they were dangling in the water. I thought something was wrong, so I got out and went to him, pulled his hands away and looked into his eyes. The lights were on but nobody was home, at least for a few seconds. I leaned down to kiss him, but he put his hand up and pushed me away, which caught me off guard… I wasn't expecting for him to do that, so I stood, walked to where his shorts lay, grabbed them up, and then returned and dropped them in his face and walked away toward the house, wanting to get away because I didn't feel comfortable being around him any longer.

Before entering the house, I turned toward that area of the pool, where I'd last left him. He was walking toward me. The expression on his face clearly showed bewilderment, like where are you going, and why?

I grabbed a towel lying on the pavement, bunched it up and applied it to my front side. My bone had, rather quickly, withered, and was largely lying against my thigh minding its own business. I put my hand on the door latch, ready to go inside, but his expression spelled confusion, so I didn't go right in.

He said, "I'm sorry about that…"

I replied snottily, "Don't worry, I don't have cooties. I'm sorry, too. Don't worry, I won't tell Adam, if that's what you're worried about."

"Easy does it… I need to ask you something… please."

I nodded.

"Uhm, can I use your restroom, please." He said, kindly, imploringly. The look in his eyes was serious, so I opened the door and led him the indoor outhouse. He entered and closed the door.

I walked into my bedroom, grabbed the same pair of shorts I'd worn earlier, put them and a shirt on and went into the kitchen and sat down at the bar thing that separated the kitchen from the dining room.

When he entered, the look on his face registered surprise. Surprised at what? I'm just a kid sitting in his friends' home watching someone with a surprised look on their face… wondering what I'd done to cause that, his reaction. I said, "You don't owe me anything, Randy. I thought you were interested in playing around… you were checking me out…"

"Was I that obvious?" Randy asked seriously.

"Yes." I said, then snickered.

The blush that rose from his depths was surely landmark material. I thought he was going catch afire right then and there, so I got up and got him a glass of cold water from the refrigerator and offered it to him. He took it and drained the contents in one fell swoop. "Thanks. Uhm, can I ask you a question? It's kind of personal…"

"Look, Randy, we've been pretty personal… you know, really personal. Shoot."

"Why did you do 'that'? I mean… I liked it… I mean, well, it's, uhm… you know – not clean down there…"

"You were clean at the time, Randy. Somewhere along the line I found that mine is very sensitive. Sure it has its moments, but then there are the other hours and hours when it doesn't have them. Besides, I'm a clean freak. You'd been in the chlorinated water, and you were fresh, not nasty. I guess I owe you an apology for doing that without your permission…"

"No, no, it's not like that… I guess I freaked out… kinda… sorta…"

I grinned, "Kinda… sorta… in a good way. Somebody told me that I can think of me down there as being dirty, or I could look at what someone is doing 'for' me as pleasure… like I said, I'm a clean freak… I don't do 'that' to just anybody… I knew you were clean…"

"Oh… okay… I liked it…"

"Obviously. Did you even touch your dick? You know… when you came?"


"So what's the big deal? You enjoyed it…"

"Yeah. Definitely. And, you are dressed, why?" Randy said shyly.

"Because I felt uncomfortable with you… I didn't know why you reacted like you did… I can't take any chances… you know…"

Randy's expression turned serious, and apologetic too. He said, "Have you been hurt… you know… hurt?"

"I've been hurt. It's not what you think, though. There are other ways to hurt people. Uhm… I don't want to talk about it." I offered sincerely.

He gently laid his hands on my shoulders. I reached out. We joined in a hug, but I jumped when his hand trailed down my sides and into the V on my front side… I pulled back just enough to give him unspoken permission to explore further, to satisfy his curiosity, perhaps.

I sucked in my gut when his hand burrowed its way between the fabric of my shorts and my tummy. Slowly, cautiously, but deliberately, his hand went into my otherwise forbidden zone of pleasure sensory nerve endings. Little James perked up, and then sent a shard of pleasure through all my centers when his fingers encircled it like a cloak.

"Uhm, James, may I undress you?"

I stepped slightly away and put my arms up in the air.

He was gentle. He was really getting into taking my clothes off, and I was getting into his taking my clothes off. When it came time for my underwear to go bye-bye, he knelt down, and looked straight on as he took hold of the fabric with the thumb and index finger on each hand, lifted it out, and then smelled my fragrances down afar. His mouth was but a fraction of an inch away from that which was pulsing, rampantly, in front of his eyes. He then sniffed the head of my dong, and then, tentatively, swiped it with his tongue. My dick responded accordingly. I said, "Go ahead. It won't bite you. Just don't bite him. Use your lips and tongue."

He looked up into my eyes. In his, I saw many unanswered questions.

Instead of going down on my dong, he finished stripping the last remaining threads from my body. Quickly, as if a flash of lightening had struck, he shucked off his own, which he'd put on between outside at the pool and coming inside.

I took hold of his hand and led us into my room, turned down the covers, crawled into bed and invited him to join me, which he did, tentatively.

All said and done, we got into a 69. While he wasn't very good at sucking, while he was fairly consistent in scraping my sensitive organ with his teeth… we both managed to exchange male fluids, scant as mine was back then.

When we were finished, and recovered, he got up, and left to do his chores, leaving me wondering what the hell that was all about.

Whatever – I got up, went into the bathroom where I took a shower. He'd already left by the time I returned to the pool area. His truck was gone.

Oh well.

I went into the garage and put another coat of stain on the table, cleaned up the mess and put away the tools.

Adam arrived home at a little after 11pm that night. I'd fallen asleep on the sofa in the family room. His entry startled me awake… not so much his entry, but, rather from when the alarm went off.

We got caught up on his day. I then took him to the garage and showed him the table. He was awestruck by the restoration, and was totally grateful I'd taken the time to do that for him.

He was bone dead tired… I was wide awake. He suggested that I download the pictures off his camera, toss away the ones that didn't look just right, do some editing, and then keep the ones that were best.

There were 143 of the baseball uniform pictures to review. The client wanted the top 15, and 25 seconds. To be totally truthful, all of the pictures were posed; none of them were in their natural surrounds. I couldn't just delete them all, not without giving Adam a chance to at least explain them.

I made some mental notes to suggest taking pictures of the boys actually playing, if they played, with the boy introduced showing the logo, followed by wide shots that included the subjects head and the uniform.

About the Speedo pictures – they absolutely sucked. I tossed them all. They, too, were posed, and well, they were all trash.

There was only one solution.

The following morning, I talked Adam into taking us to the lake house so some 'real' pictures could be taken.

We pulled into the lake house at 11:45am.

Two of the 7 suits were way, way too small. There were 3 that fit perfectly. Two of them were, at least, a size or two too large.

Whatever, they turned out well, if I do say so myself.

All in all we had about 80 pictures to sift through. Going through them and picking out the best was made difficult because the client only wanted the top 4 and no runner ups. Adam liked them all. He commented several times that my body was filling out, and then to prove it he pulled up a few pictures from the batches taken from our shoots at the lake in Wichita. I couldn't believe the contrast. Not only was I filling out, but my skin looked much, much healthier.

With that all said and done, we took off in the boat, circled the lake a couple of times, stopped by Tony and Seth's to make sure their place was locked up tight, then I stripped to the skin, dove off the boat into the water where we goofed off for a couple of hours. The restaurant didn't open until 4pm. We were both hungry as hell, so we took off for the lake house, showered and got dressed. By that time it was a little after 4. After eating and returning, I gathered up my stuff, then we took off for the farm.

Traffic was light. When we got on I-44, Adam smiled mischievously then opened 'er up to see what she was made of, again. Within seconds, I looked at the speedometer and saw it pegged at 147 miles per hour. Then he slowed her down to the speed of traffic, which was 85. The toll booth operator just about had a shit fit. We'd traveled the 82 miles in just 22 minutes. Holy Sherlock shit!

The rest of the trip, on the narrow 2 lane blacktop was much more subdued, and then when we turned off on the unpaved road he took it very slow to keep the rocks and such from fucking up the paint job on the Porsche.

Adam didn't stay long; he needed to get back to do the new shoot for the baseball uniforms, scheduled early the following morning. He'd called Tony to make sure Seth was available. He was.

I talked to Seth for a while, while Adam, Dan and Vera spoke alone just outside the door. He went upstairs to his room, snickering all the while. He wanted to do something we'd never done before… he told me to go to my room or to the bathroom… that he had something planned.

Oh my God… he's such a naughty boy.

Dan had planned to have Coltrane shod and vaccinated before I returned, however, my horse would have no part of that, so he scheduled the vet to return Saturday morning to give the equine its shots and clear it for riding, and to make sure it was healthy, while I was there.

Bedtime was early, like 9:00pm early. I was really tired. Kevin insisted we take a bath together, which posed a bit of a problem simply because I needed to do something with the nads. I'd gotten very excited with adrenalin rush during the trip to the farm. Kevin was satisfied with my explanation that I wanted to take a crap, which I needed to do anyway, yet, unknown to him, I wanted to spend a short amount of time getting my dick tamed down a bit.

Accomplished and with a large degree of success, we took our bath. I tossed on a clean pair of tightie whitey underwear, as did Kevin, and then we took off for downstairs to spend some time with the family before going to bed.

Eric pushed the envelope by pointing out the deep contrasts between the pearl white threads of my underwear and my skin tone. He then stepped way over the boundaries by pulling down the back of them, thus exposing my butt fully and completely. He whistled about the deep golden brown skin hue of those twin globes, making comments about the stark contrast.

Dan severely admonished Eric's exploits against my privacy, sending him to bed without the traditional late night ice cream snack. I didn't want to say anything in front of the family. I had gathered, over the short period of time that I'd known them that the adults weren't someone to counter. No, I wasn't afraid of them, I simply felt that they expected respect and to not be questioned, like 'that'.

When I went upstairs to my room for the night, I first stopped in Eric's room. He was still awake; at least I thought so because the bed covers were quickly rustled, his legs bent at the knees so that his feet were flat on the bed… I knew what that meant because I'd done it a time or two, myself.

"Can I come in?" I asked softly.

"Yeah, sure, what the hell do you want?" Eric said somewhat angrily. While his words were angry, I didn't necessarily hear anger in his voice.

I entered, closed the door. He turned on the bedside table lamp, made sure he was covered, and then waited expectantly.

Without saying anything, I lowered my underwear to my ankles, waddled to where he could see all of me, and then swirled around, reached down, pulled my shorts up, and then without invitation, sat down on his bed. "We went skinny dipping in the ocean. Sorry you got in trouble."

Incredulously, Eric said, "You really showed all your shit to everybody?"

"There weren't too many people around… well, yes there was, but they all pretty much left by Sunday night. But yeah, it's no big deal. Nobody really cared one way or the other. Everybody's got the same stuff, right."

"Well, yeah, but, still… did you get sunburned, you know… your dick."

I giggled. "Nah. We were in the water most of the time. Other than when the surf went out, 'that' was mostly underwater."

"Uhm, did you, did you, you know… were you hard… I mean, did other people see 'it'?"

"Well, yeah… nobody really paid any attention. It happens."

"Yeah, okay. We go skinny dipping down at the creek. I'm hard most of the time… nobody says anything. Goddamn, Thomas has a fucking tree trunk dick… uhm, do you want to sleep with me tonight… no, sorry, I didn't mean… besides, I'm na… I'm not wearing… ya know."

"Yeah, sure. No problem. Do you want me to wear something?"

"That's up to you…"

Without a second thought I shucked off my underwear. Eric moved toward the wall, I got into bed, covered up, reached for the lamp, turned it off, settled in, and lay with my hands across my stomach. I reached down, scratched those scraggly and porcupine little pubes coming back in, and lazily ran my fingers across the head of my penis. It was only half-interested in being played with. I went on down, scratched the area between my nut and thigh then returned my hands to my belly.

"I named my horse Coltrane. He looks like a friggin train running out in the fields. He's coal black, too. The name just came to me… do you think it's kewl?"

"Yeah, I like that. You do know that Dad had called him Son of Satan, right?"

"He's no Satan. He's high spirited, that's for sure, but he's no Satan. Who the hell is Satan?"

Eric sidestepped the question, saying, "But he's so gentle with you. Shadow's gentle with me, but Coltrane is so much gentler with you… it's almost like he knows your past… I know it sounds crazy and everything… but it's like our horses know us best, ya know."

"Yeah. I know that's right. I wonder why that is… I guess it really doesn't matter, does it?"

Eric reached down, pulled up the covers over our naked bodies, took in a deep breath and started speaking slowly, quietly, but deliberately, "I was dumped at a hospital when I was 9. I thought everything was fine at home. My parents were very loving and they took care of me. One day, they came home from work early. I was doing homework when dad said we needed to go see grandma at the hospital. She'd been sick for a long time. She'd been in and out of hospitals for as long as I could remember so I didn't think anything was out of the ordinary. Dad let me finish my spelling words and arithmetic. He actually helped me. Then, as he had always done, picked me up, tickled me to the point where I was about to lose control of you know what. >He stopped speaking then looked at Vera. She smiled and nodded for him to continue<. Anyway, we, he, mom and I went to the hospital. Mom said for me to go on in and wait for them in the lobby. She had tears in her eyes. Anyway, I waited and waited and waited. Finally, the guards came to lock the doors. One of them came to me while the other one locked up. He asked where my parents were… I told him I didn't know but that they would be along very soon to get me. They were surely up in the ICU where kids can't go. Anyway, he went up to the ICU and couldn't find them. I had had a picture of them in my billfold… I gave that picture to the guard before he went. The other guard sat down next to me and waited for his partner."

With a shuddering breath he continued, "When the guard, the one who went back to the ICU, returned, he was extremely concerned. He asked for my grandmother's full name then went to the computer, punched in her name, I guess. Anyway a few minutes later he said, "Son, there's nobody here in the hospital with that name. What's your parents' phone number? I gave it to him. He called using his cell phone. There was no answer. There never was an answer. I still call it once in a while. The phone had been disconnected."

Eric stopped for a moment to collect his breath. I then started feeling drips of water cascading onto my arm… Eric took a couple of deep breaths as I wrapped my arms around his waist and held onto him reassuringly.

I said very softly, "That stuff is in your past, now, Eric. I say the same thing you said to me… if anybody hurts you again, or tries to then they have me to answer to, so help me." I then leaned into his face and kissed his cheek. He didn't flinch or try to get away. I took his hand into mine, then I cuddled him into my arms, held him securely, kissed his forehead and waited until his composure returned.

A few minutes later, he continued, "The guards called the police. The police took me home but there was nobody there. The furniture was all gone. I went to my room. My furniture was all there… just like I had left it when Mom and Dad took me to the hospital. I told the cops I'd wait for them to come home. They said they couldn't let me do that. They took me to McDonald's. After I ate, the one policeman made a phone call to CPS. A lady met us there. She took me to a house where I laid my head down that night. Then she came and got me early the next morning and took me to another house. I only stayed there for 2 days."

"She came and got me and took me to yet another house. They had boys about my age, and two girls, both younger than us boys. We got along great. They told me my parents would show up soon. They fed me good. They put me back in school, a new one but it was okay. I got all A's in reading, writing and arithmetic. I thought everything was fine."

"Then one day it all changed. Damon, their oldest son, he was 15, stayed home with us… there wasn't any school that day… it was parent-teacher conferences, or something, I don't remember what it was or why we were out of school… anyway, we had all been playing and messing around after we got our homework done. Everything was normal. We didn't do anything bad or anything… nothing got broken. Anyway… sometimes we all messed around, you know, well, we uhm, sometimes we did sex things… Dr. Will said boys will do that… that it's normal… anyway, well, uhm, their mom came home… and well, she caught us. She went ballistic, told me I was a worthless piece shit, and that I caused her sons to do what they were doing, what we were doing. I didn't know what to say to her… I felt ashamed. Damon and his brothers tried to defend me but she wouldn't hear any of it. Anyway, her husband came home, grilled me to the bone then they took me to the CPS office and dumped me…"

"Just like that? They dumped you, but why?" I asked, wiping the tears from my eyes. I needed to be strong for Eric. Something inside told me that he really needed me right then.

Without hesitation, gently I turned Eric toward me, pulled him close, then wrapped my arms tightly around his shoulders and let him cry. He wrapped his arms around my waist, took in several deep breaths, let them out haltingly, and then relaxed, save for an occasional shudder emanating from deep within his troubled soul. I didn't know Eric hurt so badly. I didn't know he was so scared. He had always put on a strong front, not really allowing anyone into his inner sanctum… until then.

That was our bonding moment, if ever there was one.

He raised his head to look at the clock. It read 1:15am. "Fuck. I need to use the restroom. We need to get some sleep. Sorry."

"No problem. You okay now?"

"Yeah. Hey James, you're okay. Thanks for listening to me whine… I hate my story… I still don't know why they did what they did… it's like they disappeared off the face of the earth or something."

In the restroom, Eric sat on the toilet, took care of business. When he was finished, I peed, flushed, washed my hands, as did Eric, then we took off, crawled into bed, got comfortable. Eric, lying on his side, facing away, pulled my arm around his waist, squirmed around to get comfortable, got quiet, save for the sounds of us breathing. I lowered my hand. His erection was definite. Without hesitation, I grasped it and brought him to a successful conclusion.

Sleep overtook us at that point in time.

At some point during the night, I was awakened by rhythmical up and down motions being made on my pole of pleasure. I was lying on my side, and Eric's arm was inside of mine jerking me off… the first time he'd shown any real interest… I savored every stroke. The moment arrived quickly. And then it passed. And then sleep. Deep sleep. Restful sleep. No bad dreams. No good dreams. Just sleep.

My next awareness was: being crawled over, toes scratching my belly… as Eric bounded out of bed and fell to the floor, giggling.

Wide awake, realizing it was way past wake-up call by the amount of light in the room, I saw Eric get up from the floor and walk to a window. The brightness in the room got even brighter when he opened the curtains. He stood in front of the window, naked as the day he'd been born, with each of his hands on either side of the glass, just looking outside.

His hair was all helter skelter. His back, facing me, was strong, as were his butt and legs. I worked my way out of bed. He turned around about halfway, motioned for me to come to him, which I did. We stood side by side. He rested his arm on my shoulders and I put my arm around his waist and pulled him in. I don't know why I did that… maybe we weren't that different, after all.

"It's late. We've got chores to do. Maybe we can go to the creek this afternoon… it'll be hot… I can already feel it in the sun."

Instead of leaving as he said we should, he turned around facing me. I raised my arms and rested them on his shoulders. I knew what I wanted to do… but did he want to?

We both had our hips out so that our midsections, our erections weren't touching… as if orchestrated, we each took a step toward the other until we touched. It was then that I had to put action on what my thoughts were… slowly, deliberately, my hands, seemingly on their own volition, traveled down and cupped those golden globes of his.

Tentatively, at first, then more brazen… our lips touched. I pulled back, just a little bit to gauge his reaction.

His reaction was to permit his hands to slide down my back to where they couldn't go any further. He then put one index finger on each side in the middle of my crack. Slowly, tentatively, his fingers inched inward until each was slightly pulling apart those little rose petals.

With an intensity I'd never heard from or seen in Eric, he asked quietly, "Does Seth really go inside there?"

"Yep." I replied enthusiastically.

"Doesn't it hurt?"

"Sometimes. He's gentle."



To be continued

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