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Boston Blue: Special Assignment

by Ken Barber

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Chapter 2

Published: 14 Apr 16

Boston Blue: Special Assignment

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Case 1

"Omnis puer perspiciatis divina constitutio"
("Every child you encounter is a divine appointment")

Tristan and I rode in the ambulance with James, He started to doze off a little but the Paramedics didn't want him to so we tried talking to him to keep him awake. We found out he loves baseball, so Tristan started telling him all about the game, when James realized we had been at the game he was shocked and admitted he had never been to a game. Tristan promised we would take him someday. I laughed when Tristan's eyes got huge when he realized he promised for me too. When we arrived at the hospital the Doctors and Nurses got to work on James quickly. They had to pry James away from us. But we promised him we would wait for him. Tristan went and got me some coffee. I paced the waiting room getting more and more pissed that someone would treat a child like this.

"Here you go babe." That made me smile. "I ran into Sergeant Framer. The officer that got hit is fine, caught it in the vest, little bit of bruising nothing serious. We caught one suspect, one is dead, the third is in stable condition and one got away. The other victim was DOA. These scumbags are facing murder charges."

"Good I hope they put the bastards away for life. Can you believe they were going to beat a 9 year old kid to death? What the Fuck?"

He put his arm around me. "Matt, you can't let it get to you, you know this. We stopped it. That's why we joined the force. That's why cops walk the beat everyday all over the city."

I looked into his eyes and I could see lots of sorrow there. "I know Tristan, I know, it's just hard because it's a kid. In my family we were always taught the kids come first, we protect and help them, not do shit like this."

He frowned. "If only every family was like that."

I hugged him. Before I could say anything one of the doctors interrupted us. "Officer Williams? Officer Cole?"

Tristan spoke up. "I am Officer Cole and this is Officer Williams. How's James doing?"

"I am Dr. Salvatore, He will recover physically. Two fractured ribs, a dislocated collarbone, three broken fingers, a minor concussion and some minor lacerations. He is sleeping now and we are waiting for the blood work."

I nodded. "Wow they really worked him over."

"They did but I am more concerned about some very old Injuries. This child has been beaten and raped repeatedly for quite a few years now. He has a couple of broken bones that have never healed correctly and should be reset. We did a full rape kit and sent it for analysis. We also took blood for a full STD screening. I have to tell you that by state law I had to contact The Department of Children and Families. He needs to be taken off the street."

Tristan just hung his head. "As if that will help."

I patted him on the arm. "It's got to be better than living on the streets."

"It doesn't matter. The kid is not going into DCF care. I have a court order placing him in protective custody." All three of us looked up at the guy in his mid 30's wearing a decent suit. We all saw the Gold badge on the breast pocket.

"Captain Greg Mitchell, Special operations." He held his hand out to the doctor, as Tristan and I just stood there with our jaws on the floor. This is the guy we are supposed to report to on Monday. "These two work for me. They are assigned to be the kid's protective detail until the murder trial is over."

"Works for me. I might need to keep him overnight to monitor him but if the labs come back ok I can release him into Officer's Williams and Cole's custody. However a representative of DCF is on their way so you will have to handle her."

Captain Mitchell smiled. "I don't think that will be a problem."

The Doctor turned and walked back down the hall. The Captain turned to look at us.

"Matt, Tristan welcome to special operations." he stuck his hand out to shake ours. We both mumbled our thanks. "I know you have a lot of questions but we will answer them all Monday morning. All you need to know is that you are now on the new Community Protection Squad. The Mayor has formed the Squad to help groups in the city that are targeted for hate crimes. As soon as young James is released take him to a hotel, Stay with him make him as comfortable as possible. There is a facility at St Cecilia's that will give you clothes for the kid. Just tell them you are BPD helping a homeless kid. Matt, I called your mom and she is working from home on Monday so she will take care of him while you come down to the headquarters building."

"Sir, you called my Mom?" I was very surprised.

He sighed and smiled sadly "I can understand why you don't remember me. I met you once, two days before your father was killed. I was the new rookie assigned as your dad's partner. I was standing right behind him when he got shot. I am the one that took down the asshole. "

I looked into his eyes as I started to cry. "You were with him when he died?"

"Yes, and every time I saw your mother or you after that, I blamed myself. It took one very old Grisly Captain dragging me into his office and telling me if I didn't pull my head out of my ass and realize I did exactly as I was supposed to then he would beat it out of me. That was your Grandfather of course."

I smiled a little. "Sounds like Pappy."

"You two were chosen for this squad for a number of reasons. Tristan, your degree in sociology and you're academy test scores made it so every District commander was trying to get their hands on you. I won because I needed a couple of openly gay officers to liaison with the LGBT community for me. Matt, you as well excelled at the academy and even the fact that you are openly gay didn't help me. Most of the district commanders put up a hell of a fight for you. I had an ace in the hole though. One phone call to that same old Grisly retired Captain and the next day the Superintendent was signing your orders."

Tristan looked at him. "I am not sure what is expected of us, Captain?"

"Guys, we will get into that on Monday. For now I will have two officers relieve you for the night and then you can come back tomorrow. You will keep this kid safe and comfortable for the weekend that is what is expected of you."

I just nodded. "Yes sir Captain. I have 3 bedrooms it would be easier if Tristan and I and My friends took him back to my place and got him settled there. I have plenty of video games to keep him entertained."

"Works for me. Now let me go deal with the DCF, they are going to be pissed we are cutting them out of a case. At least until we get this kid healed and through the trial." He turned and walked off just as Kevin and Marcy were coming up to us.

We explained everything that was going on and they agreed to hang with us tonight and tomorrow night. Marcy teaches 9th grade U.S. History at McKinley Prep. She was done for the year so she could take James over to my mom's Monday morning and spend the day with him there. By the time we had it all figured out Captain Mitchell walked back into the room.

"Ok guys DCF is all taken care of for now. You guys got everything figured out?"

"Yes Sir, These are my friends Kevin King and his girlfriend Marcy Talbot. Marcy is a 9th grade school teacher and is willing to help as much as possible."

He shook their hands. "Nice to meet you both, I am Captain Greg Mitchell, Matt and Tristan's commanding officer. Thank you for agreeing to help out."

Just as he was finishing his introduction Dr. Salvatore stepped into the waiting rooms. "Captain I think you and your officer's need to see this." He handed a file to the captain. "Every time we get a child that doesn't seem to have a parent or guardian we run his prints through the missing child system. We got a hit, only problem is this child was declared dead 2 years ago."

The captain opened the file. "What?"

Dr. Salvatore pointed at a copy of the death certificate. "2 years ago a young boy named James Bailey was reported abducted near Shelburne Falls, in Franklin County. The Franklin County Sheriff's office helped in the manhunt. One of the Deputies found a body and the county Coroner's office had the parents Identify the body and issued a death certificate. He died of Exposure and Hypothermia."

We all exclaimed "What the fuck"

Dr. Salvatore nodded. "I thought the same thing and ran the fingerprints again and this is the kid. Here is where it gets really odd. The Coroner supposedly did a fingerprint identification on the kid as well and it matches. Now I think you have a pretty serious situation on your hands as the kids parents are Mike and Helen Bailey. Reverend Mike Bailey is the head of the Word Apostolic Church in Shelburne Falls, His wife runs the Children's outreach center. They are very heavily connected in Franklin County and have come under suspicion of child sex scandals twice already. None were ever proved. I think we are looking at a cover up."

We all just stood there with our mouths open. Finally Captain Mitchell closed the file. "Doctor, who else knows about this?"

"No one, as soon as I got the fingerprint report I locked all the other info up in my office."

"Good, let's keep it that way. We are going to get to the bottom of this."

"Oh and James tests all came back ok. He has a pretty bad case of Chlamydia, but I am giving you some antibiotics for that. I have to tell you some of his injuries are more than two years old and from the anal tearing and stretching it looks like this kid has been getting sexually abused for way more than 2 years."

"Thank you for bringing this to me Doctor. We will figure this out."

"Good Luck, I need to see James again at my office Tuesday afternoon. And my wife is a child psychologist, I called her and told her about James, not the Franklin county stuff. She is willing to see James on Wednesday and do a Psych-eval on him. She is also willing to work with him on a pro-bono basis."

I smiled. "That's good to hear. This kid needs all the help he can get."

"Ok, his concussion is pretty minor and most recent injuries are all set. Here are some pain meds. This bottle is Percocet, it's pretty heavy stuff for a kid his age so only give it to him if the pain gets completely unbearable. This one is Vicodin, he can take this as soon as you get him home and then again after eight hours. Not a minute before. Here is a mild sedative to help him sleep. He shouldn't need it tonight, but if he wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares or pain give him a half of one and get him to sleep. Over the next couple of days we need to keep him drugged and rested. I know that sounds funny but his body really needs the rest and with what he has been through I think that is going to be difficult for him. I am releasing him tonight, but here is my personal cell phone. Should anything go wrong tonight call me. The only diet restriction is small portions at a time. He is malnourished and if he eats too much at once his body will not be able to digest it. Give him a little food and then wait 20-30 minutes before you let him eat anything else. Any questions?"

"No I think we got it." I took the pill bottles and the instruction sheet from him. "We are taking him to my place for now."

"Good try to keep him comfortable. He is ready to go whenever you are."

I shook his hand. "Thanks Doc I really appreciate you looking out for this kid." He nodded. "Don't mention it. No kid should ever have to go through this shit." He turned and left the room.

We all just stood there looking at each other. "Ok well I guess we should go get our house guest guys." I said.

Captain Mitchell grabbed Tristan by his arms as we started to walk out of the waiting room. "No one gets near that kid that I don't approve of you hear me?" "Yes, Captain. This is big, isn't it?" Tristan whispered.

"Potentially huge. I need to figure out who I can trust with this."

"Thanks Captain, we will see you Monday Morning."

We walked down to the room that James was in, he smiled as we walked in. "Matt, I was worried you left me."

I smiled at him. "No buddy I am here. I have some good news for you. The doctor says you can get out of this place tonight."

His smile faded quickly "So they are going to take me away now right?"

My heart broke right there and I saw tears in Tristan's eyes. "Actually no buddy. Tonight you are coming home with me. These are my friends Kevin and Marcy they are going to hang out with us tonight to make sure you're ok."

He looked at me quizzically. "I am going home with you?"

"Yup, just for a couple days. Until we figure out what is going on? "

He was starting to get nervous, so I sat on the edge of the bed. "James, as long as I am around no one is going to hurt you."

He started to smile but I could tell he was still a little nervous. "Ok Matt I trust you, I think."

"Buddy, a lot of crazy stuff has been happening to you lately and me and my friends are going to figure out why and fix it."

"Ok, I am really tired."

"I know buddy, I know." I turned my head to hide the tears in my eyes I looked at Tristan and he was crying as well. I gave him a little smile and he smiled back. "Ok let's get you out of here." The orderly got him into a wheelchair and we headed out. Kevin went ahead and got the car. Once we had him loaded I thanked Dr. Salvatore one more time and then got in for the short drive over to my building. I carried James from the car to the elevator and down the hall to my place. By the time we got to the door he was sleeping in my arms. Kevin used his key and punched in the alarm code. Tristan followed me to one of the spare rooms. We laid James on the bed. His clothes were very dirty so we decided to undress him. After we got all his clothes off Marcy came in with an old t-shirt of mine to put on him. He looked so pitiful in the giant t-shirt. After covering him up, we all went back out to the living room after putting his clothes in the washing machine.

"Kev, Marcy you guys feel like making a trip for me. The 24 hour Walmart down in Walpole is the closest. We need some clothes for this kid. Nothing too fancy just something for him to wear here. Like some sweats and stuff. He is going to need underwear and socks and shoes too." Tristan jumped up and tip toed back into James' room. He came back out with a small pair of beat up and torn sneakers. "These are five and half but I would bet they are way too small on him."

Kevin looked over at them. "Maybe we should just grab some slippers and like sandals for now."

I nodded. "Sounds like a good plan. Also grab some stuff a kid would want to eat."

Tristan grabbed a pen and paper off the kitchen counter and for the next few minutes we made a list of everything we thought we would need to entertain a nine year old boy for at least the weekend. The list was pretty crazy and even included some board games and of course Kevin put a couple of Xbox games on the list. They headed out with my AMEX and I knew we would be alone for at least an hour and a half, well except for the sleeping child in the other room. I went to the kitchen and poured 2 glasses of wine.

I handed one to Tristan. "Want to see the view?" I walked over to the terrace and opened the door. He followed me out and I left the door open slightly so we could hear.

Tristan noticed "Maybe we should have them get a baby monitor, just in case he needs us."

I grabbed my phone and texted Kev. "Oh shit we need breakfast stuff too."

"Tell them to get stuff to make chocolate chip pancakes. What kid doesn't love chocolate chip pancakes."

I smiled. "Hell I love chocolate chip pancakes." I chuckled as I finished the text.

I shoved my phone into my pocket and went to the railing and just looked at the city with Tristan standing beside me. We just stood there for a few minutes not saying a word. Tristan stepped back and sat down and started sobbing. I kneeled next to him and put my arm around him. I didn't say anything. I just let him lean into me.

He finally turned and looked me in the eyes. "I just don't understand how they can hurt us like this." I was pretty sure he was referring to himself and James. It dawned on me how horrible this night must have been for him. I didn't know the full story of Tristan's childhood but I was starting to understand a little more.

"Tristan, no one is going to hurt you or James ever again. I will not allow it." I squeezed a little tighter.

He smiled and looked up at me. "I believe you."."

My heart skipped a beat and my hands got all sweaty. He leaned into me and kissed me. This time it was passionate and intense. I slowly pushed him back into the chair and sat on his lap. My lips never left his. I held his head in my hands. I inhaled. Oh my god he smelled perfect. I could tell we were both getting worked up and I began to get nervous. I kissed him quickly again, stood up and leaned against the railing and just looked at him.

He smiled. "Matt I really like you but this seems to be moving way to fast."

I smiled back and slowly lowered myself so I was sitting on the balcony with my back leaning against the railing. "It is, and it scares me too. So let's just take it slow. The only thing I know is I haven't been able to stop smiling since you got into my car yesterday."

He stood up and laughed. "I think I need more wine."

I laughed as we headed back into the house. I went into the kitchen to refill our glasses, when I was done he was standing in the doorway to James' room watching him sleep. I stood beside him. He smiled.

"He looks so peaceful"

"He is safe now."

Tristan frowned. "Until DCF gets their hands on him. You know they will put him in some trashy foster home or worse send him back to his raping murdering parents."

"We won't let that happen."

We moved back to the living room and turned on the TV I went straight to the movie channels to see what was on. "21 Jump Street" The new movie was just starting so I thought that would be a kick. Tristan laughed. "You know I am the Channing Tatum character right."

"You just wish you were Channing Tatum"

"I wish I was in Channing Tatum"

"HEY!" we both busted up laughing and started to tickle each other. I felt like I was in high school again. And I was loving it. We were starting to doze off when I heard the door unlocking. Kev and Marcy came in with their arms filled with bags. We jumped up to help them.

"Jesus, guys you know I have to pay the Amex bill right." I was laughing as I grabbed some bags from them.

Kevin just shook his head. "Shut up trust fund baby, it's all for the kid."

I pulled out a Blue-ray movie, "Sinister" "A horror movie? Really Kevin, this is for the Kid."

"Okay maybe not that one." he grabbed it out of my hand.

We all laughed and started putting stuff away. Marcy and I were going through the clothes they got for him. Some basic sweatpants, and a couple hoodies. She got pajamas and underwear in The Transformers, The Avengers and Spiderman. They picked out some sandals and slippers that looked like they would fit. We were all giggling like school kids over the underwear and the fact that Kevin was upset they didn't come in his size.

"You guys are kind of weird you know." We all stopped talking and looked over at James standing in the living room watching us.

I walked over to him. "Says the little boy wearing a dress". I ruffled his hair and he smiled. "Did we wake you?"

"No I had a bad dream and woke up. I couldn't figure out where I was and got kind of scared and then I heard you guys."

"I am sorry buddy. You want to sit out here and watch a movie with us."

"Is that ok?"

Tristan walked over and ruffled his hair too. "Of course it is bud. Kev did we get anything James might like."

Kevin smiled. "Duh, Dark Shadows. It's about a vampire."

Tristan and I both exclaimed. "Kev!"

Marcy started laughing. "It's okay it's a Johnny Depp movie. I approved it."

Kevin got excited. "I got stuff to make Kev's famous mini pizzas and popcorn."

James was giggling in my arms. "Let's get you in some pj's. You want Transformers, Avengers, or Spiderman?"

He giggled again "Spiderman."

I grabbed the underwear and pj's off the counter and walked back into the bedroom with him. Tristan followed me with a pack of baby wipes. We helped him clean up as much as possible around the bandages and the cast on his arm and helped him dress. When he saw the underwear he was amazed and started to cry.

"James, what's wrong buddy."

"These are just going to get ruined. They are so cool, no one has ever given me something so cool. I don't want to wear them. "He started to pull them off.

Tristan reached over and stopped him. "James, these belong to you now. You don't have to wear them but you need to wear something. Your old clothes are in the wash if you prefer to wear those you're going to have to wait in the bedroom for them to finish, you can't run around the house in just a t-shirt."

He looked up at Tristan. "I don't want to get in trouble if I ruin them."

I kneeled down beside them. "They are yours to do whatever you want to them. You can throw them in that trash can right there and you won't get into trouble. My feelings will be hurt but you won't get into trouble."

He smiled, reached over and gave us both a hug and finished putting the pajamas on. Tristan picked him up and carried him out to the living room. I noticed Kevin still in the kitchen but he had changed his shirt and put on a spider-man shirt. I smiled. There was a big bowl of popcorn on the table and a juice box. James got very excited and grabbed a handful of popcorn. Marcy and Kevin came in carrying a big tray with pizzas made on English muffins. We set a paper plate in front of James and gave him one and we started the movie. James was kneeling on the floor eating his pizza and watching the movie. Marcy and Kevin were cuddled up on the love seat and Tristan was beside me with his arm around me. The Movie got started and a few minutes into it James finished eating his pizza and crawled up and laid across both of our laps. I could see the huge grin on Tristan. About twenty minutes into the movie I looked down and James was sound asleep. I went to nudge Tristan to show him but I looked over and he was out too. Glancing over at Kevin and Marcy they were sound asleep also. I just smiled and closed my eyes.

I awoke a little bit latter to a tiny boy squirming in my lap. I looked down at him as his eyes opened. He smiled up at me.

"I have to pee." He was so matter of fact.

I silently lifted him up and carried him to the bathroom. I set him down and waited outside the door. When he was done I took him to his room and tucked him into bed again. I kissed his forehead and watched as he fell back to sleep. I went back to the Living room and quietly woke Kev and Marcy and sent them off to their room. It's kind of funny but wherever I have lived Kevin has had a bedroom. At Mom and Wayne's we always called the guest room Kevin's room. When I was looking at these apartment my mom was the one that suggested I get three bedrooms so I would have a guest room and Kevin's room. Kevin is my brother, we have been friends since we were toddlers. He was there with me when my father died, he helped me through the first couple of Wayne years. Kevin is the greatest friend a person could have. After they stumbled to their room I walked over to Tristan and leaned over and kissed his lips.

"Mmmm." He smile with his eyes still closed

"Sorry to wake you babe, but let's go get a couple hours of decent sleep."

"You can wake me like that anytime."

I pulled him off the couch and held his hand as we headed to the bedroom. He stopped and looked in on James. I just smiled. We had set up the baby monitor earlier, so I grabbed the receiver piece and carried it to the room. Tristan whipped me around and kissed me deeply.

I was beaming. "Let's get some sleep I am exhausted." We kissed each other once more and he laid his head on my chest and promptly fell asleep. I laid there for a minute with my head spinning. I could hear Tristan breathing and I could hear James breathing through the monitor. Their breathing soothed me and soon I fell asleep.

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