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Boston Blue: Special Assignment

by Ken Barber

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Chapter 1

Published: 17 Mar 16

Boston Blue: Special Assignment

Copyright © 2016 by Ken Barber
All Rights Reserved

Case 1

"Sicut patribus sit deus nobis"
("God be with us as he was with our fathers")

My Grandfather retired from the Boston PD, My Uncle is The Deputy Superintendent of the Major Case Division and My Father was killed in the line of duty responding to a domestic violence call in the North End when I was nine. So as I stood at attention waiting for my name to be called and added to the rolls of the Boston Police Department, I felt like this was my destiny, my legacy, it's where I belonged.

"Cadet Matthew Williams!" I almost missed it I was so deep in thought. I walked to the center of the stage, stopped and saluted the Superintendent in Chief and the Commissioner. The Superintendent shook my hand and the Commissioner pinned the badge to my uniform. I turned sharply and walk towards the end of the Stage where the Commandant of the Academy waited. He handed me a piece of rolled paper tied with a blue ribbon. We all knew it contained our certificate and more importantly our first duty assignment. I returned to the bleachers where the rest of the class was still standing and snapped back to attention. There were only 32 of us left out of the 45 that started.

The crowd cheered and we all relaxed and shook each other's hands and patted each other on the back. We were all proud and it could be seen in our eyes and the way we were carrying ourselves. I detached myself to go find my Mom, Step dad and Little sister, Kelly. As soon as I broke free from the crowd a little ball of blond hair in pigtails launched itself into my arms.

"Matty!" I scooped her up and squeezed her tight.

Wayne, my step dad and my mom joined the group hug. Wayne stepped back, "Matthew, we couldn't be any prouder of you."

Wayne was a pretty good guy. My mom started dating him about 3 years after my dad died, it was hard for me at first and I was pretty difficult to deal with but Wayne was kind and caring and rode out the waves. We grew to respect each other and eventually became friends, we became family. Wayne was the first person I came out to. I set my sister Kelly down because I saw Kevin, my best friend since forever approaching he gave me a bear hug and whispered in my ear.

"You know in that uniform you could almost convert me." he pulled back before I could slug him.

"So what's on the agenda now?"

"The whole family is coming over to Wayne and mom's place tonight, then tomorrow I have 4 tickets to the sox game, afterwards I thought we could go grab some drinks and do some dancing. Sunday we will chill then on Monday I report to my first duty assignment."

My mom smiled "So are you going to tell us where you've been assigned?" She knew I was secretly hoping to be assigned to District A1, dad's old district.

"I haven't even looked yet." I slowly opened the rolled paper and pulled the orders memo out and unfolded it.

BPD Logo
"Sicut patribus sit deus nobis."
Boston Police Department
Schroeder Plaza
Boston, MA
(617) 555-5555

From: The Office of the Police Commissioner
To: Officer Matthew Williams

Subject: Transfer of Duty Assignment

Officer Matthew Williams you are hereby transferred from The Boston Police Academy class of 2012 to Boston Police headquarters for special assignment. You will report to Captain Greg Mitchell on Monday June 11, 2012 at 9:00 am. Dress is patrol uniform with side arm.

Daniel Linskey

Daniel Linskey
Boston Police

I reread the short paragraph and handed it to mom. "Do you think this is weird?"

She read through it quickly and frowned. "Everything the BPD does is weird. It's probably just some special duty assignment for all the summer activities going on around the city. They older guys get sick of doing them so a lot of the new recruits get the jobs."

"Great so I get to play babysitter to a bunch of drunk college kids." I slipped the memo into my breast pocket and we all headed to the cars. Folks would start to arrive at my parents house soon and we didn't want to keep them waiting.

"Kevin you riding with me?" I asked.

He nodded. "I figured I would, so I took the subway over."

"Okay, Baby Girl I will see you in a few minutes." I gave her another hug then hugged Mom and Wayne. "See you guys in a few."

Kevin and I jumped in my car and headed out of the parking lot. I noticed one of my classmates, Tristan walking to the subway on his own. Tristan was the one classmate I could not seem to get to know. I noticed him on the first day of class and was immediately drawn to his stunning looks but never got the chance to actually get to know him. This might be my last chance, I pulled over to the sidewalk right in front of him.

"Tristan, You need a lift man." Some of the cadets had speculated that Tristan was gay but no one knew for certain. He had kept to himself as much as possible throughout our entire time at the academy. He was an enigma which made him even more intriguing.

"Thanks Matt, I don't mind taking the subway."

"Hop in man. This is my best friend Kevin. Kevin jump in the back ."

Kevin laughed."Just like that I get kicked to the back seat."

"Where do you live Tristan?"

"Millicent Way in Bay Village."

I did not react, Millicent way in Bay Village is a pretty rough area. "Ok cool, I will just jump on 90 and then swing back up to Charlestown to get home"

"Matt, It's really out of your way man, I will be fine if you just drop me at the subway." Tristan shyness made him even cuter.

I chuckled. "It's not out of my way because any minute now Kev's Girlfriend is going to call and ask us to pick her up in Newton. So it's really on the way."

Just then Kevin's phone rang and we held our breath to see who it was. Kevin smiled a huge shit eating grin.

"Hey Marcy, Matt was just talking about you."

Tristan and I starting giggling. Damn he was even cuter when he smiled.

"Sure Babe, Matt has no problem coming to get you. We are actually headed that way to drop off a friend of Matt's." He finished the call and we all started to laugh again.

I glanced over at Tristan. "Marcy hates driving and thinks if she waits until the last minute then we are less likely to say no to her."

Tristan Smiled. "I have a feeling it doesn't really work."

"Not usually, especially since we are onto her. So you hanging with the family this weekend?"

Tristan's smiled disappeared quickly. "No just chilling for the weekend."

I decided to let it go but got a little concerned. "So what district did you get assigned to?"

"Actually I didn't. My orders are kind of weird, it just says to report to Captain Mitchell at HQ for a special assignment."

I almost jumped out of my seat. "Me too, that's awesome maybe we will be working together."

His eyes lit up. "Really? What do you think it is?"

"I have no clue, probably some shit detail watching over tourists. "

"That's what I was thinking too. I was really hoping for district A1."

"Me too, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. But at least we will get to work together."

He nodded and I noticed we were coming up on his exit. "Why don't you come hang out with us tonight. Just some barb-b-que and beers at my parents house and then a few drinks with Kev and Marcy later."

He sighed "I don't know Matt, I wouldn't want to interfere with your family time."

Kevin who surprisingly had been very quite poked his head between us. "Shit Tristan if Matt's mom found out you were chilling by yourself this weekend and Matt didn't invite you she would knock his ass out."

I laughed. "Very true, I am not taking no for an answer. When we get to your house grab some clothes for the night so no one has to worry about driving, we can change at my parents place.."

He smiled and nodded. "If you're sure it won't be a problem"

By the time we got him to agree we were pulling up in front of his house and he jumped out. The neighborhood was pretty rough and I saw a couple of thugs checking out my new wheels. I stepped out of the car and leaned against it still in full uniform. When they saw me they bolted really fast. A couple of minutes later Tristan came back out with an overnight bag and jumped back into the car. We spent the ride to Newton speculating what our orders meant with Kevin throwing in smart ass ideas every so often. We picked up Marcy and headed back to Charlestown. Right away Marcy starting interrogating Tristan and I could tell he was getting uncomfortable. I tried to change the subject a couple of times but she was persistent.

She giggled "So are you and Matt like dating?"

"MARCY!!!" I roared

"What?" she looked at my eyes in the rearview mirror. "Oh fuck, he doesn't know you're gay?"

I almost slammed on the brakes "MARCY, WTF?"

Tristan was laughing. "Relax Matt, I already knew. Everyone at the Academy knew. You aren't really shy about it." he turned and looked at Marcy. "And no we are not dating, because Matt hasn't asked me out yet."

I almost drove off the road. Kevin and Marcy were laughing hysterically in the back seat and Tristan was giggling in the front. I got control of myself and glanced at Tristan and he just grinned and winked at me, that almost made me lose control again..

We arrived at Mom and Wayne's without any more embarrassing topics. I noticed a few cars were there already and we grabbed our bags and headed to the front door. We could all tell the number of luxury cars in front of the house and the sheer size of the place was making Tristan a little nervous so Kevin put an arm around his shoulder.

"Don't worry bud these are the coolest people in Boston. And besides your BPD now and in their eyes BPD officers are gods."

As soon as we entered the house I heard a yell. "Matty is here." The little blond bullet launched herself at me and I scooped her up. She looked over my shoulder. "Mommy, he brought uncle Kev-Kev and Sassy and another Pleeaseman."

We all chuckled. "Baby-girl this is Tristan a friend of mine. Tristan this little terror is My sister Kelly."

"Hi Kelly it's a pleasure to meet you."

She shyly tucked her head down into my shoulder. I set her down as my Mom and Wayne came around the corner. My mom hugged me and Wayne patted me on the shoulder. "Mom, Wayne this is Tristan one of my classmates from the Academy."

"Tristan, Welcome." Mom gave him a hug which surprised him a little. I could tell he was a little uncomfortable with all the affection everyone in my family shows.

"Thank you Mrs. Williams." Tristan smiled

"Actually it Mrs. Trout, but call me Carol please. This is my husband Wayne, Matt's stepdad."

"My apologies Carol, Wayne it's a pleasure to meet you. " He reached out to shake Wayne's hand but Wayne pulled him into a bear hug and patted him on the back.

"Congratulations Tristan and welcome to our home."

We untangled ourselves and went to the kitchen to fix drinks. While I was fixing our drinks, my grandfather Williams came in the kitchen.

"Matty, give me a hug. I am so proud of you and you know your father is too."

I gave him a huge hug "Thanks Pappy, this is Tristan a friend from the academy. Tristan this is Retired Captain Henry Williams, Boston PD."

Tristan about spit his drink out. "THE Captain Henry Williams."

"One and the same son. It's a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to the Boston PD."

"Thank you sir. It's truly an Honor to meet you. They teach your command methods at the academy."

"I know, they tame them down a bit I am sure. We will have a couple of drinks later and I will share some stories that will make your socks curl. But right now I am getting that, leave the young guys alone look from your mom Matt."

"Ok Paps, we will sit with you later and chat."

I grabbed Tristan. "Let's go change out of the these uniforms."

Kevin smiled."How long should we cover for you."

I just flipped him off as we bounded up stairs. I showed Tristan my room. Even though I have my own apartment my mom still keeps a room for me here. It's nice when we have a family event, I don't have to worry about driving home.

"Bathroom is through there. If you brought shorts that will be fine as it's going to be pretty laid back. After dinner all the extended family will leave and it will just be a few people."

He smiled. "Sounds good, thanks for inviting me. I can't believe your grandfather is Captain Williams, not only is he one of the most well known district commanders but he also is the Officer responsible for single handedly catching Officers Anderson's killer.

I smiled. "He is a pretty amazing guy. My Uncle Jamie is the Deputy Superintendent of the Major Case Division."

Tristan looked at me astonished. "Wow, now I know what Kevin meant when he said your family thinks Boston Cops are gods. Hey I don't mean to pry but where is your dad."

"Not prying. My dad was a BPD officer as well, He was killed in the line of duty when I was 9. He was responding to a Domestic and the guy just opened the door and shot him 3 times in the chest. No warning, nothing." I was sitting on the bed at this point and Tristan sat beside me and put his arm around me.

"I am really sorry."

"It's okay. I have learned to deal with it but it still hurts. So what is your story, you live alone?"

He stood up and started to change right in front of me so I did the same. "Yes, I live alone. It's really a long story and not one I am ready to share yet. But basically I don't really have any family anymore." He had stripped down to his briefs and was pulling on a pair of shorts. I could hear the sorrow in his voice so I grabbed him from behind and hugged him. I was very distracted, he was gorgeous, strong legs covered with fine blonde fur, his back was perfect and his ass was what dreams are made of. I still had a hard time believing this guy could be interested in me.

He just sank into my chest and sighed. I let go. "Ok let's finish getting dressed and head down stairs. Oh and if you don't have any plans tomorrow Kev, Marcy and I have an extra ticket to the Sox game. You want to join us."

He turned and smiled. "If it means I get to spend more time with you then I would love to."

I smiled and we finished dressing. We got back down stairs and I introduced Tristan to the rest of the family. Dinner was ready a few minutes later and we all went outside to eat. Of course Tristan was floored when he realized Mom and Wayne had hired a caterer. I had to explain that my Mom was a very successful executive with a major PR firm and Wayne was a financial attorney so they were pretty set as far as money went. After dinner all the aunts and uncles and cousins and what not, started to drift out. It was kind of cool that my dad's family and my mom still had a very tight relationship. They all treated her like a sister and they considered Wayne a part of the family too. Pretty soon Grams made Paps stop chewing our ears off and they headed out. It was just Mom, Wayne, Kev, Marcy, Tristan and I left. I had carried Kelly up to bed about an hour ago. We sat around the fire pit chatting, mostly speculating about Tristan's and my orders. We were all feeling a little tipsy. Even Wayne, who hardly ever drinks.

Wayne nudged Tristan and smiled. "So if our son and you are going to be going steady shouldn't we meet your parents at some point."

I tried to get his attention to stop him but Tristan smiled and put his hand on my leg. "Well, Wayne as I told Kev in the car, Matt and I are not dating, because Matt has not asked me." He smiled at me. "As far as my Parents go I haven't spoken to them since I was 16."

Hearing that made my mom sit-up straight. "And why not?" She was obviously very concerned.

I decided it was a time try to rescue Tristan. "Guys, it's very personal and he doesn't like to talk about it."

He leaned against me. "Thanks Matt, but it's ok. Your family has been amazing to me so far and you guys should know a little about me. When I was 16 my dad discovered that I was gay. He threw me out and I survived in foster care and moved to Boston to go to college and hopefully get into the academy. I have tried to reach out to them many times but they will not take my calls and any letters I send have been returned as not accepted by addressee. The only contact I have is via email with my younger brother who is starting college this fall. He got accepted into Brown and we have made plans for he and I to get together."

My mom got up and hugged him. "Sorry we pried but I want you to know you can always consider this your home." She pointed at me. "Even if this fool screws it up and you two don't end up together."

"Mom!!" I couldn't help but laugh with everyone else. Wayne and mom went to bed a little after that and the Kev and Marcy cuddled on the other side of the fire. And I put my arm around Tristan and drew him into me. We stayed like that for a while until we all started to drift off.

I stood up. "Okay, I think I am ready for bed. Kev, Marcy you know where your room is. Tristan you can either grab the couch, or I have an air mattress I can set up or you can share my bed."

He just smiled. "I think we all know the answer to that."

Kevin smiled sleepily. "Our room is right next door so try not to get too rough you guys."

Tristan picked up a marshmallow left over from Kelly's s'mores and chucked it at him. He snatched it out of the air and ate it. "Perfect just what I wanted."

We all laughed and headed into the house. Tristan and I undressed and climbed into bed. We snuggled up together and he whispered. "You know back at the academy I kept hoping we would have a reason to talk."

"I tried a few times but we were always interrupted and I didn't know if you were interested or not. I couldn't imagine someone as hot as you even giving me a second look."

He snorted. "Whatever dude you are the hottest guy in our class. I mean you're in perfect shape, your abs gave me plenty to dream about but mostly your deep brown eyes and curly brown hair made it really tough to not get a hard on in the shower. I love the fact that you're a little shorter than me, and you're like the nicest person on earth, I mean who else from our class would have stopped to offer me a ride and then forced me to hang with their family ."

I giggled. "Hopefully no one else from class is trying to get into your pants."

I could see that radiant smile in the dim light. "Well, if either of us were after a quicky I don't think we would be spending the night at your parents."

I laughed. "I guess. I am not really good with this whole dating thing." I squeezed him a little tighter.

He turned in my arms and looked me in the eye. "I think you are doing Just fine."

I giggled. "So do you think you would want to try dating and see where it goes."

He kissed me. It was that first kiss that I will remember forever. It wasn't a hot do me now kiss. it was soft and sweet. I felt my heart flutter. He broke the kiss "Took you long enough to ask." he rolled back over and we fell asleep cuddled together.

"Matty! Matty!" the door to my room flew open and Kelly launched herself onto the bed. I barely had time to understand what was going on before she squeezed herself between Tristan and I.

"Baby girl what's going on." I looked over at the alarm clock it was 8:00am

"Mommy says I can't have Bwrekfest unless you gwuys wake up." She rolled over and I could see Tristan smiling at her. "Hi Twistan. Are you Matty's boyfwend."

He had a huge smile. "yes I think I am."

"Yay, now gwet up I hungreys." We both laughed.

"Okay Baby girl tell mom we are coming down in a minute. Okay?" I lifted her off of us and set her on the floor.

"Otay" and she bolted out the door. I looked over at Tristan and he was grinning from ear to ear. His sandy blond hair was all over the place and I could see his steel blue eyes piercing right through me. I leaned over and kissed him. "Welcome to Saturday Mornings at the Williams-Trout residence."

Just then I heard Kevin shout from the room next door. "I am going to get you and tickle you until you pee." Apparently Kelly decided to wake Kevin and Marcy. She squealed and ran down the hall.

Tristan and I climbed out of bed and I threw him a pair of sweats and a T-shirt while I grabbed a pair myself. Kevin and Marcy poked their heads in. "Morning guys. Smells like mom is making French toast." Kevin said.

"We better get down there before the munchkin makes another attack run." I laughed.

All four of us went down to the kitchen. Mom was cooking while Wayne was trying to read the paper with a little girl tucked under one arm. He looked up at us when we entered. "Kevin I understand a tickling sentence was imposed so I captured the suspect for you." Kevin grabbed her and started tickling her. Then Marcy came to her defense and started tickling Kevin. Tristan and I laughed while I fixed us both coffee.

Mom smiled at us. "Sorry guys I sent her in to watch cartoons I didn't know she snuck upstairs to wake you."

Tristan smiled. "It was very sweet actually." After breakfast we all headed upstairs to shower and get dressed. The bathroom attached to my room is huge so Tristan and I started to get ready at the same time. I stripped down to jump in the shower and caught him glancing at my ass. I just smiled.

After a minute in the shower I heard the door slide open and Tristan get in with me. His arms circled around my waist and he pulled me back into his chest. We stayed like that for a minute and I just melted into him. It was kind of scary as I didn't know that much about him. He obviously had a very difficult childhood but I knew he was holding some of it back. I turned around and kissed him. We finished our shower with much difficulty. I could tell we both wanted to fool around but I was not ready and I could tell Tristan wasn't either. We got dressed and headed into town. I dropped Marcy and Kevin off at Marcy's place and told them we would be back in an hour. We had to stop by Tristan's place to get him some clothes for the night. I was impressed by how clean his little two bedroom place was. It was definitely single college guy style but it was really clean and organized. We picked Marcy and Kevin up and headed downtown to grab lunch and get ready for the game. We dropped our bags and my car at my apartment, We had a quick drink at my place and talked about our plans for the night. All of us kept making sure Tristan was ok with the plans. At one point I joked about who had the bigger crush on him, Me, Kevin or Marcy. Kevin laughed. "That definitely would be me."

I had called and made reservations at Island Creek Oyster Bar so we walked over to the Restaurant Row. Lunch was fantastic, we did the shellfish platter for an appetizer and then I had the Monkfish, Tristan had the bluefish, Marcy as usual had the Mrs. Bennett's seafood casserole, and Kevin had the scallops . We went through two bottles of wine before we were done. We had a blast laughing and getting to know Tristan. The more time I spent with him the more I could feel myself falling for him. After our very long lunch we headed over to Lansdowne Pub the traditional pregame pub for off duty Boston PD, It was packed but we found a table near the back and had a couple of pints. I looked up and spotted my Uncle Jamie with a group of friends. He spotted me and walked over. "Matty, sorry I missed the festivities last night Anita was on duty in the ER so I was stuck home with the kids. Kevin, Marcy how are you guys doing." Kevin and Marcy smiled at him in return.

I stood and hugged him. "No problem Uncle Jamie it was pretty chill nothing crazy."

He smiled. "Good once you get settled I will come down and meet you for lunch my treat."

"Thanks that would be great. Uncle Jamie this is Officer Tristan Cole, He graduated with me yesterday."

Jamie reached out his big bear paw of a hand to shake Tristan's, "Tristan welcome to the force."

Tristan stood and shook his hand. "Superintendant Williams, it's an honor sir."

Jamie laughed. "Call me Jamie, when we are not in the office." He turned around and cupped his hand to his mouth and shouted. "BPD WE HAVE TWO ROOKIES IN THE HOUSE. GIVE THEM A BPD WELCOME." The room erupted in cheers. Jamie turned around and looked at me. "Hope you brought your credit card because you just bought every shield in the bar a beer." He laughed and walked away.

The rest of the time we were there, people kept stopping by our table and thanking us for the beer and introducing themselves. As we got ready to leave I walked up to the bar to settle the tab dreading how much damage was done. The bartender, Shelley, smiled and handed me the slip to sign. I looked down at the total, $35.00 and then looked up at Shelley, "Is this right?"

She leaned over and whispered. "Your Uncle traded tabs with you." I looked over at Jamie and he winked at me. After we left the bar we headed to the stadium to watch the game. The sox were playing the Nationals again and the Nationals beat us the last time, so the crowd wanted revenge.

There is only one rule in Boston; if you are not a Sox fan keep out. Boston Red Sox fans have an almost fanatical loyalty to their team. Our stadium, Fenway Park, lovingly referred to as the Cathedral of Boston is the oldest surviving ballparks in the US. Fandom is passed down from Father to son. You're not a true Bostonian until you have sat through a game at Fenway. We got into the game, shouting and yelling although not much cheering as the Nats beat us again 4 to 2. We left the park and walked to Boylston St. It was already almost 10:00 so we headed right to Machine Night Club.

The Club was packed and there was a line. Luckily for me, my Mom handles the PR for the club and she got us on the list. We walked right past the line and the bouncers let us in. We had to go through a metal detector and Tristan and I had to flash our badges because we were both wearing a piece on our ankles. We found a table that was as out of the way, then Tristan and I went to the bar to get the first round. The Crowd was insane and we had to wait a few minutes. After getting the drinks and heading back to the table, Kev and Marcy went off to hit the dance floor. Tristan and I followed a few minutes later. After a couple of songs the dance floor was so packed we headed back to our table. The Club was just over jammed and it was getting uncomfortable so we decided to head back to my place for a couple of drinks.

We were just a couple of blocks from my building so we decided to walk. As we were crossing Jersey Street we saw a young boy sprint across the alley between Boylston and Peterborough Sts. with 4 much older boys chasing him. The four boys looked like skin heads. Tristan I looked at each other, pulled our guns and badges and started chasing them.

I shouted over my shoulder, "Stay way behind us!"

As we approached the alley we heard a lot of yelling. Using the training we had, we did a quick look around the corner and what I saw pissed me off. The little kid was on the ground being kicked by all four of the older boys. Tristan nodded to me and we both jumped around the corner guns raised.

I yelled as loud as possible. "Boston PD nobody move." Of course they all started to run away from us. One of them reacted a little slower than the rest and Tristan at a full sprint tackled him to the ground. I went over to the kid on the ground. He was beat up pretty bad. I grabbed my phone and dialed 911.

"911 operator, what's your emergency?"

"Police by phone, Boston badge number 51342, officer Matthew Williams. We need backup and medical for an assault victim in Public Alley 936 near Jersey St. One suspect detained 3 others fled by foot towards Kilmamock St."

"Officer Williams we have two patrol units in your vicinity. Both responding now. Medical is being dispatched as well."

"Thank you, advise responding officers; Two off duty BPD officers on site, out of uniform." I could hear Sirens in our area and looked up to see a patrol car pull into the alley off of Kilmamock. Suddenly it reversed course and spun back onto Kilmamock and came to a stop and both officer jumped out and started running through the parking lot behind Landmark Square Apartments. Another patrol car came into the alley from our end.

"Responding officers on scene thank you." I told the dispatcher on the other end of the phone.

"Good luck officer Williams." the 911 operator disconnected the call.

One of the officers from the patrol car began running in the same direction as the others while the second approached us. He looked at me.

"You Williams?"

"Yes, 3 suspects on foot. All four Caucasian 15-17 years old. One wearing black combat boots tight black jeans white t-shirt. Shaved head. one wearing white sneakers, blue jeans and a black graphic t-shirt, shaved head. One wearing black shoes or boots, black pants, and a blue wind breaker, shaved head."

He was relaying the info through his radio. "Ok got it. Sergeant Framer is on his way he will take command when he gets here. You guys stay with the kid and that piece of shit until then." He tossed Tristan a set of cuffs and jumped in his car and raced down Jersey St.

I looked down at the kid he was conscious but in a lot of pain. "Ok guy, my name is Officer Williams, you can call me Matt. I am a policeman and help is on the way. Can you tell me what your name is."

He started to cry. He looked to be about 9 years old. "James... I think they killed him."

"What, who do you think they killed and where James."

Just then the Patrol Sergeant arrived. "The guy I was with. I don't know his name they just walked up and stabbed him. I ran. Oh god he is behind a dumpster behind the baseball Tavern." He was really crying and based on his clothes and hair I could tell this was a street kid. I could only guess what he was doing behind a dumpster with a guy that he didn't know. The sergeant heard all of it and jumped on his radio.

"Possible second Victim behind Baseball Tavern." I looked over my shoulder just as another patrol car started to come to a stop and then turned down the alley and raced towards the end. Then I heard gunshots. The Sergeants radio blared out. "Shots Fired, Shots Fired. One suspect detained. two are armed and firing. " I heard more shots. "Officer down, Officer down need EMS to 69 Queensbury. one officer down, 2 suspects down."

"Need EMS to alley behind 1270 Boylston. Multiple stab injuries. Victim is unconscious and unresponsive."

Sirens could be heard everywhere. The patrol Sergeant walked over to us. "Officer Williams?"

"Yes Sir, and this is Officer Cole."

"Nice work guys. I am Carl Framer. Officer Cole put your Prisoner in my car. What District are you guys out of?"

I glanced at Tristan and he just shrugged. "We don't have a District assignment yet Sergeant, We just graduated from the Academy yesterday and have been put on special assignment with Captain Mitchell at headquarters."

"Well I will be damned. PR is going to have a field day with this." An ambulance shot down the alley towards the other victim as another pulled into the alley behind us. "You guys stay with the kid and get as much info as you can out of him. I will meet you at the hospital and walk you through the report after we are done here. If you run into any problems at the hospital call me." He handed me a business card.

"Thanks Sarge can you update us on the wounded officer as soon as you know something, please?"

Tristan handed him one of his cards and shook his hand. "Thanks Sergeant Framer."

"You got it boys, Welcome to BPD, talk about a trial by fire." He headed back to his car and the paramedics began working on the kid.

I started to walk over to Kev and Marcy but James cried out. "Matt don't leave me please. I am so scared."

"Ok buddy I won't leave." I stood beside him and motioned Kev over. "Here are my keys. You guys go back to my place and relax we are going to be a while. If you're still up when we get done you can come get us if not we will grab a cab."

Marcy just shook her head. "I don't think so, we will meet you at the hospital. This little guy needs some friends tonight." She smiled at James and he smiled back.

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