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Boston Blue: Special Assignment

by Ken Barber

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Chapter 4

Published: 16 Jun 16

Boston Blue: Special Assignment

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Case 1

"Qua adprehendi manum pueri caelo."
( Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.)

I reached over to shut the alarm off and my arm hit a body. Still groggy I felt the warm body next to me reach over and hit the snooze button. I snuggled in closer. Even in the morning he smelled amazing. I looked up and saw those beautiful eyes and that amazing smile. His face was like a beacon of light every time he smiled.

"That smile makes 6:00 am almost bearable."

He kissed the top of my head. "I am jumping in the shower, you going to join me?"

"How could I refuse such a proposition?" I got up and followed him into the bathroom. The shower woke us up and we goofed around a bit but soon had to get out and get ready for work.

As we stood in the bathroom side by side shaving I heard a tiny voice in our bedroom. I threw Tristan a towel and we both covered ourselves. James was laying on our bed watching Cartoons.

"Hey buddy. Everything ok?"

"My side and arm are very sore today."

"It's going to be like that for a couple of days bud. I can give you something if you're in pain."

"No its okay, it's just sore."

"Ok we are almost done here and then you can get cleaned up and we will have breakfast okay?"


I left the bathroom door open as we finished shaving and all three of us chatted about the day.

We finally got James to relax and start telling us what he liked and didn't like. So we asked all sorts of questions. Sometimes he would giggle and tell us we were silly. While we were putting on our uniforms James blurted out.

"Someday I am going to be a Policeman just like you guys."

We both smiled at each other. "That's great Big J."

When we finally got him cleaned up and dressed in some sweats and a hoodie Marcy was already in the kitchen making coffee. Kevin was laying on the couch in a shirt and tie sleeping.

Marcy kissed us both on the cheek and gave James a big hug. "Morning guys. Coffee is started. Matt can you drop Kev off at the judge's office it's on your way and it would save me a few minutes."

"Sure no problem." I grabbed cereal bowls while Tristan grabbed the Captain Crunch and a healthy cereal. "Hey Kevin, You want Cereal?"

"Yup, Captain Crunch, please." We all just giggled a bit.

After breakfast and going over James' medication with Marcy for the fifth time, she just smiled and humored us. We all left the apartment and headed in separate directions. The trip to headquarters was quick and easy after dropping Kevin off at Judge's Frick's office. We arrived about twenty minutes early and found parking and walked in to find Captain Mitchell's office the duty officer was polite and gave us directions. As we walked up to the Captain's office Luis and Shannon was standing outside. They both greeted us and told us the Captain wanted to see us before the squad meeting. The office was what you would expect for a police captain. Lots of pictures and very messy.

"Morning Everyone. Find a place to sit down. This morning the mayor is going to come meet everyone and tell them how great this opportunity is yada, yada, yada. Afterwards When I go over the assignments I am going to assign you two." He motioned to me and Tristan "To work with Rodriguez and Woods. You guys were the initiating officers but since you're Rookies it makes sense to assign senior detectives and you two assist."

"After that you're going to go down and have a press conference with the Major and The DA. Your little adventure Saturday made the front page." He threw us a copy of the Boston Herald. Our Academy pictures were side by side with the headline:

Boston PD's Newest Officers stop Murder In Progress.

"Read it later. The PR guys will explain everything to you about the press conference but just let The Mayor and DA Conley handle most of the questions. If a reporter asks you a question answer it directly and in the shortest way possible. Luis and Shannon will not be there. I want to keep their faces out of the paper. Any questions? "

We had none and so we all went across the hall to the squad room. The squad room looked a lot like a high school class room with tables and chairs facing a podium, behind that was what they call the bullpen, long rows of desks facing each other. We found seats and Luis and Shannon sat next to us. Luis leaned past Shannon.

"So Matt I hear your family has Season tickets to the Sox."

I laughed. "Yup and the Pats."

He winked "So what's a man got to do to get an invite."

Shannon and Tristan started giggling and I turned beat red. Tristan looked right at him and smiled. "I already got to go and I bet you can imagine what I did to get the invite." All four of us were laughing hard when the Captain came stepped up to the podium.

He cleared his throat "I can only imagine what you four are up too. Everyone take their seats and we will get started." he waited for a second until everyone settled down. "Welcome to Boston PD's Community Protection Squad. I am Captain Greg Mitchell and these two in front are Lieutenants Welsh and Lighter. The Community Protection Squad's primary mission is to protect minority groups from potential hate crimes and to identify potential hate groups and monitor their activities. Each of you have been selected to be the liaisons for a minority group. You will identify community leaders and assist them in protecting them and their communities by identifying potential threats. In just a minute the Mayor is going come in here and tell you what a fantastic idea this is. I happen to agree with him. While we are waiting here are the Assignments. Kwon and Chang you are going to be working with the Asian community. First order of business is the recent robberies on Korean owned stores. The case files are on your desk. The lead Detectives are expecting your call. Your role is to assist the lead detectives by working within the community. If you have any problems get with Lieutenant Welsh. Maalouf and Essa, You're on the Middle Eastern desk. Biggest task right now is vandalism in Mosques and Shrines. Detectives Jones and Toumay, you are the head of the African American detail. Officers Kline, Anderson, Limar, and Miller are working with you. We have a large African American Community here so your squad will grow. Right now there is a stack of case files a mile high on your desks. Take a few at a time and attack it. Officers Perez, Garcia and Diaz you three are our Hispanic representatives. Detective Rodriguez was going to be your lead but I am moving him over to LGBT to help Woods and the Rookies. Rodriguez, Woods, Williams and Cole you are our LGBT reps. Now everyone listen up. Our jobs here are to stop and prevent hate crimes so I am just going to come out and say this, Williams and Cole are openly gay officers. If I find out any one of you have a problem with that or give them a hard time about it not only will you be off the squad you will be doing traffic detail in Kenmore Square until you retire. Now since Cole and Williams stopped a murder in progress this weekend they are working with Rodriguez and Woods on that case. Now here comes the Mayor" The door opened and Captain Mitchell stood at attention.

"Squad Attention."

The Mayor walked up to the podium. "Good Morning everyone. Please be seated. Before I give you some rah-rah speech, I have something I want to read to you. This is an anonymous letter sent to my office."

He unfolded a piece of paper. "Dear Mr. Mayor, I am a 9 year old black boy living in Boston. I am writing to you hoping that you can do something for sister. My sister is older than me and helps take care of me and my little brother when my mom is at work. My sister also works at McDonald's and every day she walks to work. A couple of months ago she was walking to work and some white guys threw beer bottles out of their car at her. They didn't hit her but she was really scared. A few nights later it happened again and this time a bottle hit her in the head. She had to have stitches. She told the doctors she fell. She is very afraid to call the police because her boyfriend has been in trouble before and she doesn't want the police around because she says they will take him back to jail and not do anything about the guys throwing the bottles anyway. Please do something to help her. She is afraid to walk to work but does anyway because we need the money. Thank you."

He folded the paper back up. "Now this is why I created this Squad. Our citizens need to feel confident when they call on us. They need to know we are going to be there for them. Whatever trouble her boyfriend was in has nothing to do with the fact that this girl is in trouble and may end up dead. We need people to have someone they can go to that will look at the problem at face value and help resolve it. I don't know if this is a prejudiced based action these boys are doing or if it is just opportunistic bullying but either way this girl and her little brother won't call us because they are afraid of us. This has to stop, it just perpetuates crime. I received that letter two months ago. One week ago Tyrone James was arrested for assault and Battery with a deadly weapon after ripping a guy out of his car and hitting him repeatedly with a baseball bat. In the report Mr. James claims these guys have been waiting for his girlfriend to walk to work and throwing beer bottles at her for about six months now." He paused for a minute. "Get out there and make your communities trust you and stop this shit from happening." He turned and walked out of the room. We all just sat silently for a minute.

Captain Mitchell walked back up to the podium. "Well that was blunt. You heard the man, get out and stop this shit. Williams and Cole Head downstairs for the press conference with the Mayor. Dismissed."

Everyone started to get up and move around. Officers Perez and Diaz walked over to Tristan and I. Perez was a very beautiful Latino woman and Diaz was smoking hot.

Perez reach out her hand to shake mine. "I am Perez welcome to BPD."

"Thanks, I'm Matt Williams and this is my partner Tristan Cole."

She shook Tristan's Hand while Diaz grabbed mine. "Partner at work or Partner at home." He winked at me.

I chuckled and looked over at Tristan. "Partners at Work, working on the at home part."

Diaz shook his head. "Damn I have been promising my brother if I found a good looking cop I would introduce him."

We all laughed. Perez put her arm around Tristan and walked us to the door. "Listen there is a pretty large LGBT community in the Latino community. If you guys ever need any help you let us know."

Tristan nodded. "Your right Perez and the same goes for you. The gay community can be pretty stubborn so Gay Latino's are like stonewalls, if you need help knocking those walls down we are here for you."

Diaz smiled. "Thanks guys we're looking forward to working with you."

We left the room smiling and headed down to the press conference. When we got to PR office some flunky grabbed us and told us our department line. They told us where to stand and look stern. The press conference went well and we were only asked one question. Tristan responded with the line the PR guy gave us. "We saw a crime being committed and did not hesitate and did exactly as the academy trained us to do." After the conference the Mayor grabbed both of us and shook our hands.

"Officers, thank you for what you did this weekend and thank you for putting up with this little dog and pony show."

"Just doing our jobs sir. We happened to be in the right place at the right time."

He laughed. "That's what police work is all about."

We headed back up to our squad room and saw Rodriguez and Woods off to one side. They pointed out our desks which were right next to theirs. We sat our desks and looked at the files, of which there where quite a few.

Rodriguez stood in front of us. "Ok so we have to handle the two biggest cases first. The Word Apostolic Church and the Skin Heads. The DA's office investigators are handling the skin heads for now so we can let that one rest until they need us. Kelly found our Dice guy. He ran a number of different group homes and all had a very high runaway rate. His real name is Denton Walsh. And right now he is running a group home right here in Suffolk county. Shannon and Tristan are going to go chat with him. He filed a runaway report last week. The runaway is in the St Joseph's shelter but Dice doesn't know that. We grabbed the runaway case from missing persons. Just get a feel for the guy. Tristan act like Shannon's driver make her seem really important. Shannon be aloof, but tell him you are heading a new task for the Mayor. Not a lie but stretch the truth a little. Make him comfortable with you. Matt and I are going to talk to Senator Daily. We need to spook him a little and see what happens. We are going in under the pretense of a body being found with a Shelburne Falls Elementary School ID identifying him as James Bailey. One of two things will happen. They will be relieved that it's over or they will freak out. Either way they will make a mistake and we will catch them. Any questions? Good let's get moving we have a child sex ring to dismantle."

All four of us went out to the back of the building. Rodriguez pointed to a Brand new marked cruiser. "When we are not using Shannon's or my car that one is yours."

"Sweet it looks brand new."

"It is. This squad is the Mayor's little baby so we are getting taken care of."

Rodriguez and I jumped into an unmarked car and he made me drive. I noticed Tristan driving Shannon out of the lot. The capitol building was a few blocks away and Luis used the time to fill me in on how he was going to approach the Senator. The Senate was not in full session today and Kelly had gotten the Senator's schedule so we knew he was in his office. When we got to the State House, Luis guided me to a strip of parking spots for municipal vehicles. We parked the car and headed in. We stopped at the desk where a Capitol Police Sergeant was on duty. I was still in uniform so only Luis had to show his badge. After the sergeant phoned the Senator's office to make sure we had an appointment we headed up to the senate office wing. While we were waiting in the reception room Luis leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"Once we are in there I want you to make a rookie mistake and leave your patrol cap behind."

I had no idea what he had in mind but nodded my acknowledgement. After waiting a few minutes the receptionist showed us into the Senator's office.

Luis walked up to the Senator's desk and reached his hand across. "Good afternoon Senator I am Detective Rodriguez and this is officer Williams. Thank you for agreeing to meet with us."

"When a Boston PD Captain with the reputation of Mitchell calls and asks, you generally don't refuse." He chuckled a little. "Please have a seat Gentlemen."

We sat down and I tucked my patrol cap under the chair. Luis didn't react at all as he sat down and got to business.

"Senator, we will keep this a quick as possible. It's really just a formality. It involves a body you identified back in Shelburne Falls. A child named," he opened his file. "James Bailey. Do you remember the case?"

"Of course I remember the case James was the son of a prominent religious leader in Shelburne Falls. It was a very tragic situation. Why is this is coming up now?"

"A school ID card with the names James Bailey, was found on the body of a young boy found in Boston this weekend. The boy is about the same age as James would be today. This is just a formality as I said earlier. This kid could have come across this ID anywhere. However the Franklin County Sheriff's report says James was abducted from his home and was raped and beaten and left to die in the woods."

"That's true. He died of exposure. Extreme Hypothermia, coupled with his injuries and his age he didn't have a chance."

"And his parents identified the body?"

"Yes, it was one of the worst cases I had to deal with."

"Why is that Senator?"

"Mike and Helen Bailey are close friends. I knew James as a baby."

"My apologies Senator. You will be happy to hear that since The Franklin County Sheriff's office closed the case as unsolvable, Boston PD is assuming jurisdiction and reopening the case. The man that kidnapped James may have also kidnapped this unidentified kid. This could be the lead to blow this wide open."

"Really? Honestly Detective, Helen and Mike buried James two years ago. Is it necessary to reopen those wounds?"

"I understand Senator but unfortunately it's now a Boston PD case. We will try our best to respect Mr. and Mrs. Bailey. Thank you for your time Senator. "

"No problem Detective and I hope you catch these people."

After we left the office and were in the elevator I asked Luis why I left my hat. "You will see young padawan."

We got to the car and sat there for about 5 minutes.

"Ok Rookie lets go back and get your patrol Cap."

When went back into the building and after Luis explained how the rookie left his hat upstairs the Sergeant let us go back up to get it.

When we got to the Senator's Secretary she was surprised to see us. "Officers I am sorry, but the Senator has cleared his schedule and left for home."

Luis smiled at her turning on the charm "That's ok, my trainee left his patrol cap in the Senator's office. It's my job to keep him out of trouble and if we return without it both of us will be in big trouble. Ok if we grab it. "

She smiled at him. "Sure no problem."

We ducked into the office and Luis went right for the phone. He picked it up and hit redial.

"Word Apostolic Church, Reverend Baileys Office."

Luis smiled. "Sorry wrong Number." He hung up.

I grabbed my cap.

In the car on the way back to HQ Luis looked over at me. "I think we are going to need to drive out to Shelburne Falls tomorrow. We know exactly what happened but we have to build evidence so the DA will prosecute. Will you be able to control yourself around the Reverend and his wife?"

I thought for a second before responding. "Detective I am a Police Officer in the Boston Police Department I will act in accordance with what is expected of my position."

Luis laughed. "That was the most politically correct answer I have ever heard. Seriously Matt if you start to feel yourself losing your temper ask to use the bathroom and use the time to snoop around."

"I understand. Do you think Shannon and Tristan came up with anything?"

"Not sure, Guys like this Dice Character typically feel pretty confident and think they can out smart us. But put enough pressure on and they crack the fastest. Sharron is the best around at knowing when and how much pressure to apply."

As we pulled into the lot and the attendant waved us through we saw Shannon and Tristan pull an overweight man in his late 30's out of the back of the car. Shannon waved and jogged over. "I started to slam him with numbers about kids missing from the homes he has run and then tossed in James Bailey's name and he cracked like an egg,"

"Let's get him into an interview room and see how much we can squeeze out of him." Luis walked over to the man and took his arm and dragged him into the building. Tristan, Sharron and I could barely keep up.

Tristan and I watch Luis and Sharron hammer the guy from the other side of the two way mirror. The two of them were a force to be reckoned with. The went at him from every angle but while they got him to admit he was paid to let the Reverend and his wife take boys from shelters he had worked at he had thought they were helping good families get kids through the black market instead of going through the longer and slower adoption process. He had no clue about the sex slaves. He was shocked and visibly upset by it all.

Luis and Sharron left the room and joined us. Luis looked at Dice through the glass. "I believe him."

Sharron nodded. "Me too. So what's our next step?"

I cleared my throat. "What about a sting"

They both turned and looked at me. Sharron smiled. "What do you have in mind Officer Williams?"

I was nervous but continued anyway. "Well Luis and I drive out to Shelburne Falls tomorrow and sit with the good reverend and his wife. We tell them we are sorry to have brought all this up but the child has been identified and was a runaway from Maine. So there doesn't appear to be any connection."

Luis leaned against the wall. "What about the church ID we told the Senator about."

I started to pace. "When Tristan was researching the Reverend's Church there was a reference to an annual clothes drive they do for homeless children. They send clothes to a number of Boston homeless shelters. We can assume they donated some of James things, I mean why wouldn't they? Even if they didn't we are giving them an excuse."

Sharron picked up where I was going. "Then Dice gives them a call and says he has some boys for them. We arrange it all and tail them, waiting for the Russians to show and we have them"

I almost jumped. "Exactly."

"Only one problem." We both turned and looked at Luis. "There is no way DA's office is gonna let us put a kid in harm's way."

Tristan smiled. "We have to make it work we are never going to catch them red handed without a set-up."

Luis nodded. "Ok let's go get the Captain he might be able to pull some strings."

Captain Mitchell listened quietly and asked questions at all the right places. His biggest concern was they were out of Boston PD jurisdiction. Tristan was the saving grace there.

"The Reverend owns a home here in Boston, if they came all the way over here to get a kid from dice they are probably going to want to off load him quickly. We just need to find a way to keep them in Boston."

I stood up. "The Massachusetts Evangelical Summit is next week. Reverend Bailey is a presenter a couple of seminars. If we arrange the whole thing while the summit is happening they have to keep the child here in Boston. If they don't sell him before they leave we pick them up on kidnapping charges and prosecute them for that."

Captain Mitchell stood up. "Ok let me get upstairs to buy off on it and then the DA's office will as well. Matt, Tristan get a hold of your friend Kevin and see if he can talk to the Judge and have him ready to sign warrants. Ladies and Gentlemen let's get ready to take down a human trafficking ring."

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