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Boston Blue: Special Assignment

by Ken Barber

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Chapter 6

Published: 8 Sept 16

Boston Blue: Special Assignment

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Case 1

"Honora comes ut tu fratrem tuum"
(Honor your comrade as you would your brother)

The next few days were spent prepping for the operation, we had one week to get every element in place. The summit was scheduled to start Thursday night with a dinner for all the guests of honor. Sharron was able to find out, no one dared ask her how, the Baileys were planning to arrive Wednesday night. All the plans were laid and Dice was going to make the call on Tuesday.

Thursday morning one week before the operation, started with the normal routine of getting ready for work and getting James ready. He was becoming a part of our lives so quickly. The only difference was today Tristan and I were in plain clothes. We were scheduled to do some surveillance training, with the entire squad. Captain Mitchell had us surveilling his brother, a Lieutenant in District 3a. His brother was unaware and the real test would be if he spotted us.

We pulled into a parking lot of a Starbucks in Cambridge and waited for the rest of the team. Tristan and I were the first to arrive, so we decided to go in and grab some coffee. While waiting in line Tristan nudged me and tipped his head back towards the door. I casually glanced back and notice a young man and woman had just entered the store and they were acting very nervous. I nodded slightly to Tristan.

We got to the counter and started ordering for the whole squad. We had no idea what they liked so we ordered specialty drinks. Both of us started acting like we had no idea what to order and were being pretty annoying. We could hear the two behind us fidgeting and get very anxious.

Finally the nervous guy shouted out, "Fuck this!" and pushed his way between Tristan and I. His girlfriend followed him putting them between us and the counter with their backs to us. I took a slight step sideways to see the guy pull a SIG P226 and point it at the pretty young girl behind the counter. She yelpped and backed up. The college kid making the drinks stopped and looked over at her. He started moving towards her but Tristan got his attention and shook his head no. The guy stopped dead in his tracks and he saw both Tristan and I reach into our jackets and pull out our weapons. The couple was completely distracted by the young girl fumbling with the register trying to open it, which allowed us to step back to give us some room. As soon as the register opened the guy reached over the counter and grabbed the stack of twenties. He pushed the 9mm into his sweatshirt pocket and reached with his other hand to grab the rest of the bills. He shoved all the bills into his pocket and he and the girl turned to come face to face with Tristan and I.

Both of us had our weapons drawn and pointed right at their chests. I glanced over their shoulder to make sure the kids behind the counter had ducked. "Ok take it easy now and slowly raise your hands. We know you have a 9mm in your sweatshirt pocket so both of you keep your hands out in the open." Tristan was trying to calm the perps down.

"This is all over now, carefully lower yourself to your knees and then lay on your belly. Keep your hands above your head the entire time." The guy was lowering himself down but the girl started crying and shaking.

I stepped behind her and grabbed her hands with one hand still keeping my weapon at the ready. "Listen this is bad but it doesn't have to get worse, ok? Try to stay calm and it will be over real quick. Now listen to my partner and lower yourself down to your knees and then on to your belly. Once that is done my partner and I can lower our weapons and the tension here will come down a few notches, ok?"

She sobbed. "Okay," and began lowering herself. Once she was all the way down I brought her hands down behind her back and cuffed her. I moved over to the guy and Tristan tossed me his cuffs. I cuffed the male perp and let out the breath I just now realized I had been holding. I reached for my cell phone and started to call, when the door burst open with Captain Mitchell and the entire squad racing in and securing the scene.

Captain Mitchell walked over us. "Ok guys we can take if from here. You two meet me in the surveillance van."

A few minutes later Captain Mitchell opened the door to the van stepped in. "You two can't even get coffee without getting into trouble. Nice work both of you, units from the local precinct are taking the kids in and handling the investigation. It's not our turf so we are turning it over to them. You two will need to file your reports when you get back to the squad room. And before you ask yes you get credit for the collar. Now back on mission. My brother is getting ready to head out so we need to get over to his place. Your first task will be to observe for a bit and then we will get you into the mix. Got it?"

We both answered at the same time "Yes sir"

We spent a couple hours in the Van watching Captain Mitchell control the surveillance units. It was tough because his brother knew a lot of our squad. The Lieutenant pulled into a grocery store and got out of the car. Captain Mitchell looked at us. "You're up, go do some grocery shopping. Keep a close eye on him but the key is to not let him notice your following. Get ahead of him then get behind him. Note 10 items he places in his cart then report back here."

We both nodded put our earpieces in and headed to the store. Tristan grabbed a cart and flyer and we started shopping. We spotted the Lieutenant in the produce section and Tristan pushed his cart right near the Lieutenant and started checking out summer squash. Tristan held up a zucchini and a yellow squash.

"Hey babe do you want yellow squash or zucchini with the fish tonight?"

I smiled. "Do both, sautéed in garlic and olive oil will work perfectly with the Swordfish." I walked by the Lieutenant's cart and glanced down and noticed, potatoes and carrots and made a mental note. We walked to the end of produce and stopped and looked at the fruits. We grabbed some lemons as he walked by and followed him over to the seafood area. He was selecting some fresh clams so we waited in line behind him.

Tristan looked over at me. "Kevin and Marcy said they would be over by seven. Should we do some mussels or clams as an appetizer?"

I smiled. "I love the idea of some steamed mussels."

The Lieutenant turned and looked at us and for a moment my heart sank thinking we were busted. He smiled. "Do the mussels, in a white wine, lemon, garlic and my secret thyme. My wife loves them."

Tristan smiled back. "Thank you, we will try that. Babe will you go grab some fresh thyme for me."

I looked at him for a second. "Of course I will be right back."

It only took me a minute to find the fresh thyme and I noticed lemons sitting nearby so I grabbed a couple. When I got back to the seafood area they were gone. I looked around and saw them chatting near the butcher. I walked over and put the Thyme and lemons in the cart.

"Thought we might need some more lemons so I grabbed those too."

Tristan looked up at me. "Great thinking. Babe this is Sean, Sean this is my boyfriend Matt."

I reached out and shook his hand. While Tristan continued. "Sean is a Police officer."

I nodded "Wow that is amazing. Are you with Boston?"

Sean smiled."Yes, family business. Me, my dad and my brother."

Tristan looked at me again. "It has to be more interesting than accounting right babe."

Sean laughed. "You might be surprised. So you both work for the same firm?"

Again Tristan took the lead. "Yes, although different departments. I work in corporate accounting, and Matt is an auditor." he laughed. "We met when Matt was auditing my records. I asked him out halfway through the audit. I passed that audit with flying colors."

Sean laughed. "Well it was nice to meet you both. Maybe we will run into each other again sometime."

I smiled. "Maybe. It was a pleasure Sean."

He walked away and Tristan giggled. "I helped him find seven more items to go with the dinner he and his wife are making for his brother, his wife and some surprise guests tonight."

I laughed "Let's get the hell out of here now that the captain knows what he is having for dinner."

We returned the items to the shelf and left the store. When we got back to the van the Captain, Woods and Rodriguez were laughing hysterically. Captain Mitchell looked up at us. "He has no clue you are an officer, that was an Oscar worthy performance."

Tristan smiled. "Well there are two types of people in the grocery store. The ones that ignore the world around them and the ones that are busy bodies. I fill the role of busy body pretty well so I ran with it."

"He is going to shit his pants when you two show up for dinner tonight."

We both looked at each other. "What?"

He laughed again. "You two are joining me and my wife at my brothers place for dinner tonight."

"I can get Kevin and Marcy to watch James tonight. That should not be a problem Captain." I pulled out my phone and began texting Marcy and Kevin.

Captain Mitchell stood up. "Ok that wraps this up. Tomorrow night you two are on foot patrol in the South End. There has been some incidents involving people trying to start trouble with the Drag Queens the past few weekends. Just make your presence known, Woods and Rodriguez are your backups and will be patrolling in an unmarked. You all have the morning off and start your shift tomorrow at 6pm. Get down to the Squad room and file your reports from the incident this morning,"

We all thanked him and then headed to the cars. Woods and Rodriguez drove us back to the Starbucks where we left my car. We drove back to the squad room and filed our reports as quickly as possible.

That evening, before heading to meet the Captain for dinner, we were sitting in my mom's living room telling them all about our day when James came in and crawled onto my lap.

"You okay Big J."

He looked up at me and smiled. "Yes I just wanted to be close to you."

I looked over at Tristan who was wiping away the tears. Wayne leaned forward. "Guys I have a very good friend that is a Family Law attorney. While your mother and I think it may be a little soon to talk adoption, we also believe we are seeing a bond develop that should not be broken."

Mom stood up and poured more wine. "Boys, this is a huge thing and you shouldn't just jump into it, but extreme circumstances require extreme solutions. Talk to the lawyer and get some advice."

I nodded and hug James. "We will mom."

We met Captain Mitchell near his brothers place. He introduced his wife and we rode with them to dinner. Lieutenant Mitchell was dumbfounded for a moment when Greg introduced us as his newest officers. Greg explained the training exercise and everyone had a good laugh. Lieutenant Mitchell was a SWAT team commander and was the SWAT team backing us up for the big operation.

Dinner was delicious and Greg and Sean's wives were extremely gracious and welcoming. We finished the night with a scotch and all headed home.

After we got home and got James settled and into bed, Tristan and I were cuddled on the couch watching TV. He sat up and looked at me. "We need to talk Matt."

I stood up and went to the kitchen and grabbed two glasses and a bottle of wine. "I think we are going to need the wine."

He took a glass. "I have been thinking babe and we have been seeing each other for a week. There is no way we can adopt a child together and I sincerely think you would have a better chance of getting the court to agree as a single parent than I would."

I sat there thinking for a minute. "I want to do it together but I understand that's nuts."

He smiled. "Listen babe, I truly intend to marry you someday, but we are not ready for that yet. Massachusetts has an adoption program for second Parents that is pretty smooth and easy. You adopt James and in a couple years I will also adopt him so he is ours."

I stared at him for a few minutes. "Holy shit, this is all going so fast and crazy."

Tristan laughed. "I have a feeling this is how our life is destined to be. Now let's get to bed so I can show you how much I love you."

"Did you just tell me you love me."

"Yup, I did and now I want to show you how much I love your body."

I leaned over and kissed him. "I love you too; now let's go fuck like bunnies."

I awoke to the sound of someone flushing the toilet the master bath. I rolled over and watched the sexiest man alive walk naked out of the bathroom, He smiled at me. "Good Morning Beautiful."

"Morning. James still asleep?"

"I think so, I haven't heard him yet. I am gonna go get breakfast ready and since we have the morning off let's go into town and take James to the aquarium."

"Oh fun I love the aquarium"

I quickly showered and dressed, excited about the day at the aquarium. James and Tristan were at the kitchen counter eating breakfast when I came in. Tristan slid a plate of French toast in front of me without saying a word.

I sat down and ruffled James hair. He giggled and looked up at me.

"Matty we are going to the aquarium, that's so cool. I have walked by there a lot and always wanted to go in."

"Well today is your lucky day because we are going to the aquarium and then we are going to do the duck tours."

"We're going to go look at ducks?"

"No silly, have you seen those weird trucks that drive around the city and go into the water?"

"YES!!! We are going on them?"

I looked up at Tristan, he smiled and nodded. "Yes we are buddy"

He jumped out of his chair. "I am going to grab a jacket." He bolted down the Hall and shouted back "You guys are the best Dads ever!"

Tristan and I just stared at each other and smiled. I laughed "Well I think that might have just sealed the deal."

Our day was filled with laughs and chasing James around the city. He couldn't control his enthusiasm in the Aquarium and darted from display to display. The central display is a layered tower with a ramp winding up around it. He was totally engrossed with the sharks and we took a lot of pictures. At the gift shop we bought him a t-shirt and cap with a shark on it.

He loved the duck tours and the driver sat him right up front. He nearly jumped out of his seat with excitement when we entered the water. Everyone on the tour was laughing and having fun.

When we dropped James off at my mom and Wayne's. He bolted inside to tell Kelly all about his day. Mom met us at the door. "Well he seems like he had a good day."

Tristan laughed "He may have but we are exhausted and now have to work the club circuit."

Mom smiled. "You two be careful out there and text me when your shift is over."

I hugged her. "Will do mom. Give Wayne our love."

Rodriguez and Woods dropped us off at the Machine night club. It was still early so we walked around the block a couple times and decided to head over to Club Cafe and Jacques. The Drag shows would be starting in a couple hours so if anything was going to happen it would be there.

We walked back and forth between Cafe, Jacques and the Boston Eagle known as the gay triangle. Everyone was having a good time and even though we were in uniform no one seemed to even notice us. We were approaching Jacques when we heard a lot of shouting. We trotted around the corner to see two guys on the ground being kicked by a whole group of Drag Queens. If it wasn't a serious situation the whole scene would have been comical. The Queens were pissed and wigs and heels were flying everywhere. Jacque's only doorman was trying to pull them back.

Tristan blew his whistle and I called Woods and Rodriguez for back up. We forced ourselves into the center of the group and stood over the two victims pushing the Queens back.

I heard one of the queens say "Of course the pigs are going to protect the scum. I spun around. "Jesus Christ Holly you guys almost killed them. What the fuck is going on here."

Holly stopped and then Screeched. "Holy Shit girls its Matty."

"Thanks Holly now tell me what happened here."

"Ok but only because you and your partner here look so damn fine in those uniforms. Girls look at the ass on that one."

Tristan turned 10 different shades of red in 10 seconds. I laughed. "Enough Holly, Unless you tell me what the hell is going on I am going to have to arrest you for assault"

"ME? THIS little FUCKER just walked up and kicked Tiffany Blu in the balls. You have any idea what it's like to get kicked in the balls when you're tucked."

I shook my head. "No and that is something I am sure I never want to experience."

"Me either but anyway Candy Corn grabbed him and his little scumbag friend started punching her in the face. She is inside with Tiffany. We tried to pulled them off her but they started screaming 'you fucking faggots we're going to beat you all to death'. We had no choice but to show them what a gaggle of queens are capable of."

Woods and Rodriguez pulled up with two marked patrol cars right behind them.

Tristan and I pulled the two guys up and pushed them towards the uniforms. "Hold these two while we go check on the victims."

The Doorman from Jacques held the door for us. "We have the whole incident on video."

Rodriguez stopped. "Officer Cole you're with me we will get the Video. William's, assist Woods with the Victims."

Without missing a beat Woods and I split off and I lead her to the Drag Queen Dressing rooms. When we entered there was a group of people surrounding two drag queens sitting in chairs. The Dressing room was a disaster. Wigs and fake boobs hanging everywhere, costumes on racks and hung over chairs.

Woods was the first to speak up. "Ok folks can we have a little room here." The onlookers began stepping out of our way. One drag queen was sitting with an ice pack on her crotch the other was holding a bloody towel to her face.

I looked at Tiffany with the ice pack on her crotch and giggled. She glared at me. "Matty, I swear if you make some wise ass comment I will shove that baton up your ass."

I chuckled. "Tiffany, don't threaten me with a good time now. Seriously sweetie are you ok."

She smiled. "I will be okay honey but Candy is a mess." we both looked over at Woods as she was asking the Drag Queen to remove the rag from her face.

When she pulled the cloth away it took all I had to not gasp. Her nose was obviously broken but the skin on the left side of her face was peeled away to the bone. When the guy hit her he had to have had something in his fist to cut her open.

I grabbed my lapel mic. "CS 13 to dispatch we need a bus at 79 Broadway, Jacques Cabaret. One male victim severe laceration to the face."

Candy was trying to stand and shake everyone off her. "No ambulance. No hospitals."

Sharron put her hand on her shoulder. "You need medical attention, Candy this wound is bad."

She started crying. "If my family finds out they will kill me."

Sharron looked around. "Ok let's get you out of this make-up and costume and into some clothes. We can use your real name and you can tell your family you were walking by when a scuffle started and you got sucker punched."

She nodded and the girls flew into action get her cleaned up. Just as they were finishing the paramedics arrived and took over.

Sharron and I went to find Rodriguez and Tristan. They were outside with the suspects. Sharron quickly explained the injuries and we helped the patrolmen start looking for a weapon.

"Over here in the gutter." One of the officers shouted.

Rodriguez lifter the storm gutter grate, put on gloves and pulled out a set of brass knuckles. "Well this went from a hate crime assault to assault with a deadly weapon. Officer Santos take the suspects to booking. Officers Williams and Cole take witness statements, and then continue with your patrol. We will get the reports done by the end of your shift."

The rest of the night went without any major incidents. We arrived back at the squad room and started our reports at 4:30 am. We were beat and could barely keep our eyes open, but we muddled through the reports and dragged ourselves home. We awoke around noon to my phone buzzing on the night table. I picked it up to see Captain Mitchell's number.

"Captain What's up?"

"You and Cole need to get dressed and get over to Mass General. The name Brad Xian from Boston College sound familiar?"

"Yeah that's the Director of the Gay Leadership Council at BC"

"Right, he is in the hospital, assault and rape."

"Fuck he was raped?" I grabbed the pen and pad from the night stand and wrote the directors name on and passed it to Tristan who was sitting up listening. "Let me guess Captain the assault happened near the Chestnut Hill Reservoir?"

"Yes, and yes I have pulled the other cases and we're taking them over. Meet me at Mass General in 30 minutes." He hung up the phone and Tristan and I bolted out of bed ran through a shower and got dressed in 10 minutes. We called my mom on the way to the Hospital and told her we would be by to pick up James after we were done.

We arrived at the hospital to see Captain Mitchell arguing with a lieutenant. "Lieutenant, I don't give a shit what you think. The Commissioner already signed off on the case transfer."

"That's fine Captain but I will be lodging a complaint with the District Commander."

"Good for you, now my officers will be by later this afternoon to collect the case files. That is all Lieutenant." Captain Mitchell dismissed him and looked at us. "The little weasel is hiding something. Nobody wants this case."

Tristan looked at the Lieutenant. "He looks very familiar. Not sure where I know him from."

The Captain ignored him. "Okay, you two go talk with the victim he has been asking for you."

We got the details and headed up to see Mr. Xian. When we walked into the room we could barely recognize him. Both eyes were blackened and his nose was broken. His left arm was in a cast.

We walked to the side of the bed, Tristan leaned down. "Mr. Xian, can you hear me?"

"Yes officer Cole I can, plus the Nurses warned me you were on your way."

I leaned over. "Mr. Xian what happened, who did this?"

He pointed to his phone, Tristan handed the phone to him and he used his right hand to open it and show us a Grindr profile. "This is the guy."

The Profile name was "Curious" and only showed a chest shot of a guy. "No face pic? Mr. Xian did he send you a face?" I asked as I looked at the phone with Tristan.

"Call me Brad, and its Doctor by the way. There is a face pic in the chat messages I can screen shot it and send it to you. It was three guys, white, in their late twenties to early thirties. I agreed to meet one at the Joshua Tree. We had a drink and he asked me if we could take a walk through Reservoir Park. He was really nice so I did. He wasn't one of the ones that raped me but he stood there watching. We were walking through the wooded area behind the rec center chatting when two guys stepped out of the trees in front of us. They called the guy I was with Billy but he had told me his name was Carl, both are probably fake names."

"Brad did they say anything else? Names anything like that?"

"They used the names Billy, Bob, and Tony"

"Ok Brad, two detectives will be here in a bit. Their names are Luis Rodriguez and Sharron Woods they work with us on the Community Protection Squad. They are the good guys, they are going to take your statement and then the crime scene guys are going to collect evidence. The crime scene guys are going to be a little rough, they have to get as much evidence as possible. They are going to take finger nail clippings and swab any abrasions. The doctors already did the rape kit so they are just doing the follow-up. Is there anyone we should call for you."

"I called my Mom and Brother they are on their way from New York."

Tristan looked at me. "Brad they are going to release you in a couple hours, we will be here to take you home."

"You don't have to do that Officers, I can call an Uber."

I chuckled. "Its Matt and Tristan and we will be here."

We stopped by the nurses desk and left our cell phone numbers and asked them to call us when Dr. Xian was close to being discharged. We met Luis and Sharron in the lobby and filled them in. We showed them the screen shots Dr. Xian sent us.

Sharron nodded. "It's going to be like looking for a needle in a haystack if we don't get DNA."

"We can start going through mug shots to see if we can find someone close as soon as we get in tomorrow." Tristan Volunteered.

"That's gonna be our best option until we get the Lab results." Luis said as he walked away toward the elevators.

As we were pulling out of the hospital Parking lot we spotted the angry Lieutenant, captain Mitchell had dressed down earlier talking to another officer.

"Shit that's were I remember that guy from. We met on Scruff and went on a date. He practically bolted from the bar when I told him I was starting the academy in a couple months. Now I know why."

"A Lieutenant fraternizing with a cadet can't be good."


Tristan was staring at the pictures Dr. Xian had sent us. "Son of a bitch"


"He is a cop."


"This guy." He held the picture up again so I could see it.

'Billy or Carl?"

"Yes and he is in this district and I am willing to bet under the Lieutenants command."

"Fuck call Kev and Marcy and see if they can pick up James we are headed back to the squad room now. This is going to be a nightmare."

"Do we tell the Captain?"

"Not yet. Let's get some photos together of some of the officers in the district and do a photo lineup with Brad and see if he recognizes them."

"Jesus the commissioner is gonna flip."

"That's an understatement."

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