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Boston Blue: Special Assignment

by Ken Barber

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Chapter 5

Published: 14 Jul 16

Boston Blue: Special Assignment

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Case 1

"semper nobis et filiis nostris usque tueri"
(Our children are our life and we must always protect them)

Tuesday morning started the same as Monday. Getting James ready for my mom's, breakfast with Kev and Marcy and then all rushing off to work.

In the car on the way to downtown Kev leaned between us. "Judge Mathers wants to see you two, the two detectives and your Captain in his office today."

I glanced in the mirror at him. "Is that bad?"

"No but he wants your assurance any kids involved will be safe, and he is concerned about making a plea deal with this scumbag Dice."

Tristan nodded. "We hate that part too. I know Matt and I will do whatever it takes to keep any kids involved safe and I am pretty comfortable with saying that I think Luis, Sharron and Captain Mitchell feel the same way."

Kevin nodded. "You don't have to convince me dudes, you have to convince Judge Mathers and he is a hard ass about this stuff. Just tell your Captain to be in his chambers at 2:00."

I nodded. "Got it and I am sure the Captain will understand."

We dropped Kevin off and drove over to Schroeder Plaza. We hustled into the building to try to get to Luis, Sharron and the Captain before roll call. We caught Luis and Sharron in the hall on their way to the squad room. We gave them the quick version and we all went over to the Captain's office. When we knocked it was silent for a minute before the door opened. Captain Mitchell stood their smiling. "Well speak of the Devils and they will arrive. Get your asses in here."

We entered the room to find a man in his mid to late 30's rising to greet us. "This is assistant District Attorney Michael Kelly. He is assigned to this case and will be working hand in hand with you guys. His job is to make sure we build a case that will stick. Michael this is Luis, Sharron, Matthew and Tristan." Captain Mitchell stepped back to introduce us all.

Once that was complete Tristan let everyone know about the meeting with Judge Mathers. Luis, Sharron and Michael agreed to have lunch to cover all the details before the meeting. Captain Mitchell smiled at Tristan and I. "Sorry guys but I have another task for you. I need you to head over to the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender youth. They are having a small brunch reception to welcome the newest member of the staff, a community Organizer, her name is…" he stopped and looked at the file, "Carol Reyes. She has come from Chicago and is a real activist so be on your toes. Just a quick note Boston PD has never sent a representative to one of these event. What the hell are you smiling about Williams?"

I almost laughed. "Sir, I made a moderate donation to BAGLY for this event and was already on the invite list."

Mitchell just stared at me. "Well good, at least we know they won't throw the cake at you since you bought it. Go in there and let them know the Boston PD wants every citizen to feel safe in this city."

"You got it Boss."

We signed out our patrol car and headed out. Tristan was looking at the notes for the brunch. "This doesn't start until 11:30 its 9:00 now. What are we going to do for 2 and a half hours?"

"I want to head over to Boston College and meet with the director of the Gay Leadership Council. They have had a series of minor assaults on Gay students lately, might be nice to drop in and introduce ourselves."

Tristan nodded. "Hold on for a sec. Let me see if Kelly can email me the files and let the Boston College Police know we are stopping by." He quickly called Kelly and surprisingly my email alert on my cell phone went off before he even hung up.

"Damn she is fast. What did she say?"

"The assaults have all been off campus near a Bar called Joshua tree. You know the place?"

"Heard of it's kind of a dive and not a gay bar that's for sure."

"BCPD knows we are coming and has let the Director of GLC know as well."

"Ok good. Let's just see what they have to say about this and then we can head over to the brunch." The drive was fairly easy. The luxury of driving a marked patrol car is that most people got out of the way as quickly as possible. We arrived at the main entrance to the College and the gate attendant just waved us through. We made our way past the late 1800's gothic buildings and meandered through the maze of small streets until we reached the student center.

We were shown to the GLC center by a young lady at the front desk. As we entered a young Asian man approached us. "Officers Williams and Cole, I am director Xian of the GLC. Can I get you a coffee, water or soft drink?"

We both politely declined and he showed us into his office. "I am glad the BPD is starting to take this seriously."

I looked over at Tristan as he is the one that read the files in the car. "Mr Xian, all four of the assaults happened in the same area, do you know what the students were doing in that area?"

Xian's eyebrows furrowed with anger. "Officers, we respect our students and members of this organization's privacy and as I told the other Police officers it really isn't relevant. You must understand the LGBT community feels the need to be extra careful about hiding their personal activities to prevent judgment from the straight community."

I leaned forward. "Mr. Xian let me apologize and tell you why we are here. Officer Cole and I are part of the BPD's new Community Protection Squad. Officer Cole and I are the liaisons to the LGBT community. We are both openly gay officers. The reason we ask is these assaults are being investigated as individual assaults and muggings. If we can establish that the students were targeted because they are gay we can open a hate crimes investigation and the Community Protection Squad will take over the investigation."

Mr. Xian smiled and leaned back into his chair. "Officers I am very sorry about that. The previous officers were not very helpful. The students are on summer break but I would like them to meet with you when they return. Would that be ok?"

Tristan nodded. "Of course Mr. Xian. Here are our cards if you need anything else just call us."

"Thank you officer and I am sorry to rush but I have another engagement I must get ready for."

We said our goodbyes and made our way back out of the campus. I looked over at Tristen. "I think we are going to run into that a lot."

He smiled. "But you turn on the charm and they are eating out of your hand in no time. We still have an hour and a half."

"Take the long way and stop by my moms and check on James?"

"Like I would say no to that."

We weaved our way across Boston until we pulled up to my Mom's house. As soon as we walked through the front door we heard a scream and the running of little feet. "Matty and Twisten are hewe." She came around the corner and threw herself into my arms and squeezed my neck. "Twisten's tuwn for a squish." She giggled and turned herself around as I handed her to Tristan.

As he was getting mauled by the tiny terror I spotted James standing a few feet back into the doorway to the kitchen with Marcy right behind him. "Hey Big J how are you feeling."

He walked over and smiled. "Better Big M…" he giggled a little. "My side and arm still ache but Marcy says I have to go see some doctors today."

"That's right Marcy is going to take you because Tristan and I have to work. Are you ok with that?"

"Yeah I guess, I mean being a cop is pretty important and all so I can understand."

Tristan set Kelly down and kneeled down in front of him. "Even being a Cop is not as important as you, but we trust the Doctor and Marcy to look out for you and this may all be over soon."

He paused and thought. "What will happen to me then?"Tristan looked up at me and then back at him. "We are not sure yet bud but we are coming up with a plan." We left the house and the drive over to BAGLY Inc was quiet. We both knew we were going to have to talk about the James issue soon but the anxiety was too much at that moment.

We arrived at BAGLY Inc and parked the Patrol Car in front of the building. As soon as we entered a hush fell over the room. I spotted Mr. Xian approaching us. "Officers Cole and Williams, it's a pleasure to see you so soon again."

Tristan smiled. "Mr. Xian the pleasure is all ours."

He motioned toward a woman in her late 40's. "Let me introduce you to the guest of honor." We followed him through the room toward her. The quick nervous glances from the assembled group spoke volumes. This community was uneasy around the police and we had to change that.

Mr. Xian stopped in front of the woman. "Officers Cole and Williams this is Dr. Carol Reyes. The new BAGLY community organizer."

Tristan and I both reached out our hands under her barely disguised look of disgust. "Dr Reyes, I am Officer Matt Williams and this is Officer Tristan Cole. We are both part of the BPD's new Community Protection Squad. Officer Cole and I have been assigned as the Squad's Liaison to the LGBT community."

She shook our hands politely. "Thank you for coming officers. I hope we can do something to repair the damage the BPD has done to the LGBT community."

I started to respond but a loud voice boomed through the room. "WELL I WILL BE DAMNED. IF IT ISN'T MATTY WILLIAMS AND LOOKING HOT IN THAT UNIFORM."

I smiled and turned around. "Glenn, how the hell are you."

By this time the older portly effeminate man had approached us. "Better now that my eyes can feast the scrumptiousness standing before me. And who is this Hunk you have treated this old queen too."

"Glenn this is Cole my partner. Cole this is Glenn my Real Estate agent, and good family friend."

Glenn chuckled. "When he was what, 15 or 16 he came out to me before he came out to his parents. I brought him right here to this very organization. Matt was a regular fixture here for a few years. It's good to see you back."

I chuckled. "College and then the academy kept me away. But it feels good to be here again, this place means a lot to me." I turned back to Dr. Reyes.

"Dr. I am sorry you were saying."

She smiled a warm smile. "I was mentioning that I was hoping we might be able to repair the relationship between the LGBT community and the BPD. I will admit that I was a little concerned to see two young male macho officers in front of me claiming to be the liaisons. But the fact that you're a former guest here and gay relieves me a bit."

I scowled a little. "Dr. Reyes, it should not matter if I am gay or straight, I am here as a representative of the Boston Police. We are attempting to reach out and work with the entire community. I would think that a person in your position would be happy about that regardless of my sexual orientation."

Another woman walked up beside Dr. Reyes and giggled. "Matty chill. Doctor Reyes has only heard the horror stories so far, so she is a little defensive."

Ann Grantly the director of BAGLY and my original youth counselor. "Ann, Doctor Reyes my apologies, but we all need to set the preconceived notions aside and start working together to improve the quality of life for everyone in Boston, Gay or straight."

Doctor Reyes smiled again. "Officer Williams you are of course right and please accept my humble apologies. If we are going to start working together the finger pointing and stereotyping needs to stop. I am hoping you will accept my invitation to meet with me one on one and strategize."

Tristan finally spoke up. "Doctor Reyes we would be honored, and may I say I read your book. "The Basement Door". Your understanding of how some families become so shattered during the coming out process was very insightful and helped me in dealing with my own estrangement from my family."

I turned and looked at Tristan. "You didn't tell me about that."

The smirk on his face was adorable. "A boy needs some secrets"

Ann stepped between us. "Carol I am going to steal these two, there is someone I want them to meet."

"Of course Ann. Officers I will reach out to you to schedule that meeting."

Ann steered us to a group of three teen boys. "Officer Williams, Officer Cole may I introduce Jeffery, Calvin and Henry."

They shook our hands very enthusiastically. All three seemed to be about 16 or 17. Jeffrey, was very smartly dressed in a pair of gray Bermuda shorts, a white polo, with white vans. Calvin was wearing a pair of jeans, running shoes and a Boston Red sox t-shirt. Henry was wearing a pair of tan slacks with white shirt and black oxfords.

Ann smiled. "Officers all three are graduating from High School next year and have expressed some interest in going into law enforcement."

Tristan's face lite up. "Really that's fantastic, what area of Law enforcement are you interested in?"

Jeffrey pumped up his chest a little. "I want to be in the FBI"

I nodded. "The Feds, nice, great organization. That's a fantastic Career aspiration."

Henry pushed his glasses up. "I want to be a CSI."

Tristan looked at him and smiled. "Henry, CSI's are crucial to help the police, and all the Federal agencies solve crimes, but I think I need to warn you, first it's harder to get into a Crime Scene Unit than the FBI and it's not like what you see on TV."

Henry smiled. "I know, I have done lots of research."

"Well that's great. What about you Calvin?" Tristan looked over at the young jock standing there quietly.

"I want to be a Boston cop just like my dad."

We both just looked at each other then I turned and looked at him. "Calvin, I so happy to hear that. Who is your dad?"

"Sergeant Anthony Pacer."

The shock on our faces could have been seen a mile away, Sergeant Pacer was killed three years ago by a junkie robbing a convenience store. I looked over at Tristan and Ann. "Could you guys maybe give me and Calvin a moment. Calvin is that ok with you."

Calvin looked over at Henry who nodded and smiled. "Let's sit down over here."

We both sat on the couch in the corner. "Calvin, you might not be aware of this but My Dad was a Boston Cop as well and he was killed in the line of duty. I know it's been a few years but how are you holding up?"

He looked up at me with those deep sad brown eyes. "Officer…"

"Calvin call me Matt ok."

"Matt, this has been the hardest of the three years of my life. My dad was my best friend, he is the first one I came out to when I was 14. You know what he did?"

I could see this was a happy memory so I played along. "What did he do?"

Calvin wiped away a tear. "He laughed and then hugged me and said "Well you are going to knock the guy's dead in your uniform then."

He started to cry so I reached over and pulled him into and embrace. We sat that way for a few minutes. "Calvin I have to get going. I have another appointment but I would like to chat again."

He smiled. "Ok sure. My mentor here moved away so if you have an opening I would love for you to me my new mentor."

I paused and looked over at Ann who has been trying to get me to commit to being a mentor for a couple years now. "I would like that, but right now your boyfriend over there is getting worried about you."

He looked up at Henry and smiled. "How did you know?"

"You guys share the same looks Tristan and I do."

"You and Officer Cole? Really? Wow."

I smiled. "It's still new but yeah. Ok I will make the arrangements and we should be able to get together next week sometime."

"That will be so cool."

I rose and walked over to Tristan and Ann. "You know Ann that was a dirty trick you just pulled."

"What trick? I just introduced you to a young man that could use some words of wisdom." She smiled.

"Email me the mentorship forms and I will get them filled out and sent back."

"Thanks Matty, you're the kind of role model these kids need." she looked over at Tristan. "Don't worry handsome you will be next." She laughed as she walked away.

We quickly said goodbye, handed a few business cards out and got back on the road. We had to rush but made it to the courthouse at 1:45. As we approached the Judge's office Kevin came out to greet us.

"Hey guys heads up. Your Boss is already in there, The Mayor and District Attorney called Judge Mathers this morning. He is not happy about them trying to pressure him but your boss is doing a good job of calming him down. Here comes the rest of the team." He motioned behind us and we turned to see Luis and Sharron walking up behind us.

Kevin showed us to the waiting room and then tapped on the judge's door and poked his head in. He stepped back and opened the door ushering us in. Judge Mathers was a formidable looking man in his late 50's. He wasn't fat but he was a big guy. By looking at him you could assume he was a linebacker on his college football team. Captain Mitchell and Mr Kelly, were already seated and looked back at us.

Kevin closed the door and walked over to stand beside the Judges desk. "Your Honor, may I introduce Detectives Rodriguez and Wood and Officer Cole and Williams."

"Thank you Kevin. Detective Wood and I go way back, I played football in college with her dad. How is Jimmy doing Detective?"

"He is well sir. Getting ready to retire in a couple of years."

"I am sure he and Kari have lots of plans for retirement. I need to give him a call and see if we can go hit the course together soon."

"He would like that Your Honor."

The Judge looked down at the file on his desk."Ok down to business. First let me say as Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Juvenile Court, I have seen the name Reverend Bailey come across my desk way too many times. I understand what you are trying to do and I support your efforts but you are bordering on entrapment. The fact that we have a witness of a previous crime helps a lot but you need to tread really carefully here. Captain Mitchell and ADA Kelly have gone over the plan with me and I approve. You will have your warrants, however they cannot be executed until you have undeniable evidence the Baileys have purchased a child. The Protection of the child is paramount and I feel confident the community protection squad understands that. I am approving this with one caveat, a representative of my office will be on hand with ADA Kelly during the execution of the warrant."

Captain Mitchell nodded. "We can accept that requirement sir, your representative will be in the mobile command post monitoring the entire operation."

Judge Mathers looked around the room. "Very well, Kevin it's about time you saw the criminal justice system in action. You will be there to monitor only, do not get involved. Stay quiet, watch the operation and then you will report back to me. Understood?"

Kevin smiled. "Of course, Your Honor."

Captain Mitchell smiled. "Kevin, I will have Tristan and Matt make all the arrangements with you. Is there anything else Your Honor?"

Judge Mathers stood up and looked out the window facing the State House. "This is an important case and I know you all are excited to put these crooks behind bars, but you must do so within the confines of the law. Over eagerness can destroy this case. The Baileys have wormed their way out of everything up to this point. Do not let it happen this time."

"Understood Your Honor." Captain Mitchell stood and nodded for the rest of us to leave. We stood in the waiting room for a few minutes before he came out."Ok crew we have a lot of planning to do so let's meet back at the squad room and get this into action."

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