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Boston Blue: Special Assignment

by Ken Barber

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Chapter 3

Published: 12 May 16

Boston Blue: Special Assignment

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Case 1

"Mittimus ad verba filiorum temptus vitae non video."
("Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see")

I awoke Sunday morning to the sound of muffled crying. I couldn't understand where it was coming from but then it dawned on me. I could hear James crying through the monitor. I jumped up. Tristan looked up at me.

"Something is wrong with James."

He flew out of the bed and jumped into a pair of shorts and was out the door. I was still pulling a t-shirt over my head. When I got to James's room Tristan was sitting on the edge of the bed whispering to James. He looked over at me. "He is in pain."

I went to the kitchen and grabbed the milder pain pills and a juice box. He was sitting up in the bed sniffling.

"Tristan, Matt I am sorry I woke you. I was really trying to be quiet, but it just hurt so much."

Tristan kissed his forehead. "It's ok buddy, anytime it hurts I want you to yell out for us, okay?"

I smiled and handed him the pill and the juice. "Take this it will help."

He looked at the pill and wrinkled his nose. "It's huge."

We both laughed and he took the pill. Tristan stood up. "Well I guess I should start making breakfast. How do Chocolate chip pancakes sound?"

His eyes got huge "Chocolate chips in pancakes, really?"

"Well, duh is there any other way to make pancakes."

He looked at Tristan with the most adorable smirk. "Well, duh, without chocolate chips."

We chuckled and Tristan just shook his head and walked out to the kitchen. I reached out my hand for James to take it. "Let's go find some cartoons on TV while Trist makes breakfast."

He just smiled and slowly got out of bed and took my hand. When we got out to the living room Kevin and Marcy were there watching cartoons. I laughed. "Looks like Kev beat us to it bud."

"That's okay, he is funny, he can watch with us." He was so matter of fact it was adorable.

He crawled up onto the couch and sat beside Kevin and he leaned his head into Marcy's lap. I grabbed my phone and snapped a pic I had to text this to my mom. Oh shit my mom she must be freaking out right now.

"You guys watch cartoons I have to make a phone call real quick." I went out to the terrace and called the house. Wayne picked up on the second ring.

"Well, at least we know you're alive."

"Sorry Wayne, things got so crazy I didn't even have time to think."

"Don't sweat it Matt, Captain Mitchell called last night to let us know everyone was okay. How's the little boy?"

"Other than breaking my heart with every other thing he says? Pretty good. He got beat up pretty bad. I don't know how much the Captain told you but this kid has been through absolute hell for his entire little life."

"He filled us in a little, my heart breaks for the little guy." I could hear my mom in the background saying something. "Your mom is jumping in the shower but she told me to tell you she expects all of you here by five this evening for dinner, no arguments."

"Okay, I know that will be fine for me and James, I'll ask Tristan, Kev and Marcy when I go back in."

"Tristan's still there? I guess your mom was right. She is going to need to find a dress for the wedding." He was laughing.

"Very funny, but Wayne seriously I fell in love this weekend. He is amazing."

I could hear the smile in his voice. "He is a sweet guy and to have captured your wild heart means he is really special Matt. I know your mom and I adore him already. I have to run your mom is calling me. Guess that means I get to have a little fun this morning."

"Wayne, gross." I was laughing hysterically.

"See you guys tonight. Tell the others it is not optional they are to come as well. Your mom’s orders."

"Wayne, thank you for everything."

"Any time kid. Love ya. Bye."

We hung up and I turned around to Tristan coming out with a cup of coffee. He smiled, handed the cup to me and turned to go back in. He still didn't have a shirt on and god was he sexy. His back muscles rippled as he turned and I damn near fainted and fell off the terrace. As if he could read my mind he looked over his shoulder and gave me the biggest cheesiest grin in the world.

I followed him to the kitchen and looked out at the three sitting in the living room watching TV. I turned to Tristan and kissed him in the middle of him trying to flip a pancake. He dropped it on the floor and we both started to crack up. Kev looked over his shoulder.

"Less playing, more cooking! The huddling masses in here are starving."

Since James wasn't looking I flipped him off and kissed Tristan again. Kevin just laughed. Just as Tristan was putting a single pancake on a plate for James, The lobby doorman buzzed. I went to the door panel.

"What's up Jerry?"

"Matt, hope I didn't wake you but there is a Captain Mitchell here with a couple other people and he says he needs to see you."

I looked over at Tristan and he just shrugged his shoulders.

"That's fine Jerry. Please send them up."

Tristan brought the plate with the pancake on it to James. Then went back to the bedroom and put a shirt on. I pouted when he came back out. He kissed me and went back into the Kitchen. The door buzzer sounded and I went to the door.

I opened the door to Captain Mitchell, and very good looking Latino guy and a beautiful woman.

"Captain good morning."

"Morning Matt, sorry to bust in on your Sunday morning. But we need to talk, may we come in."

"Sure of course, come in please."

"Matt, Tristan this is Detectives Rodriguez and Wood."

I reached my hand out to shake theirs. Detective Rodriguez stepped up and grabbed my hand.

"Luis. Thanks for allowing us to see you on a Sunday morning. This is my partner Sharron." She shook our hands but didn't say anything.

"No problem. We have coffee brewed and Tristan is making chocolate chip pancakes. Sit down and you can have breakfast with us. Over there is my best friend Kevin and his girlfriend Marcy and of course the little guy is James."

They nodded to Kevin and Marcy I showed them to the dining room and excused myself to get coffee. Marcy had gotten up to take Tristan's place flipping pancakes. He helped me get all the coffee stuff and on the way back to the dining room I looked at James and could see he was visibly nervous.

"James, buddy these guys are here to help. Nothing to be afraid of okay Big J."

He giggled at his new nickname. And Kevin picked him up and put him on his lap.

When we got back into the dining room. Sharron looked up. "We heard you telling James it was okay. We are sorry for upsetting him."

"It's okay. He is seems to be scared of anyone at first and is nervous until one of us tell him nothing is wrong. Here is coffee, sugar, Splenda, and half and half. Marcy will bring some pancakes in soon."

Captain Mitchell smiled. "Matt, you don't have to feed us."

Luis glared at him. "Did you just turn down chocolate chip pancakes?"

Sharron just shook her head. "Boys."

"So Captain, what brings you guys here?"

"Matt, unless we are at the station or out in public call me Greg please. Luis and Sharron are on our squad so they don't count as being in public. Both of them started in patrol and worked for me, and are now two of the best damn detectives we have. I called them last night and briefed them in. This is their case now. You two are to support them in any way they need. Officially they are handling the murder investigation as well since it was a Hate Crime. I will let them fill you in.

Sharron opened the file she was carrying. "Well first the little snooping the doctor did was brilliant. We looked a little further and started tracing some of the people involved in the death of James Bailey. We also started to look into the people associated with the Word Apostolic Church, we may have kicked over a big ass hornets' nest here. The Deputy that found the dead boy's body is now the Sheriff of Franklin County. In his report he covered the boy's body with his coat so no one would have to have that horrible image in their mind. He personally took the body to the county coroner's office. According to the reports and the Coroner' log everything looks perfect. Except one glaring hole, James is alive. We pulled the now Sheriff's campaign donor list and guess who is at the top. Reverend Mike Bailey, Helen Bailey, Word Apostolic Church and Dr. Robert Daily, the County Coroner."

Tristan looked up. "Dr. Robert Daily? Why does that sound familiar?"

Luis huffed. "Because the good Doctor is no longer the county coroner. He is a Massachusetts State Senator. "

"That's right. He is the one that keeps trying to block hate crime legislation and discussion about gay rights and marriage equality."

Sharron picked up again. "That's right and guess who the top donors to his campaign where."

I sipped my coffee. "The Reverend, His wife and the Church?"

She smiled. "And Sherriff Daniel Travers of Franklin County."

"Holy shit!" I mumbled.

Tristan Smiled. "I echo that statement."

Luis nodded. "It gets worse."

Greg looked around the room. "Before we go any further, no one outside this group is to know any of this, especially what I am about to tell you." Just then there was a tap in the door and I jumped up and let Marcy in with a huge platter of pancakes with all the fixings."

I helped her unload. "Marcy, you're the best. Thanks."

"No problem. James had two and is still hungry but I am making him wait for a bit like the doctor told us to."

"Thanks let me know if you guys need any help with him okay."

She gave me a weird look and turned and left the room.

When I turned around Luis had already loaded up his plate with pancakes and it looked like him and Tristan were about to have a pancake eating contest.

I took my seat and Greg picked up where he left off. "We looked at the members of the church and we realized that there are 3 very high ranking state police officials on the list. All three were also on the two campaign donor lists."

"How high up in the State Police." Tristan asked between bites.

"All the way up, the Superintendent, Field Services Division Commander and the Chief Administrative Officer. So the top three. Typically we would turn a case like this over to the staties but we can't this time. We will need to bring in the FBI at some point but I want a case built way before that point. We don't know if they are connected to James' disappearance and cover-up but we have to assume for now that they are."

There was a Tap at the door. Kevin poked his head in. "Sorry to interrupt but I have to run and get my kid brother. I am watching him today. Matt I am just going to bring him back here so he can hang with James. He is 13 but will love some younger company. Marcy is waiting here."

I tossed him the keys to the mustang. "Grab some of Derrick’s video games and bring them back with you."

After he left I looked at everyone individually. "I am not sure I want to say this, but I think we need James to tell us everything he knows. He is the missing link to all of this."

Greg nodded. "I am concerned about questioning a nine year old with no parent or guardian."

"Technically the Community Protection Squad has protective custody so we are his legal guardians." Sharron stated.

We all nodded. Tristan sat up straight. "I think someone should be here to look after James during the questioning though. I am sure Marcy would do it."

Gregg stood. "I will ask them to come in. I want it to be clear no matter what we are not interrogating this kid just trying to find out what happened to him. If he gets upset or shuts down we stop there."

Everyone nodded. He walked into the living room. I looked over at Tristan and could see tears in his eyes. Without thinking, I took his hand. Luis and Sharron just smiled. I pulled my hand away quickly.

Luis shook his head. "Hey guys, don't hide yourselves from us. We are cool with it. That's why we volunteered for the new CPS. We are tired of seeing people hurt or terrorized by other people out of ignorance, fear and hate."

Tristan smiled as Greg opened the door and let James in. He walked right over and sat on my lap. I could hear Greg talking to Marcy in the living room. They came into the room and Marcy sat beside me. Greg poured more coffee for us. James looked up at me. "What's going on Matt?"

"Well James, This is Captain Mitchell, my boss and Detectives Rodriguez and Wood. They are here to help figure out what happened to you and find a way to help you."

"Okay." he turned around and looked at everyone. "Do you want to know what happened yesterday or when I ran away?"

We all just sat there shocked. I hugged him and then shifted him to Marcy. "James, why don't you tell us everything you remember as far back as you can remember."

"Okay I will try. Ever since I can remember my mom and dad used to bring boys home. I never knew where they came from but after a couple of days some guys would come take them away. They always gave my dad lots of money. Sometimes they would go into my dad's office with the boys and I would hear the boys screaming and crying. I would hide and cry. Then the guys would all come out laughing and stuff. I knew what they were doing was evil but I knew my dad would beat me up again, if I said anything. So I just hid and cried. Then they brought Timmy home. He was at the house the longest and my dad was really upset about the guys being late. Timmy and I talked a lot and I liked him. I kept hoping they would just leave him alone. They didn't, the guys came and this time it was only 2 of them instead of 3. I was really upset. They went into my dad's office. After a few minutes I heard Timmy crying and begging them to stop." James starting crying.

Marcy hugged him. "James, you don't have to continue if you don't want to."

"No it's ok. It's just that Timmy was my first friend." he took a deep breath and continued. "There was a lot of noise and lots of banging around I heard Timmy screaming and then it just stopped. I heard my dad rush out of the office and get my mom. They all went back into the office and there was lots of yelling and screaming. But none of it Timmy. A few minutes later my mom came to get me. She was crying. She took me to the office and my dad grabbed me and threw me at one of the guys. All I remember him saying was "Tell Sergio to never send you two again. Take him and get the fuck out of my house." I looked down and saw Timmy laying there not moving. His eyes were open but they just stared straight ahead. I knew he was dead. I begged my parents to not send me away with them. My mom cried and my dad just said we have to meet our obligations. The guys walked me to their car and threw me in the back seat. We drove for a long time and then we reached a city. The guys stopped to put gas in the car. They were standing in front of the car arguing so I quietly slipped out the back door and starting running. They saw me and chased me but I saw a group of people and started yelling help. A couple of people ran over and the two guys ran back to their car. As soon as they left I was scared so I ran away from the people that came to help me. I have been hiding in the city ever since. "

I reached over and grabbed him and hugged him really tight. "James did you know how often your mom and dad brought boys home?"

"It was always near my birthday, and then near Christmas, then near my mom's birthday."

Sharron was taking notes. "James, you said you and Timmy talked a lot do you remember him telling you anything about his family?"

"He didn't have a family. He lived in a place where there were lots of boys. He said he had seen my mom and dad come take boys before. I remember him saying that a guy named Dice was in charge of the home. I remember that because I thought his name was really funny." He was starting to slouch a lot and was becoming very heavy in my arms.

"James are you getting tired?"

"Yes Matt, could I rest for a bit now."

"Of course buddy come on I am going to put you to bed for a bit."

I picked him up and carried him to his room by the time I got there he was sound asleep. I pulled the covers over him and turned on the monitor. I brought the receiver back into the dining room with me.

Luis looked at it funny. "Isn't he kind of old for a baby monitor?"

Tristan smiled. "He tries to hide it when he needs something or is in pain so if we don't listen closely he will end up hurting himself."

Greg nodded. "Makes sense to me. Marcy, I want to thank you for your help this weekend. The BPD is forever in your debt.”

"No problem, My Boyfriend and this one here," she pointed to me, "are practically married so we would have spent the whole weekend here anyway. At least this way I get Tristan and James to keep me company." She was laughing as I threw a sugar packet at her. She came over kissed the top of my head. "You know I love you Matty."

"Yea-Yea now get out of here." She chuckled as she left the room.

When the door closed we all just sat there staring at each other. Greg finally stood and starting pacing. "Guys we are dealing with people trafficking in sex slaves."

We all nodded. I spoke up first. "I think this Timmy kid is a good lead to try to track down. We know it was 2 years ago and assuming they drove to get him I would say the home they took him from would have to be in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire or Vermont."

Luis jotted some notes down. "We could start our search there at least. Looking for missing children between 6-10 first name Timothy or Tim or Timmy. Went missing approximately 2 years ago from a group home or orphanage. "

Greg looked at him. "Get that to Kelly first thing Monday morning. See what she can find for us." he looked at us "Kelly is our research analyst. She is the best out there. Okay let's break this up and I will see you all tomorrow morning. Matt and Tristan thank for letting us invade your home on a Sunday." He winked at us. We both smiled, but it didn't escape anyone's attention that he had called it our home. We showed them out.

Marcy was in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast. "I think after James wakes, Kev and I will take him and Derrick to lunch. Give you guys some time alone." She winked at us.

Tristan smiled. "If James feels up to it that would be awesome." He looked over at me and grinned.

I laughed. "One day with a child and you're ready to ship him off already."

"Hey it's not my fault we had a child out of wedlock." We were all laughing hysterically when Kevin and Derrick came in. Kevin looked at us with a lopsided grin. "What are you three up to? Wait don't tell me yet." He stepped behind Derrick and covered his ears. "Ok now tell me."

That just caused us to laugh even more. Derrick just pushed his hands away. "You are a freak Kevin."

Derrick made a beeline for the Xbox and PlayStation. We all finished cleaning up breakfast and sat in the den chatting for a bit. Marcy as usual was obnoxious and direct.

"So Matt and Tristan, are you to going to get married and adopt the kid or not?"

I just shook my head. "The thought has crossed my mind." Tristan had a look of shock on his face. "What?"

He giggled. "Which part had crossed your mind?"

I stood up and grabbed the coffee cups to get more coffee, on my way out the door I poked my head back in "Both parts."

After a while James woke up and he and Derrick started playing Xbox. Derrick was very patient teaching him how to play. After a while Kevin and Marcy decided to take the boys to lunch. They were only going to Regina Pizzeria which is on the bottom floor of my building. I was still very nervous letting them go.

Tristan rubbed my shoulders as they left. "I am worried too, but they are right downstairs."

"I know Trist." I leaned back into him. "That feels so nice."

"You feel nicer." he began kissing my ear and slowly moved down to my neck. I moaned and leaned into his chest even further. He turned me around and kissed me passionately. We made out for a few minutes and then he pushed me against the counter causing my elbow to hit my full coffee cup sending it crashing to the floor and coffee spraying all over the kitchen and us. We both laughed so hard we could not breathe.

After we caught our breath he looked at me and smiled. "You are the most amazing guy in the world." He leaned over and kissed me again. "Let's jump in the shower and get cleaned up." We messed around in the shower a bit, more playful than anything else. As we were getting dressed we heard everyone return and went out to the living room

Tristan walked into the kitchen and grabbed the orange juice while I went into the living room.

"How was lunch everyone?"

James was very excited. "The pizza was huge and was so good. The nice lady gave us a scoop of Ice Cream to because she said Ice Cream makes everyone feel better."

"Well that's very true. How are you feeling?"

"Ok, my side hurts a little but not as bad."

"Well take it easy for a bit. Why don't you just lay on the couch and play the game with Derrick for a while."

"Ok that sounds cool."

Tristan, Kevin and Marcy were all hanging out in the kitchen so I joined them. "How was he?"

Kevin just shrugged. "Fine, he didn't complain about a thing and was very chatty. We were going to stay a bit longer but he seemed to be getting tired."

Tristan looked up. "Maybe I can get them to watch a movie and he will fall asleep."

As he walked out of the kitchen I poured myself a giant glass of OJ.

Kevin smirked. "Replenishing nutrients?"

"Shut up Kev."

Tristan came back in a grabbed my glass of OJ. "Need to replenish nutrients after that workout."

Kevin and Marcy started laughing and Tristan stood there with a silly grin.

I grabbed my glass from him. "Get your own glass."

We went into the den and put the game on TV. Tristan jumped on my laptop and googled The Word Apostolic Church. Apparently it was a huge church with branches all over Mass. It was started by "Reverend" Mike Bailey and it's headquartered in Shelburne Falls. Total membership was 12,400 and was increasing by about 5% a year. Tristan started putting together a list of all the Church Leadership. With 12 branches the list was long.

I went to check on the boys, Derrick was snacking on potato chips while James was sound asleep. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing video games with James sleeping a lot. Dinner at my mom's and Wayne's was subdued as the crazy weekend was catching up to all of us. By the time we got back to my place after dropping Kevin and Marcy at her house and then stopping to grab clothes and uniforms for Tristan, James was sound asleep again and Tristan was beginning to doze off. We all got settled in and went to bed early. Tristan and I barely laid down before we were sound asleep.

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