Castle Roland

The Redemption Book 2

by Joe Writer Man


Chapter 23

Published: 8 Apr 14

Joeys POV

Skeeter and I talked for a little over two hours about everything that had happened both here and in his life on the farm with his family.

During our discussion, mom brought me a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream with nuts and plenty of chocolate sauce. After providing a profuse thank you, a hug and a kiss mom said that she and dad were going to bed, to call if I needed anything and if not we'd see each other in the morning.

So everything is still a go for next weekend and the week after. Skeeter said happily.

Yep, as far as I know. I said then giggled but then had to rein myself back in because it hurt to laugh, and it hurt badly.

On the spur of the moment I looked toward the door it was wide open so I got up, walked to it then shut and locked it. Skeeter said giggling, Oh no, hes going to do something naughty.

Without saying a word, I lowered my shorts down to just below my butt overhang then sat down and worked them down to around my knees. Going that distance just hurt too damned bad. After not having had any pain medicine for several hours my maleness was fully elongated and in definite need since it had been over 24 hours since releasing my fluids.

Skeeter needed no further encouragement or invitation. He went to his door then locked it. Within 30 seconds, no more, his clothes went flying in all different directions. He was totally naked. His prong jutted out in need. Mine was no better. After I sat back down it stuck very closely to my tummy on its own volition.

We both adjusted our webcams into close up mode after blowing each other a wet sloppy kiss. Skeeters penis was up in my face. I stood up and put my penis into the cam to give him an equally up front and personal view of that which designates me different from the female species. As I stroked it into full hardness the muscle spasms began, lightly at first but with every exertion they were getting more frequent and higher on the scale of pain.

I said, I'm gonna sit down and lube up. I retrieved the slick stuff, doused my man gland with a plentiful supply then worked it in, and then went the computer chair and sat down. Skeeter remained standing, straining his tube seemingly to its limits.

I leaned back and just let my hand and the lube do its trick. No sooner had I started than I began feeling my chest and belly tighten up as it always does just prior to receiving the jolt of electricity that would send me on a two way ticket to Nirvana.

I got too far gone in too short of a time … the spasms racked my body, and at the same time my body totally and completely seized up with an inexplicable pleasure/pain interaction of cataclysmic proportion. I had to let go of my dick somewhere along the way as total pain overshadowed the pleasures, almost. I didnt even get the opportunity of seeing my lover spaz and spasm his very own offerings all over and across his naked chest and torso but it wasn't meant to be.

I apparently lost consciousness because the next thing I knew was dad picking me up off the floor and carrying me to his easy chair in the living room. I was totally sweating, shaking, and having difficulty breathing. Mom carefully observed dad's ministrations then headed out for her office. Dad went into the bathroom, fetched a towel then tossed it onto my naked torso. He didn't need to tell me what to do … obviously.

Mom brought a sheet and arranged it so that I was covered. The medicine burned all the way up my arm, but it brought about relief; blessed relief; not total relief but enough to manage though any single twitch or attempt to move brought about a return to massive explosions of pain that radiated from my chest out into my body I thought of my chest as the center of a star fish, or an octopus perhaps.

Mom injected again. That time I heard here, she said, 4 milligrams, youve had 6 already. I cant give you any more for about an hour. Relax baby.

Im trying mom. Im sorry. I didnt mean Im sorry. I wheezed between deep gulps of air. At least I was exchanging air, thankfully, sweet, sweet air. My mouth, fingers and toes were becoming numb, I started to panic, my head was getting woozy, and my sense of time, place and being was getting all screwed up. Somewhere along the way I heard mom tell dad to get a small shopping bag from the pantry all the while telling me to relax and to breathe deeply and slow down and relax. All of it in a great big haze. I vaguely remember dad putting the bag up against my nose and mouth, telling me to breathe in and then breathe out, slowly, deliberately, rhythmically, and purposefully, to slow down, and to pay attention to my breathing, and nothing else.

Slowly, the world stopped spinning, I was being returned to humanity, to reality, a sense of time, a sense of place, a sense of life.

When I opened my eyes Derrick and Timmy were standing close by. Timmy had this terrified look on his face, Ill never forget it. Derrick was not much better. He was slowly, deliberately, meticulously, and caringly rubbing my legs, stopping at my underwear still wrapped around my upper calves. He then carefully, slowly, and gently but effectively worked them up my legs and then scooted them under my butt and over my wilted cock. Thanks bro. I wheezed.

When Derricks ministrations were finished, at least for the time being, he stood back up. Timmy stood in front of him then wrapped Derricks strong arms around him, to protect him from the fear he was experiencing, fearing, and yes he was facing it too.

Timmy timidly asked, What happened?

Mom answered, Joey had a severe induced muscle spasm in other words he was doing too much too soon and his body reacted. Right Joey?

Right, yeah, definitely, too much too soon, sorry you guys. I didnt mean

Dad interrupted, Dont Joey, just let it go, you dont have to explain anything. Okay boys, back to bed; lights out in 10 minutes, sleep tight. I love ya.

Derrick stepped closer then reached down, took my chin in his hand, whispered the words that I most needed to hear at that moment, I love you. Take care of yourself, Joey. Then he reached in and softly kissed my lips. Timmy took it all in, he was absorbing our family love in action, and I believed he was feeling it deep inside, make no mistake he was observing very, very, very carefully everything that was being done and said. The look on his face was intense. He was battling his demons he was winning if only by an inch, maybe half an inch at a time but he was gaining momentum nonetheless.

I put up my arm ever so slightly, held it out to Timmy, and then when he didnt immediately respond I gestured with my fingers for him to come closer. He looked at dad, then to mom, then to Derrick, then back to me. He did it all very quickly but then his eyes stopped ours, together, we locked in.

Slowly he took the 3 steps necessary to stand next to dads chair. Tentatively, reluctantly then with confidence he took hold of my hand, squeezed it lightly, held it protectively, almost as if it were a prized possession or something. He leaned over and into my ear he whispered, Please feel better. Im scared. I thought you were going to die.

Tears sprang from my eyes when I realized, through my drug induced fog, what he was saying, and why.

Deliberately, cautiously at first then boldly, despite the pain, I moved my hips over to the far edge of the chair, held in place by the armrest, and then with great and utter difficulty, and finally with a helping hand from dad, who was seeing the event unravel, I was able to scoot my upper torso to meet where my hips had made their way to. Timmy, unchanged in his position, allowed me to take his chin in my hand and very gently I turned the tables so that I could whisper in his ear, Timmy, would you sleep with me? Maybe we wont be so afraid that way. We can sleep together. Id really like that if you would. Ill understand if you dont want to.

He looked to mom, Joey wants me to sleep with him, is it okay?

If Joey wants you to sleep with him then go ahead and get in the chair with him, Ill help guide you so that you dont accidentally brush his sore places. .

There was plenty of room for his thin frail frame to lie in on the chair but he chose to be as far away as he could be for fear that hed hurt me. That made me uneasy but Id talk to him once everybody had left to go back to their respective beds.

Mom gave me another 3 milligrams of Morphine which relaxed me quite a bit, at least to the point where the muscle spasms no longer riveted me into outer space.

After hugs and kisses, mom, dad, and Derrick headed off to bed. It was very late. They needed their sleep to get rested up for the day. Although I was quite sedated I wasnt really tired. Sleepy yes but I wasnt ready to sleep.

Timmy said, Do you want me to turn the light off Joey? Ill do it but only if

Im ready if you are. Hey Timmy, thank you for being here. I know we got off to a rough start and everything but I saw you today in court I was afraid too, okay.

You were? Really?

Yeah, really, Im sorry you had to go to jail but Im sorrier that dad got hurt. Timmy, before I came here, violence was the name of the game I had to be violent to survive. I did some bad things, and I had some bad things happen to me. I guess what Im trying to say is that you arent alone. I have a different life now. Mom and dad loved me when I didnt know how to love. Anyway, Im for the most part okay now. I see things differently. If you give it time and if you really, really want to then you can change how you think too.

But why did your mom and dad get me out of jail? I mean I mean why?

I thought long and hard about his question. Then it struck me, Probably because they saw in you what they saw in me and Nathan. I dont know. Its hard to explain.


Let me to try to explain I mean I dont understand why they did what they did it might be something like they saw into what we could be like not what we did. Does that make any sense?

You mean like yeah, its hard like maybe they see that were actually good kids. Timmy giggled then added, Yeah, I cant figure it out maybe tomorrow huh.

Yeah, maybe tomorrow. Uhm, Timmy?


Dont ever go ballistic on us again, okay? Nobody's going to hurt you here so dont hurt us.

I get mad sometimes.

Me too. Dont take it out on somebody. It doesnt work right.

Yeah. Ill try.

Dont do it. You might end up killed. Youre lucky Nathan got to you before I did. Lets not talk about it, okay? Just be the best person you canwell help you.

Why? I dont understand. Timmy said seriously.

I replied, Why not?


You ready for lights out? I asked. I moved around to find a reasonably comfortable position but could find none.

Timmy reached for the light switch then clicked it. The room was pretty much dark save for a very soft and distant glow about the room from the street light out front of the house.

Good night Timmy. See you later. Im fading out.

See ya later alligator.

Okay crocodile.

Timmy giggled. I tried hard not to success.

After a few minutes I heard his breathing become regular and rhythmical and deep. Id never heard him sleep before then his very light snoring was a dead giveaway. Somewhere, while listening to his deep sound sleep I dropped off.

I awoke some time later with a startle. The house phone rang and lights went on in the hallway and kitchen. Timmy was lying on his side. Troubling was that his hand was draped across my cock. Since he was very deeply asleep and had no idea that it was there I gently picked it up and sat it on his leg. No big deal. I wasnt hard anyway.

Mom came into the living room to check on us, I said, Whats up mom?

Ive been called into the hospital. Im sorry for waking you. Are you okay? Do you need some medicine?

Im okay, thanks mom. I love you.

Love you too, son. You guys look cute together.

We talked for a little while mom. I pretty much laid down some ground rules like no violence. I think he understands.

I hope he understands. Mom said adjusting the covers. She then reached down and kissed my then Timmys foreheads.

No sooner had mom drove off than Nathan stormed into the house. I called his name but he didnt respond. Instead he went toward his bedroom until dad stopped him and then they went on into his and moms room.

I was relaxed really good so I immediately fell off to sleep but was awoken again when they took off out the front door.

I really, really, really needed to pee. I knew Id not get back to sleep until I did. Timmy was still deep breathing he was out to the world yet there was no way to get up without waking him.

Timmy. Timmy, wake up bud.

He stirred a little bit and then got quiet. Timmy, wake up, Ive got to get up.

Humph. Huh?

Ive got to pee. Wake up.

Timmy reached over and turned on the light. Immediately he got up from the chair looking at me expectantly.

Without much difficulty I scooted to the edge and made my way to a standing position. I was still woozy from the medication mom had given me earlier. I guess Timmy got concerned because he took my hand. That helped. I walked into the bathroom, whipped it out then let loose with a stream to be proud of, as did Timmy. We made quite a frothy topping to the water.

Timmy was about half staff as was I. He looked into my eyes and smiled. I think he liked me being around I kind of think I liked being around him too. Yeah, I did. He just seemed normal, whatever normal means.

I shook any remaining drips then allowed the waistband of my underwear to snap back. Timmy shook his several times (too many) then put his dick in his underwear and flushed the toilet.

When we got to the hallway I said, Im going to try and sleep in my bed. Good night.

Can I come with ya? Timmy asked timidly.

Thinking there would be no harm in that, I said, Sure, come on, Im tired, are you?

Without much difficulty, with a little bit of help from him, we got settled into my bed and quickly fell off to sleep.

I dont know how much later it was but I awoke with pleasurable feelings: Timmy was cuddled up against my back with his arm draped over my shoulder. His little snores told me he was sound asleep. His body said otherwise because he was very lightly moving itself in a rhythmical manner; his rigid penis moving to and fro against my underwear and butt crack. It wasnt fully imbedded in my crack or anything; it was just rubbing my shorts and my butt cheek.

His body then went still and his arms gave a little tighter hug around my shoulders. I felt a slight wetness on my butt so I reached back and found that indeed my underwear were somewhat soaked. I also felt that his penis was soft and that the front of his shorts was very, very wet. My dick arose knowing what hed just experienced. With that, I fell back into a restful slumber.

Meanwhile, in the Cook County Jail, Chicago, Illinois, USA

I recognize him. Terrell Wilson said to his brother James Wilson.

Both were 17 years old. Theyd been certified to be tried as adults for the heinous murder of two people during a robbery 3 years prior. Theyd finally been convicted as habitual criminals, the three strikes and youre out provision prevailing. They were awaiting transfer to Joliet for life sentences without the possibility of parole.

They were mean, tough, tight, and generally well tolerated in the system. Both were short, wiry, youthful looking young men, pleasant to look at from either gender proclamation. They had had to be tough because of their size and stature.

Yeah, his name is Williams.

James looked at Terrell. A look passed between their eyes. They did that. They were identical twins to each other.

Because their mother had been a drug dealing whore, and their need to survive the evils of the world all the while participating in the evils of their own worlds, they fell into a safety net provided by the State of Illinois who helped youngsters crawl out from underneath the slimy filmed rock of drugs and prostitution. One of the key officers was the officer who stood no further than 50 paces away from them. He looked scared, and all alone. No wonder. From what it appeared like to the two young men who needed glasses and health care, glasses and health care theyd not receive until they were received into Joliets prison system, the officer had many cuts, bruises, and scrapes all about the areas of skin that was visible. Both young men know what that had meant. Hed been welcomed with open arms into the Cook County Jail, hazing or more correctly termed indoctrination. His appearance was normal in that all inmates get properly indoctrinated by the population.

After a quick look around to see if the man or his men were around in close proximity, and then finding the men at the other end of the block, Terrell said very loudly, Hey cop, hows it going?

Terrell and James then, together, walked toward the man who turned around to face the voice whod said what hed said.

Observant, other inmates turned and looked at all 3, from one to another, and back to the very large man.

Officer Williams, how be you this fine day in paradise?

Williams, with blue and black eye rims turned away from them so as to be as nondescript as possible. Thats pretty normal behavior when one doesnt want to be seen, or when hes nervous as hell.

James, the typical leader of the two said, What it be my main man? Whatcha be here for, did you poke the wrong kid, and did you rough a kid up too much, huh? Did he tell mommy and daddy what you did to him, huh? Did you do to him what you did to me and my brother here? Tell me.

Williams turned around to face the young brothers, I dont know you, and Im not some damned man.

Oh but you are a cop, but you aint not no man. A real man dont fuck no little kids. They go after the hos, you know girls over the age of 12, not little boys.

A big guy named Larry came walking up to James and Terrell. He was menacing what with his bulk, height, and girth. Larry watched out for Terrell and James during their stay in the Cook County hotel system. He too was awaiting transfer to Joliet to serve out a thirty years to life sentence for cutting up his ex-wifes boyfriend. He was about 50 years old and didnt expect to make it to freedom ever again. He was satisfied with what hed done, and why. Her boyfriend had been into boys, little boys, usually less than 8 years old. He had turned them; he had used them; all to his satisfaction.

So, lets just say that Terrell and James looked up to Larry. Larry was an okay dude. He freely admitted to doing what hed done, he was proud of it, and he didnt carry around the innocent bullshit of most every inmate.

Larry, in his big booming voice, said, Whats up brothers?

Terrell never let his eyes roam from Williams. James however told Larry and some other inmates standing around them watching and listening carefully that Williams was indeed a cop, and that he was into little kids, and that it had started on them at about 11 years old.

Now, you aint shitting me are you? Larry said to James.

James looked at Larry with a total and complete eclipse of attitude and stance. He didnt say a word; he didnt need to say anything. Larry understood and knew right then and there that what he was being told was the absolute and total truth.

Is it true? Larry asked Terrell whod looked away from Williams when Larry asked his brother James the question.

Terrell, barely and nearly nonexistent nodded. He more or less, actually, gave Larry the answer with the way his eyes narrowed to slits.

Larry looked toward Williams. Williams took a step back. Thats all Larry needed to find the defendant guilty as charged.

The sentence was carried out fastidiously, ferociously, all without any time for appeals. A shiv popped out from nowhere, however, Larry in his infinite wisdom said to the carrier, Theres always time for that somewhere else down the road. Lets not hurt him too much right now because after all his victims need justice, one way or another.

Later that same morning, Cook County Courthouse, Joeys POV

Dad let mom, me, Timmy, Nathan and Derrick off at the steps of the courthouse while he went to park the vehicle. Dad had said, Go to the cafeteria, grab you some snacks, Ill be there in a few minutes.

Nathan looked totally exhausted. When hed come home he wouldnt talk about what had happened, but then again, he and dad hadnt returned home much before we needed to leave for Officer Williams court appearance related to the incident that happened to Timmy and I. As had become custom, Nathan gave me a shower. He said hed talk to me later but that all was good.

After arriving at the snack shop, we all got pretzels and a Coke while mom got coffee. She too had just arrived home just as we were getting ready to leave for the courthouse. She looked tired, drawn up, stressed. Shed only had time to wash her face and rearrange her hair. No matter her condition she looked fine in our eyes.

When dad arrived, he too got himself a large cup of coffee and a stale donut and wolfed it down. By the time he was finished, it was time to get going.

This time would be different wed be on the prosecutions side of the courtroom. Sweet.

Timmy was nervous, like a cat on a hot tin roof. I reassured him that we were on the good side of the fence, and that there was nothing to worry about. He stuck to me like glue. One time when he looked at me like he was going to run I broke the tension by leaning into his ear with my hand on his shoulder, I said, Sticky pants, everythings cool. We didnt do anything to get here.

He looked at me without any comprehension whatsoever. He shrugged his shoulders then his head jerked to one side. The next look was priceless. He knew precisely what I was talking about. That changed his demeanor a total one-eighty. He didnt giggle but I sure worked hard on stifling one. Seeing him embarrassed like that, and knowing that he knew what I knew, lightened my spirits as well.

Mom just looked at us she had no clue. And I wasnt about to say anything.

All rise blah blah blah. All parties were sworn in, the charges were read, and testimony was begun.

First the watch commander, the detective (who dad knew) and then the prosecutor presented their pieces of evidence.

Your Honor, the prosecution calls Joseph Lee Mauer to the stand. He is our star witness.

Dad patted my back as I stood up. Timmy took my hand in his then squeezed firmly, very firmly. Derrick smiled and nodded. Mom looked at me with worry in her eyes. I leaned down and kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, Mom, Ive been waiting for this day. Timmy needs to see it unfold.

The bailiff held open the gate leading up to the judges bench. He then swore me under oath.

I do. I replied when hed finished. I then took my seat. I gave my name and date of birth for the courts records.

Prosecutor: How do you know Mr. Williams?

Me: Officer Williams was a paying customer, sir.

Prosecutor: A paying customer? Please explain.

Me: I then gave the Readers Digest version of where Id met him, how wed gotten to know each other, good references to when, and why. Since I wasnt on trial, I was forthright as to how I made money selling my wares (but not the drugs, of course. Id not been given immunity from prosecution.).

I looked at Timmy. He was paying rapt attention to each and every word I was saying, how I said it, and why I said it.

I then looked at Officer Williams, smiled, then told the court exactly the transactions he and I had had. I couldnt believe his appearance. He was obviously in grievous pain his face sure looked like it.

Prosecutor: Okay, thank you for your candor. Now, about now. What happened the day before yesterday?

Me: Sir, my I speak to my attorney, please?

Prosecutor: Joseph, thats not necessary. You are not on trial here. The court knows of your background. Judge, if it pleases the court, would you please approve or deny my motion to insure freedom from prosecution for this witness?

Judge: Young man, you are not on trial here, please speak freely.

Prosecutor: Your Honor, this young man has a history. His testimony will provide a vital foundation upon which the States case is based on. Hes not been charged. His first hand, direct testimony is crucial critical. While he shares his story we are simply requesting that he be provided immunity from prosecution.

The judge looked at me. He said, Joseph, I can compel you to testify … let me ask you a question before I rule, is what Mr. Prosecutor saying completely true, and do you promise to tell the WHOLE truth leaving nothing out?

Me: Yes sir. Mr. Williams deserves his day in court. Im afraid Id not be entirely truthful if I had to tell you why he arrested me.

Judge: I could command you to testify, young man. If you failed to testify then I could have you arrested for contempt of court. Youd be incarcerated until you chose to testify.

Me: I understand sir. If that were to happen then that slimy piece of filthy trash would walk, sir. Hed be a free man.

There was a commotion behind the prosecutors table. Everybody put their attentions on that incident. Mom was wrestling a belligerent Timmy to his chair. Dad reached over and put his hand on Timmys chest and stomach to stop him from getting up.

Timmy, being wiry, quick and youthful broke away, walked to gate but the bailiff who was charged with maintaining physical order in the courtroom stopped him.

Nevertheless, Timmy spoke loud and clear to the judge, Judge, the man hurt Joey. He broke his ribs. He kicked Joey with his feet.

Judge: This is out of order. Order in the court!

Timmy: Youre honor; my name isnt being called to testify. That man fucked me. He was a paying customer. I was a boy whore. I lived on the streets. I know him. And stop bullying my Joey.

That did it, dad got up and pulled Timmy into his lap and held his mouth shut. Timmy acquiesced to dads demands.

Judge: (Booming voice) you, young man, control yourself! There will be no more outbursts in this courtroom. If you interrupt the proceedings here again, Ill have you remanded to the custody of juvenile hall.

Timmy nodded.

That pissed me off. The cocksucker. Hell or be damned, I no longer gave a fuck about myself Timmy hed been the fuckwit had been a paying customer of Timmys!!!!!!!!

Me: Youre honor. I had no idea that Timmy had been I didn't know he'd been, anyway sir, the officer had been a paying customer of mine too. Ive already told you how I had to make my money while trying to financially help my family. Officer Williams was definitely a paying customer of mine, and some other boys who I will not name. That piece of filth did not get my ass but he got everything else. He said that he was arresting me on outstanding warrants including murder one and drug trafficking. I admit to drug trafficking. I even trafficked drugs when I first went to live with the Mauers as their foster son. I quit when they didnt quit. They didnt stop loving me. They didnt stop trying. When I figured out that they werent shitting me then I quit. I love them. They love me. We take care of each other. Im clean and sober, Your Honor. Im clean and sober and am trying to make a better life. Ive done some bad things in my life. But Im trying to do right, sir.

Judge: Counsel, please approach the bench.

Prosecutor (in hushed tones): Your Honor, we run background checks on all witnesses. Young Joseph had nothing come up on his check. There are no outstanding charges or any pending. He has no prior arrests or convictions. His record is clean.

Judge: Counselor, Im signing your motion as approved. Although that one boy is on very thin ice he needs to be put on the stand. He needs to be heard.

Prosecutor: May I request a recess? I need to talk to him before hes put on the stand.

Judge: Ill approve it. Go ahead. Defense counselor, Im sure you wont mind that a minor child needs to be properly prepared for giving testimony, now do you?

Defense Counsel: No sir.

Judge: Good. Prosecutor, present your motion.

Prosecutor: Your Honor, the prosecution requests a recess to prepare a witness for testimony. We wish to retain the right to recall this witness.

Judge: Granted and granted. This court will reconvene at 1:30 this afternoon. Court adjourned.

When I returned to mom, dad, Derrick, Nathan and Timmy, pain or no pain, I reached down and hugged Timmy as hard as I possibly could.

We had 3½ hours before we had to be back in court. The prosecutor came over, introduced himself as Adam Weeks and said that he needed to talk to Timmy alone. He promised to have him back in court, but could he please take Timmy alone somewhere for lunch so they could talk. Dad and mom agreed; I felt the prosecutor was on our side, Derrick and Nathan both gave Timmy hugs then we took off and they took off.

To be continued

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